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    • SYS is now available on Equicex. Trade Syscoin against BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, BCH and many more. Virtual Prepaid and Plastic cards deposits are enabled. https://www.equicex.com/
    • Airdrop: QuiGig
      Estimated value: $ 12.00 
      Token value: 240 QUIGS
      Overall Rate: 4.8/10 Airdrop Link: https://www.bestcoinlist.com/airdrop/quigig/ Don’t forget to join our Telegram and Twitter to receive new airdrops!  
      ABOUT: QuiGig connects people who need gigs completed with those with the skills to do so. Through a low-cost system that prioritizes quickness and equality above all else, we give you more time to get gigs done and help your fellow QuiGig user.
    • In times when financial requirements are becoming more demanding, the options for investments too are becoming highly challenging. With such a scenario building up, the rise of Cryptocurrencies can’t be ignored. It has become a major option as far investment is a concern, especially for the Youth.  Whether it’s via trading or direct purchase, the interest in Cryptos are going through the roof! And is giving us massive opportunities to benefit from! But yet there are MANY people struggling due to not able to make proper investments, so what’s the solution for it?  The solution is simple, easy and highly rewarding called “Playerbitcoin” Playerbitcoin is a decentralized gaming system, it started in August 7, 2018, and is operated by “Business Group Games”, which allow users operating from anywhere to EARN Bitcoin and that’s simply by participating with a FREE or VIP plan, in the collective fund, where the prizes are awarded to whoever achieve the results of a certain event. Playerbitcoin is a very UNIQUE creation that’s not seen before with giving opportunities for people to participate in the million dollars Betting industry! It comes through a transparent and open Lottery system for everyone through Blockchain technology. And due to having a decentralized system in place, there is no chance of manipulation of any sorts, which creates the much-needed transparency and comfort for the participants.   Playerbitcoin is basically a system where one can EARN via predicting the Bitcoin movement for the following day in a range of 5 USD! The ticket can be purchased only for 5 USD and getting the accumulated by matching the price of BItcoin in the morning in a range of 5 USD. It’s incredibly straightforward to join up on this epic journey, where everything is simple, easy and profitable for everyone through a transparent way!  Here are the ways to start up in Playerbitcoin: 1. Register for free at www.playerbitcoin.com
      2. Choose a Bitcoin price the next day in a range of 5 USD
      3. Buy a ticket for only 5 USD
      4. TAKE THE BIG ACCUMULATED!!! Here are the terms to note: • The draw takes place at 21:00:00 GMT.
      • The winners are automatically defined by www.coinmarketcap.com
      • The purchase of tickets for tomorrow's draw will close today at 21:00:00 GMT for FREE users, for VIP users, the sale will close at 00:00 GMT.
      • Tickets are from 0 to 4.99 and from 5 to 9.99 USD. Example: 8560 to 8564.99 and 8565 to 8569.99.
      • Automatic tickets are generated in a range of 4000 USD, that is, 2000 USD more and 2000 USD less than the current price of CoinMarketCap. Example: If the current price is 8000 USD, the automatic tickets will go in the range of 6000 to 10000 USD.
      • The accumulated is distributed automatically and equitably in the number of winning tickets.
      • If you are a winner, your prize will be charged immediately to your internal portfolio and may be cashed immediately. But that's not ALL, with Playerbitcoin, you get opportunity of making Income in SIX different ways! It starts from participating with prediction too win the accumulated daily, construction of equipment FREE, purchase of profit sharing rights (PSR), Construction of VIP equipment, Rewards for leaders, and Rewards of Lifestyle.  So come and be part of this mighty opportunity that doesn't come daily! https://www.playerbitcoin.com/opportunity Check out further details below: Official Website: https://www.playerbitcoin.com/
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playerbitcoin
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/Playerbitcoins
      Instagram: https://instagram.com/playerbitcoin
      YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvAUk5L6HtXUJds8mggcjyg
    • MinerMonitoring - Crypto mining rig monitoring software for Linux and Windows

      Phone apps
      iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ethmonitoring/id1257053708 6
      Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jldev.ethmonitoring 6

      Notifications Support SMS/Telegram/Push notifications when:
      – GPU temperature gets higher than required
      – GPU temperature gets lower than required
      – (AntMiner) Chip temperature gets higher than required
      – (AntMiner) Chip temperature gets lower than required
      – Miner is not responding for X amount of minutes
      – GPU Fan speed is lower than X
      – GPU Fan speed is higher than X
      – Miner hashrate too low
      – GPU hashrate too low
      – Notification when miner comes back online Supported software CCMiner-Alexis 1.0 CCMiner Palgin skunk mod CCMiner SP Skunk mods CCMiner >= 2.0 T-Rex Miner LolMiner SGMiner type miners TeamRedMiner WildRig Multi AMD & WildRig CryptoDredge EWBF Support XMR-Stak SGMiner dstm ZM EthMiner BMiner CastXMR SKMiner EnemyMiner PhoenixMiner Excavator by NiceHash (1.4, 1.5) Claymore’s Dual Miner support ASIC AntMiner support Supports miners without API (Stats-Only mode, reports GPU stats) Web service Profit monitoring Pool 24h revenue tracking Dailiy profit graph Wallet monitoring service Coincalculator.io profit calculation based on current hashrate and power Hashrate graph Share monitoring / graph Temp graph Power usage graph MinerMonitoring OS Linux Supports AMD / nVidia custom OC profiles Remote console viewing from web and app Config remote change from app and web Supports custom software deployment to multiple rigs Hashrate, temperature, power and fan speed monitoring Fan curve support Manual fan speed support Critical/Stop temperature support EthControl v0.0.20 build 1029 (Windows) Fan curve support Supports CCMiner auto-restart when CPU does not validate. Supports EWBF auto-restart when cuda device thread exited. Bulk updates for remote configuration / install. Ethminer full monitoring with GPU hashrate, GPU temp and GPU fan speeds. Remote rig reboot support. Remote stop/start support for mining software. Web console for remote diagnostics Automatic miner software installation support and updates GPU monitoring. Afterburner profile loading Custom OC profiles for AMD / nVidia cards Custom OC settings OhGod pill support with automatic loading Starts with windows automatically Crash reports CCMiner “invalidate cpu” error auto-restart Easily deploy custom ccminer forks, claymore updates, custom software to multiple rigs EthMonitoring v1.0.3 (Windows) Supports multiple miners monitoring from one PC (Only monitoring no control) Supports local rig monitoring with stats-only mode (no control) Supports SGMiner/CGminer pool management (AntMiners) Wallet Monitoring Daily balance graph Monitoring multiple coins from Cryptopia, Luno, Nicehash or by explorer Transactions history in apps and web Notifications for incoming/outgoing transactions Masternode tracking support Rig rebooter Automatic rig rebooting when offline detected Manual start/stop, reboot from app and web API support Remote config change Stats retrieving Custom colors We support custom colors for hashrate, fan speed and temperature for easier tracking Compact view Complete overview for TV screens Automatic scrolling Scroll to offline/notified rig Sound alarms Custom colors Download: MinerMonitoring v.1.0.5
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