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  1.  Airfio is one of the early firms to bring advancement in the field of Finance. The company is implementing two high-end techniques to bring major advancement for Fintech Industry. The firm has merged crypto banking with Artificial Intelligence & revolutionize the traditional banking system.Airfio ICO concluded.jpg

    Closing of Pre-ICO sale

    Airfio launched its pre-ICO sale to launching its platform with few more advanced products on the way. The company has now successfully closed its pre-ICO token sale today. The major aim to launch it in the first place was to collect enough funds, which will help in further streamlining of Fintech operations.

    Airfio would share the benefits of their upcoming products with the investors where they could enjoy using Airfio services. Airfio is launching smart wallets, debit cards, lending campaigns etc.

    Pre ICO sale collected 1 million in 5 days while ICO is proposed for releasing 9million tokens in.

    Airfio Products

    Airfio is planning to introduce 21 products by the year 2022. Some would have an early release by 2019 while others would enter the market gradually. All these products would be working on the concept of Neural network along with the blockchain technology. The Airfio upcoming products are ATM networks, Airfio cards, Assistant and mining applications, and SD kits. There would also be few ways by which the crypto enthusiast could earn free tokens such as bounty campaigns where completing the certain task would give away tokens and referral programs by Airfio.

    Join Airfio Today: https://airfio.com/r

  2. Quote

    “To find and make the antidote of life available at each and every doorstep”. - Immortal Labs

    The Challenge of Immortality

    Humans always have the obsession of having the ability of living forever. Whether because of fear dying, a thirst for knowledge, or simply a love of living, the desire to avoid death is universal and what most people wants to achieved. Since the dawn of time, it has been stuffs of myths and legends that cultures around the world have something to say about achieving immortality. The Greeks believed that several originally mortal men and women like Achilles, Helen, Ino, Memnon, Menelaus, and Peleus, achieved physical immortality through the intervention of the gods. Generations of Chinese retell the legend of a mortal named Chang’e drinking the elixir of life and becoming a god on the moon. Even the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leó made the journey to uncharted lands to find the Fountain of Youth, a fabled wellspring thought to give everlasting life to whoever bathed in or drank from it. The quest for limitless life has captured the minds of countless storytellers, alchemists, and spiritual leaders not only during the days of old and but up to the modern times.

    Often the records are too few to determine if these people actually claimed immortality themselves, or even existed. Maybe that is the reason that development in the science of life extension had been very slow and their researches are underfunded. Because it is hard to provide evidence that would prove immortality. This ironic because every year people spend/donate billions of dollars on different biotechnological researches like how to whiten our teeth or keep bad odor away but gives a fraction only on studying immortality. This seems real unjust as we waste so much money on solving non existing problems, and yet spend almost no money, on the most significant problem of the whole human race.

    Immortal Labs


    But all of these in the coming days are about to change. The biotechnological company Immortality Labs is bent on pushing researches on life extension and immortality the status it truly deserved. Immortal Labs is known for its revolutionary discoveries in the Biotechnology industry. They have over 10 years of collective experience and their team is one of the top ranked experts in the research of cell healing, young blood transformation and immorality. Their group consists of young enthusiasts, doctors and engineers with strong academic backgrounds, entrepreneurial and professional experience.

    Their work covers supporting and funding researches in areas that in the longer run will achieve human kind Immortality. These include:

    5. AGING

    With the revolutionized discovery of Blockchain technology, Immortal Labs hopes to be the first to represent Biotechnology in Blockchain. With Immortal Token asset, the company aims to provide their investors a hope for a better everlasting future. They have a very clear vision that is to provide life extension to everyone. They have been in discussion with world-class Bio-Technicians & Doctors those are few of the best in the industry and have analyzed the whole process together. They have a team of advisors who are renowned doctors in research of Immortality and how to accomplish it. On a small level, the company has worked on a couple of things that can result in building the future.

    See this video about their project.

    Except from https://twitter.com/ImmortalCoin

    Immortal Coin Project

    Immortal Labs is investing in the Immortal Coin project that would provide trillions of Dollars investment for everyone’s mutual benefit. Immortal Coin is a cryptocurrency. A form of digital money that is designed to be secure and, in many cases, anonymous. It is a currency associated with the internet that uses cryptography, the process of converting legible information into an almost uncrackable code, to track purchases and transfer. But unlike most cryptocurrencies circulating right now, Immortal Coin is backed by democratic voting feature. They are like real virtual shares. Every holder of the tokens will be able to vote on common matters. Immortal Labs is pledging to honor the voting decisions and to execute them.

    image from https://twitter.com/ImmortalCoin.

