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SabiGlobal; Future Of The biometric Identification Market

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SabiGlobal Project Preview



There is no uncertainty that the SABI venture is an ideal use case result of blockchain innovation. Today the world is in urgent requirement for an ideal insurance framework, which, can give very verified, reusable, and legitimate assurance framework. The SABI framework is one of a kind and deals with the premise of safe electromagnetic waves, which makes interesting profile and consistently confirms it. It is worth to take note of that the framework doesn't require any contact with the client to verify the data. The SABI framework makes unlimited chances and can be effectively adoptable in each zone. This venture needs much open consideration and I want to enjoy all that life has to offer for this task. 


Sabi worldwide stage 



SABI innovation assumes arrangement of a ceaseless access to a safe framework, when the client's signing in to the region secured by a SABI module begins the confirmation and validation process enabling the ensured framework to safely approve the client, and the client's logging out the region implies that the framework must interfere with approval. 


SABI innovation will be the reason for a framework comprising of a few items went for explaining different errands in the field of data security and secure distinguishing proof and verification: 


Item (MVP) 


It is intended to create three primary items SABIGLOBAL dependent on SABI innovation. 




An inherent or outside module and programming for its upkeep guarantee the procedure of client distinguishing proof and verification. It is intended for b2b corporate market. Designing and programming arrangement Sabi-auth is produced for each market region. Sabi-auth module is the reason for conveyed validation blockchain organize Sabi-net. 



Issues sabi global seeks to solve 





Most distinguishing proof advancements are contrary with one another and the client must utilize a few techniques to get to various frameworks. 


Multifaceted nature of Use 


The client must recall and store all logins and passwords, have physical access keys with him/her. 


Expenses of Equipment 


Distinctive strategies for recognizable proof require diverse gear, this involves an expansion in the expenses for the buy and support of the whole foundation. 


Diminishing Reliability 


Most present day advancements are helpless to hacking, information diddling and forging. 


Arrangements gave 



High security 


The electromagnetic profile of the body can't be lost all through lifetime and it is difficult to counterfeit it. 


SABI innovation is all right for the client, since its emanating power is not exactly the transmitting intensity of cell phones, WiFi systems and other shopper hardware. 


Effortlessness and usability 


The just a single equipment module that can be utilized both exclusively and as a piece of complex corporate and worldwide frameworks. 


The validation procedure does not require any activities from the client. 


Decrease in the planning parameters 


The verification module does not compel the client to enter information – the very nearness of the client inside the scope of the module is now accommodation of recognizable proof information, which lessens client blunders to a base.

Token Details


Token name: SABI token


Ticker: SABI


Dates: Oct 18, 2018 to September 07, 2019


Platform: Ethereum


Soft Cap: 4,000,000 USD


Hard Cap: 18,000,000 USD


Base cost of one SABI token: 0.02 USD


Total number of SABI tokens: 1,400,000,000 SABI


Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, BCH


Pre sale


Start date april 08, 2018 End date july 07, 2019


Purpose of fundraising: Creation of a prototype of the innovative biometric recognition system.


Hard cap – 10,000,000 USD. During this stage the following system of bonuses will be applied. Pre-sale – minimum amount of tokens to purchase: 2500 SABI (50$)


Token Sale



Start date July 08, 2019 for a duration of 2months


Purpose of fundraising: Creation of a ready-to-sell product. Hard cap – 5,000,000 USD.


Sale – minimum amount of tokens to purchase: 1000 SABI (20$).


The affiliate program is in force during all token sale stages: 3% of the amount of SABI tokens


Purchased by an invited investor is paid for each invited investor.


Token Distribution


77% Sale


15 % Team reward


5 % Bounty (airdrop)


1 % Advisors


1 % Developers


33% Technology Development and MVP


26% MVP production


20 % Marketing


9 % Project team reward


6% other expenses


4% Administrative expenses


2% Legal expenses


Laudable management team






2017 Q1 – 2018 Q2




Research and development


Strategy formation


Market research


Team formation


Brand development


2018 Q3 – Q4


Start of development work


Patenting of technology SABI (stage 1)


Registration of an operating company SABIGLOBAL under the jurisdiction of MALTA


2018 Q4 – 2019 Q1


Creating a SABI token


Carrying out Private sale, pre-sale, crowd sale


Making a working model of SABI


Adding to the listing of SABI token


2019 Q1


Purchase of equipment


Recruitment of a team of specialists


Patenting (Stage 2)


Conducting a Crowd sale


2019 Q1 – Q3


Development, patenting and licensing of the SABI-storage serial product


Development of the blockchain platform of the SABI-net


PR Company


Presentation of the SABI technology to the corporate sector


Conclusion of contracts, development and implementation of SABI-auth in industry areas


2019 Q3 – Q4


Production of a serial batch of SABI-storage


Start of sales of SABI-storage


Service and maintenance


2020 Q1 – Q4


Development of technology


Development and release of new products


Service and maintenance


Development of the blockchain platform SABI-net


Development of a mobile application


For more information, please visit the links i have provided below;


Website: https://sabiglobal.io


Whitepaper: https://sabiglobal.io/docs/WhitePaperEN.pdf


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sabi_global


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sabiglobal-285536062278822


Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Sabiglobal


Medium: https://medium.com/@sabiglobal


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sabiglobal


GitHub: https://github.com/sabiglobal


Author: abeexy


BitcoinTalk profile link:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247475


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