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  1. I believe that today everyone is aware of Youtube, which is the most popular video entertainment channel in the world, it not only brings joy to half of users but also brings huge income. for the other half. In 2017, people nicknamed DanTDM (with 16 million subscribers and more than 10 billion views) earned £ 12.3 million ($ 16.4 million) or PewDiePie a gamer earned more than $ 10 million dollars from Youtube. This proves the great potential that this entertainment brings. There are quite a few online competitors that try to encroach on the market, but most of them are not optimized and are left out of the race. However, "Slate" will provide you with a perfect upgrade in the video entertainment system. More evidences, we will consider Youtube has profitable more than $ 10 billion in 2017 and grow more than 40% a year or Netflix with approximate profit. It represents the world's interest in this modern form of entertainment. SLATE introduced the nice upgrade SLATE is a blockchain-based entertainment utility protocol powered by a cryptographically secure multilayered network. The decentralized system will deliver low-cost, high-speed, high-definition video globally and facilitate live event ticketing on the blockchain. Consumers will be able to spend SLATE cryptocurrency (SLX) on some of the best entertainment the world has to offer. The use of SLATE enables fair and transparent compensation between creators, producers, and distributors. Creators are compensated fairly and consumers get higher quality entertainment. Tickets purchased with SLATE will be forgery-resistant, virtually eliminating fraud. Service providers holding SLX can earn even more by storing and delivering content. Power imbalance. It is the imbalance between producers and suppliers, the content creators are the lifeblood of the film industry. Often considered contradictory between creativity and commerce, they are hailed as being created, demonized when paid. Slate may believe that money should never be the driving force for creators so money should never dominate the negotiations. Theoretically based on the false premise that all creators are passionate about art, and therefore not money. Regardless of motivation, creators must be compensated for the value they create. Unfortunately, when negotiating distribution agreements with leading SVOD providers, most creators have little bargaining power. Sometimes they are forced to accept less favorable terms of payment and ownership. For example, terms of payment may be extended from 12 to 48 months - a worrying practice that will reduce the cash flow of most mature businesses. When you consider aggressive acquisition strategies, the high cost of centralized service and the inequitable treatment of creators, the future for leading SVOD providers could be turbulent. Unfortunately, the collateral damage would be consumers and creators. Consider what would happen if the current SVOD model proved unsustainable. Corrective measures could include the execution of evenmore lop-sided agreements with creators, and increases to monthly subscription fees that would eventually test consumer tolerance thresholds. Slate solutions and practical products In our platform, an application that appears to be used to solve community problems, Binge is a subscription-based online media provider with high quality original video content. . The hinge is intended to be the first extensive commercial platform to use the scaled-down journaling technology to provide the power of Blockchain Video on Demand (BVOD). Holders of token blocking will use this platform exclusively. The hinge is being developed to provide complete transparency and fair compensation to content creators, including the use of real-time billing - eventually turning into better content for consumers. The no geographical user limit; significantly reduce content copyright infringement; and significantly lower subscription and fee rates Binge BVOD platform strategy includes three non-advertising channels. The token slate will be the exclusive payment method for subscription and pay-per-view services across all channels. There are four main goals that I believe are the reason for Binge's introduction. They want a clean environment, providing a quality service at an affordable price, without geographical limitations. and significantly reduce piracy. Where is Blockchain in the ecosystem of Slate The Slate protocol is an open-source codebase that builds upon the developments of DASH, PIVX, and LBRY. SlateChain makes three key adaptations to these established protocols that collectively will optimize Slate for both blockchain based streaming service and ticketing functionality. SlateChain is a Proof of Stake (PoS) system, not a Proof of Work (PoW) system, thereby reducing the environmental impact, and opening up the possibility of strategically-aligned incentives for network participation. An incentivized second layer network of “Service Nodes” maintains network storage of on-demand media so that it is ready for reliable streaming. Service Node operators must invest in the Slate network and maintain reliable service in order to earn network rewards (Proof of Service). A pre-determined number of Slate tokens must be owned and committed to the network as temporary collateral during a term of service. In exchange for contributing to reliable and efficient processing, storage, and content delivery by the Slate network, Service Node operators will be rewarded with more Slate. Finally, tokens and smart contracts will be available on the Slate blockchain, enabling the creation of an advanced ticketing and rating systems. The Service Node layer is incentivized to validate Slatix tickets and to execute event smart contracts automatically. Traditional SVOD leaders have paved the way for the next generation of streaming video platforms. As evidenced by the erosion of the traditional pay TV markets (cable TV, satellite), SVOD is a sizeable growth market with significant room for improvement. With decentralization as a primary pillar, the Slate Ecosystem will strive to exploit the positive effect that blockchain technology can have on the entertainment industry. Although the core business principle of profitability will still be a key objective, the equitable distribution of those profits will be the industry differentiator. John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods stated that "Just as people cannot live without eating, a business cannot live without profits. But most people don’t live to eat, and neither must businesses live just to make profits." The SEG tenet remains that greatest content in the world. Once you have the content, you will be rewarded with subscribers. I appreciate the potential that this project brings, in the next article I will analyze more about the project. And if you are interested in the project please join the link below. Website: https://slate.io/ WWhitepaper: https://slate.io/Slate_Whitepaper.pdf Twiter: https://twitter.com/slatecurrency Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slatecurrency Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/slatecurrency/ Telegram: https://t.me/Slate — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
  2. Technology often changes the way the market operates. Not different from blockchain technology. Platforms such as Profede's plan to change the way markets operate and overcome the inherent problems in our current model. Profede is a decentralized protocol that can be used by companies to collect data on the professional behavior of the people. This project is designed to eliminate the need for intermediary services, which makes hiring process more difficult and costly. According to the developers of Profede, the services of such personnel agencies are not effective. The company-developed solution is the platform that aims to create a decentralized, professional ecosystem that can compensate users for providing their data without the use of intermediaries. Blockchain technology allows such platforms as it can protect professional data while still ensuring accuracy. The author of this company is Juan Imaz (CEO), a successful entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in online marketing and online marketing. The principle of the foundation The work of the Profede service is based on the Ethereum block system. This means it works close to Ethereum blockbuster and uses its technology to check all the information passing through Profede. All transactions and data exchange on this platform are due to the intelligent contract. The main objective of the Profede project is to help both sides of the labor market. Companies will receive a full and qualitative report on the opportunities for their development of their prospects, and professionals will be able to sell their personal information. Using this platform, you will not only be able to make a profit by providing information about your profile, but you can also have more opportunities to work. You can also use the platform for social sales. If you have the product or service you want to sell, you can use Profede to access relevant profiles and verify your product by the community. This is a good opportunity to advertise your product. Why should someone join Profede? Profede Professional Protocol will allow businesses to make the appropriate payment for an expert's data regardless of the platform on which the person's information is located. Intermediation is eliminated and interaction is facilitated by the network itself. Instead of paying any intermediaries, businesses will automatically offer customized incentives directly to professionals based on their feedback ratings and profiles through a decentralized application. Profede's professional protocol allows direct interaction between businesses and professionals with no professional need. Decentralization and blockchain are opening the door and empowering professionals, businesses and investors in a number of different ways. With valuable data for companies, blockchain can act as a catalyst not only to protect our information but also a valuable asset in the future of data sharing and investment. One example is Make Money. Experts can use this app to make digital money by answering emails and completing tasks. It is a unique concept that allows professionals to be compensated in exchange for their data. Indorse is a professional gradation network. You can show off your skills, get certified by specialists, and receive rewards. The company brings value to the professionals by making the data valuable. It's a distributed network like Linkedin. Dock is a decentralized protocol that allows people to connect their profiles, reputation and experiences on the web with privacy and security. In this case, the professionals are not rewarded so the experts are out of the benefits equation. Profede is a unique value proposition. It's not an application like Sword or Indorse, and it's a protocol like Dock, instead experts are at the center of the benefits equation. It is a blockchain protocol that provides power to the professional user. This protocol allows businesses and professionals to create direct connections. Experts control their personal data and get paid every time businesses use it to provide them with a job, a business proposal or a commercial proposal. The protocol will be accepted by thousands of small and medium applications and millions of users. BeBee - a professional network of 12 million professional users - will be the first to adopt the Profede Protocol. PATO code The information added to the network experts is very valuable to companies looking for candidates and for professionals who have the opportunity to participate in new business opportunities. Experts make their personal data - including their contact details available to companies interested in hiring them to be rewarded. The reward will come in the form of a token, known as Professional Activity Code (PATO), and it will be both experts and businesses that have control over this currency. In addition to acting as a reward system to unblock personal data of professionals, PATO can be exchanged for other services provided by various organizations using the protocol, such as translation recruitment for companies, data analysis services and many other services. These PATO codes will make it easy for hiring and selling societies to migrate from becoming major social networks and job portals owned by professionals and businesses. More information: Website: https://profede.com/ Whitepaper: https://profede.com/profede-whitepaper Faceboo k: https://www.facebook.com/Profede-1995494504108926/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProfedeOfficial Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AFpTXgkzZZjESOaSB1wRCQ Author: hohuan101 BCT Url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1036853