    The IMO Wallet will be launched and through it, consumers will use multiple devices and can have an intuitive and seamless experience across all applications. Immortality Lab engineers intend to focus on a mobile-first and user-centric design strategy to drive consumer preference for their payment products. IMO wallet would work in a fast, safe and convenient way across any channel the customer uses. Convenience and checkout speed drive the convergence of payment channels. A digital payment strategy would take an integrated approach to the expert doctors, technicians, Biotech experts, and the IMO holder so that it remains always available to the consumers.

    The Benefits of Immortal Coins

    Besides unimaginable financial gains from the project, the ultimate objective is that Immortality would be a project that would serve the humanity more than anything has done ever and each of the Immortal coin contributor is going to be a proud partner of it. With Immortal Coin, supporters can Invest money in something truly important through,

    • Building a long lasting future for yourself and your loved ones
    • Making a difference with your actions, take your destiny into your own hands
    • Getting insights of their latest researches and be in the front line of medical studies
    • Taking part in the decision-making process, as it is based on Blockchain, so you don’t have to worry about any centralized body controlling the process.
    • Securing and completely controlling all of your assets i.e. Immortal coin
    • Exchanging all of your digital assets within fraction of seconds without having to worry about any additional fee or taxes, and,
    • There is virtually no limit to what a person can earn in the market as the total market cap right now is around $121 billion and has crossed the liquidation of Goldman Sachs and Royal Bank of Scotland combined.

    With all these efforts from Immortal Labs to support researchers and project about life extension and anti-aging, indeed, maybe Immortality is within our reach!!!

    To know more about Immortal Labs and its ongoing Immortal Coin project, visit their ICO website at https://ico.immortalcoin.world/ and view their white paper at http://ico.immortalcoin.world/IMMORTALCOIN-WHITEPAPERS.pdf/.

    You can contact them at:

    Telegram community - https://t.me/immortalcoin%20/

    Twitter campaign - https://twitter.com/ImmortalCoin

    Immortal coin has an ongoing Initial Coin Offering (ICO) , check out details at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2400327


  3. Every year my kids school does something called Trunk or Treat, the parents decorate the back of the car or SUV with Halloween decorations. Keeping with the theme of synced light shows (like I did for Xmas 2016) I decided that I would put together a little show for Trunk or Treat this year....around about 500 pixels one singing face (370 pixels) and 2 bat props (25 pixels each) and a few pixels in the back of the car.

    I didn't want to run the car for 4 hours straight and run everything on an adapter. Luckily just about everything runs off of 12Vdc, so i went battery shopping and this is what I ended up with as my main power. Pictured below is a 12V 65Ah battery which should provide ample power for this rather small show and a F16v2 pixel controller (a little overkill for this tiny show.)

    5639072234666912148-account_id=1 (1).jpg    I ended up needing a second battery with a 12v to 5v car adapter to run a raspberry pi on top of a speaker to run the playlist.    normal_20171026_161411_HDR.jpg


    The Props Included 4ft x 4ft singing face an outline of the SUV "trunk" and 2 bats that I cut out of acrylic drilled holes in and spray painted. As well as pumpkins placed in the back.


    Below is a picture of the final setup in the back of the car. All props are wired into this controller  also wired into the controller for 12v power only is a spare linksys router. I needed the router instead of a switch because I wanted to use an iPad to manage the show from the raspberry pi web interface.  The software that I used to manage the show is called Falcon FPP and more info can be found here http://falconchristmas.com/forum/index.php/board,8.0.html





    I didn't take any video during the school event but I did set this back up for Trick or Treat at our villa. It ended up being quite long run time Kids and parents alike seemed to get a kick out of the final product. 





  4. LiteBit.eu is a cryptocurrency exchange that currently operates from Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Kenny Rokven is the CEO of LiteBit. The company started three years back by a group of digital enthusiasts.

    Source of the Article: About LiteBit.eu



    If Bitcoin is ever to become the main medium of exchange, its network need to be lightning-fast and black-Friday-sale-cheap.

    Before we delve into the details, let’s talk a bit about network topology.

