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  1. FundFantasy is an online social platform that features P2P investment contests and peddles trustless and transparent gaming. The financial investments world has been overwhelmed with the non-awareness of trader/investor gambling instincts which has made the Responsible Gaming and Self-Exclusion concept elusive. The market of online gaming is currently on plateau because there has not been an introduction of new games to the market since the advent of Daily Fantasy Sports. Also, the large retail online trading market is pervaded with many misconduct accusations and blatant fraud. People now see the financial investment world as based on calculated risk, which is a huge injustice to retail traders. Inexperienced gamblers have profited stock, futures and foreign exchange markets a great deal as their inexperience has proved a blinder. In addition, the nature of speculative investments, has compelled traders and investors to accept the fact there is involved risk in financial investments, and so they must work around it. The fact that all investors prospectively want large profits makes some of them to be more risk inclined than others. This makes trading on margin popular so they can leverage their positions, and margin trading is one of the principal reason why most traders end up losing their initial investments. Trading on margin involves calculations that are a little more complex and uncommon among amateur traders and average investors. The financial investment world is also plagued with issues of Transparency, Speculative Bubble, Jackpot problem, and Conflict of Interest. For these reasons, FundFantasy, the first blockchain powered, provably fair fantasy gaming platform for finance aficionados has been existing and operational, has been created to serve as a revolutionary natural solution to well-known problems both in online trading and online gaming/gambling markets. It will create the missing link between two popular markets via a safe, fair and simplified way which will act as an investor/fund manager, move up in rank, and win prizes. Currently, FundFantasy is Beta-testing its Financial Fantasy Contest Platform. This platform simulates financial assets investment in a way that is fun, secure, and responsible. The Beta-testing is also void of conflicting interest that plague the online trading and gaming/gambling markets. In essence, FundFantasy is a refreshingly new investment fantasy experience. CURRENT LANDSCAPE OF FUNDFANTASY Being provably new, FundFantasy has no active direct competitors currently. FundFantasy users will comprise of either Traders that want to take some time off their heavy daily activity, and are looking to play a fun, simplified version of the real thing, with fixed levels of risk and high chances for high payouts, or, gamers who simply want to play a new game, and would either like to try out their economic analysis skills, or would like to get acquainted with the world of investing, by playing a simulated version while competing for FundToken, BTC, ETH and other prizes. HIGHLIGHTS OF FUNDFANTASY · FundFantasy is provably fair · It is fully transparent · It is social · It is profitable · It is simple to use · It features low fees (up to 10% charges from every contest) · No actual ownership of financial assets · No conflict of interests · Responsible gaming and self-exclusion · Multiple entries allowed · Low entry barriers · Lottery-size prizes · Multiplier contests · Much more fun In FundFantasy’s Financial Fantasy Contest, participation is done by Purchasing a ticket, thereby contributing to the prize pool of the contest, and Creating and submitting a portfolio. THE FUNDFANTASY PLATFORM The alpha-version of FundFantasy is going to be launched very soon with contests published on the lobby of the platform. Contests will vary in duration, size, asset-classes, etc. Users will have details like ticket price, fees, prizes, date and duration, entries, etc., of the contest before time so they examine them before taking the contest. Because tickets prices are fixed, participation risk is known before hand and is market volatility independent. Even though the FundFantasy game revolves around financial assets, the platform only relies on market data for conducting relevant calculations. The Fundfantasy platform does not purchase any financial assets on behalf of clients. Decentralized smart contracts will entirely manage processes like deposits, ticket purchases, prize payouts, contests. Also, withdrawals will be void of any human intervention. Users will also be able to open and organize their own contests on the FundFantasy platform as well as invite their friends and possibly earn a percentage of the charged fee from the contest prize pool. The Alpha version of FundFantasy has been tested successfully with more than one hundred users and 46% of them regularly play in FundFantasy, while 31% enjoyed themselves in would probably play once a week. FUNDTOKENS (FUNDZ) Fundz are ERC20 compliant and can be used to purchase entry tickets for contests hosted on the Fundfantasy platform. FundTokens are a functional utility token that is Valuable and Deflationary. It is deflationary in the sense that 0.5% of all payments made using FundTokens will be burnt, meaning that the total Fundz supply will decrease with time. Fundz are valuable because it grants access to discounted entries to contests that pay out large prizes in various currencies including BTC, ETH, FUNDZ, etc. TOKEN SALE DETAILS Token Symbol: FUNDZ Decimals: 18 Token Sale Price: 1 ETH = 1000 FUNDZ Token Sale Target: Hard Cap: 60,000 ETH or $ 15,000,000 US the first to occur Total supply: 80,000,000 FUNDZ Pre-sale total supply: 4,000,000 FUNDZ Public sale total supply: 56,000,000 FUNDZ Token sale start date: February 25th, 2018 (GMT 12:00) Token sale end date: March 25th, 2018 (GMT 12:00pm) or when FundTokens are sold out or when 15 million dollars is raised Token sale bonus schedule: 25% (First 8 Hours of February 25th, 2018 (12:00 - 20:00 GMT)) - 15% (Next 24 Hours from February 25th, 2018 to February 26th, 2018 (20:00 - 20:00 GMT)) - 10% (Rest of First Week from February 26th, 2018 20:00 GMT - March 4th, 2018 12:00 GMT) Note that, during pre-sale, payments will be accepted at a negotiated price by FundFantasy from select individuals or entities before the token sale. FundFantasy also holds the right to change the price per token for pre-sale customers as well as postpone the launch date and/or closing date of the public token sale by not more than 90 days. Token sale and token creation process will be organized with Ethereum based smart contracts. Enthusiastic token sale participants can purchase Fundz by sending ETH to the designated address that will be published before the token sale. Founders, team members and early contributors are not allowed to sell their Fundz for 180 days. Very importantly, individuals with the interest of buying more than 150,000 FundTokens should contact FundFantasy for better terms. Unsold or undistributed Fundz will be proportionally airdropped among token sale participants according to their holdings. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 5% - Founders 7% - Team 5% - Post-Launch Promotion 4% - Advisors 2% - Bounty 2% - VC & Early Contributors 70% - Public Token Sale 5% - Pre-sale ROADMAP Q1 - Q3 2016 - Concept Formation & Proof of Concept Q4 2016 - Pre-Seed Funding Platform Q1 2017 - Development Q2 - Q3 2017 - Alpha Pilot February 25th, 2018 - Token Sale Q1 2018 - Phase II Development Q2 2018 - Licensing Process Completion Q3 2018 - Launch the FundFantasy Platform TEAM Tal Zander - CEO & Co-Founder Daniel Vaisman - COO & Co-Founder Tzahi Kanza - CSO & Co-Founder Asaf Yosifov - CTO & Co-Founder Vladimir Murzac - Head Developer Avri Rotem – CMO Shay Tiram - Digital Marketing Or Reznik - Business Development Guy Zinder - Business Development Nicoleta Anton - Chief Designer ADVISORY BOARD Mark Kenigsberg - CEO at Jamworx, Founder at BitcoinChaser Eric Benz - Managing Director at CryptoPay George Kimionis - CEO of Coinomi, Founder at Cryptean, Author of BitcoinLib. Special Forces Veteran Joseph Borg - Senior Advisor at WHpartners Ilan Rosenberg - CEO at Arbitrage Family Office Melissa Blau - Director at iGaming Ishai Smadja - Product Manager at King Robert Rottman - FinTech and Market Data Advisor at BarChart I enjoin everyone to be a part of the FundFantasy token event and become a part of this exciting project. For more information concerning the FundFantasy project and to connect with other participants across the globe, please feel free to click on any of the following links: Whitepaper: https://fundfantasy.io/wp-content/uploads/assets/pdf/Whitepaper_en_v1.3.pdf Website: https://fundfantasy.io/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FundFantasy/ Telegram: https://t.me/fundfantasy/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/fund_fantasy/ ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2579363 Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1344011 Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838
  2. Today, lots of monies are being made from the activities of social media users. The social media industry presently has a value that spans into over 500 billion dollars, and social media companies are the ones curating social networks, online activity as well as general online presence. These companies come in the guise of being friendly and gentle with a bid to only provide valuable services for free. But with new features, devices and advancement being regularly updated on these social media platforms, it is hard to believe that these companies do not actually charge fees for their services. Here is the catch, they simply collect user’s data and sell it off to the highest bidder. That’s how they fund their operations. Their stagnates growth and stifles innovation as every click you make on their platform puts more money in their pockets. However, should this be the norm? Don’t you think these companies are simply profiting from what’s not theirs? For this reason, Sphere has been set up to ensure that privacy, company transparency, and data security should be the fundamental building blocks of every social platform. Sphere will ensure that the huge monies being made by these companies on user’s data are handed back to their rightful owners. The Sphere Social Network secures the most popular features in current social networks through its incorporation of modern technologies. Sphere is presently on the internet as well on iOS App Store and Google Play store. With Sphere, owners of data will have total control of their data. Sphere will also enable the monetization of user’s social media data as users will be compensated for their online activities thereby giving the power back to them and rightly so. It should be noted that Sphere is more than just a social network. It also has its own advertising platform. Sphere’s revolutionary decentralized social network will redefine the way businesses interact with potential consumers through blockchain contracts. This will help reduce the already huge marketing costs that companies spend in trying to market products to the public. Intermediaries will be taken of marketing as companies will have increased abilities to reach their target audience directly and more effectively. On the part of Sphere consumers, there will be increased privacy and their online activities and data will no longer be sold (data protection) as there will be transparency in Sphere activities. SPHERE ADVANTAGES · Sphere prioritizes users and token holders · Sphere has a segregated cloud server environment that is safeguarded using top-notch security systems · Sphere offers a superior user experience and customer support to its users · Sphere is designed to be scalable · Sphere’s transactions are globally anonymous · Sphere’s team are experienced and can manage complex technologies and business challenges Sphere has important e-commerce features in its marketplace that will enable users to create products that can be seen by friends and followers and purchased via SAT’s. Also, Sphere’s advertising portal will enable users to create ad pieces which will be displayed on the Sphere news feed, and advertisement spaces will be paid for via SAT’s. Payment options includes per-click, and per-impression and these costs will be automatically deducted from the web wallets of advertisers. Should there be a need for added development on Sphere, it will be presented first to the Sphere community. In order to grow, users will be allowed to sell their data on their own terms. Sphere’s opt-in data sharing system will enable a more accurate market demographics, product placement, issuance of goods and services communication means to both users and advertisers. Anyone that opts in will be given incentives to share their data. On the average, Sphere expects to continually get forty thousand users per quarter, by the end of 2018, while optimistically, Sphere expects to get a minimum of one hundred thousand users per quarter by the end of 2018. Pessimistically, Sphere hopes to get twenty thousand users quarterly, by the end of 2018. SOCIAL ACTIVITY TOKENS (SAT) SAT is a digital currency that is used within Sphere. Sphere’s Social Activity Tokens (SAT) is a brand-new form of cryptocurrency that has so many uses. SAT’s can be used to fund grass roots campaigns and movements, enabling it to broaden its reach. SAT’s are also in-system tokens to be used by consumers to facilitate transactions within Sphere, and also hands power back to data owners. Sphere will hold an open offering to its enthusiasts so as to celebrate its launch and welcome its digital revolution. The open offering will set the precedent for the value of SAT tokens. Note that at the end of the SAT offering, no more SAT tokens will be produced ever again. DETAILS OF ICO Name of token: Social Activity Token Symbol: SAT Token Standard: ERC20 Standard Decimals: 8 Role of Token: Utility Token. Use for purchase goods and services on social media platform Total supply: 1,000,000,000 SAT Available token for sale: 650,000,000 (65% of supply) Emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed, and additional release of tokens will not be possible Period of Sale: 12th February, 2018 (UTC 21:00) - 9th April, 2018 (UTC 21:00) Cost of 1 SAT: $0.14 Softcap/Minimum