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  3. EXMO (A Tale of Excellence) COMPANY OVERVIEW Founded in 2013, the company has grown to become a well-respected organization in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. EXMO has a solid global presence with programmers and developers from Spain, Russia, India and Thailand, while its financial advisers are from England, USA, Lithuania and Singapore. Their robust team is available 24/7 to maintain the fluidity of the company’s offerings. At the moment, their platform supports ten international languages (English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Português, Română, 中文, РУССКИЙ and УКРАЇНСЬКА). PLATFORM & USER INTERFACE Exmo offers an intuitive, easy-to-use platform through which clients can interact in two major modes. The first is the exchange, a secure wallet which includes exchange and 3 factor security. The second part is trade, where clients can trade a range of crypto currencies to take advantage of intraday volatility in the space. This versatile universal platform combines all the possible aspects of cryptocurrency. Traded Pairs: BTC/USD BTC/EUR BTC/RUB DASH/BTC DASH/USD ETH/BTC ETH/USD ETH/RUB DOGE/BTC DOGE/RUB LTC/BTC LTC/RUB USD/RUB It is quite easy and simple to start using the services on Upon navigating to their home page, there is a direct message that urges you to either sign up or sign in. Should you choose the former, you will be redirected to a simple form. Having completed the sign-up process, you can go ahead with an easy-to-handle interface that allows you to fully control your wallet, trade and exchange currencies. On the home page, there is a chart with the price rates of bitcoins. The price is available for the analogies of bitcoins with EUR, USD and RUB. In addition, you can easily have a look at the daily volume of exchange transactions and the number of active users for the day. Deposit and withdrawals is another beauty from EXMO. EXMO supports a plethora of deposit and withdrawal options including, Capitalist, Perfect Money, AdvCash, OK PAY, Money Polo, Payeer, Payza and WebMoney. Deposit and withdrawal fees are clearly stated for each option and I’ve found the process to be painless and smooth. A particularly very handy offering by EXMO is their proprietory feature called Excode. The Excode offers a very quick and handy deposit and withdrawal option. It is usually generated at third party exchangers where ecurrencies are exchange for exmo deposit currency (USD, EUR and RUB). Once the Excode is loaded, the associated currency gets funded in your wallet in the blink of an eye. Splendid!!!!!! Users can also generate the Excode via the withdrawal option. I particularly use this option to transfer funds securely to family and friends. The Excode is the most brilliant thing I've seen. I can’t help but mention the option to save the details of your withdrawal destinations so as to save time and you don’t have to re-enter lengthy and not so easy to remember destinations such as the culpable Bitcoin address. Brilliant!!!! EXMO ADVANTAGES The User-Friendliness of the EXMO Interface cannot be overemphasized. The navigation and user experience can only be described as smooth and hassle-free. As correctly listed on the website, Exmo has a range of advantages that sets it apart from the competition. Firstly, deposits and withdrawal are instantly and executed automatically. Next is security; EXMO takes security very seriously. Cryptocurrency and accounts of all clients are protected and stored securely and appropriately according to industry standard protocol. They offer 2 factor authentication, SSL and encryption in the wallets and trades. Also, the policy regarding AML and privacy matters is solid and reliable. Finally, EXMO offers some of the lowest commissions on the market, on all aspects of its offerings, including trades, deposits and withdrawals. EXMO AVAILABILITY & SUPPORT Support and availability is another area EXMO excels at. Firstly, there is the live online chat (available in several languages) for you to turn to. There is also an option to submit a ticket and wait for their response. I have found the live chat handier as it is fast and reliable. The platform also offers a live chat facility with other members of the Exmo community, which can come in handy as important ideas are usually shared within the community. Additionally, there is the email and phone number option available for all your inquiries and complaints. Exmo is also very active on the social media. Personally, I have found their Social media platforms very responsive particularly Facebook. Last but not the least, there is the knowledgebase with the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) – divided in parts, depending on the topic. I will advise every user to visit the FAQ as it helps tremendously. FINAL WORDS The company is trusted by just shy of 370,000 people in over 100 countries. With this figure growing spontaneously daily, it is safe to say that EXMO has grown to become an industry leader that meets the highest standards of exchange and storage services for cryptocurrency and fiat money. Thumbs Up to the Exmo Team.
