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  1. If you are a member of the Karate community then you will be able to register with the help of BoutsPro coin. This will also allow you to get all the training as well as the educational support that you require. There will also be an online system that will have all the important information as well as the rankings. How does BoutsPro help in simplifying the entire process? BoutsPro makes use of the Blockchain technology and it helps in attracting the attention of people and tries to create an interest in this sport. They are therefore going to launch new tokens that are known as Bouts. These Bouts can be used by people within as well as outside the community. With these tokens, the people will be able to trade with a much lesser amount of risk. It thus reduces complexity and makes trading a much simpler process. BoutsPro helps you to get rewards in Karate If you excel in Karate then BoutsPro cryptocurrency is made for you. When you get a reward you can convert these tokens in local currency on exchanges at a later stage. You can do a lot of things with these tokens. If you want you even buy online tickets with these tokens. BoutsPro ICO has been able to bring about some positive changes in the field of karate. If you become a member of the karate community then you will surely be able to enjoy the benefits.