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  2. I don't give out loans here if thats what you are asking. Too many dead beats.
  3. I mean I'm just asking is the loan stuff still working here would need one
  4. Augmentation de la limite quotidienne qui passe de 1000 PSB à 2000 PSB Je suppose qu'il est souhaitable de partager ce car certains ont déjà partagé cela dans les médias sociaux. A Denver Airport accepte déjà Pesobit pour le paiement, (résoudre le captcha pour voir l'article) Nous continuons à travailler avec VMoney concernant la vérification de certains comptes. Selon le processus "KYC" standard, les exigences pour la vérification d'un compte sont les suivantes: - 1 carte d'identité valide délivrée par le gouvernement - 1 preuve d'adresse de facturation / ID secondaire valide qui prouve l'adresse soumise du client Selfie avec un identifiant valide. Quelle est la différence entre le compte vérifié et le compte non vérifié? Les comptes non vérifiés peuvent recevoir des fonds mais ne pourront jamais retirer leurs fonds - avec ewallet il est essentiel de vérifier votre compte avant d'y envoyer de l'argent. Mise à jour sur le marché Pesobit "marketplace": la plupart des commerçants sont maintenant vérifiés sous le système EWallet, de sorte qu'il semble que la réactivation sera pour bientôt. En ce qui concerne l'ajout de PSB à un autre site de change change, nous avons Novaexchange, mais nous visons des plus gros, et cela ne peut être rendu possible qu'une fois que nous augmentons notre volume de transactions et le prix, ce qui peut certainement se produire une fois que nous commençons à l'utiliser pour circuler. Bon week-end! - BENJAMIN PACHECO (fondateur PSB)
  5. Increased the daily limit from 1000 PSBs to 2000 PSBs I guess it is ok to share about this as some already shared this in Social Media. A Denver Airport is already accepting Pesobit for payment, Still following up with VMoney regarding the verification of some accounts. As per standard KYC process, requirements for the verification of an account are: - 1 valid government issued ID - 1 proof of billing address/secondary valid ID that displays the client's registered address selfie with valid ID. What is the difference between unverified vs verified account? Unverified accounts can receive funds but won't be able to withdraw unlike the verified ones. Update on the Marketplace: Most merchants are now getting verified under the EWallet system so it looks like we will be closing in on it being reactivated. As for adding it to another exchange, we do have Nova but we're targeting bigger ones and it can only be made possible once we increase our trading volume which can happen once we start actually using it so it will circulate. Happy Weekend guys - BENJAMIN PACHECO (Founder PSB)
  6. Greetings everyone, I saw some neat topic titles here talking about online casinos accepting crypto currencies. So, I thought it would be a good idea to stop by and share more information to contribute to the forum. In this occasion, the information I have is about a new online casino that just released as of January this year. The name is, I recently opened an account to test them out and so far so good. They offer live dealer games and slot machine games at the time. Not sure if they will add more games but I like what I saw though. Everything is based off of bitcoin currency only. Something I liked a lot was the fact that they have no minimum or maximum deposit limits and the same goes for withdrawals. Maybe there are more bitcoin casinos that have this same condition but since I am new to bitcoin I can't say I've actually known about this before. I found out about due to a friend actually. I really liked the idea of not having to send documentation to prove identity at all since banks are not involved with any financial transactions associated to crypto currency. So, that's a nice benefit of playing in bitcoin these days. Not everyone feels comfortable with sending documentation, including myself. The customer service is very polite. When live chat support is offline, the email ticketing support claims to answer back within a 24 hour time frame but often do it sooner, so that's another good aspect of their customer service. Lastly, I also liked their welcome bonus offer which is in the form of a 50% cashback paying up to 2 btc which is way much more than I can afford playing with but I still think it's cool that they are willing to pay that much back. Most of the bitcoin casinos I've checked out tend to pay up to 1btc maximum. That's all I can say for now but I'm still checking out more bitcoin casinos of course. If you guys have any other bitcoin casino suggestions to check out let me know, thanks! Rod
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  9. IF you want to try it out, please feel free to register and I will credit your account. Just sent me a pm with your username.
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  11. Drop in Oil Prices Discontented Investors in its Low Figure Oil prices declined by 5 percent following the extension of production cuts by Opec causing other oil producing countries to be dismayed who are expecting a bigger reduction. Consequently, crude prices dropped to the highest percentage drop since early March. During the last OPEC meeting, they reached an agreement to prolong supply cuts constitute of 1.8 million barrels per day until the first quarter ends next year and investors are anticipating around half a million extra barrels to be contracted. However, Saudi Arabia’s energy minister, Khalid Al-Falih said that other ministers find it unnecessary to lessen the output further and nine months is the “optimum” duration. On the other hand, U.S. shale producers are motivated to provide more supplies because of the cheap cost of oil at $50 bpd. Although, they have to be careful since it could exceed the target increase and bring down further the price, stated by the Texas shale oil producer president David Arrington.
