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    I think to introduce a new product like clothes, shoes, car or anything is pretty easy because they are familiar things in our lives.But that I want to introduce for you is a new technology platform, it's almost unfamiliar in the past.But I'm sure you will not be able to ignore it when you know what they bring.Konios is the technology platform that I want.Everyday you have wasted time for transactions and fees in a bank.So Konios has developed and programmed the platform for all crypto which allows you to participate in the crypto world by cash. Blockchain technology plays security and transparency role and Smart Contract will follow and test the processes in the Konios platform.

    All you need to reach the world market.

    Konios is considered to be a smart and development platform. The programming is based on the advantages and it overcomes the existing shortcomings in electronic technology. The first, it focus on builds a secure platform. Why ? now, the customer data has been stolen by hackers in many banks. That is reason why KONIOS is building the platform through Blockchain technology and performs th transaction on a Smart Contract. With absolute security encrypted by blockchain, customer data will always be guaranteed.


    Another direction of Konios is creates a trading platform in crypto money that promotes global trade by trading options for all curencies. It is very convenient for daily sales and of course you do not have to spend time and regular service fees. In addition transation Face-to Face in Konios platform that helps you directly exchange trader. This is esential to safe in the transalation.


    Not over, Konios data analysis capabilities are always free and available to the consumer while previously you have to think about whether to analyze the data by other organization.


    It's easy to make transactions in the Konios platform by your phone.You have many opportunity KON -Tokens on the Konios platform If you frequently use Konios transactions, you will become a loyal customer.
    Konios is asserting it's position in the technology platform by the practical features it brings. Besides It respond the needs of you as well as you looking for these smart platform to serve in your life. Thus 'let Konios simplify your transactions safely and conveniently'.


    Information about …

    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    Success comes from ideas, starting with enthusiastic people and flying high by the whole community

    -Author: Hoangvuhk3110

    -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

  2. The development of networking systems enables people from different areas to have equal opportunities to grow, allowing different cultures to exchange, exchange on a common ground, and promote the development of human democratization. At the same time, when we enjoy the benefits and convenience of networked systems, we face the challenge of network security, which requires governments and the technology industry. We must find more cooperative and comprehensive solutions.


    Cyber space has gradually become a nervous system throughout social activities. In a world where 87% of the population uses mobile, where the Apple app store has more than 25 billion downloads, and where the Google app store has exceeded 20 billion downloads, the harsh reality is security. Network security is a growing global challenge that requires ICT(Information and Communications Technology) solutions to be designed, developed, programmed and universalized.

    By 2020, it is expected that nearly 30 billion devices worldwide will be connected via the Internet, providing many facilities for transportation, health and education. However, users will face significant loss of information and economic loss when network attacks tend exploited gaps of Internet-connected devices.


    There are many misconceptions about information security that it's only comes from bad guys outside. With an anonymous appearance, the story of hackers hiding behind the "civilians" is just a matter of time. In the world, the shocking incident of Edward Snowden disclosures NSA data, Bradley Manning leaked US military secret data at WikiLeaks and a shooting case in the Washington Naval Academy was also by an IT expert hide behind.


    However, not all risks come from the intentions of the bad guys. Many gaps will arise if a normal user does not know the simplest way to secure data and secure information, and they accidentally become an abettor from outside - as a hacker. Typical manifestations of an "employee's need to take precautions" include the arbitrary installation of cracker software, frequent access to unnecessary data areas, or malicious websites. Hide malicious threats, perform data backups outside a licensed window, or attempt to transfer large amounts of data over an intranet.



    The biggest problem in IT security currently is how you secure the real secrets – the keys. The ordinary solution these days is that you use certification authority to secure communication between two parties. And you believe them for generating the keys and securing the transfer of the data and the keys. But the problem is that if someone would hack this certification authority, the secrets are revealed. The only way to secure data is to encrypt it client-side. So the server or the application which is storing your data physically has no access to the plain data you put into the system. Attackers can see your traffic, attackers can gain access to the storage but they can not infer any usefull information.There is no way how to do that. Because the keys – the essence how you unlock the data is not there on the server. The keys are created on your device, so it means no one gives you the keys and no one stores your key instead of you. You rely on encryption that is done on the end-user devices and that’s the new concept, the new solution that we all need. And that's the solution Cryptelo uses to secure information. The best idea for implementing this idea is to use blockchain technology because blockchain is capable of transmitting data without the need for intermediaries to validate information. Such technology is needed when you want to empower software libraries, client applications and their users with ability to prove, that no one had tampered with their data.


    Behind the success of the project can not fail to mention the contributions of the development team and the advisory board. The following is the information of some key members. The rest of you can see more details at their official website:


    • Martin Baroš: The co-founder & CEO at Cryptelo, a cyber-security enthusiast at heart, and a believer in a better world. He have a strong technological background based on 14 years of professional experience in IT security and development mainly in the financial sector.
    • Jiří Zuna: The CTO at Cryptelo. He is Java developer specialized in web application development
    • Dite Gashi: The Founder at Decissio - a tool leveraging artificial intelligence & Blockchain to help professional investors make better decisions faster. The Co-founder and CTO at Bitsapphire - building applications that aim to close the gap between blockchain founded in 2014.
    • Yann Bouvier: Cyber Security Team Lead MSD - a leading global biopharmaceutical company. IT Security Manager Komerční Banka/ Societe Generale - leading banking institution in Czech Republic. IT Security Manager Orange and GE Healthcare.

    Some advisors:



    Overview ICO


    Token distribution


    Fund allocation




    • Cryptelo is aiming at potential network security market: $20 billion industry with 30% year to year growth.
    • The idea of the project is quite good. The project is expected to address current issues related to user data security and network security.
    • Cryptelo owns a team of experienced founders, developers and consultants in the field of cryptographic technology and blockchain technology. This is one of the factors that determine the success of the project.
    • Cryptelo has a clear roadmap, with moderately capitalized amounts, with no over-rewards in the pre-release period, avoid discharge of goods after ICO.
    • With the blockchain technology and how Cryptelo works, Cryptelo ensures your data never leaves your hands. Only you can unlock your data. Sharing is just using mirroring data that is encrypted on the platform.
    • The Cryptelo platform is easy to use. You just need to log in to the platform and manage your resources like you would a regular file manager.
    • Bitguild accepts ETH as payment method. Safe, efficient, convenient and fast.


    • The purchase of Cryptelo Tokens is only for sophisticated purchasers who are knowledgeable and experienced in the technical and business features and risks of cryptographic tokens, token storage mechanisms and blockchain technology.


    Website: https://www.cryptelo.com
    Whitepaper: https://www.cryptelo.com/whitepaper
    Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3043697.0
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptelo/
    Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Gx01VhKIanNlok8ah47gTg
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrypteloDrive
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cryptelo/
    Bitcointalk username: kld_hp
    Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1014734

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    I was first introduced to the world of cryptocurrency as early as 2008 when the pioneer cryptocurrency Bitcoin was publicly launched. By then, I only considered Bitcoin as a fancy virtual money that given a month to a year its hype would die down and that, together with the Blockchain technology it was anchored, would be forgotten. But indeed I was wrong. A big mistake! If only I have believed in the technology. It could have lifted my status financially if I have invested when its price was only a fraction of a dollar. 

