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  1. Purchasing with Bloomzed in 3 words. We talked a lot about the possibility of paying for purchases via Bloomzed application, now let's talk about how it occurs. It’s very easy – just 3 steps. STEP 1. Having selected the product via Bloomzed, a bill appears on the screen, indicating the goods and the amount of money to be paid. STEP 2. The user chooses in which currency the payment will be made. It can be electronic money, cryptocurrency or tied user cards. And then the scraps are left - confirmation of payment. STEP 3. The final stage of the purchase. On the screen of the application or terminal, the seller is informed of the successful payment and closing of the purchase. As you can see, everything is easy for both sides of the transaction. Join us right now, there are only a few hours left till the end of TGE. The second round will end on February 17, 2018 or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 45 million BZT tokens. HURRY UP! Purchase BZT tokens! Join Bloomzed TGE and become a part of the great project! Follow us & Read more: Website Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Medium Telegram chat
  2. Bloomzed Crypto Club. Bloomzed Crypto Club is a closed type club. Anyone who is fond of cryptocurrency, use it or is going to use can join it. Club members will receive benefits and bonuses for using crypto currency, both from Bloomzed and its partners. Bloomzed Crypto Club is a kind of loyalty system of the project. Developers use it to improve the quality of their product, and attract attention to the world of cryptocurrencies and e-currency, and participants take advantage of it and gain useful experience. To join the club, it is enough to purchase 1 BZT token. It is a kind of ticket. Hurry up! The second round will end on February 17, 2018 or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 45 million BZT tokens. Follow us & Read more: Website Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Medium Telegram chat
  3. The Bloomzed team always seeks to master new technologies and provide its users with better opportunities for development. We want the users of the Bloomzed mobile application to be able not only to manage their finances with a high level of comfort, but also to increase their own capital. For this reason, we introduced the Crowdfunding section into our application. Crowdfunding means financing the project by attracting investments from various people. Project owners present their idea and announce the amount necessary for implementation. People, who are interested in the idea, invest a certain amount in it. Typically, these investments are made through the Internet, and progress of financing is absolutely transparent: every user will be able to follow how much money is collected, upon completion of collection – where the funds have been spent. In the Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting section of the Bloomzed platform, a long list of projects from the world’s best services is available to users. You will be able to invest in ideas that interest you only by a few clicks on your smartphone. Make profit together with Bloomzed! The second round will end on February 17, 2018 or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 45 million BZT tokens. Follow us & Read more: Website Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Medium Telegram chat
  4. At the moment, the new technology market is constantly offering new opportunities to improve own effectiveness - Bloomzed is working in the same field. Yet what makes our mobile application different from others? Currently, Bloomzed provides users with the greatest opportunities among the mobile wallets in the world. Our project combines all lines of activities of the basic competitors and combines functions in one place. In fact, Bloomzed is a universal payment instrument that includes transfers and payments in the cryptocurrency and electronic funds, the work with payment cards online and offline. We seek to provide the fullest functionality among other similar projects, existing in the market! The second round will end on February 17, 2018 or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 45 million BZT tokens. Follow us & Read more: Website Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Medium Telegram chat
  5. The Bloomzed mobile application provides users with unique opportunities to make purchases! With Bloomzed, clients can also be cashiers, not just buyers. This speeds up the buying process, making it more interesting. Clients independently scan the barcodes of the desired goods and put them in the basket. On the smartphone screen, a receipt with a list of all items and the total cost is gradually formed. Clients do not have to stand in the queue, wait for the goods to be scanned by the cashier. The latter only scans the client’s wallet barcode. Payment can be made with cryptocurrency, electronic money or a linked card. Where and how can clients make their own purchases? • The client chooses the goods in the trading floor, scans their barcodes and puts them in the basket. • A receipt is gradually formed on the mobile wallet screen. Certain items can be deleted. • The client goes to