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  2. The wide spread of cryptocurrency and its acceptance today signifies a revolutionary in the world of financial services offered by traditional financial institutions as new cryptocurrencies is released into the market every day. Today we have over 21million users on the blockchain ecosystem compared to its earlier days of innovation. More companies and institutions around the world today use cryptocurrencies for various transaction purposes. Irrespective of its wide usage and acceptance across the globe, most people and institutions still find the processes of cryptocurrency usage, creation and maintenance complicated. That is why a team of expert engineers and developers have created the igniter platform. The igniter platform was created to improve the use in the creation and maintenance of ethereum based tokens as this would lead to more global adoption and understanding of the cryptocurrency space. This means that the igniter platform is a simplified, user friendly environment where individuals or organizations can issue their own ethereum based token without going through the hard or vigorous processes that is involved in its creation. Currently, the igniter platform provide support for ERC20 and ERC233 based tokens as they are e are the most common and widely adopted token standards. Due to its creative dynamics, the igniter token will adopt new token standards into its token creation services if necessary to provide its user with the much effectiveness and ease of use. With a vision to create a better, user friendly environment for the creation and maintenance of the ethereum based tokens, igniter says “we hope that companies and individuals who are desirous of launching their own cryptocurrency tokens will use our service to make the process much simpler. These scenarios can greatly lead to increased knowledge of the space and ideally increased adoption.” HOW iGniter WORKS To issue a new token using the iGniter service, users need to send the current value of INR (this is iGniters ticker) to the service payment function in the smart contract. After sending the required amount of INR, the user has a maximum of 5 blocks to generate tokens. Users should know that the price and maximum number of blocks is subject to change. Each time the iGniter Token Creation Service is used, iGniter tokens will be burnt as this is built into the iGniter service payment function. This will in turn reduce the total supply of iGniter. Users can specify whether they would like to issue an ERC20 or an ERC223 token. After, they specify the name and symbol of their token, along with the number of decimal points and its total supply. Users should also note that In order to transfer any newly mined INR, token holders need to call the claimINRDividends function. When this function is called, the number of INR tokens mined at that time are assigned to the calling address. If users try to transfer INR without calling this function, it is possible for a transfer error to occur. iGniter TOKEN DETAILS Our team does not believe that our token requires the issuing of an initial coin offering (ICO). We are firmly of the view that it can be fully developed in house and therefore we are not conducting an ICO. However, we will accept donations to the following addresses: Bitcoin: 39VNgbYoV52nF7Ay5UgCieFFHX11acYfGH Ethereum: 0xf23a483FE4F5734EfD5E50fC4821Cf3B86305dEA Litecoin: MB3YD6ExbjxCATmg8t1mcbBo6z33YeWcV4 Dotcoin (Cryptopia): 0xbd6c93be74dccd5b466474428ed961f0c1352c0b ROADMAP 2018/01/21 · Smart Contract Launch 2018/01/23 · Token Creation & Management Service Launched 2018/01/23 · Bounty Requirements Announced 2018/01/28 · Beginning of Bounty Distribution January 2018 · First Exchange Listings February – April 2018 · Additional Exchange Listings 2018/04/30 Completion of Bounty Distribution For more information about this unique platform, visit any of the links below. Website: http://ignitetoken.com/ Whitepaper: http://ignitetoken.com/docs/iGniter-whitepaper.pdf ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2808192.0 Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HTy9cE0Z-FE3kXUTzzkEfw Twitter: http://ignitetoken.com/ Authored by: Tszone bitcointalk org: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1742409 Ethereum wallet: 0x684c9d1c004AB2023E1d3ae9aEb902B514B703d1
  3. The cryptocurrency exchange Coinone soon will be available in Indonesia! Read more: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/666/cryptocurrency-exchange-coinone-indonesia/
  4. 25% Pre-Sale Bonus is Active! Get your 25% bonus while you can! At https://www.ethersoft.org/industriapresale/
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  6. [AIRDROP] BandZ Network

