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  1. Athero Platform is actually a decentralized and actively lasting platform, a computing facilities focused on development and wealth. Athero is known as a new Blockchain protocol engineered and enhanced specifically for organization and marketplace applications. Applying Athero, almost all stakeholders may safely discuss their info and keep delicate data usually encrypted. Athero is a company, no ecosystem. Athero technology likens Blockchain systems to the Internet even more. Athero can be described as platform to enhance business simply by combining the web of Points and Blockchain Technology.


    The ongoing future of blockchain will never be one network to control them all, but instead an connected with each other network of multiple blockchains, much like the net as we know this. The Athero technology creates blockchain sites work a lot more like the internet. Just like the internet is acknowledged as a sequence of smaller sized physical systems, connected to a bigger network through common protocols, Athero will certainly connect more compact, diverse sites together to make a truly, global, scalable, and evolving blockchain layer from the internet.

    Athero incorporates a distributed operating-system with a blockchain, applying virtual organization to organization networks and a general opinion algorithm to understand better off-line solutions for facts flow and product finding needs. Inside the era of massive data, the cost of data is vital. The huge quantity of data produced by THO chain may also be of great worth, and THO chain uses block string technology to create all info available to with the removal of users.

    Athero's group combined best-in-class technologies with private advancement to create haze computing collection. Ethereum wise contracts A consensus program ensuring openness and to safeguard the system’s participants. Haze computing Decentralized and more effective computing unit compared to cloud. P2P network stacks Capability to work with out public IP (NAT transmission and electrical relays. Athero is usually endlessly examining the most recent technical standards and endlessly raising our cooperations with worldwide research organizations to stay the technology as well as up so far.

    The ultimate objective of THO is to be the all-in-one quality and supply a great array of solutions from the industry to financing. Our consumers - every company and private ones -- can gain access to all the providers they have in one platform. Blockchain technology provides US the chance to create your money grows faster with larger returns. Athero can fill up AN empty home in the current financial model. The currencies which may go on to be massive hats or super caps will be those that genuinely have a differentiated business make use of case and client cost proposition.

    Athero  has build up a great role on internet technology and has a mobile-first approach to provide blockchain technology to the next level of adoption. Athero is constantly researching the latest technological requirements and continually expanding the cooperation’s with international study institutions to hold the technology safe or more to date. Decentralized applications (dApps) are applications that run on the P2P network of computer systems rather than a solitary computer. dApps have been around since the creation of P2P systems.

    Atherotoken (THO) is the key lubrication of the whole Athero environment. Whether you would like to use any kind of application or perhaps service, exchange cryptocurrencies or perhaps create promote dApps, you have to incur a little fee that could require Athero tokens. Athero carries a allocated operating device with A blockchain, using the digital business enterprise to business enterprise sites and a great accord group of rules to understand higher high street answers intended for statistics waft and items sourcing wishes.


    Website : https://athero.io/

    Twitter : https://twitter.com/ATHEROtoken

    Telegram : https://t.me/atheroTHO

    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Athero-236675363674250/

    My Bitcoin-talk Profile Link :   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2296382 


  2. The cryptocurrency mobile wallets are pretty simple and can easily run as an app on your mobile phone. These mobile wallets are very practical and most commonly used wallet by cryptopreneurs that can be accessed anywhere to send/receive or to check the crypto balances.


    Advantages of using cryptocurrency mobile wallets:


    1. Keeping your funds secure is absolutely an important advantage


    3.User experience and reputation

    4.Portability and Quick transactions

    5.Better than other online wallets and offers additional features etc. are the few advantages of using wallets.


    Here are some effective ways to keep your cryptocurrency funds to be secure,


    1. Make sure that you are using up to date software, which will be a high range in security that eliminates the risk of hacking and theft.


    2. Backup your wallet periodically, so it can be recovered in case there if occurs hacking/theft.


    3. Adding more layer of security - The more layers of security that you add, the more secure will be your wallet.


    Ensure that you have set a long and complex password.


    Provide 2-factor authentication and use the wallets that have a good reputation.


    Considering a multi-signature wallet will be better, in which the transaction can be made by the permission of another user.


    If you are interested in developing a wallet for your cryptocurrency business, coinjoker - cryptocurrency wallet development company will stands useful for you. They had a vast experience in all cryptocurrency based solutions and will create a high-grade cryptocurrency wallet application.


    If you want to know more on cryptocurrency wallet integration, feel free to take a look at





    Athero is a decentralized biological system that consolidates blockchain, IOT, and encryption and unscrambling of information. Athero gives a biological system to sheltered and simple record sharing, esteem trade, The Athero chain joins the IOT. Being decentralized it is a trustless domain, without security issues as all information isn't put away in a focal vault. Athero will permit sending and exchange of information at a rapid and shoddy rate. Athero biological system won't simply give you secure condition; it is likewise equipped for making you unknown. Athero is blockchain with numerous sidechain and dApps. Athero is a biological community with designers and its ability is boundless. 


    In the propelled phases of the item, Athero will be where speculators and clients, both open and private, will utilize their maximum capacity, access to every one of the advantages of Athero and, thus, accomplish greatest execution from their items, profits, tokens, or ventures. 


    Athero: Decentralized IOT Ecosystem 



    Athero is a decentralized system that influences on blockchain innovation, IoT to interconnect blockchains advances. Athero consolidates Blockchain, IoT and back, information sharing and so forth. 


    Athero blockchain with different sidechains and dApps and each sidechain can fill diverse needs like information sharing, informing, and interfacing with different IoT/savvy gadgets. 


    Why blockchain innovation make iot increasingly creative 


    As you read along, you likely have asked for what reason to join these two inventive advancements in a biological system. 


    The astonishing functionalities IoT presents accompany a cost. A costly cost really, when you have brought together IoT framework, they are by structure normally powerless against security breaks. Its likewise includes an abnormal state of trust. Envision somebody can hack and control your cooler or entryways, or an organization approaches the information your brilliant gadgets are sending. 


    IoT basically has to do with information trade; information is gold of the 21st century. Security of information can't be overemphasized. On the off chance that the Facebook-battle logical outrage didn't show us anything, It instructed us that your information aren't protected on brought together stages. 




    Kеу Tесhnоlоgіеѕ оf THO сhаіn 


    Athero Chain(THO) has аdорtеd the аѕуmmеtrісаl encryption. Aѕ lоng аѕ thе private kеу is kерt рrореrlу, thе dаtа саnnоt bе сrасkеd even іf іt'ѕ соllесtеd. At the ѕаmе tіmе, аll thе hubs in THO are equivalent, whісh secures the clients' protection. In addition, bаѕеd оn thе сhаrасtеr that blockchain can't bе tаmреrеd, thе makers аnd benefit рrоvіdеrѕ will nоt be capable tо tаmреr wіth uѕеrѕ іnfоrmаtіоn. 




    Stаtе-оf-thе-аrt cryptocurrency dаtа ѕtruсturеѕ аnd unраrаllеlеd dесеntrаlіzаtіоn рrоvіdе еffісіеnсу аnd еlіmіnаtе ѕіnglе-роіnt-оf-fаіlurе. 




    Athеrо іѕ bооtѕtrарріng раrtnеrѕhірѕ іn diverse ѕесtоrѕ tо bring blockchain tесhnоlоgу іntо rеаl wоrld use. 


    Cuttіng еdgе tесhnоlоgу 


    Athеrо іѕ constantly looking into the nеwеѕt tесhnоlоgісаl ѕtаndаrdѕ аnd соntіnuоuѕlу growing оur соореrаtіоnѕ with global rеѕеаrсh іnѕtіtutіоnѕ tо keep thе tесhnоlоgу ѕаfе аnd up tо dаtе. 


    Quick Exраnd + Adорtіоn 


    Athero puts аn accentuation оn web innovation and hаѕ a portable first methodology tо brіng blockchain innovation tо thе nеxt level оf аdорtіоn.


    Tоkеn Sale


    Start: Sерtеmbеr 20, 2018, Saturday, 11:00 AM (GMT)


    End: Jаnuаrу 20, 2019, Frіdау, 11:00 AM (GMT)


    Sоft сар: $18,000,000


    Tokens еxсhаngе rate: 1 THO = 0.04 USD


    Token: THO


    Tоkеn Dіѕtrіbutіоn








    For more information:


    Website: https://athero.io/


    Whitepaper: https://athero.io/whitepaper.pdf


    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Athero-236675363674250/


    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ATHEROtoken


    Telegram: http://t.me/atheroTHO


    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzZjdLn9vo5MBxLGMUtSMfg


    Github: https://gist.github.com/Athero-Token


    Author: abeexy

    My BitcoinTalk Profile:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247475


    Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solutions


    Get Your Hands on Next-Gen Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Developed by Oodles Blockchain for a Unified Trading Experience Globally

    Oodles Blockchain is one of the early adopters of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Exploring and embracing cutting-edge technologies is part of our DNA. We help businesses grow with cutting-edge Blockchain and AI/ML technologies.

    Launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange in no time using Oodles Blockchain’ Crypto ExchangeDevelopment Services. Also, get a turnkey solution for instantly getting started with your Exchange Platform. Make the most of a wide array of listings of cryptocurrency available under our software platform.

    The Mechanics of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Platform

    Getting started with crypto trading business without a cryptocurrency exchange platform is unthinkable. A cryptocurrency exchange platform is a digital marketplace where you allow users from the globe to buy, sell or trade in multiple cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currency. Providing users with a Crypto Exchange platform is a rapidly growing business idea. It bolsters them in setting off their crypto wheels in motion without friction. As per the Coinmarketcap, 208 Crypto Exchanges are operating online currently that support active trading. Surprisingly, the combined 24-hour trade volume of the top ten is over $6.5 billion.

    Types of Crypto Exchange Software Platforms

    Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

    • Improved liquidity rates than other exchanges
    • Enough capital for updating and developing the trading platform to match clients requirements
    • Compliant with government laws than other exchange models
    • Already implementing the government’s anti-money laundry acts (AML), as well as Know Your Customer (KYC) user requirements.
    • Faster transactions due to their optimized trading platform

    Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

    • No need of a middleman to use the platform
    • Reduced transaction costs and trading fees
    • Execute trades on a peer-to-peer basis
    • Provide the user with the autonomy to control their funds.
    • Transactions are secure, private, anonymous, and transparent.

    Hybrid Exchanges

    • Next generation cryptocurrency exchange
    • Combines the startling aspects of both centralized and decentralized exchanges
    • Aims to provide the liquidity of CEX along with the anonymity of DEX
    • Probably the cryptocurrency exchange of the future
    • An excellent example of a centralized and decentralized blend

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Platform Development For Different Business Sizes

    As per the organization size and their business processes, our crypto exchange developers help us provide cryptocurrency exchange development services customizable according to the specific business needs.

    Also Read: The Most Comprehensive Guide Ever to Starting Your Crypto Exchange Business

    Following the complexities that come associated with the client organization we work with, we allocate utilization of different advancements for respective cryptocurrency exchange software platform.

    • SMEs > Angular & NodeJS
    • Startups (New Businesses)> Ruby on Rails
    • Enterprises> C++

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development – Taking a Gander at Different Order Types

    For launching a successful cryptocurrency exchange platform, it is imperative for you to understand the order types.

    Market Order
    Allows your users to trade digital currencies at current market prices. They can set a market buy or sell to keep safe themselves in today’s highly volatile market.

    Limit Order
    Enable users to trade cryptocurrencies by ordering on the expectation that someone else’s market order would fulfill it. The user gets to set a ‘limit buy’ or ‘limit sell’ option.

    Stop Order
    It’s a conditional market order in which users sell their order after reaching a listed price. Users can set a Stop Buy or Stop Sell/Loss while assuring prudent actions.

    Copy Order
    It’s an order in which users get updates on the leading crypto-traders and copy their trades. It assists newbies in trading cryptos efficiently. Also, the top order would get incentivized as per the earnings of the copied trader.

    P2P Trading
    The Peer to Peer trading provides buyers and sellers with negotiation option before they transfer the coins. Here, escrow service ensures coin safety. Upon the agreement between the seller and buyer, the transaction gets completed.

    Buy Stop Order
    When the stop price is around or lesser than the market price, buy stop order or stop loss order can get placed. It protects the profit on a cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency exchange or limits a loss.

    Security Vulnerabilities that must be covered under Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

    Google Two-Factor Authentication
    Google 2 Factor Authentication implemented on every login and withdrawal to ensure that a valid user is accessing the account.

    Demand Encryption and Authorization
    For checking the activities of a user, the activity request gets encrypted at the client side. Then, it goes for authorization at the server side. Both encryption and authorization are musts for a cryptocurrency exchange development.

    Hot Wallet Protections
    To prevent wallet attacks, we integrate multiple private keys rather than a single private key that might be vulnerable to hacks.

    Software Vulnerabilities
    We execute a method, using which, the request by a user from anywhere gets encrypted with salt and body. Further, when the request gets decrypted at the exchange, both salt and body get a match. If it matches, the system proceeds with the request, otherwise not.

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Software with Robust Features

    KYC/AML Verification
    Get thorough KYC verification authority over the traders’ registration timing. AML supportive system, customer documents management, and document verification.

    Accurate Security
    We possess an exchange software solution that reduces the website development time, adheres to blockchain security protocols, and improves the quality and accuracy of data.

    API and Liquidity Integration
    It provides irregular estimates of the activities of the trading on the crypto market. And enables you to comprehend current trading activities executed on the website.

    Order Book with Matching Engine
    It consists of the dashboard for order payments, matched order and relevance, balance monitoring, withdrawal request, and unfinished transaction details.

    Multi-Sig Wallet Configuration
    Enables your cryptocurrency exchange to manage traders KYC and AML checks for regulatory adherence. Also, it allows integrating multi-signature and encrypted hot wallet, cold wallet and frozen wallet.

    Trade Chart and Market Data
    Get a comprehensive view of every cryptocurrency from an overall level on rational chart visual presentation, as well as, a thorough grasp of the market provided with the volume of trades at that specific point of time.

    Added Attributes of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Developed by Oodles Blockchain


    • High-level scalable platforms
    • API Layer for 3rd party services integrations
    • Modular Designing
    • Custom-tailored platform for specific features


    • Unique User Experience as a result of our Intuitive Dashboards, Trade Chart, Market Depth Chart, etc.
    • Intuitive signup and trading process
    • Custom Themes by Oodles Blockchain UX/UI specialists

    Security & Assurance

    • Comprehensive vulnerability evaluation
    • Decentralized ledger technologies for improved security
    • Two-Factor Authentication and Alerts
    • A dedicated in-house team of security professionals

    Decentralized Exchange/Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

    • Smart Contracts deployment for business process automation
    • Highly Customizable platform
    • Granulated User Access Controls
    • User-friendly platform settings access from Admin console

    Why Work With Oodles Blockchain?

    Oodles Blockchain is one of the early adopters of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Exploring and embracing cutting-edge technologies is part of our DNA. We help businesses grow with cutting-edge Blockchain and AI/ML technologies.

    Launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange in no time using Oodles Blockchain’ Crypto Exchange Development Services. Also, get a turnkey solution for instantly getting started with your Exchange Platform. Make the most of a wide array of listings of cryptocurrency available under our software platform.

    A few insightful reads about Crypto Exchanges:

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    Robert Palmer
    Latest Entry


    Perhaps the hardest part of any essay is just getting started. We stare at the screen, sometimes into the small hours of the night, hoping for that brilliant first line that will captivate our reader and get our ideas moving in the right direction.

    Sometimes, toughing it out in search of the perfect word is precisely what the occasion calls for. Still, over the course of the academic year, staying up all hours isn’t exactly sustainable. There are, in fact, much better ways to begin.

    If ever you find yourself stuck for a starting place, give up the search for the perfect first line and try asking a question first. While it may not always seem obvious, most every essay is actually the answer to one or more questions. These questions are the key to the prewriting process, which is everything you should do before you actually begin to write.

    Professors value essays that are especially well focused. They are more difficult to write, and, therefore, often result in a higher grade.

    Here are just a few of the questions that my students have asked in recent years:

    What was dental hygiene like in nineteenth-century England?

    Do community gardens have the potential to reduce food scarcity among lower-income families?

    What is the best strategy for reducing air pollution in Southwestern Ontario?

    What does the green light at the end of The Great Gatsby signify?

    What does it tell us about Jay Gatsby’s relationship with Daisy, and, more broadly, about the time and place that Fitzgerald’s novel evokes?

    By turning a general topic into a specific question, you’re giving yourself something to guide both your writing and your research.

    Asking a question at the outset makes the entire writing process easier, since you know precisely what you are doing: you aren’t just writing a movie review in response to a general set of topics; you’re answering a specific question.

    If you’d like to try this approach, here are some tips on crafting a successful question:

    The more specific your question is, the more focused your essay will be. One trick you can try is to start with a very general question, and then to qualify it until you arrive at one that works. For example:

    • What do quilts signify?
    • What doe quilts signify to women?
    • What do quilts signify to Canadian women?
    • What did quilts signify to women in nineteenth-century Canada?
    • What did quilts signify to women in nineteenth-century Atlantic Canada?

    The specificity of your question depends to a significant degree on the level of the course you are taking. The last of these questions, for instance, would be especially challenging to answer. In fact, it’s the sort of question that a student in a fourth-year seminar on Atlantic Canadian History might ask.

