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Throughout the history of the global economy, advertising has always been an important part of the industry, earning billions of dollars every year and growing steadily. Your company creates a product — you advertise it, your studio produces a movie — you advertise it, your company has a project — you advertise it, or you create one. website — you also advertise it. ALWAYS.
The advertising industry has always been transformed to fit the new era. Newspaper advertising, leaflet advertising, advertising panel … advertising on TV, advertising on the website … advertising on facebook v.v … and nowadays, popular advertising is using celebrities, who have influence over potential consumer audiences. Because, unlike traditional advertising, Influencer Marketing provides the opportunity to garner credibility and gain attention.
As more brands incorporate Influencer Marketing campaigns into their overall marketing strategies, many studies confirm collaboration with social media influencers in the production, distribution and promotion of sponsored content is now one of the most powerful ways for brands to reach consumers. Surveys indicate that 74% of people discover brands on social networks, and up to 49% of them rely on influencers’ recommendations when making a buying decision.
Still, Influencer Marketing remains a complicated process for both advertisers to build their campaigns and influencers seeking to monetize their content. Imagine, you need to hire a blogger to advertise for you, he gives a number, and immediately, you have difficulty assessing him, you can not force the content that he will Impact on your potential customers, even you may be fooled … too much risk. And then SocialMedia.Market was born with the purpose of bringing the balance to its balance.


What is SocialMedia.Market?
The first decentralized ecosystem to discover, create, perform and analyze advertising campaigns with social media influencers across any social network. Blockchain technology will simplify the integration between advertisers and publishers and decrease costs for all engaged parties. It will create a competitive marketplace that’s 100% safe and transparent, creating opportunities for thousands of influencers and brands all over the globe to form targeted audience exposure; engaging consumers in the most relevant way. We will help elevate advertising markets to the next level and take considerable market share very quickly as cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology become mainstream in the next few years.
Take a look at the following table:
47% of computers and mobile devices use ad blocking software 74% of internet users search for social networking products and services 49% of consumers rely on the opinion of the influencer to make a purchase decision for themselves 59% of companies will increase their budget for Influencer Marketing in their next marketing plan 68% of Marketers think that finding the right Influencer is the biggest challenge for them
You can recognize Influencer Marketing as the most potent and profitable strategy. According to research by SocialMedia developers, for every $ 1 spent, if using the Influencer will earn $ 11.69 from the media spread from that campaign. What’s more, those who use the service will have an effective, safe and thrifty advertising channel … influencers have a more efficient operating system.
ake a look at some of the reviews from experts
Who behind SocialMedia.Market?
Dmitry Shyshov Founder, CEO
An entrepreneur, the CEO and founder of two successful products operating in games and Esports industries. The visionary of SocialMedia.Market. Bought Bitcoin for the first time in 2012.
Aleksandra Morozova Co-founder, CMO
Always searching for creative solutions for business and products. The heart and the soul of SocialMedia.Market. Previously worked with Apple, Sony, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Microsoft Xbox, Nvidia.
Maksym Churkin Tech Lead
An accomplished professional with more than 8 years of experience in developement. Always chooses the best practices and the best frameworks to reach the best results.
More Infomation:
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Success comes from ideas, starting with enthusiastic people and flying high by the whole community
-Author: Hoangvuhk3110


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[ANN] ShareRing - The world's first trusted token for sharing services

In todays world, people are changing from their traditional ways and now want to share things. This could be as its more economical or environmentally friendly such as car share but imagine a world where you can share absolutely anything. Today, I am going to introduce you a project which allow you to do that quickly, simply and easily. The project is ShareRing. ShareRing is a platform created to ‘borrow, rent or share’ anything globally without any hassle or exchange fees. From items such as tables and chairs to services such as car rides, ShareRing uses the first ever token based payment system using blockchain technology enabling it to be a ‘trusted, infinitely flexible, sharing ecosystem’ that can be used simply between neighbours or across oceans with only one form of payment. ShareRing is the world’s first system designed specifically for you to share things with others. There's no fuss and no currency exchange fees, no matter where you are or what you're sharing. Below are just a few examples of areas where ShareRing will be used. ShareRing was founded and run by an excellent team Tim Bos, the company CEO, previously worked as a blockchain engineer, founded Keaz, a platform for sharing cars. Rohan LePage, the company COO, is also an expert in the blockchain technology. Both have a solid experience in business management in different companies. The core team consists of 5 talented specialists and will be expanded to 15 full-time developers over the next few months. Recently, the team won 1st place at the December 2017 Blockchain Hackathon in Vietnam. ShareRing Team is planning to create a token-based global platform to exchange anything — from services to things — and pay for that with the ShareRing tokens. ShareRing uses tokens of two kinds: SharePay (SHRP) is the base currency used by the platform users to pay for third party assets. ShareToken (SHR) is the utility token to drive sharing transactions to be written to the ShareRing ledger managed by the platform. SharePay encourages sharing of absolutely anything globally but does this with trust enforced into its blockchain currency therefore transactions can be payed to anyone, anywhere with no delays. It supports businesses who would like share for the first time and provide a larger market for them but also encourage buyers to find their best option of goods and services. The app also uses geo-location based technology making it easier for the owners and sharers to know if there are goods and services nearby meaning time and money can be saved having to travel to a certain shop if a neighbour already has the specific good or service. The total supply of the SHR tokens is 4 billion, 60% will be sold (2.5 billion are for pre-sale, 1 billion is for sale), 24% – platform and team, 10% – advisors, 5% – bounty program, 1% – airdrop. The cryptocurrency wallets of the ShareRing funds will be published on the ShareRing website, and therefore will be auditable for everyone. All major expenditures will also be publicly explained. The ShareRing App ShareRing offers a single app that gives the user access to any available asset they want to rent, borrow, or share, and pay and receive compensation for all within one central location. A universal ‘ShareRing’ app is being developed that will allow anyone to easily see and use any sharing services around them. Each partner will have the option of developing a ‘mini’ app within the ShareRing app that will have functionalities specific to that partner. The app will use geolocation-based services to display the ShareRing services that are nearby. Below is an indicitive timeline for the development of the ShareRing ecosystem. I found an analysis about positives and negatives points of ShareRing on website thetechinsider.org. It could give you a most general view about the project. Among advantages of the project I'd name huge sharing economy industry, its potential growth, and a vacant niche of a company that would combine and unify the current differentiated sharing services around the world. The team itself and the desire of the top management to invest token funds into the project development and engaging entrepreneurs into this process are also strong points of the project. However, I see a lack of marketing, hype, and partnerships, the components that seem necessary and critical for the project success. The potential of ShareRing can be huge, areas for potential application can vary vastly, from using it for transport such as renting a car for a few days to agriculture where you can share someones garden. There is a good chance that ShareRing will become the first global decentralized platform for sharing the entire spectrum of services or things – transport, real estate, finance, assets, food, agriculture, etc. There are more than 16.800 people became member of ShareRing on Telegram. Now is your turn. These following links may be useful for your investment decision. Thank you for your reading. More Information: Website: https://sharering.network/ Whitepaper: https://sharering.network/files/sharetoken-whitepaper-en-web-v1.1.pdf?20180529 Telegram: https://t.me/ShareRing Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ShareRing Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShareRingCo ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110
Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177




[ANN] Game Loot Network - More than just games on the computer screen.

Game - Since computers become family property, the games come with always fun, from simple to complex, from bad to pretty, in the game, you can be anyone, any What, you exist everywhere, all the time and satisfy all the imaginary brain. The game has evolved over the years and this fertile land is never lacking in newcomers. Until one day, the game is not just entertainment, many see it as a job, for example: streamer, youtuber, there are people who generate income by selling items in games etc ... they community Connection,
Widespread for others, all of these people have been and are an important part of the virtual world. It started with Tetris on my brother's old clutch. Continue through Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and PC all the way through the current generation of consoles and mobile gaming. Some people may think it is a huge waste of time, but for me and millions of people around the world, there is no better way than your spare time. The game allows you to (almost) experience things you can never do in real life. Want you to fight aliens and save the day? No problem. Want to replay historical events? You understand. Want to compete in front of thousands of people for the championship and bonuses? E-sports have what you are looking for. You can even do all of this while taking the bus thanks to the mobile technology. There is a world of possibilities and imagination created by gaming. Somewhere along the way, all the good things about gaming seem to fade and it becomes more about money and greed than fun. But nothing is perfect, money creates greed, hackers exploit vulnerabilities in the game to make unfair profits, fraudsters steal money righteously, even publishers also sell exclusive packages of They do not have a real right to property in the game, since all of these assets are stored in corporate servers and they have full control over them. Games are usually distributed by region and by machine. This, in turn, reduces the interaction between gamers, most national games must integrate multiple payment platforms of different areas. Due to excessive capital expenditure, it is not surprising that giants dominate and motivate smaller game developers. So, the world just needs a unique gaming platform with ingenuity and innovation. Any innovation will be introduced to the community Game Loot Network is an online distribution platform that acts as an application store with functions supported by blockchain technology. Electronic money, LOOT, allows the platform to become a revolutionary shop for all games - from games, buys, designs. This is a unique 7 millionth social gaming platform built on a block chain, with games being monitored and developed by the community. GLN is active in the Ethereum series. Their goal is to democratize the gaming industry and give the power of choice back to the consumer. The LOOT token is the gas that makes the whole machine run. LOOT can be used in a number of different ways including tournament tour fees, game purchases, developer donations and game enhancements and bonuses. The GLN slogan consists of three main points: Building, Playing, Making Money. Pudding is just beginning but the foundation of GLN has had a "merit" can not be disregarded. 65K - Users $7M - Spent in Development $5M - Revenue Earned Many companies design game concepts without ground-floor feedback from their future player base resulting in unexpected and frustrating innovations. Companies rely on players for beta testing, customer acquisition, and game management, but they rarely share rewards beyond the in-app upgrade or early access to predictive content. So we are here to give artists the resources to create games that they imagine and reward players who fill their virtual world. How does the Game Loot Network work for the benefit of the user? The Loot Network game platform transforms the game's version with the community portal for integrated capital mobilization. Its essence lies in the fact that the designers present their game ideas in a catalog on the platform screen. Their recommendations may include screenshots, presentations, or frames from the game. After that, users offering Loot markers to fund promising projects have aroused their interest. In exchange for their cryptocoins, proponents receive a percentage of earnings from the upcoming title. Thus, decentralized groups create games of democratic demand. The scheme is quite simple of the job. After the final forex projects are completed, they bring in revenue, for both the developer and the supporter. Consequently, independent artists cut costs and players receive income from the games that helped them. Users can: Gaming Hosting Tournaments Make money In the "Earn" section, you can find many sources of income. Here you are just playing your favorite game you can earn real money. For example: game tournaments are awarded with Loot token prizes. Average players battle online ranking systems in the end with hollow achievements. High thrills are reserved for professional players in inaccessible E-Sport brackets. With the help of Game Loot Network users experience real pleasure, which can only be experienced from their favorite games. The Loot token acts as a gateway to every reward resource on the platform. With Loot, users can enter head-to-head tournaments, generate recurring revenue through crowdfunded games, purchase in-game boosts, bid on online auctions, earn extra income, and eventually download games built exclusively for the platform. Loot will thrive, nourished by extensive in-app utility. Token Loot acts as a reward for the platform. With the help of Loot, platform users will have the opportunity to participate in tournaments with head tilt, generate recurring income through focused games, buy game deals, online auctions, get more revenue, and eventually download games created exclusively for the platform. Loot will thrive, providing an extension for applications. Projection for the Global Gaming Market 2016-2020 From those numbers, we can see that this market is surely huge and is going on increasing year over year due to the development of technology and entertainment demand of us as a human beings. Nowadays, game hubs such as App Store and Google Play are purely centralized game marketplaces. Whenever a developer has uploaded the game on those platforms, if they would like to advertise their games, the cost will be very high for each product. Some developers and companies just would like to test the beta game versions by letting the users play for a short time but those trials can not be rewarded. Therefore, the incentives for the players to give good feedback is not available, which can not maximize the optimization and creation of the games. Those problems have fostered the creation of a new solution which can change the game named Game Loot – the blockchain-based virtual platform which rewards players with real value and facilitates ‘any-budget’ game design. Development team of the project, great people. The project will be underpinned by a holistic core and advisory team of proficient experts. The team led by professionals in the associated fields of gaming and bookchain technology has clear vision and idea to undertake and complete the said assignment within the stipulated timelines.They seem to be well-prepared to deliver fully working platform.
Key Features Embedded Games within the platform Downloadable Games Real-life rewards with cryptocurrency Incentivized crowdfunding for in-development games Rewards User achievements Income generating referral system Gaming tournaments with real-life prizes for non-professional players Competitive battle bidding for discounted gaming gear Evaluation of the project I appreciate this project, they have a good idea and a strong community of supporters. The futures market is also full of potential. If you feel excited, I have left the reference link below. WEBSITE:https://gamelootnetwork.com/ ANN THREAD:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3180001.0 WHITEPAPER:https://0ed5f89f718b.dev.daviann.com/assets/documents/gameloot-whitepaper.pdf FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/gamelootnetwork/ TWITTER:https://twitter.com/gamelootnetwork TELEGRAM:https://t.me/gamelootnetwork_ico ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110
Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177




