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Quifas - A Secure, Ultra-fast, Highly Scalable Innovative cryptocurrency exchange built for the People

A Secure, Ultra-fast, Highly Scalable Innovative cryptocurrency exchange built for the People. DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER | BITCOINTALK ANN | WEBSITE What is Quifas? Quifas is a secure innovative cryptocurrency exchange built for the people. It is user friendly, highly scalable, ultra-fast and offers exceptional customer service.

Quifas Features

  Quifas Tokensale

Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20 Token)

Start of token sale: 9 March
Soft cap: 3 000 000 USD
Tokens issued: 200 000 000 QFS tokens
Hard cap: 35 000 000 USD

Basic Price of 1 QFS token: 0.40 USD
Payment method: BTC and ETH

Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH

  Token Holders Benefits: Zero Trading Fee

Token holders will be able to use Quifas token (QFS) to buy other crypto assets on the Quifas exchange with zero trading fees.   Trading Fee Discount

Holders of QFS tokens will be entitled to discount on trading fees on the exchange.   Listing of new coins

Our exchange is focused on serving the people's needs, therefore QFS Token holders will have a say on which coins get listed on the exchange.

  Token Sale Bonus Distribution of
raised funds
Quifas Platform Development - 40%
40% of the funds generated during token sale will be used for the development of the quifas exchange platform. This will enable us build a scalable, highly secure, world class platform with a friendly user interface that will support multi-platforms such as Web, iOS, Android on PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones while offering traders unique features such as trailing stops, trailing profit targets, simultaneous entry of buy orders, stop loss and take profit, market news section. Marketing, PR and Branding - 30%
30% of the funds generated during the token sale will be used for marketing public relations and branding of the exchange. This will help in the acquisition of new customers, customer retention. Liquidity Fund - 20%
20% of the funds generated during the token sale will be held in reserve for contingencies and other miscellaneous or unforeseen expenses that might arise. targets, simultaneous entry of buy orders, stop loss and take profit, market news section. Legal - 10%
10% of the funds generated during the token sale will be held for ongoing legal advice. Partners             

Thank you for your attention!




TokenGo Platform's ICO soon, let's review it!

