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    View this raffle 200,000 BitcoinToken Raffle We have a sponsored raffle from BitcoinToken. We will be raffling off a total of 200,000 BTK going to 3 winners. Tickets for this raffle are free but you will need to follow their twitter account and post proof of the follow here at All Crypto Talk. Frist Prize: 100,000 Second Prize: 50,000 Third Prize: 50,000 How to enter the raffle Follow https://twitter.com/bitcoin_token on twitter. Post a proof on the raffle announcement forum linked below. Once you have posted proof I will add the proper permissions to your account to participate in this raffle. Submitter swingline Expiration Date 1 month and 4 hours Submitted 02/08/18 Category Token
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    Good work man.. Keep it up.
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    200,000 BitcoinToken Raffle

    @crypticop @baukajikorean @RipRich @ychen You have been added to the raffle
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    oin now and get 50 RTH Coins for Free For each friend you invite, you will get 5% RTH! Current Value: 1 RTH = 0.02 USD Link: https://www.rutheneum.com/register?referral=DBgam Note: Only 3 Days left. ICO Ends 15 Feb 2018. Get involved now.. Claim your FREE Tokens/Coins Today!! Get it while it's still available. Once It's gone, It's gone. Don't Miss out on that!!!
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    @ILCoinDev permissions set you can now enter the raffle in the raffle section
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    Being good in any field of human endeavor is awesome, but being great in multiple fields, especially those that truly matter is a struck of genius that is rarely seen. Our journey on this planet as the human race has always been about unlocking new possibilities and unchaining new areas that will make our lives a little bit easier and more enjoyable to live on our dear planet. And as we settle into this century, there are few frontiers that look set to define it. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and the blockchain technology, are the frontiers that have been marked out as imminently about to unleash their potentials and will change the way life is lived on this planet forever. There are a lot of startups that are making tremendous progress in each of these fields, but none so far has managed to combine them all under a single seamless platform that will constitute the holy grail of our next phase on this planet; none so far but one, The Magnus Collective. Tune into any tech news platform and all you will be hearing about are the advances that humanity needs to make in these areas. The blockchain technology has already succeeded in its own coup by making the access of value and services a decentralized reality where no one is discriminated against due to their geographical location. The Magnus Collective uses this revolutionary, highly effective and absolutely incorruptible technology in creating what will be the heaven of heavens for any tech enthusiast, developer and the common folks like you and I who just need affordable access to these fields that would have been prohibitively expensive otherwise. A Global Marketplace For Knowledge The Magnus Collective is set out to be by its developers as the one-stop shop where knowledge is truly made accessible to everyone. And when we say knowledge here, we don’t just mean books digitized and made accessible in e-libraries, we talk of real-time knowledge, and data gathered by the billions of IoT sensors and devices which are then sifted through by AI resources made affordable to the user. The Magnus Collective will be the all-convenience platform with which everyone is given the room to actively participate in the next phase technological breakthroughs. Robotics At Your Service Have you ever thought it possible that you could one day have a Robot working for you have way around the world, and yes n actual robot? With the Magnus Collective, this will no longer be just a dream but an actual achievable reality. The Magnus Collective allows its users to lease robotic platforms to perform any task of your choosing. If you are not much into robotics and don’t have the basic skills or depth of knowledge to use them, the Magnus Collective still has a place for everyone, even the newbie, as there will be those with skills whom you can hire to perform tasks using the robots that you hired as well. Make Some Money As Well It's not just about passion for technology with the Magnus Collective. This is a platform that is well grounded in reality, as our use of robots, AI and crucial data from IoT sensors around the world is to make our lives easier and a crucial way is by making us some money. The Magnus Collective has its own native cryptocurrency which will be the legal tender on the platform. With increased adoption, the Magnus Collective token will see its value rise exponentially, as it merges critical industries of the future under a single platform. If you don’t believe in AI, Robotics, and the IoT or feel that it is beyond your reach to actively participate in, the Magnus Collective is here to set all those misgivings aside and offer you and I the expressway to become active participants, and benefit tremendously both materially and otherwise in industries that will shape human existence in the foreseeable future.
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    There are few common and very obvious things in our life. Of those eating, sleeping and traveling are COMMON parts. That’s exactly where AeroKing is here to help you. Everyone knows about Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology, which is really reshaping the future and things out. That’s where AeroKing is making their contribution as well. AeroKing will make use of the existing architecture of the IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) in designing an algorithm for providing a seamlessly fast and Real-time airline ticketing system. Furthermore, AeroKing will facilitate the feature of hotel booking and reservation in over 1800 hotels worldwide accepting over 20 cryptocurrencies as payment either through the App or at any AeroKing centers at the airport. AeroKing is presenting a friendly, easy and smooth use of Cryptocurrency in Airline sector. Overall, these benefits promise to provide unlimited opportunities for anyone involved in the cryptocurrency world, adoption of cryptocurrency on the existing connection available for booking flights through the IATA certified agencies fostering and supporting mainstream adoption. With AeroKing you can facilitate easy and real-time flight booking, Hotel Reservation covering over 380000 hotels all around the globe and that with reduced cost having 10% discount. So now thanks to them, it will make traveling easy and cheaper! The Presale is about to begin with having up to 50% bonus, so don’t miss this opportunity! Check further info here Official Website: - https://www.aeroking.io Whitepaper: https://www.aeroking.io/aeroking_whitepaper.pdf Social Media Link - - Twitter: https://twitter.com/aerokingtoken - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AeroKing-Token-485470148517134/ - Medium: https://medium.com/@smartstory2020 - Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/Hxdx2RF0EmkiseNL5RmPJg
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    There's a brand new crypto raffle site and they are giving away some free tickets to help gain publicity and momentum. There's no purchase required and there's no catch, it's a simple raffle that will be performed by an unrelated third party on live video. This coupon code is limited to 1 per person. Coupon: 1freeticket and the site is https://bitcoinjackpot.global Grand prize: $1,000,000 Second prize: $100,000 Third prize: $25,000 Runner-up: $1,000 x 75 winners 100,000 tickets are being sold. $20 per ticket. Pay using any crypto. Receive prizes in crypto or USD bank wire. Draw will be live streamed on YouTube by real people when every ticket is sold! If you live in Toronto and are a ticket holder you can be there at the time of draw. It's brand new, this is Round 1 and they hope to do 4 rounds per year.
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    I don’t think Crypto industry is just about investment like that. We can be the runner our self. So, it is just about putting enough effort to manage through. That’s what I am entirely on with doing. It is a lot easier to do with Yourfreeworld. They have Official ICO Script, it enables us the power to setup our own digital coin in the world and take the step towards achieving our dreams! One can take a test ride as well from their website.