  3. Hello friends. In some old posts, I introduced you to the CGCX project, how the project works, the strengths and weaknesses of the project, and how to develop it. Today I want to talk more specifically about how CGCX protects their transactions, transactions that are considered absolutely safe. Of course there will be new readers who will not be able to view my content, I hope you spend some time reviewing the old posts or I will briefly discuss the purpose of the project. What is this project? CGCX strives to create a large economy that can potentially promote the massive adoption of electronic money. Project developers have developed comprehensive approaches that can lay the foundation for a robust e-money user community, including, but not limited to, companies, startups, translators, buyers and sellers. The research team at CGCX has developed this platform to meet the growing demand from mainstream traders and investors. They believe the ease of completing the transaction, along with the reliability and security of the platform, will expand the acceptance and use of electronic money daily. CGCX aims to expand rapidly, with plans to expand to specific areas, and eventually to become a worldwide entity. Their sophisticated, advanced, advanced cryptography platform will debut in Singapore, as the first step in their long journey to become a global leader in cryptographic and cryptographic solutions. blockchain. Smart contracts are making operations easier in just about every industry Although it may be a fairly new technology that is still developing, smart contracts are already having an impact for early adopters. Here’s how smart contracts are making life better for CMOs. What are Smart Contracts? Like traditional contracts, smart contracts set forth terms in which you or another party promises to exchange money or anything else of value in a clear-cut and legally enforceable way. Unlike typical contracts, though, smart contracts can manage themselves and execute the terms of the deal automatically. This is made possible by blockchain technology. The folks at Blockgeeks have a great analogy for describing how smart contracts work. The best way to describe smart contracts is to compare the technology to a vending machine. Ordinarily, you would go to a lawyer or a notary, pay them, and wait while you get the document. With smart contracts, you simply drop a bitcoin into the vending machine (i.e. ledger), and your escrow, driver’s license, or whatever drops into your account. More so, smart contracts not only define the rules and penalties around an agreement in the same way that a traditional contract does, but also automatically enforce those obligations." Once signed, the digital contract will be able to manage itself. It can carry out the terms of the agreement on a regular basis and can even automatically pull and transfer money to payees. It can automatically impose penalty fees if the contract is violated, and one of the biggest benefits is that they’re just as easy to draft as traditional contracts, and existing contracts can even be converted into smart contracts. The technology has a lot of different applications and marketing is no exception. As a CMO, smart contracts can make your work easier by taking over the task of managing the many contracts you have with vendors and freelancers. “Ultimately, smart contracts will save you a lot of time and energy and allow you focus on things that are more important,” says Anand Swami, CEO of CGCX. How Will Smart Contracts Affect CMOs? Contracts with vendors and freelancers will be more secure. In general, contracts are confidential documents meant only for the parties who enter into the agreement. Some contracts, however, are more sensitive than others. Whether they disclose trade secrets, proprietary information, or other information that is need-to-know only, it’s important to keep these documents protected, so they don’t fall into the wrong hands. Many contracts and other documents are stored electronically; although it’s much easier and can be more secure than paper files, there’s always the risk of a hack or data breach that could compromise files, including contracts. But thanks to blockchain, smart contracts are much more secure. Blockchain encrypts and stores data within itself, making it much more difficult to hack, and transactions recorded on the network cannot be changed or altered. Vitali Prymak, CEO of Central Park Tours believes this is a huge differentiator. "By using smart contracts even if there is a hack or data breach you know your contracts with your vendors and freelancers will be secure and remain confidential.” Yes ... Even if the idea of the foundation is good, the first thing is to protect the safety of the user. Smart contract is a "smart" option. If interested in the project, please go to the links below to get acquainted with CGCX. Website: https://www.cgcx.io/ Whitepaper: https://www.cgcx.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Whitepaper.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CGCXofficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CGCXofficial Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cgcxofficial Author: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
  4. Nowadays browsing the internet is such an annoying thing because of advertisement. We all feel that ads become more and more intrusive and eating up our bandwidth. This situation is inevitable because publishers and web operators need revenues from ads to keep their websites running. Sadly, the big corporations take too much cut from the partners and leaving them eating dust and scraps. Web operators cannot solve this ads problem until a brilliant team of developers devises a business model to monetize web contents without involving ads. The decentralized platform uses a digital asset called an online token or OIO. The OIO token is intended to "open the internet from ads", according to the official website, while removing malware and tracking software. The end result is an enjoyable and safer browsing experience, which benefits both site operators and end users. OIO wants to get rid of the computer screen. The ultimate goal is to provide the best user experience for everyone. For users: They can eliminate the annoyance by unrelated ads being displayed in full screen. Worse ... they could be tricked by ads coming from fraudsters. For content creators: I believe their fear is that when working with dishonest partners in payment, they can now directly create the product and deliver it to the end user. Malicious software is an application that was created for a particular bad purpose. Most existing applications are created for common purposes while some applications have hidden features which are not doing what is assumed, but in fact, their purpose is to find, steal or destroy files, track any data or just annoy the user. This started a long time ago: the first computer virus was called Elk Cloner and was first discovered on a Mac in 1982. Over 10 years ago a new kind of malware appeared and it was called Adware. It was distributed through security holes in Windows XP and Internet Explorer. Adware can also utilize security holes in Java and Flash player or even in JavaScript. But why do developers create adware? The main reason is monetization, of course. Any Adware capable of embedding paid advertisements brings its owners huge income. This is really important, but OIO has their solution - Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET) With Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET) mechanism, publishers and web operators can monetize their contents based on how much time the users spent on their web pages. This concept is a win-win solution for end-users and web operators since both will get the benefit of ads removal. As a web operator, I know that revenue from ads is not fair compared to time and effort spent in creating, publishing, and maintaining a website. Web operators only receive payments when users click the ads (PPC). Even though there are other mechanisms, like pay per thousand impressions (PPM) or pay per views (PPV), but the amount is just too small compared to PPC, at least from small web operator perspective. To get the click needed, web operators tend to cheat subtly to encourage users to click the ads. With Online.io solution, operators don't have to bother with ads placement or some clickbait practice and still receive a fair amount of revenue. Meanwhile, as a user, I also know that these clickbait ads are annoying. To date, more and more ads are in a rich media format, which is distracting and slow to load. Sometimes ads also appear in the form of pop-up ads, and it's even more annoying because I must do actions, i.e., search for close button and then click to close it. I could use adblocker to block all incoming ads, but it will kill the web operators since they won't be able to pay for operational costs. With Online.io solution, I won't see the ads again but still support the web operators. How To Make Tokens Work Online? Online will use two tags, including OIO token and ICE token. Site owners deploying the Online.io protocol will need an OIO tokens to receive the ICE tokens. The ICE Token is sent to the site owner based on the time the customer spent on their site. The OIO card, meanwhile, is kept in an Ethereum smart contract. The ICE Token, meanwhile, is exploited by the site operator or by the OIO tokens holder using stock evidence (PoS). The main purpose of ICE is to facilitate micropayments on the online platform. Sellers are free to choose to pay by ICE with a 0% commission. Conclude Online aims to revolutionize the internet by creating a non-malware, ad-free browsing experience. Site owners can deploy the Online.io protocol to their websites, and then receive a token based on the quality time that users spend on their site. Users, meanwhile, can rank sites based on their quality. The beta version for Online.io is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2018. Meanwhile, the token offering will take place from June 15th to July 31st. To find out more about Online and future goals of the project please see the information here: Website: https://online.io/ Whitepaper: https://online.io/download/OIO-Whitepaper.pdf Facebook: https://twitter.com/OnlineIO_ Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/Online.io/ Telegram: https://t.me/OnlineIO Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/onlineio/ =================================================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
  5. If you don’t know what a leveraged financial product is and are falling asleep thinking about reading what they might be, wake up! I will keep it short and sweet (kinda) and explain why these crazy Wall Street contraptions absolutely DO affect you, no matter who you are. If you’ve seen The Big Short, then you’ve been exposed to the concept of leveraged financial products. It’s what Steve Carell’s character is discussing with an arrogant jackass in this scene. There are a number of reasons that the world economy was brought to its knees in 2008, and we’ll revisit the topic in future “Why Viva” articles, but leveraged products led the charge. Put not-so-simply, a leveraged financial product is any type of investment vehicle that gives a trader/investor greater “exposure” (read: RISK) to the underlying instrument without having to allocate additional money. Let's talk about decentralized finance and the benefits of the system. Viva is an innovative financial technology company that introduces large-scale decentralized mortgage financing to the world. The Viva platform will utilize smart contracts to crowdfund home loans, connecting borrowers and investors directly within a decentralized, trust-less ecosystem. By leveraging ultra-secure blockchain transactions, Viva cuts out the middlemen, resulting in a lending process that is more profitable and efficient for all parties. Viva enables the free market to determine the rate of interest on a borrower’s mortgage and removes the need for banks and other financial intermediaries. By eliminating inefficiencies in local financial systems, mortgage rates will more fairly and accurately reflect the level of risk associated with the asset’s true value. The failure of the banking system in 2008 yielded the world’s first ever cryptocurrency and began the process of decentralizing the power held by financial conglomerates. Viva intends to finish the job – by leaving the inefficient, centuries-old financing system where it truly belongs: in the past. Crowdfunding mortgages on the blockchain Viva uses a proprietary, smart contract powered, crowdlending technology that will enable homebuyers to obtain fiat-currency home loans. Borderless & decentralized home loan financing will eliminate the need to rely on middlemen like banks and other financial intermediaries. Viva creates a free market in the mortgage industry - reducing inefficiencies and allowing more affordable homeownership. For the first time, Viva will allow accredited private investors to own highly profitable, asset-backed Fractionalized Mortgage Shares (FMS). Also featuring innovative applications, designed to improve the current & outdated Property Appraisal and Credit Scoring processes. The revolution of mortgage financing is here. Viva is an innovative financial technology company that introduces