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ZEUX utilizes square innovation

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Diagram of zeux venture 



ZEUX venture is a FCA managed element, which has presented its item and will formally present its activities in Europe in 2019. It has the fundamental plan to reveal the administrations to the entire of the world in 2020. On the ZEUX, a customer can deal with the entire of their budgetary portfolios. Each arrangement utilizing the wallet of ZEUX will be performed in an air, which utilizes the digital framework insurance conventions. With the help of ZEUX, all should be possible with only a couple of taps. 


On the ZEUX program, a customer can essentially deal with the whole financial portfolios. Whole arrangements utilizing the ZEUX stage wallets will be performed in an amazingly sheltered condition that fulfills the most elevated guidelines and uses the most exceptional digital environment security conventions. With the assistance of ZEUX stage, all should be possible with only a couple of snaps. 





The mission of Zeux is to change existing money related administrations by making intricate, costly and difficult budgetary administration forms straightforward, helpful and reasonable for the client, in this way making the best administrations available to everybody. 


ZEUX will give an answer that offers a stage that gives you access to every one of your money related items. ZEUX utilizes square innovation that is sheltered, decentralized, circulated and gives its own advanced cash to encourage opening and exchanges that are protected, unaltered, and open. This will be quick, sheltered, agreeable and solid. 


The highlights 




Zeux expects to assist clients with protecting and increase full control of their own information while encouraging access to all close to home money related administrations and making it progressively open for the regular client to contribute, to screen distinctive ventures and to spend and put resources into the crypto world. 


Versatile Payments in Fiat and Crypto utilizing NFC 


Moment virtual Visa installment card 


Secure KYC and attendant service 


Using Zeux's token gives diminished record opening charges, exchange expenses 


Oversee full monetary portfolio for Fiat and Crypto 


Totaled stage to all entrance to every single budgetary administration 


Points of interest 


Amassed to achieve numerous speculations things shape diff suppliers in both virtual and fiat cash, accounts, esteem, cost, premium examination among records. 


Incorporated expand where the customer can oversee many financial balances through open saving money PSD2 


Decentralized, secure capacity of KYC information with authentic information on the square just as attendant service for issue free record opening. 


Safe NFC cell phone installment for fundamental advanced cash and fiat cash at POS 13 


No yearly expense or join charge 


No charges or commissions for remote trade 


Use of the globalized, more extensive safe coin (ZEUX coin) for secure, quick, and free all around exchanges. 


Why pick ZEUX? 



Secure controls – by making your very own information stockroom and client account, every client will get a private key 


Zeux stage designers center around utilizing all the one of a kind blockchain highlights, programmers are scarcely ready to damage or take client data and resources. 


This task utilizes PSD2, a stage to help gather client exchange information, if an issue emerges, it will be settled rapidly, diminishing stagnation for clients to utilize. 


The Zeux stage gives access to various sheltered and promising speculation sites for clients to create income. 


Make money exchanges and benefit with very nearly zero commissions 


Zeux helps exchange cash rapidly and effectively among fiat and crypto, you don't have to experience a mediator to take care of issues. 


With accomplices, COBINHOOD has involvement in trading for capabilities to create Zeux as a worldwide budgetary arrangement through advanced mobile phones


Token details

Token Symbol – ZUC

Token Type – Utility Token

Platform: Ethereum

Token Type: ERC20

Available for sale: 750,000,000 ZUC (40%)

ICO Price: 1 ETH = 5,000 ZUC

Soft cap: 10,000 ETH

Hard cap: 50,000 ETH

Accepted Currency – BTC and ETH


Funds allocation


20% – Technology Development


20% – User acquisition operation cost


20% – Licenses and Compliance


10% – Exchange Listing Cost


10% – Marketing


5% – Infrastructure


5% – Operational Staff


5% – Business Development


5% – Other Cost







For more information, please visit:


Website: https://www.zeux.tech/

Whitepaper: https://www.zeux.tech/assets/PDF/ZEUX-White-paper-Eng.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5074181.0

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/ user / ZeuxApp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZeuxApp/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeuxApp

Telegram: https://t.me/zeuxapp

Medium: https://medium.com/zeux

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClArtpPddqrhzCrXTwtFFnQ


Author: abeexy


Bitcointalk Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247475

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