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    There has been a great decline in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum for a while now and this has been very troubling to crypto investors. Apart from the constant fall in price, mining rewards are also falling, existing low transaction processing times, energy inefficiency and also scalability. The initial aim of Bitcoin and Ethereum using Blockchain technology is to build a world where there will be no restriction to cross-border transactions as they will be instantaneous and free having no form of interference either from banks or any other authorities but with the current challenges which the cryptocurrency market faces, one is forced to ask if this aim will be achieved in due time. A close look at Ethereum network showed clearly it is facing several challenges which needs to be addressed as soon as possible to create a better system for all. These challenges includes centralization, rental storage fees, declining rewards, scalability and difficult bomb (special piece of code introduced to Ethereum that has made it more difficult and less efficient in producing new blocks. These issues which have been troubling the minds of crypto investors a long while caught the attention of some high intelligent smart experts who have come together to give the world a long lasting solution to make cryptocurrency a lot easier to use all across the globe. These experts came up with the Ethereum Classic Vision idea which will bridge the divide of expectations and reality. To preserve the decentralization idea and leverage most advanced solutions proposed for world’s second largest digital currency, a hand fork of Ethereum is needed. Ethereum Classic Vision combine unique technologies including P2P asset exchange, dApp development tools, sharding, and also a decentralized file storage which uses IPFS. Ethereum Classic Vision is built as an advanced, fast, easy-to-scale highly decentralized system. Ethereum Classic Vision will develop a platform that will initially use PoW but later switch to PoS. Ethereum Classic Vision will be able to execute more decisive and confident transition with PoS which uses one block out of 100 validated unlike Ethereum which goes through lengthy partial testing stage. ADVANTAGES OF PROOF-OF-STAKE Proof-of-Stake has been discovered to have so many advantages over the Proof-of-work which makes it a better option anytime, anyday. Some of the advantages include; • Decentralization • Scalability • Energy efficiency • Security • Fair distribution of rewards. See the whitepaper for more details about the above listed advantages; https://ethereumcv.io/whitepaper.pdf. FEATURES OF THE ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION PROJECT Ethereum Classic Vision has been specially put together to give long lasting solutions to the numerous issues which Ethereum faces today, issues like mining inefficiency, high costs of data storage and scaling. Ethereum Classic Vision being unique has some amazing features including; • VisionDEX (decentralized exchange). • Topclass platform for decentralized application development • Sharding • IPFS data storage integration Kindly visit the whitepaper https://ethereumcv.io/whitepaper.pdf for more information about the features of Ethereum Classic Vision. HOW THE PROJECT WILL BE IMPLEMENTED After a snapshot which has been scheduled to hold on 11TH January, 2019 (20:00 GMT), the initial distribution of free Ethereum Classic Vision will take place. All users who have Ethereum coins as at the time of the snapshot in their private wallet will get to receive free Ethereum Classic Vision coins at 3:1 ratio. Upon completing the snapshot, ETH holders can then dispose of their coins. NOTE: only ETH stored in personal wallets (desktop, mobile, or cold storage) will be eligible for free ETCV after the hardfork. ETCV ROADMAP Q3-4 2018: ETH hard fork ideation & development; formation of the team; negotiation with and signing up first advisors. January 11, 2019: Snapshot of the ETH network & distribution of Ethereum Classic Vision coins. Q1 2019: Introduction of the dApps platform (initially with new dApps residing on the mainchain and support for migration from Ethereum and Ethereum Classic virtual machines); establishment of key technological partnerships; listing Ethereum Classic Vision at a number of major digital exchanges; testing the P2P exchange module VisionDEX; security audit of VisionDEX smart contracts; expanding the team and adding more developers; launch of a large-scale marketing campaign. Q2 2019: Implementation of the P2P decentralized exchange module; onboarding of an advisory board specializing in sharding and decentralized storage system based on IPFS; testing the PoS consensus protocol; roadshow covering major coding events and hackathons in Europe and Asia. Q3 2019: Switch to the PoS consensus protocol; integration