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Lunes Platform - Pre-sale of ICO is coming up




Lunes Platform will allow you to create tokens and authenticity registers using blockchain. Soon we will be in pre-sale of the ICO tokens. Enter your email and receive all the news about the ICO launch.

Thus, a new upcoming ICO's main idea starts. We all know that every ICO happening this year is individual itself. But keep in mind that this ICO is the best in my opinion cause this project is aiming what a simple person like you and me want.


LUNES - is a future technology based platform what can make tokenization of business much easier for everyone.

In this project, a wallet is included too which is really promising us to be a perspective project))


Being added to play store from on 28th January, 2018, Lunes Wallet app is capable to store Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin(LTC) and also Ethereum (ETH).

The Lunes ICO will be held directly by the mobile wallet. With your Bitcoin or Ethereum balance stored in your Lunes wallet, you can easily buy your Lunes tokens and receive them by the end of the ICO phase.

The wallet will provide several resources for you, however you can use the functions in a modular way, customizing according to your profile so the resources can be used in the best possible way.




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