    My interest in cryptocurrency sparked again last year when a friend showed me his wallet and displayed the large sum of equivalent money from his cryptocurrency holdings. The irony of it, I was the one who introduced Bitcoin to him. Feeling late to the party, I did not lose more time and right away invested in almost all sort of outlets that cryptocurrency can offer. Such as mining, trading, ICOs, and yes, even airdrops and bounties. For a short time, I have amassed quite a good sum of cryptocurrency holdings from those activities. My only problem is, with all these outlets, my assets were spread out to different cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. It's hard to keep one wallet for Bitcoin, another for ethereum, litecoin, etc. Same is thrue when mining different types of cryptocurrencies. Even, exchanging my holdings is a problem. Maybe that is why I still have balances on many exchanges as there is no digital exchange that can cater all of the coins and tokens I am holding. For a long time, I was hoping for a platform where I could just log on and do all my crypto activities there. Also, since I am not technically competent in the technology, it's always a struggle to maintain accounts and I have to rely on others for supervision when transacting to all of these outlets. It's sad because, despite the advancement of the industry (cryptocurrency and its parallel blockchain technology), all access points remain largely available only to experts of the industry and select professionals. Currently available equipment and service systems fail to make tasks very easy to users. Aside from the difficult to set up and onsite navigation, they require constant control and management. Access points are also distributed to different platforms that users should set up different accounts to avail different services. The process to avail various crypto services have become too complex to a point that some mining software clients still are nothing more than a command string interface. The reason why new users stay aware of them.

    Fortunately, while researching online for a platform where I could perform at least a few, if not all, my cryptocurrency needs, I happened to stumble upon BeEasy. It's pitch "All must-have cryptocurrency services in a single window" caught my attention and right away I was excited and hoped that this is the platform that I was wishing for. Further reading indeed suggests that the project aims to make BeEasy as an all-in-one ecosystem of interrelated cryptocurrency processing services that includes mining, fund, exchange, charity, gaining partner goods and services, and converting to fiat, among others. Offering all of these services and solution through a unified interface powered by a single sign-in user authorization. The system is designed at a level that would cater and be accessible to both professionals and beginners alike. The innovative solution will provide the best possible links between different services and intuitively navigated interfaces for all user groups. This will create an unprecedented synergy that is available to all types of users wishing to avail different crypto services.  

    Furthermore, BeEasy's ecosystem will offer the following services:

    EasyPool — Professional miner solution. EasyPool is a multicurrency pool featuring an embedded management system for the mining equipment. It features: client web interface, client software, equipment process monitoring and management system powered by a telegram bot, iOS and Android apps compatibility, and an intelligent mining management systems

    EasyTrade — Easy and convenient trading. EasyTrade is full -scale cryptocurrency exchange providing an interface for brokers and traders with advanced features like web interface, with the ability to expand to a mobile app and a widget in the near future.

    BeEasy multifunction service. BeEasy’s unique product is an all-in-one user authorization system that allows to navigate and manage all user information for BeEasy services like:

    • EasyPool
    • EasyTrade
    • EasyCare 
    • EasyFund 
    • EasyData 
    • EasyPlay

    EasyPlay — Mining of things. EasyPlay is an intuitive interface for mining and receiving products or services as a reward. 

    When only these mentioned features, I am already solved with BeEasy platform. But the features doesn't end there. BeEasy also envisions their platform to be a full-fledged ecosystem for vendors, offline stores, game studios, and charity organizations. With the API system integration, companies can benefit from using the BeEasy platform in their marketing and user outreach efforts. This is something I would truly look forward to when the platform is launched. Truly this is the platform I've long looked for.          

    Did I mention that BeEasy also has a great team and community? 

    Learn more about the BeEasy platform, access the following link:

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    Today, Blockchain technology has grown steadily and has many value-added applications for every citizen of the world. The idea of a decentralized global payment network, low cost and time-to-time have profound implications throughout the global financial system. A new, transparent and reliable service provider is required.

    Now, we are at the forefront of a wave of innovation. Blockchain is basically a substitute for intermediaries as intermediaries acting as third parties that establish "trust" between the parties are not inevitable. Nearly 80% of banks are developing their own blockchain technology today. This is one of the main reasons that the largest companies in the world are investing in this promising technology or through it. This is the basis of Blockchain - A new era unfolds in the digital age of the 21st century - The New Era In Digitization Management.



    Pecunio is a distributed investment platform focused on bluechip blockchain assets with unique value proposition and high performance potential. This is precisely a platform for decentralized investment and exchange. By marking all of our funds and assets, we simplify our safe-haven investments into the selected blockchain assets. All major secrets will be interchangeable on the basis of PECUNIO.

    In addition, cryptographic terms and cryptographic properties are certainly part of the future. They have revolutionized payments, deals and other markets and will soon be set as the new standard. Pecunio's mission is to remove all technical and psychological barriers and provide easy and safe access to the cryptographic market. Pecunio is a combination of professional financial management, high technical expertise and reliable structures. We open the financial market in the future - for every investor.

    Our platform is one-stop-shop and solve the problem of spending crypto with a simple control panel. It allows for conversion from cryptocurrencies to cryptocurrencies as well as investing in valuable assets such as gold codes backed by blue chip (PAC) commodity or Pecunio funds. Besides, Pecunio is the only blockchain investment platform with free exchange and cryptocurrency card.

    By 2017, the market value of the cryptocurrency market has moved from $ 16BN to $ 770BN. The trend here is clear and can not be ignored. And of course because the cryptocurrency market is a very young and new industry in the financial sector, it has a lot of volatility. Pecunio is a public gateway to the cryptomarket market: It is a distributed investment platform that simplifies blockchain investments. Pecunio's mission is to open the cryptocurrency market for everyone with a wide range of exciting products and services, creating a safe and transparent investment solution with easy access to everyone. Thus, solving the problem of spending on cryptography and enabling the management of cryptographic assets becomes more secure and easier than ever. That is the mission of PECUNIO.



    To become a member of PECUNIO, you first need to sign up. You only need to provide your email address, username and password. With an email confirmation, an individual wallet is created, you can find an overview of your personal account. Then, users choose whether to use the crypto card, exchange or invest in PECUNIO products or not. You may have the opportunity to purchase different types of products: Asset Notification (PGC), various fund types (PCC, PICO, PAV), as well as the PECUNIO utility token (PCO) . All products and services related to the platform can only be accessed with the PCO.



    Our credit funds invest in the most valuable types of secrets, ICOs and AC & VCs, leveraging profound experiences from the traditional, as well as from the hedge fund industry. When it comes to investing in secrets and ICOs, there are a few risks that investors need to be aware of and mitigate. The biggest risk to Bitcoin's future success, both in terms of currency and investment levels, is regulatory risk. In fact, more than 90% of transactions occur in the People's Republic of China. Suppose, if China decides to ban its citizens from holding Bitcoin, the price of the currency will collapse. In addition, the leading Bitcoin launch centers such as the US and U.K. If any major economy bans Bitcoin, prices will collapse and struggle to recover. The market at that time will become extremely volatile. Risks also appear when the ICO Scams increase sharply, this form of fraud is increasingly inadequate and popular in today's complex blockchain market.

    We launch ICO campaigns with a special fund, management support, legal advice and more. At the same time, PECUNIO shares have made a profit with the company card holders through a buyout program.