    Join our channel https://t.me/bandznetwork Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1sr6DAiyN4jCg7On9lCXi6g3saCH8eIzLeoTrKPO-0nE/edit?ts=5a9deeb2
  7. Investments without commission - traditional investment involves a large number of intermediaries. Consumers are required to pay guaranteed commissions to banks, investment firms, brokers and funds, regardless of whether they will actually be making returns or not. SPINDLE (SPD) token holders will not need to pay any commissions or fees to use the platform; neither will cryptocurrency funds. Only if a fund requires additional services such as legal auditing, SPINDLE will provide these services at a charge, tailored to the respective fund's needs. Find out more in our White Paper: https://spindle.zone/spindlewp_en.pdf
  8. The 17 Millionth Bitcoin Is About to Be Mined: What It Means and Why It Matters Bitcoin's limited supply is about to get a bit more limited. Barring an unforeseen event, the 17 millionth bitcoin is likely to be mined in the coming day, data from Blockchain.info shows, a development that would mark yet another milestone for the world's first cryptocurrency. That's because as per bitcoin's current rules, only 21 million bitcoin can ever be created. Stepping back, the milestone, the first million-bitcoin marker to be crossed since mid-2016, is perhaps noteworthy as yet another reminder of the technology's core computer science achievement - digital scarcity created and enabled by shared software. In short, bitcoin's code, since cloned and adapted by scores of other upstart cryptocurrencies, ensures that only a set number of new bitcoins are introduced to its economy at intervals. Miners, or those who operate the hardware necessary to track bitcoin's transaction set, are rewarded with this scarce data every time they add new entries to the official record.
  9. Nowadays, when I arrive somewhere, the first question I hear is about the wi-fi. You can access the internet every time in hotel, restaurant, school, parks, commercial center, store, … almost everywhere, by wi-fi. Wi-fi has become more and more popular in our society. However, it is required a wireless device that will broadcast wi-fi when you turn it on. Therefore, with its popularity at present, how can we use the whole features of wi-fi and apply them to our life? Let me introduce you World Wi-fi, a product has been born to help users, owners, or even a small store get profit from wi-fi. WHAT IS WORLD WI-FI? World Wi-fi is free wi-fi network which is run by blockchain. On the other words, World Wi-fi is considered as a decentralized online platform that offers WIFI connection at free of cost all across the globe. It was operated by the blockchain technology and it was launched as a result of the collective efforts taken by the world wifi team. There is a variety of private residential routers operates the World Wi-fi together. World Wi-fi is based on Wi-fi Transceiver system to broadcast available commercials. Router owners, regardless of their household or retail store, can distribute free Wi-fi to anyone in the broadcast and earn Crypto from World Wi-fi advertisers. WIN – WIN benefit is the criterion of this project. Those wishing to use Wi-fi are free to use, and Router owners receive daily revenue, and advertisers can advertise their images to people at a more competitive cost Similar Advertising The precursors of World Wi-fi are the Start-up Technologies in the field of Online Marketing from Russia such as Radius Wi-fi and Adrenta. At present, they own a group of well-known brands, including chain stores such as KFC, Subway to Hilton Hotels Group, more diversified series of gyms and bookstores. Router owners are participating in the system in more than 80 cities stretching from Asia to Europe such as Singapore, Paris, Moscow, Rome ... Particularly in 2017 Radius Wi-fi and Adrenta has grown to be very surprising and very potential. Specifically, they increased their sales by 784%. This can be seen as a testament to the success of the World Wi-fi Project in the future. WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE WORLD WI-FI? As I mentioned above, World Wi-fi bring us many Unique features, including: · The advertisers can reach their efficient target audiences. · The router owners can make extraordinary profit rates through the process of resource sharing. · Free internet assessment · The pre-sale bonus of approximately 15% to its ICO investors. · Acceptance cryptocurrency payments in bitcoins (BTC) and Ethereums (ETH). It gives its users an opportunity of earning cryptocurrencies by displaying advertisements across the internet. World Wi-fi ‘s mission is finding out the