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Ecoinomi Offers A Straightforward Open Door For Everybody To Utilize The Escrow Work

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Ecoinomi review



Ecoinomi is a financial stage whose fundamental errand is to give conventional individuals the chance to utilize digital currency as methods for installment. For these reasons, the blockchain innovation is utilized straightforwardly and the digital money. Couple, this will prompt the way that the undetectable line among individuals and digital money will be eradicated. 


The Goal 




The primary mission of Ecoinomi is to serve the average citizens, who, albeit acquainted with the idea of digital money, have not managed it. Ecoinomi is a digital money focus that serves to trade cryptographic money for XCOM venture tokens or for fiat reserves. Ecoinomi replaces in our idea of such a procedure as escrow. This implies the client, having arranged the trading of cryptographic money on Fiat or XCOM utilizing Ecoinomi, will be sure about doing this exchange. 




The reason isn't unrealistic as there is less attention to the average folks. Just Trades, Investors and corporates are as of now using the money by and by. 


Indeed, even Recently, the arranged market has been portrayed by a great deal of false exercises and fraudsters. As per inquire about offices situated in the US, Over 57% of all promotions on Craigslist are «fast collections» and false. 




Escrow based applications can be completely viewed as the salvation for the normal man in doing free, protected and reasonable exchanges. Our escrow based application is putting forth the everyday citizens and for all intents and purposes everybody the security required when exchanging on the web, this can be connected to purchasing and moving vehicles, land and different business related specialties. 


In Buyers and venders can appreciate the advantages of security and assurance amid the purchasing and moving of products, administrations and property. 


Advantage of the Platform 


Ecoinomi offers a straightforward open door for everybody to utilize the escrow work. This, as indicated by agents of the venture, will be a salvation for the normal client, which will offer him the chance to lead secure exchanges with a base cost for each exchange. Ecoinomi application will permit in the quickest time and with the greatest advantage to lead Internet exchanging, just as to buy and move products. Furthermore, the application will gain an area that will circulate data about cryptographic money, which will additionally bring it into our lives. 


Versatile App 



Store your crypto tokens, coins and computerized resources securely and safely on your cell phone, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. Track resources you have put away elsewhere –, for example, on an equipment wallet or a trade. ECOINOMI Multicryptocurrency Wallet gives you a total perspective of your whole portfolio in one place, with rich examination to indicate how you're doing.

Token details:



Symbol: XCOM


Coin Rate: 1 XCOM = 0.01$


Type: ERC20


Token Distribution



Possession of the XCOM token gives you a unique ability to participate in our talent recognition program that allows you to save cost on transaction fees.


50% Sale


15% Development


15% Founder


10% Advisors


10% Bounty




Oct 2018


Ecoinomi Platform idea


Nov 2018


Cryptocurrency Trust Wallet


Jan 2019


Beta version of P2P Exchange


Feb 2019


Crypto Game Development


April 2019


Live version of P2P Exchange


Aug 2019


Live version of Online Classifieds


For More Information Click Link Bellow:


Website: https://ecoinomi.io/

Whitepaper: https://ecoinomi.io/index.html#whitepaper

Telegram: https://t.me/ecoinomi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ecoinomi-518046622008583/

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/ECOINOMI_io

Author: abeexy

My Bitcointalk Profile link:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247475

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