    Our first product in this series will be Pecunio Gold (PGC). Why gold? Gold is always the best barrier in the world against any market disorder. This is exactly one gram of 999.9 grams of tokenized gold (PGC). There are no comparable properties on the market at a given time. The best anti-volatile anti-volatile world is a sign. Gold Pecunio is a payment option for goods and services (gold backed cryptocurrency).

    Pecunio and its partners will store physical gold for the purpose, their gold reserves continuously meet or exceed the amount of PGC in circulation. We did not make a promise; We provide gold through a cryptocurrency. This is the simplest way to handle and export physical gold. You will not be able to imagine it because it is the safest and most transparent gold trading method in today's big blockchain market.



    A special point in PECUNIO's service, we accept and exchange all the major secrets, while we do not charge any fees on behalf of currency exchange on our platform. Pecunio's secret card is a multi-prepaid debit card that allows you to spend coins and coins in all currencies worldwide without paying. Users can manage assets via platform, charge cards by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Pecunio and many others. Prepaid debit cards share local transaction fees and make digital currency spend a lot easier. Pecunio allows spending cryptocurrency with instantaneous liquidity. All our tags are ERC-20 standards and are based on Ethereum. PCO cards are gadget tags that act as a voucher for our products.

    Beginners will receive management assistance, legal advice and financial assistance to help spread (spread) their wings when they are ready / take off. We help in developing their business idea / proposal and product portfolio. Our clients are guided through important steps to break down unnecessary red-colored hurdles in the future that often hamper any positive results. Our goal is to increase the success rate of high potential ideas and develop the market in the future.



    Its platform with its user-friendly dashboard allows for quick access to many features. Our easy-to-use platform will be available through the web interface and through the wallet on both Android and iOS in our timeline. Our mobile apps will use native frameworks to provide a fast and natural user experience.



    At present, approximately 55,000,000 PCOs are allocated, 15,000,000 PCOs will be credited to the reserve fund but not issued. These PCOs will be available as an additional source of funding, but may never be issued, depending on the circumstances of the future.



    We created a platform with work accounts to gather 50,000 strong members. Besides, PECUNIO is constantly increasing its products and services. The ultimate goal at the moment is to create our first crypto funds (PCC), which outperformed other comparable blockchain funds.


    Join PECUNIO now if you want to become a citizen of this new era!

    Website: https://pecun.io/

    Twitter : https://twitter.com/Pecun_io

    Telegram :  https://t.me/Pecunio

    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/pecunio

    Medium:  https://medium.com/pecunio

    Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/PecunioFund

    Whitepaper :  https://pecun.io/Pecunio_White_Paper.pdf



    Author: Amanda Mai

    My Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2010370

    ETH: 0x13990de433dbb9Dd9057fDBb05dfA738Ffba3F2e

    "Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."


  5. Bitcoin banking is becoming much more common. But why bitcoin banking websites are get a higher concentration among people. Because, cryptocurrency users want to save their cryptocurrencies and they want to get more interest through their investment. So, here, cryptocurrency users can deposit, transaction, Lending and can make an investment in the best scheme to multiple their bitcoins. Cryptocurrency banking is a great feature, and most of the business owners offer it. Cryptocurrency banking makes everything you do with your finances a bit easier. It makes your financial life much easier to manage.

    So business owners are ready to open their own cryptocurrency banking website. But, they are glitch out in selecting the right business software to build their banking website. So, here bitcoin investment softwarecomes to wipe their distress.

    Advantage of creating a bitcoin banking website with bitcoin investment software

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    Murica Coin developer works on manage as preparing the deliverance of service as providing customs of platform as connecting members from America and around the different places of the world as might to gathers with each other as with the reference to strengthen the nationalisms,  patriotism, and allegiance to the United States of America.

    The network helps as building a relation between and amongst the citizen of America while preparing the use of better functionality as members to supports other while managing customs of tasks with the preparation of entrance within the field of business as implementing personal strategics of ideal customs with the basics of technical competence.

    Members might supports other as expending credit of token to helps as empowering entrance and gains with the extent as displacing spares of limit on possession to attains with the table of exchange with the token market of the MURICA blockchain network of the administrative system.

    From the  MURICA website :


    ‘Murica Coin is an Ethereum blockchain ERC20-Token, 'Murica Coin goes by the symbol of “MURC” we have created 1,776,000,000 tokens (number symbolizes the year 1776.). ‘Murica Coin runs a total of 18 decimal places.

    Within months of the running calendars developer to exhibit competition program as users of the coin to challenge for the winning contest of the best meme creation to works on helps as referring the delivery of message as supporting citizens to gains of mutual advantage as apprenticing use of ideas with the personal preference on how might defining further to work on development as elucidating American value as implemented within absence by the daily attains as collaborating existence among different personals with priors of ideal preference to strengthen the allegiance of American patriotisms.

    As guessing of involvesment of the wider public of audiencies the competition to returns with the ranks of winner to collects of prize from the MURC developer following the returns of works with qualification to defines of one as the finest end of month to becomes the winner of competition to collects MURC token as prize.

    For details with the investment projects please sees as visiting : https://www.murica.org/



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  7. If you are a member of the Karate community then you will be able to register with the help of BoutsPro coin. This will also allow you to get all the training as well as the educational support that you require. There will also be an online system that will have all the important information as well as the rankings.

    How does BoutsPro help in simplifying the entire process?

    BoutsPro makes use of the Blockchain technology and it helps in attracting the attention of people and tries to create an interest in this sport. They are therefore going to launch new tokens that are known as Bouts. These Bouts can be used by people within as well as outside the community. With these tokens, the people will be able to trade with a much lesser amount of risk. It thus reduces complexity and makes trading a much simpler process.

    BoutsPro helps you to get rewards in Karate

    If you excel in Karate then BoutsPro cryptocurrency is made for you. When you get a reward you can convert these tokens in local currency on exchanges at a later stage. You can do a lot of things with these tokens. If you want you even buy online tickets with these tokens.

    BoutsPro ICO has been able to bring about some positive changes in the field of karate. If you become a member of the karate community then you will surely be able to enjoy the benefits.

  8. Hi there,
    BTC Smart Ads lends assistance in ICO/PreICO campaign advancement. Our main point in this project is to add value to the cryptocurrency world and make it possible for retail customers who would like to participate.
    We have good news for ICO developers: great opportunity to increase your ICO campaign potency.

    Here you can see the list off our latest products. Even more finely tuned campaigns for different purposes and stages of your project, with different ways of delivering traffic.

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    Listings are being published in 1 to 21 days because of big queues.
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    It is your obligation to make sure they notice your ICO.

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    Automated advertising tool

  9. IMG_20180223_182641_919.JPG-(lympo) The Lifestyle Ecosystem And Sport Crypto 

    The usage of mobile health (mHealth) apps and wearables is ever-growing. More than 52% of smart phone users gather health-related information on their phone. In 2016 alone, mHealth app store downloads totalled 3.2 billion. Health-related data is a precious asset for both individuals and stakeholders in the data-driven sports, health and wellness industry.

    However, the users generating this data cannot aggregate, share and monetize it.

    Moreover, because it lacks the means to interconnect existing data, the industry cannot unlock its full potential for the benefit of all market players. The rise of mHealth applications has not yet delivered on the promise of digital technology empowering individuals and resulting in better health care and a more connected sports and wellness market.