large-scale decentralized mortgage financing to the world. The Viva platform will utilize smart contracts to crowdfund home loans, connecting borrowers and investors directly within a decentralized, trust-less ecosystem. By leveraging ultra-secure blockchain transactions, Viva cuts out the middlemen, resulting in a lending process that is more profitable and efficient for all parties. Viva enables the free market to determine the rate of interest on a borrower’s mortgage and removes the need for banks and other financial intermediaries. By eliminating inefficiencies in local financial systems, mortgage rates will more fairly and accurately reflect the level of risk associated with the asset’s true value. The failure of the banking system in 2008 yielded the world’s first ever cryptocurrency and began the process of decentralizing the power held by financial conglomerates. Viva intends to finish the job – by leaving the inefficient, centuries-old financing system where it truly belongs: in the past. Viva has appeared on a variety of news sites such as ccn.tokyo; investopedia; royalgazette; coinschedule ... the evidence that they actually interacted. There are also MVP products as well as Android phone apps, which are being developed for iOs. - You can experience MVP HERE- You can download the android application HERE ICO token sale If you are interested in the project, the next information will make you happy. Now if you join the investment with Viva you will receive a bonus up to 30%. Viva Network is not a fan of those bank games. Viva’s platform will connect mortgage borrowers with lenders of all sizes from all around the world so that they can conduct crowdsourced mortgage transactions at more favorable rates, with lower associated costs, in less time. It’s simple. It’s transparent. Everyone wins. Well, not the banks, but they’ve done enough winning for a bit. And Viva will NEVER create leveraged products or anything like them. One of our core beliefs here at Viva is “don’t introduce huge systemic risk to the world economy”. Call us crazy, but we think that’s a catchy slogan and a pretty solid idea. Well, a solid idea, anyway. More infomation: Website: http://www.vivanetwork.org/ Whitepaper: http://www.vivanetwork.org/pdf/whitepaper.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VivaNetworkOfficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheVivaNetwork Telegram: http://t.me/Wearethevivanetwork ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3430485.0;all ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
  6. Ethereum, the world's second-largest electronic money currency, is a platform on which decentralized applications can be built. There is a new ICO project pushing Ethereum a turning point with promises to present a much better and faster version. Is it right? Well, let's see, how does it achieve it? Take a look at my EtherInc ICO Review to see how good it really is! EtherInc is designed to create a unique protocol for building, managing and running decentralized apps and organizations. The aim of this blockchain solution is to empower entrepreneurs all over the world to build and operate decentralized firms that are free of restrictions, expensive intermediaries and extend across borders. This collaborative approach will help push more value into the products and also increase trust and resiliency in the company. EtherInc intends to be available all over the world to entrepreneurs wherever they need this critical service. EtherInc has successfully built what can be referred to as a comprehensive abstract foundation layer consisting of a blockchain network with an inbuilt programming language. This means anyone within the ecosystem will be able to create smart contracts as well as other decentralized apps in which they can establish their own ownership rules, state transition functions and transaction formats. This platform will be especially useful for creating decentralized apps, especially in situations where entrepreneurs are seeking fast development times and also the capability of different apps interacting efficiently. ETI (EtherInc) is the fuel that encodes and is the driving controller for the EtherInc chain. These coins will be used for a number of reasons, to get started, you will need them to pay the transaction fee. In addition, ETI money will be used to deploy elnc organizations, generate elnc proposals, pay and pay, vote on proposals, run Dapps and conduct ICO (DAICO) on the blockchain. In the issue of collaboration, EtherInc offers a voting platform where business owners can create company proposals for voting. The voting process is done in a highly secure manner that is impossible to falsify. Accepted proposals can then be entered into a smart contract, with the payments being triggered only after all the conditions within that contract have been met. However, there are many points of this project that unclear and impossible. Generally, EtherInc is like an upgraded copy of Ethereum that has all the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain and improves on many aspects and some special features of EtherInc. What are these improvements? The company claims to reduce the blocking time from 15 seconds to 6 seconds. Do you think that if it's easy to achieve, even Ethereum will do it yourself. Obviously, It's so difficult to do it! Moreover, they also claims to increase the transaction speed 2.5 times the version of Ethereum. It's not seem easy to with the team that doesn't have much experience in related field. Why did I say that einc team doesn't have much experience in related field? I had a look at profiles of eine team. The team has 8 mentors from different fields. Technology, Marketing and Finance and has worked with major industry players. But the fact that they don't have much things to say about their ability as well as experience in technology more than other projects. - Tarun Malik - Executive Director, graduated from Melbourne Business School, previously worked with PwC, SwissRe, Johnson & Johnson and Biogen. - Suryansh Kumar - CTO, Suryansh is a college dropout student who has established several products such as Piplity, OBTrack, and Codepanel. - Cernat Constantin - Blockchain developer, Cernat is a software developer who has worked at Bitron, Biesse Solution and Continental AG. However they also has their own strength in the work marketing the project. The team really focused heavily on marketing. You can say this from the fact that its Telegram group has over 24k members. The roadmap of the project starts from the Q3 of 2017, comprising of eInc Dapp, blockchain, wallet, and mining, which are all the fork of Ethereum. Right now, it is a exchanges and listings stage and launching dApp Marketplace. In conclusion, an Ethereum blockchain based solution, EtherInc seeks to remove all the barriers that startups face. Additionally, it also provides a unique decentralized platform where entrepreneurs can grow their businesses through secure and transparent crowdfunding, voting and access to a diverse team. However, there are some thing need to be considered about the project: every single development in the project has yet to feature and a group with much specific technology or blockchain preferences. So, it is neccessary to find out the project carefully before deciding to invest. Thank you and see you next time! All the important information can be found here: Website: https://einc.io/ Whitepaper: https://cdn.einc.io/assets/files/einc_whitepaper.pdf Facebook: https://facebook.com/eincofficial Twitter: https://twitter.com/eIncHQ Telegram: http://t.me/eincHQ ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
  7. "The global war of our century today is a war on energy and resources." The statement was made at a meeting on renewable energy years ago, and so far all the nations of the world are trying to accomplish this dream. One villain in a popular movie I've seen not long ago, he's been trying to destroy half the galaxy with the goal of balancing resources ... thinking that's partly true. Ours is limited and reuse of energy is the way to the earth to exist. Of course, electricity is currently the most used energy, so a project with renewable energy and global energy allocation will be the closest one. Today I will introduce a blockchain power supply project in Singapore that is Eloncity, it will use the model of e-business platform peer to deal with power problems. When we talk about energy, it is not only a matter of the technology but also of the global, within the context of global economic integration, the effect of fluctuation in energy prices on the international situation and also on single country economic crises cannot be overlooked. Establishing a distributed (fragmented) and renewable energy system is one of the ways in which countries are trying to shake their over-dependence on already scarce energy resources. However, in most major developed countries, consumers can freely choose the most cost-effective electricity producers and power distributors on the market. But since the traditional electricity supply has adopted a centralized power supply mode with few participants and oligarchy stands strong, transmission-related standards are difficult to unify. Additionally, local government lacks long-term insight on renewable energy’s promotion. This allows interest groups to fight to determine prices, thereby causing electricity prices to fluctuate chaotically and network costs to rise. In addition, in the traditional retail network supply, electricity supply and demand management has adopted a method of centralized forecasting. Obviously with factors such as time, season, weather, and cultural background, there is a real-time difference in dynamics in electricity supply and demand. But most electricity supply systems only operate a few months ahead and use rough price differences estimates when addressing the electricity supply and demand issue. The general public, therefore, cannot smartly use their energy, which only serves to exacerbate the peak and valley effect. Centralized power generation, distribution, and sale model; Poor management of power supply and demand, confusing calculations for power pricing, and an inability to accurately match power supply and demand in real time all converge to create a huge waste of resources and electrical energy worldwide. In-depth application of blockchain technology and the smart use of energy and storage systems Our modern way of life depends on the vast electric grids that power everything from light bulbs to mass transit subways. Despite tremendous strides in technological innovation, these existing grids are largely built on an aging design, that is essentially a centralized grid architecture fed by large power generation plants in remote locations that connected customer sites through the complex labyrinth of transmission and distribution (T&D) network. The coordination of electricity production in alternating current (AC) form and its delivery through the complex T&D network are managed by regional system operators or independent system operators (ISO). The ISOs not only need to balance the electricity production and consumption in real time, but also must ensure the electricity produced remotely is transported to customer sites without running into congestions on the vast T&D network. While the current electric power grids are amongst the most complex engineering system ever constructed by humanity, this centralized power grid design is starting to show its age. Today’s centralized power grids face significant challenges in providing safe, reliable, secure, and affordable energy services. Eloncity sought to build community infrastructure power facilities by using the “ application of decentralized new energy power supply and power storage equipment” and gradually complete the group grid connection within the micro-community smart grid. This would, thereby, establish a decentralized electricity supply and trading market. In this process, we can fix industry weaknesses, balance the public power supply and demand, and accelerate the production of renewable energy. Eloncity solution Given the challenges faced by natural disasters, population growth and climate change, new approaches to energy production and distribution are needed. Solutions must ensure a vibrant and sustainable development for all. The AI Grid Foundation (Foundation) is a Singapore-based non-profit organization that advocates for the recruitment of renewable energy as a possible way to solve the problem of AC power. AC) focus as mentioned above. The foundation has collaborated with global organizations and local communities to develop the Eloncity Model, a multi-faceted solution that uses decentralized renewable energy sources to overcome barriers to energy supply. safe, flexible, flexible and fair in the future. Renewed renewable energy uses local renewable sources, such as solar or wind. When customers in a community work together to exchange energy and share the benefits of energy equipment costs (eg solar PV BESS, other energy management systems) to access supplies In order to maximize the utilization rate of