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    Hello my dear friends.Spent all of today on this review. And i think for good reason, the project deserves our attention. He has a great investment appeal. And my opinion is that this project will take its niche in the market. And so today i will try to describe this project in as much detail as possible and i hope you will be pleased. Similar savings that are built for the future. Born into a company, the solar elite is now called Simmitri (simmitri.com), with a mission to restore the "balance of power" and continue in the 21st century. Bridge economy SIM card is supported by artificial intelligence (AI) that is transmitted over the Internet of Things (iot) and proven blockchain technology. ABOUT Simmitri? Simmitri (SIM) is the energy economy built for the future. Born within an elite solar company now known as Simmitri (simmitri.com), with the mission to restore a “balance of power” and continue building on their strong community relationships as we move forward into the 21st century. SIM is the economic bridge that will fast track such relationship, providing a self-sufficient and decentralized network powered by artificial intelligence (AI), communicated through Internet of Things (IoT) and audited by blockchain technology. SIM is the cryptocurrency token generated from within our “SimBox”, built to balance power between the consumer, prosumer, innovators and utilities. Each device acts as a node in our network - which we call the Energy of Things whereas SIM provides the currency that will compensate users based on enhancing building performance. The energy conservation efforts inside the building generates negative kilowatt hours “Negawatts” that convert to an automatic output of SIM tokens that can be used for your economic benefit. You can program the SimBox to alert for manual control, or the built-in AI software can automatically address your energy conservation needs while you focus on the finer things in life. Either way, SIM provides the consumer and prosumer with the incentive to reduce individual energy consumption, distribute to those who are in need and lighten the footprint we all stamp on Mother Nature. Get Paid To Participate The platform will utilize smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to increase transparency and Ai automation. As the blockchain is used for storing information about the user and household electricity usage per device, it will also execute parameters and initiate various gamification actions based on performance, allowing users to instantly earn a respectable income and exchange their cryptocurrency to fiat currency and transfer instantly to a debit card Excellent Costumer Service Trough Data Collecting data points from our 4000+ clients has been paramount in the direction of moving into artificial intelligence as a new service of Simmitri. When analyzing user behavior data with other energy forecasting data points such as; timing, weather, location, providers and multiple others, the data begins to show us the best practices for either conserving or producing energy. This provides a comprehensive energy analysis, enabling participants to systematically yield the greatest rewards. Putting AI Into the Electrical Load Panel The smart box - powered by our artificial intelligence Simi - makes the SimBox a synchrophaser, smart meter and a crpytocurrency mining rig all in one. The Ai measures the flow of electricity through the building’s grid in real time, allowing users to actively manage and avoid disruptions and detect inefficiencies. The sensors across the network communicate with the grid and modify electricity use during peak times, thereby relaxing the workload of the grid, lowering prices and compensating our customers. Simmitri Token Econom The SIM e-token is created from within the "corners" of our cause to balance power between consumers, development, innovation and utility. Each device acts as a node in our network - which we called energy things - while SIM offers currency to compensate the user based on increased productivity. Energy saving efforts in buildings, create a number of hours of "Negawatts" to switch the automatic output of the SIM card can be used for the benefit of your economic. You can program the angles to warn to control manually, or the software integrated AI that can automatically decide you need to save your energy while you're focused on what's best things in life. In any case, SIM provides the consumer and semi-professional incentive to reduce energy consumption, individual mailing, for all who need it and lighten the trail, we all trampled on mother nature. 1.2 context what started as a family-owned company founded in 1995, Simmitri start by serving the local community for their quality roofing, construction and electrical services. It is an electrician device Master of elite GAF materials Corporation, it is a natural process for solar separation. Business solar Simmitri has developed more in the service of energy efficiency, focusing on business customers. Serving more than 4,000 customers in Central California, we have installation, maintenance and create conditions for energy for thousands of downloads. Customer service and data collection is always a brand and is part of the business growth process. When we have interviewed our customers, we will learn about the problems possible concerning all aspects of daily about energy efficiency. Collect data from Simmrijn to artificial intelligence Simmitri as a new service. When analyzing data, user behavior from data points, forecasts and other energy such as; time, weather, location, suppliers, and many others, the data starts to show us best practices for energy conservation or generation. It provides comprehensive energy analysis allowing customers (participants) to have a systematic of the greatest rewards. In Q3 2017, Simmitri hired a group of core time development integration contracts that are both smart. Extensive experience about the renewable energy market has helped us to overcome the competition in the world of new and interesting about the energy marker. We believe that it is better to have the Foundation based on energy before combining the technology of the blockchain, the blockchain, and not to run in combination of energy. Creating a platform that rewards participants for saving and generating electrical energy. Market Analysis 1. Investment in Grid Modernization Utilities, innovators and consumers are aware of the dated infrastructure that is our grid. Momentum from US public programs have become mainstream for not only incentives and tax credits, but also stimulus grants issued to solve the burden of modernizing the grid as well as implementing unique, new innovations that prove to help with reliability and sustainability. $3.4 billion was managed by the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) in recent years to help the overall grid industry in reliability and efficiency efforts to help accelerate the deployment of advanced technologies similar to that of which Simmitri develops. Additionally, the Department of Energy (DOE) has joined the movement in 2016 with the Grid Modernization Initiative (GMI), an effort to create strategic alliances to help solve reliability issues through a consortium of industry experts and leaders 2. Investment in Blockchain + Energy Over the past year: $324MM has been invested in blockchain projects in the energy sector. 5 There are currently 122+ companies working on combining blockchain into an energy market in the United States, and an additional 40 projects internationally. Simmitri is unique in this group of innovators as we are creating the only AI-powered blockchain in our energy solution. In saying that, there are currently only a handful of energy coins that have paved the way for investing into these platforms on exchanges. SIM Token will be among one of these. 3. Key Market Drivers The smart grid market is on pace to grow 15% within the next two years. The investments that are flowing into the technology that manages energy consumption and improves building performance is the key driver for this market . The other primary driver is customer 6 engagement. Never before in the history of electric management have consumers become so engaged in this sector. Now, consumers are being proactive and purchasing HEMS products that they can communicate with as to what their energy wants and needs are to help serve themselves, their neighbors and the overall grid more effectively. Another large factor to be considered in driving the smart grid market is the need for distributed energy resources (DERs). DERs were introduced in recent years as the adoption of solar and storage became more prevalent in residential markets. Now, the smart grid can depend on a small percentage (roughly 10%) of consumers to generate their own energy from their own investments and act as an active participant in not only creating enough power for their own building, but can now sell back energy to the grid. Smart Grid Energy Problems 1. Market Segment Challenges In the utility industry, sluggish solar growth is expected to continue in 2017 and 2018 before potentially rebounding in 2019, as utilities focus on projects to come online in 2019 or later. Some projects have been delayed, as potential customers have hesitated to sign power purchase agreements until the trade case is resolved. The commercial sector appears to show long-term potential as energy managers across a variety of industries become more educated about solar opportunities and as more efficient financing structures emerge. Consumer Specific Issues Consumers are restricted from conducting their own real-time energy audit. Furthermore, they are unable to review custom energy efficient options per device from the audit and are bound by the rules and costs of the utility company. Finally, consumers are not in centivized appropriately to become energy