    The Lympo ecosystem resolves this problem. Powered by user-generated and user-controlled fitness and wellness data, Lympo will allow the exchange of value through the introduction LYM utility tokens. Lympo’s goal is an
    ecosystem where data is used eciently by all industry stakeholders and everyone is rewarded fairly. It consists of three pillars: the Lympo fitness wallet, a marketplace and the Lympo crowdfunding platform.

    The Lympo digital fitness wallet and user reward mechanism is at the core of the Lympo ecosystem. The wallet functions as an entry to the ecosystem and allows users to be
    rewarded in LYM tokens for their healthy lifestyle achievements.

    These tokens can be used to purchase goods and services in a marketplace starting from an existing Lympo platform uniting more than 500 fitness professionals and later expanding to a broad network of sports, wellness and health goods and services providers. Finally, LYM tokens will be used on the Lympo crowdfunding platform to invest in innovative data driven companies in the industry which will contribute to the growth of this new ecosystem.


    IMG_20180223_182836_341.JPG-(lympo) The Lifestyle Ecosystem And Sport Crypto 

    The digital health market is exploding both in number of new companies and with the expected market size of $233.3 billion by 2020. Much of growth is predicted to come from the mobile health (mHealth) market. In 2016 alone, the estimated total number of mHealth apps increased 57%2. In that same year, the number mHealth app store downloads totalled 3.2 billion, with 52% of smartphone users gathering health-related information on their phone3. Most newer phones have inbuilt health-related data gathering capacities predicating this number to soar in the upcoming years.

    What data are we gathering? Over the years, the fastest-growing mHealth sector was the fitness and wellness domain with a projected compound annual growth (CAGR) of 48.1%4 . 65% of all mHealth apps in the U.S. connect to wellness services, among which fitness has a strong leadership position with 36% of the total apps. Top
    categories also include weight loss, exercise, women’s health, sleep and meditation.

    Most existing or projected blockchain applications in healthcare fall into these categories:

    Interoperability between medical institutions
    Electronic medical records


    Medical trials

    Genomic research

    Patient-generated data/Quantified-self data commons

    The Lympo ecosystem starts with a product that belongs to the 6th category.


    IMG_20180223_190616_834.JPG-(lympo) The Lifestyle Ecosystem And Sport Crypto 

    The Lympo digital fitness wallet and user reward mechanism is at the core of the Lympo ecosystem. Lympo fitness wallet functions as an entry to the ecosystem and allows a user to create their profile, fill in their health data and connect it to their favourite sports and health tracking apps. The individual data submitted via Lympo fitness wallet will be accessible to its user and can be viewed or shared by storing a permission on blockchain. 

    The rewards issued by market players interested in having direct access to Lympo digital fitness wallet users can be of two dierent types: 

    A reward for achieving a healthy lifestyle goal, i.e. running 5 kilometres or following a precise diet and submitting app records to Lympo profile. 

    A reward for checking into a particular location for a
    specified amount of time, i.e. joining a gym class or attending a karate competition. 

    The Lympo health wallet will be rolled out in multiple steps. In order to bring the product to the market as soon as possible, Lympo tokens will be first used as utility tokens on the existing Lympo platform to buy online and oine training sessions with the best fitness trainers, including training or any sports coach sessions,consultations by a physical therapist or a dietician. Lympo users will be able to utilise the Lympo fitness wallet to get reward tokens for achieved training goals. As more partners join, Lympo tokens will be used to access a wide range of healthy lifestyle products and services like sports clothes and shoes, healthy food and gyms with a possibility to reward achieved health goals with the help of smart contracts.

    Trainers will be able to be more competitive, proposing packages where their services are oered together with a built-in reward program. Also, any other ecosystem player can either attach the reward system to the product sold or purchase a certain number of tokens and organise challenges and tasks for Lympo users in exchange for their data.

    Lympo users receive a notification that a challenge to run 5 km this week is being organised by a big athletic shoe producer. No matter which app they use, they can complete this task and get token rewards with the Lympo platform.

    Athletic shoe producer publishes a 5km running challenge

    User decides to participate

    The agreement is registered

    User completes the challenge and submits the app tracking data

    LYM token rewarded


    IMG_20180223_190424_729.JPG-(lympo) The Lifestyle Ecosystem And Sport Crypto 

    The next step in the Lympo ecosystem is to enable users to spend tokens to receive further healthy lifestyle goods and services and make in-platform purchases. The marketplace, starting with the existing platform to find the best personal trainer, oers a variety of ways to do so:

    Getting premium features in the Lympo platform. E.g.:

    A personal trainer can buy enhanced profile options and more exposure for their listing.

    A user can purchase more options for their health and sports data storage on the Lympo platform, like reminders and health advice based on the data submitted.

    Everyone owning tokens will receive discounts and products oered by our partners: sports and wellness businesses, healthy food and supplement providers, etc.

    Businesses use tokens to pay for listing their products and services on the platform.

    Lympo foresees its existing platform to be the market entry tool for the user-generated data powered healthy lifestyle ecosystem which will further expand with more partners accepting LYM tokens. A part of LYM tokens are allocated to incentivize community growth and to add new businesses to the Lympo network. The ultimate Lympo goal is that its token holders can access a wide range of products and services with the initial platform being only one part of the much wider network.

    At this later stage, the user-generated data marketplace will open for businesses such as health insurances, research institutions, and big data companies within and outside of the sports and wellness industry that are interested in accessing the data of Lympo digital wallet users. The users will be enabled to decide whom they trust their data to, to know what exactly they are sharing and to earn tokens by doing so.


    IMG_20180223_190245_454.JPG-(lympo) The Lifestyle Ecosystem And Sport Crypto 

    The third arm of the Lympo ecosystem is a crowdfunding and investment platform allowing LYM token holders to invest in the most promising fitness/wellness/health start-ups which are reviewed and rated by Lympo ecosystem members who know what the industry needs best.

    LYM token holders will be able to receive company shares for the tokens contributed.The unique value proposition of this crowdfunding platform is 1. Public reviews and ratings by sports and wellness market players; 2. Access to data of a big user base enabled by LYM tokens.

    The crowdfunding platform will allow for businesses and service providers active in the Lympo ecosystem to review and rate new companies seeking investment for a certain token reward oered by a start-up listed. This will help investors to better evaluate the potential of the new venture and for start-ups to find potential partners and customers operating within the same industry.Many new companies are following the usual data economy business cycle: build a product, attract a large user base, then start analysing and monetising data. But with the help of invested LYM tokens, start-ups on the Lympo crowdfunding platform will be able to start working with a big data base immediately purchasing fitness and health data directly from our users or proposing new challenges for reward tokens if the existing data set lacks some particular qualities.

    This way new innovative fitness/wellness/health companies will have a much lower market entry cost and can
    successfully launch their products and maximise returns for investors.


    IMG_20180223_190520_941.JPG-(lympo) The Lifestyle Ecosystem And Sport Crypto 

    A part of the tokens reserved for the ecosystem
    empowerment will be allocated to Lympo Blockchain for Sports Foundation. The aim of this foundation is to support various sports events and initiatives around the world with the goal to promote Lympo fitness wallet and to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

    The foundation board, composed of famous athletes, Lympo partners and leaders in sports communities from various countries, will oversee the foundation activities. Lympo token holders of at least 1,000,000 LYM (the amount will be adjusted in two years based on community vote) will be able to vote on funding proposals. The composition of the board and foundation governing principles will be announced before the Lympo token sale in the first quarter of 2018.

