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ArtCoin; Mission To Rebuilt Art Gallery

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ArtCoin Presentation



Artcoin can be an instrument of workmanship put away with cash. Artcoin Foundation is a group driven by entrepreneur operational guide through the universe of craftsmanship that is extremely misty and not straightforward. The Foundation can issue 750,000 Artcoin artcoins, real monetary forms are upheld by an assortment of compelling artwork. Artcoin Foundation is venture subsidizes concentrating on crafted by style. 


Behind the Badge is an immortal masterpiece, which is accessible just at Artcoin. Be that as it may, on Artcoin stage, a group being controlled by financial specialists, have made a genuine rectification for speculators. Any site or stage that is as yet selling craftsmanship, for example, individuals or imaginative Galleries can utilize Artcoin for the exchange procedure, even on a cell phone. 


Artchain AI 



Artchain AI is an unrest in following, ensuring and recording fine art responsibility. Managing clients through exchanges utilizing cryptographic forms of money, ArtCoin empowers financial specialists to profit by the expanded security and straightforwardness of the Smart Contracts stages. By pulling together data that ordinary speculators typically can't get to, ArtCoin democratizes the workmanship market and goes about as an immediate contact among financial specialists and the craftsmanship business. 


About Artchain Technology 


Plan of action 


By and by, a great deal of billions of dollars are been contributed in danger since craftsmanship can't be confirmed for inventiveness at whatever point somebody sells or purchases workmanship. An extra confirmation will likewise be done which costs a great deal of cash and time. 


These charges will be paid for executing, verifying, and checking artistic work on the Artchain stage. The token will likewise be upheld by ageless bits of craftsmanship which must be executed in Artcoin. Along these lines, a Collateralized Coin Offering is additionally part of the bundle, as our coins will be bolstered by important workmanship pieces. Coming up next are the territories in which there is no successful advanced arrangement: 


Coordinations and Transportation 


Transports are as a rule under guaranteed due to the way that there is at present no track and follow arrangement. 


Licensed innovation Rights 


Craftsmen are not ready to pick up sovereignties from the re-offers of their works due to the in straightforwardness around picture exchanges. 


Picture Authentication 


Picture confirmation is impossible naturally yet physically in light of the fact that, it is inclined to human blunder, exorbitant and tedious. 




The fundamental to picture verification and valuation are the records of history and provenance, yet these are regularly effectively forgeable, deficient and not put away safely. Plan of action 


Condition Reporting 


Because of the way that the conditions that are constantly detailed are costly and lumbering be it human exertion or expansive scanners. This makes proprietors to frequently forego these, despite the fact that this is key for picture valuation and protection purposes (for example with regards to exchanges/transportation). 


Those in charge of harms to a picture are about difficult to recognize (for example with regards to display credits: regardless of whether harm occurred amid transportation or show). 




There is no standard chronicle (and secure putting away) of reclamation exercises alongside a work of art's other fundamental details, for example history, provenance, and condition reports. 


Advantages of artcoin 



Having the ICO, one will almost certainly get speculation grade work that will increment in esteem. One's tokens will be interchangeable to be exchanged and will likewise be used to buy work out of the accumulation for the private gathering. The currency supply is going to increment to raise the gathering and will be given at ceaselessly more cost rates to ensure the interests of token holders are maintained and the estimation of their tokens stays to uplift. With Artcoin, it is just the works sold through it will be followed utilizing the blockchain for validity. With the utilization of Artcoin, any commercial center will bolster specialists to offer work straightforwardly to buyers. Finally, virtual and genuine exhibitions will offer access to Artcoin holders to check the gathering they took an interest to subsidize.


Token Details



Token Name: ARTCOIN


Token Symbol: ARS


Token Standard: ERC20


Jurisdiction: Zurich


Legal Qualification: Utility Token


Softcap: 5,000,000 USD


Hardcap: 100,000,000 USD


Number of Tokens: 30,000,000,000


Price Per Token: $ 0.01


Burn Unsold Token: Yes


Accepted Currency: ETH, USD, & BTC


Minimum Contribution: $10,000 Private, $250 Public


ICO Details


Stage 1

Tokens go on sale at $0.01, by invitation only

Sale lasts until March-15-2019


Only initial investors who are in closecontact with ArtChain can purchase Stage 1 tokens.These investors have a deep involvementin the project and their valued feedback has helped to shape our work. The invitation to the initial offering of tokens at the lowest possible price is a reward in gratitude for their contributions.


Stage 2

Tokens go on sale for $0.03Starts in April-2019This is the lowest possible price for investors who were not part of the invitation-only Stage 1 offer. They’ll receive the highest return for their investment, and it’s the ideal time to make large-quantity purchases.


Stage 3

PRE-ICO EARLY BIRD Begins in May-2019

Tokens go on sale for $0.05


A great middle ground for those investors who preferred to ensure the ICO was a success, but don’t want to wait for the public sale as they wish to capitalize on higher bonuses.


Stage 4

ICO – Tokens go on sale for $0.10


Starts in Sept-2019

The general public gets access to tokens during this most published sale. Support is growing, development is racing ahead, and we’re ready for a large investor influx. The ArtChain app is rolled out, with the first works of art being recorded on the blockchain.


Tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges following the ICO.


Stage 5





For more information please visits the links i have provided below;


Website: https://artcoin.ai/


Whitepaper: https://artcoin.ai/mt-content/uploads/2018/11/whitepaper_oct.pdf


Telegram: https://t.me/artcoinai


Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/artchain.ai20


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Artcoinreal


Medium: https://medium.com/@artchainai


Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/artcoinai/


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwVqhxQgTiBiVxKr1USyYIg


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/artchain-ai/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artcoin.ai/


Author: abeexy


BitcoinTalk profile link:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247475

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