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  1. ALCEDO is a blockchain-based technique which targets making crypto currencies reachable to all and also offers opportunities to maximize capacity with domain names. ALCEDO Stretches the CryptoMoney world so it can truly be an effective decentralized blockchain-based technique for obtaining crypto currencies that can be reached by everyone. By offering efficient and easy-to-use tools such as ALCEDO-Card, ALCEDO-Wallet, ALCEDO-POS Terminal, etc., because it empowers men and women to easily exchange crypto money and also to improve the theory of digital currencies. Even the ALCEDO Wallet radically simplifies cryptocurrency management on this smartphone. Actually, basically, someone can send or receive various coins. We provide the initial Coin Bit, Ethereum and ALCEDO-Coin, it may always be enlarged. Intended to operate easily using all of our crypto devices and also the ALCEDO Platform. For your Euro foreign exchange exchange on cryptocurrency, this procedure is almost the same as getting coins on your system, which is scanning a QR code and receiving coins. The cellular program consists of maps showing all the crypto devices in Germany. Our team unit members specialize in money mercantilism and the cryptocurrency market, which has years of expertise operating with world brokers. Understanding the market from the purpose of reading customers, also because the expertise gained from the quality management of monetary and bank companies, urges America to return to the blockchain field. Development of ALCEDO, this platform is one of the bravest we have. The creation of the platform began in 2018. From the start and until the launch of our platform, several technological issues were studied and solved, which enabled America to perfect our system and make a perfect idea for future crypto exchanges. ABOUT ALCEDO PLATFORM Alcedo is a German based organization which offers a finished worldwide eco-framework even before the beginning of the ICO. The primary ALCEDO-Point in Germany did officially open. The following one is in the arranging stages. The mission is straightforward: CREATE VALUES. ALCEDO-Points with the ALCEDO-Coin will spread rapidly all through Germany. Additionally, they are coordinating different accomplices into framework so as to cover all of Europe. Get a lot of genuine business and bolster us turning into the best eco-framework worldwide. ALCEDO-Point: At each ALCEDO-Point one can purchase, move and trade monetary forms (BTC, ALCE, EUR, and so forth.) with the assistance of expert advisors. ALCEDO-Token: The ALCEDO-Coin (ALCE) is an essential piece of our biological community, as it is a method for taking care of our administrative expenses and rewards program. ALCEDO-Wallet: Purchase, move, trade and electronically transmit to and from any digital money account. Investment Plans: We are growing our customary business from Gold-Saving Plans to Crypto-Investment Plans. ALCEDO-Card: It enables clients to rapidly and effectively purchase or move cryptographic forms of money at our ALCEDO money machines and POS-Terminals. Crypto-Machines We are supporting well known Crypto-ATMs and building a system in Germany. ALCEDO-Points Buy, SELL and EXCHANGE: Notwithstanding the crypto ATM's, ALCEDO-Points will help our clients with the assistance of our administration group. We'll offer our clients the remarkable chance to purchase and move digital forms of money outside of web trades and with the individual help of our specialists. They will likewise aid the utilization of the ATM's and answer all inquiries with respect to cryptographic forms of money. Expanding ALCEDO-Points: ALCEDO-Points are accessible under a diversifying framework, which will make occupations and a higher and quicker acknowledgment in our general public. We, as your future franchisor, will guarantee that you'll get the best system with equipped counsel, progressing preparing and consistent openness. The permit charges will be paid solely with ALCEDO-Coins, which implies that the ALCEDO-Coin stays in the organization's business cycle. Benefit from our experience about digital forms of money and gold We assist individuals with investing security in digital forms of money and physical gold. ALCEDO-Card: ALCEDO-Cards are prepared out of the blue with an implicit NFC chip and can be utilized at our ALCEDO-ATMs and our POS-Terminals. This enables clients to rapidly and effectively purchase or move cryptographic forms of money. What's more, it advances the dispersal and acknowledgment of ALCEDO-Coins and other digital forms of money. No long and lumbering enlistment techniques on outside stock trades are important. We work solely and totally from Germany. Our Edition 1 ALCEDO-Card is restricted to 1,000 cards, customized and will be without sent of charge (around the world) with the buy of 10,000 ALCEDO-Coins. ALCEDO-Coin(Token): The ALCEDO-Coin is a standout amongst the most critical parts in the whole ALCEDO venture and is structured as an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token toward the start of the ICO. Obviously, ALCEDO-Coins can likewise be utilized as money notwithstanding their utilization in the ALCEDO-Ecosystem. We will dispatch the ALCEDO-Coin in Q-4 2019. This token will be moved over the span of advancement to a different blockchain, with a similar number of coins and existing ALCE ERC20 tokens are traded at a rate of 1 : 1. ALCEDO-Reward System: Our clients can profit by extraordinarily decreased expenses by utilizing our ALCEDO-Ecosystem. To accelerate the conveyance and along these lines the course of ALCEDO-Coins, the utilization of our stage by means of ALCEDO-Coins is increasingly great. Be that as it may, every client is allowed to choose in which digital money he needs to pay charges. Special Highlight ALCEDO-Flat: An imperative point for us is to furnish our clients with various advantages by utilizing the ALCEDO-Platform and ALCEDO-Coins. Each client who has 10 000 ALCE on the ALCEDO-Platform (web-or cell phone application) won't need to pay any exchange expenses when utilizing our administrations. In any case, contingent upon the Coin (aside from ALCEDO-Coin) a specific system expense remains, which we cannot discount. This waiver applies to any administration of ALCEDO (counting all ALCEDO-ATMs). ALCEDO-Wallet: The ALCEDO-Wallet radically streamlines the treatment of digital forms of money on the cell phone. Simply, one can send as well as get diverse coins. We offer toward the begin Bitcoin, Ethereum and the ALCEDO-Coin, yet this arrangement will be ceaselessly expanded. The Wallet is intended to work consistently with our crypto machines and the ALCEDO-Platform. For the trading of Euro in cryptographic money, the procedure is relatively indistinguishable to getting coins at the machine, i.e. checking the QR code and getting coins. The versatile application incorporates a guide demonstrating all areas of crypto machines in Germany. ALCEDO-Wallet is structured by watching the most astounding wellbeing principles. In the wake of downloading and enlistment, all clients of this wallet get 20 ALCEDO-Coins for nothing. ALCEDO-TOKEN STRUCTURE Join our Token sale. We accept token payments. Token: ALCEDO-Token Total ALCEDO-Token: 100 000 000 ALCE Hard-Cap: 40 000 000 ALCE Project-Protocol: first ERC20-Token Crowd-Sale: Dec 01, 2018 Means of Payment: BTC, ETH, PayPal TOKEN SALE STAGES PHASE 1: Dec 01 - Jan 31: 50% Discount 1 Alcedo-Token at 0.20 € PHASE 2: Feb 01 - Mar 31: 25% Discount 1 Alcedo-Token at 0.30 € PHASE 3: Apr 01 - May 31: 0% Discount 1 Alcedo-Token at 0.40 € TOKEN DISTRIBUTION ICO: 40% Team: 30% Business: 15% Referral / Bonus: 15% FUNDS ALLOCATION Development: 40% Marketing: 30% Reserve: 20% Partnership: 5% Legal: 5% ROADMAP Q2 2017: Concept is born for spreading the use of cryptocurrencies & marketing Q3 2017 Q3 2018: Developing the Concept Q4 2018: Opening first Acedo Point with cash machine & starting ICO Q1 2019: Prepare Alcedo Tokens to be listed on exchanges Q2 2019: Publishing new Wallet Q3 2019: Open several Alcedo Points and franchising Alcedo Cash manchi TEAM Alcedo has a team which consist of employees of Argus Noble Service GmbH and of freelance staff. Dipl. Lng. Hermann Sanktjohanser: Co-founder and owner Lngo Hofbauer: CFO Maximilian Sanktjohanser: Co-founder and owner Radoslav Manev: CTO Website: https://www.alcedoplatform.com/ Whitepaper: https://www.alcedoplatform.com/assets/images/Alcedo-whitepaper-eng.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alcedoplatform Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinAlcedo Telegram: https://t.me/alcedoplatform1 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/alcedoplatform/ Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5070994 Authored by: ogtejiri Bitcointalk link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Wallet address: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6
  2. Moozicore is a Background Music Service for a revolutionary Business where music is very important for customers. Help us turn desktop music into interactive customer source playlists. Unlike Spotify, ups and downs or some other products and services, Moozicore could be a recreational music service for places wherever music is required for patrons. It’s additionallya mobile app which will flip neutral background music into your favorite, from everyday playlists. not like such services as Spotify, Tidal, the music on Moozicore are going to be totally authorised and approved by the copyright owner. The house owners of the businesses that have terminated contracts with Moozicore, get access to resources from quite twenty million tracks. Moozicore's goal is to evolve places such as bars, restaurants, gyms and any other entertainment venues by creating personalized, social music experience for each customer. Mission Moozicore creates a more exciting experience for customers and enhances restaurant marketing using the Moozicore App, a beacon solution for iOS & Android platforms provided by leading IoT technology system providers. Our services use beacons to target anyone who has an application around the participating locations. After that the song flare sent their push notification greetings by name, telling them that the place near them was supported by the Moozicore platform and finally their favorite songs were added to the queue. The purpose of Moozicore is to alter the backup in varied places, applicable to the tastes and wishes of their guests. this is often achieved by the actual fact that customers use the mobile application from the creators of the project. With the assistance of it they will opt for totally different songs, with the chance of selection, interacting with others, for instance, the guests of the bar or sports hall. The activity of the Moozicore project involves remuneration of music authors. Users of mobile applications victimization Mzi & MZG tokens can use network resources. These tokens, that work on the Ethereum blockchain, will be purchased in nearly any type of cashless payment. I will cite the work of Moozicore on a straightforward example. you're a user of this mobile application. once youreturn to the athletic facility, that is additionally a member of this project, you not would like a player to concentrate to your favorite music. Through Moozicore you'll produce background music from your favorite tracks, if there area unit many users, it's achieved within the order of the queue. an equivalent system applies to differentestablishments. Market CHD knowledgeable 2017 Report demonstrates that there are over 700.700 settings in task over the U.S. at the aim once the shut sounds area unit key for purchasers. U.S. Music trade Revenues because the RIAA appears, spilling music stages spoke to just regarding 2/third of combination U.S. music trade incomes in 2017 and prompted nearly the majority of the event. `The spilling classification covers incomes from membership administrations, gushing radio administrations what’s extra, and bolstered on-request spilling administrations. U.S. Paid Music Subscriptions Revenues Paid memberships were the simplest development driver for the music business in 2017. Year-over-year gain development of 63 sent add up to membership incomes to over $4 billion out of the blue, making it by a long shot the simplest configuration of recorded music at intervals the U.S, along side 47th of the mixture market. ICO details MZG is that the main token of the ERC20 normal platform and is predicated on Ethereum. are used as a utility token of the platform. In fact, the shoppers of the establishment can pay tokens to order songs, voting, etc. hosts will use tokens as incentive visits (for example, to outline special days or hours, wherever additionally to the order areincreased and MZG). or use to draw in extra profits by merely exchanging them on exchanges. MOOZICORE ICO TOKEN SALE DETAILS Token: MZG ( ERC20 standard) 1 MZG is equal to 0.025 USD Soft Cap - 266 million MZG Hard Cap - 664 million MZG 50% sale on ICO; 20% referral and bounty; 14% project team; 11% conversion to MZI; 5% bonuses. Token Information Token : MZG Price : 1 MZG = 0.00036 ETH Bonus : Available Bounty : Available MVP/Prototype : Available Platform : Ethereum Accepting : ETH Minimum investment : 0.3 ETH Country : Poland Whitelist/KYC : KYC Restricted areas : Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Syrian Arab Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, United States, Vanuatu, Yemen, Democratic People's Republic of Korea For more information, please visit: Whitepaper: https://tokensale.moozicore.com/whitepaper.pdf Website: https://tokensale.moozicore.com/ Website: https://moozicore.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Moozicore/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/moozicore Telegram: https://t.me/moozicore