[ANN] Sparkster - Decentralized Cloud and Smart Software + 10 million transactions

Now creating software still needs an intermediary step as the programming language. But not just one kind of programming language for all, but for each operating system or platform we have to use a different language. That's a problem ... but now with Sparkster you just need to use English to write your own software. I am excited to think that I can create my own technology product even though I do not know about programming language.

What is Sparkster's idea? The Sparkster project is building two types of work. The first is a decentralized platform so that users can create intelligent software easily in the normal English language without needing to know the programming language. And the second is a decentralized cloud, which aims to replace the traditional electronic cloud, with a processing speed of up to 10 million transactions per second.

Sparkster's ecosystem:
Sparkster's ecosystem consists of two independent, interconnected arrays: the programming platform for creating and running intelligent software, and distributed computing.

Sparkster platform:

The Sparkster decentralization platform is where every smart software can be designed and built in a "drag and drop" way.
    This method will simplify the typing of lines of code and reduce the time load that creates software from months to days. The Sparkster platform will also allow for horizontal expansion, and application of data transmission lines to support the high-tech needs of artificial intelligence and IoT technology. In the same way, the software created on the Sparkster platform will be made specifically for applications with large transaction volumes. The Sparkster platform also highlights the system's security. The project will apply a 256-bit enhanced encryption standard between platform interactions and the OAuth 2.0 protocol to validate them.

The software on the Sparkster platform will be standalone and can be used on decentralized cloud computing of the project. Users will be allowed to choose where the software will operate. However, in the long run, using Sparkster's cloud software will be much cheaper than applying software on the platform they were created.

Sparkster's cloud computing:
This will be where smart authoring software, created on the Sparkster platform, will be uploaded and used. Users can install Sparkster applications on their phones to use these smart applications.

Companies and users wishing to run their applications on Sparkster's decentralized platform will have to bid on decentralized trading platforms and deposit a SPARK amount equal to what they are willing to pay. This is a free market: customers will set the price they are willing to pay, and the maintainer of the network will be selected at any price they see fit to receive. When prices and prices are matched, the transaction will be executed and the application will be run.

The SPARK project co-ordinates will be provided to the diggers to support the data processing capabilities of the phone and computer. In addition, the nodes can store and process data in the Sparkster network. These nodes will be responsible for managing the decentralized data on the platform and hoarding software structures designed by members of the Sparkster community. In case some data needs to be kept fixed, the nodes on the network will be paid at the appropriate SPARK fee to make the request.

In Sparkster's cloud computing ecosystem, each component will have different responsibilities. Persons maintaining the network will have to deposit SPARK bundles to ensure their transparent operation. And the transaction confirmation buttons in the system will find and stop any wrong activity and take care of the network maintainer.
  Sharding Technology:
Because Sparkster's cloud computing is designed to be a blockchain network that specializes in intelligent software implementation, the project avoids the existing restrictions on blockchain networks at the present time such as maintaining the integrity of the system. This will allow the project to divide the data table into smaller pieces that are equivalent to each customer group's data. And it's important that each of these pieces of code does not get noticed and linked to other parts of the system. This is a special benefit to Sparkster's blockchain system. For you to imagine this model, imagine the blocks in the blockchain system of the Sparkster project in a cell:

When the sacrifice has not reached a certain number of nodes, that cell will divide. Thus, if a cell block in the system is processing 1,000 transactions per second, when it is split, the processing speed becomes 2,000 transactions per second. This is done successfully because Sparkster does not need to maintain the system. This means that each cell in the system is unrelated to another cell, and will only process blocks of data in that cell.

In theory, there is no limit to the number of cells in the system. And because of that the system will not have a limit on the number of transactions that the project can achieve even if the number is more than 10 million transactions per second. Limits will, in fact, depend on how many people maintain the network in Sparkster's electronic cloud.

Mechanism of approval of the system:
The Sparkster project will use the FBA (Federal Byzantime Agreement), proposed by the Stellar network, to serve as a confirmation mechanism for all transactions. This is made easy because every approval in the system follows the block method. That is, if block A is message B, and if block B confirms the transaction, block A will confirm the transaction instead of waiting for the system to validate. And in order to prevent malicious actions in the system, the project will develop an additional layer of technology that is responsible for delivering work and rewards to the individual in the system. This will create an autonomous network with good incentives to maintain credibility.


To ensure the security of the system, the project will apply the Zero Knowledge Proof method and encrypt all data available on the Sparkster distributed cloud computing. This method will limit the number of individuals to interact with sensitive and authoritative data and allow users to confirm that the data is available on the system without having to directly verify it. 

The terrible speed in the test-net system of the project
Development team of the project

The Sparkster team has extensive experience in project areas. Team members have extensive experience working in large companies and organizations such as Cisco and IBM. The team also has 17 software architects. So the project process will not have any big problems. In addition, the project leaders have extensive business and business experience. Should be in the long run, the development of the company is also not difficult.

a. Advisor
Gary Leavens: Dean of Computer Science, Programming Language Specialist at the University of Florida. University of Iowa faculty. Formerly a programmer at the MIT Institute of Technology (MIT).

Juan Albelo: Senior Vice President of SAP (Indian Technology Company). Served as vice president of business at Oracle.

b. Lead
Sajjad Daya: Sparkster CEO- 15 years of business and leadership experience. Of which there are 2 years experience in technical support at Cisco. 3 years of business development at Xprint. 1 year as head of software development at Syncoms. 10 years as investment manager at Syncoms. More than two years as CEO at Printerpix.com. More than 3 years as Vice President of Business Technology at Syncoms.

Amit Kumar: Chief Technology Officer - 20 years of App and Database Development experience at Syncoms for 7 years. Nearly 5 years as Database Director at Wipro.

Shabeer Kirmani: Chief Technology Officer - 3 years at Accenture (Top 10 influential technology companies in the blockchain industry). From October 2013 to now hold the position of Director, Data Science at the US Department of Defense.

Dayanie Rajeev: Human Resources - 3 years working at Citibank India since 2003. 1 year working at Accenture since 2006, 3 years at IBM in 2007-2010, 4 years in Human Resources from 2010 to 2014.

Neeru Pallen: Marketing department. 3 years as marketing manager at Syncoms UK from 2011, SEO consultant for The Times in 2013. 1 year as a commercial web service.

Munawar Bijani: Senior Software Engineer- 7 years of back-end software programming experience.

Combined, the Sparkster team is said to be from well-known large corporations such as Cisco, HSBC, Wipro, Infosys, Capgemini, Citibank, IMB, Accenture, AT & T, Pfizer, NBC Universal, Snapdeal, OLA, etc.
Roadmap The project is set up from 2014, from around 2014-2016 is the platform development, and Beta release   2017 signed a cooperation agreement with Libelium and ARM. Run Private Beta program, complete performance optimization. 2018 Finalizing the plan to build a decentralized cloud structure. T3 released the internal Dcloud Beta v0.1. T4 announced a full-fledged enterprise platform. T5 Announced Sparkster to Market. Q2 2018 Platform Announces Arduino and ESP Platform Support for Developing Non-Code Applications. Q3 2018 Announcement of platform for ARM equipment such as cooperation agreement. Becomes one of the first IOT platforms to integrate into ARM. The output version supports input sensors for the app on the phone such as (GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc). Q4 2018 Alpha version for Decentralized Cloud. Launched full version for AI support applications not just for PC version. 2019 Integrates other blockchain such as NEO, Cardano, Stellar to support payment transactions. Announces Platform for Data Analysis and Data Archiving for Enterprise Customers. Communities Telegram: Membership increased rapidly from 1k member to 3k member in just 2 days (from May 12-14). The current number of members is 6k member. The admin team responded positively, timely.   The project received positive reviews from the ICO analysis page.   Comments Advantages The idea is clear: decentralized software and cloud computing Website presentation professional, complete, scientific including all the information and communication interfaces needed. Be sure to provide evidence of the project's high credibility. Public permission to participate in system testing. The development team consists of quality members: mentors are professors from top technology universities; Leaders have years of leadership and technology experience at leading technology corporations and branches in India. In particular, they were involved, and worked together long before the project started. Programmers are senior programmers. Marketing and business staff are leaders from reputable companies, magazines and banks. This team represents a strong governance structure, each of which is made up of excellent members of each field and is well-managed. Roadmap: are milestones with products that are almost complete, basic. Creates trust. High hype (community): The project received positive reviews from the analysis page, ICO synthesis. Token metrics: logical token allocations, acceptable hardcap levels. Tight sale policy, carefully vesting mode for developers in 2 years and bonus token. Declaration of all information is transparent from time (sale, release, pay token after 2 weeks, etc.), quantity.   Minus point Although the projections on the roadmap of the project are very clear and we can see what the project has done since 2014, at present Sparkster has no code line on Github at all. We can only now believe that the project is real and transparent, supported by Ian Balina and project videos posted online. However, we can also understand that Sparkster has not yet posted on Github to avoid competitors using their technologies before filing for patent applications. The transaction speed of the Sparkster platform will reach 10 million transactions when more people participate in the ecosystem. In theory this can happen, but in fact we still need to consider it. The cloud market is an extremely tough market with big companies like Amazon, IBM and SAP. In addition, these companies are in the process of developing their own blockchain technology to reduce data processing time and service fees, etc. Should Sparkster, in addition to creating software in common language, also need to develop projects quickly before large companies dominate the market.   Reviewed by ME    The Sparkster project is a very entrepreneurial and development project. Overall, the Sparkster platform is not really a blockchain platform, but rather a blockchain-based project. But because the project knows how to PR and hit the investor psychology in the current ICO market, looking at Sparkster will be a very good project. Even decentralized applications for creating software without code, in the traditional market are also available. But instead of creating another product on the market, the project has shifted to blockchain to apply and is also considered the first project to address these problems. In terms of investment, this is a good project for people to put money into. But since there are no Github commits, people need to be alert.   HYPE RISK ROI TERM ICOGENS' SCORE HIGH MEDIUM HIGH MEDIUM HIGH HYPE: Indicates the spread of the project to the community on Telegram, bitcointalk, redit, Slack, Medium, Tweeter, Steemit, Fb, Articles, ...   RISK: The risk rating of the project is based on Team elements, Idea project, project transparency, project roadmap, Whitepaper.   ROI: Index of Return on Investment in USD   TERM: Short-Term Investment Rating (Short, Medium, Long Term) for capital strategy.   SCORE: This score is based on the score of the other four criteria or reflects my level of interest in this project. It is not an ROI but rather a level of interest for the project.


