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Building the best investment paradigm is ruptured on the functionality and categorization of the business investment concept. The blockchain is the systematic norm of value for cryptocurrency users. The platform offers the place of limitless value shares and the avenue to erupt the money power for all transactions. This is the average instance of investment. Hence, this has lead to the eruption of the MoneyToken cryptocurrency paradigm for users. The platform provides the very nifty point of financial management and practices on the blockchain market. The blockchain is rated as the best technological tool to use and the MoneyToken cryptocurrency node stands as the future financial ecosystem using the smart contracts with Ethereum and Bitcoin.


The Systems Structure:

The MoneyToken is a cryptocurrency backed up loan structure. It is built on the structure of functional coin tokenization generally. The MoneyToken provides the best form of coin stablecoin, loans, MTC and systematic decentralized framework for all form of exchange services. This creates the right profit gain and usage-ability of the platform. It maintains the high standing profile sequence in a unique way and manner. 

-The Problem MoneyToken Solves. 

The MoneyToken solves basically the problem of accessing loan on a liquidity level without losing any value ratio for owned crypto or digital currencies. It makes it possible for the user to access liquidity currency in a great vain and also enjoy the benefit of gains. Furthermore, the MoneyToken solves the issue with asset collateralization from loans and asset holding . It uses the sequence structure of the Ethereum, Bitcoin and other digital currencies for operations in this vein. Thus, asset are also returned through the MoneyToken program. Thus, the MoneyToken sales of BTC is not needed when a user needs access to cash or any kind of liquidity funding. 


-Introducing Amanda( The MoneyToken Artifical Intelligence System).

The MoneyToken works with the digital configuration artificial intelligence node. It is called the Amanda node. Amanda is an automated platform node operator that shapes how loans are given and managed with other variances of operations.  Through, the Amanda framework, all MoneyToken loan and asset collateral operations are done automated-ly for the users. This makes operations speedy and functionally easy.

-The Decentralized Transparency sequence.

The Amanda framework is decentralized using the Ethereum ERC20 paradigm (theme-framework). This ERC 20 framework makes it accommodate all forms of smart contract transactions on the platform. Furthermore, through the decentralized system, all operations and transactions done are accessible and can be verified, certified and authenticated by users for transparency as records and data reports are made plain for users to validate. This makes it reliable and transparent for the users and all platform users.

-Who is the MoneyToken cryptocurrency platform for?.

The MoneyToken platform is essentially designed for Miners, who don't want to lose any investment of tokens been made or mined on the platform. Secondly, the platform is for traders and investors which can build their leverage of crypto investment as cryptocurrency paradigm. Thirdly, through ICOs which can make it easy for users to access tokens without any restrictions of any form. Lastly, the exchanges are one of the best places to harness the power of MoneyToken for user.

-Initial Money Token( IMT).

Thus, with the IMT up to 60% discount on the platform fees for customers membership in general. Furthermore, as a member on MoneyToken platform, users can become lenders and also participate in the decision making process by contributions and automated-ly. 


The MoneyToken sale are ongoing. It started in April leading to end by the first(1st) week of June 2018. All interested users and investors can access their homepage or web portal at www.MoneyToken.com, for all purchases and also checks of platform roadmap milestone achievement and deadlines can also be gotten via the web portal.

website: https://moneytoken.com
Whitepaper:  https://moneytoken.com/doc/MoneyTokenWP_ENG.pdf
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9r7r5BSoq4eE6guMa7P-w
Medium: https://medium.com/@moneytoken
 twitter: https://twitter.com/MoneyToken
Telegram: https://t.me/moneytoken
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoneyTokenOfficial/


jerrison: https://Bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741) 
ETH wallet:  0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407

Entries in this blog


CoVEX is unvailing a hub for all digital trading in cryptocurrency


The best part of trading on the blockchain paradigm is essentially the best place of digital exchange. It is a one stop trading platform. The Covex blockchain technology platform is a one trade digital platform. it includes all the essentials of cryptocurrency exchange, social trading paradigm P2P loan, Margin trading and lending operations plus payment gateways which includes prepaid cards and ICO underwriting services for the users.  The Covex represents the dynamic front of digital currency exchange sequence in general. 

•About Us(Covex).

The covex is a platform stance on building the blockchain nexus of starts-ups and medium-large businesses which will depend solely on the Covex for business decision making process. The platform is decentralized and a basic collection of experts in their different fields such as traders, developers, analysts and investors who understand the unique place and feature framework of the blockchain innovative evangelist paradigm shift in technology advancements and structure. Furthermore, the platform uses the ERC223 Ethereum paradigm coupled with Ethereum token and coin paradigm for the users to trade crypto currencies on the coin market. It also enables groupings for coin and crypto trading in general. Thus, Covex establishes the synergy strength for financial decisions and prosperity by users when using the blockchain paradigm. 

•The Covex Services.

The Covex team has designed a well functional stable financial crypto currency platform. it establishes it to provide users with the best form of services. These services are embedded into idea sharing and social networking sequence via the using of the blockchain node. Covex provides a combined hybrid security trading system with enormous trading tools, market updates etc for the users.

-The Covex provides "Crypto-currency Exchange services.

-It also provides "Social trading platform" for user trading processes and options. 

- Marginal Trading and lending for users

-P2P Loan Service( it is Peer-to-peer loan Service among users)

-Payment Gateway and a

- Covex Prepaid Card services.


-The System Security. 

The Covex system is designed to run on a 24/7 days functionality phase. The platform is robust in its system design using the SSL encrypted structure and HTTPS 2-factor authentication and IPs construct for safety of daily user transactions. 

-Trading Discount. 

