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  1. Anything that is prefixed with the term ‘master’ adds a touch of awesomeness and Masternode Cryptocurrency falls in the same line. Before we go on to understand what it is, throwing some light into what it can do is bound to make everyone curious about what Masternode Cryptocurrency is. The Growth Hack of Cryptocurrency World Warren Buffet has said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die!” If passive income generation is one of the goals of your involvement in cryptocurrency, Masternodes are the key. Now that your attention has been grabbed, let us go on to find out what exactly Masternodes are! What are Masternodes? As we all know, blockchain is a decentralized network. A Masternode is a server on a decentralized network. It is a cryptocurrency full node or more like a single-computer wallet that keeps a full copy of the entire blockchain. Unlike other nodes on the blockchain, a Masternode can perform added functions like: Increasing transaction-privacy Effecting Instant Transactions Participating in Governance and Voting Enabling Budgeting and Treasury systems on the blockchain Just like the classical server, the Masternodes are always in communication with other nodes, and it is this communication that upholds the value of decentralization. Requirements to Run a Masternode The entire aim of the blockchain is to democratize everything it is involved in, and on these lines, it is only right that Masternodes can be run by anyone. However, it requires a sizeable investment because of the enhanced capabilities. It is the only factor that makes Masternodes not everyone’s cup of tea, not because they can’t drink but more because they can’t afford! The word ‘investement’ is highly relevant because investing in running a Masternode guarantees earnings from portions of block rewards in whatever cryptocurrency the Masternode is facilitating. The other requirements are: A stipulated minimum amount of coins in that cryptocurrency. For DASH – the cryptocurrency that pioneered Masternodes – you need 1000 DASH Units. A VPS or a server to host the wallet without downtime. A dedicated IP address for the server Adequate storage space to save the entire blockchain The first requirement is of vital importance here and is only in place so that the ‘committed’ or the ‘invested’ amount (the stipulated minimum) acts as a deterrent for the owner of the Masternode to cheat or corrupt the system. It’s quite evident that Masternodes turn into lucrative investments… and the investment surely is capital-intense. Why pay for Masternodes? No business-model pays for existence – it’s the utility that gets rewarded. Masternodes aren’t just about servers. Masternode system improves the blockchain by splitting it into two networks – one works like a regular network, and on the top of it, the other incentivized network of powerful notes provide the higher-level infrastructure. While the ‘upper’ network works on the proof-of-work, the ‘lower’ network does all the calculations regarding the transfer and the incentives. The Masternode treasury also enables a community to coordinate resources and efforts to develop the network, so there is no need to beg for external sources for funds. In most cases, many cryptocurrency-networks have dedicated a part of their rewards to funding bug bounties or even controversially revolutionary projects like genetic research on hemp. The Dark Side of the Masternode Just like the Pink Floyd reference in the sub-heading, even if the words might sound threatening, the outcomes aren’t! It has to be agreed that in a network of nodes when one computer with superpowers alone hosts the entire blockchain, there is a negligible-yet-nonzero touch of centralization, which falls outside the philosophical scope of the blockchain. However, many crypto users and most Masternode advocates call it an acceptable compromise for the gain in efficiency. Masternodes when working in tandem, theoretically, can cheat a system, but in practice, it is impossible to coordinate a conspiracy among the thousands of Masternodes, and even more so to isolate Masternode owners with malicious intentions. Building a Masternode Building a Masternode requires Linux programming knowledge. However, it is the non-technical and the business aspects of building one that makes it a challenge. You can entrust the building of your Masternode to trusted organizations like Blockchain App Factory, and we will do the hard work of choosing the right cryptocurrency and configuring the hardware, so your investment remains an investment and doesn’t slip down into the territory of being just a ‘spending’!
  2. Blockchain App Factory is one of the best Blockchain Development Services Company in the Market. List of their Services Blockchain Development ICO Development Cryptocurrency Development Blockchain Consulting ICO Marketing Wallet Development Cryptocurrency Exchange Security Token Offering Asset Tokenization Equity Token Offering Security Token Exchange STO Marketing Blockchain App Factory could be of great help on your journey to the optimization of operations with the provision of Above Mentioned Services. Industries across the globe are bound to the hitherto unseen increase of growth and ultimately resulting in profit from the smart application of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency to practice.
