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ICO review: Mix Rent Project

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Mix.Rent is a decentralized rent-a-car and sharing service. Through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, the platform will provide its customers with the largest and most convenient base of all modes of transport, which is updated on a real-time basis. The decentralized platform model provides direct cooperation with a large number of renters and vehicle owners around the world


Mix. Rent provides customers with a user-friendly platform to rent vehicles across the world. Since 2017, our service has been uniting people and helping them rent different types of vehicles. To date, the platform has registered more than 11,000 users that have listed more than 7,000 vehicles. These include cars, motorcycles, powerboats, construction equipment, yachts, bicycles and other equipment. Mix.Rent is available in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Russia. In the near future, the platform will be introduced to the Australian and Brazilian markets. Blockchain technology and our own tokens will significantly increase the reliability of transactions, simplify payment between transaction parties and will redefine the trust between owners and renters. We are not going to be just another average project in this space. Mix.Rent's task is to become a global leader in the allows for the unlimited growth of MIX Token. We go to ICO with the goal of transforming the transport rental market, to create a quality service for our customers and to run a business model that business into a decentralized platform and reducing temporary costs and expenses on renting vehicles for all users, which will enable us to rapidly scale the business.


By uniting owners:rental companies, private owners, offering rent-a-car services at a regional, national and international level, by using the blockchain technology, we create a new market with an option to communicate, earn and have a good time enjoying long distances.

MixRent Platform Benefits:

Users of this platform will either be able to earn or access a rental car at a discount of as high as 35%. Every aspect of this platform is designed with the user in mind. All vehicles are graded by type of vehicle, place, and price. There is even an option to get a discount for long-term rent.

Owners will get quick and accurate price estimates on how much they could earn. There is also an option inside the platform to promote a vehicle and check out the rating of a renter. Best of all, you can rent just one car or an entire fleet.

How Does MixRent Work?

To date, Mix.Rent as a vehicle rental platform unites owners and renters, helping to rent vehicles and saving time and money.

The platform offers vehicle owners the following options:

  • quick and easy listing
  • calculation of the expected profit
  • renting out most profitable vehicles
  • building the company's reputation and brand
  • helping to drum up business quickly and easily
  • assessing risks for each customer

To date, the service is available both with desktop and mobile versions. In the near future, the platform will have iOS-based and Android-based mobile applications. Every day the platform lists new vehicles, applications and bookings.

How Mix.Rent is different:

Customer focus is our priority

Our main value is making the platform user-friendly. Mix.Rent helps users quickly select the location, the type of vehicle and configure the necessary parameters. In addition, our service will show the rating of the owner's company, which is formed on the basis of feedback from previous orders.

Unique offers from owners

Renters are given exclusive offers from owners, i.e. unique, stylish cars and motorcycles with their own unique personalities; customized yachts; trailers and RVs that can take you to different events and countries; and rare models of helicopters. Such offers cannot be found with ordinary rental companies.

Advantageous offers

Mix.Rent saves both time and money for its customers. The platform provides the to get a discount for long-term rentals. Moreover, due to the full transparency of the platform and chance to compare all offers, our prices are 25% cheaper than those of large rental companies.

Easy to list

Mix.Rent breaks down all barriers that complicate renting as never before. When you create a vehicle profile, the platform shows the average market prices and the expected monthly revenue from your vehicle. This is the first time the market analysis and the preliminary estimation of earnings has been carried out so quickly and conveniently.

Listing and creating a profile for your company is available for a small fee. The owner needs just to fill out a few fields and upload photos to get their first customers and start earning.

In addition, owners have the option to promote their vehicles on our system in order to get more orders.





Token Sales Detail:

Token: MIX

PreICO Price: 1 MIX = 0.00071 ETH

Price: 1 MIX = 0.00085 ETH

Bonus: Available

MVP/Prototype: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: BTC, ETH, XMR, XRP

Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD

Country: Ireland

Whitelist/KYC: KYC

Restricted areas: USA

The funds will go towards marketing efforts in the USA, Canada, India, China, Japan, Brazil, England, Germany, Argentina, Vietnam, Cyprus, Croatia, UAE, Israel, North Korea, Greece, and many other places. The target is to get $30 million. In the latter part of 2018, the company will launch apps, APIs, and widgets for sites in the tourism, residential, and ticketing industries.


For more information:

Website: https://mixrent.io/

Whitepaper: https://mixrent.io/documents/wp_en.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/mixrent

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MixRent

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mix.rent.team


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