Goal: $1.5 million (softcap goal reached) Hardcap/Maximum Goal: $40 million Accepted currencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Fiat ICO BONUS TOKEN DISTRIBUTION Token sale – 65% Bounty – 8% Advisors & Managers – 1% Company – 9% Network Growth – 17% FUNDS ALLOCATION Development - 60% Security – 5% Company – 15% Legal – 5% Marketing – 15% ROADMAP 2016 – Sphere Development Starts Work on iOS and Android Apps Q1 2017 – Groundwork Preparation for ICO Q2 2017 – Further Application Development (First apps were submitted for Beta testing) Q3 2017 – ICO Marketing (Spread Sphere globally & change the world of social networking) Q4 2017 – ICO Pre-sale Start Q1 2018 – ICO Crowdsale Starts Backend Update and Security Integration (ICO February 12 – April 9, New and better Sphere Wallet with Added Security) Q2 2018 – Ad Platform (SAT can be used for buying and selling advertising spaces) Q3 2018 – Sphere Marketplace (First implementation on Sphere Marketplace for business and users) Q4 2018 – Complete Trustless and Decentralized Social Network More Features Coming – Some of the features we hope to add in the near future include: Auction System, Third-Party Integration, Implementing other features suggested by the community, More to come in the future. TEAM Andrew Khong – CEO Robert Tomkins – Tech Project Manager Andy Fuhr – System Engineer Jessica Thoenes – Community Manager Tamara Mihajlovic – Customer Support Edwin Kinoti – Blockchain Researcher and Writer Marinelle Rademan – Investor Relations Specialist Ivan Karp – Marketing Manager Tamara Petrusevska – Social Media Manager Matvey Hodovanyuk – Software Engineer ADVISORS Rob Rukstalis – Massive Media Boyan Josic – CEO, Digital Content Amy Roiland – Fashion Tap Founder Michael Arbach – Blockchain Architect I hope you have had an interesting read. Sphere has a very interesting project and so I urge everyone to be a part of its interesting ICO event. For more information about this unique project and to connect with other participants across the globe, please feel free to click on any of the following links: https://www.sphere.social/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2437617.0 https://twitter.com/SphereOfficial1 https://sphere.social/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Sphere_Whitepaper_v1.7.4.pdf https://www.facebook.com/SphereSocialNetwork https://t.me/sphere_official1 Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1344011 Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838
  3. Have you grown increasingly tired of waking up every morning, taking your bath, taking care of your home, dressing and rushing out all in order to not to be early for work and not offend your employers, maybe daily routine of work is getting tiring that whenever is Monday you become grouchy and whenever its Friday you say TGIF (thank God it’s Friday). Well, the invention of crypto-currency is for you as you now possess the ability of sitting at the comfort of your homes to invest and make cool cash for yourself; the crypto-currency market has no doubt come to limelight in the last few years and has come to stay on the long run. Crypto investment has sprung up so rapidly as millions of people are daily getting knowledge of the possibilities in the crypto market and are also daily becoming part of it in one way or the other with a lot of investment on the global scale, I personally am one of such persons. Well, there is a new standard to crypto-currency investing as the digital world is daily and rapidly evolving; this new standard will be our subject of discussion today. Introducing to you the Now Generation of crypto-currency investment called EOZ. INTRODUCTION EOZ is a new block-chain powered lending platform designed to reduce barriers and challenges in crypto-currency investment world thereby increasing market liquidity and improving access to financial freedom for the globe. We offer an effective method for investing and securing the value of the crypto-currency market. Blосk-сhаin tесhnоlоgу, in conjunction with an Artificial Neural Network (ANN), will learn constantly from market data and give expert trading signals to our trading robot. QUALITIES OF EOZ · EOZ is a highly secure, decentralized platform that uses our proprietary crypto-currency bоt. · EOZ is a unique blосk-сhаin technology with inherent value as a ѕесurе сrурtо-сurrеnсу that intrоduсеѕ dесеntrаlizеd lending on block-chain. · EOZ рrоvidеѕ decentralized solutions designed to mitigate risk. · An Artificial Neural Network (Dеер Learning) gives trading signals to our bot. ADVANTAGES OF EOZ · Increase market liquidity. · Reduce barriers to crypto-currency investing. · Improve access to financial freedom for the global 99%. THE EOZ MISSION The mission of this unique platform is to create a platform for crypto-currency trading which is accessible, stable, secure and liquid. As the crypto-currency market is rapidly growing EOZ will offer a safer and more reliable and trustable alternative than current offerings in the form of the EOZ token. The value of the token is derived from tangible lending and referral programs executed through seamless peer-to-peer transactions. Our decentralized nature is another intriguing fact about the token as no one controls its trends, value and transaction flows, the token will exist as an independent asset which traders can use in financing their capital projects. The possibilities are endless as ICO’S can even use the EOZ token in financing operations and growth. PROBLEMS FACING TRADITIONAL INVESTMENT MARKET Funds lay idle within the traditional invеѕtmеnt market, while mаnу reasonable financing demands саnnоt be fulfilled, сrеаting the dilemma of hаrd-lеnding and hаrd-bоrrоwing. These are some of the shortcomings faced by the traditional investment market: · High fees · Support and funding issues · Data hostage situations · Low revenues · Lack of financial options · Customer confusion over investment funds All of these leave the clients frustrated and increasingly looking for alternatives. How EOZ intends solving these problems The EOZ Crypto-currency Initiative offers a ѕаfеr and more rеliаblе аltеrnаtivе than сurrеnt оffеringѕ in the form of the EOZ token, the value of which is derived from tangible lending and rеfеrrаl programs executed through ѕеаmlеѕѕ рееr-tо-рееr trаnѕасtiоnѕ. Members of our соmmunitу enjoy the frееdоm and flexibility that сrурtо-сurrеnсiеѕ can оffеr, while EOZ takes саrе of dау-tо-dау ѕесuritу iѕѕuеs. With the riѕе of сrурtо-сurrеnсiеѕ and blосk-сhаin tесhnоlоgу, new орроrtunitiеѕ are arising in the finаnсiаl ѕуѕtеm. EOZ uses a соmbinаtiоn of hаrdwаrе and ѕоftwаrе tесhnоlоgiеѕ to deliver multi-lауеrеd ѕесuritу that dоеѕ more to рrоtесt еасh EOZ account than other platforms. An Artificial Neural Network (Deep Learning) gives signals to our custom crypto-currency bot. Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are characterized by containing adaptive weights along paths between neurons that can be tuned by an algorithm that learns from observed data in order to improve the model, we also choose an appropriate cost function in addition to the learning algorithm. EOZ is bringing this technology to the public and to crypto-currency trading in an effort to reduce market volatility and improve market liquidity. EOZ REFERRAL PROGRAM With a robust platform that can scale to accommodate as many members as possible, you can suggest referral link to your entire network with absolutely no worries and you will also receive up to 20% commission in return.reward in our EOZ luxury program will also come in your direction for your referral goals: Level of your referral ICO/Lending L1 15%/10% L2 3%/5% L3 2%/3% L4 0%/1% L5 0%/1% WHY EOZ The question is imminent, so here are the reasons: · EOZ Autоmаtеd Lending Tесhnоlоgу аllоwѕ you kеер сrурtо and get саѕh. · Enоrmоuѕ invеѕtmеnt орроrtunitiеѕ and trading ѕеrviсеѕ with a great rеfеrаl рrоgrаm. · Buying and selling of сrурtо is еаѕу with EOZ. · EOZ offers maximum security and advanced trading features. · Pееr-tо-рееr crypto-currency trading with a unique method of debt financing which еnаblеѕ individuals to borrow and lend finаnсiаl ѕеrviсеѕ without the use of finаnсiаl institutions аѕ an intеrmеdiаrу. · EOZ harnesses the роwеr of blосk-сhаin tесhnоlоgу to rеvоlutiоnizе online crypto-currency trading and financial ѕеrviсеѕ. EOZ COIN Coin Name - EOZ Ticker - EOZ Algorithm - Scrypt Total Supply - 48 Million Initial Coin Offering - 12 Million Coin Type - Hybrid (PoW+PoS) PoW Block Reward - 50 EOZ PoS Interest Yearly - 180% Minimum Stake Age - 7 Days TOKEN SALE EOZ Coin Total Supply - 48000000 Initial Coin Offering - 12000000 For Other Activities - 4800000 Pre ICO - 16 Feb ICO - 18 Feb - 19 Mar Lending, Internal Exchange & Block-chain - 25 Mar External Exchange - 15 Apr - 25 Apr ICO ROUND 1 TOKEN PRICE PRE-ICO 2000000 $0.85 ROUND 1 2000000 $1.35 ROUND 2 2000000 $1.85 ROUND 3 2000000 $2.35 ROUND 4 2000000 $2.85 ROUND 5 2000000 $3.35 EOZ TOKEN DISTRIBUTION · Initial Coin Offering: 25% · Future Development: 5% · Founders: 3% · Bounty: 2% EOZ ICO FUND DISTRIBUTION · Crypto-currency Trading: 70% · Marketing: 10% · Development: 10% · Operational Expenses: 10% THE ROADMAP June 2017 ● Idea to make EOZ public and utilize crowd-fund for investments. Q4 2017 · Design & Development of Public Portal. · Planning Of EOZ ICO. · EOZ White Paper. · Development of EOZ Coin. Q1 2018 · Launch of EOZ ICO Token Sale. · Launch of EOZ Coin. · Launch Of EOZ Lending & Exchange. · Projected Opening Price $35. Q3 2018 · Launch Of EOZ Mobile Wallet Apps. · Listing On Exchanges. · Projected Price $50 - $70. This is the perfect opportunity you have been waiting for a user of crypto-currency or an intending user, so waste no further time and join the EOZ network today. Get more details about this great platform on: WEBSITE: https://eoz.com/ WHITEPAPER: https://eoz.com/whitepaper.pdf TWITTER: https://twitter.com/eozofficial FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/eozdotcom/ TELEGRAM: https://t.me/eoznews ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2943023 Published by: teejayrichard Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/inde x.php?action=profile;u=1265803 Ethereum wallet address: 0x937fe2c8bd616344a9Be33fDEC04 D6F15f53c20F
  4. This write up you are about reading will bridge two worlds which are the world of the adult movie industry and the crypto world. The industry of moving image generally has existed for over a century and the technology employed in capturing and displaying moving images is rapidly evolving, due to this today viewers buy tickets to see a movie or purchase rights to view a pay per view event as some industries such as the wrestling and boxing in sports has largely been benefactors of such actions. Content producers and distributors from satellite and cable providers such as Spectrum, DirecTV, Comcast, DSTV to large communications enterprises like Verizon and AT&T all forecast revenues based on how many paying viewers they are able to attract.Even the rise of internet could do nothing to alter this 100 year old revenue model that has formed the basis for generation of revenue across all video content categories, where content producers pay advertisers to attract viewers to pay and watch it. Today, the ad-supported free viewing model is the Internet industry standard. However, there are three major problems with this model in its current state: · More often it involves the advertiser paying an advertising network and then the advertising network in turn paying the agent of the content producer, before the revenue eventually goes down to the content producer. One predominant issue is that each of these middle parties take a cut along the way. · Since the viewer doesn’t pay for content on Tube sites, advertisers are able to control which content gets sponsored. The advertiser control which content is made available for free. The viewer can watch free content, but the issue is that the curation process does not capture the viewer’s specific taste and desires. · There is limited user engagement: it was easier to get users to pay to watch adult content when it was limited online but due to increased availability it was easy to provide content for free with supporting ads and banners, pop ups and pop unders. However, the “watch for free” system has led to saturation of the market with low quality content. Authentic viewer attention is the most valuable resource in the adult industry. With so many adult websites to choose from (over 150,000 worldwide according to AVN and XBIZ), competition for viewer attention is fierce. This is what Vice industry is here to solve. HOW DOES VICE INDUSTRY FUNCTION DIFFERENTLY? Regular websites leave content vulnerable to piracy and theft, this simply means that content creators rarely or never get paid based on real views of their content. Rather content on the vice industry network can be tagged allowing any use or re-use of the content result in the original creators being paid as micro-payments can also be made to performers, Vice industry indeed is the revolution. HOW DOES CONTENT TRACKING WORK Content is tagged with metadata to enable us to identify ownership. This enables us to correctly identify and pay the original content creator even if content is mashed up or used without permission. We can tag the content directly to ensure micropayments to performers as well such are the power of the VIT. ViceToken.com is designed to re-center monetization of free adult content around the specific desires of the viewer. We created a decentralized cryptographic token distribution platform that rewards each stakeholder in the adult content industry by capturing genuine viewer engagement with adult content. This ability to capture authentic user engagement at the point of interaction forms the basis of the emerging “Attention Economy”, in what has come to be called “proof of brain” technology. ViceToken.com awards tokens, called “VIT”, to each stakeholder in the adult content distribution transaction chain. We trademarked the phrase “Get Paid To Watch Porn” to emphasize the benefit of the VIT platform for adult content viewers. VICE INDUSTRY TOKEN The VIT protocol’s unique feature is the creation and distribution of tokens to all stakeholders in the adult content industry that serve both as proof of engagement with content (the data that matters most to