installed equipment for increased ROI and other benefits, it essentially creates a community-based replication microgrid. This type of community-based, decentralized, renewable microgrid has tremendous potential to consolidate and address the problems of centralized grids that threaten safety and security. our volume. Eloncity is proposed to integrate advanced technologies, best practices, and lessons learned to create a scalable and scalable formula that unlocks the potential of the community-based renewable microgrid. achieving a renewable, more flexible energy future. Simple Meaning ... The Eloncity Project will address four major issues related to electrical power: - Environmental and public health issues (pollution caused by the production and distribution of electricity) - Safety and reliability of the system - Adaptability and system resiliency - The issue of electricity costs and its transparency Do not underestimate the purpose of this, achieving a decentralized and decentralized renewable energy supply has become a common tendency in every country trying to increase competition. energy. This trend provides a viable and supportive base for the application of blockchain technology in the energy industry. In the traditional power industry, many experts and interest groups have begun to consider how to modify the current and centralized power grid and how to deploy modern power grid business models. new energy. Today, energy blockchain projects with in-depth research on distributed energy and sustainable planning not only receive support from venture capitalists and electronic money, but also attract people. giant multinational industry. There are also many other strategic partners are linking: Captain's Eloncity Andy Li - founder of Eloncity and POMCube, served as ChinaCache's chief technology officer and a computer researcher at Alibaba Cloud. During 12 years of experience working for Cisco in the United States, Andy has developed a broad knowledge of technical protocols and has since conducted in-depth research on intelligent query networks. Andy Li - CEO of Eloncity Project In 2014, Andy set up POMCube, a company focused on developing high-performance storage systems controlled by the cloud. Then, in 2018, Andy set up Eloncity for the restoration of the electronic value-to-market ratio using blockchain technology. Kết quả của kết quả thành kết quả của công việc đã được tạo. On May 4, 1818, Andy Li was invited by O'Clock's 3 Business Talk Group to be a speaker and panelist on "Global Blockchain Reengineering." Discussing the importance of using renewable, renewable energy can solve global warming problems and solve quality conflicts. I had a look at the content of the discussion, he had some very smart answers. I will quote below Liu Hanyu: You can talk more specifically on how to make the battery factory increase value? Andi Li: In our country's PhotoVoltaic (PV) industry, we can easily see that the profitability of production and IP is currently under full control by companies such as Tesla Energy and SunRun. However, in this situation, we are affected by the negative impact of the large trade deficit between China and the US and China and Europe. Eloncity hopes to change this situation so that the battery factories actually have added value. By generating profits not caused by production efficiency, we want to encourage investment in battery technology, increase the rate of energy density of the battery, and basically reduce the unit cost of the battery. We encourage people to buy energy storage systems by providing clean energy storage methods, while at the same time battery manufacturers have higher revenues (similar to mining machines), which is a positive cycle. In this way, it will be able to push the world towards energy storage devices that support the Eloncity protocol. Chun Jiang: Can you please explain more about how you plan to achieve your goals with bitcoin technology? Andy Li: Let me stress this again: we do not solve the problem of blockchain expansion ... we do not regenerate the wheel, We are reforming renewable energy. However, let me share more about our efforts in blockchain. First of all, we have formed partnerships in blockchain technology development, and our partners support Eloncity wholeheartedly. On basic blockchain, let's start with simple and simple data, our main blockchain TPS and PS can reach 5000+. However, we will use the blockchain side to achieve connectivity between micro-mesh area. Blockchain side how fast? There is no upper limit because of hierarchical structure. The mesh speed of the mesh is proportional to the rate of the blockchain side of the micro mesh. Think about it. In an interview, Founder Andy Li once shared that he and Jack Ma were close friends, "Jack Ma once said he would invest in any project I made (Andy Li). But I'm not sure if Jack Ma has invested in my blockchain project because Ma always bans all Alibaba employees from participating in any ICO project. And I will not force Jack to invest in my project if Jack does not want to. "... I thought his thinking was the opposite. Eloncity Advisory Team Team Advisor for Eloncity is quite "awesome". You can see the presence of Robert Mao (CEO & Founder of Arcblock) or Bryan Allen (Software Engineer of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Task Force.) He started working at NASA from In 1987, he is now working with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Personal Rating: I evaluated this project "Good". The same point to some advantages " - Ideas for a practical and potentially long-term project. - Have good development team, strong "relationship". (the "relationship" solid.) - Based on the Tokeneed platform, where previous projects have been very successful and that will be their pedal. - There is a clear direction, not simply a lack of ideas. There are many other advantages but I hope you can consider it yourself. For more information on the Eloncity project visit: – Official Website: http://eloncity.io/ – Whitepaper: https://eloncity.io/download/Eloncity_WhitePaper_V0.87_20180626_Final_Release.pdf – Eloncity Group: https://t.me/Eloncity – Krypital News: https://t.me/KrypitalNews – Medium: https://medium.com/eloncity – Telegram: https://t.me/Eloncity – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eloncity – Twitter: https://twitter.com/Eloncity_io – Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eloncity ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177 Identification Link: http://eloncity.io/?utm_source=Content&utm_medium=Bounty&utm_campaign=B000265
  8. Today I attended a seminar on "User Data", This is an important issue that many people today are not interested in. I want to give an example to describe the problem that I just mentioned: "Data is becoming a new ingredient of the business," said Craig Mundie, senior advisor to Microsoft's CEO. LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft for $ 26.2 billion in 2016. LinkedIn has about 100 million active users each month at the time of acquisition, that means monthly users generate about $ 260 a month and are expected to grow at a rate of 27% per year. Perhaps now, people should know that our personal information is a valuable economic asset that we can make a profit and we can make a direct profit instead of leaving the broker. Our data collects and sells information. The profit we can derive from our data is not only money, but also the progress of society by providing academics with the information they need to conduct research. assist. While 91% of respondents agree that consumers have lost control over how personal information is collected and used by companies, most of them are willing to share personal data about themselves. for scientific research, as long as it remains anonymous. On the corporate side, the user data certainly affects them ... One of the biggest challenges that businesses face today is the approach and retention of customers. The key to getting new customers and keeping your current customers is owning important data, which can help you find potential customers who know your customers' trends. Today, the data industry is increasingly complex and highly fragmented, making it difficult for businesses to need this important information. Big data is the perfect choice to tackle these issues, in the context of the ongoing 4.0 global industrial revolution. Age 4.0 produces a whole new set of technologies, including cyber-physical systems, internet of thinking, cloud computing, and cognitive computing. From the four main concepts, there are many products and the dominant is Big DATA which is a product created within the cloud computing. Big Data is a term used to refer to a very large set of data and is so complex that traditional data processing tools and applications can not handle it. Big Data, however, contains a lot of valuable information that, if extracted successfully, it will help a lot for business, scientific research, anticipation of emerging diseases, and even Determination of real-time traffic conditions. Datablockchain is an ambitious project with the idea of combining technologies that are a trend in the 4.0 industrial revolution such as Big Data, Blockchain, and AI. The purpose of the project is to liberalize Big Data and provide the most comprehensive marketing data solution for all businesses and individuals. Overview of the project DataBlockChain will revolutionize the data industry by eliminating unnecessary intermediates and creating the most efficient data delivery and delivery process. DataBlockChain will build a unified user interface that will allow people to search for different and varied data sources for records that match their search query parameters. DataBlockChain develops technologies based on Blockchain and Ai to perfect big data: Smart Indexing Engine (SIE): Intelligent indexing tools will use artificial intelligence using data analysis and machine learning to provide accurate and fast data. Blockchain Integration: DataBlockChain uses Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contract for all transactions and payments. DataBlockChain uses IPFS to store completed transaction logs. DBCWallet: DBCWallet is a browser extension that allows users to store DBCCoins and use them to purchase services on the DataBlockChain simply and quickly. DBCWallet creates a secure ETH wallet stored on the user's computer. From what we have seen, we can conclude: "This is a revolutionary data platform that breaks the traditional ways of collecting high quality data. Democratization, which will make them more accessible and less expensive to collect and analyze existing methods, will also be available to users in a cost effective manner, As a result, they get exactly what they pay, without having to carefully study all the data that they are interested in. Due to the fact that the industry is quite complex and often leads to some customization Select the complexity for the business, problem solving this issue with the help of this platform arises. " Potential future of the project Basically Datablockchain plans to combine its own data with huge databases from around the world, including government data, business information, property information, industry data. and more. This will create a huge sequence of data that can be used for business as well as for everyone, both to find and save for the customer. The project completely eliminates the need for intermediaries, often ineffective and at an additional cost. It has a very high applicability, but so far ... I've actually found many similar projects and results are not very good (Pdata, Datareum etc ...). I will put here the names of the four main technologies of the project. I do not want to talk too much about them, if you are interested, you can find out more at the whitepaper, otherwise ... the list of parameters too long just makes the sale boring. The four technologies are: Smart Indexing Tool (SIE) Integrated blocking system DBC wallet for easy purchase IPFS Team behind the project According to the introduction: The group consists of leading data industry executives, seasoned leaders and engineers with decades of experience working in the data and technology industry. They have a favorable location to understand large data, artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology to provide global customers with critical information. However, I am not so impressed with these members, I will look into their profiles more closely if my team wants to devote more attention to the project. Development Roadmap: Quite short, from Q4 / 2017 and short-term vision to Q2 / 2019. Normally, macro-level projects like this will be planned for at least 3 years (I think). Conclude As for the content of the project, I believe this is the direction that major changes and innovations are taking place. In a few years, the industry could change dramatically and this is perfectly reasonable and accurate. We need to support such projects and keep track of their development ... However, I just scored "Average" for this project, after learning more about them I hope I will feel better. More infomation: Website: https://www.datablockchain.io Whitepaper: https://www.datablockchain.io/?utm_source=icobench#documents MVP: https://www.dbc.io/ Telegram: https://t.me/DBCIO Twitter: https://twitter.com/DBC_IO ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