    Usually, when we think about the network of Bitcoin, we picture a peer-to-peer network, similarly how torrent sites work. Each user is a node or “hub” on the network.  It turns out that this is not the case. Any network can be considered decentralized if it does not have a single main hub. However, that does not mean that centralized hubs don’t exist on the network. If there is more than one centralized hub, the network is thought to be decentralized.

    The network we often picture when we hear “decentralized” is actually one of distributed topology. Where there are no centralized hubs and all users, serve as hubs. Currently, Bitcoin operates in a decentralized, not distributed network.

    .Image result for network topology distributed

    The Lightning Network or (LN) is simply a protocol that enables off-chain channels to exist only between two parties. Once the channel is established the two entities involved can make as many transactions as they want without having to pass through the chain. However, this protocol does not enable the interaction between multiple parties. Meaning that a torrent-like, peer-to-peer, endlessly scalable network is impossible. If you want to refresh your memory on LN, read this article.

    There are two main issues that prevent the establishment of a distributed network for payment processing – Network Efficiency and User Capital Availability. Network Efficiency is the number of operations the network needs to perform to execute a transaction. User Capital Availability is the amount of BTC each user needs to have to perform a transaction.  For the math behind this argument check this article out.

    An Example

    Let’s assume that Greg and Mary have a private off-chain channel and they are doing business with Josh. Greg and Mary owe Josh 5BTC each. Since it is impossible for a third party to enter their channel Greg and Mary have a couple of options:

    1. Both Mary and Greg send on-chain 5BTC to Josh.
    2. One of them makes an on-chain transaction with Josh, paying 10BTC. Then they settle the difference of 5BTC on their private channel.
    3. Either of them makes a separate private channel with Josh (Mary-Josh or Greg-Josh) with the LN protocol, sending 10BTC to Josh and then settle in the Greg-Mary channel.

    Network Efficiency

    Option 1:

    The first option does not require the LN protocol. This is how, currently, the Bitcoin network operates. Choosing (1) would settle the balance with two, on-chain transactions.

    Option 2:

    If Greg and Mary choose option (2) it would result in one on-chain transaction, sending the 10BTC to Josh, and one off-chain to settle the 5BTC difference. Option (2) is more efficient than Option (1) as it requires only one on-chain transaction.

    However, if there is no pre-existing private channel between Greg and Mary this transaction would necessitate two on-chain transactions: repaying Josh and setting up the private channel and an additional off-chain transaction. In this case, option (1) would be more viable.

    Option 3:

    In case Greg and Mary have an already-established private channel, and one of them has a pre-existing channel with Josh. Option (3) would result in 2 off-chain transactions, sending 10BTC to Josh and settling the 5BTC balance; making it the most efficient choice of all.

    If the private channels have not been pre-established for the transaction, option (3) will result in 2 on-chain transactions, opening the two private channels, and two off-chain transactions, to send the BTC. In this case Option (3) would be the most inefficient.

    Doing a case by case analysis for the best payment method would be impossible for any user who will execute a large number of transactions.

    Capital Availability

    Option 1:

    For the repayment of 10 BTC with two on-chain transactions, Greg and Mary must have only the amount each owes Josh, 5BTC, available in their account.

    Option 2:

    Let’s assume that Josh would initiate the on-chain transaction to pay Josh the 10 BTC. He then has to have 10 BTC available in his account (his 5BTC and Mary’s 5BTC debt) and trust Mary that she will repay him in the private channel. The balance cannot be settled without either Mary or Josh becoming a lender to the other.

    Option 3:

    In this option, again, we face the same issue. If Greg pays in his private channel to Josh, he has to pay 10 BTC, and then get reimbursed in the Greg-Mary channel.

    Both options (2) and (3) show the biggest impediment to the Lightning Network Dream – a gigantic network of debtors and lenders. If more than two parties participate in a transaction, each involved party has to have available in their wallet, the total amount owed by all parties.


    Even though a purely peer-to-peer distributed network is impossible with current technology, a decentralized one will soon become reality. Whether the existence of centralized hubs is a stray away from the founding principles behind Bitcoin is yet to be seen.

    Do not hesitate and share with us what do you think is the right path for Bitcoin in the comment section below!