Website: https://sparkster.me/
Telegram: https://t.me/SparksterICO
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sparkster_me/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAkXXoN7cFSEN-4SFtLFmHQ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sparkster.me/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sparkster/

Author by: Hoangvuhk3110
Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177




[[ANN]] Buddy - Decentralized Application Development Automation

Buddy is one of the newest inventions in the software development industry. It is an automation platform that allows developers to design latest ground-breaking apps, programs, and services. Buddy was founded in 2007 with a vision to apply application automation in the development process of the software enabling the developers to engage in the more creative challenges of development rather than focusing and wasting time on repetitive tasks. Buddy is a Blockchain based decentralized software, which will help to automate the entire application development process. Buddy applies self-control for application development, allowing for the scale of application design, creating the DevOps Trading Platform and the GRID distributed automation control grid, which is currently underway. Challenges for application developers in designing, testing and deploying applications. DevOps is a software development phase used to describe the collaboration between software development and IT professionals. The application of DevOps is a huge advancement but it has its own limitations. Buddy’s platform is entering the application automation industry which has a considerable market share, currently worth $ 110 billion. In 2017 to 2020, the number of application development and software deployment demand is predicted to experience incentive growth. The industry is projected to be worth $ 345 billion by 2020. More and more sectors are using DevOps, ranging from banking, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, and so on. There is an excellent opportunity for Buddy to grow and grow his business. Benefits of Buddy: Open platform: A unique open platform connecting all the developers, experts and end-users. Now we can have access to expertise of the developers. Low cost: The app provides high quality at lower cost. Large and persistent Blockchains to make it cost effective.
Simplicity of the App itself: Lesser tools required, no repetition of same tasks, saves time, faster delivery. Buddy's vision is to become the backbone on which talented people can build world-altering apps & services. Their goal is to take the load off millions of developers by offloading everything that can be automated – giving them back the time for being creative. To perform this vision, they already have a plan for the development of Buddy. Buddy is a worthy project for you to invest Be embedded in the ecosystem of many major market players through rich integration. Buddy, partnered with industry leaders such as Amazon, Docker, Github, Microsoft, and Google, is a winning development automation platform that serves a rapidly growing market valued to become $345 billion by 2022. Over 7,000 developers use Buddy every day across 120+ countries. Featured customers: INC. Magazine, CGI.com & ING Bank. Highly skilled workforce, providing top quality service to customers worldwide. Simon Szczepankowski CEO, Product Manager & Co-Founder, has over 15 years experience in IT. Previously bootstrapped springloops.com, a Subversion hosting service for web developers that attracted > 5000 paying customers from 120 countries. Managed IT projects for the Dutch Air Force, KLM, Mercedes Benz NL, Ford NL and Merck PL divisions. One of the few Google AdSense Premium partners in Poland. Author of the youngest Polish IT book debut (Windows XP Optimization, 2003). Other members of the team are excellent too. Outstanding staff includes the best ICO experts. Buddy has a huge staff with 16 ICO experts. One of them is Simon Cocking. He is a Top ICObench Expert. Chief Editor at Irish Tech News, CryptoCoinNews and InvestInIT. He is a top ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ (spending 3 months at #1 on Q1 of 2018 out of 32,256 people). He is also a business mentor and advisor working with 110+ successful ICOs to date. He also been named many global Twitter influencer lists in the last 12 months. He is an accomplished public speaker at events including TEDx and Web Summit. You definitely read more about them at the website and whitepaper. Buddy is highly apprecited by many developers over the world. Technical documentation of up to 100 pages in detail is written or non-developers to capture the value and potential of the platform. Is all reasons above enough for you to decide to invest into Buddy? Buddy Community is really big with 100.000 members in Telegram, 28.000 followers in Twitter and over 15.000 ones in Facebook. What amazing numbers! Are you ready to be a part of this commnunity? Find more information at following links. Good luck! More Information: Website: https://token.buddy.works White paper: https://files.buddy.works/ico/BuddyWhitepaper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/buddytoken Twitter: https://twitter.com/buddygit Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gitbuddy/ ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110
Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177




[ANN] Vanig - Integrated E-commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem

Popular e-commerce sites around the world such as Amazon, E-Bay, Alibaba and other online e-commerce sites change the way we shop online. These make our daily life convenient and comfortable. Nowadays, there are more and more technology development and a lot of industries take advantage of blockchain technology. This advanced technology keeps our assets and information always in safety from anyone. There are many e-commerce companies that integrate blockchain technology like UHUB, OpenBazaar and many more. These companies offer the same features as low transaction fees. I have found out an Ecommerce Blockchain Project not only providing that the feature low transaction fees but more. The project named Vanig that considered is the future of shopping online - e-commerce 2.0. Vanig is an e-commerce startup powered by the blockchain. Their aim is to create a platform that changes the way e-commerce works. From manufacturer to consumers, they can apply the power of the blockchain to make shopping an amazing experience for everyone involved. Vanig deal with the problem of middleman. Vanig can effectively reduce the number of middlemen, resulting in the product becoming cheaper for you, and lucrative for the seller. Vanig Platform is the first integrated E-Commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem that is powered by Blockchain Technology. What are the features and why this is different from other Blockchain Ecommerce out there. Let's talk about what are the benefits we can get. Vanig will eliminate middleman which will reduce the cost of the final price of product. Customers will earn tokens by continuously using the platform. Think of about loyalty reward, amazing right. Offers tracking the authenticity of product. Detects fake products/reviews using their advance algorithm. Security - Securely use platform since we are using blockchain technology. It uses the most advance algorithm. Retailers/Consumers/Manufacturer can track the product real time using sensors that is connected to Vanig API. Soon to be patented (unique). Real Time Transaction - all transaction made is updated and available every time. Vanig tokens will be used to buy products and make secure payments on the platform. Money transfer from buyers to sellers will be near instantaneous. Buyers can still use traditional forms of payments such as credit cards, PayPal and other third party payment portals supported by the site. Although it might result in higher transaction fees. These are some information about Token Sale. Don't miss the Private Token Sale with 50% Discount. The Vanig team is what it is because of a terrific executive team and advisors. Vanig to assemble a team of individuals with diverse technical, retail, e-commerce and blockchain expertise. The founders are Prem Sekaran and Vinodh Kumar to executive team, Vanig is on fire and has attracted top name international advisors and technology experts who have been on-boarded to help make Vanig a huge success. Prem is IT leader, entrepreneur, developer and proven project manager with over 14 years of experience in retail and e-commerce. He is passionate about the power of software solutions coupled with blockchain, automation, A.I. and process efficiency. He strongly believes that blockchain will forever change how e-commerce and logistics business is being done today. Prem has been instrumental in growing Vanig’s global team of advisors. His leadership and hands on approach to teamwork is creating a vibrant and creative corporate culture at Vanig. Vinod is a visionary, high performing, results-oriented entrepreneur and an executive leader. Through all his endeavors, his skillful leadership and project management talents inspire high performance, trust and loyalty among cross-functioning teams all around the globe. Driving results for more than ten years in IT and retail, his track record is full of successes. Vinod has worked among the world’s top retail brands and in the banking Industry. Vinod thrives in a fast-paced business environment where he harnesses the power of teamwork and agility to drive technologists to new levels of engagement and productivity. Any successful project needs a plan of action in place in order to ensure that it sees through the finish line. With careful consideration, the team has laid out the following plan to ensure Vanig's success. Vanig is initially looking to target the demographic of South East Asia (ASEAN- an association of 10 Southeast Asian Nations), as it is expected to be one of the next booming e-commerce markets in APAC (Asia-Pacific). The size of ASEAN’s Market is expected to reach $88 billion USD by the end of 2025 (from $5.5 billion in 2015).They plan to Pilot Vanig e-commerce in Philipins & Malaysia for fashion, fuiniture & appliances in June 2019; launch Vanig to Vietnam in December 2019, to HongKong after 1 year from then, and complete to launch in Indonesia and India in the year 2021. Althought Vanig has to compete with e-commerce giants who have access to large capital like Amazon, Alibaba, Vanig has its own many strength: lower fees and commissions; integration of the blockchain innovation allowing for cryptocurrency payments and supply chain benefits due to raw material and manufacturing tracking. Moreover, I think investing in a new company will bring to you a greater chain to earn money than many-year ones. Therefore Vanig absolutely have a great chance to be successful and become a famous e-commerce company like other strong giants in market. Because of all advantages above, Vanig has recently been reviewed by multiple ICO rating and review websites and the reviews have been overwhelming positive. Read more about Vanig at these below links. Thank you for your support. More Information: Website: https://vanig.io
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[ANN] ShareRing - We live together in the sky, in a unified society. Love and sharing are necessary to bond the hearts together

The world is sharing, we live together in the sky, in a unified society. Love and sharing are necessary to bond the hearts together. Today, I will introduce a project on "sharing". ShareRing is the world's first system designed specifically to let you share things with others. No problem and no currency exchange fee, no matter where you are or what you share. ShareRing is a demand-driven platform that focuses on highly fragmented economies by aggregating shared services between sectors and geographies. By using our market of decentralization, users can securely access, connect and pay for services anywhere in the world. We are developing an ecosystem that is basically Amazon to share the economy. The origin from which ShareRing was born Founded in mid-2013, Keaz is a global leader in car sharing solutions for white labeled offices in Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, the United States, New Zealand and plans to expand into Europe. 2018. Their core technology, KeazACCESS, was released in May. By 2015, it currently manages and provides daily access to more than 8,000 global vehicle asset shares2. KeazACCESS is a powerful cloud ecosystem that enables companies, governments, organizations, communities and individuals to share and access digital assets, as well as increase services. Mobile from anywhere in the world. ShareRing is a developer of blockchain ShareLedger, the 'smart service system' that makes it much easier to globally scale for millions of customers to access and use on demand, a range of applications. Real estate in a rapidly growing economy. ShareRing ™ includes a number of core elements together to create a smart demand sharing service. A specially designed distribution block (ShareLedger), has been developed. ShareLedger will collect one of the latest developments in blockchain technology, which is a dual token mechanism. The ShareToken (SHR) will be used as a card utility platform, while the second, SharePay (SHRP) card, will be used as a currency for service sharing, API platforms, and proven platforms. Intelligent use has been used around the world in shared economies and ongoing mechanisms to create strong and growing network of providers and users. The blockchain platform ShareLedger will provide more than the traditional cloud / server sharing platform. The popular 'ShareRing' application is under development, allowing people to easily view and use any sharing service around them. Each partner will have a 'small' application development option in the ShareRing application that will have special functionality for that partner. This application will use geolocation services to display neighboring ShareRing services. A global payment solution. Imagine you could catch a plane to the airport in Hong Kong, stay in a San Francisco apartment and find a guard dog when you go - and pay all in one token, no expensive exchange rates or international transaction fees. That's what we want to say as we speak globally. ShareRing is the first secure way to pay for sharing services anywhere in the world and it will connect you to those services anywhere. No more trying to figure out how to get in Indonesia, or what applications to use in Italy. ShareRing uses a distributed cryptographic system based on blockchain technology. That means it can not be broken or hacked, and neither the owner nor the divisor can feel secure that the transaction is secure. The belief is built into the system. Not all transactions must be made in ShareRing currency to receive maximum security benefits. Even when it comes to other forms of payment, ShareRing can validate the identity of each party and ensure your agreement is bulletproof. All of ShareRing's e-money deposits will be publicly audited, as the public address of the electronic wallet will be published on the ShareRing website. Any description of any large spending will be posted publicly on the ShareRing website. Money will be allocated as follows. The entire budget will be presented in the main revenue of the ICO: 30% is allocated for clean development, including the first integrated 'client' KeazACCESS integrated into ShareLedger. 10% are allocated for external review and technology validation by third party consultants and auditors. 30% are allocated to set up the 'incubator' and the bonus will begin to operate on third party product integration with the platform. 20% is allocated for marketing and global promotion. 10% for reserve fund More infomation Website: https://sharering.network/
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[ANN] MoneyToken - Paving the way for global payments

