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  2. Bitcoin Mining Software

    Start your own Bitcoin Mining Website, by using our web software. Our Bitcoin Mining Software is a complete software helping you to start, manage & maintain a bitcoin mining program. The software includes three compoents, 1. Admin Control Panel 2. User Account Panel 3. WordPress CMS (With Premium Theme) The software is developed on robust PHP framework & MySQL Datbase. The key development points include 1. Responsive Web Design using BootStrap 3.X 2. Data Presenation using DataTables JS 3. Using BitPay API / BlackChain Info API for Tracking Start your own bitcoin website with our fully automated bitcoin mining software
  3. Coinfloor is a Bitcoin exchange based in London, United Kingdom. It provides a platform to connect brokers with consumers and also investors. The company aims to provide convenience for Bitcoin enthusiast to trade easily. It also encourages non-consumers to enter the Bitcoin community through the user-friendly interface and simple tools. Source of the Article: Coinfloor exchange
  4. Last month, when bitcoin’s new software upgrade to support Segregated Witness(SegWit). The network’s most heated debate on direction on the mark. However, the optimization need to leave more on a direction. Even though there are rare transactions so far, approach is likely to grow as more bitcoin services and wallets supports the change. Source of the Article: Scaling up Bitcoin’s new software
  5. Ohni Giveaway - Drop Eth Address

    https://etherscan.io/token/0x7f2176ceb16dcb648dc924eff617c3dc2befd30d#balances ohni.io Site isn't done, whitepaper isn't out yet but we'll airdrop to anyone 3k in Ohni. Just drop your eth address here or email [email protected] thanks
  6. Forex News from InstaForex - 2

    Gold Falls to 3-Week Low, Weighed Down by Fed Outlook Gold prices dropped to its weakest level in more than three weeks on Thursday as the stronger U.S. dollar and the increased chances of another Federal Reserve interest rate rise this year have reduced demand. Spot gold fell 0.2 percent at $1,298.61 per ounce, after earlier falling to its lowest since late August at $1,295.65. U.S. gold futures for December delivery shed one percent to $1,302.10 per ounce. The precious metal initially moved higher in the minutes ahead of the Fed's statement, then reversed course and dropped. It briefly plunged below the $1,300 mark that traders had viewed as psychological support. Bullion reached $1,295.81 per ounce, the lowest since Aug. 28. According to Bill O'Neill, co-founder of Logic Advisors, speculative investors had increased their net long position in gold for nine consecutive weeks, making the market vulnerable to more selling. The dollar firmed as Asian shares fell marginally following the Fed's announcement to begin reducing its balance sheet and indicated one more rate rise in 2017. U.S. allies recently said that enforcing international sanctions on North Korea, and not mere dialogue, was the key to getting Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons.