    For more blockchain related news visit Coinstaker

  6. Putin Takes Action Against Cryptocurrency

    Russian Government owned media channels report that Vladimir Putin made a decision to take action against cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular. The media reports that Putin claims cryptocurrenices could be used to finance terrorism, evade taxes, and launder money. Also, in his opinion, Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme.

    The government owned RT quotes Putin:


    “Opportunities to launder funds acquired through criminal activites, tax evasion, even terrorism financing, as well as the spread of fraud schemes.”

    When Putin blamed Bitcoin for the majority of Russia’s criminal problems, the central bank too his side, and stated that digital currencies are a pyramid scheme:


    “We have seen how Bitcoin has transformed a payment unit into an asset, which is bought in order to obtain a high yield in a short period of time. This is the definition of a pyramid.”

    A couple of years ago, they wanted to regulate Bitcoin because prices were falling and scaring the investors away. Now, the raising price sparked serious concerns.

    One of the strangest thing is what the Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said:


    “There is no sense banning [digital currencies], there is a need to regulate them.”

    Russia’s deputy finance minister Alexey Moiseev expressed his opinion on Bitcoin by saying that it’s a pyramid scheme and insisted on allowing only qualified investors to buy Bitcoin, instead of regular people.

    On the other hand, putting all the negative information to the side, Vladimir Putin stressed the importance to not “build up unnecessary barriers” for new technologies. After outlining the risks associated with cryptocurrency, Putin emphasized the need for regulations. He cited that a number of countries are already working on building a legislative framework for digital currencies. Putin asserted that 


    “We need to build a regulatory environment that will make it possible to codify relations in this sphere, reliably protect the interests of citizens, business, and the state and provide legal guarantees for using innovative financial instruments”.

    At the end, he also said:


    “It is important not to create unnecessary barriers, of course, but rather to provide essential conditions for advancing and upgrading the national financial system.”


    Read more on our blog: https://icodaily.net/2017/10/11/putin-calls-for-cryptocurrency-ban/

  7. Reportedly, Russia’s central bank has strike against cryptocurrency classify regulation as a traditional financial instrument.

    Last week, at an event in Sochi, Bank of Russia governor Elvira Nabiullina, says specifically opposes any policy that would deem the technology comparable to foreign currency.

    Source of article: Strike against cryptocurrency by Russia’s Central Bank

  8. If you look around for higher company reach - Coinpedia is offering PR listing service at very reasonable cost. 

    contact us for more details: [email protected]

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    <a href="http://www.freebiebitcoin.com">Earn free bitcoin</a>
  10. If you want to secure your future and want to retire peacefully, then the safest option for you is investing money in the financial market. It is up to you in which financial market you want to invest. You should invest in any financial market depending on the risk taking capacity. If you don't want to take a risk, you can invest in different mutual funds, if you can take a small risk you can invest in options. If you are sure that you can take a high risk, you can invest in the foreign exchange market or in the stock exchange. Whatever the financial market is, you should have adequate knowledge about the market. In order to take the right decision at the right time, one of the most important tools is the chart. Since your trading success and failure highly depend on charts, you have to learn how to read them. Below are discussed a number of trading charts, you can choose one according to your trading style (Information Credit - easyMarkets).

    1.       Bar chart

    This type of chart is a little complex. This chart helps you to find out the opening and the closing prices and the highs and lows of your trading. If you look at the chart, you will find a vertical bar at the top of the chart where you can see the highest traded price for that time period. At the bottom of the chart, you can find the lowest traded price. With the help of the vertical bar, you will easily understand the trading range of the currency pair. On the right side of the bar, there is a horizontal hash that displays the closing price, and on the left side the horizontal hash displays the opening price.

    2.       Candlestick chart

    One of the most popular trading charts is the candlestick chart. This chart is almost similar to the bar chart. The only difference is that this chart allows you to find all the information about the price direction. The body and the shadows are the two parts of the candlestick chart.

    3.       Tick chart

    This type of chart helps you to know the unit price changes. At the bottom of the chart, you will find the bid price and at the top, there is the ask price. With the help of this chart, traders can make the decision as to when to enter the market.

    Above discussed are the top three charts that can help you to take the right decision at the right time.