  3. Roadmap ● ICO/Token Sale Event ○ Phase I (October 16 to November 20, 2018) ○ Phase II (November 21 to December 15, 2018) ○ Phase III (December 16, 2018, to January 31, 2019) ○ Phase IV (February 1, 2019, to February 28, 2019) ● Release of Rento App (December 2018) ● Launch of the Example Rental (June 2019) ● Release of Rento blockchain (July 2019) ● Rentocoin enters the cryptocurrency markets (3rd quarter of 2019) Token distribution · Owner’s token: 305, 000, 000 · Team and Advisors: 25, 000, 000 · Token sale: 264, 000, 000 · Tokens for bounty: 6, 000, 000 Funds allocation · Marketing: $6, 445, 000.00 · Assets: $1, 547, 000 · App development: $4, 784, 500.00 · Licensing: $160, 000 · Team and office: $6, 863, 500.00 Website: https://rento-app.io/ Whitepaper: https://rento-app.io/assets/whitepaper.pdf Bounty BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5076209.0 ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5074644.0 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rento_app Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rentoapp/ Telegram: https://t.me/rentoapp Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rento.app/ Medium: https://medium.com/app-rento Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rento/ Written by: thankyoulord Bitcointalk link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2076086 Wallet address: 0x2859DD117e5E186B2dec97b50012C66D0E7597Ad
  4. Grabity is a public Blockchain project, to transform the Internet paradigm from a centralized network to a distributed network. Current hardware performance has increased dramatically, even enough for smartphones to have better performance than the previous server. However, it does not use 100% storage space or computing power. Anyone can share computer resources through mastered devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs, and users can receive as many awards as they provide resources, and DApp developers can use shared computer resources to operate services at lower costs. When the Grabity project reaches the commercialization stage, anyone will be able to use distributed nodes to change the Internet paradigm. The Orbits Network is Grabity’s decentralized main net that draw a truly distributed P2P network by utilizing all wired/wirelessly connected idle computer resources. Transactions from Orbits Network are managed efficiently through using Genesis Hoisting technology, which can process transactions simultaneously and quickly. In addition, Smart Contract and resource files can be stored in separate portions into each by using the distributed storage technology and Defrag Function technology that can recall each part and execute in a streaming format. The Grabity Ecosystem consists of nodes, communities, DApp, and platforms, and each institution contributes to the ecosystem based on economic tokens. We present the token economy and various requirements for the ecosystem to function and develop as follows. Network layer: P2P-based overlay network. Verify and then spread transactions between nodes through layers. The principle is to use the most basic network bandwidth. Data layer: Blockchain data structure and physical storage space. Including Merkle Tree, Hash Function, Data Block, digital sign and others that store blocks and DApp files that contain transaction history. Agreement Layer: Nodes that generate transactions directly verify transactions themselves, and transactions that have been verified by most of the closest nodes are generated as blocks. This is distributed to other nodes, and if a node is set to be a malicious attack, transaction details are initialized and synchronized with verified transaction details. Application Layer: Provide an application interface on the Blockchain. Smart contracts, virtual machines, DApp, etc. Included and connected directly between data users. Layer of Management: Toolkit and SDK are provided to form ecosystem development and place 3rd Parties. About The Grabity Ecosystem The Grabity ecosystem consists of nodes, community, DApp, and platforms, and each institute contributes to the ecosystem based on the token economy. Grabity presents the token economy and various requirements for the ecosystem to function and develop as follows. Token Economy Demand for GBT Consumers who need computer resources should purchase GBT. Need to purchase GBT to participate the in the ICO on the Orbits Network-based DApp GBT is DApp’s main currency, and if DApp’s users increase, demand can increase. The reward for providing computer resources after the main net launch can be expected to increase the demand for GBT, determined from the additional computer resources and GBT. Supply of GBT The initial 10,000,000,000 GBT for the development and operation of the project are issued from the Ethereum network. The ERC20-based GBT will be replaced with the Orbits Network-based GBT after the main net launch. In addition, since the main net, GBTs are issued in addition to consideration of the inflation rate for the purpose of compensating computer resource providers. The rate of inflation can be flexible, but will be determined in a way that does not exceed 5% to protect token holders and ecosystem participants. GBT ecosystem entry incentives The consumers of computer resources can use the Orbits Network using GBT for less than the cost of building or maintaining existing servers, and the provider of computer resources can obtain GBT by providing Orbits Network with idle resources or extra devices of their own devices. ICO GRABITY : Token Name : GBT Total Supply : 10,000,000,000 GBT Token for sale : 7,000,0000,000 GBT Token Price : 1 GBT = 0.0053$ Softcap : $ 30 Million Hardcap : $ 10 Million Presale January 15 , 2019 Presale end February 14, 2019 Distrbution of token For Token Sale : 70% For Grabity Team : 15% For Patner and Advisor : 5% For Bounty , Marketing , Airdrop : 10% Road Map 2018 Q4 Smart contract Deploy ERC20 based Token issue GBT Pre-Sale 2019 Q1 Network Layer Development (P2P-based overlay network) Planet Wallet Launching GBT Public-Sale 2019 Q2 Data Layer Development Consensus Layer Development 2019 Q3 Testnet Launching Toolkit & SDK Development Block Explorer Development 2019 Q4 Application Layer Development 2020 Q1 Management Layer Development 2020 Q2 Orbits Network Launching GBT-based DEX, DApp Store Launching For more information about Grabity, you can send message to https://t.me/GrabityENG Website: https://grabity.io/ Whitepaper: https://github.com/grabityorg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Grabity.io Telegram: https://t.me/GrabityENG Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrabityOfficial
  5. Greencoin is a platform focused on connecting green systems manufacturers and Installation companies or certified individuals directly with buyers around the world that will help combat the main problems that humans face today, a knowledge exchange platform on demand with a decentralized market enabled for small and large companies. The platform simplifies the generation of potential customers and B2C interactions through the administration of an offer/request ecosystem, decentralized Escrow support based on Blockchain and implementation of rules and standards established to do business through smart contracts. The GREENCOIN platform will function on blockchain technology coupled with smart contract for speedy transaction and transparency on the platform. This will serve as a means of carrying out transactions on the platform using the GREENCOIN token via the online store interface. All renewable sustainable energy providers and installers will register on the GREENCOIN website or application where buyers can liaise on products buyers’ desire via smart contract and blockchain technology. GNC token will be used to carry out all transaction and rewards on the GREENCOIN platform. The GNC token is a standard ERC20 token and a total of 50,000,000 will be created. The GNC token price will be 1EHT=500 GNC, HARDCAP=60,000GNC, SOFTCAP=10,000GNC. The GREENCOIN platform plans on expanding their innovation over different problems to tackle burning of fossils fuel with the innovation of sustainable green renewable energy. This will eliminate carbon emission into the environment in the process of power generation bringing about ecology that suit living organisms without health risk factors. The main goal of the project is to create a productive environment, autonomous, decentralized and business-oriented community, using blockchain technology to distributed systems that will help tackle the main problems that people face today. This is ensuring the use of such energy sources that will not be depleted, and, most importantly, will not bring harm to the environment. Advantages for Members Advantages TO Purchasers Top notch green Networks and items. Networks and items purchased online effortlessly and advantageously. Access to nearby Networks installers. Refreshed on new Networks, strategies, and technologies. day in and day out help group Advantages To Producers And Installers Full control of item or administration evaluating and posting. A bound together prepared to-utilize interface Showcasing and advancement specifically to purchasers Showcasing costs decrease Quick and definite client input Installment comfort GNC Tokens Type: Pre-ICO Category: Energy Verified team: Yes (Members: 2) A whitelist of investors: Yes KYC of investors: Yes The goal of funding (Soft cap): 10.000 ETH The goal of funding (Hard cap): 60.000 ETH Tokens for sale: 30.000.000 GNC Token price: 1 GNC = 0.002 ETH Minimum purchase: 0 ETH Airdrop program: Yes Bounty program: Yes Have escrow agent: No Have working prototype: No White paper: Open Currencies: ETH, BTC Platform: Ethereum Token type: ERC20 Location: United States of America Restricted areas: United States of America, Singapore, China FUNDING INFORMATION 2018 Nov 16th 0 9 : 0 0 : 0 0 DISTRIBUTION Development 27.00% Marketing 38.00% Legal 5.00% Expansion 16.00% Local Offices 1.00% Admin undefined Operations 12.00% Contingencies 1.00% End time 2018 Dec 15th 2 3 : 0 0 : 0 0 BONUSES AND DISCOUNTS Pre-ICO: 15% ICO Platform 1: 10% ICO Platform 2: 5% ICO Platform 3: 0% TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 1% Bounty 9% Advisors, rewards to initial supporters 15% Reserve fund 15% Reserve fund 60% ICO ROADMAP July 2017 The beginning of the idea in the Blockchain August 2017 GNC concept created August 2018 Development and integration of ICO smart-contract November 16th, 2018 November 16th,2018 9:00 California Time (PST) Start date of Token Sale March 15th, 2019 March 15th, 2019 23:59 California Time (PST) End date of Token Sale Q2, 2019 Appearance of GNC token on the crypto-exchanges Q3, 2019 Development of the GNC platform Q1, 2020 Beta release of the GNC platform Q2, 2020 Global Marketing Campaign Q3, 2020 Launch of GNC Platform Q1, 2021 Geographical expansion and ecosystem growth For more information about the GREENCOIN, kindly click on the following links below Website: https://greencointoken.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Greencointoken/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GreencoinToken BitcoinTalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5051891.0 Telegram: https://t.me/greencoin_token Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDDy06vkCpda4ZCFUyhD8pw?view_as=subscriber Whitepaper: https://www.greencointoken.com/docs/ico-whitepaper-English.pdf Medium: https://medium.com/@greencointoken Github: https://github.com/vpomo/TokenGNC Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/GreencoinToken
  6. The need for real-time connectivity between people or devices is increasing exponentially. A decentralized network that allows infinite connectivity with a guarantee of privacy is indispensable. VANTA will aim to provide solutions to our everyday problems. It will be optimized for real-time data transmissions to provide infinite connectivity among all people, devices and information, creating a variety of new opportunities for businesses. Benefit For developers : Develop and operate a real-time communication service that is scalable, reliable, and highly secure at low cost. For users: Use various high-quality services free or almost free of charge without worrying about privacy. For organizations: Build a blockchain-based telecommunication network between different organizations. TOKENOMICS VANTA token has a utility and stake usage. Developers must stake VNT tokens to run their services on VANTA. Depending on the developers and their policies, participants/users may be required to stake VNT tokens as well. Tokenomics is solid and reasonable. Hardcap: $15M for 35% of tokens: Private sale bonus of 15% is locked for two months. 50% of purchased tokens will have no lock-up, the remaining 50% of purchased tokens will be subject for a one-month lock-up. 10% of tokens that are allocated to the Team and Founders are locked for 2 years. The 5% of Advisor and Early Supporter tokens are locked for 1 year.
