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  4. Blockchain Foundry featured as one of the "Top 10 Blockchain companies beyond disruption" via BeyondEx Magazine: "Technology Beyond" Issue 21(P30-33) http://magazine.beyondexclamation.com/top-10-blockchain-companies-beyond-disruption-dec2018/#page=1
  5. Since Bitcoin (BTC) began to falter in early-2018, optimistic investors, many of which are “HODLing,” have resorted to grasping for straws. Case in point, the words, “Wall Street” and “institutional investors,” are incessantly mentioned, as crypto diehards have sought to find a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Yet, institutions have been effectively elusive, with whale sightings, if you will, remaining limited to dreamscapes, far from reality. However, crypto’s prospects aren’t all doom and gloom for dreamers. On Wednesday, a leading industry upstart unveiled an offering that could single-handedly catalyze widespread institutional participation. Bitcoin Powerhouse BitGo Launches OTC Desk This nascent industry hasn’t performed well in recent days. New Zealand-headquartered Cryptopia, a former major crypto asset exchange, suffered a purportedly devastating hack, while Ethereum delayed its Constantinople hard fork, dragging BTC down with it. Yet, crypto’s outlook began to shift on Wednesday, as BitGo, a long-standing Bitcoin heavyweight based in Palo Alto, made a forward-thinking announcement. Via a Medium blog post, the upstart, which has serviced Ripple, Pantera Capital, Bitstamp, among others, revealed that it would be joining hands with Digital Currency group subsidiary Genesis Global Trading. It was claimed that BitGo and Genesis’ collaboration will take the form of a pseudo-crypto exchange, which will allow clients to “buy and sell digital assets directly from the security of their BitGo Trust cold storage account.” Genesis, headed by Michael Moro, will provide its expertise in facilitating large-sum, institutionally-sourced transactions, while BitGo will leverage its veteran status in the Bitcoin custody subsector to provide security for the offering. Keeping in line with underlying industry themes, this venture will take the form of an over-the-counter (OTC) desk — Genesis Trading’s specialty and de-facto raison d’etre. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP, ZCash, and three other leading digital assets will be available through this innovative exchange channel. This newfangled offering comes just months after BitGo received a monumental injection of funding from Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital, Valor, Craft Ventures, DRW, and Redpoint. Per previous reports from NewsBTC, the aforementioned financiers thrust a $58.5 million cheque in BitGo’s face, with the funding purportedly going towards the startup’s ambition to create a “$1 trillion crypto wallet.” Crypto And Wall Street Poised To Collide Although this desk seems the “same old, same old,” especially considering somewhat alike projects from Coinbase and Binance, there’s more to this venture than meets the eye. BitGo, somewhat tooting its own horn, explained that its desk upholds not only cold-storage, institutional-grade security, but liquidity, low pricing, and transactional speed too. The startup, often deemed one of the most firms within this budding sector, elaborated: In an environment where Bitcoin startups, even notable exchanges, are hacked left and right, the amalgamation of these features could quickly pique interest from Wall Street’s household names. And with OTC volumes purportedly already increasing across the board, this novel program may push financial giants on the fence over to crypto’s side. This isn’t baseless speculation. In fact, A handful of notable institutions have expressed interest in Bitcoin previously. However, such organizations have overtly remarked that finding proper startups to facilitate liquidity, transactions, custody, and other facets of large-scale capital allocation, has been difficult. But with this effort from BitGo and Genesis, Wall Streeters may need to fret no more, as this desk is effectively a one-stop shop for institutional clients. While Mike Belshe, chief executive at BitGo, didn’t issue a comment in tandem with the launch of his firm’s OTC desk, the insider has remarked on Wall Street and Bitcoin previously. Speaking to CNBC amid BTC’s summer 2018 lull, Belshe noted that this market “needs” Wall Street capital, as buy-side pressure has slowed. He added that the “institutional herd” had begun to start to move its feet “a little bit.” But, with this new desk, along with upcoming vehicles from Bakkt, the institutional herd may begin to run soon. Even skeptics of the traditional finance realm have claimed that institutions are inbound. Jeff Berwick, the so-called Dollar Vigilante, recently told BlockTV that he expects for 2019 to hail in Wall Street greenbacks, which will “change the game completely.” Berwick stated that as institutional capital floods in, crypto valuations will “explode” en bloc, as there are presumed trillions waiting on the sidelines.
