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  1. As we all know, email has become one of the most popular form of communication in our daily lives. Nowadays, email (along with texting and social media) has replaced traditional mail and landline telephones, which were mainstay forms of communitcation just a decade ago. Email marketing is used more than any other digital marketing channel; however, the impact of this is not what it can be because of the fact that so much of the content used in email marketing has low quality. Apparently, customers do not want to collect those content. Besides, according to a report from Campaigner, it is claimed that the biggest email marketing challenges is earning new subscribers. There is one blockchain platform that could solve all problems of email marketing - EMMARES. 1.What is EMMARES? EMMARES - Email Marketing Rewarding System is an evaluation system that highly benefits email marketers as well as email recipients. EMMARES is connecting high-quality email content with interested recipients. EMMARES will bring new value, an expanded audience for email marketers and less spam with only desired content for recipients by encouraging better quality content, lower frequency, and fair content evaluation. 2.Their vision and mission statement: EMMARES hopefully desire to envision a world in which email marketing content is of a considerably higher caliber. With their services, email marketers will be encouraged to consistently produce better content day by day. EMMARES is belived to start a new golden age of email marketing. They want email marketing to represent trust and quality in people’s minds. Using the smart services offered by EMMARES, users will finally be able to get email marketing content up to their standards and customized for them based on their gender and region. The team's mission is to make the world spam-free and to play a leading role in uncovering the possibilities of a dynamic content evaluation and smart delivery system. 3.What EMMARES bring to our society? a.To email marketers: Email marketers will get a chance to reach to more targeted customers who are interested in their content thanks to EMMARES system. Since they are sending content that is well accepted by customers, they could use EMMARES system for expanding their reach and work toward better results and higher ROI (Return of investment). They invest in the rewarding pool, which is a base for rewarding EMMARES users (Email recipients), who evaluate their content. b.To email recipients In return for evaluating the content that they receive from various email marketers, the recipients get tokens from the rewards pool. For each assessment, the email recipient receives tokens from the email marketer whose content was evaluated. 4.What makes EMMARES different from other platforms? Email is considered as being one of the most effective marketing tools. It's also one of the least difficult to execute according to research conducted by Marketing Charts. However, like all other marketing channels, email marketing has its fair share of obstacles to overcome. The EMMARES project is believed to be the game changer. Since we are all email users, we can all understand that it's so annoying when we keep having problems with spam and too many messages in our inboxes. On the other hand, sellers and promoters are trying to get message out to as many targeted readers as possible. EMMARES is changing that forever. It’s a win-win situation for recipients and for content providers. EMMARES will lead to better quality content, less spam, and only targeted information in our inboxes. 5.Their roadmap: EMMARES team has created a clear plan with feasible solution for each period: 6.Their team: To indicate more about EMMARES, I will show you some main members of their team: Mr. Bojan Oremuz - CEO and founder of EMMARES project. Bojan has been an entrepreneur most of his life. He graduated from the University of Ljubljana in 1985. He has successfully overseen projects in infrastructure, networking, security, tracking and e-mail marketing. He specializes in leadership and strategy. Mr. Denis Oresnik - Cofounder and software developer. Denis is a senior web and application developer with several years of experience in building applications for reputable companies, including his framework and CRM system. Mr. Jure Tovrljan - Cofounder, Creative design and advertising. Jure is a brand identity specialist and innovator currently working as a creative director in a multi-award winning advertising agency. With his “changing the world, little by little” approach he has won several domestic and international awards for design and communication. Some other members of their team: As we all see, EMMARES has an experienced and creative team with lots of talented people. With a special system and right direction, we can all believe in the bright future of this blockchain platform. For more detailed information about this project, please click here: Website: https://emmares.io/ ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2807216.0 Whitepaper: https://emmares.io/whitepaper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/emmares Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/emmaresio/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/emmares_io Medium: https://medium.com/emmares AUTHOR: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  2. How are you doing? Today, I’m going to review about one of the most feasible blockchain project of 2018: the eCoinomic.net. 1.What is eCoinomic.net? eCoinomic.net is a platform that provides financial services to crypto holders by the following ways: • Fiat loans backed by cryptocurrencies as collateral • Investment and asset management • Exchange • Transfers and mutual settlements between users and partner projects This platform provides a scalable solution for fiat lending to the cryptocurrency owners. 