resolution for both users’ and advertisers’. Users usually have difficulty in accessing the internet. Mobile internet has limitation about the amount of data, the speed, the fee of transportation international, especially in the developing country. World Wi-fi can solve these problems by providing the right to access the internet freely and globally. Many advertisers have faced to a lot of issues about the third parties which are different from each other in the advertising market. Their options have aimed to the useless target and they do not know how to define their viewers. World Wi-fi allows advertisers to choose their potential customer based on the data of gender, age, and history of searching. Running advertising on World Wi-fi cost them the lower fee. Besides, blockchain technology has strengthened the transparency by providing the trusted information to advertisers. DEVELOPMENT TEAM Ilya Yashin and Yan Sepiashvili are the co-founders of World Wi-fi, in which Ilya Yashin is the chief executive officer (CEO) of this product. Up to now, there are approximately around 100 partners and 100 employees with branches in around 80 cities who are working and using World Wi-fi. In addition, World Wi-fi owns 14,000 open networks all around the world. Besides, World Wi-fi ‘s partnership is including Radius wifi, Adrenta, and Quantus technical solutions and many more. CONCLUSION World Wi-fi helps provide the international wi-fi network freely and globally. All of parties who join this network can get the benefit. In addition, blockchain technology ensures a transparent system. With a lot of benefits World Wi-fi can bring to you, it is a worthy product to invest and develop in the future. For more information, please visit links below ANN Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2583384.0 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldwifi.io/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WorldWifi_ICO Telegram: https://t.me/world_wifi Website: https://en.worldwifi.io/ AUTHOR Bitcointalk Username: Le Thi Hong Ngan Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1320823
  10. Bob's Repair is using Blockchain to eliminate review fraud and provide lower pricing in the home repair industry through a decentralized platform. Bob's Repair is airdropping 8,000,000 BOB Tokens to the community. Get 20 free BOB tokens for completing social media tasks. How to join? 1. Go to airdrop website By click here: https://referral.bobsrepair.com/?kid=MQZAB 2. Sign up with your name and email 3. Join Telegram, like Facebook and follow on Twitter 4. Refer friends to earn more tokens
  11. COINBUNDLE - Invite your friends and earn up to 15,000 BNDL ($900 in estimated value) You will get 100 tokens for every friend that signs up! How to join? 1. Go CoinBundle site by click here: https://coinbundle.com/referral/?referralCode=ByV_oHH5M&refSource=copy 2. Click on ''Get early access & free tokens'' 3. Submit your email address 4. Refer friends to earn extra 100 BNDL for friend invited.
  12. DIMCOIN introduces IBIN

    IBIN(International Blockshare Identification Number) will introduce blockshares to the blockchain. IBIN will be similar to ISIN which is used on traditional stock exchanges to identify stocks and shares, however, theirs will be based on the companies listing on HYBSE will require an IBIN which will identify individual stocks on the blockchain. There is a limited offer for issuers to apply and register their IBIN freely and the limited offer will end on the 31st of August. In my opinion, this is a massive step for the DIM Ecosystem. DIM is about to moon. Read the full article here: https://medium.com/welcome-to-dimcoin/ibin-introduces-blockshares-to-the-blockchain-e5c2ac976350
  13. contest on coinexmarket

    I've read all your information that you shares and I really love it. Thank you for sharing this post. I appreciate it.
  14. Hello dear friends! Everyone who has applied to participate in AirDrop and who has not sent Myetherwallet address, please, URGENTLY send them to [email protected] The RND tokens will soon be transfered, but not all participants have sent their data to my e-mail!
  15. Get more Ethereum with RANDOM

    Hello dear friends! Everyone who has applied to participate in AirDrop and who has not sent Myetherwallet address, please, URGENTLY send them to [email protected] The RND tokens will soon be transfered, but not all participants have sent their data to my e-mail!
  16. Hello dear friends! Everyone who has applied to participate in AirDrop and who has not sent Myetherwallet address, please, URGENTLY send them to [email protected] The RND tokens will soon be transfered, but not all participants have sent their data to my e-mail!
