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WTXHub; Alcoholic Beverage Industry Platform

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WTXHUB Presentation


WTX Hub makes a thorough system for the eco-structure for the nourishment and refreshment industry with a really circulated stock exchange that drives exchange merchandise and organizations starting with one gathering then onto the next without a third gathering. 


WTX Hub will enable customers to settle on the correct decision before heading off to the store: the application will suggest mixed refreshments dependent on past client inclinations, show current audits and help them locate the most ideal choices from nearby stores. The purchaser can without much of a stretch check the credibility of the item by expelling the container from the counter and putting the cell phone over the WTX tag. Likewise, WTX Hub application clients may get prizes for composing surveys about acquired beverages and giving over utilized bundling at the assigned reusing point. 


In like manner, advanced monetary standards, WTXH, will invigorate trade, speak to a quantifiable exchanging strategy and precisely describe the benchmarks required for item exchanging. A critical piece of the WTX center point is our stimulation, which changes the blockchain circulation and our client centered developments in retail and in the application. A domain amicable structure will be settled with extensive social and system benefits, just as the authenticity of individual blockchain standards and splendid contract development. 


The authoritative vision is to manufacture delegates of the ABM B2B and B2C and B2C Trading natural network the world over, articles/organizations, purchasers and associations. This condition ought to be a choice to advance B2B and B2C ABM, which advances the precision of Google and Facebook client. 


The motivation behind the WTX Hub stage 



Keep away from the danger of deception. 


Anonymize the coordinated effort - no outcast stores your data. 


Discard concealed charges and ABM controls. 


Quicken the installment procedure (the speed of installment is restricted just by the speed of managing stock trades in the Ethereum association, which isn't the situation for a minute.) 


How does it WTX Hub work? 



The WTX center token with a dimension as an installment procedure can be exchanged worldwide exchanging. This WTX center token has the accompanying highlights: 


To disallow outsiders from giving salary producing data except if the outsider gets the endorsement of the WTX Hub to help every client in completing a straightforward procedure. Not every outsider get endorsement in light of the fact that the WTX Hub group is searching for a third individual who is straightforward and truly needs to support every part. 


Each client for each installment exchange on an exchange accomplishes straightforwardness, comfort and security. This is upheld by the blockchain innovation with a high straightforward framework.


ICO details


Token information

Name des Tokens: WTX HUB

Token-Symbol: WTXH

Social Media: https://twitter.com/WtxHub

Pre-ICO-Preice: $ 0,20 = 1WTXH

Price of 1 WTXH token - $ 0.20


WTX-Hub-Token: 200.000.000

Decimal number: 7

Presale start - 12th November 2018

Closing date - 18 March 2019

Hard Cap – 40.000.000 $

Token Issue Date - March 31, 2019

Use of funds - product development allocation


These are the competent team behind WTXHUB project







Q3, 2018: marketing test & proof of concept 

12 November 2018: launch of WTX presale 

7 January 2019: launch of WTX sales 

March 18, 2019: closure of WTX sales 

Q2, 2019: first customers on planes 

Q3>, 2019: expansion in the US, Europe and Asia 

WTX Hub also launched crypto currency, which can also be called WTXH token, which you can use on the gital money market and you can also buy drinks from WTX flatfrom Hub products.


For more information about the project, click on the links below:


Website: https://www.wtxhub.com/


Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5051279.0


Whitepaper: https://www.wtxhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/October-WTX-Hub-and-WTXH-Cryptocurrency-White-Paper.pdf


One pager: https://www.wtxhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/September-WTX-Hub-one-pager.pdf


Twitter: https://twitter.com/WtxHub


Participate: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wtx-hub/


Github: https://github.com/wtxhub


Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/wtxhub


Telegram: https://t.me/wtxhubcrypto


Medium: https://medium.com/@wtxhub


Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/111541577479154368497/


Author: abeexy


Bitcointalk-URL:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247475

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