  9. The data economy is facing with four major problems. The first is existing awidening AI data gap between the haves and have-nots. The second is that ubiquitous fake and unauthentic data is destroying the usefulness of any algorithm. Moreover, unsustainable data feeds breaking production systems when they go offline. And besides, distribution for the original data producers has unfair revenue. I am going to introduce you a project dealing with four above problems called Quadrant. Quadrant is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core. As description, the data economy is similar to space; unmapped and chaotic. So Quadrant serves as the blueprint that provides an organized system for the utilization of decentralized data. Quadrant aims to build the data economy around the silos that large data-hoarding companies like Google and Facebook create, which in turn will diminish their power. Quadrant also aims to address the issues with non-transparency in the data industry, which can lead to a lot of fraud, when companies are hiding their sources. With transparency promoted within Quadrant, companies will be able to trace the data sources for compliance purposes, as well as ensure that they get the data they paid for and that it is what they want for their application. Quadrant also ensures that all of the data providers within the value chain receive proper and fair compensation, as the original creators, also known as the nurseries, are often left out when it comes to the profits generated by the data they provide to collectors and companies. Quadrant will operate on a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism to handle more transactions, operate at a lower gas price, achieve faster transactions, and restrict malicious nodes from entering data. An external Proof of Work chain will be used as an anchor for security purposes. Quadrant will have the following initial features and services: Data Stamping Protocol, Stamp Verification, Open Constellations, Network Nodes and Clients, Data Enhancement by Elons and Public Chain Anchors. Data stamping is designed to provide data authenticity from the data source to the data consumer, which acts as the fundamental layer of trust in the network. By putting a data signature on the block, the Quadrant Protocol will be able to track the movements of the data and understand where there have been manipulations. This is set up to ensure data authenticity and help track provenance for compliance applications. The team provides the following project roadmap. The testnet was already available at the time of review, having been released on May 14th, so the risk for potential investors is reduced when compared to projects without an MVP before/during their ICO. The disadvantage of this roadmap is that it only covers the technical aspects of the project and does not lay out the business development process – e.g. when and how marketing activities will be performed, how many users the platform the company intends to reach by the end of 2019 and in Q1 2020, etc. The Quadrant Team Mike Davie - Founder and CEO of DataStreamX, Founder of Quadrant A technologist at heart, Mike has made significant contributions in the fields of communication technology and data science, having worked with some of the major players in the industry. His experiences borne out of DataStreamX lead him to searching for a solution, and ultimately creating it with Quadrant Protocol. Barkha Jasani - Director of Engineering. With over 8 years of experience in software development, Barkha leads the end-to-end development of the platform. Currently she is focused on architecting our decentralized solution and the core development of our blockchain ecosystem. Sharique Azam - Big Data & Blockchain Engineer. A big data expert, Sharique has mastered the various processes, methods, and technologies involved in the collection, transformation, and management of data. Sharique now is leading the core development of our private blockchain and distributed applications. Navas Khan - Head of Marketing. Navas handles Quadrant Protocol's marketing and communications aspects. His insights into the overall data space enables him to contribute to the expansion and adoption of Quadrant. The Quadrant team has established a group of commercial partners and allies, including but not limited to Bluezell and Kenetic Capital, which gives them a strong position. Quadrant has the following partners: AmaZix, bluzelle, Chainrock, Wavemaker, Kenetic, etc. AmaZix, world’s leading community management and engagement firm, also moderate official Telegram channel of the project, they have managed some of the largest ICOs in history including Bancor, BANKEX and Hdac, etc. Bluzelle is a decentralized, on-demand, scalable database for dApps. he team has already built trusted blockchain tech for enterprise-level businesses including Microsoft, HSBC, AIA & KPMG. Chainrock - global advisory and investment firm focused on digital assets and emerging blockchain technology. Wavemaker - crossborder early stage VC firm, dual headquartered in LA/Singapore, focused on seed stage technology startup opportunities. Kenetic is a blockchain firm with diverse & robust range of projects and investments, committed to expanding the development and adoption of blockchain platforms through investments, advisory services, community, and technology. Kenetic has a world-class team and network of partners and advisors across their platform of services. Draper venture network - self-governed organization of independent venture funds that cooperate on investment diligence, marketing intelligence, corporate relationships, and co-investments. Openspace ventures makes investments in early-stage technology companies based in Southeast Asia. The project has the following strengths which are worth noting: Availability of testnet (MVP). Participating in a significant and fast-growing market (the blockchain industry). Highly skilled and vastly experienced founder. Ambitious idea. The economic potential of the token is notable. However, there are also a number of risks still associated with this ICO project: The first is development risks. The team has quite ambitious plans but the length of time between the different stages and milestones could be a possible issue. The length of time between MVP release (which is a significant stage of the project) and other stages is very short. The application, adoption and beta-testing/performance improvement of a product for enterprise use all require significant time and effort from the team. The second is Incomprehensive whitepaper. The whitepaper does not include competitor analysis (although there are no direct competitors discovered), forecasts of marketing activities or plans for product promotion. Besides, the team has ambitious plans in terms of product complexity. But apart from the founder, the other team members might not have enough experience, as they are all relatively young and most of their job experience comes from working with this founder on another project. Quadrant will use two different currencies for its network: eQuad and QUAD QUAD is a utility token designed to be used solely on the network. It will be used to stamp data, support simple and complex access structures, simple and complex subscription payments, and for staking by Elons. eQuad is an ERC-20-compliant token that will be sold during the Token Generation Event (TGE). It may be converted into QUAD via a gateway once the Quadrant mainnet is launched. The supply of ERC-20 tokens is fixed at 1,000,000,000 tokens. Any unsold tokens will be held in a reserve for a future token sale to be held no sooner than 2 years after the close of the Public Sale. In the Blockchain space, Ocean Protocol is Quadrant’s biggest competitor. There are fundamental differences both in the structure of the company and approach to the data economy. Ocean creates a protocol for data marketplaces. They have a new consensus method and tackle issues that over the last 4 years operating a data marketplace, Quadrant doesn’t see as an issue. Because Quadrant offers more features and has already released a testnet, we believe that it is more likely than not that the Quadrant project has a great opportunity for future growth. Based on the analysis performed and issues identified I have assigned the Quadrant Protocol project a “Positive” rating. But it's better for you to consider the project carefully before deciding to invest. The following links may be useful for you. Thank you for your reading! More Information: Website: https://www.quadrantprotocol.com/ Whitepaper: https://www.quadrantprotocol.com/whitepaper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/explorequadrant Medium: https://medium.com/quadrantprotocol Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/quadrantprotocol/ Telegram: https://t.me/quadrantprotocol Author: Tranvucx BCT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1362542
  10. In todays world, people are changing from their traditional ways and now want to share things. This could be as its more economical or environmentally friendly such as car share but imagine a world where you can share absolutely anything. Today, I am going to introduce you a project which allow you to do that quickly, simply and easily. The project is ShareRing. ShareRing is a platform created to ‘borrow, rent or share’ anything globally without any hassle or exchange fees. From items such as tables and chairs to services such as car rides, ShareRing uses the first ever token based payment system using blockchain technology enabling it to be a ‘trusted, infinitely flexible, sharing ecosystem’ that can be used simply between neighbours or across oceans with only one form of payment. ShareRing is the world’s first system designed specifically for you to share things with others. There's no fuss and no currency exchange fees, no matter where you are or what you're sharing. Below are just a few examples of areas where ShareRing will be used. ShareRing was founded and run by an excellent team Tim Bos, the company CEO, previously worked as a blockchain engineer, founded Keaz, a platform for sharing cars. Rohan LePage, the company COO, is also an expert in the blockchain technology. Both have a solid experience in business management in different companies. The core team consists of 5 talented specialists and will be expanded to 15 full-time developers over the next few months. Recently, the team won 1st place at the December 2017 Blockchain Hackathon in Vietnam. ShareRing Team is planning to create a token-based global platform to exchange anything — from services to things — and pay for that with the ShareRing tokens. ShareRing uses tokens of two kinds: SharePay (SHRP) is the base currency used by the platform users to pay for third party assets. ShareToken (SHR) is the utility token to drive sharing transactions to be written to the ShareRing ledger managed by the platform. SharePay encourages sharing of absolutely anything globally but does this with trust enforced into its blockchain currency therefore transactions can be payed to anyone, anywhere with no delays. It supports businesses who would like share for the first time and provide a larger market for them but also encourage buyers to find their best option of goods and services. The app also uses geo-location based technology making it easier for the owners and sharers to know if there are goods and services nearby meaning time and money can be saved having to travel to a certain shop if a neighbour already has the specific good or service. The total supply of the SHR tokens is 4 billion, 60% will be sold (2.5 billion are for pre-sale, 1 billion is for sale), 24% – platform and team, 10% – advisors, 5% – bounty program, 1% – airdrop. The cryptocurrency wallets of the ShareRing funds will be published on the ShareRing website, and therefore will be auditable for everyone. All major expenditures will also be publicly explained. The ShareRing App ShareRing offers a single app that gives the user access to any available asset they want to rent, borrow, or share, and pay and receive compensation for all within one central location. A universal ‘ShareRing’ app is being developed that will allow anyone to easily see and use any sharing services around them. Each partner will have the option of developing a ‘mini’ app within the ShareRing app that will have functionalities specific to that partner. The app will use geolocation-based services to display the ShareRing services that are nearby. Below is an indicitive timeline for the development of the ShareRing ecosystem. I found an analysis about positives and negatives points of ShareRing on website thetechinsider.org. It could give you a most general view about the project. Among advantages of the project I'd name huge sharing economy industry, its potential growth, and a vacant niche of a company that would combine and unify the current differentiated sharing services around the world. The team itself and the desire of the top management to invest token funds into the project development and engaging entrepreneurs into this process are also strong points of the project. However, I see a lack of marketing, hype, and partnerships, the components that seem necessary and critical for the project success. The potential of ShareRing can be huge, areas for potential application can vary vastly, from using it for transport such as renting a car for a few days to agriculture where you can share someones garden. There is a good chance that ShareRing will become the first global decentralized platform for sharing the entire spectrum of services or things – transport, real estate, finance, assets, food, agriculture, etc. There are more than 16.800 people became member of ShareRing on Telegram. Now is your turn. These following links may be useful for your investment decision. Thank you for your reading. More Information: Website: https://sharering.network/ Whitepaper: https://sharering.network/files/sharetoken-whitepaper-en-web-v1.1.pdf?20180529 Telegram: https://t.me/ShareRing Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ShareRing Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShareRingCo ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