adult website operators) and a mechanism for payment. VIT ledger records granular user behavior such as likes, social activity, up votes, comments and content preferences as valuable transaction metadata. To support the VIT launch, ViceToken.com’s adult content partners and website operators will embed support for VIT on their websites, and will honor VIT as a means of payment for premium content , the advantage of VIT over general-use crypto-currencies such as bitcoin is that it serves as both a medium of exchange and as a means of capturing viewer engagement data in a single token. Content producers can also customize their content to meet the needs of individual porn fans via the VIT engagement optimization tool. TOKEN SALE DISTRIBUTION ViceToken.com will generate four billion VIT in the genesis (initial) block. We will allocate VIT as follows: · ViceToken.com Inc: 1,000,000,000 tokens · Content Providers, Strategic Partners, Advisors: 600,000,000 tokens · Crowd-sale: 2,000,000,000 tokens · STEEM Holders: 400,000,000 tokens After initial creation of VIT, The Vice Industry Token protocol will generate and distribute additional VIT to stakeholders in an amount equal to no greater than 10% of the amount created in the genesis block in the first year after launch. The rate of generation will decrease by 1% in each additional year until the tenth year after genesis, at which point the amount of VIT will remain constant. VIT unsold after the crowd-sale will be retained by Vicetoken.com. Crowd-sale purchasers will pay ~$0.05 of ETH per VIT, with a minimum purchase of $50 of ETH. Vice Industry Token Inc. will airdrop 400,000,000 (10%) of the genesis tokens to STEEM token holders as of block number 18,500,000 on the STEEM Block-chain. The airdrop to STEEM holders will be distributed by January 1, 2021, and possibly earlier, in a manner and time period of Vice Industry Token Inc’s choosing. ROADMAP · January 11, 2018: Flash whitelist sale for a purchasing a guaranteed opportunity to participate in crowd-sale. · January 15, 2018: Flash whitelist sale for large orders with bonus (pre-sale) · February 5, 2018: Second flash whitelist sale. · February 20, 2018: Launch of the Vice Industry Token Crowd-sale. · March 20, 2018: End of the Crowd-sale and distribution of ERC20 proxy Tokens. · March 21, 2018: Launch of the VIT MainNet. · June 28, 2018: Expiration of the Refund Contract and launch of the VIT video portal platform. THE TEAM · Stuart Duncan – CEO · Kelly Holland – President · Bill Heilmann – CSO · Eric Helsel – CMO · Andrey Kostin – CTO Join this platform today and take cryptocurrency investment to a whole new realm, sign up with vice industry now and make money as you watch your adult content online. For more information check: Website: https://vicetoken.com/ Whitepaper: https://vicetoken.com/static/Vice_Industry_Token_Whitepaper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/viceindustrytoken twitter: https://twitter.com/ViceToken facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicetoken/ Published by: teejayrichard Ethereum wallet address: 0x937fe2c8bd616344a9Be33fDEC04 D6F15f53c20F Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/inde x.php?action=profile;u=1265803
  5. Game options are so numerous and accessible in today’s digital era as games can be played on video game console, mobile phones, tablets, PC’s, etc. The video game market currently has a size of about $104.6 billion and in 2017, the video game industry went above $100 billion in income. This value is expected to reach $168.8 billion by 2020. Over the last 30 years, video games have evolved from to virtual reality helmets, from plastic boxes with black and white Tetris. However, the advertisement cost of making a video game product stand out in today’s highly competitive video game market is so huge that it often accounts for over half of the budget for the entire development of the video game. However, is the cost of advertising really effective? The Abyss is here to help, with its multilevel referral system that allows gamers to earn from in-game and social activities as well as other gamers’ payments. The Abyss is a next-generational digital distribution platform and game developers that join The Abyss will see their marketing expenses reduced while receiving an extra income from referral payments that are made in other games on The Abyss platform. Other benefits mean automatic payments to cryptocurrency accounts, many additional services, and the internal CPA Network. MAJOR CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ABYSS PROJECT · Players also profit · There is increasing income from a single user SOME ADVANTAGES OF ABYSS FOR PLAYERS · Individual referral programs are offered to players, where an income is calculated on a 5-level referral chain basis and paid in ABYSS tokens · Worldwide access to many games in one place are given to players · ABYSS tokens are earned as rewards for personal or joint game achievements · Content monetization is created · There is added ABYSS tokens income at an internal auction · For PC users, FPS counter is used to obtain information on game performance SOME ADVANTAGES OF ABYSS FOR DEVELOPERS · 70% is the minimum share of payments by users of The Abyss for developers · Payments are accepted in Fiat money or ABYSS tokens · Referral programs can enable developers to earn a share of up to 100% · Payments can be retrieved by developers in tokens without the verification of documents as well as without waiting till the end of a reporting period · Developers have access to specialized player statistics STRUCTURE OF THE ABYSS PLATFORM The Abyss comprehensive ecosystem is made up of mutually referred elements: Unified authentication, Unified billing and Dual-currency operations, Customer support service, Transparent system for statistics and reporting, and Forum. THE ABYSS ECONOMICS A limited amount of ABYSS tokens will be issued and one-third of commission from the CPA Network and the auction transactions will be burnt. ABYSS tokens has the following as its priorities as bonuses: · Lower cost of purchases in ABYSS tokens · Internal system of offers among developers functions only in ABYSS tokens · Payments to developers as a share of payments in ABYSS tokens is automatically done or vis request · All referral and motivational programs are calculated and paid out in ABYSS tokens · Auction of in-game and Abyss platform items are carried out with the use of ABYSS tokens only · Syndicates system depends on only ABYSS tokens · Rewards for content creation are calculated in ABYSS token · Users are given a discount when paying for game purchases with the ABYSS tokens at the expense of the Abyss platform · ABYSS tokens can only be transferred to friends within the Abyss platform framework Note that after deducting payment system commission and taxes, the developer will receive 70% of each payment, with the Abyss platform receiving the remainder. CRYPTO REWARD ECOSYSTEM The crypto reward ecosystem features the following: · Multilevel referral program · Motivational programs INTERNAL CPA NETWORK The Abyss enables developers access to an advertising account that is universal which will serve for attracting targeted traffic with the ensuing possibilities: · Offer one’s own traffic to other games · Purchase traffic from other games through clear targeting and offers · Get external traffic, connecting leads to the internal system for statistics The internal CPA Network looks like a window with options of offers presented by developers that are accessible. The CPA Network features: · Link referral system · Motivated traffic · E-mail promotions · Media advertising · Content DAICO The token sale of The Abyss is an advanced and improved DAICO model which enables token holders to regulate the fund withdrawal limit as well as provide the option of voting for the remaining contribution money to be refunded if the team fails to implement the project. Oracles are the arbitrators in this case. DAICO is an innovative fundraising model that combines some of the benefits of Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The DAICO has an aim of upgrading and making the initial ICO concept more secure and transparent. DETAILS OF THE ABYSS ICO Token sale (DAICO): KYC - MAR 19, DAICO - APR 16 Price: 1 ABYSS = 0.24 USD Soft cap: US$6 million Maximum total Token SUPPLY: 603.75 million Hard cap: US$60 million + 300 000 BNB US$40 million Minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH Days 1-7 Maximum contribution: 10 ETH Days 8+ maximum contribution: no ETH contribution limit 300 000 BNB Acceptable from the international (non U.S.) participants only Minimum contribution: 1000 BNB tokens ICO BONUSES First 48hrs - +25% Days 3–7 - +15% Days 8–14 - +10% Days 15–21 - +5% TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 60% - Crowdsale 21% - Company & Advisors 1% - Bounty 18% - Reserve PROCEEDS USE 15% - Video games development & Distribution 20% - Infrastructure & Software 5% - Reserve 15% - Development 5% - Legal 405 – Marketing ROADMAP Q3 2008 – Foundation of Destiny.Games (video game company) Q3 2016 – The idea of a state-of-the-art game portal creation Q2-Q3 2017 – Testing the opportunity of blockchain technology integration into the new concept Q4 2017 – Presenting the concept of The Abyss – a new generation digital distribution platform Q1 2018 – Conducting the Token Sale. Commencing The Abyss platform development Q2 – Q3 2018 – Active phase of platform development. Legal and financial preparation for the launch of the project. Partnership agreement with game projects Q4 2018 – The first version of the platform with the startup game package. API for project integration. Unified bi-currency billing. Unified system of authorization. The first integration of multilevel referral programs Q1 – Q4 2019 – Active development of the platform: Expansion in the number of connected projects; Introducing the personalization and socialization systems; Introducing the detailed reporting system; Introducing the internal CPA Network Q1 – Q4 2020 – The expansion of platform functionality: Motivational programs; The ability of content generation and evaluation; Auction; Syndicates; Joint game achievements 2020 + - Crowdfunding platform. Further expansion of the platform TEAM Konstantin (Sephiroth) Boyko-Romanovsky – Founder Vladimir Kurochkin – President Artem (Shanni) Veremeenko – Executive producer Vladimir (Vampkill) Martynov – CTO Evgeny Petrov – CMO Virginia Lam – Marketing Lead Anton Chertikovtzev – Maintenance director Albert Tugushev – Head of Software Engineering department Alexey Kobelev – Tech. Lead, Blockchain engineer Stepan Leshchenko – Art director Evgeny Kharchenko – Head of Customer service Artem Savin – HR Manager I urge everyone to join in on The Abyss ICO and become a part of a great and exciting project. For more information about this project and to connect with other participants around the globe, please feel free to click on any of the following links: Website: https://www.theabyss.com/ Whitepaper: https://theabyss.docsend.com/view/7i85zit Twitter: https://twitter.com/theabyss Facebook: https://facebook.com/theabyss Telegram: https://bit.ly/TheAbyssTG ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2526681 Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1344011 Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838
  6. EQUI is bent on revolutionizing venture capital, where even non-industry professionals will have the opportunity to support the next trending investment opportunity. It will be the gateway for a wider audience to take part in opportunities of venture capital investment, leveraging blockchain technology. Very importantly, entrepreneurs will be provided with financial backing as well as a support network that will enable them maximumly take advantage of any investment opportunity. The best investment opportunities in real word assets will be identified by EQUI, and possibly, great entrepreneurs that will build great companies will be birthed by the EQUI platform. Venture capital is a form of financing provided by firms, individuals, or institutions to small, rookie, emerging companies with high growth potential who do not have access to equity markets. Though investments like these are considered higher risk, selecting the right ventures to invest in will somewhat guarantee impressive returns. In a typical venture capital space, the mostly used structures are equity (issuing of common stock or preferred stock) and convertible debt (a loan which gives the holder an option to convert into equity). OVERVIEW OF THE EQUI PLATFORM EQUI is a web-based application which can be accessed through any compatible web browser. It will use the Ethereum blockchain to process and store credentials, information and transactions, including the acquisition of project stakes, distribution of profits, deployment of investment returns and investor rewards. · Registration: Participant have to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process to validate their eligibility to use the platform. Thereafter, an EQUI profile is created with a unique Ethereum wallet, which provides the facility to deposit EQUItokens acquired · Project investment: Featured projects on the EQUI platform will be stored via a set of Smart Contracts that will hold all information pertaining to the project, including estimated project maturity, targets and caps · Dashboard: Holders of EQUItokens will have the ability to access a personalized dashboard that will show details of EQUItoken reserves and invested projects · Investment returns: Returns will be distributed in the applicable proportions as an Ether deposit into the EQUI wallet, once project is mature · Platform rewards (EQUITYtoken Loyalty program): Token holders that have invested in a project or those that hold EQUItokens in their EQUi Capital wallet are the only ones eligible for receiving loyalty tokens. On a yearly basis, the supply of EQUItokens will increase by 5% · Regulation: Issuing of EQUItokens in the ICO is not regulated in the United Kingdom, meaning that the scheme will be operated by a person that is FCA authorized STAGES OF VENTURE CAPITAL INVESTMENT · Seed stage (the first external investment that helps get a company off the ground) · Early stage (investment provided to a company that has successfully proven its concept, in order to accelerate their sales