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  1. It might be so. I used to trade bitcoin/dollar and when this tendency became irrelevant, my trust in the idea about this recognition also, let's say, weakened. Although by the end of the year your risk appetite tends to grow, so anything's possible.
  2. I've checked all your offers in the Showroom section, there're more than 20 different names and all of them are unknown to me. And generally, in the current environment when cryptomarkets are experiencing drawdowns, and I should remind you that the general capitalisation has decreased in 4 times this year, it's quite difficult to plan anything. I think you missed the appropriate chance at least 1,5 year ago. Maybe back then your offer could be interesting for me.
  3. Wow it is a great news for me to watch videos in decentralized environment. I do not know why but I feel too much optimistic about the cryptocurrencies. Am I on a right path in this regard? Best of luck Monvid!
  4. It is really a highclass mining tool with the latest technology used. You have to try it if you want to save a lot from your mining business. I am an active user of this mining tool and I am huge fan of it as well. What is your story?
  5. allcryptotalk.com is, no doubt, a great place to know all about the crypto coins whether they are new, popular, or unpopular. I would like to thank to the owner of this post as it removed my huge confusion. Thank you allcrytotalk!
  6. Yeah, nowadays it's difficult to sign up on exchanges and to pass verification. The process is very long. And everything's fast with this broker and the execution is on the up-and-up. The barrier to entry is only $10 and one can deposit the account with crypt and withdraw fiat. What a saving on the commissions of exchanges!
  7. I think cryptocurrencies have shown huge progress in the field of tour and travels. Now we can book tickets, hotels, and other travel related thing with the digital wallet. I am interested in this project of the ethereum management. What do you people think about it?
  8. You might be right. I trade well with crypt on TenkoFX. It has enough assets for me, there're bitcoin cash, digital, ripple, lite; all in all there're 29 currency pairs including fiat. Spreads are floating, but bearable. Scalping is allowed on a crypto account, I don't use it, but some people find it convenient.
  9. Another great achievement in the history of cryptocurrency. KFC has started accepting cryptocurrency. KFC, one of the biggest foodchain brand. This is just a small step for greater steps . What are your thoughts on this event? Where are the haters?
  10. If someone calls Bitcoin a scam, then show him the value of the currency. The 'expert' is either naive or very stupid in reality. Please don't waste your time in listening to these dorks and keep a straightforward mind. Remember,
  11. Nobody is so nice in this world that they will give you cryptocurrency so easily. It will either be a publicity stunt or some kind of scam. So, don't fall for such things and earn the currency yourself. What do you guys say about it?
  12. In cryptocurrency market, there will always be downfall with success. The currency will always go down when it reaches its peak. So, don't be discouraged by it and trrade with freedom. Think with a open mind and analyze the market carefully.
  13. I couldn’t resist opening an account as well. It's too early to come up with conclusions, but the broker does its job well at first glance. The platform is responsive; there’re enough assets. By the way ltcusd is an extremely volatile asset at the moment.
  14. It seems more like a competetion between hackers and official products, which are trying to protect their clients. They invent a security and hackers break it.
  15. Unfortunately, even after the online payment became smaller, it still remained too big, in my opinion. And of course it's still considered as an asset.
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