  12. Trump Calls for Investigation Following Manchester Leaks US President Donald Trump has already called for an investigation regarding the “Manchester leaks” in order for the US government to determine how top-secret information were able to make their way towards the headlines of news reports, when these sets of information were actually only divulged to the key allies of the British government. Several UK officials have already expressed their dismay and disappointment with regards to this particular matter, among them being UK Prime Minister Theresa May. The bombings in Manchester last Monday night had killed a total of 22 people and has left more than 100 people with injuries. The victims were attending a pop concert before the bombings occurred.
  13. EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: May 26, 2017 The Euro against the British pound had a very choppy trading during the Thursday session as the market is attempting to push the price higher which could eventually break later on. There are also some pullbacks seen in the short-term which supports the current trend and gather enough impetus and volume to reach higher levels. If the price breaks higher than the 0.8675 region, the current trend will move upward reaching the 0.88 level that is relevant for long-term as shown in the charts. Those reversals would gain more appeal to the buyers as it closes near the 0.86 support level which was supportive in the past. There’s an option to wait for a breakout first to lift it higher which implies bullishness in the trend which is beneficial for buyers. The market is choppy influenced by the two economies and commentaries from both countries bringing a lot of noise in the market. Yet, the trend remains resilient as it is directed upwards although there are pullbacks every now and then. If the price breaks lower than the 0.8550 region, the market is anticipated to roll over. This is most probably because of major events which are usually unexpectedly fast when it happen. Overall, the buyers seem to dominate the market.
  14. Hey les Bullionaires, participez au Concours CBX Créatif pour Momentum Positif! Récompense de 500 $ pour ajouter ou trouver de nouvelles utilisations pour CBX, dans de nouveaux sites et applications, payés par l'équipe de CBX. Règles: Tout site ou application utilisant CBX pour la première fois est éligible pour gagner Publiez votre site ou votre application sur le forum CBX. Https:// La communauté votera sur un gagnant le 1er septembre 2017 Le site ou l'application doit être disponible au public et être opérationnel avant le 1er septembre 2017 500$ payés en BTC à la fin du Concours Exemples d'entrées: Sites existants qui acceptent CBX pour la première fois Nouvelles applications CBX Nouveaux sites qui utilisent exclusivement CBX Vidéos YouTube ou publicités de CBX qui peuvent être partagées N'hésitez pas à publier vos travaux en cours, à des mises à jour de statut sur votre projet, etc. sur le forum CBX. Plus vous publiez sur le forum CBX, plus la collectivité peut être derrière vous et contribuer à la réussite de votre projet. Prix décerné dans BTC afin que le gagnant puisse acheter plus de CBX! ** Concours de bonus - chaque tweet ou poste utilisant #500USDforCBX est une entrée pour gagner 100 $ de CBX. Le gagnant choisi au hasard, de sorte que plus vous tweet, retoucher ou afficher, plus vous avez de chances de gagner. - Équipe Crypto Bullion
  15. GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: May 26, 2017 The strength of the greenback has been the dominant market trend during the previous trading session. In addition, the bulls of the GBP/USD pair are also having a hard time with regards to keeping the value of the cable pair afloat, which is seen on how the bulls had repeatedly attempted and failed to break through 1.3030 points even though the USD has clearly dropped in value. This development shows just how the bears are slowly gaining the upper hand with regards to taking control of the cable pair. But on the bright side, the drop in the cable pair’s value was not as much of a crash as initially expected since the pair’s drop has been somewhat slow and steady. But then again the corrections of the pair is now starting to get more significant, while its reversions are becoming more and more shallow, which is an indication that the pair’s bears are indeed taking over the currency pair. The GBP/USD pair was unable to even reach the 1.3000 range as the greenback starts to regain more strength due to the market re-pricing the interest rate hike next month. For today’s trading session, the market is expecting the release of the Preliminary GDP data and the durable goods data from the US, while the British economy is not scheduled to have any economic releases for today. The GBP/USD pair is then expected to remain under pressure for the entirety of today’s trading session.
