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InnovaMinex; The Platform That Give Total Detectability Data From The Extraction Of Valuable Metals To Their Commercialization

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Beginning from antiquated occasions, metal mining techniques are continually changing and enhancing, from old sand washing in waterways to mines, mines, and cutting edge ventures. 

The improvement of this innovation has added to a sharp jump in the generation of essential valuable metals, yet few individuals comprehend what issues exist in the field of mechanical mining of different sorts of valuable metals. One of the principle issues was the unlawful mining of these metals, which added to the enormous misfortunes to the mining business. 

InnovaMinex is a creative plan of action that utilizes blockchain innovation to guarantee discernibility of valuable metals. By applying a lot of methodology, it is conceivable to affirm the whole procedure, beginning from its root in the mines, to the refinery and commercialization to the last devour 

This will enable purchasers to check the starting point of the obtained metal, guaranteeing that mining is lawful, that the earth is constantly secured or that it can't be utilized for illegal tax avoidance, since all exchanges are enrolled and the whole network approaches them. 

A definitive objective of the venture is to make gold and different valuable metals progressively open to all individuals with the assistance of our cryptographic money INX, getting the most ideal cost for both our customers and our locale, with an accentuation on the straightforwardness and security of our exchanges. 


Ventures made by InnovaMinex: 



Mining venture. Wealthy in gold, silver and zinc - among different valuable minerals - with an officially running task. Biological mining of underground veins. For the initial 5 years, the evaluated gross deals edge (of mines utilized) is $ 2 billion. USA. 


Reusing process. The plant with a cleaning limit of 200 kg of gold for each day in the free zone and wellbeing 24 × 7. Filtration of gold from our own mines and from outsiders. " Innovative ventures created in gold and silver utilizing digital currency foundry. 


Advancements in web based business. Gold and silver coins and bars of fundamental crypto-changes. Digital currencies as a method for installment and limits on INX installments. Buy and closeout of valuable metals. Combination of our items on extensive exchanging stages (Amazon, eBay, and so forth.). 


ATMs. Deal and buy of crypto changes (INX, BTC, ETH, and so forth.). Protected and natural UI. Buy of gold and valuable metals through our web based business in our ATMs. 


INX: digital money 


InnovaMinex has made INX, a 100% decentralized money with an innovatively propelled idea and an accomplished group that effectively advances its improvement. We have discharged 300 million inx. 


The primary points of interest of InnovaMinex: 


Blockchain. The best and most cutting edge innovations that give total detectability data from the extraction of valuable metals to their commercialization. 


Security and trustworthiness. Clients can depend on exchanges to be led in an insusceptible, programmed, and secure way, wiping out the requirement for outsider trust. 


Quick speed Interbank exchanges as a rule take a few days before they are cleared and settled. Nonstop work. 


Financial plan. Barring merchants and outsiders, we can evacuate undesirable extra costs. This is actually how InnovaMinex can fundamentally lessen exchange charges. 


Straightforwardness and permanence. All INX exchanges are open and unaltered for the whole network. They can't be changed or erased. 


Discernibility. The accreditation will be finished, predictable, exact and freely accessible. 


Market. InnovaMinex is the most secure and most affordable choice for purchasing gold and valuable metals. 


Token subtleties 



Begin date: November 26, 2018. 


Fulfillment: December 9, 2018 


Reward: from 10% to 30% 


Delicate Cap - $ 10 million 


Hard Cap - $ 52.5 million 


Least speculation - 1 INX 


Greatest speculation - No limit 


Acknowledged monetary standards - BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, ETC, USDT, XRP 


Token dispersion and utilization of assets: 



InnovaMinex Team



The InnovaMinex venture is conceptualized by a group of specialists having wide scope of expert involvement in the fields of blockchain innovation, item improvement, IT (counting data innovation the board and programming advancement) correspondences, advancement and business advancement, deals and corporate advertising, lawful, and so forth. 


The 'InnovaMinex' venture is essentially driven by Fernando García Sanz (CEO and Chief Architect) and Rafael Enríquez (Chief Innovation Officer). Fernando is the CEO of Minexcorp, a mining organization related with mining exercises in the "Republic of Columbia".





For more enquiries, visit the links below:

Official website: https://innovaminex.com/en/inx

Telegram channel: https://t.me/InnovaMinex

Twitter: https://twitter.com/innovaminex

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Innovaminex /? ref = bookmark

Whitepaper: https://innovaminex.com/docs/whitepaper-en.pdf

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5040040.new#new

Author: abeexy

Bitcointalk profile link:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247475

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