  7. There was a time when music production was a whole different from the way it is now. It gave musicians this sense of belonging, upcoming and old. People were more recognized when you join some record label and make cool cash out of it. While being part of some record deal fetched some real cash(the recognized and popular ones),others would either drill you or make you. Music’s were being sold in plates to consumers who immediately take them home to sale and for use. The number of music plates one can sell determines the amount and percentages one can earn. It made earning easy to an extent. The disadvantages of then was that there were so music talents in the world but only few were recognized. Some had to do some little hard works and shitty works most times before they could get to the top. They were the selected few, while others were left aside to perish. As the nature of man is which is inevitable, the same became corrupt and violent. To an extent, it was no longer about talents, but connections and money. If you got the right influence and the money, one is good to go. It became the industry of the privileged, gifted, opportunist and favor. But things changed when technology and internet evolved, started advancing starting from the year 2000’s. It was years of prosperity and was seen as years of doomed for people who were not basically used to this system. Things changed. Now, a wider platform was created for everyone with talents. It was no longer a must for one to become wealthy in music’s only through selling of discs and advertising to people to come buy, the system revolved. One could download any music title almost instantly and for free, things turned, people changed as they had little or no interest in buying musics anymore since it was already made available just at ones fingertips. Costs of artists were dropped, some record labels went into extinction. But as time went by, musicians with talents started getting along and used the present system for their own benefits. Since the evolution of the internet, different structures have been created to collect and distribute funds that belongs to the content creators and rights holders but was flawed, became in consistence and inadequate most especially as things started revolving. Today, music creators operates within a complex web of intermediaries when distributing digital content and attempting recoup payments for their works. Instantaneous access and global nature of the services caused problems with digital rights management, payment transparency, and monetization of content. Imusify saw these, its changes and the need to re-modify giving the benefits of earning to those who really deserves it not to those who don’t actually deserve it. Out of experience was this created. Imusify is a decentralized platform which gives musicians the opportunity of earning. It is a scalable and a secured platform which gives artists and creators the ability to retain and control their work throughout the distribution process. An ecosystem is created with the combination of streaming, media sharing, crowdfunding and social networks in which artist, fans and music professionals can interact with one another on a more decentralized and secured market place for even distribution. With the use of smart contracts, it ensures that a fair and immediate distribution of payouts is accorded which is reviewed regularly and automatically so as to determine copyright ownership and digital identity tracking to prevent fraud and theft. With its achievement as the winner of the inaugural CoZ (City of Zion) dApp competition, one can see it’s the best. It is one of the first dApps to use neo-python as a Blockchain middleware for communication between UI and a Smart Contract. IMUSFY IS THE REVOLUTION OF THE MUSIC WORLD. The plans of Imusify are not just mere visions. It is an opportunity platform for fans/users and for artists who desires to earn. It cuts every necessary barrier between fans and artists giving them the opportunity to interact with their desired artist, it also create a platform for interactions between and among fans. It is an opportunity for any users to become a producer and contributor. It is trusted, secured and easy to use and understand. It gives artists the power and benefits of autonomy, higher income and transparent transactions between services and product suppliers UNIQUE VISIONS The vision of Imusify is to cut all barriers between fans and musicians, giving fans the opportunity to interact, communicate and financially support artists. To be the world’s connective system by creating a borderless ecosystem giving the community the power to control the future of the music industry PARTNERS OF IMUSIFY UNIQUE BENEFITS OF IMUSIFY • it’s basically beneficial to artists/musicians and to lovely fans • it helps musicians monetize their works through various features such as p2p streaming • Sales of singles, , synchronization, licenses and equipment • Crowd funding • Copyright management • Royalty distribution • Rewards system for on and off platform interactions • Referrals and live event ticketing • Decentralized exchange • it gives fans the opportunity to communicate with their desired artists • communication between and among fans • allowing users to become producers and contributors • secured and instantaneous transactions • With the use of smart contracts it prevents fraud and theft • Transparent and fair payment TOKEN DETAILS OF IMUSIFY A portion of IMU tokens will be sold in Imusify token sale, organized by IMUSIFY 0U. institutional token buyers and individuals who meet applicable conditions and threshold to qualify as accredited/experienced participants will be invited to participate in the private sale in which Imusify is aiming to collect up to $5,000,000 of deed capital . Remaining IMU token sale will be sold to the ublic at the later stages if the Imusify token sale, under the terms and conditions publishes on the inusify website. The token will be sold with significant discounts during the token sale. Maximum IMU supply: IMU for sale: 650.000.000 IMU price: 0.05 USD Currencies accepted: USD, EUR, NEO, BITCOIN (BTC), ETHER (ETH), LITECOIN (LTC), DASH (DASH), BITCOIN CASH (BCH), TETHER (USDT), MONERO (XMR), RIPPLE (XRP), OMISEGO (OMG) Public sale: 200,000,000 Public sale: 100,000,000 TOKEN DISTRIBUTION OF IMUSIFY Main sale: 350 Ecosystem: 80 Strategic partnerships: 80 Private sale: 200 Company: 80 Contributor rewards: 15 Pre-sale: 100 Team and advisors: 80 Charity program: 15 TOKEN ALLOCATION OF IMUSIFY Main sale: 350 Ecosystem: 80 Strategic partnerships: 80 Private sale: 200 Company: 80 Contributor rewards: 15 Pre-sale: 100 Team and advisors: 80 Charity program: 15 USE OF TOKEN SALE Platform development: 27% Supplier development: 20% Operations: 14.6% Sales and marketing: 38.3% ROAD MAP OF IMUSIFY 2018 Won 2nd place in the CoZ competition Token sale 2019 Project launch Million NEO community engagement 2020 Artists and fan engagement Mobile app 2021 Mobile app Break even point 2023 Launching additional services with AI/VR partner TEAM MEMBERS OF IMUSIFY David Walters: Chief executive officer Tadej Krevh Dina Yedigeyeva: Senior finance officer Jennie Legary: Chief Marketing officer Gijs Verheijke: Business development Luka Pregelj: Legal and corporate affairs Marco Aniballi: Product designer Nate Strang: Artist management Vikas Kalwani: Channel manager Basit: Backened and Blockchain development Gianluigi Guida: Attorney Istvan Balinth: UI/UX designer Onuwa Nnachi Issac: Developer Eva Preger: business development Imusify is an awesome project. There is more than meet the eyes. As already stated, its benefits and numerous. Its transparent, secured and a decentralized exchange system which connects two worlds together giving each (artists and fans) the opportunity to communicate, interact and support. With its smart contracts, it prevents scams and thefts. I will basically implore everyone to participate in this awesome project. I assure you, nothing can ever go wrong. For more information please kindly visit any of the links below. ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4327428.0 WHITEPAPER: https://imusify.com/whitepaper.pdf WEBSITE: https://imusify.com/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/imusify/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/imusify REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/imusify Written by: Ogtejiri Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Wallet address: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6
  8. Human beings value their privacy and the protection of their personal sphere of life. They value some control over who knows what about them. They certainly do not want their personal information to be accessible to just anyone at any time. But recent advances in information technology threaten privacy and have reduced the amount of control over personal data and open up the possibility of a range of negative consequences as a result of access to personal data. The 21st century has become the century of big data and advanced information technology allows for storage and processing of exabytes of data. the revelations of Edward Snowden have demonstrated that these worries are real ad that the technical capabilities to collect, store and search large quantities of data concerning telephone conversations, internet searches and electronic payment are now in place and are routinely used by government agencies. For business firms, personal data about customers and potential customers are now also a key asset. Other problems still associated is the increase and cost in network which has somehow limited how people can actually work, limited in providing reliable services which is alarming and discouraging. There is no trust among and between parties in data transferred from various devices due to in transparency. Privacy and the already existed problems listed above being the subject of considerable controversy was looked upon by Vanta so as to create a network that is mostly suitable for everyone and for anyone. Vanta is a Blockchain project which is dedicated to connecting with real businesses to grow in the ecosystem. Vanta provides solutions to our everyday problems which sometimes includes slow connectivity. It gives people the opportunity for real time connectivity, a decentralized network which is specifically created to allow infinite connectivity with a guarantee of privacy which is indispensable. It’s vast and can be used among people, devices ad information which creates a variety of new opportunities for businesses and users at large, far and near. Telecommunication is enhanced between and among businesses which is suitable for any organizations. It also has other beautiful and cool features which includes live streaming services (online courses, user generated video content, sports and game broadcast and more while VOD streaming services) and games. It’s a solution to enterprises, public institutions, hospitals and any other organization one can ever think of. Also for individuals it can be used to solve real life problems, for developers it is used for various services that will improve the solutions of those real-life problems. UNIQUE VISIONS OF VANTA The vision of Vanta is to create the world first decentralized network that operates scalable services which provides infinite connectivity and also enables fast and low cost development PARTNERS OF VANTA UNIQUE BENEFITS OF VANTA · Optimization of real-time data · A decentralized network which provides infinite connectivity · It’s totally reliable, transparent hence trusted. · It