efficient. However, consumers are interested in controlling their energy costs. Utility Company Adoption Issues As utilities face disruptive change on a number of fronts, they are seeking to transform their business models in order to adapt to shifting market trends. But while utilities know their current models need to change, it’s easier said than done. Utility executives’ attitudes about business model reform have remained relatively constant over the last year. For the second year running, state regulatory models and integration of emerging technologies top the list of obstacles to the evolution of utility business models. Consumer costs and internal resistance to change again rounded out the top four, though respondents were more concerned about the cost of change this year than last. Utility business model reforms are overseen and facilitated by state regulatory commissions, making it unsurprising that respondents have consistently identified them as an obstacle to change. Simmitri Network Solution Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Distributed energy resources (DERs) are electricity-producing resources or controllable loads that are directly connected to a local distribution system or connected to a host facility within the local distribution system. During high energy demand times and when the grid is stressed, the 19 utility company sends the Simmitri Cloud a request for its aggregate of customers to cut consumption as a demand response initiative. Simmitri provides the tools for current utility and government energy savings to programs to be more efficient and effective by significantly affecting the timing imbalance between peak demand and renewable energy production, also referred to as the “duck curve” Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) In our research, we found that the only true way for customer/utility/innovator synergy and to efficiently distribute energy throughout the entire building from one standard (no matter what brand(s) the user chooses) was to update the electrical load panel and usher it into the 21st century. In this effort, Simmitri essentially began to create its own HEMS (or BEMS) product, calling it the “SimBox”. This smart box is what was needed in order to allow consumers to still enjoy the HEMS services they prefer, meanwhile using the 3rd party data to integrate via an application programming interface (API) to analyze and prepare for more smart home energy scenes. The SimBox connects to the smart plug or any HEMS device determining the parameters needed to be energy efficient. The data is absorbed from the devices backend database and is used to determine power supply. If parameters are met and smart contract is executed, the user receives SIM as well as gamifying their profile. Simmitri Cloud Exchange Simmitri is now in a position to facilitate an economy in which conservation, generation and demands interact efficiently. The growing energy market trend is in a peer-to-peer, decentralized model whereas consumers can participate in a trade economy to satisfy their energy needs. As we identify projects who create exchanges for consumers to buy and sell RECs and carbon offsets, the advantage of Simmitri would be in the solution of a more automated trustless system which the blockchain solves. Simmitri Hardware Simmitri leverages three primary hardware solutions in this economy. Starting with the electrical load panel, the “SimBox”, runs an ongoing energy audit of every circuit and possible distribution point sending a signal through the circuit wires and reads a unique electrical signature of each circuit, similar to a fingerprint. The smart socket “SimSocket” then sends feedback to the SimBox. This is to establish a grid to be monitored and subject to advanced automation. The Simmitri Power Station, or “SimStation” is an added microgrid power station that allows you to produce electrons and send it back to the grid. These products will learn and automate the most efficient and effective ways to produce Negawatts by managing electrical consumption in real time, which is beneficial for demand reduction and grid stabilization. SimBox As the goal of the MVP is to showcase the product at a minimal cost and have actually working product which could showcase the token usage and utility, this is the initial high-level architecture we propose for the platform. The SimBox proposed technical functions will be: Acts as a mirrored electrical panel that audits all energy-demanding devices in the building. Receives communication from smart HEMS and IoT devices as to the identity of the device to further analyze the importance of what is a need or a want. Responds with electrical feedback to the devices with needed power supply. Collects and stores data from each device in the smart meter. Runs the AI and blockchain protocols to ensure energy efficiency standards. Stores private keys safely in the hardware storage of the device. Act as the gateway to the Ethereum Network, reading the data from the Blockchain and tracking wallet balances. Enable users to transfers their SIM tokens from wallet to the cloud exchange. Exchange their earned SIM tokens to other cryptocurrency or fiat currency and transfer it to his account. SimSocket The SimSocket proposed technical functions will be: Separate individual plug in sockets as multiple portals for energy flow. For light sockets, allow for bulbs to be harnessed. Consume data by “pairing” to a smart plug or IoT device. Relay data back to Simbox. Consume sensory data (video, audio, location, temperature, etc.) if desired SimStation For Prosumers, a storage device could be implemented to store and transfer renewable energy from a solar panel or other means to effectively participate in the economy as an energy generator. This high-performance power station comes equipped with connections for multiple energy sources, pairs with multiple microinverters and processes storage at a fraction of the cost. Artificial Intelligence | Simi The smart box powered by our artificial intelligence Simi makes the SimBox a synchrophaser 26 on steroids. The AI measures the flow of electricity through the building’s grid in real time, allowing users to actively manage and avoid disruptions and detect inefficiencies. The sensors across the network would communicate with the grid and modify electricity use during peak times, thereby relaxing the workload of the grid and lowering prices for our consumers. For the network, we're delivering more than just machine learning, but advanced, human-like AI protocol. Simi will begin her life with behavioral modification through machine learning, proven to be great for regression (prediction) and classifiers - similar to that of a child who is born and raised in a certain environment. The ML algorithms are the building blocks for the AI, which includes multiple machine learning components such as speech recognition (Recurrent Neural Network) , image recognition (Convolutional Neural Network) , knowledge representation and 27 28 then the really interesting part of it having curiosity and human context allowing “it” to be a “her.” Simi uses Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) to process text and to find out the intention (e.g. an action to take, information, etc.) That RNN categorizes the intention as well as fills in the necessary concepts to complete the request of the energy demand. If the request is ambiguous, contradictory, or more information is needed, it will simply ask for the information it requires to complete its task. Supporting images for more context will be useful and can be done by training a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to map the images to the same concepts as the RNN. Concepts can be trained to match word embeddings (have them both reside in the same dimensional space). This would make the knowledge concepts map directly to words. That way it will be more fluent for Simi to map words to concepts, and images could also be translated to concepts. Simi also uses k-means clustering to find the clusters (categories) of the knowledge 29 concepts, and that is the way she has a human-readable way of "understanding" the AI's memory. As Simi consumes data points from HEMS devices and the network, she unpacks what she believes (references) will be the most energy efficient processing protocol to the user Roadmap Q1 2018 ● Design, technical and production line strategy specs for Simibox ● Primary and secondary rules roster for SIMI AI functions ● Simmitri Token (SIM) applied to be listed on crytpocurrency exchange(s) Q2 2018 ● Customer wallet (dashboard) finalized for earnings and transfers ● Integration testing of blockchain and data collection in open API networks ● Established market maturity for implementation and partners (analysis) Q3 2018 ● Manufactured Simibox prototype v.01 ● Launch smart home incubator program ● Beta testing of local market sample group Q4 2018 ● Integration of Simibox into current client list and pipeline ● Analysis of deep metrics from beta testers ● Applications filed for state incentives for renewable energy providers PARTNER More Info About Simmitri At : Website : http://token.simmitri.com/ Whitepaper : token.simmitri.com/assets/pdf/SIM_White_Paper.pdf Telegram : https://t.me/SimmitriToken Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3516185.0 Twitter : https://twitter.com/simmitrienergy Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/SimmitriSolar/?_rdc=1&_rdr ================================================================ Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
