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  2. Company News by ForexMart

    Positive German Business Confidence as Economy Strengthen German firms are preparing for a bountiful period on the back of a slackening summer season. Business climate of the Germany boosted for the sixth month in July, claimed by the Ifo Institute. According to the poll, which includes 7,000 companies under the construction, manufacturing and trade sector around Europe’s biggest economy, the index increased to 116.0 which is adjusted from 115.2 last month. This was the highest level recorded for almost 26 years, compared with the Bloomberg’s median estimate showing a decline to 114.9. The euro moved higher following the issued data and continued to trade at $1.1660 at 10:24 a.m. Frankfurt time. Ebullient sentiment shows that the economy of Germany had performed strongly earlier this year and bound to run over until the second half. The continuous decline in unemployment had supported the domestic demand as the Bundesbank projected that the “lively” demand for exports will lead the manufacturing as a major growth driver. Clemens Fuest, Ifo President, said that “Sentiment among German businesses is euphoric”, citing that the German economy will stimulate ahead. Moreover, the country moved at a fast pace in a year during the Q1 while the International Monetary Fund is confident enough towards the nation’s growth outlook after upgrading its forecast for 2018 in the past months. The organization further mentioned that the development for 2017 is 1.8 percent and 1.6 percent in 2018, bolstered by the strong domestic demand and stabilized international trade. The Ifo gauges the present economic situation will gain 125.4 from the adjusted 124.2 and the measures of confidence will expand to 107.3 from 106.8. The GDP figures for the month of April to June is going to release on August 15.
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  4. Forex News from InstaForex - 2

    Japan Producer Prices +0.8% In June Producer prices in Japan were up 0.8 percent on year in June, the Bank of Japan said on Wednesday - unchanged and in line with expectations. On a monthly basis, producer prices fell 0.1 percent following the flat reading in May. Individually, prices were up for transportation and advertising; they were down for leasing and rental. For the second quarter of 2017, producer prices were up 0.8 percent on year and 0.4 percent on quarter.
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  6. Company News by ForexMart

    IMF Cut Growth Forecast for US Economy The International Monetary Fund downgraded its growth outlook for the United States due to concerns regarding Trump’s capacity to carry out his promises to the economy to stir the American economy. Although the Washington-based organization provided a positive forecast in April, they had trim it down to 2.1 percent for this year and based on earlier projections for 2018, the US economy will gain 2.3 and 2.5 percent growth. While the global growth was held at 3.5 percent in 2017 and 3.6 percent for the next year according to the prediction of IMF managing director Christine Lagarde and described it as "quite well anchored". However, based on the World Economic Update, the IMF mentioned about the uncertainty towards the policies of President Donald Trump since it is a major factor in the leery growth projections for the US. Pres. Donald Trump got the presidential position six months ago, citing his plans about tax reductions, looser regulation and major infrastructure spending which triggered a rally on Wall Street. But the policies were stalled in the US Congress as the government continues to battle over other issues, like health care reform.
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  16. 5 reasons why bitcoin is better than gold

    As more and more investors are trusting the bitcoin currency, there are definitely good arguments that bitcoin will become a reliable and stable currency for the long-term.
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  19. 5 reasons why bitcoin is better than gold

    Bitcoin are booming all over digital world. https://coinpedia.org/news/bitcoin-bulls-back-zeal-market-updates/
  20. How to Double your bitcoin

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  21. Bitcoin and the African market

    As Bitcoin sees rapid growth around the world, South Africa is one of the few nations that embrace the huge increase in its popularity and price. Razor-Forex recently showed data from Coin Dance that shows Tanzania and Nigeria have both experience a significant increase in Bitcoin trading. Trading in Nigeria hit record highs. The amounts reached over 900,000,000 worth of Nigerian naira exchanged. This is worth more than $3 million USD. While there is no exact reason behind this, there are a few indicators that could possibly give meaning to the huge increase Bitcoin experienced in the country. One of the biggest reasons is that the popularity of cryptocurrency in the country. Since Bitcoin is beginning to get solid reputation, it’s easier for people to gain confidence in bitcoins. They also look for more economic headroom. Freedom is something that these people seek, and that’s what Bitcoin can bring to the table. Do you think this is a good sign for worldwide Bitcoin recognition? https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-experiences-rapid-growth-africa/
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  23. Daily Market Analysis from ForexMart

    GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: July 25, 2017 The British pound against the U.S. dollar has been in consolidation for the past 24 hours and it seems that the support is sufficient enough. This somehow gives a hint that the pair is ready to move up since there is a strong support in the 1.30 region. As the month end approaching, it is anticipated for the money flow to be different come to the end of the month and there will be choppiness in trades to keep the traders to be interested in the market. The pair pushes to reach the 1.30 region and was able to sustain higher than the region majority of the day. For the first day of the week, both the volatility and liquidity was low since there is low trading activity. The pair attempted to reach the 1.3050 level for the day but was countered by strong selling that pushes it back with strong support towards the 1.30. It won’t be long when the next bullish trend happens to move towards 1.31. Risks and uncertainties are still present in trading the pound amid the Brexit negotiation process and the market as a whole. This is why the GBP/USD pair has still not moved out of its restrictions. Although, the Bank of England supports the British currency through its statements and minutes of the meeting that increases the chances for a rate hike in the succeeding months. Yet just last week, the usual strong economic data from the U.K. has had a choppy trading mixed of good and bad results of the data. This has put pressure on the pound and had a big impact. For today, there is no major news from the U.K. Even so, month end flows are expected to happen throughout the day that keeps the GBP/USD afloat.
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  25. Sportsbooks accepting Cryptocurrency

    Bitcoin sports betting is a clear strong pillar of the Bitcoin gambling community. Sports betting has been around for hundreds of years, and Bitcoin brings something to the table that no one else can—freedom. Since Bitcoin is basically a restriction-free currency, anyone from around the world with access to the Internet can take part in their favorite sports betting events. Whether it’s basketball, football, tennis, boxing, MMA, or any other sophisticated sporting event, Bitcoin sportsbook sites deliver. The provide list above is definitely a good start for those who want to undertake in fun, thrilling, and rewarding betting experiences. With Bitcoin, everyone can maximize their betting experiences from start to finish.
  26. 5 reasons why bitcoin is better than gold

    I wouldn’t say that Bitcoin is better than gold just because of 5 reasons. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. But if I were to choose one between the two, I think gold still outweighs Bitcoin in this case. Maybe if Bitcoin goes through more refinements then I’d pick it over gold. It’s still too early for us to ditch fiat currencies and commodities like gold. If systems crash and networks go haywire, I’d rather have something tangible in my arsenal. The TS makes good points though. As we look at Bitcoin today, more and more users are encouraged to try transacting with bitcoins. Soon, it might just be the number one alternative to real money.
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