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  1. [ANN] Fupoof Coin ICO Waves Verfied Coin

    What issues did you have?
  2. mellowads.com

    Please follow the posting rules for faucets.
  3. 67 Bitcoin Exchanges Compared

    No I mostly just use bittrex
  4. Will HBO obtain $250,000 in bitcoin?

    Seems like they already have tried to pay them $250,000 https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/aug/11/hbo-offered-hackers-250000-dollars-bug-bounty-leaked-email-claims
  5. [ETH]0.25 ETH - Ethereum

    Congratulations @ZenoTheHunter ETH has been sent to your requested address Transaction information: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x877e4015e493b3c232165d90b4f7d5fe1803030bdf9df52da06b878cdf3ca5f9
  6. Bitcoiners Ems & Sec

    Defiantly different...interesting to see if they keep making new ones
  7. Bitcoin double scripts are ponzi schemes Moving this post to investments? section.
  8. Today's Latest news on Bitcoin

    I think that one was more of the obvious answer rather than the candid answer
  9. I know its not your website but they really should pay the few bucks for an SSL certificate.

    I think it would be more believable if you had the transaction ID's
  11. easyMINE mine management platform

    So will this be a cluster with the server acting as the cluster manager? Also I wouldn't mind beta testing my GPU farm.
  12. Primedice - Script Double Balance Strategy

    I haven't run this script but I ave run a few different scripts out there....they are slow going but tend to work. I would recommend running all scripts and test cryptocurrency software things in a sand-boxed VM machine.
  13. Bitcoin vs Ethereum

    I hold a mostly BTC at the moment. The BTC ecosystem is experience some definite growing pains. For me transaction time need to improve to keep BTC viable, a lot of my transactions are slower that wire transfers (only in the last few months). I am moving late into the ETH market, making heavy investments into mining hardware (not concerned with initial ROI just looking to maximize my ETH holdings) and acquiring while still relativity low. I think the contracts puts ETH a little ahead BTC in the long run....But I'm not sure about the POS decisions.
  14. {2017-07-12}-Buy Bitcoin for the best price

    Looks like a very interesting tool.
  15. Daily Crypto News & Analysis

    Looking forward to seeing what gets posted here.