  3. Cryptocurrency is the new kid in the financial block. In simple words, cryptocurrency is a blockchain based virtual currency. For beginners, cryptocurrency may have started with Bitcoins, but since then many other coins have come into existence due to the presence of dedicated virtual currency creation service providers. You should follow the below steps for creating your very own cryptocurrency: Creating new Blockchain Network: The modern cryptocurrencies function within a blockchain technology framework. Creating this framework would give you complete control over the coin code. You can create your altcoin from the beginning where you can incorporate new and ingenious features . Designing a crypto-coin fork: Creating a fork would help you implement an existing open source code for your cryptocurrency. You can choose to use the code of your closest coin that has the necessary features in order to create your own unique coin. Involving the local community: Involve the local community by matching your unique selling proposition to match with the community’s needs. This would help your crypto coins become easily accepted. Prototype creation: Avoid losing precious time in explaining your concept to your target consumers. Create a prototype for them as it will help consumers and the community members have better clarity on your offering. Get the miners: Once coin development is done, build a long lasting trust with the miners. Express your vision and intention of your coin to create an honest understanding of your idea. This will help make the miners stay as loyal customers for a longer time. Think like a hacker: Try to search for loopholes and downfalls of your cryptocurrency to help create a secured framework. You can approach Blockchain App Factory for your cryptocurrency development service. Their team of dedicated Crypto developers would help create your own Bitcoin with all the necessary security features. You can visit their website for more details.
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    Online investments are not news - however, the alternative currency running on the digital platform surely is. Possession of such features as immutability and decentralization makes the concept of this new medium of exchange extremely appealing. Blockchain App Factory, the dominant cryptocurrency software development company on the market, is ready to introduce you to the world of crypto and assist you in every step of the way.
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    There is not a single person in this world whose life does not involve an agreement of some kind. Be it a rental contract or a college enrollment form - we stumble upon them continuously throughout our lives. The bright side is that technologies are quickly evolving thus opening up more opportunities to ease up some dull activities. When a computer software created to facilitate, verify and enforce agreements was developed, the hype around it could not be stopped. A smart contract is a concept full of advantages, ranging from its ability to store immutable and encrypted data to the complete elimination of a third party. Old school paper contracts don’t make sense anymore - every sector on the market including supply chain, insurance, healthcare, and even the government can make use of digital agreements. Verifying the authenticity of drugs, processing claims, online voting and even government spending - the applications of smart contracts are endless. The growing acceptance of blockchain technology has resulted in the emergence of various companies offering Ethereum smart contract development services. The leading provider of innovative solutions to its clients across the globe is Blockchain App Factory. A full stack of highly skilled developers is aimed at meeting your specific needs and is dedicated to transforming the way people look at blockchain and smart contracts.
  6. The leading ethereum smart contract development company Blockchain App Factory disposes of the skilled developers capable of meeting your needs. From the ideation of requirements to the actual implementation and upgrades, our extensive expertise allows us to assist you every step of the way.