  6. ATHERO Athero is a decentralized biological system that consolidates blockchain, IOT, and encryption and unscrambling of information. Athero gives a biological system to sheltered and simple record sharing, esteem trade, The Athero chain joins the IOT. Being decentralized it is a trustless domain, without security issues as all information isn't put away in a focal vault. Athero will permit sending and exchange of information at a rapid and shoddy rate. Athero biological system won't simply give you secure condition; it is likewise equipped for making you unknown. Athero is blockchain with numerous sidechain and dApps. Athero is a biological community with designers and its ability is boundless. In the propelled phases of the item, Athero will be where speculators and clients, both open and private, will utilize their maximum capacity, access to every one of the advantages of Athero and, thus, accomplish greatest execution from their items, profits, tokens, or ventures. Athero: Decentralized IOT Ecosystem Athero is a decentralized system that influences on blockchain innovation, IoT to interconnect blockchains advances. Athero consolidates Blockchain, IoT and back, information sharing and so forth. Athero blockchain with different sidechains and dApps and each sidechain can fill diverse needs like information sharing, informing, and interfacing with different IoT/savvy gadgets. Why blockchain innovation make iot increasingly creative As you read along, you likely have asked for what reason to join these two inventive advancements in a biological system. The astonishing functionalities IoT presents accompany a cost. A costly cost really, when you have brought together IoT framework, they are by structure normally powerless against security breaks. Its likewise includes an abnormal state of trust. Envision somebody can hack and control your cooler or entryways, or an organization approaches the information your brilliant gadgets are sending. IoT basically has to do with information trade; information is gold of the 21st century. Security of information can't be overemphasized. On the off chance that the Facebook-battle logical outrage didn't show us anything, It instructed us that your information aren't protected on brought together stages. Fеаturеѕ Kеу Tесhnоlоgіеѕ оf THO сhаіn Athero Chain(THO) has аdорtеd the аѕуmmеtrісаl encryption. Aѕ lоng аѕ thе private kеу is kерt рrореrlу, thе dаtа саnnоt bе сrасkеd even іf іt'ѕ соllесtеd. At the ѕаmе tіmе, аll thе hubs in THO are equivalent, whісh secures the clients' protection. In addition, bаѕеd оn thе сhаrасtеr that blockchain can't bе tаmреrеd, thе makers аnd benefit рrоvіdеrѕ will nоt be capable tо tаmреr wіth uѕеrѕ іnfоrmаtіоn. Dесеntrаlіzеd Stаtе-оf-thе-аrt cryptocurrency dаtа ѕtruсturеѕ аnd unраrаllеlеd dесеntrаlіzаtіоn рrоvіdе еffісіеnсу аnd еlіmіnаtе ѕіnglе-роіnt-оf-fаіlurе. Pаrtnеrѕhірѕ Athеrо іѕ bооtѕtrарріng раrtnеrѕhірѕ іn diverse ѕесtоrѕ tо bring blockchain tесhnоlоgу іntо rеаl wоrld use. Cuttіng еdgе tесhnоlоgу Athеrо іѕ constantly looking into the nеwеѕt tесhnоlоgісаl ѕtаndаrdѕ аnd соntіnuоuѕlу growing оur соореrаtіоnѕ with global rеѕеаrсh іnѕtіtutіоnѕ tо keep thе tесhnоlоgу ѕаfе аnd up tо dаtе. Quick Exраnd + Adорtіоn Athero puts аn accentuation оn web innovation and hаѕ a portable first methodology tо brіng blockchain innovation tо thе nеxt level оf аdорtіоn. Tоkеn Sale Start: Sерtеmbеr 20, 2018, Saturday, 11:00 AM (GMT) End: Jаnuаrу 20, 2019, Frіdау, 11:00 AM (GMT) Sоft сар: $18,000,000 Tokens еxсhаngе rate: 1 THO = 0.04 USD Token: THO Tоkеn Dіѕtrіbutіоn Roadmap For more information: Website: https://athero.io/ Whitepaper: https://athero.io/whitepaper.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Athero-236675363674250/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ATHEROtoken Telegram: http://t.me/atheroTHO Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzZjdLn9vo5MBxLGMUtSMfg Github: https://gist.github.com/Athero-Token Author: abeexy My BitcoinTalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2247475
  7. STARS, The first ever GTO (Gaming Token Offering) is now live on www.myicopad.com. One of the first gaming tokens on two separate blockchains connected by a gateway. Visit www.starsvipclub.com to learn more