The Covex provides users with up to 3000 covex tokens or coins the benefit and entitlement of 50% discount when trading and selling are done or carried out on the platform. This creates the right profit gain and usage-ability of token coinage for users on the investment generally.

-Invitation Bonus and Referrals Commission. 

The Covex provides a 10% bonus commission fee added to any user who provides and invites someone on the platform. The user is rewarded handsomely. 

-Reward and Loyalty Programs.

The user who uses Covex system and holds coin earns a whopping 50% bonus ratings for all transactions and dealings on the Covex platform. This reward system allows for more earning of tokens by users on the platform. 

-Professional Support to Platform Users. 

The Covex platform provides a 24/7 response to any user challenge encountered for referrals, dealings and trading in general on the platform. 

-Mobile and Desktop Applications. 

The Covex offers a sync for both its mobile and desktop applications which makes it easy for the users to access and trade uniquely on the go. This means that no form of hindrances or issues will prevent the trading and operational dealings of the Covex users.


The Covex blockchain technology platform offers its roadmap details for users as to inform them of the Covex team achievements, goals, aims and project timeline-milestones.  The platform can be accessed by users and investors at www.covexlabs.com. Furthermore, the figure below depicts the detail outline of the Covex platform roadmap.   Sources: website: https://www.covexlabs.com Whitepaper: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1gu0ikhpumhu57r/Whitepaper Full Feb 2018.pdf?dl=0 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAFV1omcpIS2Sr--_WOl6HA  twitter: https://twitter.com/covexcoin Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/FGqocRL7Oj3p-YYV3mu2Ng         facebook: https://www.facebook.com/covexcoin Author: jpnl0005 Bitcointalk url: https://Bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1842222 ETH wallet:  0x3c331A715E6092D797308ED6bA74E877767643c7  

einc: A world where decentralized organizations transact


The type and value of cryptocurrencies are determined functionally by its proficiency in the marketplace. it is defined by the systematic paradigm of currency usage and liquidity. The blockchain as a technology is unique for its proficiency in terms of security, algorithm, anagrams and also its vast node of use on the digital currency trading market. This represents the trend system in a decentralized manner for which transactions are carried out and done exclusively. Thus, the Ethereum currency on the block market is evidently one of the best currency to trade with on the blockchain market. The Etheruem also uses the einc as a currency paradigm as with the ether. Thus, yielding the effectiveness of a well-defined paradigm of currency value and liquidity in the market. The platform is set up to validate and maintain the corresponding layer of currency operations in a dynamic fashion. 


-Einc organization. 

The einc is a created organization on the Etherinc blockchain for users. it represents the very value chain of a functional currency like Etheruem. it also validates the needed sequence of an organization that trade with the Ethereum ERC20 paradigm as a smart contract synthesis. The einc currency can be called the Ethereum fork and is all about a currency created as an organization which is a smart contract with well defined and articulated protocol of operations for users. It runs on the Etherinc node, using the einc as a profound currency name for its einc protocol. The einc will maintain its name as einc for its protocol dealings and smart contract operations. 

-The Decentralised structure.

The Einc is a decentralized system used on the Ethereum currency framework. Been decentralized makes it easy and flexible to trade with and trade on any crypto exchanges globally. Furthermore, the decentralized system operations makes it more accessible and acceptable by users on a global scale for trading such as sales, re-sales, buying and also sharing in general. 


-The Workflow model.

The einc organization has a unique workflow model for all its operations and is guided by this model on the crypto currency node.  The model depicts all the contexts of operations and also all detailed outline of activities by users,buyers and many others in general. The figure 1, is a representation of the "einc blockchain systems model".

einc cryptocurrency Workflow model (www.einc.io/figure1/eincWorkflowModel/jpeg/2018)


-Decentralized Organization. 

The einc hopes to run all its organizations on a decentralized space such as the bitcoin, but using the Ethereum Etherinc structure. This is to make the einc financial space contribution as the bitcoin noteworthy using a cryptographic proof sequence and structure instead of trust, system intermediaries and etc. This is the value trend einc currency hopes to share with the world globally via the blockchain. 

-Transparent Non profit organization. 

The einc will through this use case allow for non-profit organizations to enjoy transactions checks and validate fund utilization through the conscious or agreed upon mechanism of operations in terms of the fund utility. This is to aid transparency and efficiency on the platform.

- Inexpensive and Faster DApps.

The einc platform through its lower blocktime will enable and enhance the speedy running time of DApps making the gas Etherinc beam on the blockchain to be more economical and fund-able.

- Securing Elections through einc protocols. 

The einc organism as an organization is built with a voting mechanism feature for the users. This feature can aid election process transparently and also other organizations can use the einc for members voting conscious on any issue without hindrances of validation in terms of votes etc. In addition, the funds can be well accessed through the voting feature on the blockchain.    The ETI COIN.

The Eti Coin are basically the fuel of the Etherinc blockchain for the users. it has the same component structure and strength as the ETH.


The einc coinomics is a representation of all tokenization coin details for users in general. it represents coin shares for users and also the general community. The two diagrams/images below represents the einc coinomics for users. 

( Overall Coinomics and einc Community Coinomics).


The einc roadmap is a representation of einc's organizations achievements and objective deadline milestones. This can be viewed and accessed on www.einc.io, by users and all interested investors.    website: https://einc.io/ Whitepaper: https://cdn.einc.io/assets/files/einc_whitepaper.pdf Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuXo10jvemdXWeROA1lc9Uw Medium: https://medium.com/einc  twitter: https://twitter.com/eIncHQ Telegram: http://t.me/eincHQ facebook :https://facebook.com/eincofficial Author: jerrison bitcointalk url: https://Bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Ethereum wallet:  0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407  0x 9ad5a70a6993a8d4d070a4f3b1dd633e720f670f
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