  11. Coin-banks trading platform is quite a powerful peer-to-peer trading platform to buy and sell Bitcoin. They support over 200+ different payment methods across the world. Moreover, keeping your funds in escrow should lessen the risk coupled with trading Bitcoin to near zero. Be cautious of scammers posing as genuine buyers on this platform. Buying Bitcoin remains one of the main obstacles to typical consumers. Fortuitously, it appears more and more platforms are coming to the market. Coin-banks are becoming a rather popular Crypto Currency exchange & Margin Trading Platform platform, as it allows users to instantly purchase cryptocurrency. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this platform so unique.


    Pros and cons of Coin-banks:-

    PROS (why to choose)

              Service available in many countries

              High limits for buying bitcoins with a credit/debit card


    CONS (Must consider factors)

              High fees for buying with a credit/debit card


    COIN-BANKS IS AN Alluring CHOICE TO BUY BITCOIN Or Currency Exchange:-

    The mission of Coin-banks is all about creating a secure and flaxen platform to trade cryptocurrencies.

    As one would come to expect from a platform such as Coin-banks, the main objective is to let users buy Bitcoin. This is made possible by accepting several hundred payment methods around the world. Some of their popular payment solutions include Credit and Debit Cards, and many more. On paper, the platform has all of the right tools to provide as a way to instantly purchase Bitcoin anywhere in the world. Do keep in mind there is a very less fee for sellers, though.


    However, Coin-banks are not just about buying Bitcoin, as users can also sell cryptocurrency through the platform. Vendors are more than welcome to join the platform, as there is always a growing demand for cryptocurrency. All traders are held in escrow until the payment is made and verified by the seller. Additionally, Coin-banks also have its own reputation system, which allows both buyers and sellers to make a name for them.


    Coin-banks also have an affiliate program in place. This feature is known as the Bitcoin Virtual Kiosk offer. Any affiliate who refers people to Coin-banks to buy Bitcoin will earn 2% of their purchase. A similar program exists on Local Bitcoins, another popular peer-to-peer Crypto Currency exchange & Margin Trading Platform platform.


    Unhappily, coin-banks appear the platform has to deal with its flaxen share of scammers. That is not totally surprising, considering buyers and sellers are directly dealing with other human beings when conducting a trade. This does not mean Coin-banks are not rightful though, as the company does everything they can to prevent scammers from defrauding other users. Buyers and sellers always need to do their own research before agreeing to a trade with a stranger on the Internet, regardless of what payment method is used.


    Supported Countries that coin-banks offered:


    Among all Crypto Currency exchange & Margin Trading Platform that accept credit cards, Coin-banks support the widest range of countries. It supports most countries global besides obviously sanctioned countries.


    Reputation of coin-banks in the industry:


    Coin-banks is one of the oldest Bitcoin brokers in business. It has been selling bitcoins via credit/debit cards for longer than any other company.


    Fees that one needs to pay:-


    Coin-banks charges high fees for purchasing with a credit/debit card. Its fees are about 10%.


    Customer Support at coin banks:


    Customer support is available via email. The customer service section of Coin-banks was very clear, professional and quick during the times I communicated with them upon going through the process of registration or verification. To sum upbeat the whole procedure, it was very simple clear cut and smooth than others like CEX.IO, since users are able to buy bitcoins immediately after registering.


    Coin-banks.com Security:


    As we have mentioned above, there is enhanced security when it comes to Coin-banks, without any extremities. For instance, you will see HTTPS and a clear environment for financial transactions without any leaks.


    Still, 2 factor authentication is not a must and there is the option of using cash as a payment method (which is not as reliable as using credit 3D cards). Security includes the certification of GoDaddy and the security scanned badge. In a nutshell, some improvements would be great – but even as it is now, the security layering of Coin-banks is more than decent!


    What does the community think of Coin-banks?


    As to know about user experience the reviews online are the best way to get know about.  Before start with coin-bank I also check various coin-banks review and these help me a lot to choose a best platform to trade and invest my funds.


    All things considered, Coin-banks trading platform is a quite a powerful platform. Coin-banks wide range of accepted payment methods gives others a competitive edge. But yet the users need to take the necessary precautions to ensure they are not scammed by another person. In actual fact, coin-banks platform just correct solution when it comes to convert irreparable cryptocurrency to and from reversible payment methods.

  12. Less than 3 weeks have passed since the beginning of ICO, and we are moving in accordance with our plans. Namely, for today it is involved about 200 000 dollars.

     In the premises, we have rented for our farm for 500 sq.m., cosmetic repairs were carried out, electrification was performed and a cooling system was installed. The premise consists of two zones, and the first zone we have already put into operation, as we planned in the middle of July.