    Still, you should know that professors value essays that are especially well focused. They are more difficult to write, and, therefore, often result in a higher grade.

    Ask a question that someone who knows very little about your area of interest could easily appreciate. He or she should be able to say: “Hey, that’s a good question.”

    In other words: make it forthright, concise, and accessible to others.

    Asking a question at the outset makes the entire writing process easier, since you know precisely what you are doing: you aren’t just writing in response to a general set of topics; you’re answering a specific question.

    Make sure you can answer your question within the word limit that you are working with. If you can’t do justice to your question within the space that you have, refine it further. Conversely, if you’re stuck on page five of a ten-page paper, maybe it’s time to broaden your question a bit.

    Your question should speak to the topics that you’re covering in class, or should at least reflect in some way the material that your professor is trying to teach.  The easiest way to ensure that it does is simply to ask your professor what he or she thinks of your question. Most professors will be delighted that you thought to ask, and perhaps even have some thoughts on how you might improve it.

    I can’t stress this enough: if you don’t find your question interesting, your reader won’t either. While it may be difficult in some classes to pursue your interests at all times, but you should at least still strive to do so. It’s been my experience that students who write about things they’re passionate about stand a much better chance of producing a successful essay.

    Last but not least, your question shouldn’t be something you can’t already answer. You may have an inkling of what the results will be, but you’ll be bored out of your wits if you already know for certain, and that boredom will show through your writing.

    Grab a friend or a family member and tell them what your question is. Tell them about the course that you’re taking, the assignment itself, and then explain why you chose this particular question. They may not have a great deal of feedback for you, but just saying these things out loud sometimes can clarify our thinking or lead us in new direction. There’s also a chance you may luck out, too, and end up having a great conversation that grants you new perspective.

    Take a break from the search for the perfect first line and embrace the prewriting process, which for many students starts with asking question. You can call it a research question, or an initial question, or whatever you like.

    What matters most is that you take a chance and ask a question to which you do not know the answer.

    It will make the process of writing the essay itself one of discovery and new possibilities, which is, after all, why we go to university in the first place.

  5. On the whole, Pulsehyip is the best on developing smart contract services. We hire an expertise developers to create decentralized blockchain smart contract services. It is fully digitized encoded with encrypted information, so we can easily share our documents with full secure. There will be no process for middleman service.

    On this Smart Contract services we can easily get matched with our buyer or seller, there also no need for middleman services. By getting use of intermediate there can be any fraudulent may occur. To overcome these circumstances smart contract have raised to secure your document. [Read More...]

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    Coinbooms is a mining platform were you earns big according to your investment 

    Here is the website so you can join and start making profits


    Investment plan 1
    $100 -$1000
    Maturity (days)-7 days

    Investment plan 2
    $5000 - $15000
    Returns - 25%
    Maturity (days)-7days

    Investment max plan
    $10000 - $50000000
    Returns -30%
    Maturity (days)-7days

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    I am going to discuss how blockchain technology can be use in airport, for your travel documentations and enhance personal documentation security when travel. As an innovative technology solution, blockchain will help lower operating costs and make the travel industry more efficient.

    Efficient Identity Verification

    The travel industry is extremely reliant on the use of identification services and blockchain would excel in this regard. It has all the makings of being a very effective way of providing travelers with digital identities. With blockchain tech, it could significantly improve airport efficiency and would make the customer’s experience more enjoyable.

    Blockchain technology could easily be used to reduce check-out times, the long length of queues in airports and frustrated travelers. Similarly, documentation such as a passport, visa documentations and travel histories can be replaced by facial scans or fingerprinting. This would dramatically reduce crimes such as identity theft and truly improve the reputation of the travel industry in the process.

    Personal identity data is not going to be stored in the blockchain. But, the authorization for a given verified data subject to carry out specific activity. An individual bio-metrically enroll into the system. For example, in the airport for check in procedure, cameras pick out faces and match them. When a match is found, a blockchain record confirms the passenger holds a verified passport. While non matches will trigger the airport agent for intervention.

    The eventual end goal, however, not belongs to any individual organisation, or sector. No airport, hotel chain, retailer or transport organisation can deliver these services alone. Global standards and industry collaboration need to combine to allow blockchain service providers to exploit technological innovation to create inter-operable propositions.

    Improve Air Travel Efficiency

    Blockchain has the potential to have an extremely positive impact on air travel. It could be used to effectively streamline and systemize the entire process. Hence, reducing the phenomenon of inconveniences such as flight delays as well as inaccurate arrival and departure times.

    Other than that, it could be useful for daily operation such as extremely beneficial for tracking the movements of luggage, especially on long international flights with multiple changeovers. Lost luggage costs the travel industry and its users billions of dollars each year. A decentralized database such as blockchain would make it much easier and accurate to share tracking data between various airports that involved.

    Improve Airline Efficiency

    Many airlines want to ensure their profits by overbooking the flight in case of sudden cancelled or missed reservations. This of course helps the airlines but many times, passengers are forced to rearrange their plans and put on alternative flights to accommodate overbooking issue.

    Now, the Blockchain technology able to regulate this situation. As the flight has a set number of seats, the boarding passes sold would reflect this exact number. Since you cannot change the Blockchain once it is set, the plane seats cannot be overbooked.

    Each seat is essentially linked to one identity. In case of emergencies or accidents, passengers can easily be identified just by noting the seat assignments.

    Blockchain and the capabilities that it brings to the technology are endless and the travel industry is only at the beginning of realizing new ways to leverage its capabilities. Changes and education always take times, but the first movers to implement the new tools and processes will be ahead of leading the industry.

    If you wish to study more about cryptocurrency that use for travel industry you may check this blog here: Travel Sector to Benefit from Blockchain Tech.

    Since there are so many benefits on using travel cryptocurrency, why not invest in it for the use of future? This cryptocurrency -- Toa Coin is one of the innovative cryptocurrency that you wouldn't want to miss it. Toa Coin is currently listed in 7 exchange market that you able to invest in it. Apart of being a cryptocurrency, Toa Coin is also a company that provide blockchain technology service and solution. They are also a cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain technology. 

    Check out Toa Coin major social media platform:

    Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/TOAcoinofficial/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/toacoin 

    Website: https://toacoin.com/toa-whitepaper

  7. image.png

    Following the massive failure of most ICOs in 2018, with just a few been able to secure listing, should ICOs still be a subject of discussion ?
    Most persons are saying NO that the idea of ICO as a means of funding raising should be discarded and never even be mentioned again, and their reasons are evidence base as we can see in FORBES Article which cited an ICO Rating.com 2018 Q2 Report which state as follows:

    • 55% of all ICOs from the period above failed to meet up with their funding target
    • Only 7% of ICOs from Q2 where able to secure listing.
      No doubt this facts can not be disputed and most importantly KRYPTOIN is also part of this ugly system we found our self.
      now comes the big question- How will kryptoin survive this difficult crypto-market to which it is surrounded with and meet up with her funding target?
      KRYPTOIN has proven to the world that it is a project with a difference by already having sold 100,000 KRP Tokens in Pre-sale phase.
      It may also interest you to no that it has also secured another listing on the 8th largest trading volume Dobitrade exchange, with a last minute placement deal almost in place.
      What is more kryptoin is poised to putting a smile on the faces of its investors & subscribers, little wonder it has decided to extend her project up to march 2019 to ensure that success is secured thereby given everyone an equal opportunity to be a partaker of her success.
      Whenever you think of investment in crypto may you never be down hearted by the present bearish market, this is not the first time neither shall it be the last the market will rise and fall, all analyst report are pointing to the fact that their will be another bull run and it is in hurry to come, hence now is the right time to invest and KRYPTOIN is the right place to be, hurry now while the offer last and you will be glad you did!


    Kryptoin ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) is a blockchain based platform which permits to create a digital token that makes an estimation of a blend of digital currencies on a similar arrangement of blockchain hubs which is coordinated to their application. They are incorporating the blockchain innovation on account of disposing of dangers of security and value-based process from the customary ETF biological community. They are making the decentralized framework where with the assistance of smart contract they are satisfying an explicit prerequisite of a trade between an ETF guarantor and Authorized Participant. The point is to make an ETF token framework which enable clients to utilize this token for trade or exchange under the Kryptoin Trading Desk.


    The principle parts of an ETF trade biological community are –

    Five User Levels which is characterizing jobs and abilities.

    Ability of amassing a Creation Unit (CU) and making a file.

    Giving MegaWallet Application which gives the capacity to interface all the blockchain hubs and to make wallets for every client has been contrived and executed. This MegaWallet and the blockchain hubs will enable the framework to make addresses for every client and to store these coins in their record.