  16. USD/CAD Fundamental Analysis: May 26, 2017 The USD/CAD pair has been projected to be highly dependent on the state of oil prices as well as the OPEC meeting held yesterday, and in fact, the loonie skyrocketed in value as the OPEC meeting concluded yesterday’s meeting on a somewhat dismal note as far as the markets were concerned. The market had initially hoped that the OPEC members would approve an extension of the production cuts since the majority of them are expecting deeper production cuts in the future. However, what the OPEC members did was to extend the production cut deal for another 9 months, with both Iran and Libya given an approval to maintain its current status quo. This turned out to be a huge disappointment for the market in general, and this caused oil prices to drop after a large selloff occurred. This was then especially unfavorable for the Canadian dollar, particularly for the Canadian economy as its fate relies on oil prices. As of the moment, the USD/CAD pair has reverted by 80 pips as the loonie starts to drop in value. The currency pair was also propped up even more by the dollar strength and now the pair is back at its support-turned-resistance level of 1.3500 points. The market will now be monitoring how this pair closes down this week’s session since if it manages to close down at over 1.3500 points, then this is an indicator that the bulls have regained control of the pair and the USD/CAD could possibly be poised for more increases. On the other hand, if the pair closes down at under 1.3500 points, then this means that the bears are now dominating the pair and the market might have to brace themselves for more selling at least in the short-term. The US economy will be releasing its durable goods data and its Preliminary GDP data within the day, although traders are advised to sit back and wait for the session to close down before making any significant moves.
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  20. Gold Prices End Lower as Dollar Stabilizes Gold Prices eased as the dollar pulled away from lows and steadied, while world stock markets reached fresh highs, reversing some gains from the prior session when U.S. Federal Reserve meeting minutes indicated it is more cautious on pulling the trigger on another rate hike. Spot gold ended ended down 0.2 percent at $1, 255.91 per ounce, while U.S. gold futures ended up 0.3 percent at $1, 256 .50. Economists anticipate the gold's resilience to fluctuate in the following weeks, citing hints in the Fed minutes that further monetary policy tightening is on the table as early as June. Minutes of the May policy meeting showed policymakers generally agreed that they should postpone raising rates until it is sure that a recent U.S. economic slump is only transitory. Despite the cautious tone, majority of the rate-setting committee said a hike is coming soon. Federal fund futures indicated traders are pricing in an 83 percent odds of a quarter percentage point rate hike during the Fed's june meeting. Bets for U.S. interest rates to increase next month and possibly rise once more in the year have helped kept gold prices under $1,300. News are provided byInstaForex.
  21. Japan Producer Prices Rise 0.7% In April Producer prices in Japan were up 0.7 percent on year in April, the Bank of Japan said on Friday. That was shy of expectations for an increase of 0.9 percent, and was down from 0.8 percent in March. On a monthly basis, producer prices dipped 0.2 percent after jumping 0.6 percent in the previous month. Prices for advertising, insurance and engineering all were down, while prices were up for communications and leasing. News are provided byInstaForex.
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  24. Trump Proposed 45 Percent Cut in Mexico Aid from U.S. Spending On Tuesday, the U.S. spending reserved for foreign aid for Mexico and Central America are to be reduced as proposed by the President Donald Trump. The budget was proposed to trim as much as $3.6 trillion government spending in the following ten years for 2018 budget proposal.Although, this may not get a legislative approval as to how it is currently with other departments cuts especially in the State department. Mexican aid worth $87.66 million will be lessened over 45 percent from the 2016 expenditure when Trump's proposal is approved. The budget cut will be transferred to the Mexican military including counterterrorism funds and other government programs. One of the officials commented that these deals are focused on bolstering border security and fight against corruption that may have hindered transnational criminal organizations. There will be a meeting to discuss the employment and security concerns in Central America in June.
  25. China’s Debt-rating Downgraded by Moody’s to A1 from Aa3 The credit rating of China was downgraded by Moody’s Investors Service on Wednesday, the previous Aa3 (Double A-3) were down to A1 which means that the Chinese economy is going to grind lower for the next years as the country showed slow growth and its debt continuously increase. The downgrade is done due to the financial pressure that the government faces after years of credit-driven stimulus. Craig Erlam, a Senior Market Analyst of Oanda, said in an interview, “Because talk of Chinese debt and concerns about the size of Chinese debt has been going on for the last few years. They seem to be very reliant on these high levels of growth, which has been slowing.” He further added that the credit downgrade does not surprise him at all. The second largest economy in the world gained 6.7 percent last year and 6.9 in 2015, this pace is the slowest based on the records since 1990 by which Erlam believes that the following years appears to be challenging. The bond credit rating company has expectations that the direct debt burden of China’s government will climb higher reaching 40 percent of 2018’s Gross Domestic Product which is close to the 45 percent as the decade ends. However, it remains lower to the 60 percent for the European Union. The Finance Ministry of the republic claims that the downgrade is based on an improper approach that overestimated the risks on the increasing debt.
  26. FOMC Minutes Signal Interest Rate Hike Next Month Fed officials are now more than ready to raise its short-term interest rates after stating in their meeting last month that increasing its rates are now “more than appropriate”. The central bank also moved to begin cutting back on its Treasury and mortgage securities holdings, which is currently worth $4.5 trillion. The Fed also stated in its minutes that they will be allowing an accumulation of these said securities in the long run without having to reinvest its proceeds to other assets. The Fed’s next policy meeting is scheduled this coming June 13-14 and will be immediately followed by a press conference from Fed Chair Janet Yellen.