  7. For any upcoming venture, the need for the development of dedicated ICO is growing by the minute. Blockchain App Factory, path-breakers in the field of ICO Development Services have a plethora of services from whitepaper creation to the ICO launch. These stages can be passed seamlessly with Blockchain App Factory’s continued support to launch the ICO. Come let's know what they do: http://bit.ly/2P9MuYl
  8. Are you one amongst the many who are grief-stricken due to the banning of ICO advertising on social media? Well, you might want to read between the lines. While every other company is launching a coin, it is best to think through the situation before initiating the process. Probing into the effectiveness of successful marketing, the first and foremost is: A smashing white paper A white paper is considered the stepping stone to success. Imagine it to act like a manual. A manual to attract investors and guide them through the process. Incredible technical knowledge and a well-established team are mandatory. A massive chunk of advice would be: Know what you’re doing. 2. Making heads turn How distinct you are should be showcased through the whitepaper. State the problems and instill belief in the investors. Suffice them with solutions with your ICO. This is one way of standing out from the crowd. If you think it ends right here, you’re wrong. The stack extends to: Providing solid proof on how your company is reputable. How will the tokens be used? The team behind the mission Goals of the company in the future Proof of legalities 3. It’s all about marketing! Our world is constantly driven by marketing. It’s no less when it comes to an ICO. You need to have a bird’s eye view. Yes, the marketing strategies should be on point for a successful ICO. While there are numerous companies claiming to offer the best ICO marketing services, very few live up to expectations. These tips might be helpful: Create an account on every other social media platform Post relevant and fascinating content Attract investors through telegram and influencer marketing You could also: Do paid advertising Publish announcements on popular ICO sites Take up Email marketing It doesn’t stop there, of course, Don’t panic! The best option is available. Blockchain App factory imparts the finest services in town. They not only build cryptocurrency, exchange software and so on, but also offer exceptional marketing services. A pioneer in cryptocurrency marketing services, they possess an arena of features to create the best ICO. Advertising in the crypto world is a cakewalk for them. Their team of experts work through goals and makes businesses an enormous success. Stop your search right here and make use of this opportunity!
  9. On June 2018, SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) received a court order to freeze the assets of a popular crypto coin, under allegations of false marketing and fraudulent activity. This little piece of news might have made you think twice of where ICOs stand in today’s world. Are they being used for legal projects or just used to siphon funds? There is a conflict of interest in the trust of ICOs in the market. ICO’s Radical Change ICOs are proving to be a short-lived fad, with most ICOs not fulfilling their purpose. Countries are backing away from ICOs, as they are not regulated without any central authority. Many cryptocurrency users are split into two factions, with one half supporting a better-regulated securities investment by SEC, and the other half being against the idea as it conflicts with the very foundation of cryptocurrency and ICOs. Would this mean the end of ICO? ICO’s primary function is to raise funds, and it is currently being riddled with flaws, which allows certain crypto projects to make use of the loopholes and rip off funds from the investors. But with the right regulations in place, ICOs are here to stay. So, what makes ICO the holy grail of investing and crypto startups? Maybe if we clear your doubts on how it is being developed, you can look at the positive side of ICOs. As of 2018, the total funds raised is $5,548,072,315 with over 882 number of ICOs in the market The ICO market has seen rapid growth in 2017 with over $5 billion out of which $150 million was raised in the month of December alone. By the above statistics, we can come to the conclusion that the crypto market has become a gateway for startups and projects to obtains funds through ICO. ICO Development The creation of an ICO goes through many iterations and levels. These levels include: Whitepaper creation Every project should have an idea of where it is headed, and a good ICO development company will help you maintain your direction by creating the whitepaper, the official document of your project for investors. Landing page The landing page will contain the project’s website and all other details needed for the said project to receive funds and maintain a working website. ICO fundraising, admin and wallet dashboard The website will contain a fundraising dashboard that will provide a page that will keep track of the funds being raised by the project. An admin dashboard and wallet dashboard will help you to keep track of the incoming users and their respective wallets. Marketing plan From Facebook to community forums, the infallible marketing plan will create a brand image for the project through social media channels. Press release kit An unrivaled Press Release of the project will help you to create a stronghold in the cryptocurrency market. Token or coin creation The project will have a dedicated token or coin, where they can distribute it to potential investors and drive up their coin’s value in the market. Listing Services Every coin has to be listed in cryptocurrency listing services