    They empower every one of the exchanges among clients and records them on the database under the blockchain.



    The ETF exchanging framework is entirely unexpected from Closed-End Fund (CEF) framework. They are putting forth Kryptoin Blockchain 10 under the file gathering where they will follow the record comprising of the main 10 biggest promoted and fluid digital forms of money.

    ETFs can follow each execution of a hidden list, item or container of advantages. This is extremely useful to the clients who need to or require a presentation to specific markets and would prefer not to buy the individual resources. From this, clients can maintain a strategic distance from huge managing expenses and spare their time.

    From Kryptoin ETFs, clients can essentially buy a solitary token which will follow the fortunes of the considerable number of coins in the record.


    Token Name – KRP
    Hard Cap – 144,311ETH

    Having critically examined the project called KRYPTOIN, Her Project idea and of-course the impeccable team members which include Dannie Kim, Tariq Ali Asghar and John Tracey, i have no shred of doubt that this project will succeed hence my humble recommendation for your consideration and investment.

    useful links:

    Website: https://kryptoin.io
    Reddit : www.reddit.com/r/kryptoinETF/
    Github : github.com/consynor/Kryptoin
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kryptoin
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/@kryptoinETF
    Telegram: https://t.me/kryptoinETFs

    My bitcointalk name: crypto24hrs

    My prophile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1840912

    My ETH Address: 0x73841c19B4044F4C7CB216EE428A66F8e5d122Fa

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    Athero is an IOT device specific platform created to improve trade by incorporating the Internet of Things plus the blockchain technology. Athero offers a given out operating system with an open blockchain, using online business to business sites and a consensus routine to realize better offline alternatives for information movement and merchandise sourcing preferences. THO is undoubtedly native crypto token transaction which is staying created to end up being integrated with and applied to the Athero network, just for decentralized applications on the network.


    Cryptocurrency is the latest discussion everywhere in today. Bitcoin is a huge huge accomplishment as the first cryptocurrency that has shown every personal expert incorrect. As they nowadays, this crypto currency head brought distinctive point of view practically on everything coupled to the finance and technology. Within just QuickTime Bitcoin surpassed multiple assets to touch $300B market max in 12 , 2017. Not only this, Bitcoin smooth way for multiple currencies to adhere to. Today, you will discover more than 1 000 crypto stock markets running efficiently in the market.

    The net of Features (IOT) feels like a far away dream used of simply in high end circles, nevertheless every day we all come nearer to making IOT a reality. Presently, customers happen to be consumed with the devices: cell phones, tablets, notebook computers, and personal computers. The average north american spends practically twenty-four time per week web based. However , the product are shockingly limited the moment interacting with their very own environment. IOT will adjust this gardening and provide interconnectivity just like never ahead of, with cars, personal gadgets, appliances, gadgets, and more, pretty much all exchanging current data and altering tendencies accordingly.

    The platform might harness the strength of the community and technology to realise a library of smart deals which are looking forward to fast and easy application. The environment will develop a great infrastructure almost like that of a block string with a various interconnected corner chains carrying out various responsibilities. The assignments will also combine IoT and merge that together with the blockchain for further rewards and an easy, interconnected knowledge. Some of the features which the job team has long been promoting will include a vast stockpile of sensible contracts obtainable, a blockchain based decentralized exchange, and an IoT powered solar energy smart counter network. This is certainly along with providing the likelihood to synch browsing of your internet off-line with your platform based savings.

    THO is a platform for the future of funding that is certainly built atop the Ethereum blockchain. Each of our mision is usually building better world throughout the technology. THO is a global, open source and decentralized supercomputer which any individual can gain access to. Athero’s absolute goal is to set up Internet 2. 0 method. Imagine surfing internet high street, all you need is definitely synched or perhaps partially synched) THO cash. Simply put, Athero is a remarkably profitable, global crypto international ecosystem this does not rely on loan providers or any different financial institution. It will eventually support decentralized processes dictated by good contracts enforced on the network.

    Athero includes a team of experts provided by technical, budgetary and advertising backgrounds should leverage the Blockchain Technology, Athero delivers New Probability of the Internet of Things. Athero chain (THO chain) deeply integrates blockchain with Net of Information (IoT) to comprehend a decentralized and relied on brand-new published IoT devices. It can decrease the cost of program interconnection, boost the value of information sharing, and be sure user private and program security. THO Chain targets the scalability, security and real-time problems that block-chain fronts in the Internet of Things sector.


    Website: https://ironx.io/

    Whitepaper : https://athero.io/whitepaper.pdf

    Telegram: https://t.me/IronX_exchange

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/IronXExchange

    ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5059654

    Author Bitcoin Talk Profile Username : stepard789b

    Link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2274607

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    In this modern world, data has really played a significant role in many business organizations. The use of data been collected, measured, reported and been analyzed by different organizations, institutions, government and non-governmental organizations has made it possible to help increase in growth and add value to many organizations. Research made it known that 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data are being created every day, and 90% of the world’s data today has been created in the last 2 years alone. Data stored grows 4x faster than the world economy and contributes to a substantial shift in economic power and source of economic value.

    However, a lot of this data is created by individuals or organizations and being owned and stored by large private organizations in huge data market where it is sell-able, and prone to exploitation, and extraction. The owner of the data often loses control over its data when registering to different services in exchange for exploitation of data such services like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram.

    What really is Internet of Value?

    Internet of Value enables the exchange of any asset that is of value to someone, including stocks, votes, frequent flyer points, securities, intellectual property, music, scientific discoveries.


    The Internet of Value Omniledger (IOVO) is a unique global open network database for storing and exchanging information type of quantitative value asset. It is specifically designed to allow business organizations, individuals to have ownership over their data. Having providing a decentralized database network, users will be able to benefit from collecting, storing and sharing their personal value directly or through different decentralized apps (dApps).
    • IOVO also serves as global ledger capable of securing every type of knowledge-based piece of value relating to entities and individual. The IOVO also helps to facilitate the process of personal data management and monetization. The IOVO DAG provides the infrastructure for any and all future dApps based on user values and/or focusing on data usage, including but not limited to finance, credit, insurance, banking, news, and non-monetary payments.
    • IOVO is a DAG (directed acyclic graph) effectively created and designed as a platform for different kinds of applications. User data privacy is utmost and secure and cannot be accessed by other users without the consent of the original user. An agreed fee would be paid to user who shares their data when accessed. Users also decide how much data is made accessible to other parties, while having control of such data. The IOVO also serve as a personal data wallet with unrestricted analysis opportunities.


    • Many of this data is being created by different individuals and large organizations while the real owner of the data do not see any significant benefit and they mostly loses and do not actually have full control over the data because of its centralized nature.
    • There is also a need for a well secured universal database that can be browsed and analyzed easily without intervention. The IOVO DAG would be made available for analysts and researchers.


    • IOVO gives users full control and ownership over their data and privacy. Users also enjoy benefits such as:
    1. Data ownership.
    2. Data wallet and access to IOVO network.
    3. Data security and transparency.
    4. Data monetization.
    5. Anonymity.
    • IOVO also provide utmost data security to operators of applications and decentralized applications. It monetizes data and provides high security and privacy. Below are the benefits of IOVO to dApp and application owners include:
    1. dApp and application owners would have access to a large global database via data wallet.
    2. Data security.
    3. Monetization of owned data.
    4. Acquisition of more users.
    5. Unchangeable history.
    • Companies and Data Analysts also enjoy numerous benefits which include:
    1. Full anonymity of data.
    2. Data research and analysis.
    3. Secure data storage and unchangeable history.
    4. Having access to complete big data network.
    5. Having direct contact with surveyed users.


    • ONLINE INFLUENCE-BASED DYNAMIC PRICING: This is developed to help facilitate the exchange of personal assets other than money, starting with social media consumers behavioral influence.
    • INSURANCE SCORING SYSTEMS: with the innovation of this App, insurance companies will be able to create scorings and get across to IOVO users.
    • DROPP NEWS DAPP: This is a decentralized news application with a geographical focus based on the idea of user-generated content and news. It empowers its users to engage in both local and international news infrastructures by uploading news information. Users will also be rewarded for their significant contributions.
    • BANKING AND FINANCE SCORING: IOVO DAG will help in securing banking activities and transaction processes. The IOVO DAG encrypted database-network can also supply wide range of infrastructure for document processing and all types of transactional ledgering.
    • HR: PROFESSIONAL AND COOPERATION DATA AND RATING: The IOVO DAG can also facilitate the creation and establishment of an HR and recruitment platform to handle multiple networking and job offering processes.
    • KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE SCORING: The IOVO DAG will help facilitate information exchange that gives societal and consumer decisions on acquiring knowledge and expertise.
    • FOOD QUALITY AND DISTRIBUTION SCORING: An aspect of the IOVO network will help score food production and tracks distribution until it gets to final consumer in either shops or restaurants.