highly secure just at a low cost which is a win win for everyone · Its totally free, costless · It’s also beneficial for prestigious organization. With its build Blockchain based telecommunication network between and among different organizations TOKEN DETAILS OF VANTA Ticker: VNT Token type: ERC20 ICO Token Price: 1 VNT = 0,0009 USD Fundraising Goals: 15,000,000 USD Total Token: 56,200,000,000 Available for Sales Tokens: 35% Received: ETH, BTC TOKEN DISTRIBUTION OF VANTA Token sale: 35% Business development: 15% Marketing: 15% R&D: 15% Team & Founders: 10% Advisors/early supporters: 5% Reserve: 5% ROAD MAP OF VANTA 2018 Q2 Ideation/vanta established Q3 Vanta Architecture and Consensus Algorithm Design Q4 Website launch, White paper release, private ICO 2019 Q1 Technical paper release, the ARKAS protocol development Q2 The Vanta Testnet Q3 The Vanta mainnet VNT native token swap Q4 dApp incubation & Developer Community Expansion VANTA INFINITY Connect TEAM MEMBERS OF VANTA Ryan Seo: CEO & Founder Adrian Park: Technical Lead Martin Jung: Data Scientist Prof.Inwhee Joe, Ph.D: Head of R&D Vanta is here to stay. Vanta is an awesome project which I implore everyone to participate and be part of. It’s an awesome project. As already stated, the benefits are numerous, one wouldn’t want to miss out. Please, For more information about this awesome project, please kindly visit us in any of the links below. WHITEPAPER: https://vanta.network/doc/VANTA_White_Paper.pdf ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5095100 WEBSITE: https://vanta.network/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/vantanetwork/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/vantanetwork TELEGRAM: https://t.me/vantanetwork Written by: Ogtejiri Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Wallet address: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6
  9. The exceptional growth and acceptance of digital currencies into the real world has created a lot of dramas, applications and controversies that have attracted the world attention - especially in 2013 when its popularity spread like wildfire. Fast forward to 2018, when the total market cap of digital currencies exceeded $200 billion. New trades, investors and crypto enthusiast couldn’t resist diving into the blossoming cryptocurrency market. Since its birth in 2009, Bit coin has dominated other cryptocurrencies over the years; its influence has led to the emergence of numerous altcoins whose trends value and worth have been determined by its rule. The number of cryptocurrencies is constantly growing and the market situation is changing rapidly. The list of top Cryptocurrencies has changed multiple times in the course of the last couple of years, as well as the market capitalization or price of the most popular coins. The number and the speed of changes happening every day are hard to track and analyze manually which results in missed opportunities and investment mistakes. One should not also forget the reason why cryptocurrency was introduced in a hurry. It’s no doubt that the traditional system of finance was tiring due to the centralization and control of funds. The sole reason why cryptocurrencies was introduced even after so many people has failed to establish such system is to eliminate the control and the centralization of funds. One situation faced most time is the issue of double spending which is sometimes caused with the delay and transfers of funds. This is usually done by central server who keeps record about the balances. Such thing does not exist in decentralized network because it doesn’t have a server. For checking and resolving of such problems was the reason why the intelligent teams of Botxcoin decided to create a platform, a means rather where such issues can be resolved, where every peer in the network needs to have a list with all transactions to check if the future transactions are valid or an attempt to double spend. Botxcoin is a future token for financial freedom that provides a functional token for using our profitable trading robot in all cryptocurrency exchange all over the world which is built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. It’s a solution to human limitations. The goal is to utilize trading robot (BOTX app) and build a multi cryptocurrency trading exchange (BOTXPRO). Botxcoin protects investor’s assets and prevent them from possible scam and theft. Botxcoin uses robot so as to ensure the smooth running of the system thereby eliminating the possible control of man. There are basically four 4 methods run in trading robot’s server (Botxapp) which are three paring combination in one exchange, pairing between two or more exchanges, pairing between two or more exchanges with arbitrage and bidding in BOTXPRO by comparing 20 top exchanges. botxcoin gives rewards for each botxcoin that joins the loyalty program 0.2% bitxcoin token per day as reward. Being a botxcoin token holder gives one the right to join its loyalty program. The launching og BOTXPRO will support infinite cryptocurrency trading pairs which will provide BTC, ETH and USDT markets including the trading pair of Botxcoin and various highly negotiable ERC20 tokens. Trading fee of Botxcoin for token holders with certain amount gets 50% discount of trading fee. UNIQUE VISIONS OF BOTXCOIN To introduce a unique feature and revolutionary stable token which can help traders to trade and investors to transfer assets in larger exchange all over the world. TOKEN DETAILS OF BOTXCOIN Total issuance of botxcoin: 5,000million Pre-ICO = 10% from total supply 2019 Pre ICO can be closed earlier incase if the token is sold out Pre-ICO starts December 1,208 at 3pm Singapore time Pre ICO ends December 7th,2018 at 3.00pm Singapore time Token will be distributed on or about February ICO phase 1= 10% from total supply 1 ETH – 40,000 botXs ICO phase 1 starts December 10th 2018 at 3.00 Singapore time ICO phase 1 ends December 24th 2018 at 3,00pm Singapore time TOKEN DISTRIBUTION OF BOTXCOIN Initial token sale: (Pre-ICO & ICO): 40% Developing BOTPRO exchange: 30% Affiliate incentives, loyalty program, airdrop, bounty: 15% Founders: 10% Advisor and team: 5% ROAD MAP OF BOTXCOIN 1st QUARTER 2018 January 2018 - Platform Idea The origin of botXcoin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan. 2nd QUARTER 2018 April 2018 - Elaboration of Platform Elaboration of botXcoin platform legal model in various jurisdictions. 3rd QUARTER 2018 July 2018 - Attraction of Advisors Attraction of advisors. Development of the botXcoin platform mock-up. Technical audit. 4th QUARTER 2018 September 2018 - Preparation for ICO Preparation for ICO. Development of a smart contract for botXcoin token release. Continue the development of the platform. Ecosystem formation continuation. November 2018 Official launching Declaration of the botXcoin ICO plan, Releasing official website www.botXcoin.com and Publishing White Paper to public investors December 2018 ICO Conducting Start of the marketing campaign. Pre-ICO and ICO conducting for 2 months. 1st QUARTER 2019 February 2019 – botXcoin Distribution Distribute the botXcoin to the wallet address of purchasers. March 2019 – Loyalty Program Start the loyalty program for token holders. 2nd QUARTER 2019 May 2019 – Trading Robot (BOTX App) Beta Version Release Launching the beta version of trading robot (BOTX App). Selected investor will be invited to try this beta version. 3rd QUARTER 2019 July 2019 – Trading Robot (BOTX App) Full Version Release + Android/iOS App Token holders can start to utilize the trading robot (BOTX App) in their own trading account in selected major exchanges. 4th QUARTER 2019 November 2019 – BOTXPRO Closed Market Launching the alpha version of BOTXPRO and start the trial for closed market. December 2019 BOTXPRO Beta Market Launching the beta version of BOTXPRO and start the trial for beta market. Selected investors will be invited to try this beta version. 2nd QUARTER 2020 or earlier June 2020 or earlier – BOTXPRO Full Market Launching the final version of BOTXPRO exchange and start the full trading function. Selected major cryptocurrencies will be traded and paired with botXcoin as the main currency in this exchange. TEAM MEMBERS OF BOTXCOIN Agusman Surya Randi Setiadi Ignatius Aris Toguan Wong Advisory team Reinhard Scholle Stephen Moore Smriti Singh Juan Luca WHITEPAPER: https://botxcoin.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Whitepaper-botXcoin-4.pdf WEBSITE: https://botxcoin.com/ FACEBOOK: https://web.facebook.com/botxofficial/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/botxofficial TELEGRAM: https://t.me/botxcoin YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRlWsyhMQ9Fxlcp2ju3mzg Written by: Ogtejiri Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Wallet address: c67080f8e80744dba0dbd9172dc14c59
  10. Trading cryptocurrency is nothing new. It certainly feels like an ancient concept being renewed by novel technology. The rapid increase of almost all digital tokens which is most noticeable in Bitcoins. Crypto trading is becoming one of the hottest investment opportunities available. Unfortunately, many traders are finding that the technological advances or even basic trading needs found on traditional investment are utterly lacking on crypto exchanges. This could be a big problem. While cryptocurrencies have never been more popular is more-in-demand, the exchanges that are intended to facilitate the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies are subpar and inefficient. In their current state, they are the tangible manifestation of people’s worst fears about cryptocurrencies. In general, they lack equity between exchanges, they utilize embarrassingly outdated technology and they are infused with bad actors. Problems hindering crypto market to thrive is the lack of liquidity, outdated technology and bad actors. Some of the principles that make cryptocurrencies so appealing-mainly their decentralized and autonomous nature-also make them a liability when trading. When trading cryptocurrencies investors can choose from well over 100 exchanges and prices fluctuate within those exchanges. New investors are shaming crypto exchanges. These new comers are immediately met with outdated trading systems that the functionality of a simple website. As a result, a simple task like changing an order price or size can be prohibitively difficult. Cryptocurrencies are predicated on speed and technological innovation, so these restrictions hinder their ability to operate effectively. Unfortunately, the outdated technology isn’t just related to investor experience, algorithmic triggers that stop trading when dramatic price swings distort the market are insufficient or nonexistent on crytpoexchanges. The absence of regulatory oversight and the abundance technological limitations make crypto exchanges ready targets for bad actors. At this point, crypto exchanges are making promises to combat these issues; however, if they remain just promises, it may limit their potential. Also is the problem of risks and theft in the market, high fees and time delay in exchanging. While a fiat payments takes only a few seconds to be made in most countries, transferring cash out of the crypotosphere can take days or weeks before being completed. The good news about Rockz is that it offers absolute solutions to all these problems listed above. With the right team, intelligent and experienced in such fields, it’s here to give you the best. Its team and IT advisors did set up 6 guding principles which are code reviews, cloud native, audit trial, auto scaling, monitoring and public blockchain As