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    Now creating software still needs an intermediary step as the programming language. But not just one kind of programming language for all, but for each operating system or platform we have to use a different language. That's a problem ... but now with Sparkster you just need to use English to write your own software. I am excited to think that I can create my own technology product even though I do not know about programming language. What is Sparkster's idea? The Sparkster project is building two types of work. The first is a decentralized platform so that users can create intelligent software easily in the normal English language without needing to know the programming language. And the second is a decentralized cloud, which aims to replace the traditional electronic cloud, with a processing speed of up to 10 million transactions per second. Sparkster's ecosystem:Sparkster's ecosystem consists of two independent, interconnected arrays: the programming platform for creating and running intelligent software, and distributed computing. Sparkster platform: The Sparkster decentralization platform is where every smart software can be designed and built in a "drag and drop" way. This method will simplify the typing of lines of code and reduce the time load that creates software from months to days. The Sparkster platform will also allow for horizontal expansion, and application of data transmission lines to support the high-tech needs of artificial intelligence and IoT technology. In the same way, the software created on the Sparkster platform will be made specifically for applications with large transaction volumes. The Sparkster platform also highlights the system's security. The project will apply a 256-bit enhanced encryption standard between platform interactions and the OAuth 2.0 protocol to validate them. The software on the Sparkster platform will be standalone and can be used on decentralized cloud computing of the project. Users will be allowed to choose where the software will operate. However, in the long run, using Sparkster's cloud software will be much cheaper than applying software on the platform they were created. Sparkster's cloud computing:This will be where smart authoring software, created on the Sparkster platform, will be uploaded and used. Users can install Sparkster applications on their phones to use these smart applications. Companies and users wishing to run their applications on Sparkster's decentralized platform will have to bid on decentralized trading platforms and deposit a SPARK amount equal to what they are willing to pay. This is a free market: customers will set the price they are willing to pay, and the maintainer of the network will be selected at any price they see fit to receive. When prices and prices are matched, the transaction will be executed and the application will be run. The SPARK project co-ordinates will be provided to the diggers to support the data processing capabilities of the phone and computer. In addition, the nodes can store and process data in the Sparkster network. These nodes will be responsible for managing the decentralized data on the platform and hoarding software structures designed by members of the Sparkster community. In case some data needs to be kept fixed, the nodes on the network will be paid at the appropriate SPARK fee to make the request. In Sparkster's cloud computing ecosystem, each component will have different responsibilities. Persons maintaining the network will have to deposit SPARK bundles to ensure their transparent operation. And the transaction confirmation buttons in the system will find and stop any wrong activity and take care of the network maintainer. Sharding Technology:Because Sparkster's cloud computing is designed to be a blockchain network that specializes in intelligent software implementation, the project avoids the existing restrictions on blockchain networks at the present time such as maintaining the integrity of the system. This will allow the project to divide the data table into smaller pieces that are equivalent to each customer group's data. And it's important that each of these pieces of code does not get noticed and linked to other parts of the system. This is a special benefit to Sparkster's blockchain system. For you to imagine this model, imagine the blocks in the blockchain system of the Sparkster project in a cell: When the sacrifice has not reached a certain number of nodes, that cell will divide. Thus, if a cell block in the system is processing 1,000 transactions per second, when it is split, the processing speed becomes 2,000 transactions per second. This is done successfully because Sparkster does not need to maintain the system. This means that each cell in the system is unrelated to another cell, and will only process blocks of data in that cell. In theory, there is no limit to the number of cells in the system. And because of that the system will not have a limit on the number of transactions that the project can achieve even if the number is more than 10 million transactions per second. Limits will, in fact, depend on how many people maintain the network in Sparkster's electronic cloud. Mechanism of approval of the system:The Sparkster project will use the FBA (Federal Byzantime Agreement), proposed by the Stellar network, to serve as a confirmation mechanism for all transactions. This is made easy because every approval in the system follows the block method. That is, if block A is message B, and if block B confirms the transaction, block A will confirm the transaction instead of waiting for the system to validate. And in order to prevent malicious actions in the system, the project will develop an additional layer of technology that is responsible for delivering work and rewards to the individual in the system. This will create an autonomous network with good incentives to maintain credibility. Security:To ensure the security of the system, the project will apply the Zero Knowledge Proof method and encrypt all data available on the Sparkster distributed cloud computing. This method will limit the number of individuals to interact with sensitive and authoritative data and allow users to confirm that the data is available on the system without having to directly verify it. The terrible speed in the test-net system of the project Development team of the project The Sparkster team has extensive experience in project areas. Team members have extensive experience working in large companies and organizations such as Cisco and IBM. The team also has 17 software architects. So the project process will not have any big problems. In addition, the project leaders have extensive business and business experience. Should be in the long run, the development of the company is also not difficult. a. AdvisorGary Leavens: Dean of Computer Science, Programming Language Specialist at the University of Florida. University of Iowa faculty. Formerly a programmer at the MIT Institute of Technology (MIT). Juan Albelo: Senior Vice President of SAP (Indian Technology Company). Served as vice president of business at Oracle. b. LeadSajjad Daya: Sparkster CEO- 15 years of business and leadership experience. Of which there are 2 years experience in technical support at Cisco. 3 years of business development at Xprint. 1 year as head of software development at Syncoms. 10 years as investment manager at Syncoms. More than two years as CEO at Printerpix.com. More than 3 years as Vice President of Business Technology at Syncoms. Amit Kumar: Chief Technology Officer - 20 years of App and Database Development experience at Syncoms for 7 years. Nearly 5 years as Database Director at Wipro. Shabeer Kirmani: Chief Technology Officer - 3 years at Accenture (Top 10 influential technology companies in the blockchain industry). From October 2013 to now hold the position of Director, Data Science at the US Department of Defense. Dayanie Rajeev: Human Resources - 3 years working at Citibank India since 2003. 1 year working at Accenture since 2006, 3 years at IBM in 2007-2010, 4 years in Human Resources from 2010 to 2014. Neeru Pallen: Marketing department. 3 years as marketing manager at Syncoms UK from 2011, SEO consultant for The Times in 2013. 1 year as a commercial web service. Munawar Bijani: Senior Software Engineer- 7 years of back-end software programming experience. Combined, the Sparkster team is said to be from well-known large corporations such as Cisco, HSBC, Wipro, Infosys, Capgemini, Citibank, IMB, Accenture, AT & T, Pfizer, NBC Universal, Snapdeal, OLA, etc. Roadmap The project is set up from 2014, from around 2014-2016 is the platform development, and Beta release 2017 signed a cooperation agreement with Libelium and ARM. Run Private Beta program, complete performance optimization. 2018 Finalizing the plan to build a decentralized cloud structure. T3 released the internal Dcloud Beta v0.1. T4 announced a full-fledged enterprise platform. T5 Announced Sparkster to Market. Q2 2018 Platform Announces Arduino and ESP Platform Support for Developing Non-Code Applications. Q3 2018 Announcement of platform for ARM equipment such as cooperation agreement. Becomes one of the first IOT platforms to integrate into ARM. The output version supports input sensors for the app on the phone such as (GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc). Q4 2018 Alpha version for Decentralized Cloud. Launched full version for AI support applications not just for PC version. 