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  2. Cryptomininggame Anew kind of Bitcoin Faucet where you can mine for game and earn for real! Enjoy the game and earn bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin! ref.link noref
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  4. Monero Gold ICO

    Monero Gold - Music Platform Faster, Cheaper and Smart Contract Powered Pre-Sale Now Open (24/11 To 26/11) 1 ETH = 10k XMRG + 60% Bonus Send ETH Here : 0x16aa7328a402cbbe46afdba9ff2b54cb1a0124b6
  5. There is not much explanation needed for Blockchain technology, as just about everyone is aware of it and the wonders that it has done. However, when one sees the overall picture, there are not too many options exactly making their mark in South Asian (India in particular) Markets. That is where Rupee Coin comes in been a decentralized open-source blockchain cryptocurrency, it is meant to rewrite the history book with the chapter that will be termed as GOLDEN! Rupeecoin is not any new ICO but a well-established Cryptocurrency that originally launched in 2016; it is presently available on many exchanges as well. However, it was in 2017 that highly qualified team of experts saw the potential and started working on the project and re-launching it in September 2017 with major improvement adding several features to help benefit users. The whole concept behind is to help people especially ones who live in foreign to send money to their families with ease and with almost next to nothing fees. With Rupee Coin, it will be easy to send/receive money with also having the easier conversion to and from fiat currencies (INR, USD etc.) for merchants and buyers. So, now is the opportunity for you to save money and be part of the game changer for South Asian people!
  6. Update: bitcoingrowthbot noref Lending program with trading bot, you get 20 NCL Token for registration. geens noref Encrypted document storage, you get 100 GEE Token and 1GB online storage for registration. refereum noref Videogame streaming platform, get a twitch account and register with it at referum to get 500 Token. Earn more Token hourly by watching streams and connect to their discordapp channel.
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  8. Investy is the world’s first decentralized investments platform, offering ease of use, transparency, safety and reliability. Their mission is to unite experienced traders and novice investors together, in one platform. The token sale will take place from November 24 to December 23, 2017, with 142 MILLION IVC tokens issued for sale with a price of 1 IVC = $0.1. Here is the best part: You GET A BONUS WHEN YOU INVEST NOW IN THE INVESTY ITO! -During the first 6 days, a 66% bonus is offered -For Days 7–11, the bonus is 44% -For Days 12–18, the bonus is 22 % -From Days 19–26, the bonus is 11% Shortly, Investy will have their first prototype. In December, they will add the alpha version of the trading terminal in demo mode and then proceed to the serious task of building the trading terminal. They have a full roadmap, which will result in a working prototype with many useful functions, including the subscription function. The results of all traders are recorded in the blockchain, making the results reliable and they cannot be falsified. Investors can choose a trader according to open ratings and specific parameters, and earn together. Investors assets are managed by professionals, giving them the best results. The money is in safe hands with no theft or possibility of fraud through a trader’s actions. Make your crypto trading safe, transparent, reliable and profitable with Investy. Don’t be late, and grab your chance for a great bonus offer by signing up. NO PROMO CODE NEEDED SIGN UP NOW HERE!
  9. Future SOL Token Owners, Today is Your Day! We are proud to announce a discount scheme which takes effect during the token sale. There will be three tiers based on the fundraising progress: -up to $750K the discount is 15% -from $750K to $1.5M the discount is 10% -from $1.5M to $3M the discount is 5%. Based on the registered participants’ number, we suggest acting fast. We would like to remind you that the Sola token sale starts in 2 days, on November 27 at 2:00 PM UTC. In the meantime, you may want to check token sale terms and ask any questions on the SOLA Telegram chat with more than 1200 passionate participants! Free SOL tokens are waiting for you! Register for the Sola token sale NOW and get 5 SOL!

    COMPANY GIFT CARD PROGRAMS MAKE MORE SENSE WITH CENTZ Gift cards are one of the most popular gift giving items, but the companies offering gift cards have programes which are inflexible or even misleading, giving users not many options to use their gift cards fully or replace the unwanted ones. This allows the retailers to get huge amounts of unspent balances. Centz, the world’s first gift card wallet and exchange, based on blockchain technology, will stop this by giving users the ability to use their gift cards in a flexible way, allowing companies to get more customers and gain additional income. CEO and Founder of CENTZ, Jon Bricken, says, “Historical consumer behavior trends show that a portion of many gift cards will never be redeemed. Today, the gift card market is enormous and it is growing 10% per year, worldwide.“ As the world’s first gift card wallet and exchange system, Centz has a lot of benefits for users, as they can use their gift cards in a flexible way — but users aren’t the only ones who benefit from the Centz. Centz also has great value for companies. Read More HERE Centz ITO will take place from November 25 to December 15, 2017. For more information on participating in the Centz ITO, please visit https://centz.io/
  11. Spectre.ai crowdsale has raised $13,444,906.45USD in ETH | Live through Dec 10 ___ https://spectre.ai/
  12. Livetree DISRUPTS ENTERTAINMENT FINANCING INDUSTRY! - on Bitcoin Rush ___ https://vid.me/bgsTd
  13. Transforming Diamond into a Real Asset Through CEDEX Platform CEDEX is a global exchange with the aim of closing the gap between the innovative financial markets and the traditional diamond industry. It aims at providing a groundbreaking change that will enable people to liquidate and invest in diamonds like other financial assets through a secure and transparent process. Read the whole story here: http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/11/24/cedex-diamond-real-asset-platform/
  14. Tomorrow Events: Bytom ($BTM) To Be Listed On KEX Quark ($QRK) - Hard Fork BitSend ($BSD) - SegWit Activation
  15. [ANN] [ICO] DropDeck - crowdsale live!

