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  2. Cryptocurrency trading has become a pretty loved way of people across the globe and has turned into the go-to ways to make money for people, especially the Beginners. With the market reaching a new destination with each coming days, it is time to trade the tools and ways, which are specifically created and designed for it. And therefore, inviting you to the world of class, the world of excitement and the thrills, welcoming you to the world of “RAISEX” Exchange. Raisex is a registered and licensed company, based upon Cryptocurrency trading exchange platform, founded in 2017. Raisex is a platform built with the vision to get the BEST use of the Blockchain technology to allow people to trade Cryptos easily, confidently and securely. With eliminating the barriers in transactions, increasing the efficiency of it across the globe, it is meant to bring a smile to the faces of traders! Raisex is built with keeping the present challenges in mind, and security as the HIGHEST priority, it gives a SAFE, RELIABLE and STABLE environment for digital assets trading. It is a type of creation, which is not just meant to benefit traders but also people who are the owners of Coins and are struggling to get their coin listed on worthy exchanges. Now with Raisex, it is an EASY opportunity to get listed with minimum fees and maximum ease! It is meant to open EASY route for everyone, to make Crypto world a BETTER place. And that’s not stopping here, with Raisex next step running around integrating a multi-currency debit card, for an easier and complete experience and mining pool free fee for coins support! With joining Raisex now, one is able to get 10000 (10k) Satoshi BTC to buy listed coins and to be able to do that, it’s just all very simple! All you require to do is to follow up the Twitter profile, re-tweet this https://twitter.com/Raisex4/status/1059705301551759361 and register on Raisex website. Then comment on that Twitter post with the username you used for registration on Raisex website, and there you go to be allotted with 10000 (10k) Satoshi BTC to buy listed coins! So, come be part of this marvelous creation that’s meant to make everyone’s life easier, comfortable and enjoyable! Get further details below: Official Website: https://raisex.io Social Media link: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Raisex4 Contact Detail: [email protected]
  3. Officially Hard Forked! As of approximately 7:30 PM GMT on November 15th, 2018, we are pleased to announce that Bitcoin Stash has officially hard forked from Bitcoin Cash! With each passing day, as the true value of cryptocurrencies become better understood, the threat of 51% attacks on the Bitcoin Cash network becomes more imminent. Corporate and private interests, combined with greed and incompetence has corrupted the security of the chain. Bitcoin Stash will provide the solution through merged mining with both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Additionally, Bitcoin Stash will offer replay protection to protect our chain against replay attacks. Bitcoin Cash has imploded into a hash war between Craig Faketoshi Wright’s Bitcoin SV and Bitmain’s Bitcoin ABC. Faketoshi plans on executing a 51% hash rate attack on the ABC chain, mining empty blocks and wreaking havoc. We are not certain when or how long this attack may occur, but we do believe it is imminent. Bitcoin Stash stands against the block size increases implemented by SV and the fraudulent activities of Wright. Additionally, we believe that the leadership of Bitmain, Roger Ver, and Bitcoin ABC can no longer be relied upon, as they were the ones who welcomed Faketoshi with open arms. While Bitcoin SV was plotting their takeover, the leaders of Bitcoin ABC were busy going to boat parties with Faketoshi and developing useless ideas like tokenization platforms and instant transactions. At this point, it seems like almost no one knows what will be the result of the Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC drama. No matter what happens with either of those, Bitcoin Stash will have a purpose since our merged mining will provide more incentive for miners and increase security and decentralization with a higher hash rate. Moreover, Bitcoin Stash should not encounter double-spending issues, as we will not be supporting 0-confirmation transactions. As a result, Bitcoin Stash is here to stay and will continue to be useful in the future with or without Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash holders prior to our fork will be able to obtain an equivalent amount of Bitcoin Stash if they hold the private keys to their BCH wallet. Future exchange support will also be a continual focus for our team moving forward. Please visit our website https://bstash.org to find further instructions on claiming or mining Bitcoin Stash. Our source code is available at https://github.com/bstash/bitcoinstash, with binaries to follow. Also, please join our Telegram, follow our Twitter (@BitcoinStash), and continue checking our website for updates! Feel free to reach out to any of our official accounts with any questions. Happy Fork Day! Stash team
  4. Bitcoin Stash has forked from Bitcoin Cash on block 556767! There may be some network problems and the nodes may have trouble syncing. We can thank Faketoshi/Satoshi’s Shotgun for this. We will work relentlessly to resolve these issues over the next several days! More announcements will follow soon.