2019 Integrates other blockchain such as NEO, Cardano, Stellar to support payment transactions. Announces Platform for Data Analysis and Data Archiving for Enterprise Customers. Communities Telegram: Membership increased rapidly from 1k member to 3k member in just 2 days (from May 12-14). The current number of members is 6k member. The admin team responded positively, timely. The project received positive reviews from the ICO analysis page. Comments Advantages The idea is clear: decentralized software and cloud computing Website presentation professional, complete, scientific including all the information and communication interfaces needed. Be sure to provide evidence of the project's high credibility. Public permission to participate in system testing. The development team consists of quality members: mentors are professors from top technology universities; Leaders have years of leadership and technology experience at leading technology corporations and branches in India. In particular, they were involved, and worked together long before the project started. Programmers are senior programmers. Marketing and business staff are leaders from reputable companies, magazines and banks. This team represents a strong governance structure, each of which is made up of excellent members of each field and is well-managed. Roadmap: are milestones with products that are almost complete, basic. Creates trust. High hype (community): The project received positive reviews from the analysis page, ICO synthesis. Token metrics: logical token allocations, acceptable hardcap levels. Tight sale policy, carefully vesting mode for developers in 2 years and bonus token. Declaration of all information is transparent from time (sale, release, pay token after 2 weeks, etc.), quantity. Minus point Although the projections on the roadmap of the project are very clear and we can see what the project has done since 2014, at present Sparkster has no code line on Github at all. We can only now believe that the project is real and transparent, supported by Ian Balina and project videos posted online. However, we can also understand that Sparkster has not yet posted on Github to avoid competitors using their technologies before filing for patent applications. The transaction speed of the Sparkster platform will reach 10 million transactions when more people participate in the ecosystem. In theory this can happen, but in fact we still need to consider it. The cloud market is an extremely tough market with big companies like Amazon, IBM and SAP. In addition, these companies are in the process of developing their own blockchain technology to reduce data processing time and service fees, etc. Should Sparkster, in addition to creating software in common language, also need to develop projects quickly before large companies dominate the market. Reviewed by ME The Sparkster project is a very entrepreneurial and development project. Overall, the Sparkster platform is not really a blockchain platform, but rather a blockchain-based project. But because the project knows how to PR and hit the investor psychology in the current ICO market, looking at Sparkster will be a very good project. Even decentralized applications for creating software without code, in the traditional market are also available. But instead of creating another product on the market, the project has shifted to blockchain to apply and is also considered the first project to address these problems. In terms of investment, this is a good project for people to put money into. But since there are no Github commits, people need to be alert. HYPE RISK ROI TERM ICOGENS' SCORE HIGH MEDIUM HIGH MEDIUM HIGH HYPE: Indicates the spread of the project to the community on Telegram, bitcointalk, redit, Slack, Medium, Tweeter, Steemit, Fb, Articles, ... RISK: The risk rating of the project is based on Team elements, Idea project, project transparency, project roadmap, Whitepaper. ROI: Index of Return on Investment in USD TERM: Short-Term Investment Rating (Short, Medium, Long Term) for capital strategy. SCORE: This score is based on the score of the other four criteria or reflects my level of interest in this project. It is not an ROI but rather a level of interest for the project. MORE INFOMATION: Website: https://sparkster.me/ Telegram: https://t.me/SparksterICO Twitter: https://twitter.com/sparkster_me/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAkXXoN7cFSEN-4SFtLFmHQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sparkster.me/ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sparkster/ ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
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    I want to make deposit on you platfrom, how can I do this?
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    blockchain technology

    Bitcoin down, bitcoin cash up!!!Hello guys , i have found a Youtube tutorial how to get free BTC as fork. Hope it will be helpfull for people who still didn't get it Video calls "How to get Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on Blockchain.info / How to claim Bitcoin Cash (BCH) free fork" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bS08OPybLU
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    join now https://bit.ly/2JsjcSE The company introduces an innovative product in the field of Crypto Trading! The company will become a leader in their field! I'm sure ICO will be very successful and create the history! What is CrowdIF CrowdIF is a path-breaking, first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency trading platfrom which is capable of harnessing the power of the Collective Intelligence of the Crowd and includes it in a major way in its crypto-trading strategy. CrowdIF is the only crypto trading platform which is capable of objectively gathering something as abstract as market sentiment and quantify it. We call this quantified market sentiment - The SentimentScore. This is our secret rocket fuel. As is widely known, market sentiment plays a vital role in defining the direction of crypto market movements. Capitalizing upon SentimentScore gives CrowdIF a superpower and allows it to consistently outperform market with better results than using the conventional techniques. ICO Round 1 Token Price: 0.80$ - 1.25$ Tokens available for sale: 1,600,000 ICO Round 2 Token Price: 1.26$ - 1.50$ Tokens available for sale: 5,000,000 ICO Round 3 Token Price: 1.51$-2.00$ Tokens available for sale: 10,000,000 join now https://bit.ly/2JsjcSE
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    BTC cash hardfork

    Bitcoin down, bitcoin cash up!!!Hello guys , i have found a Youtube tutorial how to get free BTC as fork. Hope it will be helpfull for people who still didn't get it Video calls "How to get Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on Blockchain.info / How to claim Bitcoin Cash (BCH) free fork" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bS08OPybLU
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    Blockchain hard fork 2017

    Bitcoin down, bitcoin cash up!!!Hello guys , i have found a Youtube tutorial how to get free BTC as fork. Hope it will be helpfull for people who still didn't get it Video calls "How to get Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on Blockchain.info / How to claim Bitcoin Cash (BCH) free fork" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bS08OPybLU
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    DATA : this four letter word we hear almost everyday might be more powerful than one thinks. to give a basic definittion, data is known as raw fact gathered from a source (or more). Data is very important in today society that almost every good things in this our world now has been built using it (data). Think of data as that which you'll need to initiate something. Data has been and will continue to play a very important role in marketing and business World as long as business firms need to advertise, know what the customers want, what they don't and so on. Such data are usually gathered from survey questionnaires and other means. The major problems business firms and organization face today or even customers is accessibility to good data at ease, high cost of acquiring data that's unworthy of the price and many more. The DATABLOCKCHAIN.IO A blockchain, originally block - chain, is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. DATABLOCKCHAIN.IO is a platform built on block chain that have come to make robust and efficient data available for both businesses and customers. Its like a market place for all the data you'll need so you dont have to waste recourses (time ,money) while searching. It brings together data holders and business organization or individuals in need of data to a transparent, secured market place. Few of their main objectives are listed below: 1. To bring togther data holder and business or individuals that need them. 2. To ensure data quality that is quality data is provided by sellers. 3. Quick and secured transaction between data sellers and buyers. INTEGRATING ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN The Ethereum blockchain is integrated in DATABLOCKCHAIN to help carry out the complex transaction securely between the two ends. The users can fully control their payments and all payment are verifiable. THE DBC WALLET DATABLOCKCHAIN.IO has created a wallet for users to store there DBCcoin (their token or say currency) and other ERC - 20 based tokens securely. Its makes accessing and transaction of tokens simple, efficient and transparent with its simple User Interface. ROAD MAP TOKEN DISTRIBUTION Here is a detailed view to DBC's ICO plan. THE TEAM Here are the bright minds behind DATABLOCKCHAIN.IO THE ADVISORS These are the experienced advisors to DATABLOCKCHAIN.io You can further check the links below for more information: Official DBC site: https://www.datablockchain.io/http://www.dbc.io?utm_source={https://allcryptotalk.com/index.php?/topic/9291-datablockchainio-the-ultimate-platform-for-data-marketing/}&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=bounty Official DBC white paper: https://www.dbc.io/pdf/whitepaper.pdf DBC facebook: https://www.facebook.com/datablockchainio-210421122875853/ DBC twitter: https://twitter.com/DBC_IO DBC telegram: https://t.me/DBCIO The DATABLOCKCHAIN is built on Data, Intelligence and Technology. Officially Written by: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2142804
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    I've seen a video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imSScE6nqMs by Promax Technologies UK about their promax7.2 miner which they claim build with GPU cluster technology also they are powered by Nvidia p102 68gpu. Is the performance of these graphic card good? in terms of hashrate..