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  8. Dear experts! I will be most grateful for your feedback on this idea of a mobile app that lets you pay for fuel fill-ups at gas stations (using crypto currency or regular money). Technically speaking, the app has an electronic wallet with your banking cards, e-money, crypto currencies tied to it. When you come to a gas station for some fuel you use your phone to scan a bar-code/QR-code placed on the gas pump, then on the app screen specify the desired amount of fuel and instruct the app to process payment for the purchased fuel. In case there is not enough funds on your balance the system will make it possible to buy fuel on credit (offered by a bank or by the gas station). The app creates the following advantages for the client: 1. Saving money: thanks to gas stations sharing 0.5-3% commission with the app operator it makes it possible to share part of that commission with the app user. 2. Saving time: no need to spend time on interaction with gas station personnel. 3. Mobility: no need to carry around a number of banking cards or cash. Your e-wallet solves it all. Moreover, you can borrow some funds on credit. The app creates the following advantages for the gas station operators: 1. Less personnel required leading to cutting operational costs. 2. Increasing sales due to conveniences for customers and instant loans; 3. Cutting marketing costs thanks to the appearance of customer database. The app creators earn their commission from gas stations AND on offering gas stations the valuable marketing data derived from the app. The volume of the world market for the app is more than 15 billion USD / year. Therefore, even small percentage of this amounts to multi-million profits. I live in the suburbs and I work in the downtown which is approximately 30 km away. Every morning I have to take my kid to school and I’m always short of time. I am sure millions of families face the same problem. Some time ago as I was on my regular home-school-work route I realized I was running out of fuel. I could do nothing but head over to a gas station immediately. It was raining and there were car queues with drivers walking slowly to and from cash-desk, which irritated me enormously. I lost quite some time and I was sorry I hadn’t filled up the day before. To cap it all, I finally realized I had left my wallet at home. So I had to get back home after having spent 20 minutes at the gas station. It cost me another 15 minutes followed by another 15 minutes back to the gas station and another 20 minutes waiting in the queue again. After all, I spent more than an hour on filling up and I got wet in the rain and I was late everywhere. So I thought that I would have avoided all that trouble if I had had such a wonderful app tied to my banking card. I could have even paid without getting out of my car! First of all, queues would have shrunk as there would be no need to walk to and from the cash-desk (it usually takes around 3 minutes for each driver). In other words, I would have waited for 5 minutes instead of 20 minutes. Besides, I would have avoided returning home to get my wallet. Finally, I would have stayed dry safely seated in my car. I did some research and found no real app solutions to this problem, except for a couple of apps working only in limited areas of the world. Now I teamed up with some developers to create a universal app for all gas stations. Some banks I talked to agreed to enable overdraft payments for the app users. A number of gas station networks liked the idea about the app as it would mean cutting costs on personnel, cutting queues, introducing loyalty programs, getting quick customer feedback via the app and communicating marketing stuff to customers directly. Another efficient tool analyzing fuel sales will be created linked to the app infrastructure, which will allow gas station networks to hold efficient marketing activities. Dear friends, I will appreciate your thoughts and evaluation of my idea and any useful feedback as I am thinking about running an ICO campaign in relation to this app. Thank you so much!
  9. Our intro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJ4EXiZk2zA THE GLOBAL GAMING NETWORK Creating Opportunity in the Gaming Economy Public Sale Opens: October 20th, 2017 Bounty Thread: [coming soon] With over 1 billion mobile gamers, game developers have taken notice and are creating more competitive mobile games. Yet, there is no network to fuel the competitive gaming and eSports economy. Gizer is the solution… Gizer is a peer-to-peer network, driven by interactions between different parties to create economic opportunity in the global gaming community. The Gizer network will connect gamers, hosts, small businesses, freelancing services, and venues to create opportunity for all members of the global gaming economy. ICO details Crowdsale Terms Gizer’s presale is currently open using a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT). Contact [email protected] for information about the SAFT discount. The public presale will open on October 10. * Note: The 15,000,000 GZR held in reserve will also serve as an incentive plan for adoption. Gizer is also working with game developers for item licensing agreements. What is GZR? GZR represents an unlockable profile