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Securypto, DigiSafeGuard offers HD wallet choice

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Securypto dreams to manufacture a secure place on the Internet with high security for client information and data. Securypto will utilize the blockchain innovation to keep their framework progressively straightforward, solid and trusted. Securypto will be a Zerocoin and Masternode based blockchain venture that will have the capacity to give mysterious capacity and additionally will have the capacity to exchange scrambled information. 

Then again, User of Securypto doesn't have to stress over their information encryption. They will have the capacity to Transfer untraceable encoded messages and records over the web without intuition a bit. Additionally, Securypto will include an additional security layer connecting to open source equipment wallet for their client. 


Features of the Platform


No Sweeping: 


In customary paper wallets, clients need to clear their paper wallets to their Smartphone or PC while spending digital currency. It's somewhat unsafe undertaking and many paper wallets has been endangered before while clearing. Here in Securypto, Users don't have to clear their wallets as Securypto utilizes RSA Key encryption on DigiSafeGuard. 


24 Recovery Seed: 


In Securypto, DigiSafeGuard offers HD wallet choice where you can possess 24 recuperation seed which makes it increasingly regal. Likewise, your private will be constantly put away in scrambled mode with the assistance of 4096 Bits RSA key. 


Advantageous Size and Easy to Use: 


DigiSafeGuard for Securypto equipment wallet is little in size. It is a little pocket estimate air gapped PC which is extremely advantageous to take with. Its constantly prepared to utilize and arranged to use for a wide range of digital money. 


What is DigiSafeGuard Hardware? 


To give solid security and higher protection level, Securypto has assigned a devoted open source equipment for the errands. The committed equipment is called DSG (DigiSafeGuard) in Securypto which acts an equipment wallet for putting away and spending your computerized resources. Utilization of DSG offers unknown informing through any unbound channel. The devoted equipment gadget consolidates to a visual evident correspondence system that makes remote abusing of vulnerabilities incomprehensible. 


Securypto Hardware wallet 


Ordinary numerous individuals are losing their crypto resources because of protection and security reason. Securypto enables clients to store and spend your computerized resources safely. The DSG gadget will go about as an equipment wallet. Clients don't have to confide in any outsider, not in any case the Securypto group to anchor their digital currency resources, as they can utilize any generally accessible administrations to make the unsigned exchange for spending their cryptographic forms of money and let the DigiSafeguard sign the exchange. 


The Problem 


Security infringement by organizations and governments 


Absence of dependable answer for mysterious informing or information exchange. 


Complex conventions to anchor or spend a wide range of digital currencies. 


Hacks and holes are ruling lives with consistent dread of your information and security 


Absence of strong installment answers for media makers and substance disseminating 


No real way to ensure content up loader’s character or the downloader 


The Solution 


Full end-to-end encryption over all stages both equipment and programming 


DigiSafeGuard goes about as an independent equipment wallet and encrypted for all information. 


Multi-Layered mysterious exchange of a wide range of information. From content to 4K films 


All facilitated information is scrambled and consequently no one can comprehend what they are facilitating. 


Incapacitating the connection between the uploaded, downloader and facilitating organization. Anchoring the character everything being equal. 


The client in SCU pays content uploaded while the facilitating organization gets an expense for facilitating scrambled information 


Committed Hardware 


It's normally realized that each product, even the one created by the best in the field, will have bugs and defects. 


Securypto takes the respectability of the undertaking to the following dimension by structuring a devoted open source equipment for the errands and consolidating into a visual obvious correspondence strategy which makes remote abusing of vulnerabilities incomprehensible. 


DigiSafeGuard goes about as an equipment wallet for putting away and spending your computerized resources. It empowers unknown informing through any unbound channel. Likewise DSG offers much more of bunch and magnificent highlights.


Token Details


Ticker – SCU


Platform – Ethereum


Total supply – 100.000.000


Accepted Currencies – ETH


Min Contribution – 0.1 ETH


Current Rate 1ETH = 2500 SCU


Token Distribution





You can get more information about this project with huge potential by following the link below:


Website: https://www.securypto.io


Whitepaper: https://www.securypto.io/whitepaper-securypto.pdf


ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5055447.0


GitHub: https://github.com/Securypto


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Securypto


Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Securypto/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/securypto/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/securypto_coin


Author: abeexy

My BitcoinTalk Profile:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247475

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