for more widespread usage of the coin in the market. The more sites you list your coin, the more attention it will receive. Bounty management and Airdrops The bounty campaign will come under the marketing plan. This bounty campaign will give free tokens to the users or followers of your project in return for some tasks to be completed by the user. Airdrops can also be done to ensure customer retention by adding your coins to their wallets free of charge. ICO Starter Videos A good ICO marketing company will take your ICO to next level with ICO starter videos. Tell your ICO’s story with a video in both live and animated videos. ICO Marketing ICO marketing is the pillar of any ICO. If you have an ICO in hand and it is being launched, then you must have some outstanding ICO marketing plans for your ICO. And by a perfect ICO marketing plan, we mean seeking professionals to come up with the best campaign your ICO will ever see. The more social presence your ICO has, the more funds will flow into your project. A good ICO marketing company will tailor the marketing plan according to the ICO’s goal and audience. There are three quick ways to make your ICO popular and trendsetting: ICO Calendars Professional communities Blogs and social media presence ICO Calendars The first step for your ICO is to announce to the world, the existence of your ICO. Some of the ICO calendars sites will help you in publishing the scheduled ICO, and other users can search for them: CoinGecko Cyber Fund ICOCrowd ICOCountdown Coinschedule Tokenmarket TokenSaleCalendar These sites contain information regarding your ICO and potential investors, and bloggers can invest in it, based on the calendar schedule. Professional Communities The next step after listing in ICO Calendars is to have a connection to the audience in the professional communities. The professional communities can help you to bring the spotlight to the ICO, and this helps you to create a presence in social media and other marketing channels. Quora discussions are filled with questions regarding ICOs and their underlying blockchain technology. An active community of blockchain organizers can make use of your ICO. Facebook groups and Twitter have banned ads on cryptocurrency and ICO, but they have not banned discussions on them. Forums on Cryptocurrency are specialized forums that contain scores of audiences for cryptocurrency discussions. Some of them are Bitcointalk, Cryptocurrencytalk, and much more. Blogs and Social Media presence This is the final steps of your ICO marketing, where your ICO will create and maintain a Social Media platform. This includes blogs about your ICO, Press Releases to both traditional media and online media. These will ensure your ICO’s presence in the social media and in turn, create a brand image of your ICO. Do ICO have a stand in the market? As mentioned above, a good ICO marketing company will take care of all the mentioned points. Blockchain App Factory with an army of seasoned content writers, digital marketers, an SEO will guide you with your ICO and create a positive image for your ICO in the cryptocurrency market, without breaking a sweat. ICOs are here to stay.
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    Blockchain app factory provides a quick, secure and a highly reliable procedure to raise your Initial Coin Offering. They're experienced in cryptocurrency development is unmatched and it enables to provide optimized, stable ICO solutions which are tailor-made to match your requirements. With a track record of building intricate models for Cryptocurrency tokens, ensure completion of your ICO token development before your ICO launch. Contact : [email protected]
  11. Anyone looking to develop your own Cryptocurrency, ICO, Exchange software, Wallet App, ATM & MLM Software, ICO Marketing. Blockchain Development Implement blockchain technology to maximum advantage with custom solutions to fit your requirement. ICO Development Superlative services in complete and reliable ICO solutions for a successful cryptocurrency venture. Cryptocurrency Development Secure, seamless, and scalable solutions in custom cryptocurrency exchange and wallet development. Blockchain Consulting Reliable advice from our competent experts to help you achieve the best from our wide range of services. ICO Marketing Strategic ICO marketing campaigns with a powerful combination of online & offline promotion to attract investors. Wallet Development Secure cryptocurrency transactions and store it with Universal Wallet. Highly immune to both hard and soft fork. Exchange Software Customisable and scalable cryptocurrency exchange trading software built by experienced Blockchain engineers with a high focus on security. ATM Software A Cryptocurrency ATM Software is a machine that gives access to people to buy bitcoins in exchange for hard cash. MLM Software Cryptocurrency MLM software development has its own set of features that will make the Software work without hassles. Continue>>>>>>>>
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    The dream of launching your own token is not far away. Ping us to get the best Token Development Services in the field of a virtual economy at best prices. See your business development in the shortest possible time. We also provide solutions for your ICO marketing needs once the tokens are developed.
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    ICO development services advocate the value of ICO’s and merchandise tokens to investors. Targeted exposure elevates the visibility of an ICO. Once after the tokens are listed in the cryptocurrency exchange. ICO development company does Pre – ICO marketing and indulge dashboard facilities along with wallet payment options at the time of coin offering.