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  1. lexipiper93

    Security Token Offering

    STO is the word of the moment. But do you actually know what STO means? Security Token Offering is the new and most secure type of digital tokens. This is a crypto token that passes the Howey Test and subjected to federal securities and regulation. This means it is less risky to the investor, once it is under the law. Also, it is backed by some asset, such as gold, real state or even pieces of art. STOs are the next big thing in the cryptocurrency world. Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, an STO allows any company that trades commodities in the real-world to bring their assets to the digital space, giving them the opportunity to reach a wider range of clients and investors. Do you wanna know how a Security Token Offering can leverage your business? The Blockchain App Factory, the best company in blockchain developments, is ready to help you understand more about this type of currency and also plan, build and market your own STO launch. Tokenize Everything. This seems to be the buzzword at the moment around the blockchain and cryptocurrency realm. Several traditional financial assets companies such as J.P. Morgan, Fidelity Investments have started to move into Tokenized Asset Offering. The cryptocurrency market has evolved itself from Bitcoin to ICOs and now to TAOs. The expansion of cryptos into the Security Token is a natural progression since it allows traditional asset management companies and other institutional investors to participate in blockchain related projects. The Tokenized Asset Offerings can be classified based on the asset : Real-Estate Tokenization Art Tokenization Stable Coins VC Fund Tokenization Illiquid Asset Tokenization Mining Repository Tokenization
  2. In the recent years, cryptocurrency drastic rise in value has stoked a large amount of public interest in crypto coins and altcoins which are constantly being created every day. Currently, there are many virtual currencies in existence and that’s mainly due to the presence of dedicated cryptocurrency creation services present in the market. The likes of coin creator, wallet builder, and CryptoLife assists us in carrying out the technical work unless the coin creator does not have a clear set of interest and commitment, the customer is bound to fail in this task eventually. So, if you are planning to create your own cryptocurrency, you should be wise enough to follow these steps. Creation of a New Separate Blockchain network Creating a cryptocoin fork Involve the local community and forums The development part should be precise Creating a Prototype first Get miners Step into the shoes of a hacker But in reality, most of the big names in the cryptocurrency market are all heading for sustainability rather immediate profitability. If you have any further queries regarding create your own cryptocurrency. For More detail content visit our site -- Blockchain app factory one of best cryptocurrency development company in india

    Blockchain application development company

    The new-cutting edge technology and a much discussed and debated economic jargon of recent times is blockchain technology. Now it is not a jargon anymore as many are interested in developing a cryptocurrency and its applications are being explored in various industries such as banking, travel industry, healthcare and so on. And many are in a dilemma to find the right blockchain app development company. The best company in this field is Blockchain App Factory. This company provides services such as

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  5. lexipiper93

    Launch Your Own ICO

    Well ! i am looking to develop new ico for my pet Paradise..
  6. Cryptocurrency development employs blockchain technology in order to make it decentralized in nature. Cryptocurrency developers who are blockchain experts create a practical cryptocurrency once after understanding the user specifics and real-time market problem. Altcoin development companies employs build turnkey solution in order to create a reliable and practical cryptocurrency. Furthermore, Ethereum ERC 20 token is implemented during cryptocurrency creation which makes them free from securities.