    IMG_20180223_190346_915.JPG-(lympo) The Lifestyle Ecosystem And Sport Crypto 
    IMG_20180223_190329_171.JPG-(lympo) The Lifestyle Ecosystem And Sport Crypto 

    IMG_20180223_190407_799.JPG-(lympo) The Lifestyle Ecosystem And Sport Crypto 
    IMG_20180223_190446_227.JPG-(lympo) The Lifestyle Ecosystem And Sport Crypto 

    IMG_20180223_183043_353.JPG-(lympo) The Lifestyle Ecosystem And Sport Crypto 


    Website LYMPO - monetizing sports and health data via blockchain

    Telegram Lympo community

    Twitter Lympo.io (@Lympo_io) | Twitter

    Facebook Lympo.io

    Medium Lympo.io – Medium

    LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/18233561/

    Instagram Lympo.io (@lympo.io) • Instagram photos and videos

  10. Картинки по запросу quifas                  
    A Secure, Ultra-fast, Highly Scalable Innovative cryptocurrency exchange built for the People.


    What is Quifas?

    Quifas is a secure innovative cryptocurrency exchange built for the people. It is user friendly, highly scalable, ultra-fast and offers exceptional customer service.

    Quifas Features


    Quifas Tokensale

    Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20 Token)

    Start of token sale: 9 March
    Soft cap: 3 000 000 USD
    Tokens issued: 200 000 000 QFS tokens
    Hard cap: 35 000 000 USD

    Basic Price of 1 QFS token: 0.40 USD
    Payment method: BTC and ETH

    Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH


    Token Holders Benefits:

    Zero Trading Fee
    Token holders will be able to use Quifas token (QFS) to buy other crypto assets on the Quifas exchange with zero trading fees.


    Trading Fee Discount
    Holders of QFS tokens will be entitled to discount on trading fees on the exchange.


    Listing of new coins
    Our exchange is focused on serving the people's needs, therefore QFS Token holders will have a say on which coins get listed on the exchange.


    Token Sale Bonus

    Distribution of
    raised funds

    Quifas Platform Development - 40%
    40% of the funds generated during token sale will be used for the development of the quifas exchange platform. This will enable us build a scalable, highly secure, world class platform with a friendly user interface that will support multi-platforms such as Web, iOS, Android on PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones while offering traders unique features such as trailing stops, trailing profit targets, simultaneous entry of buy orders, stop loss and take profit, market news section.

    Marketing, PR and Branding - 30%
    30% of the funds generated during the token sale will be used for marketing public relations and branding of the exchange. This will help in the acquisition of new customers, customer retention.

    Liquidity Fund - 20%
    20% of the funds generated during the token sale will be held in reserve for contingencies and other miscellaneous or unforeseen expenses that might arise. targets, simultaneous entry of buy orders, stop loss and take profit, market news section.

    Legal - 10%
    10% of the funds generated during the token sale will be held for ongoing legal advice.

       partner_4.png      partner_5.png   partner_7.jpg

    Thank you for your attention!



  11. Cryptocurrency investment business has a higher concentration among people rather than other cryptocurency business. Starting a cryptocurrency investment business is not a big deal. Building an investors relationship in cryptocurrency investment business is very big deal.

    But how ?

    Today cryptocurrency users are ready to invest their cryptocurrency in reliable investment platform. But, they are hesitate about security issues on cryptocurrency investment platform. So providing a tight security in your investment platform to protect your investors cryptocurrency is very important think to get a investors confidence. In this competitive business world, If you are providing the investment service with basic features, then you cant become a top of the place in this crypto industry.


    Here i have discussed about some important points to make a better relationship in your business,


    1. Build an user-friendly cryptocurrency investment website.

    2. Providing all latest features.

    3. Avoid security issues.

    4. Providing additional business add-ons.

    5. Providing unlimited investment plans.



    When follow these points in your cryptocurrency investment website, I'm sure definitely you can become top business man in this cryptocurrency business industry. With help of cryptocurrency investment software, you can provide other business services like bitcoin exchange, trading, lending, ICO, digital token investment and bitcoin banking services in your investment business website. By providing these additional services in your cryptocurrency investment platform, you can make a better relationship, can get more investors traffic and referrals simply.

    Know more




    bitcoin investment.png

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  12. Octoin


    Octoin is a new multi-featured cryptocurrency tracking platform. Find out how it works today in our review.

    What Is Octoin?

    Octoin, found online at Octoin.com, is a multi-functional platform catered to the crypto community. The platform features investment information, an integrated P2P exchange, a multi-currency wallet, and even mining equipment leasing.

    The platform was launched in early November 2017.

    “The goal of Octoin is to give maximum functionality to users to work with crypto-currencies in one place,” explains Ryan Murthy, head of Octoin Software Department. “With us, you don’t need to keep dozens of wallets for each coin – everything can be brought together in a single Octoin wallet and managed from one planet.”

    The goal of Octoin is to make cryptocurrencies simple and affordable.

    Ultimately, Octoin might seem like an innocent, straightforward platform at first glance. However, there are some unusual things about the platform that deserve a closer look – like the presence of a seven tier pyramid scheme-style referral structure, and investment packages that promise to pay you returns of 30% or more per month. There’s also an overall lack of transparency about who’s running the company, or how they invest your money.

    Octoin Features

    Here are some of the core advertised features of the Octoin platform:

    • Octoin Cryptocurrency: Octoin has its own cryptocurrency called “OctoinCoin”, described as “the digital unit of the community” available from launch.
    • Multi-Currency Wallet: Store multiple currencies in one convenient online wallet.
    • P2P Exchange: Exchange cryptocurrencies between users in a user-friendly interface.
    • Multilevel Marketing System: Octoin promises to pay you “7-level income” across a multilevel marketing/pyramid scheme-style affiliate referral system.
    • Cryptocurrency Mining: Octoin has mining equipment available to rent. You can choose the cryptocurrency you want to mine, then decide how long you want to rent the equipment.
    • News and Analytics: You can use Octoin.com to stay up-to-date on the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies.

    Overall, Octoin has 9 different departments, including departments for Trading, Analytics, Marketing, Programming, Legal, Tech Support, P2P Exchange/Wallet, Cryptocurrency Development, and Mining.

    Octoin Investments

    There are a number of red flags surrounding Octoin. One of the biggest red flags, however, is the promised interest rates. The company claims to pay users 30% Roi per month, every month, guaranteed. Users are paid a minimum daily interest rate of 1%.

    We can’t find any evidence that anyone has successfully withdrawn money from the platform, or that Octoin has paid anyone.

    Obviously, the crypto community is home to a number of similar investment schemes. Scams like Bitconnect are notorious for advertising ridiculous ROIs while being built on a pyramid scheme-like structure doomed to collapse. Octoin may seem like a legitimate company at first glance, but its investment programs make it seem like a scam.

    In any case, Octoin encourages users to deposit cryptocurrencies into the platform, then earn enormous rewards. Your money is purportedly used for “trading” and “mining”. However, like Bitconnect and similar scams, it seems unlikely your money is used for any legitimate investment purposes.

    Until Octoin releases more transparency about how it achieves 30% ROI per month, every month, we’re forced to assume it’s an investment scam or Ponzi scheme.

    Who’s Behind Octoin?

