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ICO Review: ServAdvisor Project

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ServAdvisor is a worldwide first decentralized services recommendation platform based on unique customer specific preferences.


ServAdvisor is the first decentralized service worldwide platform recommendations based on specific customer-specific preference. creating a revolutionary token-based economic connection service

consumer service providers into a single eco-system. The main advantage of the platform is that the service consumers around the world will get rewarded for sharing accurate information and high-quality reviews, as retail providers will have direct access to potential consumers, standing at their door. Motivated users are more likely to write reviews right away after service consumed, ServAdvisor aims to create real-time that is constantly updated and maintained the worldwide platform that is reliable, accurate, and useful

ServAdvisor is a marketing platform and consumer engagement enabling participating brands to provide incentives to consumers who check it This becomes an ongoing mechanism for service

providers to maintain customer loyalty, to provide products rich in promotional information to influence purchase decisions right on the time when the user actually stood in the door. service providers will obtain ServCoins and allocate them the consumer as an incentive to facilitate the desired engagement and actions they expect consumers to make. ServCoin will encourage engagement and incentive exchange of information between parties, and thus, will constant information refreshability on the ServAdvisor Platform.

ServAdvisor also aims to build a database of consumer and service preferences from which artificial intelligence can provide individual users with unique personalized recommendations tailored specifically to them. With artificial intelligence based recommendations and high-quality information based on the blockchain, ServAdvisor will become the new standard for service discovery

platform with intelligent and reliable information.



ServCoin Tokens will be used in decentralized resellers service provider as a reward for that user providing accurate business information, high-quality reviews, excellent service and content from around the world. Users will be rewarded for contributing quality content and information to the App, even receiving some of the advertising costs service providers, and will be able to use the money they generate from their contribution to consume other services or even transfer to paper Money. The platform also helps users discover new and exciting services that they surely enjoy, helping them enrich their lives.

The revolutionary approach utilizes the benefits of blockchain technology and provide a direct connection between service providers and users. ServAdvisor is on the verge revolutionize how to consume services by bringing customer experience to a new level due to the combination Augmented Reality Artificial Intelligence and customer incentive platform

The AR and AI


Augmented Reality is a real-time technology, which works with overlaying detailed information about the user's environment, including graphics, audio, video, and more, In addition, Technavio highlights the increase in AR technology in it health, retail, travel, and other sectors. In line with its development in AR, smart glasses are also expected to increase at CAGR 69% by 2021. The AR market by HMD is expected to reach 35% by 2021 through wider use in the health and engineering sectors. Indeed, user awareness and interest in AR have improved steadily. As a result, consumer-specific AR applications tend to increase the market even further. AR technology has been praised for its potential to replace 'abstract' the reality of a standard mobile browser with actual 'reality' being streamed via a smart phone camera. Augmented reality is one of the most successful ambassadors

everywhere is computing to date and based on location-based ideas data can be overlaid on your view of real life. In context ServAdvisor App, the goal of mobile AR is to help potential services consumers get information about direct service offerings The ServAdvisor app uses your phone's camera viewfinder to find nearby places service providers and show you what's around you, but unlimited

AI dan Stochastic


n fact, many phenomena are observed in the actual physical universe the best model with nonlinear transformation. the team uses this in ServAdvisor modeling process for transformation between system and input-output targets in machine learning and AI solutions. For AI model training and optimization of stochastic parameters the team developed the GA algorithm that involved randomness idea when searching. However, that's for sure it is clearly understood that GAs is not just a random search algorithm. They leverage the knowledge of previous generations of strings to build a new generation that will approach the optimal solution.



Distribution of ServCoin token

There will be 2 000 000 000 ServCoin tokens issued

tokens distributed during the crowdsale: 1 690.000.000 (84.5%

ServAdvisor Pool (Reservation): 310.000.000 15.5%

ServAdvisor will initially allocate 15.5% of the total pool ServCoin will be at

to provide incentives to users The servings token that was not sold during Token Sales


ServCoin will be the token type ERC-20 is currently accepted in most major cryptocurrency exchanges. The ServAdvisor team will contact the exchange and will try to earn ServCoin is listed on the main cryptocurrency currency market worldwide allow the ServCoin holders to sell their ServCoin tokens in the market Since the total number of SRV tokens is strictly limited by 2 000 000 000, it is expected by the analytic center that the value of the SRV token will grow in proportion to the total number of App ServAdvisor users



Official website: www.ServAdvisor.co


Official youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sskHGw9c-c


Official Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/ServAdvisor


Official Telegram: https://t.me/ServAdvisor


Official Medium: https://medium.com/@ServAdvisor


Official FB: https://www.facebook.com/ServAdvisor-1970283999656534/


Official GitHub: https://github.com/ServAdvisor


Official Bitcointalk.org: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3903200


Official Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ServAdvisor



Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1289138

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