  11. Game - Since computers become family property, the games come with always fun, from simple to complex, from bad to pretty, in the game, you can be anyone, any What, you exist everywhere, all the time and satisfy all the imaginary brain. The game has evolved over the years and this fertile land is never lacking in newcomers. Until one day, the game is not just entertainment, many see it as a job, for example: streamer, youtuber, there are people who generate income by selling items in games etc ... they community Connection, Widespread for others, all of these people have been and are an important part of the virtual world. It started with Tetris on my brother's old clutch. Continue through Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and PC all the way through the current generation of consoles and mobile gaming. Some people may think it is a huge waste of time, but for me and millions of people around the world, there is no better way than your spare time. The game allows you to (almost) experience things you can never do in real life. Want you to fight aliens and save the day? No problem. Want to replay historical events? You understand. Want to compete in front of thousands of people for the championship and bonuses? E-sports have what you are looking for. You can even do all of this while taking the bus thanks to the mobile technology. There is a world of possibilities and imagination created by gaming. Somewhere along the way, all the good things about gaming seem to fade and it becomes more about money and greed than fun. But nothing is perfect, money creates greed, hackers exploit vulnerabilities in the game to make unfair profits, fraudsters steal money righteously, even publishers also sell exclusive packages of They do not have a real right to property in the game, since all of these assets are stored in corporate servers and they have full control over them. Games are usually distributed by region and by machine. This, in turn, reduces the interaction between gamers, most national games must integrate multiple payment platforms of different areas. Due to excessive capital expenditure, it is not surprising that giants dominate and motivate smaller game developers. So, the world just needs a unique gaming platform with ingenuity and innovation. Any innovation will be introduced to the community Game Loot Network is an online distribution platform that acts as an application store with functions supported by blockchain technology. Electronic money, LOOT, allows the platform to become a revolutionary shop for all games - from games, buys, designs. This is a unique 7 millionth social gaming platform built on a block chain, with games being monitored and developed by the community. GLN is active in the Ethereum series. Their goal is to democratize the gaming industry and give the power of choice back to the consumer. The LOOT token is the gas that makes the whole machine run. LOOT can be used in a number of different ways including tournament tour fees, game purchases, developer donations and game enhancements and bonuses. The GLN slogan consists of three main points: Building, Playing, Making Money. Pudding is just beginning but the foundation of GLN has had a "merit" can not be disregarded. 65K - Users $7M - Spent in Development $5M - Revenue Earned Many companies design game concepts without ground-floor feedback from their future player base resulting in unexpected and frustrating innovations. Companies rely on players for beta testing, customer acquisition, and game management, but they rarely share rewards beyond the in-app upgrade or early access to predictive content. So we are here to give artists the resources to create games that they imagine and reward players who fill their virtual world. How does the Game Loot Network work for the benefit of the user? The Loot Network game platform transforms the game's version with the community portal for integrated capital mobilization. Its essence lies in the fact that the designers present their game ideas in a catalog on the platform screen. Their recommendations may include screenshots, presentations, or frames from the game. After that, users offering Loot markers to fund promising projects have aroused their interest. In exchange for their cryptocoins, proponents receive a percentage of earnings from the upcoming title. Thus, decentralized groups create games of democratic demand. The scheme is quite simple of the job. After the final forex projects are completed, they bring in revenue, for both the developer and the supporter. Consequently, independent artists cut costs and players receive income from the games that helped them. Users can: Gaming Hosting Tournaments Make money In the "Earn" section, you can find many sources of income. Here you are just playing your favorite game you can earn real money. For example: game tournaments are awarded with Loot token prizes. Average players battle online ranking systems in the end with hollow achievements. High thrills are reserved for professional players in inaccessible E-Sport brackets. With the help of Game Loot Network users experience real pleasure, which can only be experienced from their favorite games. The Loot token acts as a gateway to every reward resource on the platform. With Loot, users can enter head-to-head tournaments, generate recurring revenue through crowdfunded games, purchase in-game boosts, bid on online auctions, earn extra income, and eventually download games built exclusively for the platform. Loot will thrive, nourished by extensive in-app utility. Token Loot acts as a reward for the platform. With the help of Loot, platform users will have the opportunity to participate in tournaments with head tilt, generate recurring income through focused games, buy game deals, online auctions, get more revenue, and eventually download games created exclusively for the platform. Loot will thrive, providing an extension for applications. Projection for the Global Gaming Market 2016-2020 From those numbers, we can see that this market is surely huge and is going on increasing year over year due to the development of technology and entertainment demand of us as a human beings. Nowadays, game hubs such as App Store and Google Play are purely centralized game marketplaces. Whenever a developer has uploaded the game on those platforms, if they would like to advertise their games, the cost will be very high for each product. Some developers and companies just would like to test the beta game versions by letting the users play for a short time but those trials can not be rewarded. Therefore, the incentives for the players to give good feedback is not available, which can not maximize the optimization and creation of the games. Those problems have fostered the creation of a new solution which can change the game named Game Loot – the blockchain-based virtual platform which rewards players with real value and facilitates ‘any-budget’ game design. Development team of the project, great people. The project will be underpinned by a holistic core and advisory team of proficient experts. The team led by professionals in the associated fields of gaming and bookchain technology has clear vision and idea to undertake and complete the said assignment within the stipulated timelines.They seem to be well-prepared to deliver fully working platform. Key Features Embedded Games within the platform Downloadable Games Real-life rewards with cryptocurrency Incentivized crowdfunding for in-development games Rewards User achievements Income generating referral system Gaming tournaments with real-life prizes for non-professional players Competitive battle bidding for discounted gaming gear Evaluation of the project I appreciate this project, they have a good idea and a strong community of supporters. The futures market is also full of potential. If you feel excited, I have left the reference link below. WEBSITE:https://gamelootnetwork.com/ ANN THREAD:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3180001.0 WHITEPAPER:https://0ed5f89f718b.dev.daviann.com/assets/documents/gameloot-whitepaper.pdf FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/gamelootnetwork/ TWITTER:https://twitter.com/gamelootnetwork TELEGRAM:https://t.me/gamelootnetwork_ico ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
  12. Now creating software still needs an intermediary step as the programming language. But not just one kind of programming language for all, but for each operating system or platform we have to use a different language. That's a problem ... but now with Sparkster you just need to use English to write your own software. I am excited to think that I can create my own technology product even though I do not know about programming language. What is Sparkster's idea? The Sparkster project is building two types of work. The first is a decentralized platform so that users can create intelligent software easily in the normal English language without needing to know the programming language. And the second is a decentralized cloud, which aims to replace the traditional electronic cloud, with a processing speed of up to 10 million transactions per second. Sparkster's ecosystem:Sparkster's ecosystem consists of two independent, interconnected arrays: the programming platform for creating and running intelligent software, and distributed computing. Sparkster platform: The Sparkster decentralization platform is where every smart software can be designed and built in a "drag and drop" way. This method will simplify the typing of lines of code and reduce the time load that creates software from months to days. The Sparkster platform will also allow for horizontal expansion, and application of data transmission lines to support the high-tech needs of artificial intelligence and IoT technology. In the same way, the software created on the Sparkster platform will be made specifically for applications with large transaction volumes. The Sparkster platform also highlights the system's security. The project will apply a 256-bit enhanced encryption standard between platform interactions and the OAuth 2.0 protocol to validate them. The software on the Sparkster platform will be standalone and can be used on decentralized cloud computing of the project. Users will be allowed to choose where the software will operate. However, in the long run, using Sparkster's cloud software will be much cheaper than applying software on the platform they were created. Sparkster's cloud computing:This will be where smart authoring software, created on the Sparkster platform, will be uploaded and used. Users can install Sparkster applications on their phones to use these smart applications. Companies and users wishing to run their applications on Sparkster's decentralized platform will have to bid on decentralized trading platforms and deposit a SPARK amount equal to what they are willing to pay. This is a free market: customers will set the price they are willing to pay, and the maintainer of the network will be selected at any price they see fit to receive. When prices and prices are matched, the transaction will be executed and the application will be run. The SPARK project co-ordinates will be provided to the diggers to support the data processing capabilities of the phone and computer. In addition, the nodes can store and process data in the Sparkster network. These nodes will be responsible for managing the decentralized data on the platform and hoarding software structures designed by members of the Sparkster community. In case some data needs to be kept fixed, the nodes on the network will be paid at the appropriate SPARK fee to make the request. In Sparkster's cloud computing ecosystem, each component will have different responsibilities. Persons maintaining the network will have to deposit SPARK bundles to ensure