    Octoin claims that it was founded in early 2016 “as a result of the merger of the strongest traders team from the UK and Singapore, and the creators of the largest mining pools from the northwestern provinces of China.”

    Octoin claims to have key members of the team located worldwide, including in the UK, Germany, Poland, France, China, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey.

    The company’s website features a registration document listed Octoin Limited as a private limited company in the UK under company number 10908068. The company lists an address in London (90 Long Acre), although we can’t find any evidence that Octoin is actually located at that address.

    Octoin is registered to a man named Matt Blunt, listed as the “director” of the company.

    Octoin Conclusion

    Octoin is an unusual website. The site appears to be legitimate at first glance. It seems to offer legitimate market information and cryptocurrency analysis. However, there are some unusual things about the website – like a lack of transparency around the mining operations, and no transparency over who’s behind the company or why they’re qualified to handle your money.

    The company also advertises investments that pay guaranteed returns of 30% or more per month (1% or more per day). Obviously, scams like Bitconnect are notorious for promoting investment packages like this – despite the fact that few people are ever able to withdraw their money from the platform.

    You may want to wait for more information about Octoin to come out online. Right now, most of the information we can find online or at the official website is written in broken English, or is poorly explained.

    The information we do see online makes it seem like Octoin is more of a pyramid scheme or investment scam than a legitimate investment opportunity. Unless Octoin’s team releases more information about itself and its business model, we’re led to assume that it’s another cryptocurrency investment scam.

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    Santacoin Lottery Program


    Santacoin is a form of digital currency which is decentralized , it works just like bitcoin but have different policies and cost differs. It is a form of a crypto-currency program. All you need for you to transact on santacoin is a smartphone and internet connection and within seconds you will have sent a santacoin.


    It is program dedicated to all santa members as a Christmas gift for the year 2017. It is all easy as the santa wallet can be downloaded from any android phone now. The program was scheduled between 24th December 2017 and 26th December 2017 and the winners announced on the 27th day of December 2017. There are prizes set for the winners of the santacoin lottery program as listed below;

    First winner gets a prize of 3000 santacoin (STC)Second winner gets a prize of 500 santacoinThird winner gets a prize of 200 santacoinThere are also fifty lucky prizes of 50 santacoinLastly, there are one hundred lucky prizes of 25 santacoin. The prizes will reach to the owners via santa wallet and notified through mail on the 27th day of December 2017 by the santacoin development team.


    During the Santacoin lottery program, there will also be some events taking place at the same time. The events are set for the 24th day of December 2017 and are special ones. First, there will be a Santa game release and secondly there will be a launching for the Santa wallet for android mobile users. As the events takes place Santacoin passes best wishes all its members a merry Christmas.


    Santacoin is fast- it is very fast in that money can be be sent in seconds time anywhere and anytime as long as you got internet connection and a smart phone. This has no boundaries as internet connects everyone worldwide whether in America, Europe, Asia or Africa.

    International currency- with this money can be sent faster, easily and instantly wherever in the world regardless of the physical barriers that is from one nation to another., from one continent to another. Decentralized system- this being a digital currency platform, there are no physical central points or building which act as the headquarters rather they are contained in servers in computer systems and hence each user operates from his or her end connected through servers via internet connections. Central servers are divided into different/various servers and distributed evenly for each user to access.

    Person to person- Santacoin has an advantage of transacting from client to client without any medium or third party. Again there are no central authorities to oversee the transaction between person to person. Block chain technology- Santacoin is termed as a block-chain technology as networks protocols connects people all over the world over the internet and allows them to send money faster and instantly as lower you are connected.

    As Santacoin development conducts the Santacoin lottery program and the launching events, there will be a great opportunity for its members to learn more about Santacoin in terms of their lending policies, exchange rates plus other goodies.


  13.  Earn passive income by owning an ready made cryptocurrency investment business model with the trending features and add-ons 

    Now a days many online businesses have come up with cryptocurrency especially in the cryptocurrency investment industry. And now cryptocurrency investment business is turning into the most wanted business in this current digital era.


    Do you have any idea to get a ready made cryptocurrency investment software ?


    For every cryptocurrency businesses, cryptocurrency business software has become a priority. As you are likely aware there are a variety of options available in this digital market. But be smart enough to pick your cryptocurrency investment business model. It is quite challenging to find the best cryptocurrency investment software solution to develop your ready-made cryptocurrency investment business website. In addition, a cryptocurrency investment software should be trustworthy and reliable to understands your business needs and can meet your expectation, and who can safeguard your investment business with technical barriers.

    Yes, First of all check some reasons why ready-made cryptocurrency investment business website is a good choice!


    Reason 1. Business owners can gain more cryptocurrency investors easily via Ready-made cryptocurrency investment software !


    Only by the ready-made cryptocurrency investment website by using cryptocurrency investment software, you can obtain more investors. Because no one wants to invest their cryptocurrencies in outdated investment website. By the ready made cryptocurrency investment software, you can get all latest features in your cryptocurrency investment platform. Not only investment service, you can provide exchange, lending, trading, ICO and digital token investment add-ons additionally in your cryptocurrency investment website. And you can customize your ready-made cryptocurrency investment business website as per the current business needs and trends!


    Reason 2. No need to spend more time & money to launch a cryptocurrency investment platform !


    To be fair, you really no need to spend more time & money to launch a ready-made cryptocurrency investment business website. With the help of ready-made crptocurrency investment software, you can get instant and effective platform for your cryptocurrency investment business to attract more investors to your cryptocurrency investment website. You don’t need expensive software to develop and run the program.  You only pay to integrate it with your website.


    Reason 3. By using ready-made cryptocurrency investment software you can add new business features & add-ons in your platform at any time!


    Most of the cryptocurrency businesses are struggling to sustain in this competitive business industry. If your cryptocurrency investment website don't have any advanced features then automatically your business website have to end up a failure. Wanna avoid this issue? Then choose ready-made cryptocurrency investment website! Yes.. because.. You can easily add any kind of latest cryptocurrency investment business features only by the ready-made cryptocurrency investment software with the current technologies.


    Free demo to buy a ready-made cryptocurrency investment business solution !

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    Hi Users,

    The festive period is upon us all, we need to be smart in making decisions that would cause a great change next year. As we all are aware, Bitcoin is about to hit the $20000/BTC mark, which is a lot looking back at months when the price used to be $3000/BTC. You might want to cash in your Bitcoins now to make profits to spend for celebrations that can be avoided, It’s just next year. You wouldn’t want to know how much it’s going to cost next year.

    From my calculations, Next year would be the best time to cash in your Bitcoins in your BTC wallet. By this predicted time, it’s price should have hit $30000 - $50000/BTC which would bring in huge profits Because selling your bitcoin in a short time will lead you to have a regret. You will notice if you sell your bitcoin at low(I still think at $15000/BTC now is still low) price it will not give a profitable value but, if you are going to hold and wait for a long run of your bitcoin since its value is not fixed you could earn a lot of profit on it.

    If bitcoin reaches $20000/BTC it will have to be because the fiat currencies of the world are tumbling to worthlessness via a hyperinflation type scenario and bitcoin is the safe haven, which if you know anything about the current monetary systems of the world, you know this is inevitable. (there have been 3800 fiat currencies throughout history and EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE has crashed to worthlessness; a value of zero) Why would you then sell all of your sound money (Bitcoin) for a bunch of fiat money that is inevitably becoming worthless? I don't understand the logic in doing that.