the express cash desk, bypassing the queues at the usual cash desks. Here the cashier reads the unique QR code of his wallet directly from the smartphone, receiving information about the receipt. The client chooses the payment method in the wallet and pays for the purchase. • The cashier sees the acceptance of payment and closes the receipt, checking visually the composition of the purchase. Bloomzed provides other opportunities for businesses and individuals. We are constantly in the search, development, integration, introduction of new opportunities and technologies, useful both for private users, and for companies or entrepreneurs. In the near future, we plan to introduce a number of new software solutions and technologies. Be faster and more efficient with Bloomzed! The second round will end on February 17, 2018 or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 45 million BZT tokens. Follow us & Read more: Website Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Medium Telegram chat
  6. Perspectives for the next 4 years. Bloomzed has clear plans to enter the market of different countries. Their implementation occurs both directly by the company itself, and with the help of franchisees-partners. Soon Bloomzed will be provided in such countries as Germany, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Spain, Georgia and others. The list of priority countries, upon launching the project, is as follows: · Russia - the 1st quarter of 2018, those who wish to purchase a franchise, will have the opportunity to buy it for each city. · Kazakhstan - the project will be launched in the 1st quarter of 2018, there is also a franchise · Turkey - the launch is in the 4th quarter of 2018. · Southeast Asian countries - 2019 · Latin America - 2020 · Africa – 2021 The company took the decision to develop the project based on franchise model. This is due to the necessity of the team of professionals, material expenses, which according to the primary estimation will come to hundreds of millions of dollars, and time barriers as for the development of the project in any country in the world, it will take at least a couple of years. The second round will end on February 17, 2018 or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 45 million BZT tokens. Follow us & Read more: Website Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Medium Telegram chat
  7. Cryptocurrency Billionaire from America The richest man in the world of cryptocurrency, according to Forbes, has become Chris Larsen, whose fortune is worth $7.5-8 billion. The co-founder of Ripple, the third most popular cryptocurrency (the capitalization exceeds $30 billion), is amongst the richest Americans. In 2012, he concluded an agreement with Jed McCaleb (founder of the platform for foreign exchange transactions Stellar) on development and implementation of the blockchain technology into international banking transactions, and issued Ripple token (XRP), which on January 1, 2018 reached a record price of $3.75 with a capitalization of $141 billion. As of February 7, Ripple is worth $0.775067, with a capitalization of $30 billion. When compiling the rating, Forbes took into account the net profit based solely on Larsen’s own 17 percent stake in Ripple. The second round will end on February 17, 2018 or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 45 million BZT tokens. Follow us & Read more: Website Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Medium Telegram chat
  8. What does the identification number of your credit card mean? The first six digits of the credit card number, as is well known, are the issuer’s identification number, but you can also determine the type of card that you hold in your hands by the beginning digits. For example, American Express cards start with 34 or 37. Visa card numbers start with 4, and MasterCard starts with numbers from 51 to 55. As for Discover cards, they always start with 6011. The digits from 7 to 15 constitute the number of your personal card account. As for the last digit, this is a special number known as “checksum”, which is used to make sure that the number of your credit card is valid, not pulled out of a hat, with the help of a simple mathematical algorithm. Dear Friends, we remind you that there are less than 10 days left before the completion of the second round of TOKEN GENERATION EVENT! Hasten to get bonuses and join BLOOMZED CRYPTO CLUB! The second round will end on February 17, 2018 or upon achieving the Hard Cap of 45 million BZT tokens. Follow us & Read more: Website Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Medium Telegram chat