  5. Small fee - great profit!
  6. Netozer

    selling bitcoin

    I haven't decided to do anything with my crypto yet. 'm not experiences enough to make sales decision
  7. Areding

    selling bitcoin

    Speculating on bitcoin is not as easy as seems. There very unstable (market?) and need to be able to not only analyze it, but also wait a "that" moment
  8. Yes, you are right, there are not so many reviews yet, as the project has recently started its work. However, it's been a while since I've made my first investment in this project, so I can say that at the moment the company has shown itself very well, in terms of honesty and reliability. I have withdrawn money many times, I will reach the breakeven pretty soon)
  9. joao fernandes

    WIN 2 BTC + 5000 CLX + $3500 TRIP!

    I already have +300$ without investing a dime! I can prove it.
  10. BIG GIVE AWAY! DO NOT MISS. NO Tasks.NO signup. Easiest BIG airdrop. FREE 1 KPSK token every 15 days! (1 KPSK token=1 ETH!) from KEEPSTAKE! Just eth address and email confirmation.
  11. Become A Part Of Social Network That Bring Crypto Player Closer Together. About Chryp.to : Chryp.to is a social network for blockchain players. It is a collaboration tool, a marketplace, an information hub and an application showcase - an all-in-one platform for crypto companies, investors, developers and researchers to leverage the power of crowd economics, crowd creativity and crowd intelligence. The platform includes all the possibilities of typical social networks, where people interact amongst themselves, form groups, and engage with organizations, leading to limitless new outcomes. On top of that, it is also designed to include specialized tools for the crypto community. Users can showcase their skills and seek co-creation or work for organizations. Start-ups can list their offerings and products for investment, advice, and collaboration. The news section brings updates on blockchain technology and its applications around the world, users can stay informed about cryptocurrency prices and trends, and there are blockchain specific tutorials for those who want to learn more. Upcoming features include tools to follow successful investors and a marketplace to buy and sell blockchain related products. Also, on the roll-out list are tools that connect Chryp.to’s underlying technology to the blockchain ecosystem, such APIs, plugins and a mobile application. Features: Social Network: Set up your personal or professional profile, connect with blockchain & crypto professionals, follow blockchain companies, network, post, share, comment & discuss on any blockchain- or crypto- related topic. Getting started made easy: Newbies find an extensive database of explanation videos on all relevant topics like blockchains, ICOs, token economics. Showcase & Integrations: Companies, Investors and Solution Providers can showcase their products to gain visibility. Coins, Prices & Exchanges: Follow all coins, prices, volumes & exchanges. Jobs, Projects & Gigs: Post & find vacancies, post or apply for a short term project or post or buy a gig. News & Press Releases: Read up on the latest curetted News & Press Releases. ICOs, Bounties & Airdrops: Discover promising ICOs to support, or find airdrops and bounty programs. Forums & Discussions: Join forums and topics and discuss every aspect of the decentralized world. Why participate? By participating you contribute to the creation of a versatile and multifunctional platform that facilitates all kinds of interactions and leverages mass adoption of crypto trading and blockchain applications. All CHRYPTO utility token holders enjoy all benefits of a premium membership to access exclusive functionalities of the Chryp.to platform. Affiliate Program: Become an affiliate partner and earn 10% commission on every sale you referred. REGISTER HERE FOR AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Airdrop: Sign up and add your ETH wallet address during signup or in your profile Add a profile AND cover image Tweet about Chryp.to or the Chryp.to Airdrop Follow Chryp.to on Facebook and/or join the Telegram group. You will receive 1,000 CHRYPTO tokens after the Token Sale ended. Chryp.to is free to join, but it also offers several memberships, e.g. a daily briefing directly to your inbox. Join now!