How’s it going my friends? I just saw this interesting quote “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you” and I think I need to share with you about this very helpful project called “MoneyToken”. It may save your life in case you want to buy a pizza but all you have is just BTC and ETH. Well “a pizza” here is just a symbolic image. It can be new equipment to buy, it can be bills to pay, it can be short term business needs, and so on. Of course you can always sell your crypto for fiat but at the same time, you lose your investment opportunity when liquidating such valuable assets like ETH and BTC which may grow in value in the future. MoneyToken is here for you. Paving the way for global payments Basically, MoneyToken is the place where you can meet Amanda - an Artificial Intelligence Assistant that provides human-like services. She will help you to borrow money as you leave your BTC or/and ETH as a collateral. (More currencies will be accepted in the future) Amanda will give you back your collateral after you pay all the loan, even if the value of the collateral has grown. Sweet! What if the value of BTC/ETH go down? That’s a good question. I didn’t have the chance to ask Amanda about this but MoneyToken has a Stop Loss mechanism that can be triggered automatically in case of the fall of the collateral. There are also some more actions you may want to do before the automated Stop Loss occurs and please refer to the Whitepaper for that. Apart from lending you the money, Amanda can also help you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies or fiat in MoneyToken Exchange. In the second phase of the project, our virtual assistant will be able to help us lend out the money. With the support of Amanda, you totally can expect a pleasant banking experience with MoneyToken. There’s an interesting fact that the platform is not entirely decentralized at its first phase. The reason is MoneyToken will use Ethereum-based smart contracts to make the deals and these contracts are actually not that “smart”. They can only control the agreement in which ETH is used. If you bring BTC or BTH to the game, they just don’t function probably. Also, smart contracts must be activated manually. They don’t have the ability to independently control the deal like many people thought. Luckily, the creators of MoneyToken have come up with the solution of multi-signature wallets which require 3 over 4 signatures to access. 1 signature of the Borrower, 1 of the Lender and 2 owned by MoneyToken service. Doing this way, none of the parties can take the fund and the trust problem is solved. When you are reading this post, the IMT token sale of MoneyToken has already begun. You should hurry up to be able to get the 20% bonus before the fund reaches 10 million USD. Also, the price will be 10 times higher if you come later than June 6. The token can not only be a great investment but also get you Borrower/Lender Membership which brings a lot of good deal when using the service. People who own IMT token also can participate in decentralized voting. Good luck! Information about … - Website: https://moneytoken.com/
- Whitepaper: https://moneytoken.com/doc/MoneyTokenWP_ENG.pdf
 -Telegram: https://t.me/moneytoken
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[ICO] Multiversum - Blockchain 4.0 and the crypto industry change

Hello fellow investors! How are you today? Summer has just come to my place and started to heat everything up and it seems like it gets hotter and hotter each year. I used to think the extreme weather or climate change is not my problem but in fact, it will sooner or later have a not very positive affect on each of us. Meanwhile I’m a fan of blockchain technologies and I’m sure you are too. It’s sad to know that our favourite stuff are consuming a shitload of electricity and it results in a huge amount of C02 released into the atmosphere (because the majority of electricity is produced using coal) and this leads to greenhouse effect following by the global warmth. This is one of the reasons why I want to introduce this eco-friendly project to you: Multiversum. Blockchain 4.0 and the crypto industry change Multiversum claims itself to be the 4th generation blockchain. I couldn’t find an official definition on their website or whitepaper but basically, it’s a platform like Ethereum but more advanced, faster and costs much less resource for each transaction. I’m going to name through some of the main points. I think we can all agree that safety and reliability are the key features of blockchain. However, before Multiversum was created, there were some limitations of the old blockchain that hold back its spread. First of all is the difficulty in handling complex data. Current blockchains are just simple chains, each chain is a combination of links. When you change only one link, it requires the whole chain scan and results in the slowdown of the whole system as well as a waste of resource. Another problem is most blockchains do not allow users to verify integrity and security, the security measures stop at data level so it’s impossible to recover lost/stolen coins/tokens even if they are located on the chain. Multiversum is created to solve them all. It develops a Relational Crypto Database to replace the blockchain simple data model. Proof of Integrity (PoI) is the new protocol instead of Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Steak (PoS) and this helps to save a lot of energy. Multiversum also implements biometric data access based on retina and fingerprints scan. There are some more interesting details of Multiversum that you should read the whitepaper to have a complete understanding. The creators of Multiversum aim to have this blockchain technology applied in financial, governmental and industrial sectors which require efficient and effective operation security. There’s a fun fact that that they will organize “Hackers Contests” in the future and reward who can crack into their system, help them to recognize the weaknesses and fix them. Information about … Website: https://essentia.one
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[ICO] Essentia - How's it going everybody? Essentia is under the spotlight today.

Alright who is this dude? According to its website “Essentia is a modular decentralised interoperability and data management framework.” Well if that sounds complicated to you, my advice is to try using the application. You will find the yellow “Try Essentia” button right at the top of the page, click to it and you will be lead to the app page. Press “Get started”, input a password and you will get your account, no email needed! Awesome! And what we get here after signing in is a platform where you can store your files, buy and sell cryptos on Etherdelta, exchange cryptos using Flypme and talk to your friends via Status. There are some more tools and dApps which are already integrated with Essentia (you can check them out on its website) and I think there will be more in the future, which means there will be many more things we can do on it. Anyways, back to the introduction, I honestly find it difficult to define Essentia with simple words so I’m gonna tell you to think about a Swiss knife when you think about Essentia - a decentralized Swiss knife that can be easily yet securely accessed everywhere. Essentia is a modular decentralised interoperability and data management framework As insecurity of the centralized system and violation of users’ privacy have recently become big issues, the demand for decentralization is rising and it’s great to have a handy tool set like Essentia where assets, data, identities, dApp and more are all included in a decentralized way. It’s interesting that Essentia is an open-source product, which somehow helps it to gain trust from people because of its transparency. Moreover, it attracts developers from all over the world to contribute in building a useful framework to access and manage decentralization. Essentia can be applied not only for individuals but also companies and organizations. Imagine you want to buy a product online, Essentia’s technology can assure your information to be revealed “gradually” like this: seller only knows your country, central post office only knows the city, local post office only knows the street name and the postman knows your door-number and initials of your name. This is just an example in many use cases of Essentia which you can find in the whitepaper. However before having a look at that lengthy technical document, you should see the “Foundation and Business Plan”, in which you will find a pie graph showing that they will use more than half of the revenue for IT and Development. This is quite impressive as we often see many other projects use a great proportion of their money for marketing instead of concentrating in developing the core element like what Essentia intends to do. Normally I don’t talk about founders of each project but this time I want to spend some words to express my admiration toward the Blockchain and Architecture Lead of Essentia, whose photo is not shown and name is replaced with “Privacy Conscious”. He is mentioned only twice under the nickname “GRX0” in Foundation and Business Plan. The absence of his picture and real name made me smile. I think that’s enough basic information about this cool dude Essentia. I strongly advise you to have a thoughtful look at their website and all the documents related and I hope after that you will have a good feeling about him like I do then maybe investing in his ESS token shall bring you some profit. Good luck! Information about … Website: https://essentia.one
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Quarkchain - In this era, the most valuable thing is information, the thing that has the greatest power is SPEED

We live in the so-called "technological boom" ... all research and development around computer science is dizzying. When the bitcoin first appeared, it blew a new breath into the critically acclaimed monetary system, many of whom believed in cryptocurrency would be the alternative payment platform for paper money. But at another point of view, the weakness of the old blockchain system is the speed of processing. We will not talk about the fact that transactions in the form of PoW are consuming a lot of physical resources ... Their speed is not enough to meet current demand. Today, coin of the greatest value in circulation is Bitcoin, with the current calculated productivity of all miners in the world, we only make about 400,000 transactions per day, this figure is equivalent to the processing of the visa system in less than an hour. If we want cryptocurrencies to be used as a perfect payment system, we have to speed up the transaction speed more than once. Speed is the power of the technology age You can see a remarkable character from the picture above. Yes ... today we will meet Quarkchain. The biggest advantage of the system is that it is SPEED, with the ambition to become the fastest platform in the industry. Quarkchain offers a new way of doing things called "class split transactions" where a class would be CONFIDENTIAL, which holds all of the subclasses, also known as the independent transactional segment of its own. .... The second layer of QuarkChain is the ORIGINAL LAYER (root chain). The rootchain's primary function is to validate all blocks from the sharded chains. The main purpose of splitting layer is to be able to integrate security factor and speed factor, Cross transactions will also be an important part to support the network, Cross-shard transactions can be issued at any time, and confirmed in minutes. The throughput of cross-shard increases linearly as the number of shards increases. And efficiency has been proven. In preliminary tests, the transaction speed was recorded up to more than 2 thousand transactions per second, which was provided by 100 volunteers testing the system. Viewing angle from an investor ... I've had a more detailed review of the Quarkchain platform, you can also read more about it at my personal wall. And this time, I want to share a different perspective ... I want to see myself as an investor and evaluate the factors that can influence the success of the project. And to answer the question: "Quarkchain is worth a dream project?" First, I need to confirm that I am not a professional investor, and I just want to send you some thoughts on this project. For me, the projects will have a nice purpose for its appearance, we consider it as the first point, so the second point will be in the development team. Qi Zhou is the founder and CEO of QuarkChain. He is a software engineer with extensive experience in developing sharding and clustering solutions in Google, Facebook and EMC. Qi holds a Ph.D. in Computer and Electronics Engineering from Georgia Tech. Zhaoguang Wang is the core Software Engineer in the project. Prior to that he worked at Google for 6 years as a Senior Software Engineer. Yaodong Yang is a Research Scientist in the QuarkChain project. He is a Demo ++ co-founder. He is also a professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University with a Ph.D. in Virginia Technology. Xiaoli Ma is also a Research Scientist at QuarkChain. She is also a professor at Georgia Tech and a Electronics and Electrical Engineering. As you have seen they are highly skilled people in the related fields. If the project is like a house, the members will be the brick, their stability will protect the project. The third point I would like to take you to, is the Quarkchain roadmap, I have seen many roadmaps of different projects, many of them very sketchy. And there are projects for the preparation time just a few months before they start calling for investment, but look at Quarkchain's roadmap: From Q2 2017, they started their plan, they researched blockchain, put up a complete whitepaper to introduce and perfect their network. At the beginning of March, 2012, after completing their first testnet, they began to believe in the ICO plan. If you are an experienced investor, you probably already know about many fraudulent projects, they take advantage of the name calling for capital to benefit themselves, they do not create projects that have real value. But Quarkchain is different, 100 people have tested Quarkchain's trading network, and their long-term vision to Q2 2019, they will release their official network version, predicting the transaction speed will increase up to over 10k TF / s.
They spent one year researching, one year to test before making a really perfect version for the user. Without haste, they step by step firmly. After leaving their website, I went to Telegram ... WOW .... more than 75000+ members are really active here, and if you do not know ... today is just the first day of the KYC process. Rare projects have so many members, and about a month or so their projects are just beginning to call for funding, there will be a lot of people joining us. For those who do not know, I will give you some tips on how to apply for KYC: You will connect to your telegram and search: "@ quark_kyc_bot" to start the system bot. With the command / start - you will receive the following greeting and instructions. Well I will have to hide my code, it is my own only. Sorry i can't show... haha.!!! Then it will be much simpler. You just fill out the information as directed. I hope you will succeed with that. I personally appreciate the Quarkchain project: "They have a right direction - SPEED, they have a potential
development team and advertising team, have MVP, a strong community behind them ... and After all, they have a real product, a proof of what they say, something that gives the tens of thousands of investors confidence in them. If there is one final point I would like to say, that is ... to my knowledge, they only need $ 20 million to get enough hardcap, the capital to help them develop their full project ... BUT only in the call for angel investors, $ 16 million was sent. 80% have been invested from angel investors, only 20% for tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of outsiders. I would say: "You will need more SPEED, if you do not want to miss the Quarkchain !!!" If you feel this article is useful to you, I expect you to follow my channel and participate in this potential project. Wish you success with the project. Information about … Website: https://www.quarkchain.io
Whitepaper: https://www.quarkchain.io/QUARK%20CHAIN%20Public%20Version%200.3.2.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/quarkchainio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quark_Chain
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quarkchain.quark.5 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

