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    Welcome to the official Volpcoin 1st Bounty Program!! We are happy to invite you to participate in our campaign and help us to build a strong community, over the next 3 weeks. The bounty campaign will be allocated as follows: - Resources; - Translations; - Exchange; - Twitter campaign; - More to come, Stay Tuned!! (We also accept suggestions) We need someone that can develop the following features: - Web wallet: 10000 VCP - Mobile wallet: 15000 VCP Send us a PM for applying!! Total amount of VCP Coins allocated for every translation bounties: 4750 VCP Our ANN: Rules: - The use of google translator is not allowed. Participants which use google translator or another tool to translate will be instantly disqualified. - There will be just only translation per person. - We’ll pay only for high quality translations! To participate, Fill up this form: https://goo.gl/MTaaiS If you have any questions, just let us know via PM Every vote for the following exchanges: C-CEX: https://c-cex.com/?id=vote&coin=vcp TradeSatoshi: https://tradesatoshi.com/Vote Mercatox: https://mercatox.com/coins/list?_url=%2Fcoins%2Flist&page=2&per-page=30 Will be distributed as: Free Votes: 760VCP Pay votes: 1060 VCP We will also choose 2 lucky random winners that will receive 2000 VCP For applying to this campaign, just sent a PM with: 1- Your Volpcoin Address 2- 2 screen shots: before and after voting to provide proof of vote. Join the Volpcoin Twitter bounty campaign by following our official account: https://twitter.com/VolpCoin Use the Twitter bounty campaign signup form to participate: https://goo.gl/urcffZ We will post some updates and announcements. You will be earning for each: - retweet - tweet mentioning @VolpCoin twitter account and/or including our website(http://volpcoin.eu) or #Volpcoin hashtag VCP per weeks: 1000VCP Rules: - Only 1 account per person is allowed - You must retweet at least 2 tweets from our Twitter account - You should make 5 tweets about Volpcoin with the hashtag or website in English or your own language. - We don't accept twitter accounts that have inappropriate content - Tweets without meaning will not be counted. BONUS: We will be choosing 2 random accounts every week who will be receiving 2000 VCP. We will send you a pm notifying that you won the weekly contest.
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    The brand-new bot on earnings Bitcoins in a short time with a script! The script automatically calculates only positive rates protocols! Play no more than 1 times a day! The rate min.- 0.01 sat / max.- 3btc. If the script does not start immediately restart again! The script was buying, I do not see sense to sell and have enough! Register PrimeDice - https://primedice.com Download script - https://pastebin.com/rhmhF9dG VIDEO
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    I thought it was a hoax,tried to run the script.He increased the Deposit from 0.02 to 0.0045 BTC.Thank you.I will continue to use.
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    I have a few trusted sites, which includes newsbtc.com, bitcoinist.com, coinspeaker.com, and bestbitcoincasino.com/news for my Bitcoin gambling fix and other tech updates. I suggest you narrow your sources down to a few of the trusted ones to avoid confusion. You do not want to be misled by the lesser worthy sites out there. Yes, there are a few that do not deliver quality material, so I highly recommend that you stick to a select few.
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    I have to say that the presentation of your site is better than the rest of the new sports betting platforms out there for Bitcoin users. Much like most of the bitcoin sports betting brands featured on our site; BitcoinSportsBetting.co.uk. I also like how you approach your introduction in a straightforward manner. However, I do have a few questions about how the deposits and withdrawals work. Can I send you a Private Message on this forum or would your rather have me contact customer support? Thank you in advance.