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  9. That is indeed true that many developer abandoning their project, due to lacking on the strength to fight cause they are having low fund for the development process.they can't take their project to their destination but 1x2 team , it able to keep their promising project to keep on the development process this is what potential and success seen in the 1x2 project
  10. ESCODEX URL: https://wallet.escodex.com/market/ESCODEX.SUQACOIN_ESCODEX.BTC STEX URL: https://app.stex.com/en/basic-trade/pair/BTC/SUQA/60 QBTC URL: https://www.myqbtc.com/trade CryptoBridge URL: https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.SUQA_BRIDGE.BTC TradeOgre URL: https://tradeogre.com/exchange/BTC-SUQA CoinMarketCap URL: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/suqa CoinExchange URL: https://www.coinexchange.io/market/SUQA/BTC Exchange List Page: https://suqa.org/suqa-exchanges/ SUQA is a new opensource peer to peer digital currency that gives the investors 5% apr interest from term deposits even if the wallet is offline. It is based on an improved code of the secure and widely used Bitcoin Blockchain with a brand new advanced memory intensive X22i POW algo which is completely ASIC, FPGA and Quantum Resistant. SUQA is a name of an ancient coin from Nepal that has been used for thousands of years and it also means 'to wait'(Time-Lock) in Somali language. Following are some of the problems which SUQA currency addresses: 1. Lack of recognition and adaptation of blockchain and digital payments. 2. Lack of coins which are being used in real life ecosystems. 3. Lack of Trust in cryptocurrency world. 4. Centralization threat from ASIC and FPGA companies. 5. Quantum Attack threat from future Quantum Computers. 6. Need for a new complex, secure, ASIC and FPGA resistant, memory optimized, post quantum algorithm for constant dynamic decentralization. SUQA Features: 1. Fast: Fastest POW Coin: 533 Transactions per second. 75 times more scalable than Bitcoin. 2. Rewarding: Investors can earn 5% apr interest from term deposits even if the wallet is offline. First 3 months monthly term deposit apr will be 25% apr to encourage early adopters and investors. 3. Almost No Transaction Fees SUQA allows you to make instant payments with incredibly low fees for each transaction. Using blockchain technology, transactions are performed directly between two digital wallets. 4. Protection To ensure the safety of the SUQA ecosystem, SUQA has implemented full replay protection and unique wallet addresses. More importantly ASIC, FPGA and Quantum Attack protection make SUQA a very secure and future-proof digital currency. 5. Transparency SUQA is a free open source project that is built by expert blockchain developers and supported by a rapidly growing community of blockchain enthusiasts that stretches around the globe. SUQA Use Cases: SUQA currency can be used in any digital transaction where other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is being used. The major use of SUQA currency in a real world ecosystem is SUQA Foundation where no other cryptocurrency except SUQA can be used. Suqa Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Philanthropist Organization that rewards everyone inside its ecosystem generously, securely and transparently without fees, to foster the growth of the Blockchain. There will be a microsite inside of SUQA Foundation Platform where only the SUQA currency can be utilized. The platform will consist of CRYPTOLANCERS such as Developers, Designers, Moderators for all Regions for a Crypto Project, Content Writers, Campaign and Bounty Managers. Turn-Key Crypto Projects including everything that a new Crypto Start-ups may need! Specifications Coin name: SUQA Ticker : SUQA Algorithm : X22i Coin Type: POW Max. supply: 1,078,740,313+10%dev fee Block Time: 2 minutes Max Block Size: 16mb Max tx/s: 533 tx/s Difficulty Retarget Algo: DarkGravityV3 RPC port: 20971 P2P port: 20970 Ico: No Pre-Mine: No Masternode: No Pre-Sale: No Dev-Fee: 9.09% Genesis: 26 September, 2018 Block rewards 1 to 22,000: 10,000 = 220,000,000 22,001 to 50,000: 5,000 = 139,995,000 50,001 to 100,000: 2.500 =124,997,500 100,001 to 200,000: 1.250 = 124,998,750 200,001 to 400.000: 625= 124,999,375 400,001 to 1,500,000: 