[ICO] Photochain - When the artwork is placed in its place

Photochain is a blockchain-based business model that allows any contributor to have full control over the licensing and sale of their digital images. Photochain exploits new markets by redefining who the creators of content are and empowering them to monetize their work fairly and effectively. Meet with Photochain and see what it is !!! By developing the Photochain platform, we present the ability for artists to sell their work directly to customers in their own way. Smart contracts play an intermediary role, when the sale is made, the seller is paid and the buyer receives the purchased image immediately. With all of the existing stock photography platforms, the only way to ensure a transaction can be guaranteed is through central control. The platform work independently, safely and effectively based on predefined rules. Photochain DApp is a platform where artists have the opportunity to sell their work to a wide audience at the price they set themselves and the seller is fully responsible for the work they sell. However, Photochain will retain the copyright protection of the user, by preventing any unauthorized photo sales. A service rating system has been developed as motivation to ensure the sustainability of the Photochain community through rational rewards. Photochain DApp is a commercial platform of stock photography in which processes are minimized to ensure simplicity and transparency. Another important point is the anonymity of the transaction. Two commercial partners may see each other's names, but will not be able to establish any link between the personal data and the Ethereum address from which the transaction are made. The anonymous mechanism used by Photochain DApp will be described here simply. All transactions are made through a smart contract that ensures the names of the artists and their Ethereum addresses can not be linked to each other. Instead of paying immediately, Smart Contract pays for all salers once a day, every four days or once in seven days. Frequency of payments may be selected by the seller, however the order of payments is completely random. With Photochain, Digital String - DCC will be created, supporting many aspects of copyright. This is because the DCC completely maps the link between a work and a related author of that particular work. A transaction on Photochain DApp is proof of the buyer's appropriate acquisition of the license. Exceptions are made when there is sufficient evidence that the seller has infringed the copyrights of a third parties. Another potential problem is uploading illegal content. This applies especially to pornographic and offensive content. To avoid this, advanced technology will be used to analyze images based on neural networks. Each image exchanged in the Photochain network will be analyzed on a scale of 0 to 1 pornography.If unauthorized photos are accessed on the Photochain network, despite the continuous improvement of pornographic filters, we will use human intervention.Similar to the copyright issue, a statement of offensive content may be opened by members of the network. This request must be confirmed by ten other users in exchange for rewards. If this is the case, the image will be deleted and the provider will be blocked.In the event of a serious problem, the Photochain Governance Team will be able to block all Photochain network activity until the solution is found. The Ethereum wallets of Photochain users will not be affected. This means that the PHT token can continue to be traded. Ethereum's global support by the Ethereum Alliance implies widespread, interdisciplinary acceptance and provides the evidence needed for the long-term viability of the platform. Ethereum is a p2p network that provides a platform for performing smart contracts and is based on its own public blockchain. Ethereum uses the cryptocurrency Ether as a means of payment for the computing power that participants provide to the distributed system. The Smart Contracts are written in the programming language Solidity have been specifically developed for Ethereum. PHOTON tokens are the means of rewarding users across the Photochain Ecosystem. Any type of transaction on the platform will require the use of PHOTON Tokens. Information about … Website: https://photochain.io/ Whitepaper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C4UPA9-9o2cOLJOEYMIVwN_Fi3Ebtn2YcRua58hQ7_0/edit Telegram: https://t.me/photochain_io Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Photochain-141364963181927 Twitter: https://twitter.com/photochain_io — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

[ICO] Bubbletone - Life is a connection, always connected no matter where you are

Today I am very excited to announce that the follow-up rate and the number of participants are increasing in the Bubbletone’s ICO.Hope you enjoy that!
As you know Traveling from one country to another is no stranger to you and you too, right? We have trouble communicating because of the new connection settings for our phones. It is inconvenient and worse that we have to find the contact information of each person.So I think that is the problem that we care about and desire to have a better app.The Bubbletone founders felt the same , They have been working for more than 20 years in the telecom industry, one of the founders of communications services. Life is a connection, always connected no matter where you are In particular, they released a BETA version called Bubbletone, It purpose is to provide SIM to more than 80 countries without changing SIM when we go to other countries, we do not have to set up profiles or contracts with auto-swap. All activities are interactive and implemented via p2p decentralized network which gives us faster connectivity and more diverse features.In addition the “blockchain in telecom” is expanding in many countries with the cooperation of more than 1000 operators to serve 1.2 million people with more than 10.000 service providers.Besides, the project will be developed by the team on the social network to bring Bubbletone to everyone.If you want to many features, the Bubbletone messenger will support for you with multiple features. On the other hand, one factor that brings the project to success and works around the world is that the ICO program is really appealing to investors. The program lasts for three months and four periods; you can engage in token trading with flexible time because the ICO is ongoing throughout its program. A billion tokens to build this project, item The goal of offering such large tokens is to expand the project across multiple countries and wish to bring the project to the individual. Further, 500.000.000 tokens will be discounted, the opportunity for those who are fast quickly join the project. Besides the minimum level is only 0.1 ETH, too easy! with 1ETH up to 4000 UMT. UMT is the name for a copper token.
The project is occupying an important position and attracting many investors, Anders Lasson who is telecom Expert- ericsson Group top management told that:” In short, Bubbletone is something I look forward to using myself.That yardstick has served me well all my life”.So what do you think? As I mentioned at the beginning, the project team was a specialist in the telecommunications industry more than 20 years ago. And too much to mention here but an indispensable face is Yury who is CEO and Founder of 4 active telecom companies, with $50M annual revenue,Oleg Pravdin is telecom visionary, founder of 3 star-ups in the USA, China,and Russia and Sergei Ivanov CEO of “Allo incognito”(mobile virtual network operator). This is a potential project worth noting in the coming time. Of course I can not list all here, but I believe this is an egg that you should put in the basket. More information below. Information about … Website: https://bubbletone.io/ ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3075196 Telegram: https://t.me/bubbletone Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BubbleTone-Eng-836837033150145/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bubbletone_eng — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

[ICO] QuarkChain - 1 million transactions per second is feasible?

2017 is a year considered successful for cryptocurrency and the blockchain kingdom, although it derives from the hit network WannaCry, but it also helps the world know and give their attention to the blockchain platform. Many of these projects have adopted the advanced chaining technology platform, which is arguably the key to addressing security and transparency issues for the new economy. But it brings a huge loss of hardware resources, the biggest problem of crypto is the current speed of transaction, bitcoin is now considered king of the crypto kingdom only the speed of transaction is. 7TF / s, and this number is not enough to meet the growing demand for heat. As a necessity, improving transaction speed is an important prerequisite for the continued development of the blockchain system, and today we are exploring a project that aims to create a 1 million transactions per second Speed is the strength, and the power holder will go first ... To understand the problem, we will have to look at the past to see how the current popular blockchain trading. For example, when A and B perform a bitcoin transaction, the Blockchain network system (Node) performs the steps to verify the change through algorithms. When this command is given it will have to go through a series of test steps (through different nodes), by checking the "ledger", to see if he still has enough Bitcoins that A wants to use. to pay or not. If everything is guaranteed, the special Node called the Miner (Miner) will "pack" A's suggestion with other confirmed transactions and form a new Block and move on to " "Blockchain" book. Successful transaction! This seems to be very secure ... yes, but the scalability and security capabilities often do not go together in Blockchain technology. QuarkChain offers a solution that balances these needs by separating the two layers, the first layer being sharding, while the second is the root chain. The structure of QuarkChain is intended to provide a balance between decentralization, extensibility, and security. The first layer can be called CONFIDENTIAL: contains all the sub-blocks, also known as the shard where own independent transactions. As the number of shards increases, the number of transactions that can be accommodated on it is also increased. The second layer of QuarkChain is the ORIGINAL LAYER (root chain). The rootchain's primary function is to validate all blocks from the sharded chains. The rootchain itself does not contain any transactions. QuarkChain allows two types of transactions to be passed that are traded in shard placeholders and cross-shard transactions. Transactions in the shard are transactions that occur between addresses within the same segment of the shard. However, the solution that QuarkChain offers is completely different from high-throughput solutions that are making cross-shard transactions. The shard crossover system will be expanded when the number of shards increases. And the speed of the transaction Quarkchain is really surprised, estimated at approximately 100000 + tps, to compare the current visa system at 45000 tps, easy to recognize we have a rocket being launch. QuarkChain is currently running the first testnet version ahead of schedule. According to our survey, the current performance of Testnet is 2K transactions per second. According to the development roadmap of QuarkChain, in the next milestone the team targets 10K transactions per second and will continue to grow. QuarkChain has publicized Github, however, this Github has not been accessed without the permission of Team Maybe you will feel a bit confused with the knowledge I just said, no problem, the user's simple to use. And QuarkChain has optimized all in one Smart Wallet application, which stores all addresses owned by users in each shard and is connected through individual private keys. In theory, a user can have multiple addresses connected to different shards. To solve this problem, QuarkChain applies both accounts in the wallet as primary and secondary accounts. The primary account includes the user's fixed shard address while the secondary address manages the remaining address of the other shard. In order for the fund management to be minimal, any transaction that takes place on the premium account will transfer the remaining balance to the primary account. The user's balance will be maintained on this account, minimizing the risk of confusion between multiple balances in multiple shards. The QuarkChain Token (QKC) is compatible with ERC-20 and is distributed on Ethereum's Blockchain. After the mainnet is launched in the fourth quarter of 2018, the ERC-20 tokens will be converted to pre-mining tokens. In the future, QKC will be produced by the diggers. QKC is the only means of trading value in the system as well as reward for the diggers. QuarkChain will support intelligent contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to enable future compatibility with existing dApps and increased scalability. The impressive advance of QuarkChain in advance of the roadmap can create confidence in the QuarkChain team's sharding solution before Ethereum. When developing sharding, Ethereum is losing time in operating various functions. Does QuarkChain meet such high metrics, which can be determined through the first steps of the project to address this urgent problem. QuarkChain is also a compatible EVM - decentralized applications will benefit from the ability to handle large amounts of data (high throughput) with the option to migrate to the QuarkChain platform at any time. This will allow opening an integrated door to the network. The battle handles / transfers a huge amount of data very hard. Some rivals also have the speed of processing such as Zilliqa or Fusion also when the intention to testnet in Q2, and can not be ignored Ethereum again. As always, adopting a protocol is an important piece in this game when the chain will occupy the throne. Currently, QuarkChain has not announced the partners but the team revealed that the team is really trying to deploy the work. In the whitepaper, QuarkChain points out that some industries may be benefiting from product development - one of which is the development of decentralized telephony applications. In an effort to reach the industry, QuarkChain is creating on-chain development tools for Android devices. QuarkChain is an adventurous opponent of scalable solutions. Teams focus on the product before moving on to build community and establish partnerships. Although we have released Testnet, we still need to observe more about the speed of development of the project. In addition, QuarkChain's development team is remarkable and has outlasted their potential through Testnet. And according to their development program, the Mainnet system will start rolling out by the end of 2018, now all projects know that they can not rely on the shadow of the etherium forever, and looking for a path of its own is the best direction, the mainnet launch will be the wing to open the path. That is also a factor that makes me appreciate the project, if you are an investor, I believe you understand the importance of this. Human factor - the key to success. Even if a project is perfect, people are the key to winning, with years of experience in sharding and clustering, blockchian and related fields. I appreciate the development team of the project. Qi Zhou is the founder and CEO of QuarkChain. He is a software engineer with extensive experience in developing sharding and clustering solutions in Google, Facebook and EMC. Qi holds a Ph.D. in Computer and Electronics Engineering from Georgia Tech. Zhaoguang Wang is the core Software Engineer in the project. Prior to that he worked at Google for 6 years as a Senior Software Engineer. Yaodong Yang is a Research Scientist in the QuarkChain project. He is a Demo ++ co-founder. He is also a professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University with a Ph.D. in Virginia Technology. Xiaoli Ma is also a Research Scientist at QuarkChain. She is also a professor at Georgia Tech and a Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Wencen Wu is the Research Scientist of the project. Graduated from two famous universities of China and America specialized in Electronics & Information Engineering. Anthurine Xiang holds the position of CMO. She has more than 4 years of experience working in Silicon Valley and with companies such as Linkedln, Chartboost, Beepi and Wish. She has an MSE in Economics Analysis and Management at Johns Hopkins University. Below are the list of consultants with QuarkChain: The project focuses on the problem of Ethereum's scalebility through Sharding method, moderate hardcap, good experienced dev team, good marketing. This is a potential project worth noting in the coming time. Of course I can not list all here, but I believe this is an egg that you should put in the basket. More information below. Information about … Website: https://www.quarkchain.io/ Whitepaper: https://www.quarkchain.io/QUARK%20CHAIN%20Public%20Version%200.3.2.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/quarkchainio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quarkchain.quark.5 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quark_Chain — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Success comes from ideas, starting with enthusiastic people and flying high by the whole community
-Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