    20 mining farms are installed, they are already running.

    The industrial mining company MoneyTechnology will have a certain income by the end of ICO and, accordingly, payments of monthly dividends to tokens holders will go immediately starting with the first month.

    Thus, ICO plans are 100% complete!

     Mining statistics are open to all investors on the mining pool:


     Two weeks are left before the end of ICO. A great deal of work awaits us, so start making your choice right now. Join us and become part of Money Technology: http://moneytech.farm/


    FullSizeRender 29.jpg

  13. InsureX was founded in London in 2017. The concept came from Ingemar Svensson, whose company Finserve.io was working with various insurance clients who frequently brought up blockchain and the idea of an alternative marketplace.Shortly after, InsureX engaged a reinsurance company in London who agreed to further explore how this platform could improve security, administration and cost. Cristina Dolan also joined as co-founder and her experience from the startup sector, technology expertise and her commitment to the blockchain community is the ideal fit for the growth and acceleration of InsureX

    The insurance industry is the most competitive industry.The organic growth of insurance industry has slowed. Insurers have been traditionally slow to adapt new technologies compared with their retail or banking counterparts, but we observe that the industry is moving away from this approach to embraced transformation. Some players have already started strategic investments in blockchain technologies to stay relevant in the market and remain competitive.

    Ingemar Svensson, Founder & CEO/CTO

    Before founding InsureX, Ingemar was the CTO of Risk and Valuation at SunGard Asset Management. Hisexperience ranges from managing large organisations to hands-on software development. Ingemar has spent 20 years building mission critical systems in various roles at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital, Lehman Brothers and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance.

    The InsureX Token

    InsureX Tokens or IXT for short, is an essential part of the InsureX ecosystem. The tokens serve several

    functions in our environment:

    ● Transaction fee payment

    ● Payment for data

    ● Annual subscriptions

    ● API licences

    IXT Crowdsale

    IXT will be issued during our crowdsale. Once completed, no further tokens will be generated. The sale will

    last three weeks from the 11th of July to the 31th of July.

    A maximum of 130,000,000 IXT tokens will be generated, of those 30,000,000 tokens will be kept as reserve.

    A maximum of 100,000,000 IXT will be sold during the crowdsale, any remaining tokens will be burned.

    Example: If 40,000,000 IXT are sold during the crowdsale then the remaining 60,000,000 will be burned.

    This would result in a total pool of 70,000,000 which equals to the number of sold tokens plus the InsureX

    reserve of 30,000,000

    Tokens will be issued in 5 tiers, each with an associated bonus model (see below).

    The current price of IXT is 1,125 per ETH. The price for each tier is calculated on a bonus model and the distribution of the tiers is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Early investment will benefit from the highest bonus, which will diminish down to 0% bonus at the last tier.

    • If by the end of the crowdsale the initial goal (Tier 1) is not reached then all funds are returned to their respective owners.
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    Sustaincoin is a decentralized digital network based on an open-source peer-to-peer internet protocol. Sustaincoin based on hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) / Proof-of-Stake (PoS) block generation methods with separated target limits.




    Ticker: STC
    Type: PoW/PoS hybrid
    PoW algorithm: x11
    Max Coins: 2.25000.000 (2.25+ billion will ever be created by means of PoW/PoS)
    PoW reward: 50 STC ( + 10% annually)
    Block Reward Halving Rate: 210,000
    Block Reward Type:  
    From 5,000,000 of total coins PoS is set to be 20% per annum. 
    From 10,000,000 of total coins PoS is reduced to 15% per annum. 
    From 20,000,000 of total coins PoS is reduced to 5% per annum.
    Minimum PoS age: 30
    Maximum PoS age: 90
    Block time target: 120 sec
    Difficulty retarget: every block
    Coinbase maturity: 80 blocks
    Minimal TX fee: 0.0001 STC
    RPC Port: 27817 Network Port: 27816

    Initial 60000 blocks have been premined in order to ensure a stable PoS network and avoid failures from the initial launch. 
    All the generated coins will go to Sustaincoin foundation as a funding developement and some will be used as charities, bounties and faucet topups.







    Username: your sustaincoincoin wallet address
    Password: anything
    Algorithm: x11
    URL: stratum+tcp://stcpool.net:3008




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