item in an “unknown” state. The user can unlock tokens at any time, resulting in a randomized profile item being unlocked that can be applied to a gamer’s avatar. The rarity and type of the item unlocked is completely random and decided only after the user decides to unlock it. Users can collect items to rank up and customize their avatars to gain prestige within the gaming community. Once certain sets of items are collected, the user is rewarded with exclusive items, rank boosts, and badges specific to their accolades. Item Distribution Users who have linked an Ethereum account to their Gizer profile will be able to redeem GZR tokens and exchange them for Gizer profile items. They will do this simply by sending GZR tokens from their Ethereum wallet to a “Gizer redemption account”. Gizer will monitor that account in near real-time for incoming GZR tokens. When an incoming token transfer is confirmed, Gizer will look up the Gizer profile that corresponds to the sending Ethereum wallet. Based on the pseudo-random transaction hash of the token transfer, Gizer items will be added to the Gizer user’s profile. These Gizer items will be assigned a unique hash on the Gizer backend, which can be unlocked by the user at any time, or transferred to another user. Bounties Our early adopters and the community at large are extremely important to us. In order to thank those who are supporting our platform and our crowdsale - we will be offering a bounty campaign for all to participate in. More information about the bounty program coming soon: GZR Roadmap You can find a more detailed roadmap at https://tokensale.gizer.io Q1 Gizer mobile app developed for iOS and Android Pre-ICO Marketing begins Smart Contract Audited GG ID Developed Public Token Sale Collection of GZR Items released Q2 Gizer store is developed GG ID Public API is made available for third party integrations with game developers Direct GG ID Integration with mobile eSports game Bazoo More GZR Items are released Development of Gizer web platform using REACT Native Q3 Gizer News is launched Gizer Marketplace updated to new Blockchain technologies APAC Marketing Campaign The Team For more information including our Advisory and Legal team please visit https://tokensale.gizer.io or take a look at our whitepaper: https://tokensale.gizer.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Gizer_Whitepaper_V2.0.pdf If you have any questions we will be monitoring this thread as well as all of our social media accounts listed below. We encourage you to ask questions and discuss or give your feedback on Gizer. Thank you for reading Social Media TOKENSALE WEBSITE https://tokensale.gizer.io WEBSITE https://gizer.io FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/GizerGaming/ TWITTER https://twitter.com/Gizer_Gaming MEDIUM https://medium.com/@Gizer_Gaming REDDIT https://www.reddit.com/r/Gizer/ GITHUB https://github.com/GizerInc/Gizer TELEGRAM https://t.me/joinchat/Em71dQ4KZ8G-XxpArXNuHg INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/gizer_gaming/ TWITCH https://www.twitch.tv/gizertv YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/c/GizerGaming
  10. Website: https://www.modex.tech/ Whitepaper: https://www.modex.tech/documentation/whitepaper.pdf Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2194085.msg22032594#msg22032594 Twitter: https://twitter.com/modex_tech Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Modex-247686955740236 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQF4LZwJU68xlQaklK-wGeQ?view_as=subscriber Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GNE4JQxWumaWJxaSn3ksMw Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/mmx-io/shared_invite/MjIwMzk2NjA3NjAwLTE1MDE2NzM0NDYtMmVkMTlhNDQzOQ Blog: https://blog.modex.tech Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/18200333 Modex is a Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem that allows for easy, user friendly access to crypto-currencies and smart contracts alike. Developers can leverage Modex to monetize their skills and offer Smart Contract solutions to end-customers and contributors. The real-world community can easily find Smart Contracts that meet real-world needs, are already audited and secure, without having to scout developers and manage one-off development projects. Modex makes deployment of Smart Contracts significantly easier, faster and more cost-effective, speeding up blockchain technology adoption. The MDX Token The MDX token, based on ERC20, is the utility token for the Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem. All blockchain services and product features within Modex will be paid for and remunerated in MDX. In the upcoming ICO Modex will be issuing MDX tokens that can be used to pay platform service fees, make smart contract purchases and gain access to a complete suite of APIs for decentralised transactions. The Concept Modex’s Smart Contract Marketplace combined with Modex’s payment ecosystem will allow for easy, user friendly access to blockchain technology -- crypto-currencies and smart contracts alike. While some smart contracts will be very technical and highly specialized, requiring entire businesses to be built around a single sophisticated contract, many others will not be. Modex’s smart contract marketplace will be the Smart Contract App