2.How does this project work? eСoinomic.net network consists of two parts: Lenders and Borrowers. Lenders are financial institutions (investment banks, family offices, funds) that provide some of their funds for eСoinomic.net. eСoinomic.net provides an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency market safely. Borrowers are individuals or small businesses that are willing to receive a loan using their crypto as a collateral. Borrowers need to have CNC tokens in order to use eСoinomic.net platform. 3.What can users expect from eCoinomic.net? They accept various cryptocurrencies as a collateral such as: CNC, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, EOS, NEO, ETC, ADA, TRX, DASH. Currencies available for loans: USD, EUR. GBP, JPY, CHF, CNY will be added later. This platform also provide their clients with high speed of fiat money transaction, which takes no longer than 4-5 minutes. Security and transparency are their first consideration since eСoinomic.net uses Smart contract to regulate the procedures of collateral blocking, returning or liquidating. Their contracts enforce the fulfillment of loan obligations and thereby protect the investments for the owners of both collateralized crypto assets and fiat funds. Furthermore, eCoinomic.net also brings payment for goods and services in digital currency on the online trading platforms to their users. 4.What makes eCoinomic different from other projects? The blockchain technology has developed rapidly, which has reached the financial sector and has triggered a movement to cryptocurrency involvement in the banking and financing. According to the CoinMarketCap’s survey, it is estimated that there are now more than 900 crytocurrencies worthing a total of USD 290 billion. Cryto market experts believe that this number will reach at USD 1 trillion by 2022. Although crytocurrency status is still uncertain in most countries, it seem that the global acceptance of the crypto assets is just a question of time. The eCoinomic.net team consider cryptocurrency as a new perspactive type of collateral that can change and develop the market of secured loans enormously. Instead of using accepted types of assets such as real properties, vehicles and securities, we can use crytocurrency as a new kind of collateral. However, at present, creditors do not accept digital assets as collateral, which makes it impossible to obtain real money against a security of cryptocurrency through traditional financial institutions. So how can eCoinomic.net team solve this problem? eCoinomic.net creates a global network that lends fiat money to individuals and small businesses using crypto assets as a collateral. Therefore, users don’t have to sell crypto assets to get a loan. This project serves as an intermediate service between financial institutions that act as lenders and the individuals that act as borrowers. Definitely, all the risks associated with a lending procedure are eliminated by eCoinomic.net. 5.More from eCoinomic team. Founders of eCoinomic.net have been working together for nearly 20 years, since 2001. Their core team consists of professionals and experts with more than 10 years experience in Fintech Industry and software development. Here is their team: eCoinomic.net has been introduced in various countries and cities such as: San Francisco, Philadelphia (USA), Granada, Gibraltar (Spain), London (The UK), Moscow, Sain-Petersburg (Russia), Seoul (Korea) and so on. Their roadmap: With the right direction, limitless potential as well as clear plans in the future of eCoinomic.net, many investors believe this project will make big strides in the electronic money economy. eCoinomic.net is expected to be a dynamic market and attracts many consumers by its superior features. Thanks for watching my review. Website: https://ecoinomic.net/en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecoinomic/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ecoinomicnet Medium: https://medium.com/@ecoinomic Telegram channel: https://telegram.me/eCoinomicchannel Whitepaper: https://ecoinomic.net/docs/whitepaper Author: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  3. Nowadays, the use of artificial intelligence can modernize various industries. And computers can perform more efficiently than any activity involving counting or gathering certain information. It works very fast and practically unmistakable, giving the opportunity to set up the activities of modern companies. Automation of products creates considerable pressure on employees, as many people understand that machines will be able to do a great deal of work instead of them. By using intelligent software, you can efficiently and quickly solve most problems. People can lose their jobs - some businesses automate part of their operations and the process will only progress. Utilizing the capabilities of artificial intelligence allows you to modernize the activities of many industries. So........... ➥The solution to these problems may be a decentralized project: KIRIK, whose developers have done a lot of research to understand the features of a rapid technological progress. KIRIK is a meta protocol powered by semantic smart contracts. 