  4. Hi Everyone, After successfully testing of PoSP (Proof-of-Stake-Participation) in our test network these past few days, we will now try to implement it to the live network so exchanges, block explorers were contacted to halt Pesobit operations. PoSP also increases staking rewards because the non-staking wallets' staking power will be given to those that are staking and what are the main non-staking wallets? Exchanges, mobile and other online wallets. As for our testing and computation, PoSP will increase staking profit from the current 5% (which is based on low-inflation of 5%) to a much higher 15-20% while maintaining the same rate of inflation. The current staking in the online wallet will continue with its current rate for those whose coins are locked brought by the old staking, but those who will have new staking will see a new set of increased staking bonuses. To those who are using desktop wallets, your staking rewards will now be based on how often you have your wallets online but it will be generally higher. This model also increases the number of nodes further as it rewards the desktop wallet users if their wallets are synced and participating to the network which results to more stable, bigger and more decentralized network. Please note that if keeping your computer open with Pesobit software running all day is an issue for you, you will be able to benefit from the same high yield by using the official PSB online wallet. How long will it be down? We'll try to implement the PoSP in the main node, let it sync and run as normal under PoSP. Then we'll do the same for the other linux and windows nodes to see if sync will work perfectly together with testing the staking rewards variation if some wallets are off. If you remember, we tried this prior to launching Pesobit but failed and said that I'll pursue PoSP still and now is the time before we go big. I can't give the exact time frame but a week of downtime for all the wallets might be possible. I've been talking to potential investors of services for funding these past couple of weeks and was able to get some commitments together with more partnerships so there's no where to go for Pesobit but UP. - BENJAMIN PACHECO (Founder PSB)
  5. Salutations aux investisseurs PSB, Après avoir réussi à tester l'algorithme PoSP (Proof of Stake- Participation) dans notre réseau test ces derniers jours, nous allons maintenant tenter l'implanter sur le réseau PSB en direct, ainsi, les sites de change Crypto, les explorateurs de blocs ont été contactés pour stopper toutes les transactions avec Pesobit. PoSP augmente signicativement les récompenses de staking parce que le pouvoir de staking des portefeuilles qui choisissent de ne pas participer sera attribué à ceux qui participent. On remarque notamment qu'entre autres, ce sont les sites d'échange crypto qui ne font pas de staking donc tous les gains potentiels perdus par les gens qui laissent leurs soldes de monnaies crypto dormir à ces sites d'échange seront attribués à ceux qui gardent le contrôle de leurs coins et participent au réseau par wallets Desktop ou wallets en ligne. Pour les wallets mobile, wallets Desktop et autres portefeuilles officiels en ligne, selon nos tests et calculs, PoSP augmentera le profit de staking du 5% actuel (qui est basé sur un taux de faible inflation de 5%) à plutôt 15-20% annuel tout en maintenant le même bas taux d'inflation. Le staking actuel dans le portefeuille en ligne continuera avec son taux actuel pour ceux dont les monnaies sont toujours engagées dans l'ancien système de staking, mais ceux qui mettront de nouvelles monnaies en staking se verront attribuer les gains considérablement supérieurs du PoSP. Pour ceux qui utilisent des wallets de Desktop, vos récompenses de staking seront désormais basées sur la fréquence à laquelle vous avez vos logiciels PSB ouverts et en ligne. Le PoSP a aussi tendance à augmenter le nombre de nodes qui participent au réseau car il récompense les utilisateurs de portefeuille de Desktop si leurs portefeuilles sont synchronisés et participent au réseau qui se traduit par un réseau plus stable, plus grand et plus décentralisé. Si de maintenir votre ordinateur ouvert 24h/24 vous embête, vous pourrez profiter du staking du portefeuille en ligne, qui lui, travaillera pour vous 24h/24. Combien de temps cette coupure de service durera-t-elle? Nous allons essayer d'implanter le PoSP dans la node principale, la laisser se synchroniser de nouveau et la laisser fonctionner