store for developers to upload and sell their work, and for buyers to purchase them. The Modex Smart Contract Marketplace will support APIs for 3rd party apps to integrate with, so that smart contracts can easily be deployed through an ecosystem of apps that enable buyers to deploy smart contracts and solve real world problems. How Modex Works A developer creates a smart contract to publish on the Modex Smart Contract Marketplace -or- they can receive a commissioned project from a Modex buyer. There is no listing fee for smart contracts. Modex will let developers choose to open source their work for peer-review and pen testing -or- select from proven auditors who they can trust. In either case, auditing and pen testing will be rewarded by MDX token bounties. The contract will then be deployed in the store -or- to the client who commissioned the work. Buyers will be able to purchase, using MDX tokens, the use of the smart contracts listed in the Smart Contract Marketplace. Why an Initial Token Sale: The Modex team already has substantial funding and market traction in place. This is evident considering that the Moneymailme multi-currency wallet is in commercial use with a growing international user base and there is a multi-crypto currency update scheduled for release later this fall. Additionally the recently launched M3 payments gateway services is now ready for commercial use. Modex recognized a clear market need and opportunity to bring this ecosystem together with the smart contract marketplace; building on top of our existing applications for an easy path to deployment. Moreover,it did not make sense to continue pursuing traditional venture capitalists. Token sales offer a myriad of additional benefits, for both the investor and user communities alike. Modex’s product philosophy and marketing philosophy mirror one another, as both closely track social trends. Our marketing approach is all about community engagement and empowerment, through an organized ecosystem of developer tools, consumer applications, and incentives. Given that there are a number of other great organizations who are working to address the very real liquidity challenges (e.g. Comit, Bancor, etc), that we can simply partner with, Modex can focus its efforts on the smart contract marketplace to bridge the gap between businesses, developers, and real-world users. The applications and smart contracts empowered by the Modex marketplace will increase blockchain adoption and our team has previous experience working in this space. We are confident that our approach will significantly advance market adoption for smart contracts, blockchain technology, and thus cryptocurrencies alike, serving many in need around the world. Token Sale Official Website: Visit Us At: www.modex.tech Token Sale Schedule: Modex Official Initial Coin Offering “ICO” Announcement: September 8, 2017 Modex Pre-Sale: September 28th, 2017 (open to the public) Modex Initial Coin Offering: Starting October 8th, 2017 (open to public) Modex Pre-Sale: Sept. 28th 2017 The pre-sale event will be open for 10 days, starting at 9am Central European Time CET. Modex Initial Token Offering: October. 8th 2017 The initial coin offering will be conducted over 30 days, in 3 stages. Every ten day cycle the token price will increase. The 30 day event will start at 9am Central European Time CET. Once the first “stage” is complete the next stage will begin, following the conclusion of that 24hour cycle. Therefore, if the first stage completes within the first 2 hours, the next stage will begin at 9am the next morning. Sale Process & Pricing: During the token offering of Modex’s MDX we will accept: Ethereum, Bitcoin, All ERC20 Tokens, and many other cryptocurrencies listed on our webpage. Private sales will accept fiat currency. Participants in the private sales and pre-sale will be subject to a lock up period, where their tokens are delivered over time, following the completion of the ICO. When a contributor sends ETH, or BTC to Modex, upon the funds being received in Modex’s wallet, Modex will then take a spot price (from CoinMarketCap) of the cryptocurrency that was sent to Modex, and it will convert the cryptocurrencies value (at the spot price) in USD. and allocate the corresponding amount of MDX tokens to the contributors wallet. Tokens will be delivered to the purchaser upon completion of the Initial Token Offering. Any unsold tokens will be “burned”. Team and Partners We are a team of experienced professionals spanning numerous industries. Our core expertise includes banking and financial software including formers from Oracle, Unisoft, Temenos, and Deloitte. Our team and advisors have built and exited various successful startups, held senior positions in top Fortune 100 companies, with a collective experience that spans a variety of industries including (but not limited to): telecom, tech, retail, wholesale, mobile & Commerce, entertainment, marketing services, and of course the blockchain industry. Past Experience Developed as a design driven innovation project on the blockchain infrastructure, evolving from Moneymailme, the award winning “ Best Social Payments App in the UK”, the Modex platform is a decentralized payments infrastructure that leverages access to the blockchain with ready-to-use integrations and APIs.