earlier stated, Rockz offers solutions and addresses the major shortcoming of the cryptoshere. Rockz is designed for corporations investing directly for their own account and service providers acting on behalf of their clients as well as private individuals who wish to receive payments in cryptocurrencies but are willing to take the market risk related to main coins. Rockz uses the trading strategy of trade against bitcoin sue to the strong confidence in bitcoins value continuing to grow in future which has allowed high profit gains in the past but currently, its confidence has proved rather costly if market trends to change direction. Although it may be discouraging, it reveals a need for a string financial shield to fix profits which is why ROCKZ particularly fixes this line. Its ICO is also useful It enables investors and traders to exhcnage their main crypto currencies against a Rockz. For each Rockz issued, 1 Swiss Franc(CHF) is held by the Rockz issuing company for the account of the coin holders. The reason why Rockz focuses on CHF is not only because of the key role Switzerland is playing in the development of crypto currencies but foremost because the CHF offers real protection against inflation and devaluation which gives comfort for investors. In transfer of money, its rather super fast and totally reliable and acceptable and universally used in any country, any part of the world. It avoid the limitations of restriction because it includes “native” options to convert tokens into a fiat currency and to deliver transfers directly into a clients bank account. Rockz offers a very safe harbor to investors for their wealth when the sea gets rough. It can be used by any crypto investors willing to place and hold cryptocurrency: offering stable and accessible value backed by fiat currency and eliminating any unnecessary counter party, market or security risks. Rockz is a bridge to financial system which gives users the ability to issue, against a pledge of their holdings, guarantee to financial institutions worldwide whicj allows holders to be recognized as a fiat currency backed creditors for their crypto assets in the banking world. UNIQUE VISIONS OF ROCKZ To make the cryptocurrency market transparent, safe and trusted for its users which can be used by professional investors and private participants of the new crypto reality UNIQUE BENEFITS OF ROCKZ · totally secured from theft and scams · easy to use and fast means of transfer or exchanges between and among clients · The cost of transfer and trade is variably cheap. · Transparent · Secured · Totally private · Ease and convenient availability in the collection of payments · It can be used as a collateral to invest in the crypto world TOKEN DETAILS OF ROCKZ Token name: Alprockz(APZ) and Rockz (RKZ) Token type: ERC20 Basic Blockchain: Ethereum Total token emission: 175,000,000 APZ Tokens available during private sale and ICO: 26,250,000 APZ Private sales date: 01.10.2018 – 30.0.2019 ICO dates: Q1 2019 ICO token price: CHF 0.60 per APZ Private sale minimum by-in Amount: CHF 1,000 ICO MINIMUM Bu-in Amount: 500 APZ or CHF 300 worth of value Total funds to be raised (Hardcap) CHF 12,6M TOKEN DISTRIBUTION Accredited private sale (vesting plan over 18 months): 10% Public sale: 5% Founders, core team and advisors (vesting plan over 18 months): 15% Early stage/seed investors: 10% Treasury (in escrow with vesting mechanism over minimum of 36 months): 60% ROCKZ USE OF FUNDS Treasury reserve for any unplanned events: 15% Development and operations of ROCKZ platform: 55% Promotion of ROCKZ adoption and other Blockchain innovations: 20% Legal and compliance: 10% ROAD MAP OF ROCKZ 2017 AUGUST Launch of the rockz project by the core team DECEMBER First investors back of the project 2018 Q2 Request to the swiss regulator to approve Rockz legal framework Q4 Second round of investors back the project Q4 Start of the development of the MVP MAY Final documentation to Swiss regulator and Swiss National bank JULY Agreement with main crypto brokers for platform liquidity AUGUST Project is officially publicly announced SEPTEMBER Campaign starts OCTOBER ICO of ALPROCKZ (APZ), the mother of all ROCKZ OCTOBER MVPlive for ICO participants 2019 JANUARY Launch of public Rockz platform APRIL Offering of credit cards to spend Rockz anywhere anytime JUNE Offering of loans and bank guarantees JULY Launch of Rockzeur SEPTEMBER Launch of ROCKZKRW TEAM MEMBERS OF ROCKZ Yassine Ben Hamida: Alexey Borichev: Gabriel Rossetti: CTO Manuel Banz: governance specialist Marc Walpoth: Legal and compliance Patrik Griffith: Branding and communication Eduardo De Felipe: Branding and communication Hosam Mazawi: marketing and business development Dmytro Grebennikov: Blockchain project manager Vladimir Liulka: IT and business consulting, software development, investments Ilya Dydykin: Software development Tetiana Santos Pereira: office administration Sebastien Hess: Head of business development Frederic Mayunga: cryptocurrency analyst Gustavo Colliard: project management Claudia Sigg: media and communication ADVISOR Reza Hedayat Tal Cohen Niall Carton Vadim Kuchinskiy Rockz project is one of the best so far. It’s a bridge to financial system. Its benefits are one compared to none. I implore everyone to participate. For more information, please kindly visit us in any of the links below. Thanks for your time. WHITEPAPER: https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/alprockz-docs/RockzWhitePaperEnglish_v4.pdf WEBSITE: https://alprockz.io/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RockzPlatform/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/RockzPlatform LINKELDN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/alprockz-ag/ TELEGRAM: https://t.me/rockz_bounty Written by: Ogtejiri Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Wallet address: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6
  11. By 2025, 10% of the global GDP is expected to be generated on the Blockchain. Financial institutions around the world are experimenting with Blockchain as a platform for future trade. The blockchian technology that powers them is poised to transform eCommerce and hundreds of other industries. The market place is where crafters from all over the world can come together to buy, sell and interact. Tanzo aware the benefits and the revolution of e-commerce, decided to create a platform where crafters and owners of various goods can showcase and sell their products to buyers who are in need of such items. It has successfully satisfied the needs of man which offers a wide variety of handmade items and offers the option for buyers to post a “wanted” ad if they are looking for something specific to be made. We have seen situations or preferably, we have been in a situation whereby we desire certain things, goods or items but we are unable to connect to buyers who inevitably have such goods but have no platform to showcase their talents and connect to buyers who are looking for such. Problems facing artisans in creating sustainable livelihoods in today’s economy are low productivity, inadequate inputs, information asymmetry, fragmented value chain, lack of enabling environment, lack of international marketing knowledge , lack of buyer confidence (crafters usually aren’t identified), difficulty verifying that a crafter is who he/she claims to be, difficulty verifying that an item is truly handmade by the crafter, difficulty verifying that a crafter isn’t exploiting the marketplace by passing off counterfeit goods as authentic, difficulty verifying that a crafter isn’t selling mass product goods for profiteering, lack of reliable reviews, fear of dishonest buyers, barriers to proper representation of themselves and their product, difficulty directing traffic to their product listings and inability to present their products in fair competition. Problems which Tanzo has successfully dealt with. The teams of Tanzo who are beautifully intelligent sorted to satisfy the needs of man. Tanzo is a Blockchain based identity verification process which ensures that only true crafters will be able to sell their handmade items on the platform. Goods that is authentic. It guarantees potential buyers that all products are actually made by hand and by the actual seller who sells them. Crafters are allowed to create a profile for themselves giving them the opportunity to develop their own standard storefront profile and list their handmade items for sale. Tanzo community is supported by a reward system of Tanzo tokens (TZO), an ethereum Blockchain based token, created to fuel the platform. Incentivized members of the platform and to generate wealth within the community. Tanzo distributed ledger technology allows for transparency within the platform, making it open and safe for buyers and crafters. It also simplifies the purchasing process and reduces transaction costs. Blockchains are natural fit for e-commerce, since they were designed for storing transactional data. However, this data doesn’t need to be financial. It can be any distinct action that requires an immutable record, including actions related to payment and order fulfillment. It’s an alternative payment method to traditional currencies which provides advantages over traditional currencies that benefit both customers and merchants. It’s easy to implement, sending or receiving money is often as simple as sharing QR code. Its faster in transactions, more secured means of payments which does not expose personally identifiable information’s, it also has an improved order fulfillment in that each block in the Blockchain links to the previous block which creates a visible chain of events that closely mirrors the process of fulfilling an order. Tanzo identified the benefits of Blockchain and implemented it its platform for easy running of the system. with Tanzo, trading online, buying of items can never go wrong. UNIQUE VISIONS OF TANZO The vision of TANZO is to become a synchronized social platform, connecting buyers and system which is solely based on a completely decentralized trust system. UNIQUE BENEFITS OF TANZO · Transparency is guaranteed in the platform due to the distributed ledger technology which ensures that its open and totally safe for buyers and sellers in the community · It’s totally safe for buyers and sellers. No risk, much rewards to use this platform · Bringing your desired goods or product to your doorstep with just one click · Unlike other platform, the rates/fees been paid for goods and services are high, but the reverse is the case with Tanzo. Tanzo chargers little fee which is just 1.5%. Cool right? · There is now a cool way to communicate with one’s buyer or seller, irrespective of one’s location at a geographical point. · Sellers now can present their numerous handmade products in a fair competition. Everyone is allowed to win. Don’t you want to win? · Fear of dishonesty is eliminated between and among buyers. Tanzo has simplified that ensuring that both parties be it the buyer or the seller enjoys such immunities · This platform is so easy to use, easy to understand and fast in deliveries · Payments has no issues as one can pay using popular currencies like ETH AND BTC · Decentralized bonus and reward system, one compared to none · Reliable reviews, incentivized by the reward system · TZO token payments for platform services at a special rate · All products are authentic and not fake. A measure which will surely be carried out by the Blockchain verified proof of identity which is lovely feature in this platform TOKEN DETAILS OF TANZO Token: ERC20 Token sale: 68% Token total supply: 500,000,000 