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  1. Nikaran

    TenkoFX cryptocurrency

    I was told that forex brokers can't provide the conditions for the good trading with crypt. I can't judge in a competent manner, but why they can’t in general, I don't understand. This is probably said by snobs from crypto world. Something like: we're supreme race.
  2. Nikaran

    Are you interested in crypto-currencies?

    Are you interested in cryptocurrencies, then you have come to the right place. This forum offers the members to achieve maximum knowledge and history of cryptocurrency. We will appreciate your feedback. Keep us posted. We are waiting for your comments.
  3. Nikaran

    TenkoFX cryptocurrency

    Well, I'm happy for you and I hope everything will turn out well for you. By the way, I’ve opened a demo account with the broker. I'll try to trade with crypt for a little bit, and time will tell. I might like it and open a real account.
  4. Nikaran

    TenkoFX cryptocurrency

    A friend of mine has been trading with this broker for about a year, and I haven’t heard any complaints about its work from him. On the contrary, he constantly tries to pull me out to tenko, but I still can't make up my mind. Though I have already seriously thought about it against the background of appeared cryptocurrencies.
  5. I've heard about this already. It's interesting in general, as the principle is quite transparent, and the election might be too. But there's still a feeling, that it's going to be passed over.
  6. Nikaran

    Five predictions for digital currencies in 2018 guys

    It's actually difficult to forecast anything right now, as cryptocurrency is naturally very unstable, that's why it's just impossible. There are forecast, of course, which seem to be okay, but overall it's all vague.
  7. Is it about the coin's capitalization or just about its price? If it's about its price, then these numbers don't seem to be real. It just must be impossible.
  8. Perhaps it'll help attract more visitors to this skating-rink. People like different things nowadays, and they also like technical progress.
  9. Nikaran

    Swiss cybersecurity accepts bitcoins now

    It's okay. Everyone works with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies now. Of course, there are companies and resources, which are still trying not to accept it.
  10. How are things going now on that rink? In general you can follow the example and do something similar to that, develop this sphere in simple things and business. I think you can do both.
  11. Nikaran

    Swiss cybersecurity accepts bitcoins now

    That's the right decision. Because right now banks are practically never robbed the regular way. Instead they try to steal something from online accounts or some market.
  12. Nikaran

    Dennis Gartman Predicts That Bitcoin Will Trade Below $5000

    I think this is foolishness. Because bitcoin in the middle of the year will already get its positions back, and by the end of the year it should be more than 20 000 dollars.
  13. Nikaran

    KFC Canada accepts Bitcoin payment for Bitcoin Bucket

    That's just great. Not a bad step forward. I think it's good for them too, they've attracted more clients from different continents, and given a chance to cryptocurrency to plant its roots in such a sphere.
  14. Nikaran

    Bitcoin Diamond Soars 40x in Kucoin in a Pump and Dump Scheme

    Is it traded only on Kukoin? Maybe it's only on this market that it's grown so much, maybe officially there wasn't that much growth or am I wrong? What's its price at the moment?
  15. On the one hand it's good that they're trying to somehow regulate bitcoin, when it falls. On the other hand it's very bad, if they're gonna regulate it when it'll be growing. It's ambivalent. =))