312,5=343,749,688 TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,078,740,313 plus 9.09% for founders fee will be mined in 5.78 years. MAX TOTAL : 1,186,614,344 SUQA Technical Details: X22i-Algo X22i is the newest most complex, advanced, quantum resistant algorithm for the millions of gpu miners and it is also one of the most power efficient hash algorithms. “I” stands for the 22 algorithms intelligence and it is not just another clone or a copy cat of another algo but instead it has too much optimization potential for all the CUDA and OPENCL Developers because of the added complex Post Quantum algo SWIFFTX. New PoW algorithm providing the following advantages: - Adding a quantum resistant part in the algo chain (SWIFFTX) - Rising the memory requirements four times, not a problem for CPU and GPU but much harder for FPGA and ASIC - Much longer algo chain: 22 algorithms create the need for a lot of chip space to implement the whole chain, very cost un-effective for FPGAS and ASICS. - We will require a hard fork every 6 months to add a new ASIC and FPGA resistant algo to guarantee decentralization. Time-Lock Deposit Please go to file, receiving adress and copy the wallet address from there. Please choose deposit from the top and paste the adress to where it says deposit adress. Please choose the amount and click on how long you want to time-lock your SUQA for, choose for up to 4 weeks and up to 25% apr for the first 3 months for early adapters.After 3 months 1 month time-locked term deposit will be 5% apr. Click on EARN. Click on YES and YES. You should see on the amount you put on hold and how much you will receive on the overview screen. Once it is time-locked it will not be possible to unlock it until the chosen time. Documentation WhitePaper (EN): https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/suqa-whitepaper.pdf WhitePaper (RU): https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/suqa-whitepaper-ru.pdf WhitePaper (TR): https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/suqa-whitepaper-tr.pdf OnePager: https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/suqa-onepager.pdf X22i Algoritm: https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/x22i-proof-of-work-algorithm.pdf GitHub https://github.com/SUQAORG Wallets Windows-Qt https://github.com/SUQAORG/SUQA-CORE/releases/ Linux https://github.com/SUQAORG/SUQA-CORE/releases configure command to help people having problems compiling the wallet on linux: "./configure --disable-tests --with-incompatible-bdb --disable-shared --with-pic --with-bignum=no --with-gui=qt5 --disable-hardening CPPFLAGS=-fPIC" Web wallet for all platforms with a browser including IOS and Android. https://wallet.suqa.org/#/ https://suqa.app/ Android app: https://github.com/SUQAORG/suqa-coinomi/releases Anrdoid Google Play App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.suqa Miner V1.0 Windows 10-64 bit, Nvidia Cuda 9.2 ccminer x22i specific miner. https://github.com/SUQAORG/ccminer-x22i/releases/ SUQA Mac Wallet: https://github.com/SUQAORG/SUQA-CORE/releases Pool mining example : ccminer -a x22i -o stratum+tcp://preferredpool:port-u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword Sample OC settings: PL 65, Core +100, memory + 300 (for all nvidia cards) Pools Pool List Page: https://suqa.org/suqa-pools/ https://labs.f2pool.com/labs Fee 3% https://xd.dapool.me/ Fee 2% http://yiimp.eu/ Fee 2 % https://www.beepool.org/ Fee 2% https://suqa.coinblockers.com/ Fee 1% https://uberkripto.club Fee 1% http://icemining.ca/ Fee 1% https://yiimp.cn/ Fee 1% https://eqpool.com Fee 1% https://pool.ahash.ru Fee 1% http://666pool.cn/ Fee 1% https://pool.coin-miners.info Fee 1% http://1pool.pw/ Fee 0.9% https://bsod.pw/ Fee 0.9% https://gos.cx/ Fee 0.9% https://www.gos.cx/ Fee 0.9% https://fairmine.pro/site/coininfo?coin=SUQA Fee 0.7% https://coinfoundry.org/pool/suqa Fee 0.6% https://pool.gpumining.ir/site/mining Fee 0.5% https://pool.arsmine.com/ Fee 0.5% https://letsmine.it Fee 0.5% http://pool.douzipool.club/ Fee 0.5% https://tera.tn// Fee 0.5% https://marspool.org Fee 0.5% https://subscriberpool.com Fee 0.5% https://www.focus-pool.com Fee 0.3% https://mecrypto.club No Fee SUQA Calculator https://www.coincalculators.io/coin.aspx?crypto=suqa-mining-calculator