  11. Cash Poker Pro pre- ICO - decentralized poker room

    we added the advisors section on the https://cashpokerpro.io
  12. www.AgeofChains.com Age of Chains is a Trading Card Video Game playing in a cosmic setting. Billions of years in the future, at the time where our galaxy collides with the Andromeda galaxy, we are facing a world that stretches your imagination. Throughout time, evolutionary contrarian principles have established themselves in the two galaxies, now leading to a clash of intergalactic cultures as never seen before. Inspired by Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, Age of Chains looks to go beyond known game dynamics to offer a truly unique and hooking gaming experience. We already have developed the core game mechanics at play as well as 100+ complementary cards and are currently developing the digital prototype of the game. We are implementing an ultra fast and scalable network for our players using cutting edge technology to offer the best possible gaming experience. Our servers host a scalable network of websockets that will allow us to offer a smooth gameplay anytime, anywhere. We put a lot of effort in our communication protocol which is being designed for low memory footprint and fast data exchange, allowing low amount of traffic. To kickstart the early development of Age of Chains, we are offering you the first cards of the game.NewsWebsite Launch Check out our new website: www.AgeofChains.com Book of Orbs Addition (iOS & Android)Get started with AoC by viewing and trading your Cards on the Book of Orbs app!Series 1 Sale EndedThe Series 1 Card Burn took place as planned, introducing the end of the Direct Card Sale of Series 1 Cards. You find the result of the burn below. Also, here is the burn address for reviewing.CardsSeries 2Card 009: Battlefield HarvesterCard Amount Total: 6666 Presale: 1500A simple parasite that evolved to suck up the life force of its victims and transform it into an almost pure form of energy. Usually their giant prey doesn’t even feel the life drain: It was easy enough to conquer this section, so now that the battle units moved on, it is finally time to get to work. The primitive inhabitants are full of energy which makes them the ideal subjects to test the potential of our newly manipulated forces. As they creep on the battlefield, the air is filling with new horror and desperation. The wounded and dying realize that their torment is not over yet. Read more. VideoOnly 6.666 Battlefield Harvester cards will ever exist.The distribution of the card is organized as follows:1500 cards for 0,002 BTC or 0,5 XCP each.Minimum purchase amount is 2 cards. 200 units will be put aside for promotional activities. 200 units will be distributed among the Age of Chains team. The other cards will not be sold directly and are going to become accessible by purchasing card packs. The chances of receiving this card within a regular card pack will be way below 1%. The card can be bought through the Age of Chains - Official Swapbot: Battlefield Harvester. Secure yourself one of the few available Battlefield Harvester cards now:-----> Get Battlefield Harvester <----- For more info, visit us on Bitcointalk, check out our website, read up on Medium and join our Slack Looking forward to hearing from you!