tokens Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC Min contribution public pre-sale: $5,000 Max contribution: $200,000 Minimum contribution: #50 Hardcap: $15,000,000 Midcap: $7,500,000 Softcap: $3,500,000 Start date: to be released End date: to be released TANZO USE OF FUNDS Marketing: 63% Development: 20% Operational: 14% Legal: 3% TOKEN ALLOCATION OF TANZO Team and advisors: 8% Bounty: 2% Third party: 2% Public: 68% Founders: 10% Reserve: 10% ROAD MAP OF TANZO 2017 Q3: ideation and market research Q4: Definition and analysis of the market opportunity 2018 Q1: ICO campaign preparation Whitepaper Website Marketing materials Q2: Private token sale Pre sale event Main sale event Token distribution Q4: POC release 2019 Q2: TANZO alpha version release Q4: TANZO v1 platform launch TEAM MEMBERS OF TANZO Georgi Manchorov: Co-founder and CEO Vassil Guenov: Co-founder & CTO Svetoslav Georgiev: Business development George Koynov: Content manager Nikolay Fenixov: Graphic & Web designer Rossita Kostova: Platform lead Dimitar Jelev: Blockchain Developer Emil Monchev: QA lead & smart contract validator Milen Georgiev: Front end developer Stanislav Georgiev: IT project manager ADVISORS Saad El Boury Dejan Jovanovic Dimitar Zlatkov With Tanzo, the impossible becomes impossible .The Tanzo market place is the first ever unique project in the entire world in that it has successfully established a new ecosystem of global asset management and market place. From above one can see its advantage, Tanzo is a flawless system, that I can assure you. I implore every lovers of Cryptocurrency, digital currency to look into this project and make the right decision to invest. It’s a decision with no regrets. For more information about this awesome project, for enquiries, you can kindly visit us in any of the links below. Thank you for your time. Cheers! WHITEPAPER: https://tanzo.io/assets/pdfs/Tanzo_Whitepaper.pdf WEBSITE: https://tanzo.io/ BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tanzo.io/?ref=bookmarks TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TanzoOfficial LINKELDN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tanz%C5%8D/ TELEGRAM: https://t.me/tanzoofficial Written by: Ogtejiri Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Wallet address: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6
  12. Cryptocurrency are basically the same as e-money – like webmoney or Paypal. That means that they also have the same problems as classic e-payment systems. However, the operating principles specific to cryptocurrencies sometimes make the problems more likely to occur, and thus more disturbing. In addition, the same principles are responsible for a certain number of risks unique to cryptocurrencies. Old theft is one basic and major problem faced in the digital world today. Let’s say you’re transferring money to a friend. You copy his wallet address accurately, but malware replaces the address in the clipboard with another one. Not every user is vigilant and double checks address after copying it. Especially if the address is a long, jumble of characters. On top of that, even using a genuine payment gateway with the correct address can result in a loss of money. In all fairness, classic financial services can also fall prey to all kinds of attack. By far the biggest issue in the cryptocurrency market is the excessive volatility. The prices of cryptocurrencies on exchange platforms rise and fall dramatically over a short period of time. When a tradable asset can drop by as much as 49% in less than 24 hours, then the volatility of the market is high. There are a number of reasons that contribute to the excessive volatility in the market but perhaps the biggest contributor is the activities of “whales”. The biggest reason why this sort of asset price manipulation is possible is due to the lack of position price limits/fees on many cryptocurrency trading platforms. If adequate limits or fees are out in place, it will discourage the movement of large buy and sell market positions. Price charting is an essential part of asset/commodity trading. It is often necessary to develop price charts in order to carry out investment analysis and develop trading strategies. The problem here is the price of a cryptocurrency can vary considerably on the different exchange platforms. With such extreme price differences for the same cryptocurrency, price charting becomes a difficult endeavor. Add to this, the sheer degree of volatility in the market and the problem becomes even more exacerbated. Also, another problem is transaction delays. The cryptocurrency market is plagued with a litany of delays across almost every type of transaction. Form opening a trading account to verifying your identity and being able to make deposits and withdrawals, the system seems to be quite slow. Blockchain technology ought to make transactions occur faster but it seems to take forever for transactions to be approved on the various chains. Issues having to do with scalability have been identified by experts as being the cause if transaction delays. As the block chains become longer, more transactions are being held up in the queue awaiting approval. The market is volatile and as such, delays can be costly. Traders end up missing out on favorable positions because the transaction didn’t get posted on time. These are just some of the nagging issues in the cryptocurrency market that threaten to affect the quality of the trading experience which Gigzi has provided solutions for. Gigzi made it a vital key that efforts are made to combat these issues. Gigzi is a revolutionary financial system that facilitates the wider use of cryptocurrency, fully registered in Belize as an international business under company number 167956, a limited liability company. Gigzi does not only deliver stability, it also delivers security and wealth protection. Gigzi is comprised of crypto-assets that operates on a decentralized peer-to-peer network and are supported by three core applications: a wallet, an exchange and a treasury. Together these applications enable independent wealth management. With the use of distributed ledger technology (Ethereum) and smart contracts, Gigzi has developed and deployed a self-regulated financial system that revolutionizes the way wealth is managed and protected. But nevertheless, Gigzi seeks to bring solutions to three basic problems which are the problem of hyper-volatility of cryptocurrency, the account of vulnerability and the uncertainty and instability of wealth invested in cryptocurrency. Ethereum is the underlying distributed computing network of Gigzi. The four crypto assets: Gigzi black (GZB), Gigzi platinum (GZP), Gigzi Gold (GZG) and Gigzi Silver (GZS) are Ethereum ERC20 standard tokens. UNIQUE VISIONS OF GIGZI To create a financial system that revolutionizes the way wealth is managed and protected. To create a financial system that empowers users to independently protect and manage their wealth with the ease and convenience of modern banking. GIGZI ECOSYSTEM PARTNERS OF GIGZI UNIQUE BENEFITS OF GIGZI · Highly secured. Biometric security · Use of smart contract · Void of theft, scam and hackers · Stable · Wealth protection · Transparent · Gold rewards · Localized exchange ROAD MAP OF GIGZI 2016 Q3: THE IDEA AND THE TEAM From the realization of what distributed ledger technology can do and a great passion for decentralization, Gogzi was born and the team was assembled 2017 Q1: RESEARCH AND FEASIBILITY Analyzing market conditions and assessing the feasibility of launching a commercially viable solution using distributed ledger technology Q2: SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE DESIGN The initial system architecture was drafted and validated Q3: SMART CONTRACT DEVELOPING, APPLICATION DESIGN AND LEGAL STRUCTURING The smart contract is developed incorporating the rules and regulations of the system including fees, values and other important function. The outline design of the application is completed. Q3: GIGZI S..A. COMPANY REGISTRATION Gigzi registered in Bellize as an international business 2018 Q2: SMART CONTRACT AUDIT BY ETHEREUM DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY Security audit completed following which the findings and key points of feedback were incorporated into the solution Q3: SMART CONTRACT DEPLOYMENT AND CROWD SALE Gigzi website goes live, followed by deployment of the Smart Contract and the crowd sale 2019 Q1: BETA TESTING AND LAUNCH OF TREASURY AND WALLET APPLICATIONS INCLUDING BIOMETRIC SECURITY Launch of the Treasury application enabling the purchase and redeeming of Gogzi Meta Lauch of the wallet application including the generation of Gigzi Iris biometric security options. Q2: BETA TESTING AND LAUNCH OF EXCHANGE APPLICATION, MERCHANT TOOLS AND GIGZI GOLD CARD Launch of the exchange application enabling crypto to crypto exchanges and fiat money exchanges through a global network of local partners. Point of sale software and multi-currency payment processing solutions for merchants on existing point of sale infrastructure. 2020 Q1: 2ND GENERATION BIOMETRIC SECURITY Release of 2nd generation Gigzi iris biometric security device. Compact size, premium casing, superior fearures and built with an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) TEAM MEMBERS OF GIGZI El Asmar: Founder and CEO FAHAD Shiltagh: Operations director Roman Van: product manager Nick Belskyh: project manager Lera Konstantinova: Brand leader Vlad Gavriluk: Creative director Artyom Polykoff: technology director Sergiy Zhemeytsev: Blockchain Engineer Vadim Kovalenko: Frontend developer Slava Gornostal: Software architect Adrian Dragulescu: Web administrator Xeljko Nemet: Business analyst Are you tired of fraud, scams, and online theft in the crypto world today? Do you want to earn gold as rewards> are you looking for any trusted system or platform where you can trade and exchange with so much ease, fast and stable platform. Then Gigzi is the right choice for you today. I simply implore everyone to please participate in this awesome project. Please for more information about this awesome platform, inquiry, please kindly visit us in any of the links below WHITEPAPER: https://gigzi.com/whitepaper ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5047392.0 WEBSITE: https://www.gigzi.com/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/gigziofficial TWITTER: https://twitter.com/gigziofficial LINKELDN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gigzi TELEGRAM: https://t.me/gigzi Written by: Ogtejiri Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Wallet address: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6