    #DropDeck now also available with 5% added bonus on: https://trustdex.io/market/ico/ddd ___
  16. Former innovation director and principal technical strategy advisor at Microsoft, Adrian Clarke, is the latest tech star to join forces with Modex (www.Modex.tech), the UK based blockchain firm developing a global first smart contract marketplace. https://youtu.be/CbblqJGJcOM
  17. During presale or before?

    I don’t really care much about this, as I totally believe that it should be more about when you get to know about quality project. That’s exactly why I am eagerly watching Stokit, it’s yet to even reveal their whitepaper which is just 5 days away, but the whole concept and all such things are extremely attractive upfront, so looking forward to them.
  18. Confido, which raised $374,000 from investors in an ICO and reached $10 million in market cap last week, has disappeared from Sunday this week. Check out here: Confido goes off after getting $374000
  19. Bitcoin Gold lost a total of $3.3 million scams after submitting their private keys operators of the illegal activities of the website. Read detail info here: Bitcoin Gold scam
  20. News about Dash cryptocurrency

    Interview with the legendary Chris Silver creator of the forum "The silver forum" and co-founder of "The Bit Forum"
  21. Investlife.club 300 -600 satoshi every hour! Need to sign up to get pass word in email Can use google translater Click 'check in' to register and after login,click 'crane' to claim from faucet Pay out to faucet system Invest Life Faucet 397 satoshi 2017-11-24 05:34:49 n ref.link noref
  22. E-CHAT IS PICKING UP STEAM AS IT HIT THE HUFFINGTON POST TWICE THIS MONTH This time we are mentioned in the recent article provided by the Huffington Post due to our profound system of cryptowallet protection. The post is bringing the light to the aspects of how to keep your cryptocurrency assets safe. The knowledgeable opinion of Edwin Dearborn, our CMO, was brought to comment on this issue. Edwin stated that the wallet protection is as important as the provision of safe transactions. Based on the e-Chat experience, the usage of blockchain technology, IPFS protocols, and P2P connections is a win-win solution. Will Caldwell, the author of the article, mentioned that other ways to protect cryptocurrency transactions are: 1) make more wallets to distribute the assets and 2) store the assets offline. None of the mentioned above ways is convenient enough in the speeding pace of modern life. That is why we developed e-Chat. We believe that cryptocurrency transactions should become easier and more convenient to everyone. WHITE PAPER ● Website ● Bitcointalk ● Telegram ● Slack ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Reddit ● Medium ● Steemit ● iOs app Android app OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN THREAD
  23. Citizens are already using the Zug ID registration on the Ethereum blockchain which highlights some steps on how to access the services. Read Detail info here: Ethereum Blockchain
  24. Roadmap 2017 status report! I have to report that things are looking pretty good right now; the implementation of mutex, which was one of the very innovative approaches to Vault 3 and masternodes is a success so far. Also, the patch from Zerocoin which was reported the last time as a fix to a wekness will be implemented using the github merge procedure, so it is no longer an issue. We also had an issue with block timing, which has been corrected just today; we are currently testing internally the latest daemon to make sure it is running smoothly - last time it was with this testing that we isolated certain problems that we are correcting now. Another team is working on the GUI interface (the "qt"), and putting together the new visuals for CBXi: no longer gold, we are turning to a "platinum" look - but shhhhh. I will let you discover the rest when the Vault 3.0.0 rolls out. Still no final date for the alpha testing phase, but it's coming... The Crypto Bullion Team
  25. Citizens are already using the Zug ID registration on the Ethereum blockchain which highlights some steps on how to access the services. Read Detail info here: Ethereum Blockchain
  26. Rapport de progression sur le Roadmap 2017! Je dois souligner que les choses vont plutôt bien maintenant; la mise en œuvre du mutex, qui était l'une des approches très innovantrices du développement du Vault 3 et de masternodes, est un succès jusqu'à présent. Par ailleurs, la patch corrective de Zerocoin qui a été signalée la dernière fois comme une solution à une faiblesse de Zerocoin sera implémentée en utilisant la procédure de fusion github, donc ce n'est plus un problème. Nous avons également eu un problème avec la synchronisation des blocs, qui a été corrigée justement aujourd'hui; Nous testons actuellement en interne le "daemon" CBXi pour nous assurer qu'il fonctionne correctement. La dernière fois, c'est avec ce test que nous avons identifié certains problèmes que nous corrigeons maintenant. Une autre équipe travaille sur l'interface GUI (le "qt"), et rassemble les nouveaux visuels pour CBXi: on ne sera plus d'or, on se tourne vers un look "platine" - mais chut! Je vais vous laisser découvrir le reste lorsque le Vault 3.0.0 sortira. Toujours pas de date finale pour la phase alpha de test, mais ça vient ... l'équipe CBX
  27. Congratulations to the Flixxo team Now better news is coming for everyone ...
  28. ¡Felicitaciones al equipo Flixxo! Ahora se vienen mejores noticias para todos...
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