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Oodles Technologies has become one of the fastest leading cryptocurrency development companies in the blockchain landscape. We utilize the immense expertise of our blockchain developers in developing secure online cryptocurrency exchange platforms for various popular cryptocurrencies like Monero, Litecoin, Ether, etc.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software: Everything You Need to Know About it

Get Your Hands on Next-Gen Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Developed by Oodles Blockchain for a Unified Trading Experience Globally Oodles Blockchain is one of the early adopters of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Exploring and embracing cutting-edge technologies is part of our DNA. We help businesses grow with cutting-edge Blockchain and AI/ML technologies. Launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange in no time using Oodles Blockchain’ Crypto ExchangeDevelopment Services. Also, get a turn

Why is EOS blockchain the Best Platform for Commercial-Grade DApps

Why is EOS blockchain the Best Platform for Commercial-Grade DApps  Share  Tweet  Pin  Email  Share    Mudit Kumar January 15, 2019  Leave a Comment     Introduction to EOS Blockchain Platform: Perhaps the Best Choice for DApps EOS.IO is one of the latest and unique blockchain-powered platforms. Mainly focused on decentraliza

Why Invest in Ripple, The Fastest Growing Virtual Payment Solution

Today, the global economy and the digital world are growing rapidly. Because of that various disruptions are happening in these two domains, causing businesses and traditional institutions to change the way they operate. And, now the issue that is all the rage and on the brink of disruption is traditional payments solutions. They are soon to be replaced by virtual payment solutions. Governed by cryptography, the decentralized, distributed ledger technologies like Blockchain is offering nume

Relevance of NEM in Enterprises, Consulting NEM Blockchain Consultant

What is NEM Blockchain Launched on March 31, 2015, NEM Blockchain is among the most popular financial and enterprise blockchain platforms. Its relevance broke into the global landscape introducing several new concepts and mechanisms like proof-of-importance algorithms and coexistence of multiple ledgers in a single blockchain. A unique property of this blockchain that allows representation of any asset or currency as NEM Smart Assets made its adoption stronger in enterprise ecosystem. Altho

Groundbreaking Applications of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Groundbreaking Applications of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies   Applications of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies are widely popular as trading assets. However, when used with blockchain beyond their use as digital currencies, cryptocurrencies offers several innovative uses in various sectors including housing, energy, and personal finance. So, let’s get acquainted with five revolutionary applications of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. 1) Cryptocurrencie

Blockchain Application Developers

Blockchain Application Developers > Blockchain   Why You Need Blockchain Application Developers? Numerous business use cases can be enhanced using DLTs (distributed ledger technology). In a nutshell, it can be used in various many cases where trusted and transparent services are of utmost importance by business applications. It can be done using the blockchain technology as an application platform. So that the underlying trust infrastructure of the blockchain can enable th

Cryptocurrency Payments Solutions: 5 Reasons You Should Start Today!

Cryptocurrency Payments Solutions: 5 Reasons You Should Start Today!   Although there’s a rapid increase in the numbers of fiat-based payment processors equipped with a variety of tools and payment methods, adding cryptocurrency payment solutions into the mix (in your business) can provide consumers and merchants with unprecedented benefits. Some of the benefits you can gain by allowing to pay in cryptocurrencies are simplicity, privacy, lower overall cost, security and increased

Smart Contract Development | Top Smart Contracts Development Firm

Smart Contract Development > Smart contract   A Smart Contract is a computer protocol which enforces negotiation between two or more parties based on the given contractual clauses. It’s also called a self-executing will which executes itself when exposed to a certain trigger event. The trigger event can be any kind of data input. The transactions made through smart contracts are traceable and irreversible. Smart Contracts are decentralized and make use of the Block



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