[ICO] LocalCoinSwap - Is the most inclusive cryptocurrency marketplace ever developed

How’s it going my friends? To me, keeping things simple is the basic principle of everything in life. That’s why this project LocalCoinSwap got my attention. The people who created this platform, faced so many hassle trading cryptocurrencies using current P2P exchanges. Therefore, they decided to build their own one.The team of LocalCoinSwap consists of professionals and experts in cryptocurrency (See the whitepaper for their details). This project is built from their own needs and wants of a place for P2P transactions where people can sell and buy digital assets easily and quickly. Things are kept simple right at the very first step to join the exchange. You can just sign up on their website instantly as they don’t require the time-consuming verification KYC, which sometimes takes forever to be completed. Similarly to other exchanges, LocalCoinSwap holds the cryptocurrency in escrow while the money is transferred to the seller from the buyer. Moreover, they to provide a wide range of cryptos to be traded in their exchange to make it convenient and reduce costs for traders. Transaction fees will also be simplified and set at a competitive rate of 1% according to the whitepaper. In addition, the development team wants LocalCoinSwap to be enjoyable to users, which means there will be sections such as trending coins, interactive charts and graphs, achievement badges, custom profile pictures and fully integrated forum available on the website. All of the benefits above make LocalCoinSwap look much more attractive to traders than most of other peer-to-peer exchanges. However, the biggest difference they make here is 100% of the profit will be distributed to ones who hold their tokens LCS and this is why you should invest in this project. The token dividend can be redeemed in the cryptocurrency you used to purchase LCS through its ICO. For example, you buy LCS with ETH and the amount of LCS accounts for 1% of the total. At the end of the financial period, 1% of the profit will be paid to you. The dividend can be paid in ETH to the wallet address you provide. Holding LCS not only brings you passive income like what said above, it also gives you airdrops of new tokens when ICOs are listed on the platform. In other words, you are entitled to special discount offerings of newly listed ICOs if you own LCS tokens. This is definitely a lucrative chance you shouldn’t miss. Personally, what I like the most about LocalCoinSwap is that voting right goes together with the amount of LCS you have in your wallet. You can raise your voice and help making decisions on how the exchange should be operated such as the listing of new tokens, the business direction, the design and functions of the platform, etc. And one thing I think you'll want to hear, I've looked at the roadmap of the project, which started in 2015, and their development has been shaping up to 2019. While many ICOs, their preparation time is short, and I've seen many projects break down because of that rush. However, when looking at the LCS roadmap, I think you have the same thoughts as me, they have a real plan for their child. I believe a product built on what people need and want like LocalCoinSwap will have a very promising development. Either you are a trader or an investor, LocalCoinSwap will bring you great value. Good luck.
Human factor - the foundation of success.
Despite good planning, human being is the decisive factor to the success of the project, with many years of experience working with related fields, LCS's development team is really a formidable bunch, some of the faces are: Nathan Worsley - Chief Technical Officer - Bachelor of Economics (Major in Econometrics); Thomas Underwood - Chief Financial Officer - Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Accounting and Finance); Daniel Worsley - Chief of Operations - Bachelor of Economics (Major in Quantitative Methods) v.v......
Selling and distributing tokens: TOKEN CODE: LCS PRICE PER LCS: 0.4 US Dollar (USD) (1 USD = 2.5 LCS) TOTAL SUPPLY 100,000,000 TOKEN BURNAll unsold TOKEN FREEZEAll: developer tokens for 1 year (An investor protection decision, I appreciate this) Information about … Website: http://www.localcoinswap.com/ Whitepaper: https://www.localcoinswap.com/LocalCoinSwap_whitepaper_v1.0.pdf Telegram: http://t.me/localcoinswap/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/localcoinswap/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/localcoinswap_?lang=en/ — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

[ICO] LibraCredit - the most decentralized financial access opportunity available.

Banking history has existed for decades. Considered one of the backbones of the world economic system, credit institutions maintain their unique position and, despite many changes, the currency business still carries a primitive form as it first appeared. Leverage financial leverage for individuals and organizations with capital needs. But the era of technology has come, there are many traditional things should be upgraded to prepare for the long way to go. In an open economy, finance is also open, multinational banks appear as a necessity, Even though they have shown their benefits ... there are high barriers to credit services: because of the limitation, the credibility of customers is extremely limited, the players The complex KYC, long processing times, and high cost of borrowing ~ 10% globally (World Bank) are not all: cross-border, cross-currency and loan troubles. time zone crossing etc ... too many problems can not be solved. But a blessing to us, when blockchain technology emerged and was recognized, the financial sector also had a powerful tool to improve their systems. I know there are a number of projects that have started implementing the current financial system change plan, but by this time the real opportunity that I believe can really change is coming. The door to global financial services has been opened... If we need to use a phrase to best describe the function of the project we are talking about, it is: "A decentralized lending ecosystem facilitates open access to credit at any Where and at any time based on the Ethereum block. " Yes, LibraCredit is the ecosystem in question, with the purpose of providing credit everywhere and at all times. Having a parent company, the LBA Foundation, with five years of experience in financial services and blockchain technicians, they have achieved a lot of success. Libra Credit of the LBA Foundation is offering a scream for the traditional financial market. Other notable advantages include broad partnerships, powerful AI-based computing tools (home-based risk management technology already in place in China and successful ASEAN markets). ), strong financial resources on fiat demand, hedging and liquidity ... The most amazing thing is that LBA creates a bridge for the world to come to cryptocurrencies. LBA's "Lender & Stablecoin Partnership" will be the financial intermediary for all clients using their services. LBA understands that the value of digital assets is rapidly fluctuating and many customers fear that they will lose their price advantage if using crypto as a form of mortgage collateral, they have proactively created a cross-borrowing method known as crypto-to-stablecoin - This will allow borrowers to raise volatility without escaping or pledging alternative alerts for more formal electronic funds (ie, BTC / ETH) with better liquidity. You may be wondering: For those who have never used crypto, are they having difficulty using LBA's services? Of course, that's an exact question, and LBA has simplified the process of creating a loan agreement, an easy process that you can do even with your smartphone in 5 steps. The security issue is something to keep in mind, Libra Credit can integrate with Dx-based decentralized transactions to approve access to the ERC- 20 standards. A demonstration of an integrated call chain with DEX based on 0x. Human factor - the foundation of success. Despite good planning, human being is the decisive factor to the success of the project, with many years of experience working with related fields, LBA's development team is really a formidable bunch, some of the faces are: Lu Hua
PayPal - Product Development, Product Management, Business Development
VeriSign - Development lead, Senior software engineer
Specialties: Global product management and business development, with a focus on emerging technologies impacting payment services, including mobile financial services, electronic payment systems and online banking in the U.S. and China markets Dan Schatt
Chief Commercial Officer of Stockpile Inc.
General Manager of Financial Innovations at PayPal
Author of Virtual Banking Shuoji Zhou
Founding Partner of FBG Capital (Libra receives the $ 2 million worth of electronic funds invested by FBG Capital)
Early investor in a broad spectrum of blockchain companies Scott Thompson
CEO of Tuition.io
CEO of Yahoo
President at PayPal With what the LBA is showing, I believe in the success of the project, if you are merely an investor and need to find an effective long-term investment channel, LBA's token is also an egg needs to be added to the basket. Information about … Website: https://libracredit.io/ Whitepaper: https://www.libracredit.io/page/Libra%20Credit%20Whitepaper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/libraofficial Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/libracredit/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LibraCredit — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

[ICO] World wifi - universal dreams to the global internet.

Everyone knows the importance of the Internet in modern life.It is a large user database and useful for connecting each together. Wi-fi is the first wireless network and is widely used in the world by it's convenience. Beside it's development, more and more laptops and mobile phone are used. This helps us catch up the information or support for work anywhere. It is one of the most used and higly rated networks. And now, the Internet wifi gives users the new business opportunity from sharing that wifi to other users. World wifi is an new organization, their mission is setting up a free global wifi system.They offer a new solution, cooperate with router owner will share wifi free to other users. It is a good news! because you do not have to pay for the network or sign up for network service before. Entrepreneurs need you and you need wifi. It's is convenient for everybody. Universal dreams to the global internet. When you participate in World wifi, you will be linked in a network that includes: internet users, routers owners, advertisers, entrepreneurs and internet service providers.That each side plays a role that is needed to make a profit. Entrepreneurs seek opportunities to built their businesses through advertising to reach users.In addition we are using free wifi only by tracking an adverting.World wifi will be the intermediary providing the platform for this affiliate network.The mode of operation is not only simple but aslo suitable for the trend of globalization technology.Profit is generated simply by the following process: You are router owner , you sign up the system, open Internet access network, share the free internet to the router owner for each advetise impression.Bonus token can exchanged for another crytocurrency or money. You are an advertiser, you log in the system, make contract and buy the necessary quantity oftokens to pay for the advertising campaign, your advertisement will display immediately You want to make more money with World wi-fi, you will introduce system and make an agreement with any other wi-fi router owner. Apparently as you know the project is expanding on a global scale and there are several incentives for those who take part in that promote it to complete quickly. Moreover the experience and accomplishments of the 2016 RADIUS WIFI and ADRENTA in 2017, this year 2018 WORLD WIFI was born to mark a new development.With a consultant and development team such as: Christel Quek
Adviser Was an Advisor in Zilliqa one of the best ICO in 2018. Dmitry Dain
Adviser Fred Ledbetter
Adviser Thierry De Gorter
Adviser More infonation: - Website: https://en.worldwifi.io/ - Whitepaper: https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/world-wifi/whitepaper/whitepaper_en.pdf - Telegram: https://t.me/world_wifi - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldwifi.io/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorldWifi_ICO — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

[ICO] Altair VR - The harmony of the virtual world and the real world.