normalement sous PoSP. Ensuite, nous ferons la même chose pour les autres nodes Linux et Windows pour voir si la synchronisation fonctionnera parfaitement avec le test de la variation des récompenses de staking si certains portefeuilles sont désactivés. Si vous vous rappelez, nous avons essayé ceci avant de lancer Pesobit mais à l'époque ça avait échoué et j'avais bien promis que je poursuivrai PoSP plus tard et maintenant il est temps que nous allions de l'avant. Je ne peux pas donner le délai exact mais il se pourrait que cette coupure de service ne dure qu'une semaine. J'ai parlé à des investisseurs potentiels de services pour le financement ces deux dernières semaines et j'ai été en mesure d'obtenir certains engagements avec plus de partenariats de sorte que la valeur de vos PSB ne peut maintenant que monter! Ce bas prix que nous avons connu récemment ne devrait pas revenir de sitôt, et c'est bien ainsi! - BENJAMIN PACHECO (Fondateur du PSB)
  6. We had a quite fruitful meeting with the people of Will be adding their items in our online store,, soon. and products are important especially for Overseas workers, at least with specific gift cards you know that what you gave to your families will be directed to the right purpose and not be wasted on other things that they don't want you to know about. - BENJAMIN PACHECO (Founder PSB)
  7. Première rencontre avec l'équipe de, qui fût fructueuse! Nous ajouterons donc leurs articles dans prochainement. Les produits de et sont importants, surtout pour les travailleurs Filippins à l'étranger, du moins avec des cartes-cadeaux spécifiques, vous êtes certains que ce que vous avez donné à vos familles sera dirigé vers la bonne destination et ne finira pas par être dépensé sur d'autres choses qu'ils ne veulent pas que vous sachiez. - BENJAMIN PACHECO (Fondateur PSB)
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  9. In preparation for the upgrade to PoS 3.0, currently scheduled for January 21st, a required update to both the QT Wallet and BitBay Client have been released. Your updated QT Wallet and BitBay Client will be seamlessly integrated with the Proof of Stake 3.0 upgrade on the 21st. Download the required update for your Windows, Mac, or Linux system by visiting the BitBay.Market Download page. The Blockchain download (bootstrap) can be found there also. A Windows walkthrough for the QT Wallet, including incorporating the latest blockchain, can be seen below. Updating Your Windows QT Wallet Setting up your router with Port Forwarding (port 19914) will increase your node count and improve your connection. Your router may already automatically open the port using uPnP (universal plug and play), but if not, here are some instructions to walk you through the process. Or, search for your specific router manufacturer on YouTube. BitBay is always excited when an important new update is released, and we have more planned in the future. Please join the community on BitBay Slack!
  10. Hello PiMPs! Totally forgot to mention we also have a great new landing page for the zcash miners ~ The PiMP Family
  11. Hello PiMPs! So far everything has been running smooth - but they keep releasing updates to miners! Thankfully, you’ve got the PiMPUp Update Platform. This lets you get the latest miners sooner - and get a huge head start above the competiton. Thanks to PiMPs coming for live chat support, we’ve pushed several great fixes for reliability with the agent. We’ve got temperature, fan, and clock control for GPUs - and started on some of the framework for new features coming this year. There’s also a major Optiminer Zcash update for stability - version 1.3.1, and you can auto-upgrade to it. First, be sure your miners are stopped with the pimp --stop command. Run pimpup. It will guide you through PiMP updates, if there are any. Choose Optiminer from the menu. Should get a big green Success after that. Run edit zcash-opti.pcfg to change your configuration. FLAGS= should NOT contain the --experimental-kernel flag, this was needed for 1.2, but will break v1.3.1 and newer. You should remove that if it is in there. This is near the bottom of the file. There’s also been lots of bug fixing and improvements to, so it is even easier to see your rigs at a glance. Visit the PiMP farm at for a look! Now, for the numbers! The new Optiminer on your PiMP OS is more stable and gives a nice bump in Zcash hashrate. In the picture below, 2 r360 cards went from 80 sol/s with Optiminer 1.2, to 100 sol/s in Optiminer 1.3.1. Don’t worry PiMPs - we’ve got much more in store for you, and we’re just getting warmed up for 2017. It’s gonna’ be a great year for cryptocurrencies, and we’re glad to help bring mining to all! ~ The PiMP Family