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    Real estate is a very important field that greatly influences the development of the global economy. Estimated, the value of this market is more than 217 trillion dollars. There are many who become millionaires, billionaires by investing wisely in this industry. Besides, many people have fallen into the hands of white, homeless, sometimes to find the death to escape debt. Can say that this is a very potential market but also high risk. Currently, investing in real estate is very difficult. You have to have a decent amount of money, or at least you must have high earning potential or valuable collateral to borrow a good amount from the bank to invest. Along with that, you need to have knowledge as well as experience in the market. Remember, real estate is not for "lambs". These are the first two hurdles when you step into real estate. If you've crossed them, here are a bunch of other things that can cause you headaches. Each transaction, each application, and each approval comes with fees to conclude the process. Broker and agent fees range from 2.5% to as highest as 6%. The fee structure is such that an entire industry is created as a middle layer with brokers, agents, appraisers, surveyors, approvals, etc. Do not forget to pay VAT tax, it is not small. In addition, the real estate industry does not diversify products, once won is a big win and lose is too. While in other industries, you can lose money on this item but you can also take it off with another. And the last one is when you begin the process of foreign ownership of property, you run into expensive setups for an individual and have to consider all costs. There are currency exchange rates, international wire transfers, banking systems, multi-national taxation, accounting, import-export restrictions, regional incorporation setups. If one goes through the process of setting all this up and only acquires one property, it can become expensive to manage. Have you ever thought about a solution for all? That's what I'll say after that. ABOUT HABIBI COIN Habibi coin is a real estate backed token with a social philanthropic model being launched as a community solution. Habibi Coin aims to create equal opportunity for anyone to participate in real estate. It also aims to minimize foreign ownership barriers, eliminate interest as well as interest bearing goods and services. To do this, Habibi coin has built a global platform based on blockchain technology. All property or real estate projects are Tokenization. This means that anyone who owns a Habibi Token has the right to own property. Habibi is clever in that it uses the power of the community to perfect a project instead of having a personal owner. A great feature of blockchain technology is no intermediary. You do not have to deal with middlemen like sales agents, brokers or financiers to allow you to directly access assets and manage them at an almost zero cost. Fast delivery almost immediately. You do not have to wait for the appraisal process, financial setup, paperwork,…With Habibi Coin, the moment you purchase a token, your entire transaction is complete and you own fractional ownership inside the real estate portfolio. Habibi is creating a lucrative ecosystem by extracting 25% of the funds raised to invest in cash flowing real estate that produce monthly rental income for the portfolio, each token holder can receive the appreciated value of the tokens instantly and monthly cash flow is generated to create monthly appreciation. The value tokens continue to rise incrementally as the cash flow comes in and rising value is backed by the real estate assets in the portfolio from depreciation and volatility. WHO’S BEHIND THE PROJECT? Habibi team consist of 20+ people with an extended team of advisory board members and qualified professionals who have extensive experience in the fields of real estate, finance, mortgages, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. You can find out more about their team and advisory board by visiting the official website habibicoin.io. The following are some members: Core team Advisors CONCLUSION Habibi Coin was established by Dubai-based entrepreneur Com Mirza , is an alternative to the Middle East for Bitcoin, and is a company capable of introducing Blockchain to the region. In this respect, electronic money is developing that has played a key role in Middle East finance as it has overcome the market by complying with the Shariah Law and allowing Muslims to take advantage of this technology in their own right. to. After all, the Islamic and Shariah teachings lay out clear lending rules that make it difficult for Muslims to pay interest, so Habibi was born to solve the problem. Habibi was used to deny interest payments and some inherent risks associated with asset purchases. Simply put, this new digital currency allows Muslim users to follow their faith while also investing in real estate and similar financial assets, serving as a system. Decentralized payments help eliminate costly and expensive intermediates. I find this to be a highly practical meaning, which is my opinion on this project. If you have an other opinion, leave below the comment section. USEFULL LINKS Website: https://habibicoin.io/ Whitepaper: https://habibicoin.io/White-Paper.pdf Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3264616.0 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HabibiCoinIO/ Telegram: https://t.me/HabibiCoinIO Twitter: https://twitter.com/HabibiCoinIO Medium: https://medium.com/@habibicoinio Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/HabibiCoinIO/ Author: Bitcointalk username: kld_hp Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1014734
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    That is good project can I invest in your platform with MUSDcoins... I have 30.500 of them... I wait from you to reply
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    Do not forget to visit our website: https://fluzcoin.io/ There you can find more information about the project, including: - Onepager - Whitepaper Summary - Full Whitepaper
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    This is a good article I'm gonna invest.
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    Get earn profit 4% - 7% ??

    i choose premium too, why you ask about that ?