  17. Hi! guys Investing in trading is worth doing when you are experienced or at least have some basic knowledge about the Forex fluctuations. If, however, you need help in trading, you can check TopBrokers website for some great tips of investing and for a potential higher outcome. For beginners in trading - like me – this is one of the best places to trade tips and learn how to gain profit. Because while investing in forex market its better to have a proper guide for investing at right place. Prefect timing is everything to gain profit and it all depends on how much the trader deposits. So check out this for less risk and more profits. And I must say this place is best for beginners as well as experienced traders or investors.
  18. WEBSITE | ONE PAGER | TELEGRAM | BOUNTY TELEGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | REDDIT | INSTAGRAM | MEDIUM | DISCORD Great News for Pre-Sale Investors: Our 100 lucky pre-sale investors who invest a certain amount (TBD) will receive 100 Special Edition Siglo jackets. Inside this jacket, an alphanumeric code or a QR code will be printed which could be scanned or entered to receive additional discount or tokens. WEBSITE | ONE PAGER | TELEGRAM | BOUNTY TELEGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | REDDIT | INSTAGRAM | MEDIUM | DISCORD
  19. One of the largest ICO for Spanish speakers. A coin and a project behind the coin that has more than 6 years of development. All ready to start working at the end of the ICO. Benefit from the launch of your platform by booking some coins from the ICO. Great movement for the Hispanic market. Ensure a guaranteed benefit. A project with more than 2 years of tests will be revealed soon after the ICO. Only available until April 29. Buy now. https://npccoin.com
  20. WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | TEAM __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Open Collectors Network© The first one-of-a-kind token What is Open Collectors Network ? Open Collectors Network is the first decentralized platform for one-of-a-kind tokens, where everyone can seamlessly own, create, customize, interact with and trade individual tokens, on an open market, based on existing standard specifications. What is one-of-a-kind token ? Best way to explain how we understand this concept, and how it applies to our project, is by example. Imagine you printed 1000 flyers and are handing them out on the street. You don't care which flyer you hand out from the stack, because they are all identical: same size, same content, same purpose etc. This collection of flyers is said to be fungible and it's equivalent to current cryptocurrencies: if you send someone 1 coin, it doesn't matter which one from your wallet it is, any one coin will do. But let's consider now, another collection: paintings by famous artists. Already, we can tell a difference: though all of them are paintings, if you wanted to buy one, you wouldn't just pick randomly. You like some more than others, some are more expensive and so on. They're non-fungible, as they are all one-of-a-kind and it does matter "which" one it is. It is this particular type of unique token that our platform is built for, and we strongly believe the use cases for it are endless. For examples, please refer to the Use cases section. What does the platform do ? The platform facilitates interactions with and between non-fungible (unique) tokens, with all core functionality decentralized as Ethereum smart contracts: CREATE Anyone can create an individual & unique token, based on the existing ERC721 standard, by using either a seamless user interface or our standard REST/Json API, for more advanced or corporate scenarios. Interaction rules between your token and other similar tokens can be defined. This allows for customizable, even game-like conditions for your token. Among already existing tokens which respect the interface and can be traded on our platform are Decentraland, CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks. We foresee many more created in the future by 3rd parties and we support trading of those tokens on our platform. We are bridging the gap between blockchain technology and every day user: the platform provides an intuitive interface for specifying your token's unique details and token uniqueness (preventing duplicates) will be assured using complex specialized algorithms that are detailed in our white paper. TRADE As popular tokens increase in value over time, they can be traded on an open & decentralized market in multiple forms: fixed price, several types of auctions and swapping with other tokens. The platform provides trading features such as searching for tokens, contacting token owners (restrictions will apply), the top trending or most valuable tokens, history, orders and many others. The main benefit of using the ledger for these purposes is