  13. Rapport de progression sur la Roadmap 2017! Comme nous le savons déjà, la réécriture de l'interpréteur d'opcode est terminée; tous les appels internes à ce nouvel interpréteur d'opcode ont été vérifiés et modifiés lorsque nécessaire. Nous allons de l'avant, car maintenant je suis heureux de signaler que nous sommes au stade où nous faisons tourner la Vault 3.0 en direct et essayons de la laisser se synchroniser organiquement à partir de zéro, avec les 2.4.3 Vaults existantes en ligne (synchronisation complète, à partir du bloc de genèse CBX) - bien entendu, la première tentative de synchronisation n'a pas fonctionné, alors nous avons fait des ajustements et, jusqu'à présent, tout baigne avec cette deuxième tentative, et ça continue au moment d'écrire ces lignes. Ce qui reste à faire après cela est de finaliser l'interface GUI; mais les tests alpha peuvent commencer même avec une interface graphique incomplète. Nous vous remercions de tous les bénévoles qui ont offert d'exécuter le testnet de Vault 3.0 avec nous, nous vous contacterons sous peu, ce qui devrait être la semaine prochaine ou la semaine suivante pour le testnet live final. Ce test sera l'occasion idéale pour une critique constructive, et le moment idéal pour personnaliser la Vault 3.0 comme nous la voulons, de sorte que nous sommes encore ouverts à d'autres testeurs, si plus veulent se joindre à nous. Merci à tous pour votre confiance dans notre projet. Passer à travers et réécrire des milliers de lignes de code est une tâche formidable, comme on peut l'imaginer. l'équipe CBX
  14. Roadmap 2017 status report! As we know already, the opcode interpreter rewriting is complete; all internal calls to this new opcode interpreter have been rechecked and modified when necessary. We are moving forward, because now I am happy to report that we are at the stage where we are running the Vault 3.0 live and attempting to make it synchronise organically from scratch from the online 2.4.3 Vaults (syncing right from the start, CBX genesis block) - naturally the first attempt to sync did not work, so we made adjustments and, so far so good with second attempt, as this is ongoing as I write these lines. Remember that Vault 2.4.3 could never sync alone without bootstrap - so this will be an important improvement. What is left to do after this is to finalize the GUI interface; but alpha testing can begin even with an incomplete GUI. Thank you for all volunteers who offered to run the testnet of Vault 3.0 with us, we will contact you shortly, should be next week or the week after for the final live testnet. This test will be the perfect opportunity for constructive criticism, and the perfect time to customize the Vault to how we want it - so we are still open for more testers, if more want to join. Thank you all for your faith in our project, going through and rewriting thousands of lines of code is a tremendous task, as one can imagine. The Crypto Bullion Team
  15. Hi guys!Today and in the future every week we will publish a small report on the work done by our team - https://payfair.io/en/blogReport for the last week (11.07.2017 - 17.07.2017): - We started developing the demo-version of our platform PayFair. - For technological base we decided to use the combination of MongoDb(mongoose) + Node.js(express.js) + Socket.io + Vue.js. - We created a user authorization system with authorization support via REST API, using JWT (Json Web Tokens) (for further mobile apps and extensions development). - We started the front-end implementation on Vue.js using Socket.io in order to get system notifications (invitation for a trade, new message, new dispute etc). - We started working on REST API and already succesfully implemented: 1) Creating a user and choosing a role for him (client, escrow-user)2) User authorization 3) Creating a new trade4) Viewing already created trades5) Browsing messages related to a particular trade6) Creating a new message in the dialogue On the 20th of October we are planning to release a test version of PayFair platform!!! Site Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Telegram Tumblr
  16. Mcap Token

    What is MCAP? Mcap is a token that uses the counter-party protocol for peer-to-peer transactions. All MCAP transactions will be recorded to the Bitcoin Blockchain to ensure immutability and transparency. It has planned to release a total of millions tokens and has only released few % of the MCAP tokens yet. The remaining will be released in the coming years. MCAP labs focuses on three key areas: Mining research. ICO evaluation. ICO investment. Mcap have realised the potential profits which can be generated from mining and have developed an algorithm to calculate howmany mcap trading volume and the profit, it would be generate. Contact us If you have any queries feel free visit at www.buymcap.in