    IOVO wallet gives users access to their IOVO coins, tokens and all their data accessible in the network through the scorings/apps. Users will also be able to manage their asset using the IOVO wallet. A single wallet can be used to manage multiple accounts, allowing users to use different accounts for different applications if they so choose.


    IOVO allows users to create tokens —coins of a new currency built on top of IOVO. dApp developers can also create a new token in lieu with their dApp. The owner of the token discovers and states the rules governing how tokens will be distributed and traded.







    Kindly visit the below website for more in depth knowledge about the project:



    Ann Thread








    Bitcointalk username: bosunbossman

    Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1197648;sa=summary

    ETH ADDRESS: 0x1802c850A7703D8Cd69f8f8CDF948B69034fA699

  8. This is what a crypto bloodbath looks like.  The 2018 crypto crash is slowly but surely coming to an end, and it’s been a horrific year to be holding cryptocurrency.  Most holders just want this nightmare to be over it. Anybody holding cryptocurrency in 2018 is bleeding out cash at a rapid rate. We are all on life support as every crypto coin is deep in the red and the bloodletting continued for the entirety of 2018.  The crypto market has experienced large sell offs followed by smaller bounces then blood curdling drops.  There has been no letup in the pain that crypto markets have caused holders in 2018.  The crypto community is witnessing daily bloodbaths as nearly all leading crypto coins and tokens have seen their prices spiraling downwards some losing over 96% of their value.  All major crypto assets are down for the year ending 2018.

    It would seem that the 2018 crypto crash was produced by a whale-induced panic move downwards.  Crypto whales sold on mass, and then the crypto community followed their lead and sold on mass too. Causing rapid crypto crash.

    So my solution to this current crypto bloodbath is to buy up as much CanYa coin as I CAN before the next crypto Bull Run appears in early 2019.  Happy buying Canyacoin (CAN)

    Crypto Exchange links for purchasing CAN tokens:



    This is what a crypto bloodbath looks like

    Crypto bloodbath

    Crypto crash

    Crypto markets

    Crypto community

    Crypto assets

    Daily bloodbaths

    Crypto coins

    Leading crypto coins

    Crypto bull run

    CanYa coin




    <iframe width="420" height="315"


  9. Introduction:

    Smilo is a unique full-featured hybrid blockchain platform that will be able to facilitate hybrid transactions, hybrid smart contracts and hybrid decentralised applications — with ‘hybrid’ referring to both public and private. As such, Smilo will safeguard the privacy of any individual's data whilst warranting full transparency from the organisations that these individuals interact with. Smilo is based on the unique and self-made Smilo BFT+ consensus protocol. This consensus algorithm combined with the exclusive Smilo Network Protocol (SNP) ensures secure, scalable, quick, and sustainable transactions. Considering these features, we call Smilo our hybrid blockchain platform with a conscience.


    Smilo is a unique blockchain platform which supports the combination of hybrid transactions, hybrid smart contracts, and hybrid decentralised applications — with ‘hybrid’ referring to both public and private. Smilo's intent is to use blockchain technology to create an alternative protocol for decentralised applications.

    Smilo's unique strength stems from its combination of several features. The best affordances of the Smilo platform are the hybrid transactions, -smart contracts, and -decentralised applications. No other platform has yet to combine these features. A combination of these features is very useful in many different scenarios, examples of which are explored further below.

    The core team of the Smilo platform consists of sixteen members with various specialities. In addition to the core team, the Smilo platform has access to over 200 developers to work for Smilo through freelance partnerships. The leaders of the Smilo platform have over 30 years of business and IT experience.

    The intent of Smilo is to create a full-featured blockchain platform which hosts hybrid transactions, -smart contracts, and -decentralised applications. Since we are creating the platform in Java from square one, we can ensure it is completely open source.

    Smilo's Vision & Mission:

    • Their vision is to facilitate a culture of transparency by making collective data irreversible and publicly available, whilst protecting personal data. This will significantly limit the chance of corruption whilst simultaneously acknowledging the need to protect the individual’s data. A decline of middle men will occur due to the irreversible nature of Smilo’s user-friendly hybrid smart contracts. The combination of public and private transactions on one blockchain platform, based on the Smilo Network Protocol in combination with the Smilo BFT+ consensus mechanism, defines Smilo as a hybrid blockchain platform with a conscience.
    • Their mission is to create an environment in which the consumer's need for privacy and security will be aligned with the processes of governments, NGOs, financial institutions and corporations. This will be accomplished by warranting full accountability and transparency from corporations, whilst safeguarding the consumer’s needs. This environment will be hosted on Smilo’s decentralised, secure, fast, and sustainable hybrid blockchain platform. Not to mention, Smilo will make their source code publicly available, meaning that future blockchains, organisations and their applications can apply it to their specific needs.

    Why Smilo?

    Individuals have become the moral gatekeepers in society, demanding sustainable products and services, while privacy, transparency, and security need to be guaranteed.

    Due to this societal shift towards accountability and transparency, businesses, governments, and institutes are directed to transition to a more sustainable state.

    In light of these developments, we identified the need for a hybrid blockchain platform. A platform that provides these public entities with the right tools to reaffirm their relationship with its stakeholders, warranting transparency whilst protecting the individual’s personal data.

    This is where Smilo comes into play! Smilo will safeguard the privacy of any individual's data whilst warranting full transparency from the organisations that these individuals interact with.

    Smilo Features:

    Smilo's intent is to use the blockchain to create an alternative protocol for decentralised applications. Smilo's unique strength derives from the combination of multiple features:

    • Hybrid smart contracts
    • Hybrid decentralised applications
    • Hybrid transactions
    • Transparency
    • Privacy and anonymity
    • Connection to real life applications

    Use Of Platform:

    some examples of Smilo platform usage cases are:

    • Smilo facilitates a safe and private election or referendum, ruling out post-election influence.
    • Facilitate donations and ensure anonymous donors that money will be spent in a respectable manner.
    • Individual medical records are owned and managed by themselves and shared with medical institutions and insurance companies on request.


    • Elkan Roelen: CEO
    • Andy Kalbvleesch: Head of Operations
    • Patrick Joore: Head of Marketing
    • Thomas Modeneis: Head of Technology
    • Fabio Cruz: Blockchain Architect
    • Cristiano Mazzon: Blockchain Developer
    • Rodrigo Catalan: Blockchain developer
    • René van Reeuwijk: Blockchain Developer
    • Robert Alblas: Blockchain Developer
    • Kelly Robles de Medina: Blockchain Developer
    • Mathyn Buiteveld: Front-end & Mobile App Developer
    • Daniël Leushuis: Front-end & Mobile App Developer
    • Dion Jakobs: Front-end & Web Developer
    • Michael Hassan: Project Manager
    • Nickel van de Mortel: Content Manager
    • Jesper Winkelhorst: Technical Writer
    • Marc Wesselink
    • Eyal Shalev
    • Stephan De Haes
    • Marcel Bodde
    • Hans van Egmond





    Token Sales Detail:

    Token: Smilo

    Platform: Smilo

    Type: Smilo

    Total supply: 200,000,000 XSM

    Price in ICO: 1 Smilo = 0.25 USD

    Tokens for sale: 84,960,000


    PRE - SALE

    Between 0% and 50% depending on the sale, investment amount and the vesting period

    Tokens Distribution


    Funds Distribution



    For more information:



    Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1289138

  10. What is CryptoMarketCloud Project?

    Crypto Market Cloud is building a first of it's kind blockchain self contained ecosystem, complete with a own blockchain, cryptocurrency exchange and crowdfunding platform. No gimmicks and promises of moons and lambos, we are a company that has a clear vision, of what product it wants to develop, how to implement and create usability, with legitimacy, transparency and fair business practice.


    We can’t undo the damage that has already been done, nobody can! No Shilling Fomo or any other form of promotion can bring back the 600 billion that have been erased of investor’s portfolios. What we can do is the following; Ensure that the future of your investments is safe, a solid ROI (Return on investment) and your investment won’t depend on speculation, marketing, fomo or shilling but rather on good, genuine and honest business practice. How? We are glad you asked! Crypto Market Cloud has a clear vision, of what product it wants to develop, how to implement and create usability, with legitimacy and fair business practice. Furthermore we know exactly our strategic position and importance in the industry, we are the first of our kind.

    THE PRODUCT: Crypto Market Cloud has already a developed and working product which is, our Ico, Crypto Directory, Crypto, Blockchain and News hosting platform, but now we are going for a full on product, we are building a full self contained Eco-System, our own Blockchain, our own Cryptocurrency Exchange, which will only accept and focus on token generation and listing for Security and Equity tokens. 

