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  6. Lendelta (DLTA) is a working intelligent trading platform. It is a self-managing financial system with P2P transaction based on open source platform, developed as Ethereum token ERC20 and running on the Ethereum blockchain. All the team members behind LENDELTA have a dream to make DLTA the first AI Trading Bot of its kind. This includes having the technical and Artificial Intelligence ability to provide a continuous passive income to all of our customers. Join DLTA Pre-ICO today and get up to 50% bonus tokens.Website: https://lendelta.co/
  7. Take a look at the new and upcoming exchange Fyrus Pro -low transaction fees + free for deposit and withdrawal -100% transaction fees refunded -low listing fee for new coins/tokens -decentralized governance If you are interested in participating the currently ongoing invitation only sale, contact them on their website https://fyrus.pro Sign up for the newsletter to stay updated for the incoming public sale A chance for free tokens for those who sign up, daily small drops + weekly big drops!
  8. Interested in earning $750 in BTC in a few days? Who would not! An opportunity exists for you to earn $750 multiple times! remiel.co.uk is a straightforward website built to help anyone, who is interested, triple (3X) their BTC. Visit the attached link, register, and join the ever growing thousands of people earning $750 every few days.
  9. Great even-handed analysis on Coinsavage of Ripple and if it is likely to be classified as a security Coinsavage
  10. Ethx.co is a project that is making blockchain accessible to the masses. After a successful launch in India and processing millions of dollars of transactions every month, ethx is now expanding globally enabling users to buy and sell cryptocurrency with their credit/debit cards and bank transfer. The enterprise wing of ethx.co aims to offer turnkey blockchain solutions enabling enterprises to adopt blockchain swiftly and economically.https://ethx.co
  11. "Trust in Crypto" Coin Savage provides crypto asset investing insights from a community of experts to help investors navigate crypto investing. We feature fundamental and technical analysis of individual assets as well as more general crypto investing strategies. www.coinsavage.com, Twitter @coinsavage
  12. Coin Dogs is a pioneering project in the emerging crypto-gaming space. It is a player-to-player social cryptocurrency game where players breed and race virtual dogs for fun and profit. A Coin Dogs ICO is raising the funds needed for marketing, operational costs, and growing its user base. https://coindogs.co/ICO
  13. Xenchain.io : eKYC and Digital ID on Blockchain (Pre-ICO starts now) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFUMfXvslsU&t=14s
  14. Coin Fortis Escrowed P2P Bitcoin Marketplace Coin Fortis is a peer-to-peer bitcoin trading site. It provides escrowed P2P Bitcoin marketplace where people buy and sell Bitcoin easily and safely. Coinfortis.com, people from different countries can exchange their local currency to bitcoins. The site allows users to post advertisements where they state exchange rate and payment methods for buying or selling bitcoins. You reply to these advertisements and agree to buy bitcoins directly with online banking. Bitcoins are placed in Coinfortis.com web wallet from where you can pay your bitcoin purchases directly. Why Us? Zero Commission Zero Trading Fee* No Deposit Fee Safe, Fast And Secure Buy Bitcoin Online On Coin fortis you buy bitcoin from other people in real-time. Trading happens online via live chat. Sell Bitcoin Coin Fortis Vendors can earn six figures from the comfort of their home and many do. Trade with Secure Escrow Once payment is made and verified by the seller, the bitcoin will be released to your wallet.Escrow System gives the way when the Seller/Buyer fails to makes their trade not upto trusted and plays a scam Build your Reputation We've built a feedback and reputation system on the advice of the very best traders in the space. Get a Free Wallet Use the simplest bitcoin wallet on earth. You can't make a mistake and know exactly where to go next.Secure multi signature bitcoin wallet for users to store bitcoins. If you'd like to get in touch with us, you can contact us at [email protected] For existing users requiring support and having specific questions about the platform, you can contact us at [email protected] Social Links Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Coin-Fortis Twiiter: https://twitter.com/coinfortis Telegram: https://t.me/coinfortis Website: http://coinfortis.com/
  15. NetLeaders.com License gives you access to the world's most integrated blockchain economy and the ability to mint DasCoin. Also provides easy access to DasEcosystem, empowering the community through a myriad of blockchain-based services and applications. The more the network is used, the more the system itself is empowered and the more valuable it becomes. By growing the network and being rewarded for doing so, the community empowers others into financial freedom and control. REGISTER Here: https://netleaders.com/ref/Clearmind More info: Blog: https://webwallet.com/blog/2018/06/08/dascoin-launching-daspay-das33 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtvo4fM0GIrdeTvPVSLEzFg/videos and https://youtu.be/ff0tb52jDaE
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