their transparent operation. And the transaction confirmation buttons in the system will find and stop any wrong activity and take care of the network maintainer. Sharding Technology:Because Sparkster's cloud computing is designed to be a blockchain network that specializes in intelligent software implementation, the project avoids the existing restrictions on blockchain networks at the present time such as maintaining the integrity of the system. This will allow the project to divide the data table into smaller pieces that are equivalent to each customer group's data. And it's important that each of these pieces of code does not get noticed and linked to other parts of the system. This is a special benefit to Sparkster's blockchain system. For you to imagine this model, imagine the blocks in the blockchain system of the Sparkster project in a cell: When the sacrifice has not reached a certain number of nodes, that cell will divide. Thus, if a cell block in the system is processing 1,000 transactions per second, when it is split, the processing speed becomes 2,000 transactions per second. This is done successfully because Sparkster does not need to maintain the system. This means that each cell in the system is unrelated to another cell, and will only process blocks of data in that cell. In theory, there is no limit to the number of cells in the system. And because of that the system will not have a limit on the number of transactions that the project can achieve even if the number is more than 10 million transactions per second. Limits will, in fact, depend on how many people maintain the network in Sparkster's electronic cloud. Mechanism of approval of the system:The Sparkster project will use the FBA (Federal Byzantime Agreement), proposed by the Stellar network, to serve as a confirmation mechanism for all transactions. This is made easy because every approval in the system follows the block method. That is, if block A is message B, and if block B confirms the transaction, block A will confirm the transaction instead of waiting for the system to validate. And in order to prevent malicious actions in the system, the project will develop an additional layer of technology that is responsible for delivering work and rewards to the individual in the system. This will create an autonomous network with good incentives to maintain credibility. Security:To ensure the security of the system, the project will apply the Zero Knowledge Proof method and encrypt all data available on the Sparkster distributed cloud computing. This method will limit the number of individuals to interact with sensitive and authoritative data and allow users to confirm that the data is available on the system without having to directly verify it. The terrible speed in the test-net system of the project Development team of the project The Sparkster team has extensive experience in project areas. Team members have extensive experience working in large companies and organizations such as Cisco and IBM. The team also has 17 software architects. So the project process will not have any big problems. In addition, the project leaders have extensive business and business experience. Should be in the long run, the development of the company is also not difficult. a. AdvisorGary Leavens: Dean of Computer Science, Programming Language Specialist at the University of Florida. University of Iowa faculty. Formerly a programmer at the MIT Institute of Technology (MIT). Juan Albelo: Senior Vice President of SAP (Indian Technology Company). Served as vice president of business at Oracle. b. LeadSajjad Daya: Sparkster CEO- 15 years of business and leadership experience. Of which there are 2 years experience in technical support at Cisco. 3 years of business development at Xprint. 1 year as head of software development at Syncoms. 10 years as investment manager at Syncoms. More than two years as CEO at Printerpix.com. More than 3 years as Vice President of Business Technology at Syncoms. Amit Kumar: Chief Technology Officer - 20 years of App and Database Development experience at Syncoms for 7 years. Nearly 5 years as Database Director at Wipro. Shabeer Kirmani: Chief Technology Officer - 3 years at Accenture (Top 10 influential technology companies in the blockchain industry). From October 2013 to now hold the position of Director, Data Science at the US Department of Defense. Dayanie Rajeev: Human Resources - 3 years working at Citibank India since 2003. 1 year working at Accenture since 2006, 3 years at IBM in 2007-2010, 4 years in Human Resources from 2010 to 2014. Neeru Pallen: Marketing department. 3 years as marketing manager at Syncoms UK from 2011, SEO consultant for The Times in 2013. 1 year as a commercial web service. Munawar Bijani: Senior Software Engineer- 7 years of back-end software programming experience. Combined, the Sparkster team is said to be from well-known large corporations such as Cisco, HSBC, Wipro, Infosys, Capgemini, Citibank, IMB, Accenture, AT & T, Pfizer, NBC Universal, Snapdeal, OLA, etc. Roadmap The project is set up from 2014, from around 2014-2016 is the platform development, and Beta release 2017 signed a cooperation agreement with Libelium and ARM. Run Private Beta program, complete performance optimization. 2018 Finalizing the plan to build a decentralized cloud structure. T3 released the internal Dcloud Beta v0.1. T4 announced a full-fledged enterprise platform. T5 Announced Sparkster to Market. Q2 2018 Platform Announces Arduino and ESP Platform Support for Developing Non-Code Applications. Q3 2018 Announcement of platform for ARM equipment such as cooperation agreement. Becomes one of the first IOT platforms to integrate into ARM. The output version supports input sensors for the app on the phone such as (GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, etc). Q4 2018 Alpha version for Decentralized Cloud. Launched full version for AI support applications not just for PC version. 2019 Integrates other blockchain such as NEO, Cardano, Stellar to support payment transactions. Announces Platform for Data Analysis and Data Archiving for Enterprise Customers. Communities Telegram: Membership increased rapidly from 1k member to 3k member in just 2 days (from May 12-14). The current number of members is 6k member. The admin team responded positively, timely. The project received positive reviews from the ICO analysis page. Comments Advantages The idea is clear: decentralized software and cloud computing Website presentation professional, complete, scientific including all the information and communication interfaces needed. Be sure to provide evidence of the project's high credibility. Public permission to participate in system testing. The development team consists of quality members: mentors are professors from top technology universities; Leaders have years of leadership and technology experience at leading technology corporations and branches in India. In particular, they were involved, and worked together long before the project started. Programmers are senior programmers. Marketing and business staff are leaders from reputable companies, magazines and banks. This team represents a strong governance structure, each of which is made up of excellent members of each field and is well-managed. Roadmap: are milestones with products that are almost complete, basic. Creates trust. High hype (community): The project received positive reviews from the analysis page, ICO synthesis. Token metrics: logical token allocations, acceptable hardcap levels. Tight sale policy, carefully vesting mode for developers in 2 years and bonus token. Declaration of all information is transparent from time (sale, release, pay token after 2 weeks, etc.), quantity. Minus point Although the projections on the roadmap of the project are very clear and we can see what the project has done since 2014, at present Sparkster has no code line on Github at all. We can only now believe that the project is real and transparent, supported by Ian Balina and project videos posted online. However, we can also understand that Sparkster has not yet posted on Github to avoid competitors using their technologies before filing for patent applications. The transaction speed of the Sparkster platform will reach 10 million transactions when more people participate in the ecosystem. In theory this can happen, but in fact we still need to consider it. The cloud market is an extremely tough market with big companies like Amazon, IBM and SAP. In addition, these companies are in the process of developing their own blockchain technology to reduce data processing time and service fees, etc. Should Sparkster, in addition to creating software in common language, also need to develop projects quickly before large companies dominate the market. Reviewed by ME The Sparkster project is a very entrepreneurial and development project. Overall, the Sparkster platform is not really a blockchain platform, but rather a blockchain-based project. But because the project knows how to PR and hit the investor psychology in the current ICO market, looking at Sparkster will be a very good project. Even decentralized applications for creating software without code, in the traditional market are also available. But instead of creating another product on the market, the project has shifted to blockchain to apply and is also considered the first project to address these problems. In terms of investment, this is a good project for people to put money into. But since there are no Github commits, people need to be alert. HYPE RISK ROI TERM ICOGENS' SCORE HIGH MEDIUM HIGH MEDIUM HIGH HYPE: Indicates the spread of the project to the community on Telegram, bitcointalk, redit, Slack, Medium, Tweeter, Steemit, Fb, Articles, ... RISK: The risk rating of the project is based on Team elements, Idea project, project transparency, project roadmap, Whitepaper. ROI: Index of Return on Investment in USD TERM: Short-Term Investment Rating (Short, Medium, Long Term) for capital strategy. SCORE: This score is based on the score of the other four criteria or reflects my level of interest in this project. It is not an ROI but rather a level of interest for the project. MORE INFOMATION: Website: https://sparkster.me/ Telegram: https://t.me/SparksterICO Twitter: https://twitter.com/sparkster_me/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAkXXoN7cFSEN-4SFtLFmHQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sparkster.me/ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sparkster/ ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
  13. Buddy is one of the newest inventions in the software development industry. It is an automation platform that allows developers to design latest ground-breaking apps, programs, and services. Buddy was founded in 2007 with a vision to apply application automation in the development process of the software enabling the developers to engage in the more creative challenges of development rather than focusing and wasting time on repetitive tasks. Buddy is a Blockchain based decentralized software, which will help to automate the entire application development process. Buddy applies self-control for application development, allowing for the scale of application design, creating the DevOps Trading Platform and the GRID distributed automation control grid, which is currently underway. Challenges for application developers in designing, testing and deploying applications. DevOps is a software development phase used to describe the collaboration between software development and IT professionals. The application of DevOps is a huge advancement but it has its own limitations. Buddy’s platform is entering the application automation industry which has a considerable market share, currently worth $ 110 billion. In 2017 to 2020, the number of application development and software deployment demand is predicted to experience incentive growth. The industry is projected to be worth $ 345 billion by 2020. More and more sectors are using DevOps, ranging from banking, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, and so on. There is an excellent opportunity for Buddy to grow and grow his business. Benefits of Buddy: Open platform: A unique open platform connecting all the developers, experts and end-users. Now we can have access to expertise of the developers. Low cost: The app provides high quality at lower cost. Large and persistent Blockchains to make it cost effective. Simplicity of the App itself: Lesser tools required, no repetition of same tasks, saves time, faster delivery. Buddy's vision is to become the backbone on which talented people can build world-altering apps & services. Their goal is to take the load off millions of developers by offloading everything that can be automated – giving them back the time for being creative. To perform this vision, they already have a plan for the development of Buddy. Buddy is a worthy project for you to invest Be embedded in the ecosystem of many major market players through rich integration. Buddy, partnered with industry leaders such as Amazon, Docker, Github, Microsoft, and Google, is a winning development automation platform