    The CMC Eco-System: You have those brilliant disruptive ideas? you start by creating your Security or Equity token on our Blockchain, (every time a token is created a total of 5% will be reserved for the original CMC token holders) after which your STO will be listed on our platform Crypto Market Cloud for fund raising, during that cycle we will promote your STO to all our subscribers through all our media channels (currently just over 40K subscribers), once you successfully complete the funding round a guarantied exchange listing will follow on our native Crypto Currency exchange.

    3 Main Products of CMC Ecosystem:

    • CMC - ICO Platform
    • CMC - Blockchain (C-Chain)
    • CMC - Crypto Currency Exchange

    How will the investor benefit from our ecosystem: CMC blockchain as per our POC has a protocol in place which rewards all CMC holders 20% from all network fees and every company that will create their smart contracts on C-Chain, the protocol that is built in will reserve 5% of the companies total for the CMC holder 

    Additionally CMC will become a full STO which like any traditionally business the CMC holders and investors is entitled to revenue and voting rights

    CMC will not only provide the service and support to already existing blockchain companies but also to already existing mainstream companies

    Being a full ecosystem, all services are in place, starting from token creation on our platform, then we can offer full ICO support, to help collect funds for the companies as well promotional packages and once their Sto’s have finished, they will list on our cryptocurrency exchange.

    Why Crypto Market Cloud?

    Crypto Market Cloud has an advanced and running product that is already Ico, Crypto Directory, Crypto, Blockchain and News hosting platform. But now, we have produced a complete Ecosystem. Crypto Market Cloud is a product that has already been developed and operated. The Crypto Market Cloud team is trying to build a self-sufficient ecosystem. The Cryptogram exchange of the platform will focus on listing only for token creation, Security and Equality tokens.

    You can start by creating your security or equality token in the block chain of the platform. When a token is always created, the original CMC token holders will be reserved for a total of 5%. Your STO will then be listed on the platform's Crypto Market Cloud to collect donations. During this cycle, the platform will introduce your STO to all subscribers with the help of all media channels. After successfully completing the financing round, a guaranteed stock exchange list will be followed on the local Crypto currency exchange.


    Crypto Market Cloud Feature:

    CMC will build on the advantages of an ICO (Initial Coin Oerings) to create an ecosystem bringing the next big change in the global capital markets. CMC will enable decentralization of pre-seed investments by adopting unique capabilities of blockchain technology and providing a legal way to purchase security tokens. tokenization of existing assets, creating of a total of 5% which will be reserved for the original CMC token holders with revenue streams, or other hybrid security tokens.




    Q1 2018

    Idea for CryptoMarketCloud and team Assembly.

    Q2 2018

    Development of CryptoMarketCloud begins.

    Q2-Q3 2018

    CryptoMarketCloud Launch.

    Q3 2018

    CryptoMarketCloud becomes a viable and successful ico platform;

    CryptoMarketCloud Develops its own Token and team development.

    Q4 2018

    Preparation For own Ico Launch, team assembly, white paper and website design.

    ICO Launch.

    Q1 2019

    ICO completion.

    CMC token Listing on Exchange’s;

    Work and developing own Blockchain starts.

    Q2 2019

    Own Blockchain completed and deployed;

    Creation of smart contracts possible on own Blockchain;

    Work on developing own CryptoCurrency Exchange starts.

    Q3-Q4 2019

    Cryptocurency Exchange finished and deployed.

    Q4 2019

    Listing of top 10 currencies on our exchange;

    Full CryptoMarketcloud Eco-System developed, deployed and fully functioning.

    Q1 2020

    New projects and additions products introduced to CryptoMarketCloud Eco-System.

    Token Sale Detail:

    Token: CMC

    PreICO Price: 1 CMC = 0.5 USD

    Price: 1 CMC = 0.6 USD

    Bonus: Available

    Bounty: Available

    MVP/Prototype: Available

    Platform: Ethereum

    Hard cap: 42000000 USD

    Country: UK

    Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist

    Restricted areas: None


    For more information:

    Website: https://cryptomarketcloud.com/

    Whitepaper: https://cryptomarketcloud.com/BusinessPlan.php

    ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5061387.0

    Telegram: https://t.me/Cryptomarketcloud

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptomktcloud

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptomarketcloud


    Author: tinhkhuat

    Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373

  11. Overview:

    Nodvix is a blockchain-based broadcasting platform that seeks to revolutionize the digital broadcasting world for content makers, advertisers, and viewers through elimination of government censorship and barriers that make it difficult for new content creators to join the industry.


    The Nodvix ecosystem utilizes a Peer-to-Peer Internet Network (P2P) technology to distribute media content between all its participants. The P2P technology reduces the cost of scaling the platform and has numerous benefits compared to the traditional centralized broadcast resources and media hosting. Furthermore, the ecosystem is self-regulating, open to all and bypasses all the restrictions currently found in the broadcasting market.

    Nodvix is a 24-hour broadcasting platform designed to display interesting and relevant video content specific to a user's interests. NODVIX is a self-regulating, open to all, real- time, video content platform that is able to minimize the restrictions found within the current $1.7 trillion broadcasting market.

    Nodvix provide a decentralized blockchain-powered solution with the potential to profoundly change the digital broadcasting world for content makers, advertisers, and viewers alike. The absence of KYC, governmental censorship and ease of entry for new content-makers creates a unique environment for real freedom of speech.

    Traditional networks charge on average $394,000 per 30 seconds of mediai . NODVIX costs a fraction of what the market demands while benefiting advertisers by sponsoring content relevant to their business or product.

    Nodvix Challenge

    The telecoms market and its consumers currently face a world of privatization,

    monopolization, and censorship. An expansion of these issues and what the high-level

    proposed solution can be found below along with how, Nodvix, as a new entrant into the

    market is designed to solve thisw.

    Multiple Specialized Channels:

    There are multiple specialized channels based on the torrent nodes categorization where content is placed. The content is then broadcast to the Nodvix platform network and users could watch it for 24 hours based on their preferences and interest. Adverts targeted for that category of media the user is watching will appear periodically in a non-distracting manner.

    The Nodvix ecosystem is powered by the NDVX token, which is used to pay content markers on the platform. Advertisers use the NDVX tokens to pay for services on the Nodvix platform and receive discounts

    Nodvix Solution:

    • A peer-to-peer (p2p) node network that reports to no central owner, limiting the ability for the authorities to request filtering.
    • A node network that, when using intermediate peers, allows data to transfer between two users that is end-to-endv encrypted. No administrator of a centralized server can intercept a user’s data.
    • A node shares a fraction of their PC memory, processor power, disk space and bandwidth with the p2p node network, reducing the centralized costs to zero while paying the nodes through commissions.
    • A network capable of handling traffic peaks caused by the sudden popularity of content (political events, disaster news) that can scale the number of cached copies of popular content according to the changing demand in real time.

    Nodvix Advantages:


    Nodvix implements blockchain technology, which provides it with decentralization during broadcasting and content sharing without exposing the users to censorship, bias, or blocking.


    The torrent node is highly encrypted; therefore, users can transfer data amongst themselves and no central servers will have the ability to intercept the data transfer.

    Lack Of Restrictions

    All the market participants will have the opportunity to freely access the Nodvix platform without any geographical restrictions or governmental censorship.

    Monetization Of Content

    The utilization of torrent nodes enables users to manage their content while monetizing their media. This provides video content creators, publishers, and advertisers with an honest and simple way of generating income.


    Nodvix features a wide variety of TV channels that contains globally created content that is open to all.

    How Does Nodvix Work?

    Users could create or upload content such as music videos, news story or film on the Nodvix platform and receive payment for their content. In addition to the users, advertisers could also upload banners adverts and media content adverts to the platform and pay significantly lower fees compared what the market currently charges.

    After the upload is completed, a Torrent file, also known as a hash file, is generated and uploaded to the Torrent nodes. The file contains a wallet address where the profit of the content makers is credited. The main function of the torrent nodes is categorizing and reviewing the content. In cases where the file contains any illegal content, the file is permanently blocked.

    Nodvix will allow advertisers to select the category of content they would like to sponsor. The torrent nodes will then review, rate, authorize and place the adverts according to the preference of the advertisers.