  12. 10 items were added to (and more to come). Michael Kipsch group provided an update on their site. See screenshot below (the one with login, referral etc). It seems we're going to have an Escrow and Crowdfund service in the Online Wallet with 0.5% charge but only accepts PSB and BTC but this is still in planning stage to smoothen the process. Bank partner and VMoney are also waiting for the pending government paper so things can resume on their end. I'm also now tapping freelancing groups as we start developing a freelancing website running off Pesobit Media exposure is expensive, I already checked them out. If only our ICO reached at least close to 70 BTC there were more funds to use for advertisements. Or if it reached 100 BTC as planned, I could probably try to take a long leave from work to focus more on Pesobit development. But it's fine, I've been working for Pesobit outside of my regular job for months now so I got used to it already and will continue to do so. - BENJAMIN PACHECO (Founder PSB)
  13. 10 articles à vendre ont été ajoutés au marché Pesobit,, et plusieurs autres suivront! Le groupe Michael Kipsch a posté une mise à jour sur leur site, voyez plus bas: Nous aurons bientôt un service de Escrow et Crowfunding dans le wallet en ligne, avec des frais de 0.5% qui ne pourront être payés qu'en PSB ou en BTC; ce service est encore au stade de la planification. Notre partenaire bancaire ainsi que VMoney attendent, tout comme nous, le papier officiel gouvernemental pour que le processus d'intégration PSB continue de leur côté. Nous allons aussi attaquer l'aspect "Freelance" ou offre et embauche de pigistes se fera de façon unique, mondiale et pratique avec PSB. Une couverture médiatique est une stratégie coûteuse, ceci a déjà été considéré ne vous inquiétez pas. Le ICO du lancement de PSB a amené 50 BTC pour le développement, donc avec ce budget il ne nous est pas possible de lancer des campagnes médiatiques d'envergure; il ne m'est pas non plus possible de prendre un long congé de mon travail afin de me focusser à temps plein sur PSB... bon ... je continuerai ceci en même temps que mon travail régulier comme j'y suis habitué! - BENJAMIN PACHECO (Fondateur du PSB)
  14. Lately Donald Trump has been getting a lot of attention in the Bitcoin news media. Everyone that has written about him have opinions, but now its time you decide. Cointrendy is here to present facts. From these facts we want you the reader of this article to form your own opinions about this material and Donald Trump’s effect on Bitcoin. Read our full article here Also let us know what you think! Thanks bitcoin community.
  15. Episode That Has No Name Because It's An Experiment (Whaddya Think?) In this experimental format, Amanda B. Johnson provides Dash news from mainstream publications, social happenings, job opportunities, network statistics, and development updates. What do you think of it? What do you like and not like? Share in the comments! Something DASHOUS This Way Comes This week's Dash news: headlines, business moves, software developments, price movement, and more. It's everything you need to know about Dash, digital cash! Hosted by Amanda B. Johnson.
  16. Actually i don't like the Never delete and never ban any person rule because by this rule you don't need any mod because mod work is to keep the spam away but. Also people have already started spamming on your forum.
  17. Hi All, I am trying to get the word out to everyone about the required BitBay QT Wallet update release coming in the next week. This will lead up to the fork which will change BitBay to use Proof of Stake later in January. If you have not checked out BitBay, come by and visit using one of the links below. BitBay is way ahead of the competition when it comes to creating Smart Contracts for anything, such as sales or employment agreements, on the blockchain. A GUI wallet and client are available, and will be more robust with the updates this Spring. Later in 2017, price pegging will be the main focus. [BitBay Slack]( [BitBay BitCoinTalk]( [BitBay.Market Home]( [BitBay Altcoin Interview — Exclusive Q&A with Lead BAY Developer David Zimbeck](https:[email protected]..q-and-a-with-lead-bay-developer-david-zimbeck) Thanks, The BitBay Team