TokenGo ICO platform overview   Earlier, I have already told you about Tokengo project, today I do want to dig deeper and learn who is behind the project and what to expect from it in the future. If you don't know about the project, then you can learn about it from my previous articles or read this till the end where I tell about this project.   TokenGo platform - ICO for ICO TokenGo 300 000$ in several hours - FAQ about buying the tokens of the platform for newbies.   Then, let's start our overview of the project team. It's notable that this team has already appeared well in several enough good projects: ZenSoft IO - a project what creates programs for different spheres, business, blockchain, administration and etc. Neo Service - big developer in CIS creating softs for automatization sphere based on software and technological solutions. "Tartip" Closed Joint-Stock Company - a large company what provides services in information security and software spheres.   Basically, the team consists of high qualified and young programmers, engineers and web developers. In addition, in the team there are also managers of different spheres who are responsible for PR and technical support. The team is always ready for dialogs and reacts very fast to suggestions provided to them personally or via telegram chat. The project has already collected not a large quantity, but fair enough community what support it in any possible way. I am sure that after the ICO, the project will include new developers who will not only perform the tasks, but will also outstrip the schedule. - So, why does the project promise to be perspective? If you judge in objective way, then you will find that everything the project suggests exists in this or that sphere separately, but they are collected together only in TokenGo platform. Let's measure how many interested sides of the project. ICO founders   - So, what is the interest of this category? At this moment, creating your personal ICO is a laborious job what demands a great deal of investments and also a search of high qualified specialists in blockchain sphere. The TokenGo platform helps you shorten expenses of preparing your project to the light. - But how? There are 3 basic instruments for outputting your project to ICO. This is a website, smart contracts and bounty-program constructor. The founders will only have to describe the logic of working of the tokens and realize them for a couple of clicks using the constructors. If founders have already done something with their project, then they can easily advance them using API. Not only ICO founders can find a use of the platform. Now a real sector business man is thinking about using blockchain more and more.   If you take the real economy, then on the TokenGo platform you can create professional blocking solutions for accountants, health care providers, brokers, insurance agents and for many other areas of activity, even government agencies. For example, it is possible to transfer the TokenGo platform to the customs, police, tax services, various state supervision, archives, etc. And all of these with additional digital identification and authentication, which will not allow data to be entered by outsiders. Also, it is not a disputable fact that it has a useful monitoring that allows you to fully watch the transmission history and holders of tokens, which means that ICO owners will not have problems with distribution of dividends or other privileges.   They are certainly a miner and an investor.   - Why are they united into one?   There is an interesting feature. In order to mine GoCoin cryptocurrency, miners must have Gopower tokens (GPT) on their balanse.   - So, what's the profit for an investor?   The thing is that distribution is not perform in a traditional way - after the deadline extracted tokens are distributed in this way: 90% of 100% extracted tokens are distributed among GoPower token owners, and the other 10% of tokens are distributed among social widgets participants as a reward.   In the project's white paper it is described fully.   Social widgets users. This system is performed by analogy with Golos or steem, Gopower holders will have a voice power 10 times higher than the owners of gocoin. I hope the developers will take into account the mistakes of Golos and Steem and implement this functionality with minimal opportunities for cheating and abusement of voice. All the services provided by the platform are possible to be bought using tokens what can be bought or exchanged on the platform internal exchange.   - What do we have?   The platform has a logically closed ecosystem, which not only creates a constant turnover of funds, but also their augmentation. Acquired tokens will grow in price due to the replenishment of new participants from both the creators of ICO and from users already created.   - What types of monetizations are provided.     The developers describe this quite modestly in the White Paper, and it's actually difficult to predict how events may turn and what we'll see at the release. Perhaps, we will have many free services at the beginning what will get monetized with time. Or maybe we'll se a shareware version. The developers described it in this way:   Basic services will be free for physical and legal entities.   Paid services will be provided in the form of one-time payment or subscription payment.   The TokenGo platform will take a commission of 3% from ICO of a company what realises a collection of GOC. This commission will be aimed at implementing the technical support and platform development.   Also, on the platform you will be able to get individual services in landing and web sites development and security from ddos attacks and other dangers. Variants of calculation will be different both as phiatic and crypto-currency ones.   Also, we can take in point that the road map is drawn up adequately.   The developers has put the project stages with compos mentis plans.   Trust me, I have already seen projects what provided guess-work about the prices of the tokens like in 2018 it will be 1$ and it will be about 300$ in 2020.   At the beginning of the first half of 2018 we will be able to see the working alpha version of the product. And this is just about 2-3 months. Pointing the level with which they came to the ICO, we can hardily expect that the alpha version will be successfull. And when beta version is released, there can possibly be load testings and alignment of small parts. Further the project will move to expanding the community of the platform.




Scavenger Hunt - SHT3 ICO

Hello, dear!
Today We will review an interesting ICO by Scavenger Hunt team)
From 24st January to 30st June, 2018.   Remember Pokemon go?
Well, we are the first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where you can get crypto currencies by walking around in the real world! We have hidden different coins all over the world. Get SHT1, SHT2 and SHT3 by digging, but you are not alone! Other hunters are trying to find them before you, so be fast! To dig for SHT tokens, you need to go outside. During the crowdsale you can buy SHT only with Ethereum. The crowdsale has different phases, so be quick to buy them cheap! Dynamic and Responsive
Using the latest web technology we developed a website that works on a mobile, tablet and PC. Our backend runs on Node JS that directly communicates with the ETH network. This allows any webbrowser to access SHT without the need for extra plugins like MetaMask. Security
We keep your tokens and ETH secure by never storing your wallet encryption password. Your wallet data is encrypted before we store it our database, and only with your key it can be unlocked. That is why we use https and always ask for your encryption key. 3 Smart Contracts
We have distributed 3 smart contracts that store all SHT events and data on the blockchain. Our contracts are here: SHT1 : 0x77f07B4831113143C24dd651a682c001D9d7E3b4 SHT2 : 0x8376fa08a88B649FB9e506574ED1754c09A79e09 SHT3 : 0x66bDcF4FE81029F8CC053ef7944e2EeE2B4C2F53 BOUNTY PROGRAMM
For those unfamiliar with bounties, they are jobs, tasks and projects for which people can get tokens as a reward. Our bounties are focused on increasing the popularity of Scavenger Hunt Token by you tweeting and making facebook posts and blog posts about our coin. To make sure our bounty program is fair for you, we use BountyGuru as our monitoring and payout platform. Claim your bounty here: https://my.bountyguru.com/campaign/SHT
The following deadlines apply:
1000 tokens for 0.01ETH @ 1st Phase till March 31st 2018
500 tokens for 0.01ETH @ 2nd phase April 1st - April 30th 2018
100 tokens for 0.01ETH @ Last phase May 1st - June 30th 2018
After July 1st 2018 Only digging for tokens is possible