and marketing efforts) · Growth stage/Series A/ B (further rounds to provide additional financial support to grow the venture to its next stage of development usually through an enhanced sales and marketing strategy) EQUI VISION The combination of blockchain technology and traditional venture capital investment models will evolve the venture capital industry. EQUI’s vision involves evaluating all investment opportunities so as to offer a well selected portfolio for the consideration of our investors. EQUI’s selection focuses on technological advances and early-stage ventures that tackles a significant market opportunity and offer growth potential as leaders of market. EQUI will also consider ventures that would benefit from the integration of an expanded team, as well as injection of capital, in order for them to achieve enhanced growth. Soon enough, tangible allocation of the investment portfolio will be deployed into ventures that have scalable ideas through the use of blockchain technology. The EQUI vision will be delivered through the EQUI investment platform, and owners of EQUI tokens will be able to transfer their tokens onto the EQUI platform which they can use to support projects and receive 75% of net profits realized on exit. EQUI PROPOSITION EQUI’s proposal offers participants investment decisions flexibility and control. EQUI tokens can be bought for the following reasons: · Investors – Investors are participants that commit EQUItokens to the EQUI platform and apply their tokens to projects · Holders - Holders are participants that transfer their EQUItokens to the EQUI platform but haven’t yet committed their tokens to projects · Traders - Traders are participants whose EQUItokens are outside of the EQUI platform SUMMARY OF EQUI INVESTMENT STRATEGIES AND RETURNS Potential benefits of token value increase will be for token holders and traders. Potential benefits of project investment and returns are for investors, while potential benefits for the EQUItoken Loyalty Rewards are for token holders and investors. PROCESS OF PROJECT INVESTMENT · Source (Access to extensive network often providing exclusive deal flow of opportunities) · Evaluate (Rigorous due diligence to include sector, technology, management team & financials) · Transact (Complete investment process and ensure legal documents are implemented) · Support & Grow (Work with management and provide resources and support to enable implementation of business plan) · Exit (Lead liquidity event, creating value for all stakeholders) INVESTOR RETURNS There are no limits to the number of projects that a participant can invest in, and investors who transfer their EQUItokens to the EQUI platform and commit to investment opportunities, stand to benefit from 75% (pro-rata) of the net profits generated from that invested project. Participants will be in complete control over their investment decisions as they will have flexibility in projects that they invest in as well as the value they choose to invest. Investors may receive additional EQUItokens as added reward, through the EQUI loyalty program. DETAILS OF EQUI TOKENS AND ICO EQUItokens are ERC20 compliant on the Ethereum blockchain and are designed for the sole use on the EQUI platform. Smart Contracts, written in Solidity and compiled for Ethereum Virtual Machine, will ensure security, reliability and transparency for all EQUI participants. For adopters who would like to support the vision of EQUI, the EQUI ICO is launching and the token sale will speed up the technical development as well as other aspects of EQUI. Asset name: EQUI Total token supply: 250 million EQUItokens Price in USD: $0.50 Public ICO accepted payment: Bitcoins (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoins (LTC), Ripple (XRP) Pre-Sale accepted payment: USD, GBP, EUR, Bitcoin Pre-Sale date: 1st March, 2018 – 15th March, 2018 (25% Bonus) Pre-Sale minimum investment level: $100,000 Public ICO round 1 date: 15th March, 2018 – 22nd March, 2018 (15% Bonus) Public ICO round 2 date: 22nd March, 2018 – 29th March 2018 (5% Bonus) Public ICO round 3 date: 29th March 2018 – 12th April 2018 (0% Bonus) Public ICO minimum investment level: $100 Note that all opening times are 12:00 hours GMT. 50% of all unsold tokens will be distributed to ICO participants based on pro-rata, while the remaining 50% will be distributed back to EQUI for the support of future investment projects. In the future, token supply will increase by 5% yearly so as to facilitate the EQUItoken loyalty program. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 12% - Founders 15% - EQUI Team 6% - Advisors 2% - ICO Bounty Rewards 65% - Public/Token Sale FUND DISTRIBUTION Distribution of funds will depend on the amount of ICO raised. Funds will be used for: · Platform development · Salaries & Recruitments · Marketing · Operational costs · Legal & Compliance · Hardware & Fixed assets · Surplus funds ROADMAP September 2017 - Whitepaper preparation - ICO preparation - Team formation - Terms & conditions October 2017 - Regulatory & compliance set up - Platform development preparation - Platform mock-ups - Website design November 2017 - Platform development started - Back office system - User registration set up - EQUItoken code completed - EQUItoken loyalty program - EQUIwallet creation December 2017 - Platform development - Back office system - Front end platform functionality - ICO website beta testing started - ICO smart contract - Security audit January–February 2018 - Security audit (2) - ICO announcement - Promotional activities March–April 2018 - Pre ICO (1 – 15 Mar) - ICO starts (15 Mar) - ICO closes (12 Apr) - EQUItoken distribution (17 Apr) - User registration - Deposit/withdrawal of funds Q2 2018 (Phase 1) - Platform beta – launched for testing - Platform launch - Investment projects added to platform Q2 2018 (Phase 2) - Integrate new crypto deposit methods - Integrate fiat deposits - Integrate PSD2 protocol to link EQUI platform with bank accounts - Start exchange discussions Q3 2018 (phase 3) - Native platform application for android and iOS - Potential integration with crypto exchanges - Secondary market project exchange TEAM Doug Barrowman – Lead Founder Baroness Mone of Mayfair, OBE – Co-Founder Tim Eve – Investment Director Luke Webster – Investment Director Andrew Barrowman – Investment Manager Mark Lyons – Investment Director Nerys Roberts – Marketing Director Sim Singh-Landa – Project Manager Nicholas Graham – Head of Customer Services Andrei Karpushonak – Head of Development Anthony Page – Trustee ADVISORS (Entrepreneurs) Mark Pearson - Award winning digital entrepreneur Duncan Macinnes Morten Tonnesen – CEO, Ve Global ADVISORS (Crypto) Jonas Karlberg – Co-Founder, Nordic Blockchain Association and Founder, AmaZix John Caldwell – Partner, Narus Advisors Duncan Cameron – Founder, CasinoCoin I trust that it has been an interesting read so far. I therefore urge everyone to become a part of the EQUI project. For more information about this project, please feel free to click on any of the following links: ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2888110.new#new Website: https://www.equi.capital/ Whitepaper: https://www.equi.capital/whitepaper/EQUI_Whitepaper_050218.pdf Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/equi_capital Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/equi.capital Telegram: https://t.me/equicapital Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838
  7. The risk of huge financial loss is increased by a relatively low circulation of cryptocurrencies, and at the moment, only a few tools for mitigating financial losses are widely available. This low circulation gives rise to price manipulation, leading to volatility. However, it should be noted that the low circulation also presents an opportunity for tremendously rapid wealth growth. CryptF therefore, is creating the opportunity for every holder of cryptocurrency to invest in the stocks of leading companies, and the bonds of developing countries. The CryptF cryptocoins are based on blockchain and are a collective investment products/instruments. The uniqueness of the CryptF coin is in its reliable backing by blue-chip stocks and bonds. The CryptF coins is hard-wired to the current market value of the linked securities. The CryptF cryptocoins are available to be purchased by anyone, and will be tradeable on crypto exchanges. Also, the CryptF coins enables investment into a segment of a market that is represented by a fixed set of derivatives which a coin is linked to, and the investment will be managed by CryptF so as to make the investment process hassle-free. CryptF coins are strongly linked to the prices of the corresponding indexes and stocks, meaning that the prices of the CryptF coin will correlate with them. Buying CFIT means investing in the most reliable companies, including Apple stock (AAPL) that has been invested into by people like Warren Buffet, George Soros and David Einhorn. Note that, prices can go down in the short term, but in the long term, the growth of your investment is steady and predictable. This compound growth effect means that investments can double in 11 – 12 years. CryptF coins are created through physical replication and all securities linked to the CFIT are bought by CryptF. Audits and issue broker verified reports will be regularly undertaken to provide maximum transparency of CryptF securities accounts. All dividend gains will be reinvested into more shares and so the CFIT will be a touch higher than the associated index value. BENEFITS OF CRYPTF · Low operational costs for investors · High liquidity of the coins (CryptF assures unrestricted coin buyback from investors either directly or on crypto exchange) · Ability to participate in the global financial markets directly from your cryptowallet · Coin price is kept reliably tracked to corresponding shares or bonds index · Transparent portfolio CRYPTF TOKEN (CPTF) The CryptF token (CPTF) is an ERC20 token that is created on the Ethereum blockchain based smart contract. Token buyers need to use a wallet that is ERC20 compatible. To buy CPTF tokens, buyers need to transfer a supported cryptocurrency to the smart contract address, and then smart contract will transfer CPTF tokens back to the addresses of buyer’s. Note that payments after ICO will be returned with no CPTF token given out. As a possible source of income in the future, CPTF will participate in the companies’ profit redistribution. PROFIT DISTRIBUTION Note that payments will be done in ETH. ICO DETAILS It should be noted that CPTF tokens are functional utility tokens within the CryptF ecosystem. They are not securities nor are they refundable. The initial token price is 0.001 ETH per token or its equivalent. Total number of CPTF tokens: 90 million Tokens offered during ICO rounds: 63 million Tokens in company’s reserve: 18.9 million Tokens distributed to team: 8.1 million Pre-ICO date: December 13th, 2017 (1pm UTC) - December 26th, 2017 (1pm UTC) Pre-ICO offer size cap: 15 million CPTF Pre-ICO Maximum bonus: 40% ICO Round 1 date: January 4th, 2018 (1pm UTC) - January 24th, 2018 (1pm UTC) ICO Round 1 offer size cap: 30 million CPTF ICO Round 1 Maximum bonus: 30% ICO Round 2 date: February 8th, 2018 (1pm UTC) - February 21st, 2018 (1pm UTC) ICO Round 2 offer size cap: 6 million CPTF ICO Round 2 Maximum bonus: 20% ICO Round 3 date: March 1st, 2018 (1pm UTC) - March 14th, 2018 (1pm UTC) ICO Round 3 offer size cap: 12 million CPTF ICO Round 3 Maximum bonus: 10% Softcap: US$150,000 Hardcap: US$500,000 NB: CryptF reserves right to change dates and length of the ICO rounds before their start. All unsold tokens will be disposed. ADVANTAGES OF CRYPTF COIN · CryptF coins are much easier to buy than obtaining stocks and bonds on a traditional exchange · Coin price will always match the current value of linked investments · With 0.01 of a coin price as the minimum purchase amount, investing in popular shares and bonds is now affordable · Buying CryptF coins allows to "park" your cryptoassets for as short as a few minutes and for as long as you like. Extreme volatility, a characteristic of cryptocurrencies, is no longer a concern · Regular audits and broker verified reports will ensure maximum transparency of CryptF securities accounts · CryptF coins are created via physical replication: securities linked to an issued coin are obtained by CryptF to guarantee the coin price matches the current securities market price TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 70% - Sale 21% - Company reserve 9% - Team TEAM Alexei Tenitsky - CTO (Architecture, Development) Anton Tenitsky - CEO (Operations, Marketing) Jordan Olson - Blockchain Advisor (Crypto Development) Danil Biktudin - Trading Advisor (Investment Consulting) ROADMAP 2017 February - Initial idea, brainstorming, research March – April - First prototype May - Further research and working out the implementation details June - Work on the website begins - Marketing plan - ICO plan July - Plaform technical design - Star of the platform development August – September - Team expansion (developers, designers, marketing) - Bounty program - Private launch of the website October-November - Public launch - ICO announcement - Ongoing development of the platform December – Pre-ICO 2018 January – ICO Round 1 February – ICO Round 2 March - ICO Round 3. Legal incorporation - Trading accounts - Floating CryptF token (CPTF) on cryptoexchanges - Private beta of the coin trading platform April - Launch of the flagship coin CFIT - Start trading coins on the website and on cryptoexchanges May - Launch of CFBND and CFGM coins June - Financial reporting - Distribution of profit for Q1 2018 among token holders July - Analysis and launch of new coins, backed by well performing shares and bonds August - Launch of Smart Shares Coin (SSC) (concept phase in Oct – Nov 2017) - Bonus program for coin holders In conclusion, it is only right to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio in various financial tools to reduce exposure to risk and consequently increase your gain in the long term. CryptF will do this for you. I trust you have had a good read so far. I urge you to join in on the CryptF project and secure, as well as grow your investments. For more information on this project and to connect with other participants across the globe, please feel free to click on any of the following links: ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2318409 Website: https://t.me/cryptf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptf Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptf_io Whitepaper: https://cryptf.io/CryptF White Paper.pdf Website: https://cryptf.io/ Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1344011 Etereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838