  9. Where will blockchain be used? Ideas of the world companies Despite the fact that there are supporters and critics of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the world and local companies continue to study the possibilities of implementing this technology in their operations. We would like to present you an overview of companies that have already announced this year their interest in blockchain. • Airlines Singapore Airlines plans to use blockchain technology in its loyalty program for KrisFlyer travelers, thus providing them with a new way to spend bonus miles. For that end, in summer 2018, according to media sources, a digital wallet will be launched, and partner agreements will be signed with a number of retailers - first in Singapore and then in other countries. The company said in a statement that the digital wallet for KrisFlyer program is based on its own private blockchain. “I think we are the first airline to do it,” Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong told the Singapore Airshow Aviation Leadership Summit. • Rail transportation According to the website of Universa, the company which will implement the project, one of the largest railway operators in Russia and CIS countries, Novotrans intends to introduce blockchain technology for optimal operation and record of its own car fleet. New technologies are adapted in accordance with the lean production ideology to the record keeping systems of car detention, stockpiles of spare parts and to car-repair processes. The platform will be provided by the Russian blockchain Universa. This is the first such project in the railroad industry in Russia, in the real sector of economy, the statement said. • Real Estate In South Burlington (Vermont, USA), pilot testing of the blockchain system for recording real estate purchase and sale transactions has been launched. The technology is tested by startup Propy, which manages the decentralized real estate market. Several residents of the American city will participate in the experiment by prior agreement. Purchase and sale transactions will be registered in the registry developed by Propy and simultaneously duplicated in the official city registry as per the traditional scheme. According to the Wall Street Journal, all operations in the experiment will be conducted with payment in cash, so banks will not participate in this process. • Precious metals The Swiss laboratory Gubelin Gem Lab in collaboration with the developer Everledger are creating a blockchain platform for colored gemstones. The new platform will track colored gemstones throughout their lifetime to end-consumer. Gubelin plans to implement the system in all segments of the supply chains, including miners, dealers, gem cutters, retailers and consumers. Raphael Gübelin, President of the Company stated: “The concept and technology of a blockchain transforms an opaque business based on trust into a business based on transparency.” The South African Corporation De Beers, specializing in diamond mining and processing, also intends to use blockchain in its technology. This is reported by Rough & Polished. According to the representatives of the Company, the system based on blockchain will provide a single, permanent and protected from unauthorized access digital registry for all diamonds registered in it. A full launch of the platform is planned for the end of this year. “Diamonds have enduring value and represent some of the most significant moments in life, so it is important to ensure that the stone is conflict-free and of natural origin,” De Beers CEO Bruce Cleaver said. • Financial institutions Banks have expressed their interest in cryptocurrencies for a while. Even a financial and technological research company R3 has been established to study blockchain. Recently it has become known that Sberbank has announced the launch of Blockchain Lab. The activity of this laboratory will be concentrated on developing and testing of innovative solutions on the blockchain technology. Specialists at Blockchain Lab will perform pilot tests of business solutions on the basis of distributed ledger technology, which will be subsequently implemented by Sberbank into its activity. Sberbank implemented blockchain in its activities last year. • Property rights protection A well-known American Company, manufacturer of photographic equipment Kodak has announced its intention to launch its own cryptocurrency. The blockchain platform called KodakOne is meant for professional photographers and will become a ledger of rights ownership for photo works. With the help of KodakOne, users can register their photographic materials and sell licenses for them. At the same time, payment will be made in the created cryptocurrency, which will be called Kodakcoin. Before the end of the second round - 09 day Follow us & Read more: Website Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Medium Telegram chat
  10. Bloomzed- application of the new century. Bloomzed is in many respects ahead of other analogues of the electronic wallet. The application provides a much wider range of services, which is not limited to financial activities.Booking of a ticket, order of products, and insurance services can be done through the application itself. Now the need to search for websites and understanding of their work, is disappearing by itself. Follow us & Read more: Website Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Medium Telegram chat
  11. The Bloomzed team wishes everyone a wonderful and productive weekend! Do not forget that the second round of TGE will continue only until February 17, which means you should not waste precious time. The bonus distribution program depends on the quantity of purchased BZT tokens, the number of which is limited.Sales is in full swing! Get the best bonus and membership in BLOOMZED CRYPTO CLUB, before it’s too late!