https://whattomine.com/coins/277-suqa-x22i Explorer http://suqaexplorer.com/ http://explorer.suqa.org https://suqa.ccore.online/ https://altmix.org/coins/114-SUQA https://poolexplorer.com/coin/5401 https://miningpoolstats.stream/suqa Find Us https://suqa.org Team: https://suqa.org/team/ Exchanges: https://suqa.org/suqa-exchanges/ https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/suqa https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/suqa https://coincheckup.com/coins/suqa Telegram: https://t.me//Suqafoundation Telegram Rus: https://t.me/SUQA_Russian Telegram Chinese: https://t.me/SUQACHINESE Telegram Africa: https://t.me/Suqaafrica Telegram Germany: https://t.me/Suqa_germany Telegram French: https://t.me/SUQAFRENCH Telegram Indonesia: https://t.me/suqaindonesia Telegram Italy: https://t.me/suqaitalianchat Telegram Turkish: https://t.me/SuqaTR Telegram Vietnamese: https://t.me/suqavietnamese Discord: https://discord.gg/qrtU7Y9 Twitter: https://twitter.com/SUQAfoundation Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SUQAFoundation Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdqVQvJu8yhmXUYXOcaEThg https://www.reddit.com/r/suqa/ Medium: https://medium.com/@suqa Roadmap: https://suqa.org/file/2018/12/suqa-roadmap-v2.pdf SUQA Whitepaper: https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/suqa-whitepaper.pdf X22i Algo Whitepaper: https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/x22i-proof-of-work-algorithm.pdf Bounties NVIDIA(CUDA)Miner Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5048244.new#new Community Bounties V3: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5089919.msg48902710#msg48902710 SUQA Meme Contest : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5077265.msg48306063#msg48306063 SUQA Foundation Cryptolancers Platform Launch Alpha: https://suqa.org/cryptolancer-login/
  11. GPTCash Round #2 Minisale Round Announced Hello Good Morning Everyone! Welcome Again to Bitnewsportal Blog, The home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity. Another Day another news about GPTCash, Yesterday we publish the news about GPTCash SWAP Registration and now we are featuring the 2nd Round of GPTCash Mini Sale Event. GPTCash Already Finish its First Round of Minisale from last year and the dev team decided to continue the sale until the day of project exchange listing. Joining GPTCash Minisale offers perks and benefits not only in the weekly airdrop but also their profit sharing system from all site wide advertising income...READ MORE
  12. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has identified certain gaps and issues in the existing EU financial regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and considers that further measures need to be taken in the sector to ensure investor protection. This became clear from ESMA’s Advice to EU Institutions (Commission, Council and Parliament) on initial coin offerings and crypto-assets
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    Is Bitcoin A Smart Investment Strategy?

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  17. 1x2 doing everything faster and better. While other projects only highlight their ideas and raise funds to get started, this project are already working on developing their platform and are actively looking for partners for cooperation. 1x2 also implement some innovative solutions and additional tools to make the platform better than traditional platforms: more interesting, profitable and attractive to the user where everyone will use his coins not for placing a bet only and have a lot different ways to getting their daily income and using them will be available on our platform.
  18. Visit - https://t.me/cryptosignalalert Binance Bittrex Automated Cryptocurrency Bot which trade automatically in your account without manual intervention , learn cryptocurrency trading free training will be provided & Crypto mobile trading apps now receive all your signal on your mobile & start trading from your mobile If you are unable to manually follow the signals then we have the best solution for you. Join this Telegram channel All our results, the bot reviews and the testimonials are open to check. Our BOT is easy to install and quick to setup. Just set it once and enjoy the profit.
