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  1. Eww, HitBTC, but I guess it's the only relatively big exchange that lists not very known crypto like PKT. Or Duecoin.
  2. Feels like crypto gaming projects are appearing every day. I wonder If gln can compete with CryptoKitties or PKT.
  3. What is Korona Coin?
  4. Good, but for the better understanding of ICOs I suggest you to interview the teams behind NEO, ARK, PKT because their ICOs there a big success
  5. Nice channel, please review GLD or PKT. I am interested if these cryptocurrencies can 100x
  6. A lot of hype near Quarkchain, perhaps good addition to my btc, pkt, neo
  7. He should have known better than to doing business with shady companies
  8. Captain Han

    Bitcoin news

    Thanks for information
  9. EOS and LTC can be too considered leaders, hope someday some gems like PKT, ELIX, AU, GLD will explode
  10. Can i win crypto? Intersted in btc, eth, neo and pkt
  11. Hm, thanks for infromation, my btc, eth, neo, pkt and game are safer now!
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