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POVcoin Platform

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POVcoin Review



POVCoin create mysterious, intuitive, virtual, open digital currency systems and specialized gadgets for grown-up diversion. Utilize the developing VR market to coordinate it into POV and obscene substance when making grown-up toys with input. Deals advancement and aversion of appropriation of pilfered substance, through the inclusion of all members on the site, it looks bad to take and transfer your recordings for nothing, in the event that you can get them. 


This stage won't just deliver scholars, yet in addition clients. Doing imaginative work and understanding their thoughts with the assistance of inventive IT innovation, every member inspires the chance to win cash. Utilize a developing business sector of grown-up augmented reality content. 


For making content for grown-ups, yet in addition for speaking with financial specialists to take an interest in Token Sale and on the off chance that you like this stage, at that point participate and present computer generated simulation so all substance can be diverse for watchers when they watch your substance, VR Present for help customers get progressively experienced examples, and POVCoin will help pick toys for grown-ups to help customers feel intrigued when he watches your substance. 


The Goal 



Povcoin is a cryptographic money venture that intends to build up the system unknown intuitive that can without much of a stretch open and device by anybody, as the diversion for grown-ups specifically. 


The Challenges 


Absence of chance to adapt web traffic 


Absence of chance to procure for every one of the members 


Pilfered and free video issue to discover quality substance, infections, exchanging from site to site, memberships 


Absence of a created market for the gear with open API and programming with enlarged reality (VR) 


Why povcoin stands out 


The stages fundamental objectives lies in formation of intuitive, open and completely mysterious cryptographic money organize, just as various specialized gadgets exceptionally created for grown-up stimulations. In addition, we create exceptional IT advances that permit anybody willing to join the effectively developing VR-showcase with combination in POV and sexual substance. Or more all, we make grown-up toys with criticism. 


All things considered, the undertaking coins which is POVCOIN is one of Biggest applications dependent on Blockchain for making your Transaction Faster with Make Your Transaction come Secure dependent on Blockchain and furthermore With Artificial Intelligent will Help you to Sit in the Sofa we can spare our Assets in our wallet. 


POVCoin presents to covers 4 sorts of segments that you can procure cash by means of POVCoin simply pick what do you like, for example, User, Author, Production and Developer, There are 4 sorts of approach to win cash through POVCoin, you can Create a decent substance and distribute it in POVCoin stage to rise or pick up customer Views who like your substance, obviously this segments for individuals who like making a decent substance. 


For making Adult substance as well as there are available for Communicate with a speculator for joining the Token Sale 


Highlights of POV Project 





In PovCoin Project, you can discover a scope of choices content ( including VR ). With the accessible substance, you are allowed to pick ( including VR ) will expand your involvement in watching grown-up of substance. 




Use POVCOIN in each your exchange to some extent in to the advancement of the market present day where every one of the members and furthermore you will profit and can appreciate highlights modern have been given by Pov Project more appreciate and energizing.


Token Details

Token: POVR

Platform: Ethereum

Type: ERC20

Price in ICO: 0.0200 USD

Investment info

Accepting: ETH

Distributed in ICO: 30%

Hard cap: 10000000 USD

Token Distribution



Road Map


October 2015


Development of a gadget idea


February 2016


Development of a 3D Model


October 2016


Upgrade of ideas


October 2017


Preparation of Pre-ICO


March 2018


Start Pre-ICO


June 2018


Pre-ICO finish


July 2018


Preparation of ICO


December 2018


Presentation of the POVR application and site


ICO Start


June 2019




September 2019


POVR Token Exchange Listing


June 2020


Start of the POVR platform


For more information, please visit:



Website: https://www.povcoin.io/


Whitepaper: https://www.povcoin.io/uploads/documents/wp(en).pdf


Telegram: https://t.me/povcoinchat


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSJln51hIa_WZ2FcJpvdrLA


Twitter: https://twitter.com/povr_


Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/povr/


Application: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alex.str.nik.smartdevice&reviewId=gp%3AAOqpTOF1G0a00lC8jWDdwLGx4O5MMI2ipViJkQetKG86oOcERMWktj0bkjqXkj9l6MfJewrhdmle60lb_Uh2-w


Indiegogo : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nebula-toys-vibrator-with-vr-functions


Author : abeexy

Bitcointalk profile link:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247475

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