    Token Sales Detail:

    Token: NDVX

    PreICO Price: 1 ETH = 24,000 NDVX

    Price: 1 NDVX = 0.000125 ETH

    Bonus: Available

    Bounty: Available

    MVP/Prototype: Available

    Platform: Ethereum

    Accepting: BTC, ETH

    Minimum: investment 0.01 ETH

    Soft cap: 1500 ETH

    Hard cap: 20000 ETH

    Country: Russia

    Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist


    For more information:

    Website: https://nodvix.com/en

    Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12q63QYagpYspEOWnqSHji8pip5NZoPhP/view

    Telegram: https://t.me/NODVIX

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/NODVIX

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NODVIX/




    Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1939693

  12. 6ZpjY68mLj2zjrsHujSm_25_aca1532d23195aaf9bd06ffbd83e36f5_image.png


    The innovation of the blockchain technology with the success of bitcoin the first ever cryptocurrency has brought about the global acceptability brings about the innovation of other cryptocurrency around the world. This has yielded great investments for investors and great gain for traders who go about their daily activities, thanks to cryptocurrency. The global market worth of cryptocurrency has been estimated to be 200 billion USD with bitcoin leading all other cryptocurrency. This coupled with active users of cryptocurrency user have also been estimated to be 5 million. This means there is still a big chance for more users in relation to the global population around the world. Cryptocurrency transaction takes places every nano second globally. It is a broad chain decentralized network made up for different individuals globally with the aim of making profit and investing in a speedy, secure and transparent means.

    The trading and investment via initial coin offering comes via making the right decision dependent on few clicks over an interface. Based on our human judgement which is believed to be the right decision with regards to cryptocurrency volatility. Some make the right decision yielding profits, and some make the wrong one resulting to a total loss. This has been a great problem to active cryptocurrency user who trade via exchangers globally. This problem has brought about the BOTX coin, a future token for financial freedom using profitable trading robot in all cryptocurrency. The BOTX Robot will be based on four algorithms in the robot development in determining and executing the right decision for the right trade. The Robot will work every 12 seconds for 24 hours a day, yielding profits and making right trading and investment decisions while sleep based on the algorithms.

    In the future BOTXCOIN will come up with its own exchanger BOTXPRO where details of exchangers with awesome potential profits can be made and BOTXAPP, a trading robot application that can be utilized in major cryptocurrency exchangers all over the world.



    Three pairing combination in one exchange.

    Pairing between 2 or additional exchanges.

    Pairing between 2 or additional exchanges with arbitrage.

    Bidding in BOTXPRO by examination twenty high exchanges.







    The initial coin offering will take place in three stages


    Start Date: December 1, 2018
    End Date: December 7, 2018
    Available for Sale: 500 Million BOTX
    Minimum Purchase: 5 ETH
    Price: 1 ETH = 60,000 botXcoin

    Start Date: December 10, 2018
    End Date: Desember 24, 2018
    Available for Sale: 500 Million BOTX
    Minimum Purchase: 1 ETH
    Price: 1 ETH = 40,000 botXcoin

    Start Date: January 7, 2019
    End Date: January 28, 2019
    Available for Sale: 1 Billion BOTX
    No Minimum Purchase
    Price: 1 ETH = 30,000 botXcoin





    Token: BOTX
    Platform: Ethereum
    Token Price: 0.000025 ETH (0.00277125 USD)
    Token for sale: 2,000,000,000 BOTX (40%)
    Token supply: 5,000,000,000 BOTX


    BOTXCOIN will be used for

    • Running trading robot application
    • Loyalty program as reward for token holders or passive income
    • Trading token




    Agusman Surya: Chief Executive Officer Co Founder

    Randi Setiadi: Chief Operation Officer Co Founder

    Ignatius Aris: Chief Technology Officer

    Toguan Wong: Head of Community



    Reinhard Scholle: Strategy Advisor

    Stephen Moore: Business Advisor

    Smriti Singh: Technology Advisor

    Juan Luca: International Advisor



    WEBSITE: https://botxcoin.com/

    WHITEPAPER: https://botxcoin.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Whitepaper-botXcoin-4.pdf

    TELEGRAM: https://t.me/botxcoin

    FACEBOOK: https://web.facebook.com/botxofficial/

    YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRlWsyhMQ9Fxlcp2ju3mzg

    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/botxofficial


    MY BITCOINTALK PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1781660

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    WPP Energy System is being designed to scale back the buying price of inexperienced strength globally, primarily, through the career of WPP’s technologies, relationships, licenses, internet marketers and thirdparty relationships. Based in Geneva Switzerland, land PRODUCTION STRENGTH CORPORATION place unit commanders within the world-wide renewable energy control since 2009, LED simply by President Gentleman. Rafael support with more than thirty years’ expertise inside the sector and guest audio and lecturer at worldwide inexperienced Strength Summits. WPP ENERGY’s objective has remained regular throughout the years which objective is to use Ground breaking and turbulent Technologies to supply and supply the World’s best and cost effective 100 percent Clean Energy. a great summary of the three primary areas of industrial activity can be provided.


    Blockchain is increasing momentum in today’s community and irrespective of all the benefit for the block out chain, you will find shortcomings. The latest block cycle network features a big computational overhead and low finality; network architectures cannot take care of billions of communications that IoT device makes every day, Problems of low amount of transactions at the same time and high-priced transfer price. The current wedge chain while been affected by all these problems and enormously requires a change Hence, WPP ENERGY created to address these shortcomings properly, its option offers remarkably scalable features to organize data received in its network.

    The supply will decrease high electric power at decreased prices allowing for users just to save and reduce the price tag on the excessive bills we could paying to electricity corporations every day. It will likewise reduce the expense of green electricity production pertaining to the user. It offers power at low cost. The green strength platform as well as the energy crypto currency system will help to blend two of the most crucial sectors with the 21st century this provides the block sequence technology and renewable energy. WPP is currently taking an important stage by leading to the overall earnings of WPPCOIN to help improve the production of electricity as being a humanitarian help to the countries with the very best needs.

    Advanced HHO solutions will relieve advanced video game changing bothersome energy technology solutions, that can solve a large number of energy concerns around the world. Creation of WPP energy portable power stop will develop 1MWh, installment payments on your 5MWh and 5. 8MWh options which in turn requires a freshwater line interconnection and can sent any had been in the world. HHO clean strength will provide alternatives that will convert polluting ability products in to low cost green electricity provider producers which will polluting fossil fuel, oil, gas and gas power crops. It will maximize power drastically, increasing environmental benefits. The project will likely provide an option that will give you the world which has a free energy bills in a short time of time and, will no longer need the expensive cost energy featuring companies.

    This can be an amazing System that will resolve most of the energy demands. This Program will make this possible to pool info of where, the moment and how very much green energy exists for customers. Producers of green energy could make use of this kind of platform to conveniently reach their buyers. The Manufacturers that acquire this System will provide Green electricity provider to Customers at a lower rate when compared to traditional strength generating Corporations. This is a welcome creativity as green electricity provider can be fairly affordable for some.


    Website : https://wppenergy.io/

    Whitepaper : https://wppenergy.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf

    Twitter : https://twitter.com/wppenergycoin


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    Today, Electricity possesses huge require as fresh technologies happen to be developing and for that reason many companies are able to invest in this kind of billion buck industry meant for bright potential. WPP is promoting an innovative energy platform, HHO waste transformation plant, Cell power plant which will surely help third world countries or places that no additional means of energy is available. Crypto mining sector which as well consumes a lot electricity has established huge require of power and WPP is the affordable solution these mining market sectors.


    WPP Strength is the environment leading strength sector company which is well worth billions of money industry and operates underneath the guidance of Mr. Rafeal Bin. Mister. Macdonald who might be the CEO of their provider has in depth experience in producing green electricity provider from alternative resources. There is also government level contracts associated with electricity development units with assorted countries governments’ institutions. Their very own mission is always to provide useful and impressive green energy strategy to the world huge users, convert almost twenty, 000 world-wide polluted electrical power production systems into expending energy efficient devices. WPP green solution definitely will greatly reduce the price of electricity and provide opportunity to solo or entrepreneurs to manage to get their own strength power plant.

    WPP plant is usually to work with important electricity tool companies specifically Exxon-Mobil to create clean energy for providing clean strength. All sort of electricity tools companies might able to deposit WPP so you can get green electrical energy generation program. Their green electricity provider exclusive refund program can help out businesses who are going to reduce carbon dioxide and polluting of the environment from the environment. They have an intend to give out advantages to users who will purchase their portable station, HHO conversion vegetable or various other service through WPP expression. Their faithfulness program permits business owner to integrate as much customers with their wallet because they want to get greater activities.

    WPP Exchange platform should facilitate an array of electricity related transactions just like buying or selling electric power at complete sale amount, buying all their mobile engine power, HHO alteration plant and so forth Users receive permission to get token by using Fiat funds as well as with 200 and also crypto values. Their own separate exchange will for certain increase fluidity and also later on they will list energy related tokens. All their mobile waste materials conversion vegetable is capable of processing thirty five tons of spend into gasoline that will be utilized in producing clean electricity.

