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What is Kachingcoin project?

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What is Kachingcoin project?

Kaching Coins(KAC) will be sole mechanism for transferring value within the ecosystem-breathing life in all subsystems and micro-ecosystems by offering a complete investment and trading ecosystem- We create value for both the investor and user of KAC. Kaching Coins is truly the most utilizable token. With a finished product ready to be tested by Pre-ICO investors, Kaching Coins is the world’s most complete investment ecosystem, powered by Blockchain. Kaching is one of the results of the development of the blockbuster industry that has experienced good performance and excellent ideas based on a system that directly opens up opportunities for investors to be more open with symbolic investments. Being one of the first platform platforms to be generated, this company wants to realize and help investors to worry more about the economic weakness that many are suffering in the world in the concept of mutual assistance as an investment that can be exchanged by registered users in this block chain. Some Important Points of the Kaching Platform This will be the moment when most registered investors or potential investors who start their business on this platform will be in business.


How does Kachingcoin works?

The future of the platform Kaching as the first Platform-a generation that offers a solution to the problem of investors not being able to accurately time, and every time a change in the market encryption variable or high and the lowest common from the price of the cryptographic make this platform user potential .

They're ready to receive notifications automatically on software mobile their. the world, without leaving the role. The aim is to create an ecosystem that concept the benefits of reciprocity

between traders and consumers, as well as a platform that can permanently contribute on the stability of income. To overcome the problems facing most investors, Kaching take a decision, offer the solution of intelligent platform that helps productivity and easy access to Your account.


Because of a change in the exchange digital assets at the beginning of the beginning of this year a little rose sharp,then there is a project decentral that have value beneficial for investors will grow rapidly in the world.

One of the definitions of this network is to use a theme that is very unique compared with other platforms available in the world.

because they have the balance and the process of investment and have some profit greater than the capital in the ease before sale assets they do.





Kaching is the platform of the blockade, which for the first time introduced the idea of creative unique at the market of symbolic economy economy, that can start trading directly and on the platform for the exchange of digital assets.


Kaching is one of the results of the expansion of the industry blockbuster who have experienced the performance of good and great ideas based on the system directly open opportunity for investors to be more open with the investment symbolic.


Be one of the platform the first platform to be produced, this company want to create and help investors to worry more about the economic disadvantages that many suffer in the world in the concept of reciprocal help as an investment that can be changed by the user registered in the chain of this block. Some Important Points from the Platform of Kaching This will be the moment when most of the investors listed or candidate investors which start their business on this platform will be in business.to answer terms and conditions on the platform of Kaching is a source of income that will ensure the value of the balanced of the ecosystem that is mutually beneficial between the buyer and the seller.


In this case, if the investors are economic concepts that have a probability of on average greater than the return on capital investment, the sale of the symbolic will be more common among investors who want to get profit on this platform.


Able contact projects following this is a huge effort in the project legal and safe to trade in tobacco products and tokens in the industry of pulp and paper,

start working and do the system analysis is balanced in one of the tactics and ideas of Your own which are directed by many investors.


Kachingplatform decentral to block, which aims at creating investment that influence the positive side of the management of the funds will be invested in this platform; in other words, this platform is a place for investors around the world.

Kaching presented at the beginning of the year at the enterprise encryption commercial that has characteristics of a certain, with a lot of market and crypt commercial high today that dominate the market.

Kaching Coins-The Most Complete Investment Ecosystem Powered By Blockchain

Why KachingCoins?

Financial freedom is the one constant when asking people about their financial ambitions. However, 90% of traders and investors lose money due to making desperate and emotional choices with their hard-earned savings in order to get ahead in life. They also lose big because of the ambiguity and hidden agendas of certain centralized institutions. Within these centralized institutions, the share of information is ineffective and third-party manipulation is endemic. KachingCoins was developed with one goal in mind, to create a global decentralized and transparent network for the people, to diversify investment and secure their financial freedom. Explore KachingCoins, the Most Complete Investment Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain.

“The main reason why Kaching is so intrinsically different than most ICO’s out there is the fact that our ecosystem was built to bring value to the token. We already have a product and we have a client base who will utilize the token throughout the Ecosystem. It is already growing! It is inevitable!“- Stephan Roos.

Ready To Use

- Millions of dollar already invested in platforms of the ecosystem.

- World-Wide Community

- More than 100,000,000 investors around the globe.

- Huge Market Cap

- 20 trillion dollar market size of investment instruments.

Sale of Token (KAC)

Every change in this company has a very special commercial value. Facilitating potential investors is one of the things that CryptoCurrency companies should classify in the world, but it provides clear and detailed details and at the same time represents a roadmap that determines whether the company truly values the future investor. potential. If you are looking for a place to negotiate a market in currency markets, this is the solution you can take as one of the main options of the cryptographic trading market based on the blockchain platform. It comes with the latest blockchain platform technology KACHING COINS Market is one of the great benefits for shareholders' profit and is one of the crypto exchanges through market democracy system. It is not just that KACHING COINS Here, as a place to trade by cryptography, there is a better explanatory advantage than other markets.

Allocation of Funds

Most current of Trading Platforms will not be able to offer you the option to diversify your fund's allocation when it comes to investing in multiple trading instruments. With the kaching ecosystem, you will be able to allocate your capital into different investment streams so as to manage your risks better and not have all your capital in one proverbial egg basket. Diversity and investment customization is part of what Kaching wants to offer to the market.

Tokenization and Bonus program

Token Standart - Ethereum ERC 20 Token

Token Name - Kaching Coin (KAC) Screenshot (36).png

Decimal - 18**

Number of Token - 247.000.000

Kaching coin (KAC) serves as a mechanism for transferring value in the Kaching Ecosystem. 50% of the total amount of token will be released in the Pre-ICO and ICO Phase.

Project Timeline

2015 – 2017: Project Foundation

Idea creation, team forming, Kaching Global Fintech Ltd. was founded in London, UK. Company number 11095157

Feb 2018: Token Private Sales

Private round of token distribution for early adopters with 66% bonus in the amount of only 2 weeks

Mar 2018: Token Private Sales

The first and second open rounds for token release. Each round lasts for 2 weeks only. Buy with 33% bonus.

Apr 2018: Pre ICO

The main 4 rounds of token release for the public. Each round lasts for 2 weeks only. Buy with 25% bonus

May 2018: ICO

Kaching Coin (KAC) started to be listed in internal and global exchanges, facilitate trading.

Sep 2018: Grand Launching

Social Trading Platform, the first key element in the ecosystem where investors, traders, IBs share profit with each other

Q1, 2019: Massive Funds And Users

Bringing in world-class funds dramatically increases the profitability of the investors and the total value of the ecosystem

Later On: The Complete Ecosystem

Develop Academy, RnD Lab, Whole ecosystem and start sharing dividends to token holders.


- Stephan Roos - Investor Relationship Director

- Simon Mark - Social Trading Expert/Co-founder

- Derek Sandheinrich - Fintech Expert/ Co-founder

- Tahsin Haykal - Fintech Expert/ Co-founder

- Kevin Millien - Brokerage Expert/ Advisor

- Tung Phan - HR Specialist/ Advisor

- James Thai - Tech Expert/ Advisor



For more information:

Website: https://kachingcoins.io/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VDImRBOHQVYeDVSvy3qkkcgrn9vaeF43/view

Telegram: https://t.me/kachingcoins

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kachingcoins/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KachingCoins


Author: tinhkhuat

Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373

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