increased trust when buying such an item, since the owner is stored on the ledger, so the proof of authenticity is the token itself. Our platform will host the first exchange where you can create & trade non-fungible (unique) tokens. REWARDS In addition, having ECTO in your wallet also offers several benefits, according to a special proof-of-stake algorithm: - Discounts for all operations - Voting rights for features that the platform should implement first - Airdrops given out periodically, in the form of ECTO airdrops, based on a combination of activity on the platform and the amount of ECTO you hold ( 25% activity, 75% ETCO balance ) Activity is measured in relation with the total activity by all users of the platform. ECTO stake refers to the amount of ECTO you have in your wallet at the time of calculation. At the time of our token sale, this mechanism will be fully implemented into smart contracts, for added transparency and accountability. Do you have a proof-of-concept ? Yes, we are get-your-hands-dirty technical guys, and the prototype was the first thing we started out with. Check it out at DEMO Warning: Works with Ropsten test network and any created tokens are not guaranteed to be migrated to the live version on mainnet. What are the use-cases for non-fungible tokens ? The possible uses cases for unique tokens are almost endless. We have several that are already implemented and more that we have thought about and are working on. But more importantly, it's the ones we didn't think about that are exciting: our platform is open to everyone and we expect innovative ideas to be implemented on top of our platform, especially since it abstracts away all blockchain related complexity. Just to name a few: Public: Individuals or groups can tokenize unique things of value to them, for personal use. Virtual object marketplace for content creators: The ability to buy digital assets with the intent to use them within a game or within the development of a game is possible through leveraging the ERC721 standard. This means the marketplace offers the tools for game developers to sell their creations or use those creations for further game development. Digital media and rights marketplace: It is worth noting that any digital media could be represented here. This could be a graphic, image, music, book, or anything else that one may want. For example, any artist, writer, musician would be able to sell their asset, as long as it was digital to anyone who wanted to do purchase the asset. Going further, digital rights relating to the ownership of the digital media can be bought and sold via the marketplace. The latter has the benefit of circumventing digital rights auction houses and significantly reducing cost of transacting and the fees related therein. Small creations, like a brand-name, or a logo can be directly held on-chain, whereas larger ones can be stored anywhere on the cloud, and only a hash of their value stored on the ledger. This brings the best of both worlds: cheap/fast storage and full accountability. Gaming platform: certain types of games, like Magic: The Gathering© or in-game collectibles like a Dragon Lore AWP skin in Counter-Strike©, can be held on the public ledger, increasing accountability and transparency for the owning company. It also makes it trivial to attach & value (virtual currency) to any item. Business sector: any freelancer or business can easily tokenize their personalized products (like a car, an article or hand-crafted items). Auction houses: maintaining their inventory on the public ledger to increase trust among its client base. Discounts: partnerships with companies which can tokenize their products; let's take for example a user which lives and breathes Apple products; he will create/buy different Apple unique tokens, at which point he, or even we, can approach the company and obtain discounts for him as a reward. Embedded: features like 'Facebook like button' that can be easily put up in place using only a script tag on your website. User identity: Our platform aims to partner with a KYC solution, where after a user has his identity verified, a unique token for him is created on the blockchain. Whenever the user needs to verify his identity with another web site, he can use Metamask to sign a transaction verifying he is the owner of the token with all his information and the web site can double-check using our API. The same can apply for the more ordinary use case of logging into a website and it would work in just the same way as logging in with Facebook or Google, except it would be decentralized and you would own your credentials, not a 3rd party company. BlockchainCollection: One of the most basic and common patterns in coding in general is using a collection of objects with different attributes. Standard ones include array, list, dictionary, hashmap and there are