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    Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Ethereum VS Bitcoin Rise Ethereum uptrend has been obvious up until the 20th of May when it reached btc 0.085 high. Then price corrected down to btc 0.071, losing 16% to Bitcoin. However ETH/BTC cleanly rejected the 2/1 Gann Fan trendline followed by the breakout of the downtrend trendline, not to mention the formation of the Bullish Divergence on the RSI oscillator. This might imply that the uptrend is about to continue and price could reach btc 0.095, that is 161.8% Fibonacci retracement level, applied to the current corrective wave down. The btc 0.095 is very close to the btc 0.1 psychological resistance that potentially could also be reached. But the break above that resistance could send ETH much higher, although it yet to be seen. On the downside, break and close below btc 0.071 support would invalidate bullish outlook and could result in continuation of the correctional move down. Source: http://cryptopost.com/ethereum-vs-bitcoin-rise/ Telegram: https://t.me/cryptopost
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    Uchit ICO : Best teamwork solution for all people tranduong123 (25) in cryptocurrency • 2 days ago About Uchit When you’re collaborating on a group project, there can often be a lot of confusion. “You forgot to send the update,” or “Did you get the files I sent you” are common problems. Everybody forgets things from time to time, and that is only made more evident when multiple people are working on the same project.Found that problems, Uchit wants to create an organizational solution for this problem, and they plan on using blockchain security and by providing their users with a wide array of helpful tools. Uchit is also great for individuals seeking a partner. You can post your project or idea, and wait for potential collaborators to connect with you.Uchit is blockchain-based peer-to-peer communication platform that aims at improving how people communicate with each and how team members collaborate.Uchit makes collaboration simple. If you go into any business or classroom, one of the things that you’ll hear the most complaints about are group projects. There’s always one person who forgets important details, or some files that get lost somewhere along the way. With Uchit, collaborators will be able to stay organized, and everybody will have a fast and efficient means of communicating and sharing data in one central location. Uchit features Find a Partner: If you’re an artist, coder, or musician, for instance, you may have a project that you could use some help on. Now, you can post your project and search for collaborators to help you create your dream. Stay Organized With Tools: Uchit plans on providing their users with plenty of tools to help them be more productive, stay creative, and make collaboration on projects easier than ever. Multi-User Platform: The tools in the communication industry today do not support multiple users. The platform seeks to solve this problem by providing end-to-end solutions through its communication and collaborative tools for multiple users such as Individuals, Professionals, and Business Entities. Blockchain Security: Uchit uses the ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain which features advanced security encryption and is very hard to hack into. This means that all of the files and data shared between users on the Uchit network will be safe and secure. Who is behind Uchit CRASS InfoTech, which is one of the leading Video Game Publishers in South Asia, founded the platform. Roadmap ICO Information More Information You can visit the following: Website Whitepaper Twitter Telegram ANN Thread Author tranduong123 My bitcointalk
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    GIỚI THIỆU Hiện tại, thị trường giao dịch tiền điện tử toàn cầu là một trong những thị trường phát triển nhanh nhất toàn cầu thị trường. Khối lượng giao dịch hàng ngày trong năm 2017 tăng gấp 15 lần so với năm trước và bây giờ vượt quá 2 tỷ đô la. Sự phổ biến ngày càng tăng của tiền điện tử phải được đi kèm với sự phát triển của cơ sở hạ tầng và của thị trường nói chung, để đảm bảo mức độ dịch vụ và chất lượng cần thiết. Tuy nhiên , cho đến bây giờ mọi hoạt động với tiền điện tử vẫn quá phức tạp, quá chậm và đã sử dụng quá nhiều trung gian, do đó đã tăng phí hoa hồng. Những hạn chế này có cản trở rất nhiều sự lây lan của tiền điện tử và đã làm cho nó kém thuận tiện hơn so với ngân hàng thông thường . TransCrypt thấy nhiệm vụ chính của nó là sự cần thiết phải loại bỏ cái thẳm này và kiếm tiền điện tử hoạt động đơn giản và nhanh chóng như việc chuyển tiền quốc gia. TransCrypt cung cấp cho người dùng ứng dụng thuận tiện để làm việc với tiền điện tử và tiền tệ quốc gia, và sẽ phát triển một giải pháp cho các doanh nghiệp sẽ cho phép người bán chấp nhận bất kỳ loại tiền tệ nào mà không phải lo lắng về cách thức , điều này sẽ ảnh hưởng đến bảng cân đối của họ. Bằng cách này, TransCrypt sẽ cho phép mở rộng đáng kể ranh giới của việc sử dụng tiền điện tử. Nó sẽ làm cho nó sử dụng phổ biến và sẽ làm tăng sự phổ biến của nó. Không giống như nhiều dự án khác, TransCrypt có một nền tảng làm việc và một khách hàng sẽ có sẵn để đóng cửa thử nghiệm vào cuối quý I năm 2018. Phiên bản beta công khai sẽ được phát hành trong quý II năm 2018. TRANSCRYPT TOKEN LÀ GÌ? TransCrypt là phần mềm thông thường cho mọi hoạt động kinh tế. Với TransCrypt, bạn có thể tồn tại các giao dịch tiền điện tử, nhận mã thông báo, thực hiện chuyển tiền bằng tiền quốc gia và thanh toán cho họ các dịch vụ. Không có gì khác phải lo sợ về chi phí tiền nước ngoài - hệ thống tự động chuyển đổi số lượng quan trọng thành nhu cầu tiền nước ngoài. TransCrypt là một ứng dụng dành cho thiết bị di động, mạng xã hội không chỉ cho phép bạn giao tiếp hoặc tạo các nhóm lợi ích mà còn gửi cho nhau các loại tiền điện tử nổi tiếng nhất như BTC, LTC, XRP, Cardano. Ứng dụng này giải quyết hầu như phần đau đớn nhất của bộ phim bom tấn - giao dịch tức thời và miễn phí. Điều này được thực hiện nhờ vào bộ phim bom tấn của Tizer. Cảm ơn các tiện ích thanh toán và blockchain Tizer, các giao dịch TransCrypt sẽ được thực hiện trong số các màu xanh và miễn phí. Ngày nay, thị trường giao dịch tiền điện tử quốc tế là một trong tất cả những gì có lẽ là một thị trường toàn cầu đang phát triển nhanh chóng. Số lượng giao dịch hàng ngày trong năm 2017 lớn hơn 15 lần trong 12 tháng qua và hiện nay vượt quá 2 tỷ đô la. Sự phổ biến ngày càng tăng của tiền điện tử nên được quan sát bằng các phương tiện của các mẫu cơ sở hạ tầng và thị trường nói chung, do đó đảm bảo một mức độ quan trọng của nhà cung cấp và chất lượng. cho đến bây giờ mọi hoạt động với tiền điện tử vẫn quá phức tạp, quá chậm và đã được sử dụng quá nhiều trung gian, để tăng chi phí hoa hồng. Điểm yếu này đã ức chế nghiêm trọng việc tiết lộ tiền điện tử và khiến nó trở nên thoải mái hơn nhiều so với ngân hàng thông thường. TransCrypt thấy thách thức chính của nó vì nó cần phải thực hiện điều này và tạo ra một hoạt động tiền điện tử dễ dàng và nhanh chóng như sự chuyển động của tiền tệ quốc gia. TransCrypt cung cấp cho khách hàng một chương trình thuận tiện để hoạt động với tiền điện