  13. Parksen Green, Smart and connected City platform is created to help solve problems associated in the parking and transportation industry. Some of these problems include loss of time and money, economic and non economic impact, outdated systems and environmental issues. In most countries where cars are the dominant mode of transportation, parking lots are a feature of every city and suburban area. Shopping malls, sports stadium, mega churches and similar venues often feature parking lots of immense area. Parking lots tend to be sources of water, air and land pollution and wastage of funds because of their extensive impervious surfaces and high fees rate. Most existing lots have limited or no facilities to control runoff. Many areas today require minimum landscaping. Various forms of technology are used to charge motorists for the use of a parking lot. In North America, parking minimums are requirements as dictated by municipalities zoning ordinance, for all new developments to provide a set number off street parking spots. Parking minimums by municipalities’ base on ratios from parking generation had a substantial effect on urban form which can be seen in the lack of density characterized by the suburbanization of North America post world war. Billions of man hours are lost in a “stuck in traffic” excuse. The cost of travel has increased considerably, especially for the economically lower class. Non motorized models such as cycling and walking have become non-existent or extremely risky, since there is no right of way for these modes. Lower rents and land prices led to extended city peripheries that increase travel distances, thereby forbidding non-motorized modes, parking space/lot congestion is ubiquitous everywhere. Increase in congestion and driver frustration as well as irregular pricing rates is been contributed due to outdated and lack of modern equipment. When checked the reasons why some parking spots are not used, its often traced to the non cooperation between the different parties involved coupled with its high personnel maintenance and administrators Parq is a creation of Parksen Parking which is fully functional and tested parking app. It’s a green, smart and connected platform which has helped in renewing and expanding Minimum Viable Product, so as to ensure that the problems aforementioned are properly tackled. Knowing full well being stuck in traffic can be tiring, real time information on traffic situations, congestion and guidance system has been added so the features which will help drivers find the closet and most affordable parking spots close by. With its app, parking lots and transportation has been made easy and fun which allows users to easily locate and reserve parking spots. Parksen is connected to municipalities and garages through a varieties of APIs which makes the information given to drivers and users authentic and real. It’s beneficial also to parking spot owners giving them the right to manage available parking spots by means of an easy dashboard. Dashboards are been used and controlled by parking owners. for example, addition of parking zones can be done so easily and fast and metadata such as location, exceptions, conditions, locations, price, status and timeslots. The good news is that all these are done free, meaning that information’s are given without having to pay for expensive hardware and individual software, a greater world starts with Parksen. Parksen is available not only in Amsterdam but also in United States, United Kingdom, Russia and Asian countries due to high level of congestion, harmful emissions and high cost of driving and also seeking to expand towards Africa, Middle East and South America. IOTA is also included which is a permissionless distributed ledger basically designed for a new economy that thrives on sharing and machine to machine transactions. Stakeholders and end users are to use the Parq utility token for transactions within the platform which is compatibly built on the Ethereum blockchain which makes it very suitable for many wallets and smart contracts. Parq is unique. It has successfully connected cities all over the world having them operate under one universal platform, influencing prices and making sure that no spots are intentionally wasted AIMS OF PARQ To streamline day to day activities for anyone who finds themselves in the heart of busy cities and also mapping data that will give us a picture of major chokepoints in urban areas by using an open and universal ledger to record. UNIQUE BENEFITS OF PARQ · Its beneficial to drivers in that real time information’s on traffic situations and congestions are given · Guidance are been directed and given to drivers so as to look the closes and most affordable parking spots nearby whenever there Is traffic congestion. · It’s beneficial also to parking spot owners giving them the right to manage available parking spots by means of an easy dashboard. Dashboards are been used and controlled by parking owners. · Infrastructural optimization · Parking spots can analyze their busiest and least busy moments of the day so as to optimize and maximize profits and usage · Parking spots can easily be located and reserved · It’s created to help cities filled with people step into the future by investing in sustainable and green solutions, fighting against pollution, extortion and waste of time and resources. TOKEN DETAILS OF PARQ Total tokens: 1,000,000,000 Ticker: PARQ Type: ERC20 Inflation: none Token sales start: 01-06-2018 Sale length: 1 year Token base price: $0.10 Hardcap: $19 500 000 TOKEN DISTRIBUTION AND TOKEN ALLOCATION OF PARQ Charity: 1% Bounties/referrals: 2% Airdrop and holders reward: 5% Private sale: 3% Business development: 4% Team: 5% Pre-CIO sale: 5% Public ICO sale: 20% Development: 15% Marketing: 20% Smart city projects: 20% USE OF PROCEEDS Business development: 10% Global expansion: 15% Marketing: 30% Research and development: 45% ROAD MAP OF PARQ 2016 Q1: DEVELOPMENT OF PARKSEN CLOUD AND PARKING APP The parking app was developed and connected to 113 cities in the Netherlands including Amsterdan, Rotterdam and the Hague Q2: BETA TESTING OF PARKEN CLOUD AND PARKING APP We tested the app with thousands of end users and municipalities across the Netherlands. Q3: FOUND ROUND OF PRIVATE FUNDING FROM DUTCH GOVERNMNETS AND INVESTORS We received funding to develop a nationwide platform with support from bth angel investors and the local governments 2017 Q1: ALPHA LAUNCH OF PARKEN CLOUD AND PARKING APP IN THE NETHERLANDS Parken app became available on Apple App store and Goggle play store for end users in the Netherlands. Q1: STARTED RESEARCH FOR GREEN, SMART AND CONNECTED CITY PLATFORM Given immediate success, we started conceptualizing the Green, smart and connected city platform and dove into market research for global expansion. Idea for ICO took form and the company started preparation Q2: HIRED ADDITIONAL TEAM MEMBERS TOWARDS ICO Localized and recruited specialists to aid and assist us with ICO preparation 2018 Q1: ICO PREP, WEBSITE, SMART CONTRACT AND WHITEPAPER DEVELOPMENT With a complete team, we continued our ICO preparation, drafted our first official whitepaper and built the ICO website. We have also started the development of the first few contracts for parking prices and actions. Q2: START THE PRE=SALE AND PUBLIC SALE Interested parties are able to participate in our Pre-and Public ICO sale Q4: SETTING UP OFFICES AND EXPANDING TEAMS FOR GLOBAL EXPANSION Targeting the USA, Uk, Europe and Asia for our first round of global expansion locating new offices, expanding our teams and conducting further market research Q4: START DEVELOPMENT OF IoT DEVICES FOR SMART PARKING SOLUTIONS Collaborating with third parties and partners towards the creation of innovative IoT devices which will be integrated in participating cities and connected to our platform 2019 START DEVELOPMENT OF BETA PARKSEN CITY PLATFORM Creation of (micro) APIs and integrating them with Parken cloud for easy implementation in our selected test cities, localizing app and services in 5+ different languages. Mapping of parking zones, environmental issues and outdated systems. LAUNCH BETA OF PARKSEN CITY PLATFORM Selected Test Cities get full access to the Beta of our Green, Smart and connected City Platform. Extensive testing will follow thanks to close cooperation with local municipalities and end users. Collecting data, identifying areas of improvement and gathering community feedback FINAL PRODUCT LAUNCH IN SELECTED CITIES Rolling out the end product in all of the Selected Test cities after improvements continuing to gather data and feedback from the communities and municipalities to ensure a healthy growth of our platform and ecosystem 2020 GLOBAL RELEASE OF GREEN, SMART AND CONNECTED CITY PLATFORM After extensive testing, our platform and app will be rolled out globally and be made available to all participating cities and their citizens. During this stage we will continue to work on the platform based on feedback from different markets. We will rely heavily on community input to make sure that our product works the way that it should. TEAM MEMBERS OF PARQ Eddie Postma: CEO and founder Paul Heath: Chief security officer Fokko Van Den Bosh: IT architect Arjan Douwes: Senior developer Massimo Bensi: Senior developer Professor Joost Platje: Global sustainability strategist Roy Van Pamelen: Urban Development Specialist Tanna Heath: Risk assessment manager Cor Alberts: Legal counsel Marten Voskuil: Legal counsel for consumer privacy Wilhelm Roth: Marketing and communication manager Jan Heemskerk: Content manager Marc Garcia Abellan: Community and social manager Parq is a wonderful project which I implore everyone to participate. Its benefits are numerous. Parq is unique. It has successfully connected cities all over the world having them operate under one universal platform, influencing prices and making sure that no spots are intentionally wasted. For more information, please kindly visit us in any of the links provided below WHITEPAPER: https://www.parqtoken.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Whitepaper_PARQ.pdf WEBSITE: https://www.parqtoken.com/ THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4215740.0 TELEGRAM: https://t.me/parqtoken Written by: Ogtejiri Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Wallet address: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6
  14. UNIQUE VISIONS OF BIPS To create stability for BiPS network and to provide secondary market for BiPStoken sales UNIQUE BENEFITS OF BIPS · Safe and transparent · Expert functionality · Totally convenient and easy to understand · Smart contract · 24 hours availability · A token is created which can be used to remit, store, or borrow securely within secured made possible with the secured blockchain protocols · Users can happily save or borrow securely. · Token holders are given the benefits of having easy access to the world’s best asset classes, compliances framework and ultra secure methods of currency exchange currently available in the world TOKEN DETAILS OF BIPS Total supply: 5000,000,000 Available for pre-sale: 50,000,000 Oresale soft cap(minimum): 100 ETH Presale hard cap(maximum): 50,000 ETH TOKEN DISTRIBUTION OF BIPS Advisors: 5% Reserve: 5% Team: 10% Pre sale: 10% TOKEN ALLOCATION OF BIPS Legals: 10% Reserve: 10% Marketing & PR: 40% Platform: 40% ROAD MAP OF BIPS 2018 Q4 Token pre-sale & BiPS portal go live Pre-sale engagement to launch network and welcome global contributors 2019 Q1 Public token sale & mobile BiPS Apps go live FCA eMoney registration Q2 Platform live & token trading commences BiPS token to be listed on UK and European liquid blockchain exchanges Q3 Global PR & International exchange rollout Plans for blue-chip asset and debt acquisition program in USA (Subject to SEC approval) Australia, Spain and Canada Q4 Platform fully operational BiPS network expansion continues globally and asset acquisition to maintain network stability and liquidity in full flow TEAM MEMBERS OF BIPS Lee Birkett: Executive chairman & CEO John Gray: Finance Director Mike Moroney: Chief Operating officer Mehdi: CTO & Lead blockchain Simon Demsey: Corporate lending ADVISORS AND BiPS FOUNDING MEMBERS Miriam Greenwood OBE DL: Global bond expert Richard Farr: Compliance David Newns: Investor Tom Teichman: Investor Nigel Payne: Global mortgage Assets Rob Colin: Investment Committee Jeremy Bostock: Audit and Reporting Jack Hallam MRIC: property acquisition Mark Brady: Corporate finance John Barker: Legal counsel Sir John Hegarly: Creative Jon Butler: Branding Abi Owers: Engagement Tim Dempsey: Corporate Finance Thomas Adalbert: Investor Barry James: Blockchain and crowdfunding Ambassador For further information, please kindly contact us by clicking on any of the links below. WHITEPAPER: https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/bips-moneybrain/documents/Moneybrain_BiPS_Whitepaper_v1.pdf ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5077012.0 WEBSITE: https://bips.moneybrain.com/?utm_source=bounty FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BipsToken/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MoneyBrainBiPS TELEGRAM: https://t.me/MoneyBrainBips Written by: Ogtejiri Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Wallet address: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6
