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What is CryptoLancers Project?

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What is CryptoLancers Project?

CryptoLancers ICO platform is a distributed peer-to-peer free-running platform, a CryptoLancers token for online payment services, which enables people to realize innovative projects and hire freelancers to provide related work and services, You can connect a leader to a service provider.


The CryptoLancers ecosystem uses distributed computing to solve transactions problems of online payment services, inherent in existingsystems, in a single distributed peer-to-peer platform. Decentralized blockchain technology and smart contracts facilitate customerspayment of project on a trust-agnostic platform, offering a greatlyreduced risk of fraud and no counterparty risk. By investing, CryptoLancers allows platform publishers to assign tasks to the afected character. CryptoLancers provides several services in one platform using a fully distributed network and a very secure payment method.

CryptoLancers Mission:

Our users are our top priority. Cryptolancers mission is to contribute to the development of secure payment for freelancing projects and ensure the perfection of value-added services. We are developing a fair and transparent Cryptolancers service which allows the exchange of cryptocurrency for fiduciary chips without intermediaries. This will help users protect their money against fraud through the use of smart contracts and by which encouraging a lifelong learning process for all users.

CryptoLancers Solution:

Freelance workers present a special challenge in terms of the collective labor organization. As an independent and highly dispersed workforce, they face several obstacles that prevent them from carrying out their duties to the fullest. Almost 50% of freelancers and self-employed individuals report that they have systematic problems in obtaining their payments within a scheduled time frame. Freelancers want a quick pay with maximum security against fraud or unexpected request of refund. They want to have the exact sum of money agreed upon in the contract without any additional post-charge after receiving their payment. 

Due to the diversity of the request for offer process, clients want the best offer that meets their expectations in terms of quality, price and timing. They want help in realizing their expectations to fit their projects. They also want to see a total outflow in the opposite case. The surety of their projects is an essential necessity. For this, the follow up of work carried out is a primordial task. Clients want quality servers to enable cheap and easy exchanges throughout the market without getting ripped off, but most of all, they just want everything in one platform.

Traders and their companies want, above all, to benefit from their investment. They want to promote loyalty to their tokens by acquiring and retaining them for the long run. They want to limit their exposure to risk as much as possible, by attracting the greatest titles, subscriptions and freelance content. Traders also want to know that their money and efforts are not going to waste, and if there was a better way to get paid for it. We are that way.

Satisfying the needs of freelancers in terms of deposit promptness, the client’s entail regarding quality of services obtained as well as traders demands corresponding to a desired profit.

How Does CryptoLancers Work?

Method uses our coins. Plus all the types of currencies and methods desired by the user. If a client wants to pay with another currency, they must convert their currency to our CLCC coin chips. When a freelancer completes their work, CLCC coin chips are kept by an abiding contract until the client confirms receiving their work, in comply with all of their requirements. At this point, CLCC is released to the freelancer and the transaction will be finalized. After each completed Cryptolancers project, the client is obliged to leave comment/s for the freelancer about their work. If the work is complete and the owner of the project is satisfied with the result obtained, our platform will give a point for the freelancer. This point serves to validate their work. Moreover, in an opposite situation where the owner of the project is not satisfied with the results presented and it is displayed by their comment/s, no points will be given to the freelancer. Points are awarded to well received work as opposed to less, this is to maintain credibility and avoid false or personal reviews. However, if a client is displeased with the work presented by a freelancer, our platform, with the help of our support team, will aid resolve their dispute in a decentralized manner, by reviewing evidences before deciding on whether or not a refund is necessary. However, if the client is dissatisfied with the work done by the freelancer, our platform will help them resolve the dispute in a decentralized manner by asking a member of the support team (as a third party) to review the evidence and decide whether a refund is necessary.

Future Features and Projects:

We have a lot more in store for the freelance market than our newborn freelancing system. But as it is with all good things, time, energy but most importantly money, are always an asset. It is worth building a good foundation to support. Our main goal is to become an international platform where our coins will be on the top 10 ICOs in the market. We want to get our name out there, so that we can reach not only the technicality versed but also casual people as potential clients. Thereafter, we plan to connect our Cryptolancers platform to existing functional services enabling usability to all. We have many other projects varying between different fields and numerous countries. Some of these features may change as we learn more about how we can use the platform in the real world. Many freelancers never make it off the drawing board, but as a creative group of motivated personnel, we have an innovative approach to tackle continuously emerging problems and di culties. Our experienced members are well immersed in various sectors, giving us the knowledge and vision to be tomorrow leaders in cryptocurrency.








Token Sales Detail:

he CLT amount expected to circulate at the end of the year is 60,000,000, offered for sale in two rounds based on the percentage well studied for each round. From this, we can estimate the estimated CLT price for 2018. Based on the estimated value per our panelist token by Q1, the predicted market for CLT is set to 0.7 $. CLT prices will continue to increase and in various proportions, from 1.1 $ in Q2, to 1.7 $ in Q3. In Q4, the CLT price is predicted to increase to $ 2.8. We calculate CLT price predictions using the number of tokens that are expected to circulate at the end of the year and our panelist estimates of token’s and coin’s value at the end of the year.

ICO Detail:

Token name:


Coin name


Coin Ships name

Cryptolancers coin ship->CLCC

Total tokens->100,000,000 TOKEN

Accepted currencies->ETH

ERC20 Token = Yes

1 CLT tokens = 0.00167 ETH (Pre-ICO Price)

Token Allocation

Community distributed->55%


Founders and team->15%

Reserve for platform manipulation->15%

Community Tokens Distribution

ICO ->48.5%

Pre-ICO Round 1->9%

Pre-ICO Round 2->28%

Bonus and bounty costs->14.5%


8am August 15th


For more information:

Website: https://cryptolancers.network/

Whitepaper: https://cryptolancers.network/whitepaper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptolancersnetwork/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptolancersN1

Telegram: https://t.me/cryptolancers_official


Author: tinhkhuat

Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373

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