  17. DowBit - Daily Press News

    Cryptocurrency news – September 19 1. 7 reasons for Bitcoin exchanges ban in China 2. Bitcoin can rescue Catalonia 3. Australia reduces double taxation on cryptocurrencies 4. Malta is setting up a Task Force for Blockchain 1. Professor Yang Dong, lecturer at Renmin University of China, in an interview for public television CCTV presented the reasons for Bitcoin exchanges ban in China. Professor Warmus spoke earlier at workshops attended by representatives of the People’s Bank of China and the Chinese securities supervisory commission. More: http://dowbit.com/7-reasons-bitcoin-exchanges-ban-in-china/ 2. In Catalonia, a referendum is scheduled for October 1 on the separation of the region from Spain. Jullian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, immediately supported the referendum with a reference to Bitcoin, through twitter. Post Assange may have suggested that those who want financial freedom without the ability to interact with the authorities could find an answer in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. More: http://dowbit.com/bitcoin-can-rescue-catalonia/ 3. Recently, the Australian government has introduced regulations to remove double taxation of cryptocurrencies. The reform initially set out in the Turnbull budget has been approved. On September 14th, a double taxation abolishing law was officially introduced. At present, consumers using virtual currencies can pay tax on goods and services twice: once when they buy virtual currencies and once again when they buy various goods and services. More: http://dowbit.com/australia-reduces-double-taxation-on-cryptocurrencies/ 4. On 15th of September 2017, the Maltese Government announced the establishment of a Task Force for Blockchain, which will review the current situation and issue recommendations in order to establish a Technology Development Plan for Blockchain. In April 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the elaboration of a national strategy for the development of Blockchain technology. More: http://dowbit.com/malta-is-setting-up-a-task-force-for-blockchain-technology/ You can find more information at http://dowbit.com/ See you tomorrow!
  18. Idea for crypto arbitrage service

    I like your systematic and serious approach. I will gladly do by your serviceif so required.
  19. Hoja de ruta 2017 informe de estado! Como ya sabemos, la reescritura del intérprete de opcode está completa; todas las llamadas internas a este nuevo intérprete de opcode han sido revisadas y modificadas cuando es necesario. Estamos avanzando, porque ahora estamos feliz de informar que estamos en la etapa en la que estamos ejecutando la bóveda 3.0 en vivo y tratando de hacer que se sincronice orgánicamente desde cero desde la línea 2.4.3 Bóvedas (sincronización desde el principio, CBX bloque de genesis) - naturalmente, el primer intento de sincronización no funcionó, por lo que hicimos ajustes y, hasta ahora tan bueno con el segundo intento, ya que esto está en curso mientras escribo estas líneas. Recuerde que la bóveda 2.4.3 nunca podría sincronizar solo sin bootstrap - por lo que esta será una mejora importante. Lo que queda por hacer después de esto es finalizar la interfaz GUI; pero la prueba alfa puede comenzar incluso con una GUI incompleta. Gracias por todos los voluntarios que se ofrecieron a ejecutar el testnet de la bóveda 3.0 con nosotros, nos pondremos en contacto con usted en breve, debe ser la próxima semana o la semana después de la última testnet en vivo. Esta prueba será la oportunidad perfecta para la crítica constructiva, y el momento perfecto para personalizar la bóveda a la forma en que lo queremos - por lo que todavía están abiertos para más probadores, si más quieren unirse. Gracias a todos por su fe en nuestro proyecto, pasar y reescribir miles de líneas de código es una tarea tremenda, como uno puede imaginar. - El Equipo Crypto Bullion
  20. The first part of Ethereum’s hard fork- Byzantium has officially launched on Testnet. Find out detailed information here: Byzantium Ethereum