many open source libraries which provide specialized collections (think C++ Boost, .Net C5 etc). Our platform will provide such an open-source library with collections that store objects on the public ledger, bringing with it all the benefits of decentralization while abstracting away all blockchain complexity. All that would be needed is just a wallet capable of signing transactions. What kind of team is working on this? We are a hard working team with over 50 years of combined programming, testing, product management and marketing experience, who have a burning desire to be part of the blockchain revolution. TEAM Andrei Dan Singeorzan ( Co-founder ) - Development Manager @ Ivanti Ion Cosmin Grigore ( Co-founder ) - Software Developer @ Ivanti Grant Tiller - Director of Product Management @ Ivanti Florin Stefan - Service Line Manager @ Stefanini Daniel Taivan - Test Manager @ Stefanini Iulian Andei Popescu - Senior Software Developer @ Ivanti Florentina Marina Grigore - Software Developer @ ING Spasenie Alexandru - Android Developer @ Stefanini Stefan Mihai Stanescu - Senior Legal Counsel @ SCP Stoica & Asociatii ADVISORS Sabin Girlea - Director of Operations @ Stefanini Cristian Tamas - Senior eSports Manager @ Twitch Mike Boutwell - Founder @ cryptoadvisors.io, Blockchain Technology Advisor @ Spectre & NNBU Dylan Senter - Co-founder @ Spectiv Laura Toma - Co-founder @ Renowed&Co, Marketing Consultant @ AmaZix Reinhard Brongers - Senior Software Architect @ Ivanti Alexandru Savulescu - Founder @ Retrotech What are the specifications and distribution details for your token ? Name: Open Collectors Network Symbol: ECTO Decimal places: 18 Total Supply: 150.000.000 Sale Supply: 97.500.000 Burnable: Yes How are you planning to make use of funds ? In addition to the development of the exchange platform itself, we put emphasis on marketing and attracting strategic partners. We believe this is key to a successful product, and development will be an agile, interactive process, based on the needs of users & partners. Do you have an airdrop ? Yes, we’re giving 200 ECTOs to first 2000 users that join our telegram group and register for token sale. ECTOs will be distributed 2 months after ICO Join us on TWITTER | FACEBOOK | MEDIUM | REDDIT | TELEGRAM | BOUNTY __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  21. Dash Evolution Demo #2 v2 Dash Core developers Joshua, Chuck, and Suba demonstrate the 2nd prototype of the first Dash decentralized application, show off some mobile app designs, and demonstrate the VMN block explorer.
  22. free 20 EOC (EosChain) has entered the market price now (0.0005 eth) 20 eos chain = 6 $ (0.01eth) 1. click the link https://goo.gl/Uh4kUw 2. follow twitter and enter group telegram 3. Do not leave the group until the coin is distributed website link: https://www.eoschain.co/ market : https://forkdelta.github.io/#!/trade/0x4d98fe707cdf9c06c9a9e55a1633b2c2f54c0b91-ETH
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  24. Discord: http://discord.gg/ENuwHH5 Twitter: http://twitter.com/slatecurrency Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/slatecurrency Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/slatecurrency/ Telegram: http://t.me/Slate Github: http://github.com/slatecurrency
  25. As human beings, we desire a lot of things. We wish to buy luxurious items in our locality and internationally. Even when we don’t have the opportunity to visit other countries, we have interest in the products they offer. The problem now becomes, how do we get such items? Also, investors who have assets in cryptocurrencies find it difficult to take the purchasing power to traditional currencies. This barrier is broken by the creation of a unique concept called HELEX. Helex is a digital platform created to help individuals buy items from any part of the world without limitations. This platform uses cryptocurrency with blockchain technology to ensure secure and transparent transactions by users. The Helex platform which is registered in an offshore jurisdiction aims to simplify the possibility of users to purchase and own valuable properties from around the world while offering anonymity in order to avoid high taxes. Helex service is connected to local agencies around the world which provides vast access to goods and services respecting the laws of each state. Helex service goal is to offer the most exclusive services for crypto investors. Such services include: • Founder investor • Diamond investor • Gold investor • Real estate properties • Luxury cars • Diamonds • Elite service • New Ethereum tokens • New Offshore company • Private islands • Rent your property • New citizenship TOKEN DETAILS The Helex token with the symbol HLX is a utility token based on Ethereum blockchain used as a payment method between users for all the services that are rendered on the platform. The only