1.So what's KIRIK about? SEMANTIC SMART CONTRACTS The goal of the KIRIK (KRK) project is creation of semantic contracts, which have no shortcomings of Ethereum based smart contracts. Semantic Contracts = Smart Contracts 2.0. The technology is understandable to specialists in various subject areas and allows to conduct transactions between various blockchains and outside of them. ➥So again... the SEMANTIC CONTRACTS can be describe like this 2.That's very a promising technology! ORACLES OR BASE PREDICATES CONVERGENCE OF DIFFERENT BLOCKCHAINS Particularly a semantic contract can use external orcales to specify the protocol logic for binding together transactions between different Blockchain platforms to form a single transaction. For instance, smart contracts based on Ethereum, NEO, and/ or RSK/ Bitcoin can play a role of such external oracles for KIRIK based on semantic contracts. Two-step transaction registration is used for speeding up the process. SEMANTIC DOMIANS In conclude, the principal advantages of KIRIK technology is: ➤ The KIRIK concept is not based on Blockchain as the distributed ledger, semantic smart contracts (ΣK) which are not linked to any specific blockchain platform; ➤ It brings together different Blockchain platforms; ➤It also brings together different AI and machine learning technologies. Programming is a specialty that requires people to experience and understand the tools. Simulation is a great opportunity to connect most employees with processes, this will be able to perform their tasks as efficiently as possible using the functionality of the KIRIK hierarchical platform. Personal data will be protected reliably from outside interference. KIRIK developers are doing everything possible to protect users from fraudulent schemes. Continuous computing power improves: new computers appear, reducing the security of data by using old encryption capabilities. But thanks to KIRIK, this problem will be resolved effectively - all information is protected reliably by blocking, as well as semantic smart contracts. Managers, as well as lawyers, will be able to work more effectively with contracts. They are not experts in the programming segment, so they need simple yet effective solutions that the KIRIK hierarchy can provide. Semantic smart contracts will become an important part of the current business environment. They help to eliminate the shortcomings that exist in centralized services. That is why KIRIK developers believe they will be able to attract investors to their projects. 3.Why is the use of smart contract reasonable? Today, the conclusions of standard contracts often involve major risks - lawyers manage to find a variety of loopholes to deceive the participants in the transaction. But the use of smart contracts does not cover fraud - all conditions will be written immediately in the block, failing to comply with the passage will result in the cancellation of the transaction and return the money. ➥ ➥ Therefore, the smart contracts are an excellent alternative to the existing cooperation options between the parties. ICO details KRK Token Kirik provides a total of 1.4 billion KRK tokens. It spent 700 million tokens during the sale of ICO. And here is the Token distribution: 4.The Team The development of approach in AI based on semantic modelling/programming. The mathematical foundation of this approach was set in the Institute of Mathematics, the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science by Academicians Yuri Yershov, Sergey Goncharov and Doctor Dmitriy Sviridenko. The KIRIK concept is developed and based on the groundwork made by LibrettoLabs, Eyeline.mobi, MiniApps.pro, and the Institute of Mathematics – Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science. 5.Overall Conclusion The developers of the KIRIK decentralized platform provide a truly promising idea. Many well-known experts from various disciplines have worked on the project and have found an ideal solution that allows for the establishment of collaboration among business process participants. At the same time, KIRIK allows users to simply perform all the necessary actions, without the need for artificial intelligence. Thank you for reading this review, I hope my review is informative and helpful. GET INVOLVED AND JOIN THE WORLDWIDE KIRIK COMMUNITY Website: https://kirik.io/ WhitePaper: https://t.me/KIRIKcoin_bot?start=kirik_concept Telegram: https://t.me/kirik_protocol Twitter: https://twitter.com/kirik_protocol Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kirik.metaprotocol/ AUTHOR: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  4. 1.Fundamental issues that impended the growth of e-commerce industry. As we all know, throughout the world, the E-commerce industry continues to gain popularity. For each day that passes, the online shopping platform gains more customers and keeps increasing their trade volume. In addition, the potential of the retail and e-commerce industry will continue to grow in the future. The number of online shoppers is expected to double the rate recorded in 2015 (1.46 billion) by 2020 (over 2 billion), Statista reports. E-commerce platforms and existing reward schemes are highly saturated - every individual shop offers their own exclusive points system. Additionally, customer acquisition is a serious problem given the difficulty for service providers to distinguish themselves from the competition. E-Commerce also severely lags behind other industries in cryptocurrency adoption. Similarly, the cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly. This growth is impeded by fundamental issues: A lack of a reliable, international exchange which allows individuals to convert tokens into fiat currency. No practical use for cryptocurrency in day-to-day activities Over-regulation or insufficient regulation in different countries across the globe which both hurts user adoption and leads to different fraud schemes that damage reputation of credible projects A requirement for specialised blockchain developers A reduction in token value due to transaction fees Barrier to entry So, the question here is: "Is there any solution for all these problems?" 