Hello my friends! How has your day been? I hope everything is going well to you. Today I’m gonna introduce to you this project which I find very meaningful. It started with the idea of a father who wants his two-year-old daughter to have the chance to learn things in an effective and interesting way by the time she goes to school. This is not just about that lucky daughter but all the children in the world who deserve to have a better future. The project’s named Altair VR. The boundary between reality and fantasy Altair VR is a virtual reality (VR) platform for world discovery applying blockchain technology. The company actually has already been working in additional education since 2010, built the largest network of mobile planetariums in Russia and the CIS and introduced astronomy to more than half a million children. Wanting to make the planetarium accessible globally, they found the solution in virtual reality technology and created Amazing Cinema. This VR application got downloaded over 300.000 times after 6 months released. It got many positive reviews from users and even ranked 1st in the Oculus VR store in August 2017. Besides, they started to launch a virtual planetarium since April 12, 2017 (Gear VR headsets instead of the large domes) which is now sold as an exclusive franchise. This helps more students, even in remote areas, be able to experience virtual education. And now, Altair VR is their next move. The platform is designed to be a virtual encyclopedia which allows people to learn about natural sciences such as chemistry, physics, history, geography, biology and so on. In this platform, anyone can create their own content and monetize from it and this is why blockchain is needed so the content creating process as well as payments are completely transparent. Moreover, decentralized storage is another important feature of the blockchain technology that helps to maintain the independence and stability of the system. Regarding its token ALT, it is an essential part for using the application. Altair VR offers both free and paid experiences and for the paid ones, they require certain amount of token as a payment. The token will also be used to pay for the Altair VR franchise. For users of the platform, ALT will also be needed for them to vote for content creating. On the other hand, the token will be given to moderators and active community members as a reward for their contribution. This is a meaningful project that I highly recommend you guys to have a look and invest in. It’s not just about profit, it’s also about doing good thing for the next generation. The more money it can raise, the wider it can reach and more useful it can be. Good luck!
Information about … Website: http://altairvr.io/ ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2468761.0 Telegram: https://t.me/altairvr Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/altairvrico/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/altair_vr — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

[ICO] Nollycoin — Change film industry in Africa

Nollywood is the cradle of popular films in Africa, which gives the audience thousands of films in a variety of genres.Films fans around the world appreciate the role as well as the authenticity off African films.I’m pretty crazy about wildlife and people there, I think it’s a potential and advantage that Nollywood Movie Producers take as the basis for the films because everybody say that nature and people of Africa are fascinating things to make curious and humor. Besides this film studio is a gathering of people who have leading experience in film production have worked in the company.The most important thing is they have launched a project called “Nollycoin” to bring this films and attractive the investors. Their project opens a professional film production team and hope to create super movies in around the word.   The Nollycoin entertainment project is a fast- growing trend.With the increasing demand for entertaiment because of the daily pressures, movies are a means of relieving stress and gaining more knowledge.It is interesting to participate in Nollycoin,why? We have the opportunity to approach the film production process, the creative will be recorded and paid directly by the buyer. They will regularly update the idea for the movies to show us the potential before choosing it to invest. Fundraising for this distribution platform is a great idea to produce great influences.The huge revenue from blockbuster movies that have appeared before.This is a proof that capital for a movies is extremely important.The project support is an opportunity for us to gain access and work as an owner on this distribution platform.   The ecosystem will be expanded so that we can harness it for a long time and harvest profits around the world by the Nollycoin chain.In addition it’s always fair work based on blockchain technology and the information is encryted and adjusted by Smart Contract. Big open data on Nollycoin to make better movies and other creative works.   The nollycoin project is operated by a team of professional and experienced around the world. DR OPEBANWO is the founder and CEO of the leading executive position over 30 years.Besides Technical Development with the participation of VAUGHNITEM is the director of technology with over 11 years of experience in programing.In particular, the film production consultant team with extensive experience and wide knowlege. The Nollycoin project is a potential and growing trend in the entertaiment industry with innovative ideas.Focus on building a leisure ecosystem and the corelation betwwen production and viewers. Information about … Website: https://nollycoin.com/ Whitepaper: https://nollycoin.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Nollycoin-White-Paper.pdf Instagram: http://instagram.com/nollycoin Facebook: https://facebook.com/Nollycoin/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/nollycoin — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

[ICO] Merculet - You just want attention, you don’t want my heart

“You just want attention, you don’t want my heart”. Poor Charlie Puth sadly sings in his song like that. I actually don’t blame the girl for “just want attention”. She probably already knows how valuable “attention” is. And my friends, what about you? Do you know that “attention” can turn into tokens? Alright that’s enough bullshitting. Today I’m gonna introduce to you this ambitious project named Merculet. Why do I say it’s ambitious? Because they say what they do is “to launch the new era of the Internet”. They want to turn “Internet of information” into “Internet of Value” and believe in a win-win scenario for everyone in a value-based Internet in the future. They build what called Attention Value Network in order to Give users the value they deserve. Users’ value is usually neglected. However users in this network can get money for their attention. More precisely, users are rewarded with token for their effective behaviours. Help enterprises to grow. Many enterprises have difficulty in growth because of the monopoly. Merculet believes that in the “Internet of Value”, there will be no dominating big enterprises. Joining in Attention Value Network, enterprises now have virtuous feedback ecosystem, which means they can concentrate on creating valuable products and Merculet will take care of “the rest” which includes providing new and attractive content, valuating users and rewarding them for their good actions toward enterprises. Attention Value Network is actually the place for demand and supply of attention to meet. However it’s much more advanced than the normal market places because it is built on blockchain technology. There are several key components of the system: UAV (User Attention Value) Evaluation System - in other words: a system that evaluates users’ attention. I guess what it does is pretty clear in its name. UAT - User Attention Token - Be careful and don’t mistake UAT for MVP. MVP is the token of Merculet and this is the thing you can buy during its ICO. Meanwhile UAT is just a “local” token used within Attention Value Network. Each enterprise in the network has its own UAT. UAT will be given to users as a reward for their attention and can be used to redeem for goods or services following each enterprise’s rules. Open Content Platform. This is the source of user attention. Indispensable, good people:
The Merculet team includes people with experience in information management, databases, advertising, and long-term prevention technologies that will ensure a viable project.

Ivan Jiang
He is known as "China's Reid Hoffman" by Professor Gong Yan, Head of China Europe
International Business School (CEIBS) startup Central China Venture Camp;
• Core Leader of Hewlett-Packard HP China, HP Silicon Valley data management
platform and next-generation data center;
• Chief engineer of SAP, First China representative of SAP Cloud acceleration;
• AdMaster vice president of R&D, GM of R&D center;
• Strategic Advisor of Vivaki Data Solution;
• The Initiator of China APP growth alliance; Talked to over 1000 entrepreneurs in
2 years;
• Co-chair of Zhisland to B Alliance;
• 5th CEIBS startup Camp alumnus,9th Lenovo star alumnus;

Shen Jun Zhang
• With over 12 years’ experience in IT industry, serving globally renowned
technology companies such as HP, SAP, EMC, etc., Engaging in large-scale
enterprise data management and SaaS platforms;
• AdMaster R&D Director, technical leader of a number of product lines, led the
development of the first version of the Mobile Monitoring SDK for the China
Mobile Marketing Alliance;
• CTO of Magic Window, led the development of mobile enterprise-class deep link
service (mLink) and content smart distribution platform (mContent) to ensure
the stable operation of distributed systems that are requested every day;
• Focus on governance of distributed system, performance, distributed ledger,
blockchain economy;

Jerry Gao
• With over 10 years’ experience in Interface design, interaction design and
Internet and mobile product design;
• Independent deliver e-commerce system and large scale data management
system to P&G, Shanghai GM;
• Leader of AdMaster e-commerce product line;
• Advisor of big data product and leader of ads transaction system for Vivaki Data
• Specialized in agile development for prototype design and product development
• Rich Experience in the advertising industry, marketing industry and ecommerce

Information about … Website: https://merculet.io/ Whitepaper: https://merculet.io/static/pdf/Merculet_Whitepaper_V0331a-EN.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/merculet Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Merculet-347541915747100 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Merculet_io
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[ICO] Traxia - Trade is the engine of global economic development.

Trade is considered one of the driving forces of global ecnomic development, the exchange of goods and services has increased every year athought it is effedted by the economic crisis in 2008.The number of exchange of goods and services in trade grew rapidly around the world and there are up to 43 million invoices to be paid each day.Let's imagine if this number keeps rising for the next few years, it will overload the overload the settlement of invoices and trade exchanges.In addtion, commercial business is developing in the direction of investment cooperation between organizations and enterprises, investment capital is an important factor in this cooperations.Recognizing the potential in the Traxia Foundation trade as the basis for cooperative commerce.I can call it the trading platform which attracts many traders, investor and customers who want to join. Traxia - Trade is the engine of global economic development. The purpose of Traxia was born to create a model of operation in the form up " financial supply chain".It is a good idea!.In fact, there is always a problem in the trade taht the business owner needs capital, the investor find out potential place to invest and the customer needs good products and want to be spported in the purchase.That is reason why Traxia will become the best and most suitable trading platform for them.In there, data exchange transparently through Blockchain and secure transactions in Smart Contract.With financial supply chain technology will to solve the financial deficit in the trade.Profits generated on transaction platform is sure that makes Trxia's members asserted their position and give new development strategies in the next time. There is also a special feature, which is the Traxia project will be used technology Cardano (ADA) and is invested by ADA's right hand Emurgo, "Cardano Goguen" - Cardano's outstanding technology will allow Traxia to present a more robust solution for better scalability, resolution and security. Another good partner is SOSV - The accelerator vc, World-renowned accelerator fund with $ 300M assets under management, 600+ companies on portfolio, 620+ mentors and 30% IRR. We recognize Traxia is a new technology platform and a promising place to promote growth is trade by its financial connections.Furthermore, their speed is generated by digital contracts wich are faster than manual contracts.Their security combined with LiqEase technology attracted bank and non- bank investors and expanded the market based on technology decentralization to bring opportunities. We have been one of the members of Traxia or not yet.But that does not matter.The opportunities that it brings to us as well as commercial finance are important. Information about … Website: http://traxia.co/ ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3019695.new#new Telegram: https://t.me/traxiafoundation Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TraxiaFoundation Twitter: https://twitter.com/TraxiaNetwork — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

[ICO] Bitreward - Customer loyalty is the most valuable asset of a business.

