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  1. Probably going to be adding 3 -4 more cards.
  2. Well its looking like this might actually happen....I'm thinking it might be a good Idea to convert some of my BTC on bittrex and get ready to ride this wave when it happens. What do you guys think will happen will it over take BTC and will the value explode or just steadily creep up in value? Screenshot from http://www.flippening.watch/
  3. 1. Must include "Confirmed" or "Unconfirmed" in the tile. If you post confirmed you must post a screen shot of the transaction on said site. Example post titles seen below. Unconfirmed - example faucet .0000001 eth every hour Confirmed - example faucet .0000001 eth every hour 2. You must post a non - referral link along side your referral link. Failure to do so will result in post being deleted. You will receive a warning point, 3 points will result in a 24h ban.
  4. Moved some miners to a unused bathroom
  5. Well if you have a source for S7 antminers at 500-600 usd then this is what you could expect using BTC mining calculator https://www.coinwarz.com/calculators/bitcoin-mining-calculator it will take a little while to break even when mining BTC...I prefer to mine altcoins I currently only have 10 GPU's mining but might be adding 10 - 15 more soon depending on some things.
  6. So I bought 3 more and added them to one of my Unraid servers !
  7. So after playing with some over clock settings in afterburner I was able to push these cards stable at 23 Mh/s
  8. I wanted to build another mining rig to add some hash power to my Ethereum mining efforts. Running 3 Asus 1060's overclocked a fair amount but stable...but they are running at 62.027 MH/s. Motherboard: Maximus viii hero (spare parts) Ram: 8gb DDR4 (generic) CPU: i3-6100 GPU: Asus 1060 6gb dual x 3 OS: Win 10 Mining software: claymore 9.5
  9. Well 500€ is a tight budget to get a mining rig together. Do you have any spare parts at your disposal? I would try and find a used "gaming computer" and spend the savings on an additional GPU If you would rather buy something new. This is something close to your budget and only using amazon.de so you might be able to source these parts a bit cheaper at a local computer shop. Motherboard EUR 89.00 Intel Celeron G1850 Dual Core CPU EUR 55.99 PNY 4GB 240 Pin EUR 25.11 Power 650 Watt ATX EUR 43.90 Total of 214 EUR for just the base system(without a case)....leaving only 286 for GPU's You could look at https://gpushack.com/ but then you would need a power supply and GPU's still I would buy 2 of these if I could stretch a bit or wait a couple weeks to have a few extra bucks. Zotac GeForce GTX 1060 3GB EUR 197.21 Total 608.42 EUR Now the question of what to mine, I am currently mining only Ethereum on eth.nanopool.org. But a good option might be nice hash and let it rotate and mine the most profitable coin.
  10. I am currently using my gaming desktop to mine Ethereum while I'm not gaming (most of the time). System spec's CPU: i7-6700K Montherboard: Maximums code IX Ram: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz Video Cards: Strix 1080 11 Gbps This system is currently mining at about 20.800 Mh/s per card for a total of 41.600 Mh/s .......Then I got to thinking that I did just built my daughters a gaming computer using Unraid to run two VM's with 2 dedicated Strix 1070 6GB video cards. Running the same Claymore miner application and to my surprise it got 19.599 Mh/s per card I am running Claymore.s.Dual.Ethereum.Decred_Siacoin_Lbry_Pascal.AMD.NVIDIA.GPU.Miner.v9.5 All computer are still usable for just about all task even watching a little YouTube, But to play any games we just kill the miner.....then back one to earn a little bit extra cash with a resource that normally just goes to waste (we keep our computers on 24/7) I might try with 2 extra 980ti's I have just to see what kind of Hash they are getting
  11. Oh now i understand what you are talking about. See the below thread.
  12. This is a wallet address. Here is a link that will show you all of the transactions that have been completed with this wallet. https://blockchain.info/address/1cdSYgVx63Wc1RpViz2VngZ8vU3kXXVHu
  13. No its not on the bitcoin block chain....maybe they use "off Blockchain” transactions.
  14. That transaction doesn't show up on the blockchain. I just wanted to look at what the transaction on the blockchain said. What wallet did you use when sending?
  15. What is your transaction number?