  19. Bitcoin Black which has a launchdate of February 1st has a free 3600 coins airdrop. You can get them here: https://bitcoin.black/#a_aid=5c3eda90895b4 Also sign up at the Bitcoin Black Rewards here: https://rewards.bitcoin.black/affiliates/signup.php?a_aid=5c3eda90895b4 The whole project really seems promising!
  20. Ethereum is definitely the pupil who became the master. The blockchain platform learned everything it could with the Bitcoin network and, right now, it’s the master of distributed ledger technology. With Ethereum, building blockchain applications, solutions and software became easier. Now, the big thing in the platform is Smart Contracts. The self-executing digital contract works in an independent way, without the need of any human intervention. Once the clauses are defined, the contract becomes automatic. Smart Contract Development on Ethereum can be a revolution for a great number of industries. Because of the self-executing nature of the computer-based contract paperwork will turn into an obsolete process and make the work of lawyers and accountants, for an example, simpler. But how does a Smart Contract is built? Well, there are 4 basic steps for its development process: Gathering the requirements - Understand the idea of the contract, what are the settlements and what it is going to be used for. Technical Designing - This step is for defining the technical details of the digital contract, such as architecture design and data flow diagram Detailed Development - The actual development of the Smart Contract and its structure Smart Contract Development & Upgradations - The Smart Contract is ready, now it’s time to deploy it and on the main network. Build a Smart Contract from the scratch can be very hard and time-consuming. But if you are looking to develop one, Blockchain App Factory is ready to help. The leading company in blockchain solution has a great team os developer that will hand out to you a top-notch Smart Contract Development on Ethereum.
  21. Get Your Hands on Next-Gen Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Developed by Oodles Blockchain for a Unified Trading Experience Globally Oodles Blockchain is one of the early adopters of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Exploring and embracing cutting-edge technologies is part of our DNA. We help businesses grow with cutting-edge Blockchain and AI/ML technologies. Launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange in no time using Oodles Blockchain’ Crypto ExchangeDevelopment Services. Also, get a turnkey solution for instantly getting started with your Exchange Platform. Make the most of a wide array of listings of cryptocurrency available under our software platform. The Mechanics of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Platform Getting started with crypto trading business without a cryptocurrency exchange platform is unthinkable. A cryptocurrency exchange platform is a digital marketplace where you allow users from the globe to buy, sell or trade in multiple cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currency. Providing users with a Crypto Exchange platform is a rapidly growing business idea. It bolsters them in setting off their crypto wheels in motion without friction. As per the Coinmarketcap, 208 Crypto Exchanges are operating online currently that support active trading. Surprisingly, the combined 24-hour trade volume of the top ten is over $6.5 billion. Types of Crypto Exchange Software Platforms Centralized Exchanges (CEX) Improved liquidity rates than other exchanges Enough capital for updating and developing the trading platform to match clients requirements Compliant with government laws than other exchange models Already implementing the government’s anti-money laundry acts (AML), as well as Know Your Customer (KYC) user requirements. Faster transactions due to their optimized trading platform Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) No need of a middleman to use the platform Reduced transaction costs and trading fees Execute trades on a peer-to-peer basis Provide the user with the autonomy to control their funds. Transactions are secure, private, anonymous, and transparent. Hybrid Exchanges Next generation cryptocurrency exchange Combines the startling aspects of both centralized and decentralized exchanges Aims to provide the liquidity of CEX along with the anonymity of DEX Probably the cryptocurrency exchange of the future An excellent example of a centralized and decentralized blend Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Platform Development For Different Business Sizes As per the organization size and their business processes, our crypto exchange developers help us provide cryptocurrency exchange development services customizable according to the specific business needs. Also Read: The Most Comprehensive Guide Ever to Starting Your Crypto Exchange Business Following the complexities that come associated with the client organization we work with, we allocate utilization of different advancements for respective cryptocurrency exchange software platform. SMEs > Angular & NodeJS Startups (New Businesses)> Ruby on Rails Enterprises> C++ Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development – Taking a Gander at Different Order Types For launching a successful cryptocurrency exchange platform, it is imperative for you to understand the order types. Market