  12. Blockchain and since its introduction into the world has proven beyond reasonable doubt that it has so much unlimited world – changing potential. There is a push for the world to accept and adopt the use of cryptocurrency fully but there are several factors which has been a problem in selling the blockchain idea to me. The first problem is that cryptocurrency is complex to comprehend, obtain and use. Secondly, in terms of micro payments, the established blockchain networks are too slow. Thirdly, currency is a deep social franchise yet no markets have emerged to provide a utility for daily exchange. These issues have for long been a barrier for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency by all. Alfa-Enzo is a unique platform whose aim is to ensure a distributed operating system by using a peer to peer technology. The provision of a standard unmatched distributed commerce ecosystem that will solve the problems in the blockchain technology will be used to achieve this. The creation of the Alfa-enzo foundation is a breakthrough to reach effective solutions to the biggest problems that have riddled the crypto space over time. The platform seeks to launch its EON main net, which is set to be the world’s first DOS (Distributed Operating System) that will run on a peer-to-peer topology. Alfa-enzo is a fifth-generation social network, a Blockchain built on the principle of Proof-of-Activity. This means the value for the activity. That is, if the user is active in the life of the social network, confirming the transaction thereby, he receives for it socially confirmation in the form of remuneration. ALFA-ENZO TOKEN SALE There will be an initial coin offering by Alfa-enzo which will begin on 16th November 2018 and end 30th December 2018. Alfa-enzo has her own token with the symbol NZO. During the ICO Alfa-enzo tokens will be sold at the price of 1 NZO = $0.01. Minimum contribution allowed is 1 ETH while maximum contribution allowed is 400 ETH. Alfa-enzo has their softcap targeted at $5 million and hardcap at $20 million. Latoken Exchange will host the Enzo (NZO) Initial Coin Offering and also list the NZO tokens after end of ICO. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION Public offering: 60% (12.6 billion NZOs) Foundation: 25% (5.25 billion NZOs) Airdrop: 5% (1.05 billion NZOs) Team: 10% (2.1 billion NZOs) ALFA-ENZO USE OF FUNDS Development: 60% (7.56 billion NZOs) Business: 20% (2.52 billion NZOs) Research: 15% (1.89 billion NZOs) Legal: 5% (0.63 billion NZOs). THE ROADMAP 2017: MVP complete, Patents Filed (Blackpaper), Whitepaper released and Design complete. 2018: Initial Token Offering, Alfa Feature-complete, AWS Ethereum Templates, API integrations. 2019: Launch Marketplaces, Launch Valet Light Wallet, Develop Push Model and Develop AR Engine. 2020: Launch Push, Monetize Platform, Grow Global User Base and Open Source. 2021: Develop Hardware, Develop Fluid OS, Develop Fluidity Contract and Builder. THE ALFA-ENZO FOUNDATION Tony K. Tran: Founder and CEO Quyen T. Phan: COO and Chief Evangelist James Dron: Vice President, Ads Products. Mai Ann: Vice President, Media Angie N. Trinh: VP, Human Resources (Interim) Thomas S. Nsikakabasi: Chief Evangelist, Africa Linh P. Vu: CFO Andy Truong: Vice President, Global Markets. ADVISORS AND INVESTORS Ridgley L. Kuang Manh Duong Eddie Hong Horizon Ventures NETWORK LEADS Gina Darling Marie Madore Vicki BayBee Jessica Cake Shanzay Hayat Catch24 Crystal L. Dannie Riel Website: https://www.alfaenzo.io/home Whitepaper: https://www.alfaenzo.io/libs/pdf/whitepaper.pdf#zoom=25 Telegram: https://t.me/alfaenzoio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlfaEnzoOfficial Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/alfaenzofoundation/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/enzonetwork Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsfKqraAZ5rQDVqX9i1XaUQ?disable_polymer=true Authored By: teejayrichard Bitcointalk Url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1265803 Wallet Address: 0x937fe2c8bd616344a9Be33fDEC04D6F15f53c20F
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    We would like to announce our Black November 8% discount, coupon code: NOVEMBER Promo ends in December 1. Sinewave Miner Shop - Buy Bitcoin Miner - Scrypt Miner - Litecoin Miner - Equihash Miner - Ethash Miner - Monero Miner - ASIC Miner Shop https://swminershop.com
  14. BIG GIVEAWAY! DO NOT MISS. NO Tasks.NO signup. Easiest BIG airdrop. FREE 1 KPSK token every 15 days! (1 KPSK token=1 ETH!)! from KEEPSTAKE! Just eth address and email confirmation.
