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    • ABSTRACT The recent increase in the usecases of cryptocurrencies is a major pointer to the facts that blockchain technology is bringing simplicity to the world; hence, we can refer to it as the next technological revolution. As a result of this, there are new projects being introduced into the blockchain space which directly leads to increment in the number of cryptocurrencies in circulation. Be that as it may, we need not forget the fact that as numerous as these cryptocurrencies are, the most common and safest means of acquiring and exchanging them for other currencies Is via cryptocurrency exchanges. As a result of this, we have also witnessed an alarming increment in the number of cryptocurrency exchanges in circulation with each of them trying to procure solutions to the problems being experienced during cryptocurrency trading. But still yet, its so conspicuous that only few of these exchanges provide a very comfortable trading platform for its users as most of them are being face with several issues which makes users unable to cope with. Listed below are some of the problems being experienced by these conventional exchanges; Problem of poor liquidity Lack of quality service and good customer support Lack of regulation Absence of FIAT support for funding Cyber attacks as a result of weak security Slow deposit and withdrawal time and Non user-friendly interface You’ll agree with me that in order to further encourage cryptocurrency usecase and encouragement of crypto-trading, all these problems needs lasting solution. This is the sole reason behind the creation of IronX Exchange. IINTRODUCING IRONX EXCHANGE IronX exchange platform is an innovative of Iron FX group with the sole aim of creating a service-focused, regulated and high standard exchange which will facilitate funding through both cryptocurrencies and FIAT. This exchange will be created as a joint venture between IronFX group, EmurgoHK, Cardano, ADA coin, and smartologic technologies in order to achieve a highly secured crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat exchange. WWhat Features Makes IRONX Unique From Others? Simple systems management Monitoring and alert Accelerated performance with 1million trades per seconds Quick failover support HFT capable systems Ultra-high performance architecture for handling global scale industries Easy FIAT to cryptocurrency purchasing ability Always active and dynamic database High trade security and data amongst others. Also on IronX exchange, there will be opportunity to list ICO tokens on the platform after thorough verification and proper scrutiny of the project and its missions. ICO companies will pay for listing fees only through IRX tokens. Holders of IRX tokens on the platform will have the following added advantage to enjoy; Discount in spreads on traders on trading products Additional commissions for the introducing affiliate when paid in IRX Upgrade introducing affiliate without the existing requirements Free IronFX card, VIP accounts with no requirements, and also free virtual private server without requirements Discounted fees for Portfolio management.   IIRX Token and ICO Details Minimum Investment: $100 Tokens sold during Private sale: 150,000,000 Public sale duration: 01.11.2018 – 15.01.2019 Public sale Token Supply: 82,308,213 Public sale duration: 01.11.2018 – 15.01.2019 Price per token: $0.42 Hard cap: $50,000,000 Token purchase Payment options: BTC, ETH, Wire.   Conclusively, IronX exchange platform is dedicated to bringing unrivalled expertise and excellence in operation to cryptocurrency exchange world. With its experienced and dedicated team members, IronX exchange will surely cause a positive revolution in the world of cryptocurrency. HHave some enquiries to make? Kindly check the links below; WEBSITE WHITEPAPER TWITTER FACEBOOK TELEGRAM REDDIT LINKEDIN INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE Author Bitcointalk Username; amusanmikel2
      Bitcointalk link; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2305577 Eth Wallet: 0x56E19a3DcaF241667FbFb0Dd370a3046b6Fd13b5
    • December 18th, 2018:  Syscoin is getting a brand new look! Please Note: To prepare for the rebranding, Syscoin.org has temporarily been replaced with a countdown timer, counting down to the Rebranding Launch!
    • DobiTrade Everyone welcome our newest exchange: DobiTrade!


      ILCoin is listed and ready to trade. Go give them a try and see what you think!
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