  27. Hi Guys, Have you ever heard of Is it a community dedicated to support the ever growing users of Stellar. A few informations about stellar network: What is Stellar? Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost. Its native asset is called Lumens. Lumen is a unit of digital currency, like a bitcoin. In cryptocurrency exchanges, Lumen is often called XLM. What can we do with Stellar Platform? Send money across borders quickly, for a fraction of a cent. Facilitate low-cost payments between different currencies. Increase efficiency and decrease the cost of smaller transfers. Offer incremental payment options to your customers. Get an agency banking advantage with mobile branches. Expand your retail operation, without the overhead costs. Make mobile money platforms interoperable. Let your customers send MM to recipients with different providers. Stellar cuts costs so you can bank new customers. Reach the base of the pyramid with low-cost accounts, loans, and microsavings. Where can we Get Lumens? You may choose to purchase lumens as a supporter of the mission. Lumens are also available for purchase on markets and exchanges such as Bitrex, Poloniex etc. What is the lumen giveaway? 95% of the lumens created when the Stellar network began will be given away to the world. 5% remains with for operational costs. designed the giveaway program to ensure that lumens are given away to diverse groups: 50% to individuals who want lumens 25% for nonprofits to reach underserved populations 20% to bitcoin holders Alternative ways to get Lumens Anyone can get a few Lumens by supporting a great and fun community; Simply Sign up, and Be active in this forum by joining discussions, creating new threads and even joining active and running rewards programs within the community itself. The number of Lumens you can get is practically limitless. Here are Some of the Active and Running Promotions on the said Forums: Paid to Post Each NEW post you make = 1 XLM Each NEW Thread you make = 5 XLM PAID to GET REPLY Each NEW Reply on the Thread you Make = 1 XLM Advertise Bounty Adverstise on other forums, social media and even in youtube = 20XLM / 40XLM (Depending on the quality) New Member Sign up Reward New Members Gets 40 XLM as a Reward. Qualifications: Must be a NEW Member of the Forum. (Not double account, you'll be banned) Must atleast post 10 constructive posts on any threads on the forum (Not Non-sense Spams) Must upload a unique avatar (Get one from google) Referral Program Each NEW Member you invite to the forums = 10 XLM Centaurus Wallet Promo Get FREE 50 XLM every week by using the Centaurus Android Wallet App. (Note: you need atleast 100 XLM on your wallet to be eligible for weekly reward) Show your Stellar Project Promo If you have any idea about Stellar such as a web wallet, android game app, iOS app. you'll get rewarded with 1000 XLM + More Freebies Stellar Developer Program If you support stellar platform and it's program by being a developer, you'll get 5,000 XLM Dividend Important: -Requesting periode must be before date 15th /every month -After the release, your Reward count will be back to ZERO, -if reward not redeemed before date 15th every month, Rewards will also reset to ZERO. -Minimum Reward claim must be 15 XLM(STR). -For invites reward, we will check if the member invited already made more than 5post (not spam), then you can claim 10 XLM/member **You can Claim your rewards be posting a reply on the said promo thread found on $$$$$ Stellar Promotions $$$$$ Section **Guide and Tutorials can be found on GUIDE & Tutorial Section Join now and be rewarded CLICK HERE TO JOIN Get you Lumens Wallet Here: Centaurus (Lumen Wallet App for Android) For Android and IOS Stellar.Org Online Wallet Check XLM/BTC Price: CLICK HERE If you need any help about anything on the forum and it's promotions: PM ME: julerz12
  28. Fxwirepro: Usd/thb Hits Fresh 5-Week Low at 34.27 Mark, Bias Remains Bearish USD/THB is currently trading around 34.28 marks. It made intraday high at 34.34 and low at 34.27 marks. Intraday bias remains bearish till the time pair holds key resistance at 34.48 marks. On the top side, key resistances are seen at 34.48, 34.55, 34.67, 34.74, 34.82, 34.97, 35.11, 35.20, 35.32, 35.42, 35.62, 35.74, 35.84, 35.93, 36.01, 36.08 and 36.39 marks respectively. Alternatively, a daily close below 34.34 will drag the parity down towards key supports around 34.14 and 34.02 marks respectively. Important to note here that 20D, 30D and 55D EMA heads down and confirms the bearish trend in a daily chart. Yesterday BOT released interest rate decision. Thailand’s Central Bank kept policy rate unchanged at 1.50 pct (poll 1.50 pct). We prefer to take short position in USD/THB around 34.30, stop loss at 34.48 and target of 34.02. News are provided byInstaForex.
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