  15. have a look at the Arround project. So much to offer in the advertising industry website: https://arround.io/ whitepaper: https://arround.io/content/file/arround-whitepaper-en.pdf
  16. OFFICIAL WEBSITE | OFFICIAL TWITTER | OFFICIAL DISCORD | MAIN THREAD | BOUNTY THREAD Windows Wallet: HERE Mac Wallet: Coming soon Github: amsterdex Explorer: HERE Youtube wallet tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr8yO2YE74cpz5e3OuTFEBA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY0SLvZU-WM For all information, please visit our website: https://amsterdex.com Platform screenshots:
  17. In the world today we have seen there is little opportunity to access quality AR-focused content and this has led to the difficulty of individuals creating their own AR experience for both family and friends. This has been an issue despite the desire of people to engage with quality AR content and also willingness of business to adopt AR as a new kind of marketing platform. Today I will discuss the fantastic solution to this issue. A team of high intelligent professionals with years of experience has observed this issue closely and came up with an amazing idea, one never seen before called Arround. The team will be launching an AR social, an augmented reality focused social network which puts users in control of their AR experience. With Arround, users will have an endless opportunity to access AR applications, view, share and also create their own AR content easily by using their smartphone. Arround platform uses GPS and spatial recognition technologies to provide first class augmented reality experience, providing a unique way of viewing the world around us. ARROUND SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE Arround has a platform which comprises of four key elements which are specially connected via blockchain, combining to create a complete, amazing AR ecosystem that will make it possible for the project to succeed. The ecosystem includes AR maps, AR store, AR social and AR Adnet. • AR Social is the Arround social network that is available for both iOS and Android. It can be downloaded for free in Google Play and Apple’s App store. • AR Maps links directly to the advertising solution and social network. • AR AdNet provides an outlet for brands, organizations and offline retail stores to engage in advertising, marketing and information campaigns in augmented reality. • AR Store provides an opportunity for users to conduct sale and lease of transactions of content and services which the unique Arround platform offers. Around has a business model in which the Arround platform and ecosystem created will be based on. The business model is outlined below; • Prices inside the Arround system will be in fiat currency • ARR tokens will be used for payments for ads and purchase inside the system. • There will be discount, bonuses and rewards for performing different tasks from advertisers. • There will be automatic fees payments from the Network Development Fund (NDF), smart contracts will be used for all payments. • There will be income payment for premium content by advertisers and users. TOKEN SALE Arround has her own token which is based on ERC20 smart contract on Ethereum blockchain and will be traded on exchanges. Arround token has the symbol ARR token. These tokens will be used for all forms of transaction on the Arround platform and also participate in auctions for long term lease of advertising space. Also, ARR token will be required as a deposit for the maintenance of ARROUND blockchain node. There will be a total of 3, 000, 000, 000 ARR tokens which will be made available for sale to the general public. Also there will be different stages of token sale. The first stage which is the pre-sale starts 27th February, 2018 and ends 1st May, 2018 and 45, 000, 000 tokens will be available for purchase at a bonus of 50%. Pre-sale is targeted at USD $1, 000, 000. There will also be a private sale in which a minimum purchase of 1 ETH will be accepted. There will be main token sale which will last from 15th September, 2018 till 15th November, 2018. Soft-cap is targeted at USD 5 million while hard-cap is targeted at USD 30 million. Tokens will be sold at a price of 1 ARR = $0.035. All unsold tokens after the ICO will be burned. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION Token sale (pre-sale and token sale): 48.3% Fund for community development and liquidity (CDF- includes advisors, partners etc.): 22% Support fund for the holders of the Master nodes (NDF): 10% Team: 10% Bonus tokens for Pre-sale and Token sale: 8.2% Bounty: 1.5% ARROUND ROADMAP 2016: initial idea to create a communication platform based on augmented reality, optimization of the project’s business concept and presentation of idea and feedback. 