of the dApp platform with VisionDEX; Sharding implementation; testing of the file storage module and the associated rewards system; attracting advisors from the field of the zero-code movement. Q4 2019: IPFS integration with rewards for storage space provides, launch of a marketing campaign for the storage system; establishing partnerships with blockchain foundations in North America and East Asia; expanding the number of digital exchanges where Ethereum Classic Vision is listed. Q1 2020: Beta testing of additional features for VisionDEX (margin lending, limit orders, etc). Q2 2020: integration of new exchange features; stop-loss, limit orders, margin trading; implementation of a Sidechain Development Kit for the dApp platform. Q3 2020: Implementation of cryptocurrency derivatives trading; introduction of a migration tool for the dApps developed outside of EVM (NEO, EOS Lisk, Stratis). Q4 2020: Integration of a zero-code, drag-and-drop dApp development module. I will say waste no time today and have a closer look at the Ethereum Classic Vision website and whitepaper for detailed information about all you need to know about this great idea put up by the Ethereum Classic Vision team. Also, don’t fail to be part of this project as it has so much to offer to all. See all Ethereum Classic Vision links below; Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5089443.0 Whitepaper: https://ethereumcv.io/whitepaper.pdf Website: https://ethereumcv.io/#subscribe Twitter: https://twitter.com/eth_cv Github: https://github.com/ethereumclassicvision Telegram: https://t.me/ethereum_classic_vision Written By: tszone Bitcointalk Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1742409 Address: 0x684c9d1c004AB2023E1d3ae9aEb902B514B703d1
  2. The creation of the blockchain network in 2009 has led to an increase number of cryptocurrency releases every day. The problem with the release of these cryptocurrencies is that most lack the financial backing a new crypto coming into the crypto market requires or they are not attached to any visible project. Most crypto that spring from the initiative of attaching their vision to a project failed due to false credibility posed by the company. Besides, it is no surprise that a crypto may launch today and then cease to exist tomorrow. The invention of the blockchain ecosystem has given room for one to create a cryptocurrency, show it to the world and then do anything one chooses to do. For this and a number of inauspicious reasons, the crime rate on the blockchain network is gaining ascendency, depriving a large number of potential crypto investors from actually investing real money into a worthwhile cryptocurrency project. This has led a team of committed experts to embark on a mind blowing project called BITRACE. BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD is a British investment company based in London, UK, which is a member of KJ Holdings Corp. The company is in process of developing the Tunisia Racing F1 City project, this project consists in building an integrated sports compound including a Formula 1 Track surrounded by top-class hotel and recreational units: (Total Assigned Land: 300 Hectares) in Hammamet, Tunisia. By introducing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to F1, Bitrace will attempt to change the way funds are raised for projects and provide access to seamless transactions and services. Majority of the funds raised during the token sale will be used to develop the F1 Racing City in Tunisia. BITRACE VISION BITRACE is focused on providing tourist related services for the Mediterranean area which can be paid with a Cryptocurrency called BRF. BITRACE will achieve nothing less than the full potential of the project by driving a new era of creativity, development, growth, and innovation. PARTNERS WITH BITRACE ICO holder: https://icoholder.com/en/bitrace-17344 ICO Alert: https://www.icoalert.com/?q=&is_v=1 ICO TRACKER: https://icotracker.net/upcoming BDSWISS: https://www.bdswiss.com/fr/crypto-trading/ BOUNTY PLACE: http://bountyplace.com/ ICO bazaar: https://icobazaar.com/v2/bitrace Track ICO: https://www.trackico.io/ico/bitrace/ THE BITRACE PLATFORM BITRACE Investment Limited is in a process of developing the Tunisia Racing F1 City project, this project consists in building an integrated sports compound including a Formula 1 Track surrounded by top-class hotel and recreational units: (Total Assigned Land: 300 Hectares) in Hammamet, Tunisia. By finalizing a deal with BDSwiss it has successfully given opportunity to investors in the BITRACE Community to Trade Shares, Indices, FOREX, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies with CFDs, using BITRACE Tokens. BENEFITS OF BITRACE • Rent a car using BITRACE in certain Mediterranean countries. • Purchase flight tickets from BITRACE tour operator for certain destination. • Purchase Holiday Packages using BITRACE. • Purchase Timeshare for BITRACE Holiday resorts using. • Receive return on investment out of the holding activities, as 20% of the net profit will be distributed among the BITRACE token holders. • Start Trading in CFDs BDSwiss Platform using BITRACE. BITRACE TOKEN SALE Token Symbol – BRF Hard cap - 57,626,400 US$ Soft cap - 3,000,000 US$ Total token supply – 1,000,000,000BRF Tokens for Pre-Sales - 220,000,000BRF Tokens ICO- 356,264,000BRF Price of a token - 0.10US$ Platform - Ethereum Payment method - ETH, BTC, BCH Token standard - ERC20 Additional token - Emission Not available. Token emission date - Right after completion of ICO. Purchase limit during ICO - Minimum purchase is 100 tokens. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION ICO – 35.6% Crowd Sale Bonus – 7.4% Founders and Management – 10% Pre-ICO – 22% Operating – 20% Advisors – 5% TOKEN SALE INVESTMENT Investment in Tunisia Racing F1 City – 52% BITRACE Marketing and Promotion – 10% Investment in LeBelle and LeBeau Beauty Worldwide – 5% Acquisition of a Tour Operator and Holiday Resorts – 20% Operating Expenses – 8% Marketing and Communication – 5% BITRACE ROADMAP 5th January 2018 – ICO Registration 25th January 2018 – Pre – ICO 25th March 2018 – ICO May 2018 – listing BITRACE on more than 5 Cryptocurrency exchange Markets. April 2018 – Acquisition of international Tour Operator and few Holiday resorts April 2018 – Complete the 2D and 3d plans of the entire properties on the Tunisia F1 City May 2018 – Launch CFDs Trade in BDSwiss Platform (with BITRACE) June 2018 – Listing BITRACE on more than total of 10 Cryptocurrency exchanges Market. June 2018 – Purchase flight ticket from our tour operators for certain destination (with BITRACE) June 2018 – Start rent your car in certain Mediterranean countries (with BITRACE) June 2018 – Purchase services at LeBelle and LeBeau Beauty Salons with BITRACE in Canada and in Europe July 2018 – Listing BITRACE on more than total of 15 Cryptocurrency exchange Markets July 2018 – Start selling off-plan the luxury properties: 300 villas and the 600 Apartments of Tunisia Racing F1 City July 2018 – Purchase Holiday Packages (with BITRACE) October 2018 – List the company on AIM London stock exchange October 2018 – Purchase time share (with BITRACE) October 2018 – Listing BITRACE on more than total of 20 Cryptocurrency exchange Markets. November 2018 – Star international worldwide road shows to raise funds from institutional firms. May 2019 – Purchase services at LeBelle and LeBeau Beauty Salons with BITRACE worldwide January 2021 – Purchase services Tunisia Racing F1 City (with BITRACE) February 2022 – Investing 10% of Company’s profits in supporting and promoting BITRACE. January 2022 – Start distribution of 20% of Company Profits BITRACE INVESTMENT TEAM Khaled Akid – President and CEO Joseph Bourne – Chief Business Development Officer Aymen Bouaoun – Chief Administration Officer Jedidi Ben Romdhane – Chief Financial Officer BITRACE TUNISIA RACING TEAM Chadly Zouiten – President and CEO, Tunisia Racing F1 city Nadia Zouiten – Vice President Fatma Ben Hamouda – Deputy General Director ABD Elmajid Hassairi – Chief Financial Officer Taoufik Ben Hadid – Chief Architect and Technical Officer Neila bouasker – Head of Administration Ines Nasri – Chief Communication Officer Miriam Ben Abdelmoumen – Human Resource Manager BITRACE ADVISORS TEAM Andre Divies – General Manager of the Nogaro circuit Eddie Leong – CEO of Tokyo Associate Dr. Hasnah Ismail – Director of International Strategic Collaboration Malaysia intellectual Network Association Thierry Bouveret – CEO of Joy and Happiness Nazir ABD Rahman – MINA.ORG.GROUP The idea behind the BITRACE platform is a master initiative powered by the need to create a masterpiece. The Token is an unusual and ambitious project, to say the least. The token wants to raise money to build a massive multi-sport complex on the coast of Tunisia. That multi-sport complex would seek to attract a Grand Prix event. To get the project started, BITRACE Investments Ltd. is seeking up to $57 million in funding through an ICO. There are a number of great things about the BITRACE Token project. The project isn’t due to be completed until January 2022. Token holders won’t receive any benefits until mid-2018, when they’ll begin to be able to book flights and rent cars in certain Mediterranean countries using tokens. To know more about the BITRACE project and to participate, click on any of the links below. Website - https://www.bitrace-token.com/ Whitepaper - https://www.bitrace-token.com/whitepaper YouTube - https://youtube.com/channel/UCqgNbIa08OynIxTN5Mym6jg Twitter - https://twitter.com/BitraceToken Facebook - https://facebook.com/bitrace.token/ Telegram - http://t.me/bitrace Medium - https://medium.com/@bitrace Author: Tszone Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1265803 Wallet: 0x684c9d1c004AB2023E1d3ae9aEb902B514B703d1