Order Allows your users to trade digital currencies at current market prices. They can set a market buy or sell to keep safe themselves in today’s highly volatile market. Limit Order Enable users to trade cryptocurrencies by ordering on the expectation that someone else’s market order would fulfill it. The user gets to set a ‘limit buy’ or ‘limit sell’ option. Stop Order It’s a conditional market order in which users sell their order after reaching a listed price. Users can set a Stop Buy or Stop Sell/Loss while assuring prudent actions. Copy Order It’s an order in which users get updates on the leading crypto-traders and copy their trades. It assists newbies in trading cryptos efficiently. Also, the top order would get incentivized as per the earnings of the copied trader. P2P Trading The Peer to Peer trading provides buyers and sellers with negotiation option before they transfer the coins. Here, escrow service ensures coin safety. Upon the agreement between the seller and buyer, the transaction gets completed. Buy Stop Order When the stop price is around or lesser than the market price, buy stop order or stop loss order can get placed. It protects the profit on a cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency exchange or limits a loss. Security Vulnerabilities that must be covered under Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development Google Two-Factor Authentication Google 2 Factor Authentication implemented on every login and withdrawal to ensure that a valid user is accessing the account. Demand Encryption and Authorization For checking the activities of a user, the activity request gets encrypted at the client side. Then, it goes for authorization at the server side. Both encryption and authorization are musts for a cryptocurrency exchange development. Hot Wallet Protections To prevent wallet attacks, we integrate multiple private keys rather than a single private key that might be vulnerable to hacks. Software Vulnerabilities We execute a method, using which, the request by a user from anywhere gets encrypted with salt and body. Further, when the request gets decrypted at the exchange, both salt and body get a match. If it matches, the system proceeds with the request, otherwise not. Cryptocurrency Exchange Software with Robust Features KYC/AML Verification Get thorough KYC verification authority over the traders’ registration timing. AML supportive system, customer documents management, and document verification. Accurate Security We possess an exchange software solution that reduces the website development time, adheres to blockchain security protocols, and improves the quality and accuracy of data. API and Liquidity Integration It provides irregular estimates of the activities of the trading on the crypto market. And enables you to comprehend current trading activities executed on the website. Order Book with Matching Engine It consists of the dashboard for order payments, matched order and relevance, balance monitoring, withdrawal request, and unfinished transaction details. Multi-Sig Wallet Configuration Enables your cryptocurrency exchange to manage traders KYC and AML checks for regulatory adherence. Also, it allows integrating multi-signature and encrypted hot wallet, cold wallet and frozen wallet. Trade Chart and Market Data Get a comprehensive view of every cryptocurrency from an overall level on rational chart visual presentation, as well as, a thorough grasp of the market provided with the volume of trades at that specific point of time. Added Attributes of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Developed by Oodles Blockchain Extensibility High-level scalable platforms API Layer for 3rd party services integrations Modular Designing Custom-tailored platform for specific features Utility Unique User Experience as a result of our Intuitive Dashboards, Trade Chart, Market Depth Chart, etc. Intuitive signup and trading process Custom Themes by Oodles Blockchain UX/UI specialists Security & Assurance Comprehensive vulnerability evaluation Decentralized ledger technologies for improved security Two-Factor Authentication and Alerts A dedicated in-house team of security professionals Decentralized Exchange/Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Smart Contracts deployment for business process automation Highly Customizable platform Granulated User Access Controls User-friendly platform settings access from Admin console Why Work With Oodles Blockchain? Oodles Blockchain is one of the early adopters of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Exploring and embracing cutting-edge technologies is part of our DNA. We help businesses grow with cutting-edge Blockchain and AI/ML technologies. Launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange in no time using Oodles Blockchain’ Crypto Exchange Development Services. Also, get a turnkey solution for instantly getting started with your Exchange Platform. Make the most of a wide array of listings of cryptocurrency available under our software platform. A few insightful reads about Crypto Exchanges: Using Artificial Intelligence to Build Cryptocurrency Exchange App Exchange Development | Insights to Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions as Public Utility Exchange Application Development Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
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