  21. Register https://goo.gl/yBjNDx If you missed the chance to get free 100 WCX tokens. DO NOT WORRY YOU CAN STILL GET FREE 50 TOKENS FOR JUST SIGN UP 10 WCX = 1 USD at ICOAs a holder of WCX Tokens, you're entitled to a portion of WCX's revenue. 20% of all revenue generated by WCX is automatically paid out to token holders, in amounts based on each holder's share of the total amount of tokens. As an exchange, WCX collects fees in many digital currencies. That means thatholding WCXT is equivalent to holding a passive income portfolio of diverse digital currencies.LINK JOIN GET BONUS Why WCXOur long-term strategy is simple. We put clients first.Tiny Fees. Some exchanges charge up to 1% in fees on every transaction. WCX is 10x cheaper and market makers are paid. That means more money stays in your pocket.Secure. 98% of customer funds are kept in cold storage at all times. Server infrastructure is segregated and protected with the latest security software. Built For Scale. Our trading engine was built by Wall Street veterans and field tested for three years, relaying over one million transactions per second without hiccups.Radically Better User Experience. A unified and powerful trading dashboard means WCX feels fast, fluid, and intuitive on both desktop and mobile. Awesome Customer Support. Our scalable customer support team is ready to answer your questions whenever you need to ask them, even in times of high traffic.Global & Anonymous. Start trading wherever you are in the world – no ID verification required. WCX operates entirely with digital currency and does not deal with banks.Advanced Order Types. Easily submit market, limit, stop, trailing stop, and block orders that work exactly as you expect – with unmatched execution speed.High-Performance API. Trade programmatically by connecting directly to WCX through REST, WebSocket, or FIX for high frequency traders. Team. Our team comes from Apple, Deutsche Bank, and IBM, and has decades of experience in building secure, distributed, and massive-volume systems. LINK JOIN GET BONUS
  22. Forex News from InstaForex - 2

    Wall Street Climbs as Fed Meeting Begins U.S. equities advanced on Tuesday as the Federal Reserve started its two-day monetary policy meeting. The three major indexes reported intraday highs on Monday. The Dow Jones industrial average marked its 41st record close of the year, climbing 0.18 percent to 22,370.80. Verizon and Goldman Sachs contributed the most to the gains. The S&P 500 added 0.1 percent to a record peak of 2,506.65, with telecommunications and financials leading gainers. The Nasdaq composite rose 0.1 percent and also reported a record close of 6,461.32. The Fed is not expected to hike rates following its meeting. However, several market participants believe the central bank will announce the tapering of its $4.5 trillion portfolio. The healthcare index was one of the biggest decliners amid losses in insurers like United Health, which dropped 1.9 percent as a result of recent efforts in Washington to overhaul Obamacare. The largest U.S. telephone operators, Verizon and AT&T climbed over two percent, helping to lift the S&P. Wireless carrier T-Mobile advanced 5.3 percent while Sprint soared 8.1 percent, after a report that they were in active merger talks. Tesla dropped 2.4 percent after Jefferies began coverage of the electric car maker's stock with “underperform”. Best Buy tumbled 7.4 percent after the retailer forecast 2021 adjusted earnings well below Wall Street estimates. The stock was one of the largest laggards on the consumer discretionary index. Tags: Investments, Share, Stocks, bonds, Equity markets Prime News are provided byInstaForex.
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    Japan August Trade Surplus Y113.642 Billion Japan posted a merchandise trade surplus of 113.642 billion yen in August, the Ministry of Finance said on Wednesday. That beat forecasts for a surplus of 104.4 billion yen, although it was down from 418.8 billion yen in July. Exports climbed 18.1 percent on year to 6.278 trillion yen, beating forecasts for a gain of 14.3 percent and up from 13.4 percent in the previous month. Exports to Asia climbed 19.9 percent on year to 3.510 trillion yen, while exports to China alone advanced an annual 25.8 percent to 1.218 trillion yen. Exports to the United States gained 21.8 percent on year to 1.183 trillion yen and exports to the European Union added an annual 13.7 percent to 671.783 billion yen. Imports picked up an annual 15.2 percent to 6.164 trillion yen versus expectations for 11.6 percent and down from 16.3 a month earlier. Imports from Asia jumped 15.2 percent on year to 2.995 trillion yen, while imports from China alone gained an annual 11.0 percent to 1.458 trillion yen. Imports from the United States were up 5.7 percent to 648.748 billion yen, while imports from the European Union gained 12.3 percent to 756.342 billion yen. The adjusted trade surplus was 367.3 billion yen, missing expectations for 404.7 billion yen and up from 363.1 billion yen in July. News are provided byInstaForex.
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