tử và tiền tệ quốc gia, và có thể phát triển các giải pháp cho một công ty cho phép thương nhân hoàn thành bất kỳ hình thức ngoại tệ nào mà không lo lắng về việc điều này sẽ ảnh hưởng đến bảng ổn định của họ như thế nào. Bằng cách này, TransCrypt sẽ cho phép một giới hạn mở rộng rất lớn về việc sử dụng tiền điện tử. Điều này sẽ làm cho nó sử dụng bình thường và có thể phát triển phổ biến của nó. Cũng cần lưu ý rằng dự án này có khả năng chuyển đổi tiền tệ mã hóa thành một loại tiền tệ khác gần như độc đáo, điều này sẽ đơn giản hóa việc chuyển tiền giữa mọi người. TransCrypt là một hệ sinh thái duy nhất thống nhất tất cả các khía cạnh của chuyển giao kinh tế. MỤC ĐÍCH CỦA TRANSCRYPT TransCrypt có mục tiêu cuối cùng là cung cấp các công cụ có thể được sử dụng để dễ dàng quản lý và quản lý các loại tiền kỹ thuật số. Các công nghệ truy cập được tạo ra được thực hiện cũng như có thể và dễ sử dụng trong việc thực hiện các khoản thanh toán hàng ngày quy mô lớn và đóng góp vào lĩnh vực tài chính kỹ thuật số của tiền điện tử. CÁC CHỨC NĂNG CHÍNH CỦA TRANSCRYPT • Ví tiền tệ; • Khối chuỗi Tizer đa tiền tệ; • Các giao dịch tiền điện tử và tiền tệ quốc gia nhanh chóng, kể cả từ màn hình trò chuyện; • Tích hợp với các sứ giả phổ biến; • Tài khoản IBAN duy nhất cho mọi người dùng (cả cho cá nhân và doanh nghiệp); • Mua và bán tiền điện tử; • Thanh toán tại bất kỳ vị trí nào từ thẻ TransCrypt bằng nhựa hoặc được liên kết: • Thanh toán bằng điện thoại hoặc thẻ điện tử hàng ngày tại các cửa hàng và nhà hàng; • Giao dịch fiat qua biên giới tức thì; • Đầu tư vào tiền điện tử hoặc tài sản số; • Trao đổi đơn đặt hàng cho các nhà giao dịch chuyên nghiệp; • Thanh toán B2B và hệ thống POS. Hãy tưởng tượng chỉ một ứng dụng cho phép bạn kết hợp tất cả các hoạt động tài chính: từ việc mua một cà phê buổi sáng để đầu tư vào một khởi động bạn thích. Mua tài sản kỹ thuật số bằng hai lần nhấp và trao đổi chúng đối với tiền điện tử, gửi tiền đến phía bên kia của thế giới mà không cần phải suy nghĩ về wallet hiện đang hoạt động. TransCrypt sẽ làm cho điều này có thể và quan trọng hơn là có thể truy cập được. TƯƠNG LAI CỦA TRANSCRYPT TransCrypt đang làm hết sức mình để tạo ra một sản phẩm chất lượng và thành công về mặt thương mại.TransCrypt nghĩ rằng điều này chỉ có thể được thực hiện bằng cách càng cởi mở càng tốt với khách hàng và người tham gia. Đây là lý do tại sao TransCrypt nêu lên các nghĩa vụ sau: 1. Nhóm dự án chịu trách nhiệm về việc đạt được các kết quả đã nêu. 2. TransCrypt cam kết xuất bản một báo cáo về các kết quả và vấn đề phát triển hiện tại ít nhất mỗi tháng một lần. 3. Báo cáo hàng tháng sẽ bao gồm tình trạng phát triển hiện tại, thành tích và cũng nhu cầu và vấn đề của dự án. 4. Những thành tựu và thành công chính của dự án sẽ được nhấn mạnh trong chính thức TransCrypt blog, trong các phương tiện truyền thông có liên quan, và trên các diễn đàn chuyên ngành chính, chẳng hạn như BitcoinTalk và trên Facebook. Trên con đường tạo ra một hệ sinh thái tài chính toàn cầu TransCrypt tạo nên một tương lại với Giao dịch tức thì bằng tiền điện tử và tiền tệ quốc gia trực tiếp trong cuộc trò chuyện Giao dịch bằng mật mã và fiat Ví tiền tệ Tích hợp với các tin nhắn tức thì phổ biến Mua và chuyển đổi tiền điện tử Giao dịch qua biên giới nhanh chóng Đầu tư vào tiền điện tử hoặc tài sản kỹ thuật số Khối chuỗi Tizer đa tiền tệ Lệnh giao dịch cho nhà giao dịch chuyên nghiệp ROADMAP TOKEN SALE Name : TSR Exchange : 1 TSR = 0.001ETH Currency : ETH, BTC, $ Hard cap : 10,000,000 TSR Minimum amount : 200 TSR Pre-sale start : April 30, 2018 Pre-sale end : May 27, 2018 TEAM Hiện tại, nhóm TransCrypt có hơn 50 thành viên, bao gồm: • Các nhà phát triển cấp cao nhất về phía máy chủ và các ứng dụng di động; • Chuyên gia blockchain; • Các nhà phát triển hệ thống tải cao và khả năng mở rộng; các chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực tiếp thị và quản lý dự án. Nhân viên của chúng tôi đã tạo ra hơn 10 dự án hoạt động thành công cho đến ngày nay, trong lĩnh vực mật mã, bán lẻ và fintech. Chúng tôi biết cách tạo hệ thống và ứng dụng có thể hỗ trợ hàng triệu người dùng. Chúng tôi biết cách thu hút và giữ chân khách hàng. Kinh nghiệm của chúng tôi cho phép chúng tôi dự đoán tăng trưởng khán giả bùng nổ trong tương lai gần Bạn có thể xem nhiều thông tin chi tiết hơn tại: Website: https://tsrpay.com/ Whitepaper: https://tsrpay.com/docs/whitepaper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/tsrpay Facebook: https://tsrpay.com/docs/whitepaper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/tsrpay Author : My Bitcointalk profile url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1267542 Username: MyAnh
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    Site Link: https://airdrops.io/lamoneda/#refaik2 Lamoneda is a decentralized blockchain token network that aims to disrupt the event ticketing industry by employing the services of the blockchain to proffer solutions to these problems by creating a suitable and transparent ecosystem where transactions can be made seamlessly with complete elimination of fraud. Each valid participant will receive 200 LMDA tokens. Participants can also earn additional tokens by inviting friends with their own unique referral link. Valid participants will receive an additional 80 LMDA tokens for each valid participant referred. Step-by-Step Guide: Join Lamoneda Telegram group and follow Lamoneda on Twitter. Join Airdrops.io Telegram channel and follow Airdrops.io on Twitter. Fill out the airdrop form below with your details. You will receive 200 LMDA (~$10 USD) tokens. Earn 80 LMDA tokens (~$4 USD) for every referral. You can refer unlimited friends! Check your referral balance using the form below. Video: https://youtu.be/vP10TCL_Jes
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    Captain Han

    Korona Coin

    What is Korona Coin?