  8. In our world today, the Tourism industry is a very huge one, as it contributed $7.2 trillion USD to the global economy in 2016, and as flights become cheaper and the world more accessible, this value is only likely to grow. In 2015, EU residents made an estimated 1.2 billion tourism trips, either for business or for personal purposes. However, SnapCity encourages its users to explore places around the world, with rewards as benefit. Exploring cities and destinations in the world has never been this rewarding. SnapCity is the latest geographic location adventure and discovery app which will be available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, soon enough. Must see destinations will be shown on the map view of the SnapCity app. In essence, the SnapCity is a game where users are challenged to “check-into” various destinations around cities, and get rewarded for completing challenges with points which can be redeemed at nearby participating businesses. Taking a photo of the location confirms that users have visited the location. SnapCity’s target audience are millennials or young travelers, as they are used to using their phones on a daily basis, and are already acquainted with SnapChat, Facebook, Pokemon Go social media platforms. Also, millennials are known to be the age group that are most likely to use discount vouchers, as 90% of them have stated that they used discount vouchers in their online shopping within the last 6 months. Buying a train ticket that can be used across the whole of Europe (inter-railing), can simplify the visit to many cities across Europe. The SnapCity platform is one that is invaluable as it allows users to discover the best sights and attractions in a city, in a fun and enjoyable manner. SNAPCITY FEATURES · View challenges - SnapCity users will be able to see their current location as well as nearby challenges on the map view · Complete challenges – SnapCity users will be able to complete System challenges and User challenges · Spend points – A challengee will be able to spend earned points. These points can be spent universally · Additional features - Users will be able to create challenges to challenge their friends, or to challenge the public SNAPCITY TOKEN (SNAPTOKEN) SnapTokens -SNPT, is ERC20 compliant and is deployed on the Main Ethereum Network. Token name – SnapToken Token symbol - SNPT Token amount – 200 million Contract address – 0x722180f08646A73f744f33eD66fD3C990DC6a78B Decimals - 18 Platform – Ethereum Accepted purchase method – ETH Token price – 25,000 SNPT per ETH Date of public sale – 13th January, 2018 Pre-ICO will hold 3 days before ICO. For more information, please join SnapCity’s mailing list by e-mailing [email protected] . Note that businesses can use SnapTokens to advertise on SnapCity. Advertisement on SnapCity will be at a fixed rate, rather than a “fee per click”, thereby encouraging businesses to expand and grow. SnapTokens can also be used by investors to invest in SnapCity and the value of the token will increase as the SnapCity app become successful. TOKEN ALLOCATION 50% - Founders and Team 40% - Pre-Sale and ICO 10% - Bounty campaign ROADMAP 17/01/2017 – Project inception 02/04/2017 – Developing ERC20 contracts 02/11/2017 – First business joins SnapCity 04/11/2017 – Hackathon with SnapCity Soon – MVP release 13/01/2018 – SnapCity ICO 13/02/2018 – SnapTokens available on exchanges 01/03/2018 – Full Europe launch 01/06/2018 – Global expansion TEAM Daniel Graaf – Director/Developer Freddie Lindsey – Blockchain developer Heiki Riesenkampf – Developer Egor Dmitriev – Developer Oscar van Crimpen – Media and Marketing I trust that it has been an interesting read so far. I urge everyone to become a part of the SnapCity project and become a part of something unique. For more information about this project, please feel free to click on any of the following links: ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2655453.0;topicseen Website: https://www.snapcity.io/ Whitepaper: https://www.snapcity.io/whitepaper Twitter: https://twitter.com/snapcityreal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SnapCityReal/ Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HLlwDU-kkxJXu-S4qK196A Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838
  9. In our world today, dating is very important and currently, the dating industry is currently experiencing a boom. Experts reveal that the value of online dating market is currently close to $5 billion, and is projected to reach $6 billion by 2019. The key feature of a dating app is to quickly find a matching partner, as well as meet other user expectations. However, in a bid to meet the needs of as many users as possible, dating sites attract lots of people with different interests and goals. Even the use of multiple filters have done little help, as low search relevance results still remain a problem. This makes users scroll endless profiles thereby wasting lots of time filtering out options that are unsuitable. Also, weak cybersecurity has led to frequent hacks, thereby making sites prone to data leaks. Notwithstanding, DateCoin is creating a world-class product with a mission of creating the first intelligent dating service in the world for quick and easy search that leads to fruitful dating with perfect matching of partners. Datecoin will guarantee the best-ever dating experience in the world by employing artificial intelligence which will be incorporated into its working business model. Datecoin launched an IT project in 2015 which was specially designed to match successful men and beautiful girls interested in dating, thereby satisfying their desires, and this project attracted over 700 thousand users within a short time. However, with crowdsale, Datecoin aims to fast-track product development process significantly. Blockchain and intelligent algorithms will be used to enhance cyber security and increase efficiency. DATECOIN ADVANTAGES · Absence of hidden fees. You only pay for service when used. (cryptocurrencies are accepted for payments) · Absence of fake profile images and accounts due to Datecoin’s automated intellectual verification and blockchain technology · High dating efficiency · Secure data storage, privacy and end-to-end chats encryption · Fast intelligent matching based on face recognition technology, semantic and morphological analysis of dialogues and personal preferences DATECOIN BUSINESS MODEL Datecoin business model is built upon its previous successful experience, the Denim app, which is currently the market leader of mobile dating in Russia. The audience of the Datecoin project includes many tens of thousands of verified, active and beautiful girls interested in building relationships of convenience with successful men around the globe. The male audience is targeted for successful men with proven wealth through the purchase of premium access to our service. Datecoin’s innovative concept allows the achievement of high efficiency dating, and provides users with desired results in 9 out of 10 cases. FEATURES OF DATECOIN In the next 2 years we plan to take dating to the next level. Datecoin features include: · Clear and fair payment options · Chat privacy with end-to-end message encryption · Real girls only (an automated profile verification system and blockchain filter out fake accounts) · Quick and easy search based on face recognition technology and semantic analysis of dialogs DATECOIN TOKEN (DTC) DTC public sale will be carried out for the purpose of accelerating the development of the project, as well as raise funds for product development and promotion globally. DTC utility token is backed by working dating app Denim. The following are growth factors of the DTC token: · Legal reliability · Token price mechanism incorporation · Use of blockchain, neural networks and intelligent algorithms · Designed as a product utility token, DTC is capable maintaining its liquidity level All in-app services will be priced in · Fiat currency (EUR, USD) · Alternative currency, DTC token LIST OF EXCLUSIVE FEATURES THAT CAN BE PURCHASED FOR TOKENS · Premium Membership with unlimited access (Single use, no expiration date) 4000 DTC · Intelligent search with neural networks and artificial intelligence (Single use) 400 DTC · Watch user videos (1 week access) 150 DTC · Exclusive gifts and appreciation signs that are available for tokens only. Single gift purchase (About 15% of revenue at the moment) 8-80 DTC (dependent on gift category) · Unique profile statuses (1 week-3 months activation) 20-100 DTC (dependent on status) · Pin newsletters in TOP (Single use) 50 DTC · Advanced invisible mode (1 week-3 months activation) 80 DTC TOKEN GENERATION EVENT Token: DTC Token sale date: March 30 - May 30, 2018 (GMT+3) Maximum amount of tokens to be issued: 290,769,231 DTC DateCoin tokens for sale: 189,000,000 DTC Token type: ERC 20 Soft Cap: $ 4 000 000 Hard Cap: $ 20 000 000 Price per 1 token: From 0.0001875 ETH to 0.00025 ETH (discount will decrease with increase in funds raised) Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH Know Your Customer (KYC): Not necessary Accepted currencies: Bitcoin (BTC) / Ethereum (ETH) The prices are given in tokens for CrowdSale exchange rate: 1 DTC = 0.00025 ETH 1 ETH = 500 USD TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 65% - Tokens for sale 20% - Team and qualified consultant’s remuneration 10% - Reserve funds 4% - Marketing & Development 1% - Bounty campaign FUND USE · Development - 27% · IOS Advertising - 18% · Android Advertising - 18% · Mobile Web Advertising - 12% · Web Advertising - 6% · General advertising - 6% · Promotion - 8% · Operation - 3% · Legal - 2% ROADMAP 2015 – 2016 - Denim web version launch - Denim app launch November 2017 - DTC Presale March - May 2018 - DTC Crowdsale May 2018 - Token open market entry June 2018 - Localization of the service in 7 countries December 2018 - The audience of the service is more than 2 million people March 2019 - Integration of blockchain-based verification May 2019 - Localization of the service in 14 countries June 2019 - Implementing beta versions of syntactic and semantic analysis of dialogs, face image search systems based on users preferences September 2019 - The audience of the service is more than 6 million people December 2019 - Final implementation of the image retrieval system of a person based on user’s preferences, as well as technologies for syntactic and semantic analysis of dialogues May 2020 - Localization of the service in 23 countries September 2020 - The audience of the service is more than 12 million people Note that Datecoin plans to reach a sustainable profitability by the end of 2019 and expect its significant growth by 2020 TEAM Nikita Anufriev - Founder & CEO Aleksey Sinitsin - Co-founder & investment director Maksim Kozlov - СТО & Chief crypto officer Elena Platonova - Marketing manager Dmitry Gritsenko - Localization project manager Eugene Alferov - Traffic Manager Oleg Gervalov - PR director Dmitry Starostin - Product director Artem Balyasnikov - App designer Stepan Zolotukhin - Web developer Mikhail Dubovitckiy - Traffic Manager Jason Yang - Community manager ADVISORS Ken Tachibana, Japan Dina Vukmanovic, Los Angeles Simon Choi, China Seul Lee, South Korea Stan Milc, Barcelona Greg Limon, Toronto Kate Korolkevich, Russia Gene Massey, USA Greg Thain, UK Jason Hung, China Alexander Moiseev, Russia I urge everyone to become a part of the Datecoin ICO and become a part of an amazing project. To know more about this project or connect with other participants across the globe, please feel free to click on any of the following links: ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2351857.0 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Date_coin Telegram: https://t.me/datecoin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DateCoinio-1519885531466508 Website: https://datecoin.io/ Whitepaper: https://datecoin.io/static/documents/wp_en.pdf?v=5.5 Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1344011 Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838