2017: technical specification of the project, first major partner, 36.6 which runs the biggest pharmacy network in Russia and investment into the development of MVP. 2018: release mobile app iOS and Android, launch first campaigns with partners, 36.6 and the Atrium shopping mall and release of the alpha version, seed the platform with content and open the doors to targeted users. 2019: port ARROUND to ODG Augmented Reality Glasses and Microsoft Hololens, launch advertising campaigns with large pharmacy chains across Europe, engage advertising agencies on the platform and develop self-service module for ad agencies to build their own AR content. 2020: the first auction in the secondary market for the sale of advertising space inside the platform, launch of SDK, attracting third-party developers to the platform, expansion to new markets: China, Japan, Korea, Europe and launch of a pilot project with a partner in the US. TEAM Neil Bryant: CEO Arkady Yasashny: CFO Dmitry Orekhov: CMO Artem Haritonov: CTO Alexandr Sokolov: CSA Eugene Dobrovolsky: CBDO Kate Bublik: Digital marketing expert Andrey Molchanov: CSPO Fedor Gladovsky: Sr. Web Developer ADVISORS Temur Shakaya: Strategic Partnership Advisor Igor Karavaev: Advisor, Investor Relations Alexander Shulgin: PR and Community Advisor Nathan Christian: ICO Advisor Website: https://arround.io/ Whitepaper: https://arround.io/content/file/arround-whitepaper-en.pdf ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3014006.0 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArroundPlatform Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Arround-2052833448334195/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/arround/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arround_official Medium: https://medium.com/@arroundsmm Written By: teejayrichard Bitcointalk link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1265803 Wallet: 0x937fe2c8bd616344a9Be33fDEC04D6F15f53c20F
  18. NOW SUPPORTING ALSO ANTMINER S9 / L3+ / D3Hello there!I’m very glad to announce the first release of Minera a new system for your mining devices.Minera includes as miner software: CPUminer-GC3355 fork BFGminer latest original version CGminer latest original version CGminer Dmaxl Zeus fork It should support every CGminer/BFGminer forks as well.Since the 0.9.x version Minera supports also network miners as: Antminer S9 Antminer L3+ Antminer D3 Since the 0.5.x version Minera supports also network miners as: Antminer S1 / S3 / S5 Rockminer Any network miner with cgminer/bfgminer Other Minera system Download v0.9.0Added support for Antminer S9 / L3+ / D3 Bugs fixed Manual install should work now Minera 0.9.0 is out! Several bugs fixed Introduced Browser mining to remove ads Minera 0.8.0 is out! Several bugs fixed Upgraded to lastest Codeigniter version (framework) Upgraded to latest Raspbian Strecth release (image file) Upgraded to use PHP7.0 Added Minera ID to lock screen and sidebar Added BCH (Bitcoin Cash) to profitability table Added ccminer as local miner (need tests) Minera 0.7.0 is out! Bug fix Limit on number of network miners Enhancement: hostname/system name of miner on login/lock page Updated miners with latest versions (Cgminer and Bfgminer) Updated Raspbian version to Jessie Debian release (You need to flash your SD Card read more below) Removed all save buttons and introduced the new one-save-button Added reset logs button to clean up log system files (only Minera and miners) Added system info at lockscreen Changed Refresh button position (on top!) Introduced Ads in Minera (yes I know, you don’t like) Introduced the Remove Ads button (only 0.01 Btc for system forever, read more below) Lot of other small fixes/enhancement Minera 0.6.2 is out! This is only a maintenance version to update the dead Multi pool with the LTC one. Updated Bfgminer to latest version (5.4.1) Minera 0.6.1 is out! Fixed time donation for cgminer users Fixed Cgminer Dmaxl pool hashrate bug Added remember dashboard panels status collapsed or not Added dashboard panel settings enable/disable Removed any reference to MobileMiner Added bitstamp rates Usd + Eur in mining profitability panel Fixed bug with update…shit! I’m sorry for this Minera 0.6.0 is out! [*]Fixed various minor bugs [*]Fixed altcoin data update [*]Fixed change hostname [*]Upgraded framework version (Codeigniter from 2.1.4 to 2.2.2) [*]Fixed build script git clone [*]Fixed export JSON bug [*]Fixed dup labels in charts [*]Added local pools dashboard actions (add/remove/select on the fly) [*]Added default records per page setting [*]Added factory reset [*]Added general options (logs and json append) to manual local miner settings [*]Added logs for custom miner softwares [*]Added mining profitability box on dashboard [*]Fixed sidebar scrolling [*]Added sidebar dashboard icons/links [*]Updated Minera system ID based on ethernet Mac Address [*]Changed Minera username donation pool to reflect the Minera System ID [*]Donation profit now got from live profit data [*]Summer cleaning [*]Added bower vendor packages [*]Added Grunt task manager to build Minera files [*]Added task for minify/uglify css/js [*]Added environment configs [*]Lock and sysop pages code rewritten [*]Added CDNs for icon fonts (Awesome / Ionicons) [*]Added Lighttpd conf to compress JSON calls and different mimetypes files (only on image build) [*]Added script to install Minera on a non-Raspberry hardware