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    Bây giờ là một kỷ nguyên mới - kỉ nguyên cải cách cho thị trường mật mã, nơi nhiều người dùng blockchain và hợp đồng thông minh đơn giản hóa nhiều thủ tục thị trường truyền thống. Hiện tại có nhiều quốc gia không cấm hoặc đã cho phép sử dụng tiền kỹ thuật số. Vì vậy, triển vọng phát triển thị trường tiền điện tử là đáng kể và sẽ tăng đáng kể. Tuy nhiên, vẫn còn những trở ngại trong việc chuyển đổi tiền điện tử thành tiền thông thường. Và đảm bảo an ninh là điều chính. STREAMITY Streamity là một dự án tập trung vào trao đổi tiền điện tử thành tiền thông thường bằng cách sử dụng StreamDesk. Bằng cách sử dụng nguyên mẫu của StreamDesk làm khái niệm chính. Nơi StreamDesk đảm bảo tính bảo mật và hiệu quả của mối quan hệ trao đổi tiền điện tử. Streamity bao gồm tất cả các thông tin cần thiết về tiền điện tử, và blockchain, cũng như các kỹ thuật phi tập trung. Streamity là sự phân cấp của trao đổi tiền điện tử. Dịch vụ thông thường tiền điện tử là một dịch vụ dựa trên StreamDesk để trao đổi. Lợi ích Streamity cung cấp là cung cấp cho người dùng thị trường công cụ tiền điện tử trực tuyến dễ sử dụng. Vì vậy, để tạo thuận lợi cho người sử dụng của thị trường tiền điện tử trong tiền của họ với trao đổi an ninh tốt. STREAMITY LÀ GÌ? STREAMITY có thể là một buồng chôn cất ngoại hối Exchange Device Platform và nó cực kỳ an toàn và bảo mật, một dịch vụ có thể thực hiện trao đổi mã hóa toàn diện cho các loại tiền tệ hành động trong khi không khai thác công cụ này. Cách tiếp cận này, tất nhiên, sử dụng một hợp đồng thực sự hợp lý để bảo vệ người dùng khỏi mọi gian lận. Ngược lại với các bộ trao đổi thay thế, Streamity có nhiều ưu điểm khác nhau: Bảo mật Exchange, hoa hồng thấp, dịch vụ và chức năng khá thuận tiện cho những cá nhân có thông tin mật mã thấp, KYC (Nhận hiểu khách hàng của bạn (Vương quốc Anh hiểu khách hàng của bạn), ngân hàng điều khoản và điều khoản trao đổi đối với các cơ sở tiền và đặt cược, và các công ty thay thế hoạt động bằng tiền mặt cá nhân, nghĩa là họ phải thiết lập và chỉ định nhận dạng đối tác trước khi tạo bất kỳ giao dịch tiền nào.) Đây là kết quả của cốt lõi của nền tảng Streamity là ứng dụng StreamDesk, cho phép bạn trao đổi tiền tệ trong khi không phải là bên thứ 3. Trao đổi là khả thi mỗi hành động và trong tầng hầm. Tất cả các trao đổi ar được tạo ra bởi hợp đồng. StreamDesk như một ứng dụng phi tập trung trở thành một yếu tố quan trọng của hơi nước để trao đổi tiền điện tử thành tiền mà không cần bất kỳ trung gian nào. Với hoa hồng từ 0 đến 2%. Nó sẽ có nhiều lợi nhuận hơn để trao đổi tiền điện tử thành tiền thông thường bằng cách sử dụng StreamDesk. Bằng cách ngăn chặn các hợp đồng cerdass cho đến khi người bán nhận được tín hiệu của tiền fiat phục vụ cho tài khoản của người bán. Trên nền tảng, tiền fiat và crytocurrency sẽ không bị chặn. Nền tảng StreamDesk dựa trên công nghệ blockchain. Giao dịch diễn ra trong Streamdesk được thực hiện bởi các cá nhân từ cả hai bên, mà không có bất kỳ so sánh giữa Streamdesk với các tổ chức tài chính thông thường. Điều này là do tiền fiat sẽ được gửi trực tiếp giữa các cá nhân. Có những điều thú vị vì có an ninh và điều kiện mà giao dịch có lãi. Dịch vụ truyền trực tuyến sẽ thể hiện tin tức và phân tích, hướng dẫn và tài nguyên đầu tư. Tất cả các dịch vụ được đề cập cao hơn có thể cung cấp sự trợ giúp cần thiết cho các nhà đầu tư với sự liên quan và quản lý các quỹ mã hóa. mỗi phần của Streamity sẽ đại diện cho hiệp hội của nó trong khoảng thời gian môi trường kinh doanh tự do điều dưỡng và tạo ra lợi thế tiền từ một dịch vụ hoàn toàn khác hoàn toàn kỹ thuật số. CÁC TÍNH NĂNG CHÍNH CỦA STREAMITY Hợp đồng thông minh: Các hợp đồng này là một phần thiết yếu của Streamity vì chúng đảm bảo sự an toàn cho người mua cũng như người bán Tiện lợi và đơn giản: Ứng dụng thông minh của nền tảng này cho phép bạn mua hoặc bán tiền điện tử một cách dễ dàng và thuận tiện. Tình trạng pháp lý: Streamity được đăng ký tại Singapore, tạo mọi giao dịch thông qua nền tảng pháp lý này. Tự do: Nền tảng này không chặn việc sử dụng bất kỳ đồng tiền điện tử nào cũng như tiền tệ fiat của cộng đồng mật mã trong khi giao dịch trên đó. Hoa hồng tối thiểu: Bạn có thể không cần phải trả bất kỳ khoản phí nào trong khi chuyển tiền điện tử. Hoa hồng trả trong một số trường hợp nhất định cũng rất thấp. Dịch vụ hợp lý: thông tin được cung cấp trên nền tảng này về giá trị của tiền điện tử của bạn sẽ dựa trên thông tin được thu thập từ các sàn giao dịch chính khác nhau. ƯU ĐIỂM CỦA STREAMITY Ổn định. Tiền điện tử là khá ổn định. Nó không bị khấu hao vì số lượng của nó bị hạn chế nghiêm ngặt. Minh bạch. Nhờ công nghệ đặc biệt, ví tiền điện tử lưu trữ tất cả lịch sử giao dịch. Bất kỳ người dùng nào có thể xem tất cả các giao dịch của bất kỳ ví tiền điện tử và số dư nào, biết số của mình. Bảo vệ. Không thể giả mạo tiền điện tử. Ẩn danh. Tiền điện tử không gắn với tên và địa chỉ. Phong trào không được kiểm soát bởi các ngân hàng và cơ quan thuế. Độc lập. Doanh thu tiền điện tử không phải chịu sự điều chỉnh của cơ quan công quyền và nhà quản lý. Khả dụng. Điều quan trọng cần lưu ý là "lưu trữ" tiền điện tử có sự khác biệt với việc lưu trữ tiền trong Ngân hàng. Sự khác biệt là bạn không thể đóng băng một tài khoản với tiền điện tử, và liên quan đến tiền điện tử không tồn tại thời gian và ngày ngân hàng. Và do đó, sự sẵn có của quỹ được đảm bảo 100%. Mặc dù tiền điện tử hiện nay có thể được nghe nhiều hơn trước đây, vẫn còn rất ít người hiểu công nghệ của họ, ở đâu và làm thế nào để sử dụng chúng. Vấn đề này muốn giải quyết Streamity của dự án Ý tưởng của đội ngũ dự án này là tạo ra một nền tảng học tập trong lĩnh vực tiền kỹ thuật số, công nghệ, khả năng trao đổi tiền điện tử trực tiếp với nhau bằng cách sử dụng P2P. Trọng tâm chính là sử dụng, tạo ra một nền tảng phân cấp di động cho việc trao đổi mà không cần trung gian của tiền kỹ thuật số cho Fiat với sự giúp đỡ của các hợp đồng thông minh. Vì vậy, mỗi người sử dụng trong việc thực hiện các hoạt động như vậy sẽ được bảo vệ khỏi hack, gian lận, mất tiền và kiểm soát bởi các bên thứ ba. Điều này sẽ làm giảm đáng kể chi phí của hoa hồng, trong đó cung cấp ngày hôm nay, nhiều sàn chứng khoán, lãng phí thời gian để tìm kiếm tỷ giá thuận lợi hơn. ROADMAP BÁN TOKENS VÀ PHÂN PHỐI Streamity PRA-ICO Bắt đầu: 25.12.2017 (12.00 giờ Moscow, UTC - 8) Kết thúc: 28.01.2018 (12.00 giờ Moscow, UTC - 8) Tùy thuộc vào giai đoạn mà các nhà đầu tư hỗ trợ dự án, giảm giá 30% sẽ được dành riêng cho PRA-ICO. Giai đoạn ICO 2 Giai đoạn ICO sẽ diễn ra theo hai giai đoạn: Giai đoạn đầu tiên bắt đầu lúc 12 \ 03 \ 2018 Mã token có sẵn 110.200.000 STM Giao dịch mua tại BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, USD, EUR Tiền thưởng bán hàng ngày đầu tiên 20%, ngày hôm sau 15% cả hai giai đoạn bắt đầu từ 16 \ 04 \ 2018 và kết thúc bằng 29 \ 04 \ 2018 Tiền thưởng trong giai đoạn 2 : 10% Giá token là 0.2 USD BÁN HÀNG : thưởng 1 ngày 20% và thưởng 2-14 ngày 15% Bắt đầu: 12.03.2018 (12.00 giờ Moscow) Đã hoàn thành: 25.03.2018 (12.00 giờ Moscow) Giai đoạn 2: Thưởng 10% Bắt đầu: 16.04.2018 (12.00 giờ Moscow) Đã hoàn thành: 29.04.2018 (12.00 giờ Moscow) TEAM Xem nhiều thông tin chi tiết hơn tại: Website: https://streamity.org/ WhitePaper: https://streamity.org/uploads/docs/en/Whitepaper_Streamity_en.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/streamityorg Facebook: https://facebook.com/streamity Telegram: https://t.me/streamityChat_en Author: My Bitcointalk profile url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1267542 Username: MyAnh
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    Get earn profit 4% - 7% ??

    i have to try thats site, but i got earn 5% in daily, cause i choose premium feature, btw what feature ur choose ?