  10. The daily growth of cities and the increased needs and travel distances that come with it warrants a car sharing service that is affordable and time effective for people to get around in. There are existing car sharing services, but they have issues related to lack of car variety, lack of payment alternative other than card payment, and shortage of cars in important and busy locations. Drivero provides this service via its car sharing platform that has the objective of providing cars both when and where it is needed, and users can pay whenever they use Drivero cars. This car sharing platform was birthed after it hosted a public poll, extracting the opinion of people on the street. A use case example of Drivero is when one wishes to go see friends they haven’t seen in a while or simply going from one point to another. The Drivero platform, based on blockchain and GPS location, also enables anyone to put their car up for rental, forgetting responsibilities and costs on fuel, insurance and maintenance. With Drivero, car renters will not be financially exploited and users will have the ability to rate car cleanliness on a 1-10 scale. Cryptocurrency and debit or credit card payment will also be accepted as means of payment. Note that cryptocurrency payments come with a 10% trip discount. Drivero cars will be moved to other areas should there be too many cars in a particular area, thereby solving the problem of cars being in places that are hard to reach. Also, Drivero will provide its users with a variety of cars to choose from, thereby catering for the status needs of users. Simply put, car renting is made easy on Drivero as cars can be rented in a few minutes, with only a few clicks. ADVANTAGES OF USING DRIVERO · Drivero accepts debit or credit car payment, as well as cryptocurrencies -ETH/BTC. When paying with BTC/ETH user’s only have to pay 7.20 euros, say they were to 8 euros · There are no long-term commitments on Drivero · Rent price covers fuel, insurance and maintenance costs · Rent from 1 minute up to unlimited time is possible on Drivero, and long-term rents come with a discount · For data protection and transfer Blockchain is leveraged · Cars can be rented out for profit · Drivero has different cars of vehicles ranging from city to business to sport cars · Drivero cars are installed with tracking devices and safety equipment · There is a 24/7 smooth experience with any questions or technical issues DRIVERO REQUIREMENTS FOR RENTING OUT YOUR PERSONAL CAR · Vehicle must have 5 or more seats · Vehicle must not be older than 3 years. Note that sports cars are not affected here and certain exclusions are allowed · Vehicle must be fully repaired, with valid tech check and insurance · Vehicle must be registered by the owner · Vehicle owner must have approved ID and driver's license · Drivero terms and conditions must be accepted by person renting out their car · Vehicle must be equipped with Drivero equipment Car owners will have the ability to check the amount of profit that has been generated by their car as well as its location, trips, etc. Personal vehicle or rent can be stopped when not in use through the tap of a single button, and Drivero keeps 25% of profit as mediators and for car safety while the owner receives the remaining 85%. The first 100 owners will get a free 1-hour ride in a BMW F10 M5 in Germany. In the future, Drivero plans to begin operations in the big cities of North America by 2021. In this time, Drivero also expects to have users in 10 other countries and 97 cities. As a matter of fact, in the next 1 year, Drivero wishes to start operations in top tourist countries. Drivero also plans to have 3 million registered users by 2021. VEHICLE CATEGORY AND ROUTES · BMW 7 series - vehicle made for long trips but is also perfect in the city · BMW 5 series - a stylish and quick city car · BMW M5 - vicious road king with sound that gets all the attention · VW GOLF - a small, dynamic and agile vehicle meant for quick point A to B trips · Mercedes GLA - the perfect car for family trips · Porsche Boxster - a fast and good car that is youthful and lets you enjoy the summer air with its roof gone · Fiat Doblo - a spacious vehicle that makes transporting your belongings as well as those of your partner easy PRE-ICO Pre-ICO starts on 19th February 2018 and ends on 21st March 2018. 2.4 million DVR tokens will be made available for pre-ICO sale at a price of 0.0005ETH per token. Pre-ICO will have a soft-cap of 500ETH and where soft cap can’t be achieved, investments will be returned to investors. ICO ICO starts on 10th April 2018 and ends on 10th May 2018. 20.1 million DVR tokens will be made available for purchase at a price of 0.001 per token. Generally, 22.5 million DVR token will be made available for sale. PRE-ICO BONUSES 2018/02/19 - 2018/02/23 40% 2018/02/24 - 2018/03/01 25% 2018/03/02 - 2018/03/08 15% 2018/03/09 - 2018/03/16 5% 2018/03/17 - 2018/03/21 0% ICO BONUSES 2018/04/10 - 2018/04/15 30% 2018/04/16 - 2018/04/22 25% 2018/04/23 - 2018/04/30 15% 2018/05/01 - 2018/05/05 5% 2018/05/06 - 2018/05/10 0% FUND USE 22,500,000 – Pre-ICO and ICO 3,750,500 -Team 3,749,500 – Bounty INVESTOR BENEFITS Investors will be sorted based on levels, with each level having their own prize; · LEVEL 1 - medium/city class vehicle · LEVEL 2 - business class vehicle · LEVEL 3 - % of profit every month + business class vehicle Level 1 0.1 ETH - 20 minutes ride per year for free 0.2 ETH - 30 minutes ride per year for free 0.5 ETH - 42 minutes ride per year for free 1 ETH - 100 minutes ride per year for free 2 ETH - 200 minutes ride per year for free 5 ETH - 600 minutes ride per year for free Level 2 6 ETH - 240 minutes ride per year for free 7 ETH - 260 minutes ride per year for free 8 ETH - 320 minutes ride per year for free 9 ETH - 340 minutes ride per year for free 10 ETH - 400 minutes ride per year for free 11 ETH - 450 minutes ride per year for free Level 3 15 ETH - 2% monthly proofit + 100 minutes per year 20 ETH - 3% monthly proofit + 130 minutes per year 30 ETH - 4% monthly proofit + 180 minutes per year 50 ETH - 7% monthly proofit + 250 minutes per year ROADMAP 3Q-4Q – 2017 - Team - Team formation - Analysis Q1 – 2018 - Concept design - More ideas - Announcement - Pre-ICO Q2 – 2018 - ICO - Development Q3 – 2018 - Platform launch (Germany) - Partnership with gas station Q1 2019 - Italy - Belgium Q2 – Q3 – 2019 - Netherlands - France Q4 – 2019 - Portugal - Spain 2020 – 2021 - +3min users - Latvia - Estonia - Poland TEAM Domantas Lapinskas - Freelancer programmer, IT student Titas Milašauskas - Car rent Financial specialist Valentas Lapinskas – Task analyst Marius Dalangauskas – Media representative Julius Sunelaitis – Designer Nedas Girkantas – APP developer I enjoin everyone to participate in the Drivero project and become a part of something potentially great. For more updates and added information, please click on any of the following links: ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2915395.0 Website: http://drivero.eu/ Whitepaper: http://drivero.eu/whitepaper.php Twitter: https://twitter.com/DriveroOfficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/driverosharing/ Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Hl-wWxGTXufgU5Aw_xDmPA Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1344011 Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838
  11. Daily, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created and stored by people worldwide, and the bulk of these data is created through different personal digital devices. To be factual, 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years only, and in the United States, the amount of data created daily on digital information platforms is x8 greater than the information stored in all of the libraries in the U.S. Created data is stored in various online databases and clouds, and as more data is stored in various locations, there is reliance on a growing number of passwords to access the stored information. While it is possible to store these passwords and other sensitive information on online databases and clouds, there is the concern of security breach. From a recent report, 75% of companies that were included in global survey had been fraud victims, and 69% of them suffered financial losses. Most organizations that offer data/information and password storing services, currently use a centralized system. This makes the services susceptible to hacking or corruption, and when it does, results in a single point of failure. An easily accessed, decentralized system is needed for people to store their passwords and other sensitive information. A decentralized system will be void of security breaches and risks, as well as solve the issue of a single failure point. In this system, information will be stored and spread across several servers. With these issues in mind, Digital Identification Wallet (DIW) has been introduced. DIW will solve the growing online fraud, and advancing data breaches, as well as utilize cryptocurrency. Essentially, DIW will solve these issues with its global decentralized network that is based on blockchain, and its proprietary ecosystem and currency. DIW holders will have the ability to anonymously access the DIW network, thereby gaining access to a Secure Vault where their data, information, sensitive documents like passports, contracts, electronic health records and login details can be stored. Individuals and organizations worldwide will have the ability to partake and exchange their services in the form of a Global Directory. It should be noted that only valid DIW holders will be granted access to the DIW network, as their accounts will be confirmed through the filling of KYC/KYS documentation. All transactions in the DIW network will be completed in total transparency and all members of the network will be enabled to see each other’s performance in real life via a rating score. DIW tokens will be used for transactions between members, and accepted throughout the DIW network, thereby enabling higher security. DIW also has plans to introduce its proprietary Payment Gateway that will easily integrate within e-commerce websites that accept fiat and cryptocurrencies daily, with DIW token the most ideal form of payment. Premium DIW members will be offered added services like encrypted storage solutions, digital contract-based Escrow services, and a hardware wallet for improved security. Members will have the ability to only provide and share information’s that they are comfortable with. Going forward, DIW will enable secure online purchases, and help its members to locate, contact and work with true professionals. The DIW platform will be compatible with all major browsers, and accessible by most digital devices -computers, tablets and mobile phones. The DIW Hardware Wallet has been designed and developed ahead, such that users will be able to use it when opening their account. Also, account holders that haven’t had the opportunity to use the Hardware Wallet can do so already. PLANNED DIW DEVELOPMENT AREAS DIW development has been planned in five phases; · Paid Escrow · Healthcare · DIW global directory · Payment Gateway for Fiat and cryptocurrency · Secure digital vault DIW TOKEN INFLUENCING ELEMENTS · Storage · Cryptocurrency payments · Currency · Escrow service ICO BONUS STRUCTURE Note that 1 billion DIW token will be created and 700 million of it will be available for ICO. The hardcap is 26 million Ethereum, and the ICO will end once the hardcap is achieved. All unsold tokens will be burned. 1 – 100,000,000 Tokens 1 DIW = 0.000085 100,000,001 – 200,000,000 Tokens 1 DIW = 0.000095 200,000,001 – 300,000,000 Tokens 1 DIW = 0.000105 300,000,001 – 400,000,000 Tokens 1 DIW = 0.000115 400,000,001 – 550,000,000 Tokens 1 DIW = 0.000120 550,000,001 – 700,000,000 Tokens 1 DIW = 0.000125 TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 8% - Future partners 2% - Bounty 5% - Advisors & Partners 15% - Founders tokens 70% - ICO FUND ALLOCATION 5% - Redundancy fund 10% - Operational cost 5% - Administrative expenses 5% - Legal consultation/expenses 15% - Sales, marketing, and community management 60% - Project design and development ROADMAP Q4 2017 – Whitepaper 27th March 2018 – ICO - Listing on exchanges Q2 2018 – DIW prototype presentation Q3 2018 – DIW Alpha version Q4 2018 – European launch TEAM Simon Zenios - Chief Legal Officer Lucas Andrew H. - Chief Financial Officer Steven Nonis - Solidity Developer Stephanos Constantinou - CEO & Co-Founder Christopher Zenios - COO & Co-Founder Michael Jakobsen - Blockchain & Software Consultant Chrysanthos Nonis - Security Penetration Officer George Zachariou - Senior Security Officer Constantina Samara - Senior Web Designer Ben Boyadjian - Chief Analytics Officer Anton Bogdanov - Cryptographer & Application Developer Nikolas Konstantinou - Chief Networking Officer ADVISORS Stelios Stylianou - Author | Pro-Trader Dinos Pastos - Blockchain & Security Specialist Sydney Ifergan - Crypto Community Advisor, Expert at ICObench Artur Oganov - Entrepreneur & Financial Advisor Thank you for your time thus far. I hope you had a good read. I enjoin everyone to join in on the DIW project and become a part of the ICO. For more information about this project and to connect with other participant across the globe, please feel free to click on any of the following links; ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2567416 Website: https://diwtoken.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/diwtoken Twitter: https://twitter.com/diwtoken Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diwtoken/ Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/qr8a4u7 Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1344011 Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838
  12. Futourist is the first review platform that rewards its users for creating and curating content, using blockchain technology where all businesses, reviewers, and casual consumers can get maximum/highest benefit for participating. Today, lots of decisions are made on the basis of online content. Asa matter of fact, in 2016, the online content industry was worth $190 billion, and it is expected that this value will exceed $313 billion by 2019. However, only a few people have managed to monetize their content, i.e profit from their content. Most content creators are left with nothing, as companies and platforms that produce minute or no content at all but can monetize the free contents of their users, make so much form these contents. This causes an imbalance in the worlds of content creators and businesses who benefit from these contents. Futourist wants to change the perception of the value of content creators by establishing a balance between content creators and the business world. Influencers will be able to display and directly monetize their content on Futourist, and through Futourist’s internal social network, influencers will be able to spread awareness about their content and increase their social reach. Futourist is based on review because they are one of the most helpful and trustworthy information found on the internet, and reviews and star ratings are directly related with business revenue, thereby making reviews an ideal example where a creator should monetize information, and not the business alone. Futourist distributes rewards fairly, based on blockchain technology, thereby making Futourist a transparent and trustworthy platform. Note that, the entire internal economy within Futourist will be based on Futourist token (FTR). Futourist’s focus will be on video reviews, since video is the future of information sharing, based on the speed and convenience of how video information is created and perceived, and also because video reviews are trustworthy and hard to fake. Being different from other blockchain startups, Futourist will start building on an existing and working platform -OpenHours, which already generates over 1 million users monthly, making it perfect for proving Futourist’s concept. Nonetheless, Futourist is currently being built with the help of our exceptional advisors. REASON FOR REVIEWS There is a tendency on the part of people to trust reviews, as reviews hugely impact decisions made by people that consider business services to buy from. From statistics, positive feedback from reviewers can boost