    WPP has developed tiny mobile engine power that is ready of generating among 1 MW to 5. 8MW of vitality per hour from anywhere you really want. The energy generated using this power plant uses hydro seeing that source of petrol and can start out producing electrical power with just simply simple normal water line network. Their tiny power plant of 1MW has the ability to of presenting power to much more than 700 crypto mining equipment and its is certainly optimal cure for those who are preparing to develop the mining surgical procedures in Iceland. Their cell power plant gift basket also has WIIF program that can accustomed to transmit info back to main web server for gauging performance of WPP. The mobile electric power station can easily transport without difficulty around the world by means of pickup truck, rail or perhaps sea.


    Website: https://wppenergy.io//
    Whitepaper: https://wppenergy.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf

    Telegram: https://t.me/WPPEnergy
    Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4449273.0

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/wppenergycoin
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    WPP Global Green electricity provider Platform might be a complete way to the ahead of mentioned concerns, facilitating the worldwide electronic digital trading of one's supply at low cost from Green electricity provider Suppliers within a B2B, B2C and P2P focused Stop chain industry platform aimed towards buyers all over the world who wish to order, trade or perhaps resell alternative energy supply and related product or service. Their symbol will act as a highlighted payment means for energy ventures conducted throughout the Platform. Users will be instructed to use WPP Token for most transactions for the platform and incentive to work with it consist of cases vs . other forms of payment. WPP Token will probably be obtained from the integrated WPP Exchange System by changing fiat or perhaps other crypto currencies in to WPP.


    WPP designed waste finalizing plant pick up truck is a Portable Waste Convsersion app that gathers and operations up to thirty eight tons of spend per day changed into bio-fuels with no pollution. WPP also expects to permit exclusive and nonexclusive legal rights to areas throughout the world with regards to the making of the squander conversion products and is in negotiations and discussions with potential partnership partners. WPP has a recognized technologies which is the most interesting to date while landfills really are a massive trouble globally to find so many countries and this is a perfect answer to that difficulty. Landfills certainly are a leading source of deadly methane gas and ground water quality and this option which essentially eliminates all of them is great news to planet earth and others who survive it.

    Community Power Creation Energy Firm (WPP), which will owns and controls a number of other important agencies patents, led by Mister. Rafael Bill with 30+ years encounter in the sector and is an existing guest audio and lecturer at foreign Green Energy Meetings. Since 2k WPP Director Mr. Bill and his team of engineers done ongoing r and d, partnering with world commanders in electric power generation groups focusing on the world’s innovative technology to succeed in the highest possible potential of electricity production, as well as to minimizing the cost of businesses with the eye-sight to run just clean powers to address a global warming concern and to provide for power manufacturers around the world an affordable solution to develop power within an environmentally friendly method, resulting in climate for the main advantage of generations to come.

    HHO-fired steam era is the simply technology suitable of generating giga-watt-scale electric power via energy kept in the form of hydrogen and oxygen smells. HHO Era is a highly skilled and trusted technology equipped of driving a car gig watts scale vapor turbine electrical generator sets in industrial power crops, generating heavy steam directly from the combustion of your fuel-mix consisting of a hydrogen gas (up to 20, 000L/h of gas per application with multiple deployments open to meet the needs of however, largest ability plants) and oxygen gas in stoichiometric proportion. WPP will conduct the change and maintain the technology by means of service agreement in exchange within joint venture negotiating with modified Power Crops. WPP’s advanced proprietary non-public technology and scientific operations are not available and not with lease.

    WPP will certainly disturb our current electricity era system and in addition help out business organizations which have been willing to get their portable power plant.


    Website: https://wppenergy.io/

    Whitepaper: https://wppenergy.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/wppenergycoin

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WPP-Energy-575263249486648

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    The Lynked. World ecosystem is a multi-faceted solution including of an complete application program developed out of ground about be able to use the features of block string technologies. The platform draws on the Ethereum block cycle and consists of feature abundant modules fixing real life complications around trust and credibility of digital identities, docs and info for the two consumers and company alike. Lynked. World digital wallet can be described as convenient approach to store your own personal identification and also other document age. g. Passport, Driver’s Certificate, Medical Files, Degree Records, and more in your mobile product. These records can be safely verified upon block sequence. Their Digital Wallet permits users to have and control their digital information and promote identity, files and info directly to entities just like employers, companies and businesses in a safeguarded and easy way.

    Even though advising the project workforce, they will assist in building this company profile, search deeply in the business capabilities, technical is important related to merchandise platform. Also to offering essential instruction with target-specific strategies and technology support for the introduction of a global system for firmly storing and verifying customer information and identities, the advisors will overwatch the woking platform development plus the ICO method to ensure soft operations. Lynked. World’s experts come from varied backgrounds and get experiences and networks to supply unique tactical guidance on the difficulties and hazards involved in the name and end user data control.


    This new program will also currently have a new expression called LYNK, which is what allows residents to create the applications. Users will be able to retailer their data within a digital wallet, which usually holds files like given, medical facts, academic diplomas, and driver’s licenses. Effortlessly this information within a verifiable place, all the individual will need to meet up with it is a QR code. The 2 main corporations which is using this technology are Bankura Municipal Firm and Durgapur Municipal Business. Primarily, the app can help them help to make processing demands, verifying i . d, and other management options less complicated. By improvement this process a little better, applications for legal documents (including birth certificates) becomes tremendously easier.

    The LYNK expression is a great ERC-20 typical token designed on the Ethereum platform. It is actually fractionally divisible, transferable and fungible. LYNK tokens are likewise tradable about cryptocurrency exchanges in due course of their time. “LYNK” bridal party will be used for the purpose of transfer of “value” for every services presented and acquired over the Lynked. World request platform. That they act as the medium of payment for the transfer of “value” amongst the participants inside the ecosystem with respect to performing numerous transactions, for instance , related to the identification and validation of user info and so on.

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    A peer-to-peer marketplace LocalCoinSwap  provides a framework for individuals or business to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies among each other.

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    -has dividend system; 100% of profits are distributed to LCS token holders in dividends quarterly 

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     For weekly updates and more info please visit : https://blog.localcoinswap.com


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  16. Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 00.52.01.png


    The business world, has grown in diverse instances where all forms of its endeavour and process is functionally designed to make payments and also receive payments.The truth is this, when businesses can make payments in all forms, such as from fait to digital and further digital as crypto-currencies, then it is obvious that the world and business in general is made more flexible and adaptive. Furthermore, businesses that adopt this process are uniquely innovative, creative, problem-solving and interestingly made for driven focus and growth. The basic instance is awesome and overwhelming in nature.Thus, with the functionality of businesses done on the blockchain crypto-currency node, is the constructive development phase and advancement. In general, this process of digital payment as a node, has created and erupted the presence of the Bravo blockchain cryptocurrency platform for its users. The Bravo is essentially a blockchain platform for growth and development implementation in areas of business payment via the blockchain digital node.


    The Bravo blockchain platform is uniquely a crypto currency paradigm or node, which is designed to help crypto investors and other crypto-business persons in flexible payment of tokens and coins easily. The platform, represents a unique paradigm niche for users to enjoy when payments are made and also received on the crypto node. Thus, Bravo stands unique and awesome with its decentralized applications frameworks. In general, it represents all forms and elements of business changes and growth on the blockchain crypto-currency ecosystem. Furthermore, with the Bravo business development and payment is speedy, flexible and reliable.


    The Bravo platform on the crypto-currency ecosystem is designed in a such a manner that captures functional set of features. These set of features make it unique and reliable for users in a great way and scale. Thus, it also enables platform operations limitlessly. These features include;

    ▪ Decentralized and Accessible:

    The platform is decentralized and accessible for Bravo users all over the world, without any form of limits,hindrance and conflict in terms of payment processing. Thus, using the Bravo platform enables wide reach blockchain audience and accessibility.

    ▪Transparent and independent;

    The Bravo platform is independent in its design. Basically, the Bravo makes it functionally easy for all dealings and operations ledgers to be made easily accessible by users for verification on all dealings via their account.


    The Bravo has unique set of Scalability on the blockchain. This makes it easy for handling of limitless amount of transactions on a nano-seconds basis. In general, the scalable platform functionality enhances trust, integrity and reliance of honesty for the users.

    ▪Blockchain and systematic framework

    The Bravo has a unique set of systems developed frameworks which are built on the blockchain software node. In general, adoption of the Blockchain makes it safe and secure for users to enjoy in a great way and manner. This also creates and establishes advanced technological innovation of the platform.


    The Bravo roadmap details all project milestones and deliverables from the Bravo project founder and team.Below is a chart depiction or representation of the Bravo blockchain paradigm.
    Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 00.49.55.png
    Bravo Roadmap.


    Whitepaper: https://bvo.trybravo.com/BRAVO_Whitepaper_V1.pdf
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