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  1. China's Official Government Auditor Is Looking at Blockchain Solutions. China's National Audit Office thinks blockchain streamline its data storage operations.
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  5. Down Not Out: Revived Tezos Team Predicts Mega-ICO Will Launch In 2018. Tezos, the blockchain project backed by the largest ever initial coin offering (ICO) at the time of its 2017 launch, hasn't exactly been able to translate its hype into success as yet. Hamstrung by series of legal woes, the open-source software, designed for blockchain governance, has spent months ironically held back by real-world challenges similar in spirit to those it was designed to overcome digitally. But after a whirlwind transition at the non-profit that oversees the software, the protocols creators and investors are moving swiftly toward a beta and a formal release. Outstanding issues remain, mostly of a legal and bureaucratic nature, but those involved say the technology is taking strides toward going live.
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  8. $10K Test? Bitcoin Price Hits 4-Week High As Altcoins Shine.Bitcoin hit four-week highs in Asian hours but continues to underperform when compared to alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins).Having scaled a long-term bearish trendline, the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization rose to $9,021 at 07:30 UTC - the highest level since March 22, according to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index (BPI).As of writing, bitcoin (BTC) is changing hands at $8,700 - up 34 percent from the April 1 lows below $6,450. The market capitalization hit a one-month high of $152 billion earlier today and was last seen at $148 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.
  9. Bitcoin Resistance Rises to $8,460 After Unconvincing Breakout.Bitcoin (BTC) saw small gains last night, but the weak move did little to further the bull case.The target resistance level to beat yesterday (long-term descending trendline) was $8,285. A high volume close (as per UTC) above that mark would have signaled a long-term bullish trend reversal.The daily chart below shows bitcoin closed yesterday at $8,273 on Bitfinex, meaning the breakout remained elusive. However, a new 24-hour candle (as per UTC) opened above the descending trendline support (seen today at $8,230), creating a false picture of a bullish breakout.
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  14. The New Last-Ditch Effort to Unfreeze a $260 Million Ethereum Fortune."The least evil."That's how one ethereum user described the latest effort to recover $264 million in cryptocurrency lost due to a code fault in a popular ethereum wallet. But while the recovery efforts that have proliferated since the November incident have been so far shunned, a new effort, now documented in code, aims for a simpler and less invasive way to implement the fix.Stepping back, in November, the code library associated with U.K. startup Parity's multi-sig wallet was deleted by a pseudonymous hacker who "accidentally" exploited a function called "self-destruct." In the fallout, Parity proposed a modification to the ethereum software whereby the self-destruct mechanism would lose its functionality, but the proposal was found to contain significant security risks.This new proposal, published on April 15 by Parity Technologies communications officer Afri Schoeden, suggests simply restoring the lost wallet library with a version of the code that does not contain a self-destruct function.Users would be able to regain access to their funds, and on top of that, the new code would protect Parity from similar exploits going forward. As such, the new proposal sends a clear message - when it comes to fund recovery, some developers have no intention of giving up the fight."I think simply recovering funds is both more technically sound and more honest than the original proposal to modify the self-destruct opcode," ethereum core developer Nick Johnson told CoinDesk.
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