other accepted tokens are Ethereum and Bitcoin. The total supply is 5million units. ROADMAP 2018 Q2 ~Helex token is listed in exchanges. ~Service New ethereum token start. ~We launch mobile membership card for founder, diamond and gold investor. ~Service New offshore company start. ~Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Europe, Dubai and all UAE , Caymand islands, Canada, India and Brazil. ~Clients can buy luxury cars in Dubai ( all UAE ) and Europe with cryptocurrencies. Q3 ~Elite Service start. ~Service Diamonds start. ~We launch corporate app for iphone and android. ~We open head corporate office in Dubai and Europe. We redesign and add other corporate website. ~We do full market analysis to add new services. ~We add more staff to the executive and operational team. ~Service Private islands start. ~We accept new business partners. Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Qatar and Bahrain. ~Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Seychelles and Russia. Q4 ~Helex token is listed in more exchanges. ~We open corporate office in Cayman islands. ~We open more corporate offices in Europe. ~Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central america, South america, South paciffic and Unites states. ~Service Rent your property start. 2019 Q1 ~We redesigned corporate websites. ~We redesigned mobile app. ~Clients can buy properties with cryptocurrencies in Australia and New Zealand. ~We apply for a financial license in offshore jurisdiction. ~Service New Citizenship start. Q2 ~Helex token is listed in more exchanges. ~We open corporate o ce in Panama. ~We open corporate o ce in Seychelles. ~We open corporate o ce in Africa. ~We open corporate office in Japan. ~We add more staff to the executive and operational team. ~We made a study for the future expansion. THE TEAM DAYNA SMITH- Chief Financial Officer & Chief Development Officer JAVIER CASAS- Founder & CEO / President Helex Foundation ANNA BELLET- Chief Investments Officer & Chief Compliance Officer EHAB AL SALMAN- Chief Operations Officer & Chief Technical Officer JOSHUWA ROOMSBURG- Chief Marketing Officer & ICO Advisor MVER KUREGA- Executive Director HR & Executive Manager JUAN CANCINO- Executive Director International Strategy JUAREZ WEISS- Executive Manager & ICO Advisor Helex provides a personalized solution to tailored to suit clients’ needs providing numerous possibilities which are available around the world. For more information please visit the website and also connect with other participants via our social media platforms listed below: Website: https://helex.world/ Whitepaper: https://helex.world/Luxpaper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/helexcorp Facebook: https://facebook.com/helexcorp Telegram: https://t.me/helextoken Published by: ogtejiri Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Ethereum wallet: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6
  26. About Moneda Moneda is a mobile-first cryptocurrency investment platform. There isn’t enough mobile accessibility in the world of cryptocurrency, and our team realizes that. By further improving mobile accessibility, Moneda aims to fix three main issues for cryptocurrency users that care about having data and information backing their investments. Moneda would like the process of investing in cryptocurrency to be cheap, fast, secure and easy. Purpose Moneda allows you to invest in cryptocurrency without having to go to exchanges to trade for the asset. Instead you will use the Moneda platform and stake the MND tokens you invested (ETH is also a payment option). You will put in MND and make an investment portfolio. Then, once your portfolio goes to the moon (we hope) you will withdraw more MND than you started with! If you unfortunately lose money on your investment, you'll take out less MND. Pre-Sale Started Less than 1 week remaining! Get your tokens now with 35% Bonus! End Date : Monday, April 30, 2018 11:59:59 PM GMT Min purchase - 0.1 ETH - No GWEI limits. Set GAS to 200.000 and send ETH to the buy address (that appears on dashboard page) from a valid ERC20 compatible Ethereum address to receive your tokens - We recommend MyEtherWallet. Join Pre-Sale: https://www.getmoneda.io/signup New Moneda Airdrop Instructions: https://www.getmoneda.io/airdrop Input your completed steps to see a token balance estimation. NOTE: Your balance may vary after the final verification. Airdrop Limited to 50,000 members. Tokens to be distributed when token sale ends. Join Pre-Sale: https://www.getmoneda.io/signup Website: https://www.getmoneda.io Whitepaper: https://www.getmoneda.io/img/whitepaper.pdf
  27. SSOT Health: Blockchain powered healthcare solutions. Airdrop RD 2: Register to receive 100 SEHR tokens free. (web direct) https://airdrop.ssothealth.com/?r=YPWN5EdJEik5m9L
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