sales up to 5 times. Some of the benefits of reviews are; · Customers are likely to spend up to 31% more on a business with top reviews · A one-star rating increase on Yelp leads to a 5 - 9% increase in businesses revenue · 67% of travelers said they are willing to pay more for a hotel with higher review scores FUTOURIST APP Futourist is a web and mobile app, and users can watch and read reviews of nearby restaurants, bars, hotels and apartments, means of transport, and other things to do like attractions, parks, beaches, historic places, sightseeing points, etc. The Futourist app is made up of a review feed which can be sorted and filtered in different ways. The feed is made up of photos, videos and text reviews, and by default, shows the latest reviews of the nearest places around you via its around me now feature. Reviewing a place can easily be done with a single click, and where the community approves your content, you get rewarded for your review. FEATURES OF THE FUTOURIST APP · Gamification - the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts like Futourist’s travel review platform · Video reviews · Onboarding · Achievements and badges - Achievements are milestones that a user can complete, which gives the user a future goal within the app, consequently increasing the user retention · Levels - Account level signifies the state and trust of this account and is publicly visible FUTOURIST’S MICRO-ECONOMY The Futourist platform features many financial inputs and outputs where participants who benefit from the platform can input financially into the platform, while the ones who contribute to the platform can withdraw funds from an output. USERS OF FUTOURIST ECOSYSTEM · Reviewer - a registered user that provides content · Curator - a registered user that reads the content and uses upvotes/downvotes to evaluate his/her chosen reviews · Consumer - represent users that don’t contribute to the platform but consume information from it FUTOURIST PAYMENT CARD One of Futourist’s ultimate goal is, bringing blockchain benefits to daily users. The Futourist card will allow users to pay with tokens anywhere, where the card is accepted, without having to convert it on exchanges. Futourist has partnered with a payment card company, so as to develop Futourist into a commercial project where people won’t have to be blockchain experts to make use of it. FUTOURIST TOKEN Futourist token (FTR) is an ERC20 token that is being processed on the Ethereum network. The Futourist economy is blockchain transaction based, and in Futourist, all exchange of value will happen through a transaction of the newly issued Futourist Token (FTR). The Futourist token model is built around supply and demand between reviewers, businesses and other Futourist micro-economy participants. The FTR token utility serves as a value transfer tool between business participants and ordinary users that bring value to the platform. Futourist micro-economy participants can use FTR tokens in several ways. The core of it is that reviewers get rewarded with FTR tokens, and businesses give away FTR tokens in order to incentivize review creation through contests and other features. The Futourist’s Ecosystem Users section enables the going through of the list of participants, while the Core features and token utilities section enables the going through of the features and token utilities. I enjoin everyone to be a part of the Futourist crowdsale. FUTOURIST ICO Total token supply: FTR Tokens in crowdsale: 350.000.000 FTR (35%) Crowdsale threshold: 700,000€ Crowdsale hard cap: 5,600,000€ Price per FTR: 0.016€ ETH value: 1ETH = 47.000FTR (+ bonus) Tokens accepted in ICO: Ether (ETH) Bonus delivery: After the crowdsale ends FUND DISTRIBUTION 15% - Administrative and legal expenses 55% - Product development, UI and UX 10% - Other, unforeseen expenses 20% - Marketing and PR expenses TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 25% - Crowdsale 5% - OpenHours 18% - Team 45% - Community 7% - Future Partners ROADMAP May, 2017 - Futourist was established (In May 2017, the Futourist idea was born) - Futourist Partners with Open Hours (In May 2017, we partnered with existing and working platform OpenHours which is spreaded in more than 20 countries inthe world) August, 2017 – 1st Round of Angel Investment (In August 2017, we received our ­rst round of funding from angel investors) September, 2017 - Development of Rewarding System (In Spetember 2017, we started developing our rewarding protocol and expand our team) October, 2017 - Partering with Field Specialists (Michael Amy - AI specialist, former UN AI specialist, Alexander Vasylichenko - SOFFITO CEO, Primoz Kordez - Token model expert) TGE February, 2018 - TGE - Round A of Funding (First round of token distribution event will take place) Q1 - Q2 2018 - Quarter 1 - Smart contracts implementation - Futourist will issue its FTR tokens - Backend planning, technology research, design - Front-end design - Legal - clarifying the leftover issues Q3 2018 - Quarter 2 - Futourist backend implementation - OpenHours full front-end redesign - Connecting OpenHours to Futourist’s reward distribution backend - Partners for pilot contests and o­ers on Futourist are selected - Influencer partnerships forming - Testing of Futourist alpha version Q1 - Q2 2018 - Quarter 3 - Front-end UX optimization - Pre-release testing - Futourist goes public Q3 2018 - Quarter 4 - Front-end UX optimization - Pre-release testing - Futourist goes public 2019 - First pilot contests take place - Marketing - Futourist begins global expansion - Testing of Futourist token debit card with selected users - Adding new services and functionalities (optional) B round of investment after Futourist platform proves its concept TEAM Žiga Lukša - CEO & Co-founder Nino Kutnjak - CTO & Co-founder Arne Žabkar - COO & Co-founder Simon Bohlin - Full Stack Developer Gorazd Rajar - Product & Gamification Sean Timmins - Full Stack Developer Maja Fister - Head of Communications Anja Kohek - Graphic/Web Designer FIELD EXPERTS Primož Kordež - Blockchain Token Model Advisor Michael Amy - Former AI Consultant for the UN World food programme Ram Dušić Hren - Applied Mathematics ADVISORS Tim M. Zagar - Co-founder & CEO – ICONOMI Alexander Vasylchenko, PhD - Co-founder & CEO – Sofitto, Former CTO - Mycelium Zenel Batagelj - Strategy advisor – ICONOMI, Team strategy - Cofound.it For more information about our unique project and to connect with other participants across the globe, please feel free to click on any of the following links; ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2759809.0 Website: https://futourist.io/ Telegram: https://t.me/futouristio Twitter: https://twitter.com/futouristinfo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/futourist.io/ Whitepaper: https://futourist.io/whitepaper Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1344011 Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838
  13. The illegal online Gaming and Betting market is globally estimated around $200 - $400 billion annually, which is 4 to 10 times the size of the legal market at $45.86 billion in 2016. The Gaming and Betting industry is plagued with trust issues which hesitates people from transacting. This has attracted governments regulation and taxation attempt to the industry. For this reason, blockchain’s decentralization and transaction immutability has been presented to revolutionize the industry by compelling reprobate and secretive online casinos to make their operations legitimate. Gron Digital, whose founders are veterans of the gaming industry, will be the first to uniquely use Smart Contracts (Ethereum smart contract) across the gaming value chain thereby ensuring that useful data is put together and stored for a better understanding of the gaming and betting market as well as its drivers. Gron Digital is trusted, and is established in the gaming and betting sector with successful products and solutions in its history. The Gron Digital innovation therefore means automatic transactions between parties under predetermined rules that can’t be exploited, as well as real-time transactions recording with metadata that records parameters that are related to the transacting parties so as to create a database of the counterparties to the transactions, and their actions, thereby addressing the fraud concerns of hesitant players. The created database will be important in the design of a robust affiliate/loyalty scheme within the GRO token community, and will also be a highly valuable resource for target market understanding by operators and suppliers. Gron Digital will have an edge over its competitors with this database as it will help them refine their service offering based on user demographics and statistics, and also give them a revenue stream that is sustainable. Essentially, Gron Digital will improve the modes of doing business in the gaming and betting industry, thereby making them more secure, efficient and accessible to game providers. PROBLEM OF PLAYERS AND ITS SOLUTION The major problem that hampers the Gaming and Betting industry is that of trust. To tackle this, blockchain technology was introduced. However, so many existing service providers migrated into the technology and there wasn’t enough capacity among gaming platforms to handle it. This gave Gron Digital the understanding that more than one blockchain platform is needed for the system to be a success, as there will be more than enough business to go around, thereby making blockchain gaming platforms to experience a boom in the medium term. These technological interventions are referred to by Gron Digital as Generic Player Solutions Package (GSPS). Addedly, Gron Digital will offer a Specific Player Solutions Package (SPSP), a unique set of solutions and improvements. GRON DIGITAL ECONOMICS Gron Digital digital currency -GRO, has 3 main functions (Currency, Utility, and Investment). The GRO will be used to make transactions and provide services. The GRO utility token will allow individuals and organizations to play available games on the Gron Digital platform, as well as place bets with a sportsbook or play the lottery. Gron Digital participants will also earn GRO as rewards for their services on the platform, and all potential winnings will be paid out in GRO. Fees will be derived from Service Level Agreements between parties and charged regularly at intervals. Note that Gron Digital will earn fees through the following ways: · Continuous support improvements to the protocol · Development of modules and tools for Dapps · Network-wide services (results, odds, RNG etc.) · Partnerships and alliances within the Loyalty and Affiliate Programme · Subscription to the AI and database · GRO token appreciation due to increased scarcity over time · Revenue sharing from games supplied by Gron Digital subsidiaries GRON DIGITAL ICO The Gron Digital ICO will start on 15th March 2018, with 950 million GRO utility tokens expected to be issued on demand in both Pre-ICO and ICO phases. Pre-ICO will run for 49 days, and thereafter, 4 rounds of ICO lasting 14 days each will commence. 570 million GRO will be set aside specially for the Gron Digital Pre-ICO and ICO for public participation, and are issued by GRO.sol contract. The ICO will close after the 4 rounds or when the 570 million tokens are sold. The soft cap of the ICO is US$1.1 million, while the hardcap is US$8.5 million. Tokens will be sold at a price of 1 ETH to 10,000 GRO, and early adopters will have a discount. ISSUANCE DISCOUNTS AND TIMETABLE Pre-ICO 14,000 GRO will be sold for 1 ETH, this includes the 40% bonus allocation to participants in this round. The round will run for forty-nine days or until the ceiling is reached. The team has made significant progress in allocating these tokens to industry players, alliance partners and platform users. Revision: Now Sold Out - $1,2 million raised First Round 13,000 GRO will be sold for 1 ETH, this includes the 30% bonus allocation to participants in this round. The round will run for fourteen days or until the ceiling is reached Second Round 12,000 GRO will be sold for 1 ETH, this includes the 20% bonus allocation to participants in this round. The round will run for fourteen days or until the ceiling is reached Third Round 11,000 GRO will be sold for 1 ETH, this includes the 10% bonus allocation to participants in this round. The round will run for fourteen days or until the ceiling is reached Fourth Round 10,000 GRO will be sold for 1 ETH. This round will run for fourteen days or until the ceiling is reached TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 60% - Public Token Sale 16% - Initial Bank Roll 12% - Team Incentives & Bonuses 12% - Founders FUND ALLOCATION 50% - Software Development 15% - Operations 15% - Advisors 10% - Marketing 5% - Legal Framework & Finance 5% - Contingencies ROADMAP 2012 - Server Based Casino Games Platform was Launched in the South American land-based market. 158 Video Slots and 12 Table Games 2014 - Gambling Manufacturer’s License was issued by Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board - Sports Betting License was issued by Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board - Betfinity Wagering Record System was certified by BMM Gaming Testlab - The Letter of Compliance was issued by the SA Gaming Authorities - Betting and Lotto Platform was Launched 2016 - Blockchain and Smart Contracts were identified as most suitable and logical approach in Gambling and Betting - R&D Blockchain application in gaming - Sports Betting and Lotto prototypes were developed Q2 2017 - The decision to ICO was taken. Preparation for ICO Q3 2017 - Consulting with advisors and legal team Q1 2018 - Pre-ICO starts 9 January 2018 - ICO starts 15 March 2018 - Development of Gron Digital Platform Q2 2018 - Implementation of existing Sports Betting Application on Gron Digital Platform, where GRO is the utility token - MVP of mobile and desktop Sports Betting Applications - Application for Regulators to access and audit all gaming transactions. Provide mechanism for issuing and verification of Licenses - Listing GRO on Major Exchanges - Results Providers Integration - Referrals and Affiliates Program Q3 2018 - MVP of mobile and desktop Game of Skills - MVP of mobile and desktop Lottery Application Q4 2018 - Desktop Casino Application. 20+ Video Slots, 4 Video Poker, Roulette, Black Jack, Texas Hold’em, Baccarat TEAM Tebogo Makamo – CEO Dmitry Oberzhitsky – COO Alex Braude – CTO ADVISORS Andre Wilsenach - Executive Director of International Centre for Gaming Regulation, University of Nevada Walter Staffetius CA(SA) - South African Chartered Accountant Lucien Wijsman – Games of Chance Operating Expert Igor Samardziski – Founder & CEO, Nexus Gaming Intelligence Alphaeus Matsebula – Business Technology Leader Rossouw Lubbe – Co-Founder, AG Consulting Alicia Gibson - Co-Founder, AG Consulting For more information about our unique project and to connect with other participants across the globe, please feel free to click on any of the following links; ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2758561 Website: https://grondigital.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/grondigital Twitter: https://twitter.com/GronDigital Whitepaper: https://grondigital.com/files/whitepaper.pdf Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1344011 Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838