    If bitcoin ever reaches $20000 per bitcoin, you will NEVER see me selling for fiat paper money. You may however see me having a shopping spree at Furniture, Bedding, Jewelry & More or http://TigerDirect.com or Computer Parts, Laptops, Electronics, and More! I will be buying things I want with my bitcoin profits DIRECTLY WITH BITCOIN, not selling my bitcoin for paper fiat. Hopefully by then there will be many more options, perhaps even Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more will be accepting bitcoin for goods and I can have my shopping spree there.

    Point being, selling bitcoin for dollars seems counterproductive. Why convert your paper fiat currency into sound value storing superior bitcoin, only to sell all of your superior bitcoin back for worthless antiquated fiat currency again? Why not just spend the bitcoin itself to buy what you want instead of taking a loss by converting back into dollars which will inflate away eventually anyway?

    I hope you make the right decision and continue investing in Bitcoins, and if you need a guide or assistance in placing profitable bitcoin investments, reach out to me via Quora.

    Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year … Wish you all more wealth and health.

    Stevie Hash
    [email protected]

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    • What is Bitcoin TOP?

      Bitcoin TOP (BTT) is a fork of Bitcoin that occurs at the predetermined height of block 503999 and therewith a new chain will be generated as the BTT. Bitcoin TOP miners will begin creating blocks with a new proof-of-work algorithm, and will consecutively develop and enhance the protection for account transfer and privacy based on original features of BTC. This will cause a bifurcation of the Bitcoin blockchain. The original Bitcoin blockchain will continue on unaltered, but a new branch of the blockchain will split off from the original chain. It shares the same transaction history with Bitcoin until it starts branching and coming into a unique block from which it diverges. As a result of this process, a new cryptocurrency was created which we call “Bitcoin TOP”.

    • What is the total amount for Bitcoin TOP (BTT)?

      The total amount of BTT is 21 million. No more increase. 17 million BTT, 1BTC : 1BTT will be presented to the Bitcoin holders for the long-term Bitcoin ECOSYSTEM support. The rest 4 million will be automatically transferred into the community rewards pool as tributes and mining.

    • What problems do Bitcoin TOP attempt to solve?

      After nine years of rapid development of Bitcoin, high transactions fees and Bitcoin no longer meets the demands from rising numbers of clients. And various kinds of problems have arisen, which mainly consist of the following aspects:
      1. Lack of privacy protection.
      2. Slow transaction confirmations.
      3. High threshold for new members.

    • Is Bitcoin TOP(BTT) a competitor of Bitcoin?

      No, Bitcoin TOP is fork of the Bitcoin blockchain with upgraded technology while preserving the original features of Bitcoin. A series of new encryption techniques are introduced to encrypt the amount in the transfer, further ensuring the privacy of customers. Besides, it raise the storage size and the block-out speed of each block to an optimum value, to follow segwit and increase the usage of block unit storage trading of the Bitcoin TOP and minimize the production of isolated blocks.

    • How does BTT replay attack?

      The so-called replay attack refer to the fact that if a transaction is valid in BTC, then the bifurcation of BTC will also take effect, because most of their algorithms are the same. Means that if someone on the BTC launches a deal in the chain and sends the signed deal to another block chain, he will get free BTC that shares the same ratio in that block chain. In order to prevent such replay attack, a slight change has been made on trading format between BTC and BTT, to prevent the replay trading, BTT will not accept BTC deal which truly makes it independent from the BTC.

    • Why does BTT need to encrypt the transaction amount?

      In some application scenarios, especially in many business scenarios, or scenarios that are related to sensitive data such as income of corporate individuals, the BTC holders do not want to disclose their account balances for various reasons. On the one hand, encryption of the transaction amount can protect the privacy of personal funds and avoid the coveting from unscrupulous people. On the other hand, some funds involves trade secrets of certain financial institutions, encryption can protect their money from being exposed, and further ensure the safety of their business activities.

    • How can I get Bitcoin TOP?

      1.Anyone who held Bitcoin at the time Bitcoin TOP was created became owners of Bitcoin TOP which is 1BTC : 1BTT.
      3.Exchange at any other secondary markets.
      4.Contributors in the ecological construction of BTT will receive a certain BTT as a reward.

    • What wallet should I keep BTC to get BTT?

      Any secured Bitcoin wallets can store your BTT before they reach the predetermined height as of block 503999. If your Bitcoin is stored by a third party, such as an exchanger, then you must inquire them about your Bitcoin TOP. Verified wallets that support BTC and BTT side-by-side will be listed on the Bitcoin TOP home page. We will publish guides for retrieving BTT from the most popular wallets.

    • If I have BTC in long-term cold storage, do I need to move it somewhere else to get free BTT?

      No. If you have BTC in a paper wallet, hardware wallet, multi-signature address, or any other forms of secure private key storage, you will be able to claim your corresponding BTT at any time. BTT will be distributed when you move. You can search and find your BTT from your wallet.

    • How can I get Bitcoin TOP after the fork?

      Once the bitcoin blockchain reaches a predetermined height of 503999 Bitcoin holders can get BTT as free. After that time, you need to acquire BTT at any exchanges like other cryptocurrency, mining it as Bitcoin, or trading your goods and services for benefits.

    • If I have BTC on an exchange at the time of the fork, will I get my free BTT?

      Cryptocurrency exchanges are custodial businesses, which means they control your private keys. When the Bitcoin TOP fork occurs at predetermined height 503999, any exchange that is holding BTC on your behalf will also receive the corresponding BTT. While they should credit your account with the equal amount of BTT, there is no legal authority that can force them to do so. The Bitcoin TOP home page will display the names and logos of exchanges that have promised to credit their users with BTT at 1:1. If your exchange is not shown, please consider transferring your BTC to a supporting exchange or withdraw to a personal wallet where you control the private keys.

    • How can I sell my Bitcoin TOP(BTT)?

      You can sell BTT at any of the exchanges listed on our home page. Or you can trade with a trusted broker.

    • Should I buy Bitcoin TOP?

      As the developers of the project, we will not predict price or provide any investment advice. We create BTT as a free dividend for BTC holders. Anyone who hold Bitcoin at the time when Bitcoin TOP was created became owners of Bitcoin TOP.
      You can receive the full benefits of this project without any additional risk simply by holding Bitcoin, the best form of money the world has ever seen.

    • How do I mine Bitcoin TOP?

      You can mine BTT using the full node client or you can mine with a pool. Some public mining pools that have worked with us are listed on our home page. We invite you to join our Telegram for technical help and advice about mining BTT.


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    Multiple Your BITCOIN LEGIT dan Trusted
    Earn while sleep


    2.3% Dialy for 15 Days min inves 0.005 BTC
    155% in 15 days min inves 0.025 BTC
    7000% in 100 das min inves 0.05 BTC
    Let your bitcoin earn bitcoin

  14.  Airfio is one of the early firms to bring advancement in the field of Finance. The company is implementing two high-end techniques to bring major advancement for Fintech Industry. The firm has merged crypto banking with Artificial Intelligence & revolutionize the traditional banking system.Airfio ICO concluded.jpg

    Closing of Pre-ICO sale

    Airfio launched its pre-ICO sale to launching its platform with few more advanced products on the way. The company has now successfully closed its pre-ICO token sale today. The major aim to launch it in the first place was to collect enough funds, which will help in further streamlining of Fintech operations.