  19. Hyper stake is a an alt coin on the verge of exploding. This is a Coin you will not want to miss out on. the price is cheap now but it usually rides the bitcoin bull runs and gains 1000% this crypto currency also allows fo you to make more coin by holding more. Hyperstake is the best Proof of Stake Coin I have come across. http://hyperstake.io/ Hyperstake will become one of the top 50 coins in the next 4 years. The part I love about this coin the most is the Development team is made up of super stars that have worked on many of the leading coins on the market. my prediction is Hyperstake will be at 4 cents by the middle of 2019. HyperStake is an advanced blockchain platform that provides generous rewards to users for securing the blockchain without the need for complicated mining equipment. HyperStake focuses on being the leading Proof of Stake currency to use for long term value storage. Rewards help ensure that your cryptocurrency portfolio is being put to work instead of laying dormant and potentially losing value. Advanced staking tools within the wallet allow users to have complete control over their staking strategy and ability to maximize investment returns. HyperStake has the most advanced wallet and tools for staking available anywhere. Voting System Many popular digital currencies have difficulty with governance and how to make decisions on changing aspects about the coin. HyperStake seeks to solve this issue with the implementation of an immutable voting system, which is accessible to any user that actively stakes. A proposal is made based on an identified issue that a user or group may face and is added to the blockchain to be voted on. Users with the most to gain or lose from important decisions about HyperStake will be those with the largest sway on the overall vote. REWARDS the current hyperstake POS reward is "What is the current stake reward?"" ⏵ The current annual reward is 34%
  20. The Smart Contract development company writes Blockchain programs as per your business needs. Smart contracts define terms and conditions, digitally on Blockchain between two parties. Public Blockchain Ethereum is most popular for smart contracts. Though, the public Blockchain like Bitcoin MLM Software Chennai also can be used for smart contracts. Before the concept of smart contracts, business people were making paper based contracts in which all the terms and conditions kept mentioned. This manual process requires a lot of human energy and is with full of hassles. For example, if you draw up a smart contract developers Chennai for website design, you may run into trouble. Who decides when the design work meets the client's needs? Compare this to, say, a shipping contract. The smart contract can take into consideration weights, arrival times, fees for tolls, temperature and weather information, and a wealth of other relevant data. Blockchain development services were developed to augment digital currency of crypto coin, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin that is best efficient currency technology against cyber fraud and black money and verified financial transaction over a computer network connection. This Blockchain technology developers has grown into something that can change technology for good in the payment gateway process. Crypto soft India is one of the companies in India is to provide blockchain development solutions or service globally with multi-disciplined domain expert team, which are provide a positive and holistic client experience through Bitcoin blockchain development life cycle. The Crypto soft India Company made a framework of blockchain which is successfully tackle artificial, Intelligence, data analysis, Internet of thing and web security. You can hire our blockchain developer to develop a smart contract, blockchain service network, Cryptocurrency MLM Software development, Bitcoin, ICO development and etc. To create the best feature and user-friendly service to access on every platform like (Windows, IOS, Android, Linux, etc.). Thanks for reading our above content, please go through our website to know more about our services. Our contact details as follow. Crypto Soft India, Mr. Vijay Kumar, 1/124, DLF IT Park Rd, Ramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600116, +91 6385 108 373, http://www.cryptosoftindia.com/ [email protected]
  21. AndrejWarhola

    When is the Right Time to Invest in Bitcoin?

