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  1. Presshy

    Top Altc-Coins 2018

    DIMCOIN is a great coin and it has great potential, I think these coin will have a great 2018. Read more about it on dimcoin.io
  2. I believe in many coins but I have the best two coin that is XEM and DIMCOIN. The potential that I see in these two coins have a bright future I must say. check this out dimcoin.io
  3. Presshy

    The future f DIMCOIN

    I want to share with you about this coin called DIMCOIN. I recently found out about them, so I decided to check their social media platforms, https://www.facebook.com/DIMCOINICO/ , https://twitter.com/DIMCOIN_/ , https://t.me/dimcoinICO , for mo0re information check the website dimcoin.io. I am telling this project is going to be in the future a lot is mentioned in the whitepaper. I decided to purchase 50 000 DIMCOIN from this exchange that they are listed on https://exrates.me/dashboard