Why invest in SHT?
We have a location based (GPS) token that allows the tracking and tracing of real-time objects on the blockchain. SHT looks like a game, but the technology is created for various location based use-cases. We have the possibility to attach tokens to real-world object providing location based incentives for users. E.g. you will get 10.000 extra coins if you visit our store within the next 24 hours. The SHT technology can make this happen!




XandraCoin's ICO soon

Hello, everyone.
Soone there is an upcoming ICO of a new coin called XandraCoin. Let's learn what this coin is and why they want us to invest?

WHAT IS XANDRA COIN (XDC)? Xandra Coin is a decentralized multipurpose peer-to-peer digital currency based on blockchain technology. Xandra Coin was created with the aim of solving the general problems associated with traditional methods of currency exchange. Xandra coin can also be used as a store of value; this makes it an asset and provides multiple opportunities for investment with potentially high rewards. It is seamless, borderless, and extremely fast with low transaction fees Blockchain Technology
We use decentralized blockchain transaction technology, for secure and transparent transactions. Lightning-fast Transactions
Send and receive payments anywhere in the world ultra-fast and cheap. Limited Supply
There will only be a maximum supply of 24 million coins. This will ensure the scarcity of coins.
The origin of the transaction is completely anonymous unless the owner would want to reveal their identity. Token Sale Xandracoin Pre ICO will be launched on Wednesday, February 07, 2018. Early investors will get a chance to buy from 700,000 XDC tokens at only 0.35 USD/token during the Pre sale. ICO sessions will hold daily at 12:00 (UTC +0100).
Xandracoin ICO which will feature the public sale of Xandracoins will be launched on Monday, February 12, 2018. ICO sessions will hold daily at 12:00 (UTC +0100). The starting price during ICO will be 0.50 USD/token, price will increase by 0.10 USD/token after the completion of every phase.
All unsold tokens from the Xandracoin ICO will be burned after the ICO. As we know, The token sale is divided into 6 phases with growing price of coins from 0.35$ upto 1$ to involve much investments at the beginning. BUY XDC                                                    Technical Specification                                                 
Name: Xandra Coin
Ticker: XDC
Decimal Places: 8
Type: POS/POW Hybrid Blockchain
Algorithm: Scrypt
PoW Block Reward: 2 XDC
Block Time: 300 Seconds
PoS Reward: 11% for the first 6 months
PoS Min Time: 12 hours
PoS Max Time: Unlimited
Coinbase Maturity: 10 blocks
Max supply: 30,000,000.00 XDC
Coin Premined: 10,000,000.00 XDC

Affiliate Program
When you invite new participants, we pay you the commissions in Xandra Coins. We will offer you various types of partnership rewards.                                                                     Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 5% 4% 3% 2% 1% 0.5%   Exchangers Very soon you will be able to exchange currency with any of these providers
      BITCOINTALK ANN THREAD LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2876782
BITCOINTALK BOUNTY THREAD LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2876791.0

Thank you guys for your attention!




Lunes Platform - Pre-sale of ICO is coming up

Lunes Lunes Platform will allow you to create tokens and authenticity registers using blockchain. Soon we will be in pre-sale of the ICO tokens. Enter your email and receive all the news about the ICO launch.
  Thus, a new upcoming ICO's main idea starts. We all know that every ICO happening this year is individual itself. But keep in mind that this ICO is the best in my opinion cause this project is aiming what a simple person like you and me want.
  WHAT IS LUNES? LUNES - is a future technology based platform what can make tokenization of business much easier for everyone.

In this project, a wallet is included too which is really promising us to be a perspective project))

Being added to play store from on 28th January, 2018, Lunes Wallet app is capable to store Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin(LTC) and also Ethereum (ETH). The Lunes ICO will be held directly by the mobile wallet. With your Bitcoin or Ethereum balance stored in your Lunes wallet, you can easily buy your Lunes tokens and receive them by the end of the ICO phase. The wallet will provide several resources for you, however you can use the functions in a modular way, customizing according to your profile so the resources can be used in the best possible way.



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