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Scavenger Hunt - SHT3 ICO



Hello, dear!
Today We will review an interesting ICO by Scavenger Hunt team)
From 24st January to 30st June, 2018.



Remember Pokemon go?

Well, we are the first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where you can get crypto currencies by walking around in the real world! We have hidden different coins all over the world. Get SHT1, SHT2 and SHT3 by digging, but you are not alone! Other hunters are trying to find them before you, so be fast! To dig for SHT tokens, you need to go outside. During the crowdsale you can buy SHT only with Ethereum. The crowdsale has different phases, so be quick to buy them cheap!


Dynamic and Responsive
Using the latest web technology we developed a website that works on a mobile, tablet and PC. Our backend runs on Node JS that directly communicates with the ETH network. This allows any webbrowser to access SHT without the need for extra plugins like MetaMask.

We keep your tokens and ETH secure by never storing your wallet encryption password. Your wallet data is encrypted before we store it our database, and only with your key it can be unlocked. That is why we use https and always ask for your encryption key.

3 Smart Contracts
We have distributed 3 smart contracts that store all SHT events and data on the blockchain. Our contracts are here:

SHT1 : 0x77f07B4831113143C24dd651a682c001D9d7E3b4

SHT2 : 0x8376fa08a88B649FB9e506574ED1754c09A79e09

SHT3 : 0x66bDcF4FE81029F8CC053ef7944e2EeE2B4C2F53


For those unfamiliar with bounties, they are jobs, tasks and projects for which people can get tokens as a reward. Our bounties are focused on increasing the popularity of Scavenger Hunt Token by you tweeting and making facebook posts and blog posts about our coin. To make sure our bounty program is fair for you, we use BountyGuru as our monitoring and payout platform. Claim your bounty here: https://my.bountyguru.com/campaign/SHT

The following deadlines apply:
1000 tokens for 0.01ETH @ 1st Phase till March 31st 2018
500 tokens for 0.01ETH @ 2nd phase April 1st - April 30th 2018
100 tokens for 0.01ETH @ Last phase May 1st - June 30th 2018
After July 1st 2018 Only digging for tokens is possible

Why invest in SHT?
We have a location based (GPS) token that allows the tracking and tracing of real-time objects on the blockchain. SHT looks like a game, but the technology is created for various location based use-cases. We have the possibility to attach tokens to real-world object providing location based incentives for users. E.g. you will get 10.000 extra coins if you visit our store within the next 24 hours. The SHT technology can make this happen!


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