that serves a rapidly growing market valued to become $345 billion by 2022. Over 7,000 developers use Buddy every day across 120+ countries. Featured customers: INC. Magazine, CGI.com & ING Bank. Highly skilled workforce, providing top quality service to customers worldwide. Simon Szczepankowski CEO, Product Manager & Co-Founder, has over 15 years experience in IT. Previously bootstrapped springloops.com, a Subversion hosting service for web developers that attracted > 5000 paying customers from 120 countries. Managed IT projects for the Dutch Air Force, KLM, Mercedes Benz NL, Ford NL and Merck PL divisions. One of the few Google AdSense Premium partners in Poland. Author of the youngest Polish IT book debut (Windows XP Optimization, 2003). Other members of the team are excellent too. Outstanding staff includes the best ICO experts. Buddy has a huge staff with 16 ICO experts. One of them is Simon Cocking. He is a Top ICObench Expert. Chief Editor at Irish Tech News, CryptoCoinNews and InvestInIT. He is a top ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ (spending 3 months at #1 on Q1 of 2018 out of 32,256 people). He is also a business mentor and advisor working with 110+ successful ICOs to date. He also been named many global Twitter influencer lists in the last 12 months. He is an accomplished public speaker at events including TEDx and Web Summit. You definitely read more about them at the website and whitepaper. Buddy is highly apprecited by many developers over the world. Technical documentation of up to 100 pages in detail is written or non-developers to capture the value and potential of the platform. Is all reasons above enough for you to decide to invest into Buddy? Buddy Community is really big with 100.000 members in Telegram, 28.000 followers in Twitter and over 15.000 ones in Facebook. What amazing numbers! Are you ready to be a part of this commnunity? Find more information at following links. Good luck! More Information: Website: https://token.buddy.works White paper: https://files.buddy.works/ico/BuddyWhitepaper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/buddytoken Twitter: https://twitter.com/buddygit Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gitbuddy/ ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
  14. Popular e-commerce sites around the world such as Amazon, E-Bay, Alibaba and other online e-commerce sites change the way we shop online. These make our daily life convenient and comfortable. Nowadays, there are more and more technology development and a lot of industries take advantage of blockchain technology. This advanced technology keeps our assets and information always in safety from anyone. There are many e-commerce companies that integrate blockchain technology like UHUB, OpenBazaar and many more. These companies offer the same features as low transaction fees. I have found out an Ecommerce Blockchain Project not only providing that the feature low transaction fees but more. The project named Vanig that considered is the future of shopping online - e-commerce 2.0. Vanig is an e-commerce startup powered by the blockchain. Their aim is to create a platform that changes the way e-commerce works. From manufacturer to consumers, they can apply the power of the blockchain to make shopping an amazing experience for everyone involved. Vanig deal with the problem of middleman. Vanig can effectively reduce the number of middlemen, resulting in the product becoming cheaper for you, and lucrative for the seller. Vanig Platform is the first integrated E-Commerce and Supply Chain Ecosystem that is powered by Blockchain Technology. What are the features and why this is different from other Blockchain Ecommerce out there. Let's talk about what are the benefits we can get. Vanig will eliminate middleman which will reduce the cost of the final price of product. Customers will earn tokens by continuously using the platform. Think of about loyalty reward, amazing right. Offers tracking the authenticity of product. Detects fake products/reviews using their advance algorithm. Security - Securely use platform since we are using blockchain technology. It uses the most advance algorithm. Retailers/Consumers/Manufacturer can track the product real time using sensors that is connected to Vanig API. Soon to be patented (unique). Real Time Transaction - all transaction made is updated and available every time. Vanig tokens will be used to buy products and make secure payments on the platform. Money transfer from buyers to sellers will be near instantaneous. Buyers can still use traditional forms of payments such as credit cards, PayPal and other third party payment portals supported by the site. Although it might result in higher transaction fees. These are some information about Token Sale. Don't miss the Private Token Sale with 50% Discount. The Vanig team is what it is because of a terrific executive team and advisors. Vanig to assemble a team of individuals with diverse technical, retail, e-commerce and blockchain expertise. The founders are Prem Sekaran and Vinodh Kumar to executive team, Vanig is on fire and has attracted top name international advisors and technology experts who have been on-boarded to help make Vanig a huge success. Prem is IT leader, entrepreneur, developer and proven project manager with over 14 years of experience in retail and e-commerce. He is passionate about the power of software solutions coupled with blockchain, automation, A.I. and process efficiency. He strongly believes that blockchain will forever change how e-commerce and logistics business is being done today. Prem has been instrumental in growing Vanig’s global team of advisors. His leadership and hands on approach to teamwork is creating a vibrant and creative corporate culture at Vanig. Vinod is a visionary, high performing, results-oriented entrepreneur and an executive leader. Through all his endeavors, his skillful leadership and project management talents inspire high performance, trust and loyalty among cross-functioning teams all around the globe. Driving results for more than ten years in IT and retail, his track record is full of successes. Vinod has worked among the world’s top retail brands and in the banking Industry. Vinod thrives in a fast-paced business environment where he harnesses the power of teamwork and agility to drive technologists to new levels of engagement and productivity. Any successful project needs a plan of action in place in order to ensure that it sees through the finish line. With careful consideration, the team has laid out the following plan to ensure Vanig's success. Vanig is initially looking to target the demographic of South East Asia (ASEAN- an association of 10 Southeast Asian Nations), as it is expected to be one of the next booming e-commerce markets in APAC (Asia-Pacific). The size of ASEAN’s Market is expected to reach $88 billion USD by the end of 2025 (from $5.5 billion in 2015).They plan to Pilot Vanig e-commerce in Philipins & Malaysia for fashion, fuiniture & appliances in June 2019; launch Vanig to Vietnam in December 2019, to HongKong after 1 year from then, and complete to launch in Indonesia and India in the year 2021. Althought Vanig has to compete with e-commerce giants who have access to large capital like Amazon, Alibaba, Vanig has its own many strength: lower fees and commissions; integration of the blockchain innovation allowing for cryptocurrency payments and supply chain benefits due to raw material and manufacturing tracking. Moreover, I think investing in a new company will bring to you a greater chain to earn money than many-year ones. Therefore Vanig absolutely have a great chance to be successful and become a famous e-commerce company like other strong giants in market. Because of all advantages above, Vanig has recently been reviewed by multiple ICO rating and review websites and the reviews have been overwhelming positive. Read more about Vanig at these below links. Thank you for your support. More Information: Website: https://vanig.io Telegram: https://t.me/vanigplatform Twitter: https://twitter.com/vanigplatform Facebook: https://facebook.com/vanigplatform LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vanigllc Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/vanigplatform ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
  15. The world is sharing, we live together in the sky, in a unified society. Love and sharing are necessary to bond the hearts together. Today, I will introduce a project on "sharing". ShareRing is the world's first system designed specifically to let you share things with others. No problem and no currency exchange fee, no matter where you are or what you share. ShareRing is a demand-driven platform that focuses on highly fragmented economies by aggregating shared services between sectors and geographies. By using our market of decentralization, users can securely access, connect and pay for services anywhere in the world. We are developing an ecosystem that is basically Amazon to share the economy. The origin from which ShareRing was born Founded in mid-2013, Keaz is a global leader in car sharing solutions for white labeled offices in Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, the United States, New Zealand and plans to expand into Europe. 2018. Their core technology, KeazACCESS, was released in May. By 2015, it currently manages and provides daily access to more than 8,000 global vehicle asset shares2. KeazACCESS is a powerful cloud ecosystem that enables companies, governments, organizations, communities and individuals to share and access digital assets, as well as increase services. Mobile from anywhere in the world. ShareRing is a developer of blockchain ShareLedger, the 'smart service system' that makes it much easier to globally scale for millions of customers to access and use on demand, a range of applications. Real estate in a rapidly growing economy. ShareRing ™ includes a number of core elements together to create a smart demand sharing service. A specially designed distribution block (ShareLedger), has been developed. ShareLedger will collect one of the latest developments in blockchain technology, which is a dual token mechanism. The ShareToken (SHR) will be used as a card utility platform, while the second, SharePay (SHRP) card, will be used as a currency for service sharing, API platforms, and proven platforms. Intelligent use has been used around the world in shared economies and ongoing mechanisms to create strong and growing network of providers and users. The blockchain platform ShareLedger will provide more than the traditional cloud / server sharing platform. The popular 'ShareRing' application is under development, allowing people to easily view and use any sharing service around them. Each partner will have a 'small' application development option in the ShareRing application that will have special functionality for that partner. This application will use geolocation services to display neighboring ShareRing services. A global payment solution. Imagine you could catch a plane to the airport in Hong Kong, stay in a San Francisco apartment and find a guard dog when you go - and pay all in one token, no expensive exchange rates or international transaction fees. That's what we want to say as we speak globally. ShareRing is the first secure way to pay for sharing services anywhere in the world and it will connect you to those services anywhere. No more trying to figure out how to get in Indonesia, or what applications to use in Italy. ShareRing uses a distributed cryptographic system based on blockchain technology. That means it can not be broken or hacked, and neither the owner nor the divisor can feel secure that the transaction is secure. The belief is built into the system. Not all transactions must be made in ShareRing currency to receive maximum security benefits. Even when it comes to other forms of payment, ShareRing can validate the identity of each party and ensure your agreement is bulletproof. All of ShareRing's e-money deposits will be publicly audited, as the public address of the electronic wallet will be published on the ShareRing website. Any description of any large spending will be posted publicly on the ShareRing website. Money will be allocated as follows. The entire budget will be presented in the main revenue of the ICO: 30% is allocated for clean development, including the first integrated 'client' KeazACCESS integrated into ShareLedger. 10% are allocated for external review and technology validation by third party consultants and auditors. 30% are allocated to set up the 'incubator' and the bonus will begin to operate on third party product integration with the platform. 20% is allocated for marketing and global promotion. 10% for reserve fund More infomation Website: https://sharering.network/ Telegram: https://t.me/ShareRing Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ShareRing Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShareRingCo ======================================== Author by: Hoangvuhk3110 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
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