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    • The wide spread of cryptocurrency and its acceptance today signifies a revolutionary in the world of financial services offered by traditional financial institutions as new cryptocurrencies is released into the market every day. Today we have over 21million users on the blockchain ecosystem compared to its earlier days of innovation. More companies and institutions around the world today use cryptocurrencies for various transaction purposes. Irrespective of its wide usage and acceptance across the globe, most people and institutions still find the processes of cryptocurrency usage, creation and maintenance complicated. That is why a team of expert engineers and developers have created the igniter platform. The igniter platform was created to improve the use in the creation and maintenance of ethereum based tokens as this would lead to more global adoption and understanding of the cryptocurrency space. This means that the igniter platform is a simplified, user friendly environment where individuals or organizations can issue their own ethereum based token without going through the hard or vigorous processes that is involved in its creation. Currently, the igniter platform provide support for ERC20 and ERC233 based tokens as they are e are the most common and widely adopted token standards. Due to its creative dynamics, the igniter token will adopt new token standards into its token creation services if necessary to provide its user with the much effectiveness and ease of use. With a vision to create a better, user friendly environment for the creation and maintenance of the ethereum based tokens, igniter says “we hope that companies and individuals who are desirous of launching their own cryptocurrency tokens will use our service to make the process much simpler. These scenarios can greatly lead to increased knowledge of the space and ideally increased adoption.”     HOW iGniter WORKS To issue a new token using the iGniter service, users need to send the current value of INR (this is iGniters ticker) to the service payment function in the smart contract. After sending the required amount of INR, the user has a maximum of 5 blocks to generate tokens. Users should know that the price and maximum number of blocks is subject to change. Each time the iGniter Token Creation Service is used, iGniter tokens will be burnt as this is built into the iGniter service payment function. This will in turn reduce the total supply of iGniter. Users can specify whether they would like to issue an ERC20 or an ERC223 token. After, they specify the name and symbol of their token, along with the number of decimal points and its total supply. Users should also note that In order to transfer any newly mined INR, token holders need to call the claimINRDividends function. When this function is called, the number of INR tokens mined at that time are assigned to the calling address. If users try to transfer INR without calling this function, it is possible for a transfer error to occur.    iGniter TOKEN DETAILS Our team does not believe that our token requires the issuing of an initial coin offering (ICO). We are firmly of the view that it can be fully developed in house and therefore we are not conducting an ICO. However, we will accept donations to the following addresses: Bitcoin: 39VNgbYoV52nF7Ay5UgCieFFHX11acYfGH Ethereum: 0xf23a483FE4F5734EfD5E50fC4821Cf3B86305dEA Litecoin: MB3YD6ExbjxCATmg8t1mcbBo6z33YeWcV4 Dotcoin (Cryptopia): 0xbd6c93be74dccd5b466474428ed961f0c1352c0b   ROADMAP 2018/01/21 ·       Smart Contract Launch 2018/01/23 ·       Token Creation & Management Service Launched 2018/01/23 ·       Bounty Requirements Announced 2018/01/28 ·       Beginning of Bounty Distribution January 2018 ·       First Exchange Listings February – April 2018 ·       Additional Exchange Listings 2018/04/30 Completion of Bounty Distribution   For more information about this unique platform, visit any of the links below. Website: http://ignitetoken.com/ Whitepaper: http://ignitetoken.com/docs/iGniter-whitepaper.pdf ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2808192.0 Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HTy9cE0Z-FE3kXUTzzkEfw Twitter: http://ignitetoken.com/   Authored by: Tszone bitcointalk org: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1742409 Ethereum wallet: 0x684c9d1c004AB2023E1d3ae9aEb902B514B703d1
    • The cryptocurrency exchange Coinone soon will be available in Indonesia!

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    • Join our channel https://t.me/bandznetwork Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1sr6DAiyN4jCg7On9lCXi6g3saCH8eIzLeoTrKPO-0nE/edit?ts=5a9deeb2
    • Investments without commission - traditional investment involves a large number of intermediaries. Consumers are required to pay guaranteed commissions to banks, investment firms, brokers and funds, regardless of whether they will actually be making returns or not. SPINDLE (SPD) token holders will not need to pay any commissions or fees to use the platform; neither will cryptocurrency funds. Only if a fund requires additional services such as legal auditing, SPINDLE will provide these services at a charge, tailored to the respective fund's needs. 
      Find out more in our White Paper: https://spindle.zone/spindlewp_en.pdf
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