    in my point of view, this is the right time to invest in bitcoin because the market is stable.
  22. Great information. thanks for sharing the details..
  23. AndrejWarhola

    �How did you start trading bitcoin? Any tips?

    The first thing you'll need is a place to keep your currency. This would be similar to a fiat currency, which is stored in a wallet. There three types of Bitcoin wallets: Online wallets Mobile wallets Desktop wallets Depending on the mobility level you're looking for, different types of wallets will provide varying levels of mobility. Same goes for levels of security.
  24. Today, companies of all sizes are trying to strengthen their recruiting capacity and improve their quality while minimizing costs. These companies, like the candidates, face many challenges which generate a complex ecosystem in the field of recruitment. And that’s the goal of RECRUIT : - create a secure and direct link between the recruitment needs of companies and potential candidates without intermediaries and all around the world ; - allow job seekers to have direct access to many offers and allow companies to benefit from a pool of competencies updated continuously to enable them to fill a vacancy as soon as possible and at best. Recruit (RCRT) will therefore be an all-in-one platform for all kinds of recruiting tasks. Jobseekers using Recruit’s native currency (RCRT) will be able to easily and efficiently access to a lot of offers. Companies using Recruit’s native currency (RCRT) will be able to access to a lot of jobseekers all over the world. Imagine a global database gathering all the skills of job seekers in parallel with all the skills expected by companies. This would allow job seekers easy access to employment, regardless of origin, gender. This would allow companies recruiting faster and cheaper. Recruit (RCRT) is our vision for a next generation recruiting platform that highlights the powerful possibilities of blockchain technology. Website: http://site.rcrt.online Github: https://github.com/rcrtonline/rcrt/releases/tag/1.0 Guides/Wiki: https://github.com/rcrtonline/rcrt/blob/master/README.md Linux Wallet: https://github.com/rcrtonline/rcrt/releases/download/1.0/linux-1.0.zip Windows Wallet: https://github.com/rcrtonline/rcrt/releases/download/1.0/windows-1.0.zip Mac Wallet: Mac Wallet coming soon Discord: https://discord.gg/p6RhyNK Invitation bounties You can earn RCRT coins by participating in Invite Bounty. To take part in it, fill out the registration form https://goo.gl/forms/CekviNymIojdSiXm1 Regular rewards: 1 invite = 1 RCRT Extra rewards: 1st place: 250 RCRT 2nd place: 200 RCRT 3rd place: 150 RCRT 4th place: 100 RCRT 5th place: 50 RCRT Deadlines: Bounty begins 01.11.2018 00:00 UTC / ends 07.11.2018 23:59 UTC Translation bounties Rewards: 50 RCRT per translation How to join and rules in discord This ANN helps to outline the ambitious Recruit (RCRT) project, as well as our vision of a next-generation recruiting platform based on blockchain technology. We wish to create an amazing and fair database grouping the professional skills proposed and sought beneficial to both job seekers and companies in a win-win goal.
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    Screw Pump Admins! Let's steal their money!

    8 spots left only!
  26. ***NEW CUSTOMERS: Place your first bet with us and we’ll give you two free bets of the same value (up to 3 mBTC per bet). Find out more here: https://everybet.io/en/promotions *** It’s a Thursday during the NFL season which can only mean one thing, an enhanced price on Thursday Night Football. Tonight’s game sees the Green Bay Packers travel to CenturyLink Field to face the Seattle Seahawks (20:20 EST). The Seahawks are fast in danger of slipping out of play-off contention in the NFC. Their divisional rivals, the LA Rams, have all but won the NFC West and with the Seahawks having lost their last two games they are entering a critical phase in the regular season. Next week they will face play-off rivals, the Carolina Panthers, and they will need to gain some momentum ahead of that key showdown. The Packers find themselves in a similar position to the Seahawks where they need to begin posting wins to stay in the shake-up for the NFC play-offs. Crucially the Packers have won the last three games over Seattle and may well feel they have the edge over the Seahawks. We’ve boosted a Green Bay win from 2.25 to 2.50 for tonight’s game (max bet 10 mBTC). Can Green Bay win on the road or will Seattle send them packing? every hit, every miss, every moment, everybet.io
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