“Our mission is to create the rewards and loyalty platform that will permeate the online retailers of all shapes and sizes and connect them with their customers by virtue of BIT tokens”. That’s the motto of BitReward. Every year, millions of retailers spend more than $20 billions to increase the loyalty of their customers.That is to remain competitive with other competitors in today's harsh market. So, BitReward came out as a product with blockchain loyalty platform and ecosystem that allows retailers to reward their
customers' purchases, friends' invited and other configurable actions with crypto-currency. This program helps increase the sales of retailers by dozens of percents. From $200 a month, retailers will only have to buy BIT on the open market to reward their users so thousands of retailers will want to connect to this platform. It allows online stores to participate in the BitReward Network to reward BIT for customers’ purchasing, recommend to their friends to purchase, likes and shares in social networks,... The surplus BIT will be linked to electronic wallets online at banks so that customers can use it to spend the same as using Visa or Mastercard. Today, customers expect more from brands and often compare prices. Customer loyalty is measured in repeat purchases and referrals, which are the key to promote profitability for online businesses. Researches indicate that attracting new customers is more expensive than retaining the old one. Lots of data also show that loyal customers stay longer, buy more often, spend less to process, help with price competition, let friends know about their experience, and provide valuable feedback. BitRewards is a B2B2C rewards and loyalty solution built using blockchain and smart contract technology. It brings the great value to all platform members and their customers: Detailers: a high-end blockchain loyalty system with $ 200- $ 2,000 per month for free. Customers: cryptocurrency rewards, which they can turn into real money or exchange into purchases which do not expire and tend to go up in price. BitRewards Network will provide an open source ecosystem to retailer solution providers, so that they can benefit from creating applications that they provide in the network. The BitRewards network ensures that developers benefit from the creation and use of software, awards and hackathons, as well as compensation from retailers.The most demanding solutions from retailers will earn a monetary reward for developers. Developers and retailers will also be able to vote for the most needed features and start creating new functionality of the platform.
The BitRewards team is probably one of the strongest teams out there in terms of, dealing with blockchain for the retail industry. The BitRewards blockchain team also boasts one of the strongest developers of mobile software, Andrey Kladov, who in his more than 8 years of experience participated in the creation of several highly complex software products enjoyed by millions of users globally. Andrey is an avid blockchain advocate, who explores all blockchain services and experiments with its feasibility of ecommerce solutions. The core team is also a strength of BitReward with experienced people in many careers and fields. Alex Egorov (CEO) who spent 15 years working in the banking and financial sphere, and finished his banking career as a Vice-president of the National Reserve Bank (Moscow, Russia) in charge of international relations, foreign financial markets and trade finance. Alexander Nevidimov (CTO, Blockchain architecture, Big Data expert): Olympic Programming training for 5 years, winner of the ACMICPC/IOI championships, main developer of one of the top Bitcoin mining pools, CTO of GIFTD for 4 years, Alexander has more than 12-years’ experience in backend development (and 3 years fullstack), leading diverse development teams for more than 6 years. Andrey Kladov (Mobile architecture, blockchain): Mobile mastermind behind dozens of b2b and b2c apps, Andrey boasts impeccable mobile development skills using Cocoa, Cocoa-Touch, Objective-C, Swift-Language, Java and Android SDK. We can see the real potential that BitReward wants to address, you may think that user loyalty is a vague concept ... but its importance and influence are obvious. Many companies around the world now rely on this factor, specifically Apple ... for many years, their products are always very high in the world of smart phones, but the their number 1 is also in the system, the loyalty of users has nurtured the whole group. No doubt, I am sure BitReward will be a golden egg if you invest in time. Information about … Website: https://bitrewards.network
Whitepaper: https://bitrewards.network/wp.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/bitrewards
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitrewards.network
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitrewards
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[ICO] Konios - all you need to reach the world market.

I think to introduce a new product like clothes, shoes, car or anything is pretty easy because they are familiar things in our lives.But that I want to introduce for you is a new technology platform, it's almost unfamiliar in the past.But I'm sure you will not be able to ignore it when you know what they bring.Konios is the technology platform that I want.Everyday you have wasted time for transactions and fees in a bank.So Konios has developed and programmed the platform for all crypto which allows you to participate in the crypto world by cash. Blockchain technology plays security and transparency role and Smart Contract will follow and test the processes in the Konios platform. All you need to reach the world market. Konios is considered to be a smart and development platform. The programming is based on the advantages and it overcomes the existing shortcomings in electronic technology. The first, it focus on builds a secure platform. Why ? now, the customer data has been stolen by hackers in many banks. That is reason why KONIOS is building the platform through Blockchain technology and performs th transaction on a Smart Contract. With absolute security encrypted by blockchain, customer data will always be guaranteed. Another direction of Konios is creates a trading platform in crypto money that promotes global trade by trading options for all curencies. It is very convenient for daily sales and of course you do not have to spend time and regular service fees. In addition transation Face-to Face in Konios platform that helps you directly exchange trader. This is esential to safe in the transalation. Not over, Konios data analysis capabilities are always free and available to the consumer while previously you have to think about whether to analyze the data by other organization. It's easy to make transactions in the Konios platform by your phone.You have many opportunity KON -Tokens on the Konios platform If you frequently use Konios transactions, you will become a loyal customer.
Konios is asserting it's position in the technology platform by the practical features it brings. Besides It respond the needs of you as well as you looking for these smart platform to serve in your life. Thus 'let Konios simplify your transactions safely and conveniently'. Information about … Website: https://konios.com/ Whitepaper: https://konios.com/#whatepaper-sec Telegram: https://t.me/koniosofficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/konios.social/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoniosOfficial — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

[ICO] Shivom - Health is the most valuable asset of every person.

You, me and more seven millions people on this earth that all admit that the Earth is warming up and air pollution caused by the economic revolutions of the world that is a huge effects to the lives of people on this planet.Recent statistics show that ecosystems are being destroyed, drought, floods, heat waves, melting ice,...appearing in many part of the world.Espectially every year, about 150,000 people die of climate change- related diseases due to high temperatures to diseases like respiratory and diarhea.Organizations and Governments of many countries have given measures to support everyone,However that is not enough.In poor countries, the problem of health is not taken care of because people's lives are poor and the health checks are almost nonexistent. Shivom and dream health for everyone ... To solve and improve health for us,The Shivom platform has offered us to a heath care solution based on convergen technologies including genomics,blockchain, artificial intelligence.It play a important for reseach genomic and treatment of many rare diseases. Thanks to the information of patient shared through Shivom platform.The Shivom creates a platform where the medical team consists of clinicians, researcher, insurers, clinical laboratories and other stakeholders that alway connects patients and patients are supported a crypto keys to manage and control their health data.Besides they can share, donate,or monetize their genomes via Shivom's blockchain platform with transparency, high security. Patient information will help the development of the Shivom's to provide care , counseling services and interact with patients who need to be supported. It's a good news for everyone on the Earth that they will be supported non- profit health services by The Shivom platform! The Shivom platform is set up with global professional team that Alex Schumacher, PhD who has over 20 years of R&D leadership experience in genomics, epigenetics, biomarker discovery, Bio-IT, and aging & longevity with Henry L.Ines is a global executive with extensive VC... and other professional.The Shivom not only is Shivom Genomics Datahub $ Healthcare Services Platform but also is Advanced Protocols and Architecture which is a function of security develoment and data management. In addition The Shivom platfrom will extend service array to the classical target regions from the transitional economies to reduce the cost of healthcare for people in poor countries in the near future.Genomic counselors always supports their in case they do not have direct access and are ready to analyze the questions you face.In other hand they conctrol their genomes by smart contract which is Shivom's platform to securely genome data, manage, find out information and more.How do you think about sharing your genomes?Blockchain technology will protect your genomes to certain parties a security and transparentcy way. Healthcare has never been enough for anyone.Futhermore everyone should be aware that sharing their genomes is an important contribution to the development of medicine and for The Shivom' development that make a strong link to fight againt disease! More information … Website: https://shivom.io/ ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2365709.msg24124494#msg24124494 Telegram: https://t.me/projshivom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectShivom Twitter: https://twitter.com/projectshivom
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[ICO] CryptoCashbackRebate - Minimize your investment risk.

Good morning/afternoon/evening my friends! I hope no matter where you are on Earth, You are doing fine as I am enjoying the warm sunshine and beautiful breeze here. I was told by someone that “money is not everything, however, without money, not many things can be done”. I think it’s not wrong and so now I’m gonna share with you the information of this attractive project named CryptoCashbackRebate which I think can be your friend if you have the intention to join the Cryptocurrency market to make some profit. Alright so what is CryptoCashbackRebate? It’s a serious project by “a team of professionals having 7 years experience in financial markets and forex market environment”. From their website, you will find the company name is Kapsus Technologies Limited and their project back in 2013 - ForexCashbackRebate.com - has been the market leader in providing the cashback/rebate in the forex industry. As we all know about the rapidly development of Cryptocurrency market recently, it makes sense for the company to create CryptoCashbackRebate. I’m glad to know that this project is launched by the financial experts. It really makes it feel more secure to play with the guy who knows exactly what he is doing. Okay now we know who he is, the next question is “what does he do?” CryptoCashbackRebate gives you money for every transaction you make through them. “Money” here is in the form of cashback, rebate or discount. I’m sure you will find the detailed information about the potential of the project as well as specific convincing numbers and figures on their whitepaper and website, so I’m not gonna go too deep explaining here, but let’s run quickly through “how it works”. You need to sign in on CryptoCashbackRebate.com then you will find a list of partnered Exchanges and ICOs there. Pick the dudes you like and sign up with them using referral links from CryptoCashbackRebate. The fees, spreads and conditions are still the same when you open an account directly with the exchange. The only difference you will experience is you will get money for each transaction made. Fantastic! I think that’s enough for introduction. CryptoCashbackRebate is a good friend and hanging out with him definitely will bring you profit. Beside using the platform as an effective way to invest and save your money, you can invest in its token CCR. By the time this post is published, the project is on its 3rd phase sale and we have the chance to get 5% early bird bonus before the 18th of May 2018. That’s definitely a good deal! Their development team is also the elite and experienced in the field they are pursuing. Many years of research and investment in crypto as well as skills and knowledge in management, advertising and economics. Thank you for reading! I will see you very soon in my next post about another “cool dude”, or maybe if I’m in a good mood you will have the chance to meet a “sexy girl” that will have some lucrative and desirable features. Have a good day! More information … Website: https://www.cryptocashbackrebate.com/ico ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3156509 Telegram: https://t.me/cryptocashbackrebatecom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptocashbackrebate/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptocashbackr — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177

[ICO] Sint.Global - Are you a cryptocurrency investor? If the answer is yes then you probably have experienced.

Funding your crypto exchange account with the fiat currency takes a lot of time or not possible at all and this is the same when you want to withdraw cash. The transfer fees are high and usually come with unfavorable exchange rates.
The deposit and withdrawal of assets is restricted due to the working hours of the third-party institutions. There are many unfavorable factors in the current trading system, but with the support of new technologies, especially blockchain, new approaches are emerging. Sint.Global World's Fastest Crypto & Fiat Exchange Point Sint is created to solve all of those problems. Being developed by blockchain enthusiasts and people with experience in the new technologies sector, It enables the investors to convert funds from fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies and vice versa instantly. The platform works 24/7 and at a fee of only 0.1% or even free of charge with the use of SIN token. The solution is absolutely safe because it is built using Blockchain technology, which ensures a 100% stability and correct performance even in case of a single-module failure. This is a huge advancement compare to the current centralized systems which are subject to DDOS attacks and may stop working if one module fails. Sint sponsors an electronic wallet with the goal of optimizing the way a user transacts in just 4 steps: Choose currency - Enter address - Direct local currency or bank account - And Your wallet is ready to use. In the opposite situation, the process of withdrawing money is also very simple: Select the local currency you want to receive or bank account - Select the electronic money you want to sell - Enter the recipient address - And ... * BOOM * ... the amount will be transferred to the bank account later. All for one purpose is to maximize the user experience. Being able to provide such hassle-free transfers and conversions, Sint is a fundamental tool for both newcomers and experienced traders. The platform allows investors to execute trades when they see favourable market conditions which is extremely important for them to maximize the profit as well as minimize the loss when trading. Besides, SIN token - the most important aspect of the platform - is expected to prosper all traders everytime listed on a cryptocurrency exchange. The reason is SIN can be traded to fiat or crypto and vice versa for free in Sint platform. This makes the token a desirable tool and an irreplaceable intermediary currency for transfering money during exchanges. The cryptocurrency is deflationary thanks to Smart Contract, which defines the coin and calculates number of SIN needed in the circulation. With all the benefits it can bring, Sint is expected to be a comprehensive solution, which is clearly lacking in today’s market, for cryptocurrency users. We totally can hope for a unification of the financial market and the speedily developing cryptocurrency market and make it more accessible to ordinary people. Indispensable, good human beings: The project's development team consists of members who have worked with crypto for many years, and who also have expertise in economics, broadcasting and advertising. With the enthusiasm of ourselves, let's take a look at their story. Information about … Website: https://sint.global Whitepaper: https://sint.global/sint-whitepaper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/sint_global ANN thread:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3255597 Twitter: https://twitter.com/sint_global — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
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