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Custom Contract Network; Contracts Over The Conventions Of Ethereum To Achieve The Need of Client

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Custom Contract Network Platform 




CCN is a brilliant contract supplier organizes means to give answers for the trouble frequently experienced in keen contract arrangement and inspecting at a moderate cost. Brilliant contract that is an element of blockchains with Virtual machine, for example, the ethereum blockchain can be hard to convey, there have been instances of bugs and hacks on some savvy contract of tokens of late because of ill-advised arrangement and inability to complete appropriate evaluating before discharging to people in general. 


This absence of security is certainly unfortunate for the crypto network and CCN intends to give tweaked, open, open-source shrewd contracts to meet the essence of the clients/engineer, ensure security from hacks, secure information recorded on the blockchain and generally speaking give financially savvy administrations to customers and blockchain new companies. 


The Mission 



CCN mission is to give redone, open source and dependable brilliant contracts based over the conventions of Ethereum to achieve the need of client with complete security to ensure client's Ether, Tokens or Data put away over the keen contract. 


Features of the stage 



Post Service Support 


The structure is relentlessly organized to help them in a horrible position or if they need any assistance. They can contact our gathering at the most dependable possible time for better help. 


Complete User Interaction 


We have extremely, patient and all around organized workers who are based on speaking with the customer 


Brilliant End Product Delivery 


CCN practically takes excitement with the customers in their thing enhancement process. A thing needs to experience an improvement of stages from ideation through structure, movement and market introduction. 


All day every day Customer Support 


At CCN, we're founded on your whole satisfaction. Our FREE, every preview of dependably Tech Support hotline is a trusted in the advantage for an extensive number of customers basically like you. Rely on us for help as of now, in the midst of, or after the organization. 


Skill in Development 


The gathering of fashioners working with CCN has more than five years of contribution in the field. We have engineers those are working with Blockchain movement and Smart contract move up to develop the best application for you. 




We give the most insignificant cost organizations to Smart contract movement and Auditing organizations. 


Token and ICO Details 


CCN is an open source Ethereum blockchain and ERC-20 convention based token which can be used to take the administrations of CCN (Custom Contract Network) and its accomplice organizations. It will be accessible on different trades for exchanging and utility purposes.

Token Details


Token Name – CCN Token


Token Symbol – CCN


Token Supply – 890,000,000,000


Decimal – 18


Token Category – ERC-20, Utility Token


Distribution of Tokens is as follows:







September 2018


Market Analysis & Collection of Raw Materials


Project Assessment


Team Building & Outlining the Project


Collection of Feedbacks and Reviews


Cost Assessment


October 2018


Project Development & Allocation Analysis


Website Development


Smart Contract Development &Auditing


Releasing Whitepaper & Supported Materials


Community Building Campaigns


November 2018


Applying on Exchanges


Starting Bounty Campaign


Advisory Recruitment


Marketing & Promotional Activities


December 2018


Listing on Exchanges


Releasing of MVP & Supported Documents


Events & Partnerships


Hiring Technical Experts


January 2019


Business Tours&Ecosystem Growth


Tokens Distribution




Post Promotion


For more information, please visit:


Website: https://customcontract.network/


Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cCxdh_1x6nnJq_uKV-uyT8VK2JLVIItt/view?usp=sharing


ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5059566.0


Telegram: https://t.me/ccntoken


Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ccntoken


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Customcontractnetwork-744212082582378


Author: abeexy

BitcoinTalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247475

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