  18. Hey, Sorry for the really late reply I was busy and the coin is already sold sorry.
  19. Not sure if anyone is into 3D printing....but I tried to setup a cheap Chinese 3D printer awhile ago. I failed really badly. But I still want a 3D printer I'm looking at two different brands and types, they are both at about the same price point...what do you guys think? Reasons for this one Its new Auto bed leveling Build volume Dual extruders Or Why This one. Higher resolution SLA More materials for printing Newish
  20. A lot of the same reasons why I started this place. How much to I get for the ad space
  21. Hey PiMPs! It’s been a great year. We’ve had lots of parties here at the office (and lots of drinking, too!), but now it’s time to clear our heads, dust off our desks and get back into the game. Today, we’ve come forward with our first big content update to PiMP. It includes the latest versions of: Optiminer’s Zcash GPU Miner Claymore’s Zcash GPU Miner Nicehash’s Zcash CPU Miner To update, simply stop your miners and open up a terminal window. In the terminal, type pimpup, followed by the number of the miner you wish to update. Restart your miners, and that’s it. Now you’re ahead of the game and your rigs are PiMPed out with the latest updates! If you run into a problem, or need some assistance, or even a friendly chat, find us on the freenode IRC server at #PiMP. Happy mining! The PiMP Team
  22. Hello bitcoin society, I would like to present a new bitcoin forum. Here is a link of the official post: I will post the requirements in this topic too: Responsibilities: 1.never delete topic, never ban people.(rule one ,very important) 2.You can move wrong topic to sub-board or into Real trash Board, or merge them 3.At least 30 constructive topics started a month(Min 5/week, Max10/week) in your board(it should be original) 4.Fix all the questions asked in your board as fast as you can(any reply over 24 hours will be counted as delayed reply ) . and be patient to the asker.If you don't know how to anwser questions please ask in Moderators only board Salary: Your salary depends on the total views and replies of your topics. 1.Basic salary 0.4btc/month 2.Added salary 0.1btc/(10,000 views+30 valid replies) , totally for your monthly topics 3.Salary paid every end of each months. Other: 1.If you break rule one 2.If the total views is under 1000/month or replies under 60/month 3.If your delayed replies over 5 4.If you are found using alts to reply in your topic or buying invalid views you may be fired for next month Besides that we're selling at begging with 0.005 bitcoins for now the place of donator, the price will go up so come and get it: We will love to see you on our forum and hopefully we can grow more bitcoin communities and let down the supremacy of Thanks!
  23. Over 2,921 BTC collected from 1,327 participants so far. Take part here:
  24. Nous sommes donc la dernière journée de 2016; postons ici ce que l'équipe Pesobit a accompli, en 15 semaines depuis son lancement: Wallets: Windows Wallet - MAC Wallet - Linux - Mobile Wallet - Online Wallet (with online staking capability) - Sites d'échange: Cryptopia - Pesobit market at Cryptopia C-Cex - and a few more... ECommerce API - Block Explorer - Marketplace - Magasinez en ligne et payez en Pesobit! Comme nous commençons en 2017, Pesobit va continuer sa croissance au fur-et-à-mesure que nous ajoutons plus d'items à vendre aux centaines qui sont déjà inclus. Beaucoup plus d'articles seront ajoutés la semaine prochaine (de retour de vacances). Voyez ici un échantillon des articles en vente en ligne (tiré de la section habillement neuf). Aussi, Services Inc va être lancé, dès que les vacances sont terminées et que les dernières étapes légales sont complétées. Le screenshot ci-dessus montre un pas important, la souscription à un modèle corporatif à plusieurs actionnaires plutôt qu'un modèle à propriétaire unique. Merci 2016 et souhaitons la bienvenue à 2017! Profitez bien de vos vacances...
  25. Today is the last day of 2016 and as we head on to 2017, I just want to remind you of all what we have done so far, 15 weeks after Pesobit was launched. Wallets: Windows Wallet - MAC Wallet - Linux - Mobile Wallet - Online Wallet (with online staking capability) - Exchanges: Cryptopia - Pesobit market at Cryptopia C-Cex - and a few more... ECommerce API - Block Explorer - Marketplace - Shop with Pesobit! And as we head on to 2017, Pesobit will just continue to grow as the Marketplace will continuously be filled up as hundreds of items are already lined up and more will be added starting next week (once I'm back from vacation). See below screenshot for some of the items (all are apparel in this example, though). Also, Services Inc processing will begin, as soon as the holidays are over and will be processed for Corporate setup as well for partnership purposes. The screenshot below shows an important legal step, converting it from the old Sole Proprietary entity towards a Corporate one. Thanks to 2016 and let's welcome 2017. Enjoy the last days of the holidays PS: Reminder, please ignore those spammy emails pretending to be [email protected]
  26. The First Crypto to go mass market ( Full Public Launch 2nd Quarter of 2017) The only Crypto Currency to release a white Paper . The only Crypto Currency to have a wallet with Currency Exchange Built in . The only Crypto Currency That has access to 50m Outlets worldwide. The Only Crypto Currency that has Usability , Spendability, Security . If you want to know more then let me know . This is Serious , No Fairy Stories here
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