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Klickzie; A Cryptotoken On The Ethereum Blockchain Platform

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Klickzie Review



Klickzie is a cryptotoken on the Ethereum blockchain to give Augmented Reality interceded exchanges between the world's cell phone clients and the worlds huge, little and smaller scale products and ventures suppliers. 


The primary concern when utilizing increased the truth is the burden of virtual (stunning) questions on the real world, their mix. This is the basic distinction between expanded reality and computer-generated reality. 


Expanded reality enables you to supplement the world with virtual items, sounds, and pictures. It very well may be intelligent, for example 


Virtual items can be impacted (for instance, to contact the little dog's picture on the tablet screen and perceive how it hangs with its tail accordingly)


You can take pictures with them (for instance, in an intriguing cover)


With their assistance, you can go to sites, and so forth., a wide assortment of intuitiveness choices enlarged reality. 


At present, in the United States and numerous European nations, expanded the truth is a vital segment of substantial business that looks to grow new advancements and pull in new clients and accomplices. Also, the increased reality there is solidly settled in such socially critical regions as wellbeing, instruction and science. 





The word biological community has turned into an idea utilized in numerous specific circumstances, incorporating into the setting of a financial environment. The people group in the KLK environment is a free network of individuals who join by decision not by the power of law. Most monetary biological systems today depend on national monetary standards (fiat monetary standards) whose networks are requested into reality by fiat, which is by the power of laws in the particular country. 


KLK digital money is proposed to achieve something's beneath, which are all great, and some of which must be finished with cryptographic money: 


Give the three focal capacities that all cash must perform in each financial biological system: 


To be a mechanism of trade for the exchange of merchandise and enterprises, 


To be a proportion of significant worth for such exchanges, 


Be a store of significant worth, accessible for future exchanges. Different elements of cash, for example, the expansion of credit and the arrangement of conceded installment in an exchange, spill out of these three capacities. KLK cash supplies the focal elements of cash just as the reason for all other determined capacities. 


Give blockchain solid security from misrepresentation, robbery and fake in the account and acknowledgment of KLK exchanges on the blockchain. 


Give intends to winning KLKs getting from what individuals are as of now doing. The ArK and Activated Imagery applications are intended for this correct reason. 


Application Platform 



The reason for the application is to enable individuals to begin profiting on the photographs they take, and furthermore to secure picture takers and individuals utilizing the application or taking part in circulating pictures. 


The organization has created two application stages: the ArK stage dependent on the expanded reality KlickZie ("ArKnet") and the stage of solid pictures ** KlickZie ** dependent on initiation. 


These two stages execute digital currency exchanges in the KLK biological system. 


The KlickZie ArKnet stage enables vendors for products and ventures to convey expanded reality interfaces, which comprise of computerized data having a place with the vender, which promotes and encourages the closeout of merchandise or administrations of dealers utilizing topographically found interfaces of marked ArK that serve the products of the world. what's more, the administration exchange advertise. 


The KlickZie Activated Imagery stage enables you to safely set up responsibility for pictures and other computerized data, which enables customers to extricate benefits from their very own advanced data. 


KlickZie is a stage for cell phone clients to get to their standard buys of products and ventures of any sort. This requires the cutting edge blockchain quicker than any current blockchain. 


The KLK token, as a cryptotoken, will be perfect with the ERC20, on the Ethereum blockchain, yet sooner rather than later it will be gotten ready for one cryptoken swap on its cutting edge blockchain. 


Fast blockchain under the brand name KlickZie zChain, which is right now being worked on. 


KLK must help exchanges between billions of cell phone clients and a huge number of providers of merchandise and ventures around the world. Existing decentralized blockchain innovation.


Token details



Distributed of KLK Tokens


50% Token Sales


20% Tautachrome Shareholders


18% Team


10% Partners


2% Bounties







1st quarter 2018


Project initilization


Token and technology evaluation


2nd quarter, 2018


KlickZie Network Implementation


initialization of KlickZie network, implementation of prototype KlickZie web-app, and basic imagery ownership mechanisms


2nd quarter 2018


Alpha release


Network observation functionality


3rd quarter, 2018


KlickZie Improvements #1


verification and marking improved algorithms


3rd quarter 2018


2nd Alpha Release


Functional update, transactions speed up, web wallet




Token Sale Phase 1


Sale for Company investors and other interested parties


2/2019 & 3/2019


KlickZie Web App


ArKs virtually seeded worldwide.


2nd quarter 2019


Token Sale Phase 2


Release KLK20 trading. Release ArK content- templates for business selling.


3rd quarter 2019


KlickZie marking


Sign up business ArKs.Release proto ArK app: look at store ArK; get KLK awards.


4rd quarter 2019


Token Sale Phase 3


KlickZie in-phone protection. Release ArK Hi-Def geo-stabilization


1st quarter 2020


KlickZie full beta release.


ArKr Functionality: ArK2ArK, Full ArK placement


2nd quarter 2020


Token Sale Phase 4


KlickZie mass storage and bandwidth solutions for ArKs and KlickZie Activated Imagery


3rd quarter 2020


Finish preparation for KlickZie and ArKnet global rollout


For More Information Click Link Bellow:


Website: https://klickzie.io/

Whitepaper: https://klickzie.io/pdf/klk-whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/klickzie

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tautachrome/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tautachrome_Inc

Author: abeexy

My Bitcointalk Profile:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247475

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