  15. Technology is advancing at a phenomenal pace and its showing no sign of slowing down. To say that technology has changed the world in just a few short years is something of an understatement. Take the way it’s affected our personal lives, for example, in 1990, the internet was a pipe dream- something that primarily existed on college campuses and in the military. Through the various industries and markets, technology has helped today’s workforce work smarter. Not only are we working smarter as a global workforce, but we’re communicating more efficiently and we are becoming more productive in our workflow. Technology has become an influential factor in our everyday lives. People simply can’t live without it. Today it’s a rarity for someone to leave the house without their mobile phone. And if they did, you would see them quickly scurry home to collect it. New age technology has enabled us to communicate with people thousands of miles away through the simple click of a button. Who would have thought 30 years ago that we’d advance at the rate we have? All technological functions are born out of purpose. For example, search engines were created to sort through the massive amounts of data online. With each new upgrade technology compounds existing technologies to create something better than what was previously used before. And on and on it goes. So many innovators has sort to bring in new ways where people can hire the right and professional consultancy services they need but some are scammers, only there to make money for themselves not giving the people what they actually needs. The challenge in finding genuine experts in such services is hefty. Consumers end up wasting a lot of time and perhaps money, in a frustrating search that is full of uncertainty and unverified information and claims. For example consumers normally seek information from Google when looking for expertise, which sometime makes them to be prone to scammers and time wastage. Also, another problem faced is the payment and transaction transparency, cases where scammers and frauds are been involved, where freelancers are not been able to collect payment at all. Because of this, some consumers which tend to be freelancers have to resort to a third party escrow service which provides reliable service but at a higher cost. Freelancers face challenges when colleting payments for services they have provided, especially when the freelancer and customer do not reside or have banking accounts in the same country. This and other problems not mentioned are what Bloocys sought to solve by bringing solutions. It saw the evolution of these technologies and with the needs of men not totally satisfied, decided to create a platform where people can hire the right and professional consultancy services they need Bloocys is a revolutionary uber-like platform for hiring professionals for consultancy services using real time video, such consultancy cuts across different phases which include the ability and easy way of learning a new language, getting the best makeup tutorial or fixing bug or an IT related problem. The possibilities of using this platform for multi purposes are endless. It is a platform. It has succeeded in the elimination of escrows giving experts and professionals the benefit of earning without having to pay extra high money for the service of an escrow giving them full optimization of earning. The smart contract makes it easier for safety and security reasons where every details about services experts and professionals offers been registered thereby eliminating fraud in the. Built of the new model of decentralization and tokenization, its real time video capability user verification and review, comprehensive searchable directory of services by experts, blockchain technology for transparency and smart contracts with underlying token gives the platform the potential to revolutionaries and optimize the way people access and offer expert services. It’s totally convenience giving users the benefits to have time at their own space and time to learn whatever they desire they want. Its timely delivery and high standards of services that today demanding consumers are expecting. Bloocys services can be delivered be it at home or office, café, park, any where one can possibly be. It’s there to empower professionals and experts in different fields who are looking for more flexible working arrangements or additional income. This platform is awesome in that it helps to unite consumers and experts into a decentralized, open and fair network that anybody can use without going through intermediaries and tough processes. Finding new, genuine and reliable experts can be somewhat difficult especially as they maybe different people offering such services. But with Bloocys, it has become easier, such services been delivered at their fingerprints. Experts and professionals are given the benefits of enjoying autonomy and which gives them the opportunity of earning additional income. It’s totally free from fraud with the use of blockchain innovation to verify user ID and validate any skills or experience claims provided by experts and professionals which ensures an excellent consumer experience that will ultimately build trust and credibility in the platform. With its smart contract technology and token, it makes the system and platform transparent for investment and profit distribution. BLOOCYS PLATFORM UNIQUE VISIONS OF BLOOCYS The vision of Bloocys is unique in that it gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the next wave of economic change irrespective of what assets one owns. It create expert place platform that facilitates hiring professionals for consultancy services using real-time video and blockchain technology PARTNERS OF BLOOCYS UNIQUE BENEFITS OF BLOOCYS · It’s totally convenience giving users the benefits to have time at their own space and time to learn whatever they desire they want. Its timely delivery and high standards of services that today demanding consumers are expecting. · Bloocys services can be delivered be it at home or office, café, park, any where one can possibly be. · Its there to empowers professionals and experts in different fields who are looking for more flexible working arrangements or additional income. · This platform is awesome in that it helps to unite consumers and experts into a decentralized, open and fair network that anybody can use without going through intermediaries and tough processes. · Finding new, genuine and reliable experts can be somewhat difficult especially as they maybe different people offering such services. But with Bloocys, it has become easier, such services been delivered at their fingerprints · Experts and professionals are given the benefits of enjoying autonomy and which gives them the opportunity of earning additional income · Its totally free from fraud with the use of blockchain innovation to verify user ID and validate any skills or experience claims provided by experts and professionals which ensures an excellent consumer experience that will ultimately build trust and credibility in the platform · With its smart contract technology and token, it makes the system and platform transparent for investment and profit distribution. TOKEN DETAILS OF BLOOCYS Token symbol: CYS Token background: CYS is built as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain Token amount: 1,000,000,000 CYS Token sale: 1 CYS = USS$0.10(or a corresponding amount in ETH as determined by the board based on the prevailing exchange rate) Softcap: US$5M Hardcap: US$40m Accepted currency: ETH Payment methods: ETH CYS token contract address TOKEN DISTRIBUTION OF BLOOCYS Token sale and bonus: 40% Reward & bounty: 10% Advisors and early supporters:: 5% Founders and team: 15% Company reserve: 30% TOKEN ALLOCATION OF BLOOCYS Marketing and growth: 40% Operating expense: 15% Governance and legal: 5% Staff salaries: 10% Product development: 30% ROAD MAP OF BLOOCYS 2018 AUGUST PROJECT INITIATION AND TOKEN SALE Whitepaper, Website, initial ecosystem partnership, private token sales, public token sale. 2019 APRIL BETA LAUNCH Beta launch, initial ecosystem partnerships JULY LAUNCH OF BLOOCYS IN INDONESIA Public launch in Indonesia, 3 channels i.e “Education, Beauty, Tourism”, Ecosystem partners onboarding 2020 JANUARY BUSINESS EXPANSION TO KEY ASIAN MARKETS Expansion to Asia countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipines, Thailand, Japan & Korea, New channels, Ecosystem partner expansion APRIL FEATURES ENHANCEMENT New features for corporate users, launch/rollout of new channels, Ecosystem partners expansion JULY BUSINESS EXPANSIO TO REST OF ASIA Expansion to rest of Asian countries like Hong Kong and China, Rollout of new channels, ecosystem partners expansion 2021 JANUARY GLOBAL EXPANSION Global expansion to other markets like Europe and South America, continued rollout of new channels, Ecosystem partners expansion. TEAM MEMBERS OF BLOOCY ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM Martono Setiawan: Co-founder &CEO Charles Joseph: Co-founder & COO Suisen Kicosuanto: Co-founder & CTO Hanny Santoso: Chief Software Architect Gunawan Tandun: Chief Partnership officer Agnes Hutagalung: Head of communications Kiki: Full stack developer Pensen: UI/UX Designer Theodorus Widyarianto: Blockchain Developer Lastwanto: System Specialist SPECIAL ADVISORS Prof Dr. Ir. Harjanto Prabowo M.M: Strategic advisor Tor Halvorsen: Technology Advisor Kevin Pang: Blockchain Advisor Robert Jung Soo Ryu: Blockchain Business advisor Shawn Tham: Marketing Advisor Karen New: Blockchain Advisor Bloocy is an awesome project, a platform that is beneficial to freelancers who are professional and experts in the things or services they render, giving them the opportunity of earning and also enjoying the freedom of autonomy. It is also beneficial to consumers or users giving them a secured system, introducing them to experts in any services they need which makes them being safe from fraud and the proper use of time management. It eliminates escrows in terms of payments and exchange. These and many others are benefits of using this amazing platform. I implore everyone to be part of this project. For more information, please kindly visit us in any of the links below. WHITEPAPER: http://www.bloocys.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/bloocys_whitepaper.pdf WEBSITE: https://www.bloocys.com/ BITCOINTALK URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5037566.new#new FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BlooCYSOfficial TWITTER: https://twitter.com/bloocys LINKELDN: http://linkedin.com/company/bloocys Written by: Ogtejiri Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Wallet address: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6
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