  12. How to pay with a smartphone via Bloomzed universal wallet? Transfers and payments in the Bloomzed system are performed through the NFC, QR, Bluetooth Smart, USDD, HCE technologies.Authentication via SMS and biometrics (voice, fingerprint, scanning of face and eye retina) is activated to confirm the transfers and payments and ensure their security. To ensure the security and safety of transactions carried out in Bloomzed, the following technologies are used additionally: PCI DSS Certificate; SSL Certificate; Verified by Visa; 3D Secure; mVisa; MasterCard SecureCode; McAffe; MasterPass. Together with Bloomzed your phone will become a highly effective payment tool!
  13. MULTIFUNCTIONAL MOBILE FINANCIAL ASSISTANT BLOOMZED CONDUCTS THE PRIMARY SALE OF BZT CRYPTO-TOKENS Imagine the situation that existing today financial instruments are combined within one application, and you no longer have to spend time searching for the necessary application for you, for installing it and for multiple switching between them during the day in your smartphone. Moreover, what if such application will relieve the need to carry cash and a lot of cards (payment, discount, loyalty) with you, and as a result, you will no longer need to perform a number of different operations to use these funds or cards: search for ATM of your bank (which often is far away or does not work) to withdraw cash or exchange banknotes or replenish the card (on which as a rule there are restrictions on the amount of payment or cashing out, and which can easily be forgotten at home). The mobile financial assistant Bloomzed will become such an application, that will solve all of the above and many other tasks. WHAT IS BLOOMZED? The Bloomzed Mobile wallet is a universal payment instrument. Bloomzed works with all currently existing financial instruments, such as bank accounts, payment cards, electronic wallets, international money transfer systems, fiat currency, cryptocurrencies, etc. Currently, the Bloomzed mobile wallet has the maximum functionality out of all similar products in the world market. The main product of the project is its own mobile application. This is a multifunctional payment instrument of the new generation that works with a smartphone and is an electronic wallet that allows to pay for services, transfer money, link payment cards and use additional services. The application provides users with wide opportunities in terms of not only electronic payments, but also the comprehensive management of personal funds. Thus, the Bloomzed mobile service will become a reliable and convenient assistant in everyday payment operations.
  14. The substance of the Bloomzed project The general idea of the project was to create a multifunctional universal AI assistant available on various gadgets and devices (tablets, terminals, Internet appliances, smartphones, ATMs, computers). Bloomzed is always available and will help you: to manage all financial flows (incomes, expenses, transfers, payments); to plan, invest, earn, save, receive loans and obtain financing. Bloomzed works with all financial instruments that currently exist: payment cards, bank accounts, electronic wallets, international money transfer systems, cryptocurrencies, fiat currency, etc. This is one system that: unites all your facilities which increases the convenience and efficiency of their management; is reliably protected by advanced technologies, which increases financial security; is easy to use, which allows you to start quickly using it. Bloomzed is very easy to use that even a child can manage it without difficulty. What is Bloomzed? By definition, Bloomzed is a high-tech software solution that has an open API and consists of a large number of software blocks that are integrated into a unified system. The Bloomzed unified system is designed to provide an easy connection of any technological solution, to manage both individual blocks and the whole system. The system is built, so that individual settings, disabling, updating, editing, extending capabilities and other options are available to us without stopping and/or slowing down the system as a whole Ready-made and ready-to-use technologies Bloomzed Mobile Payment Module This is a mobile payment module that supports NFC transactions with digital emissions, can interact with a POS machine when paying and WMS/UCPS, which allows you to manage cards. The module can be integrated into any existing application that runs under Android. Bloomzed Universal Cloud Payment System This solution is a cloud universal payment system that provides active management and storage of user accounts, provides support of the card's history and timely replacement of keys on mobile gadgets. The technology interacts with the issuer's information system, CTM and WMS, and is resistant to hacking of WMS. Bloomzed Wallet Management System This is the wallets management system that provides interaction of information systems of users and providers. It allows to maintain a database of users, their services and devices, and provides authentication of users and their mobile gadgets. Wallet - provider supports the work of WMS, managing data via mobile applications and WEBinterface. Join in TOKEN GENERATION EVENT OF «BLOOMZED CRYPTO CLUB» whitepaper website facebook twitter medium telegram chat