  14. Today, access to real-time information is very crucial for the growth and sustainability of modern companies. These informations are gotten from real-time data and as such there is increasing need for companies to be data-driven. Usually, data comes through external data feeds (API’s). However, with the enormous amount of data that exist in real world, most of them cannot be captured and turned into real-time API. Even in our daily activities, we often have access to huge amounts of data that never gets used and can’t be monetized, possibly because they are often unreliable and unverified due to their reliance on a single source that is highly prone to errors. Moreover, single companies tightly control almost all existing real-world data API’s, and these companies have total control over these data and their prices, meaning that considerable margins are included in the prices without a guarantee on its safety and integrity, e.g. sports data API which can cost over hundreds of thousands of dollars for a sport per season. These all lead to an issue where modern companies demand cheap reliable data feeds, yet smartphone owners who are over 2 billion in numbers globally and can easily access a significant part of this data, can’t provide and monetize data. For this reason, Eventum, an open-sourced, extensible platform with an easy-to-use API interface and flexible SDK, has been created. Essentially, Eventum is a decentralized platform where data can be sourced directly from the crowd and turned automatically into a real-time API. The Eventum platform helps eliminate third-party, data bias and single point failure, thereby allowing developers get any real-world, verified data in an API form. On Eventum, reporters will get paid for what they see and experience, and developers can get whatever data they want at a reliable and cheaper rate, with Ethereum, Swarm, and Whisper all used to ensure a secure and fair funding system via their asymmetric cryptography and blockchain solutions. Note that there are zero fees and margins on the price of data, as it is controlled by free market economy. The Eventum platform is just a win-win for modern companies and individuals, as real-time, verified data can be gotten by modern companies, while just any smartphone owner can earn income from what they see, do and experience, via an agreement with the majority of other reporters. ARCHITECTURAL OVERVIEW AND WORKABILITY OF EVENTUM Firstly, Eventum based on the blockchain technology (for fairness and security) and a decentralized reporting network and validation nodes (for real-time speed), consists of 3 layers; · Core layer · Services layer · Application layer The decentralized network of nodes, and blockchain technology are both tightly integrated into these 3 layers, and the Alpha version of Eventum currently is based on Ethereum smart contracts. Also, it should be noted that Eventum does not enforce any authentication other than the private/public key that is associated with each node. Providers of data access valuable data and reports it to the Eventum validation nodes through a mobile/desktop app. The validation nodes then wait for a consensus to be reached on the data before it gets sent to the developer in a real-time API form. Rewards are locked in a smart contract by the developer, and is shared and given to providers of data that were part of the consensus. Note that rewards are split in the same speed at which the data was provided in the first place. BASIC TYPES OF DATA · integer - Integers with at least 32 bits of precision · boolean - the type of the built-in values True and False. Useful in conditional expressions, and anywhere else you want to represent the truth or falsity of some condition · categorical - a value that holds one or more (fixed) basic data types. At least one of the values needs to have a value · string - case-insensitive string · float - floating-point numbers, equivalent to C doubles JOINING THE DATA FEED Eventum’s in-built push notifications system allows data providers to discover new markets if they subscribe to certain developers, topics or categories. Data providers can also search and filter for specific data types, events, names, dates and locations. Based on the importance of pricing, data providers are shown the current average reward and minimum average reward. The current average reward is the average reward that data providers will receive if no one else joins the market, while the minimum reward is the average reward that data providers will receive if the maximum number of people join the market. Rewards are proportionately assigned based on data reporting speed so rewards can be higher or lower. REVIEW SYSTEM On Eventum, a set of AI algorithm tries recognizing deceitful behaviors and asks random users in the system to confirm the outcome of the suspicion before the dispute deadline, thereby eliminating the market entry chances of fraudulent data providers. EVENTUM TOKEN MODEL Eventum token (EVT) is a means for validation nodes to earn fees for capturing, processing and delivering data correctly. They can also be as staking mechanism, reputation system, for disputes and governance. Eventum tokens will have an unchangeable total supply, and will all be minted and distributed in the token generation event (TGE). Based on the amount of validated data, Eventum platform users that create markets are charged a fee, and these fees are paid in EVT and other ERC20 tokens. ERC20 tokens will be exchanged automatically to EVT on decentralized exchanges so as to incentivize the use of EVT tokens as well as ensure that validation nodes are paid in EVT consistently. EVENTUM TOKEN Total token supply: 500,000,000 EVT Minimum target (soft cap): 1,159 ETH Total target (hard cap): 18,539 ETH Price: 1 EVT = 0.00007416 ETH Team’s vesting: 3 years TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 2% - Bounty 8% - Advisors, Influencers, and token sale cost 8% - Partnerships 10% - Future financing 12% - Funding team 10% - Ecosystem fund 50% - Token sale FUND ALLOCATION 20% - Marketing & Communications 10% - Legal 10% - Operations 10% - Education, Research and Miscellaneous 50% - Core development ROADMAP 2017 May - Concept and feasibility study July - Pre-alpha test September - Consensus protocol tested on validation nodes November - Whitepaper release and Alpha version deployed on test network December - Multiple rounds of external beta testing 2018 Q1 – Alpha validation nodes released to public - Web reporting interface launched Q2 – (Full public beta version on test network) - 1st part of the community voted markets launched on test network Q3 – Beta mobile clients released - 2nd part of the community voted markets launched on test network Q4 – (Official public launch on main network) - Mobile clients and SDK released TEAM Martin Mikeln - Co-Founder Luka Perović - Co-Founder Jan Horvat - Team Lead/Developer Irenej Marc - Blockchain Developer Krištof Črnivec - Blockchain Developer Beno Rudolf - Developer Matic Konjar - Marketing/Community Manager Janže Račečič - UX Designer Peter Jamnik - Data Scientist ADVISORS Nicholas Bartlet - Business Development & Fintech Advisor Niko Klanšek - Strategy Advisor & Crowdsourcing Expert Jason Warren - Advisor for Scientific & Medical Partnerships Julien Coustaury - Business Development & Investments Advisor PARTNERS D.Labs For more information about our unique project and to connect with other participants across the globe, please feel free to click on any of the following links; ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2992193.0 Website: https://eventum.network/ Telegram: http://t.me/eventum_network Twitter: https://twitter.com/eventum_network Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EventumNetwork Whitepaper: https://eventum.network/Eventum-whitepaper.pdf Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1344011 Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838
  15. The new innovation that has evolved the financial industry -Blockchain, alongside Bitcoin which is the first cryptocurrency, has both allowed people all over the world to make transactions that include money transfer, trading and making payments for shopping, within a decentralized peer-to-peer network, thereby transcending existing financial transaction barriers. However, even within these new innovations, there is still a huge amount of reliance on third-parties to carry out everyday financial activities. We think that this defies the very essence of the blockchain and cryptocurrency innovations and as such, the Cointed platform has been created to enable people move freely between fiat and cryptocurrencies online, in a manner that is secure, fast, and affordable. The global financial industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry and it is estimated that revenues from cross-boarder payments globally will reach 5 trillion dollars by the year 2025. For Cointed to achieve its goals, it already has Multi-Cryptocurrency ATM’s installed in 70 locations across 4 European countries, and on a weekly basis new locations are added. Cointed has two types of ATM models that enable its adaptation to various market situations. Cointed’s compact one-way ATM allows customers to purchase various crypto currencies, while its two-way ATM offer the option to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money. Cointed’s ATM’s will soon have NFC support for digital payments. Note that Cointed’s ATM’s are of very high safety standards and quality and require very little maintenance. Mobile hardware solutions are also offered by Cointed. Cointed also has a cryptocurrency card which will be usable worldwide and delivered for free in a standard way, or delivered expressly for a small fee. The crypto card can be used to make payments in stores as well as online, and can also be used on ATM’s that accept Visa. Cointed will also be introducing a cryptocurrency debit card in the second quarter of 2018. It is worthy to note that the first 1000 ICO participants that invest a minimum of 20 ETH will receive a free Cointed Limited Card. Cointed actively has 15 thousand customers in its cryptocurrency exchange and also plans to improve on it by adding options like a customizable interface which will enable advanced users to modify the platform according to their personal needs and preferences. Cointed also plans to introduce an online wallet support for additional cryptocurrencies as well as other tradeable cryptos. It will soon begin the development of an iOS and Android smartphone apps for the exchange, which will be delivered by mid-2018. Leveraging PayCo’s unique payment interface, merchants anywhere in the world can accept a variety of cryptocurrencies. COINTED’S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE · Low service cost · Reduced risk · Wider client base for merchants · An opportunity for ICO investors to fund a project with real value COINTED’S MARKETING PLAN Cointed’s marketing plan will involve the following, · Influencers & Word-of-Mouth · Events & Partnerships · SEO & Content Marketing · Social Media & Online Advertising · Email Marketing · Traditional Media · Affiliate Systems COINTED’S ICO TOKEN PRICES Token buyers will receive the following amount of tokens in the phases per ETH: TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 76% - Token buyers 20% - Token owner 4% - Campaign FUND USE 30% - Development 30% - Manpower 25% - Marketing 15% - Licensing and partnerships BENEFITS OF COINTED TOKEN OPTIONS FOR REFUND · Full refund - a token purchase after the completion of ICO · Partial Refund – attempted token purchase at the end of a phase which might be partially refunded, for funds that exceed the phase limit Note that refunds must be withdrawn using the withdraw function. HISTORY OF COINTED ROADMAP TEAM Aches Wong - General Manager, Co-Founder Wolfgang Thaler - Assistant Manager, HK Co-Founder Albert Sperl - Head of Marketing Vadim Konstantinov - Software Developer Marianne Knöbl - Financial Controller Günter Ederegger - Office Assistant Jerry Ng Chien - Regional Manager, Co-Founder Christopher Rieder - Assistant Manager HK, Co-Founder Robert Velik - Head of Sales Annekatrien Reichel - Junior Art Director Christian Gründler - Office Assistant Willi Tykalsky – Support Team Daniil Orlov - Assistant Manager HK Co-Founder Jimi Aho – Assistant Manager Ivan Prosenik – Head of Engineering Aleksander Savic – ATM Technician Marion Fiala – Secretary Vienna Charli Aho - Assistant Manager HK, Co-Founder Eduard Orloff - CEO / Co-Founder, Swiss & Poland Thomas Moritz - Chief Software Developer Andreas Fleischmann – ATM Sales Manager Tricia Nikolaiczek – Secretary Kufstein ADVISORS Deloitte Karthik Iyer – Blockchain and Fintech For more information about our unique project and to connect with other participants around the globe, please feel free to click on any of the following links: ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2286053.0 Website: http://cointedtoken.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/cointedtoken Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cointed_ICO Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CointedICO Whitepaper: http://cointedtoken.com/COINTED_Whitepaper.pdf Published by: charleyles Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1344011 Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838