    Airfio would share the benefits of their upcoming products with the investors where they could enjoy using Airfio services. Airfio is launching smart wallets, debit cards, lending campaigns etc.

    Pre ICO sale collected 1 million in 5 days while ICO is proposed for releasing 9million tokens in.

    Airfio Products

    Airfio is planning to introduce 21 products by the year 2022. Some would have an early release by 2019 while others would enter the market gradually. All these products would be working on the concept of Neural network along with the blockchain technology. The Airfio upcoming products are ATM networks, Airfio cards, Assistant and mining applications, and SD kits. There would also be few ways by which the crypto enthusiast could earn free tokens such as bounty campaigns where completing the certain task would give away tokens and referral programs by Airfio.

    Join Airfio Today: https://airfio.com/r

  15. LiteBit.eu is a cryptocurrency exchange that currently operates from Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Kenny Rokven is the CEO of LiteBit. The company started three years back by a group of digital enthusiasts.

    Source of the Article: About LiteBit.eu



    If Bitcoin is ever to become the main medium of exchange, its network need to be lightning-fast and black-Friday-sale-cheap.

    Before we delve into the details, let’s talk a bit about network topology.

    Usually, when we think about the network of Bitcoin, we picture a peer-to-peer network, similarly how torrent sites work. Each user is a node or “hub” on the network.  It turns out that this is not the case. Any network can be considered decentralized if it does not have a single main hub. However, that does not mean that centralized hubs don’t exist on the network. If there is more than one centralized hub, the network is thought to be decentralized.

    The network we often picture when we hear “decentralized” is actually one of distributed topology. Where there are no centralized hubs and all users, serve as hubs. Currently, Bitcoin operates in a decentralized, not distributed network.

    .Image result for network topology distributed

    The Lightning Network or (LN) is simply a protocol that enables off-chain channels to exist only between two parties. Once the channel is established the two entities involved can make as many transactions as they want without having to pass through the chain. However, this protocol does not enable the interaction between multiple parties. Meaning that a torrent-like, peer-to-peer, endlessly scalable network is impossible. If you want to refresh your memory on LN, read this article.

    There are two main issues that prevent the establishment of a distributed network for payment processing – Network Efficiency and User Capital Availability. Network Efficiency is the number of operations the network needs to perform to execute a transaction. User Capital Availability is the amount of BTC each user needs to have to perform a transaction.  For the math behind this argument check this article out.

    An Example

    Let’s assume that Greg and Mary have a private off-chain channel and they are doing business with Josh. Greg and Mary owe Josh 5BTC each. Since it is impossible for a third party to enter their channel Greg and Mary have a couple of options:

    1. Both Mary and Greg send on-chain 5BTC to Josh.
    2. One of them makes an on-chain transaction with Josh, paying 10BTC. Then they settle the difference of 5BTC on their private channel.
    3. Either of them makes a separate private channel with Josh (Mary-Josh or Greg-Josh) with the LN protocol, sending 10BTC to Josh and then settle in the Greg-Mary channel.

    Network Efficiency

    Option 1:

    The first option does not require the LN protocol. This is how, currently, the Bitcoin network operates. Choosing (1) would settle the balance with two, on-chain transactions.

    Option 2:

    If Greg and Mary choose option (2) it would result in one on-chain transaction, sending the 10BTC to Josh, and one off-chain to settle the 5BTC difference. Option (2) is more efficient than Option (1) as it requires only one on-chain transaction.

    However, if there is no pre-existing private channel between Greg and Mary this transaction would necessitate two on-chain transactions: repaying Josh and setting up the private channel and an additional off-chain transaction. In this case, option (1) would be more viable.

    Option 3:

    In case Greg and Mary have an already-established private channel, and one of them has a pre-existing channel with Josh. Option (3) would result in 2 off-chain transactions, sending 10BTC to Josh and settling the 5BTC balance; making it the most efficient choice of all.

    If the private channels have not been pre-established for the transaction, option (3) will result in 2 on-chain transactions, opening the two private channels, and two off-chain transactions, to send the BTC. In this case Option (3) would be the most inefficient.

    Doing a case by case analysis for the best payment method would be impossible for any user who will execute a large number of transactions.

    Capital Availability

    Option 1:

    For the repayment of 10 BTC with two on-chain transactions, Greg and Mary must have only the amount each owes Josh, 5BTC, available in their account.

    Option 2:

    Let’s assume that Josh would initiate the on-chain transaction to pay Josh the 10 BTC. He then has to have 10 BTC available in his account (his 5BTC and Mary’s 5BTC debt) and trust Mary that she will repay him in the private channel. The balance cannot be settled without either Mary or Josh becoming a lender to the other.

    Option 3:

    In this option, again, we face the same issue. If Greg pays in his private channel to Josh, he has to pay 10 BTC, and then get reimbursed in the Greg-Mary channel.

    Both options (2) and (3) show the biggest impediment to the Lightning Network Dream – a gigantic network of debtors and lenders. If more than two parties participate in a transaction, each involved party has to have available in their wallet, the total amount owed by all parties.


    Even though a purely peer-to-peer distributed network is impossible with current technology, a decentralized one will soon become reality. Whether the existence of centralized hubs is a stray away from the founding principles behind Bitcoin is yet to be seen.

    Do not hesitate and share with us what do you think is the right path for Bitcoin in the comment section below!

    For more blockchain related news visit Coinstaker

  17. Putin Takes Action Against Cryptocurrency

    Russian Government owned media channels report that Vladimir Putin made a decision to take action against cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular. The media reports that Putin claims cryptocurrenices could be used to finance terrorism, evade taxes, and launder money. Also, in his opinion, Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme.

    The government owned RT quotes Putin:


    “Opportunities to launder funds acquired through criminal activites, tax evasion, even terrorism financing, as well as the spread of fraud schemes.”

    When Putin blamed Bitcoin for the majority of Russia’s criminal problems, the central bank too his side, and stated that digital currencies are a pyramid scheme:


    “We have seen how Bitcoin has transformed a payment unit into an asset, which is bought in order to obtain a high yield in a short period of time. This is the definition of a pyramid.”

    A couple of years ago, they wanted to regulate Bitcoin because prices were falling and scaring the investors away. Now, the raising price sparked serious concerns.

    One of the strangest thing is what the Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said:


    “There is no sense banning [digital currencies], there is a need to regulate them.”

    Russia’s deputy finance minister Alexey Moiseev expressed his opinion on Bitcoin by saying that it’s a pyramid scheme and insisted on allowing only qualified investors to buy Bitcoin, instead of regular people.

    On the other hand, putting all the negative information to the side, Vladimir Putin stressed the importance to not “build up unnecessary barriers” for new technologies. After outlining the risks associated with cryptocurrency, Putin emphasized the need for regulations. He cited that a number of countries are already working on building a legislative framework for digital currencies. Putin asserted that 


    “We need to build a regulatory environment that will make it possible to codify relations in this sphere, reliably protect the interests of citizens, business, and the state and provide legal guarantees for using innovative financial instruments”.

    At the end, he also said:


    “It is important not to create unnecessary barriers, of course, but rather to provide essential conditions for advancing and upgrading the national financial system.”


    Read more on our blog: https://icodaily.net/2017/10/11/putin-calls-for-cryptocurrency-ban/