2.The Araw Token: Heart of the decentralised payment ecosystem. The ARAW token is creating a global, decentralised and reputable payment for e-commerce ecosystem that work flawlessly with existing platforms supported by Ethereum smart contracts. The ARAW token and its unique infrastructure offers e-commerce and service-providing companies to standardise reward programmes as well as expose the regular people to the cryptocurrency economy. The main goal of the ARAW token is to build the Decentralised Payment Ecosystem for E-Commerce to increase the Blockchain adoption for regular people across the world. The ARAW token ecosystem offers unified reward system which any service-providing entities can partake in. This allows virtually any company to further incentive consumption of their service as they provide real value via token distribution and expand their previously limited market of loyalty-reward consumers to the next level. Araw's team aims to be a part of everyone’s day-to-day online & in-store shopping without them changing their shopping pattern or understanding the underlying complexity of Technology. 3.How can Araw deal with problems of this industry? The Araw Platform offers a practical solution to the problems outlined above as well as the potential to become the practical heart of e-commerce and cryptocurrency combined. It strives to reward shopping with cryptocurrency by exposing the common person to the ARAW token. The key focus of ARAW is giving effortless access to cryptocurrency ownership which comes with potential rise in value - without dealing with any of the underlying complexities which make cryptocurrency unattractive. a.The Unified Reward System: This seeks to transform the poorly utilised loyalty industry by fusing the shopping reward potential of all retails together regardless of the product - focusing on rewarding the individual with cryptocurrency market access as well as a form of investment. b. Araw Touch & Pay Card: It allows customers to earn ARAW tokens with their daily purchases as well as pay using accumulated ARAW tokens. This ensures that an average customer can easily adopt the use of the card due to its similarity with existing technologies - but now empowered with ARAW tokens which hold intrinsic value and never expire. c. Banking System Integration: The value in ARAW tokens is accessed by this as it offers both the buy & sell ARAW tokens instantly between a customer’s ARAW wallet and their bank account. d. The Araw Mobile Wallet: This provides a seamless user experience - it acts as a gateway to ARAW activities such as the sale and purchase of ARAW tokens with user-configured bank accounts. 4.What Araw do to makes people adopt their project? The Araw platform aiming to target multiple channels to increase the adoption of the blockchain technology. There are two main verticals they use to achieve their goal: a. E-Commerce: The goal of the ARAW token to be a part of everyone’s day to day shopping without needing them to change their shopping behaviour. This can be achieved with simple and easy to use e-commerce website which is transparently integrated with the decentralised payment. b. Decentralised Payment: The Araw platform will be a bridge between merchants, consumers, cryptocurrency exchanges, and the Ethereum smart contract that manages the liquidity of the ARAW token. 5.What benefits that investors can get from Araw? Strong team of Technology geeks to develop cutting edge technology product Experienced & Proficient e-commerce business development team Existing platform LIVE for more than 2 years The Araw Platform MVP is LIVE for testing Team tokens are locked for 3 years so we are committed to deliver what we have promised in the roadmap The cheapest price to buy ARAW token is during ICO The ARAW token is going to be a part of the customers day-to-day shopping Use ARAW tokens to make purchases on the Araw E-Commerce marketplace On-boarding Merchants will buy ARAW Tokens from the early Investors 6.Their team: To indicate more about their professional crew, I'll show you guys some information about them: And some other people: 7.Roadmap: The ARAW token will prove to be a revolutionary cryptocurrency for the e-commerce and payment ecosystem to ensure merchants and customers get their optimum satisfaction from the services. With the aforementioned features of the ARAW token, merchants will have a more convenient and economical service while engaging their customers. This will also encourage customers to continue using the ARAW cryptocurrency card as frequently as possible. This will help to boost purchases in thousands of businesses, and also satisfy millions of customers by providing a great way to continue shopping in the same way and earning rewards in doing so. It is predicted that Araw will become a revolution for the development of e-commerce industry in the near future. Thanks for reading my review. Have a nice day! For more detailed information about this project, please click here: Website: https://arawtoken.io/ Whitepaper: https://arawtoken.io/assets/araw_whitepaper.pdf?v1.7 Telegram: https://t.me/ArawTokenOfficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arawtoken Twitter: https://twitter.com/arawtoken Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/arawtoken/ ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3497194.0 AUTHOR: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  5. At the moment, the problem of reliable and convenient way of data storage is very relevant in the world. Besides application in the financial field, blockchain-based encrypted decentralized information storage technology can be used for long-term storage of secure data, with protection from modification, deletion or unpermitted viewing. Existing projects for blockchain-based data storage are, in fact, not self-sufficient systems. This is due to the fact that some projects do not implement self-cleaning mechanisms from unnecessary data, and they do not guarantee storing the required number of copies of this data, that would be independent from the centralized system or the data owner.Often, these products are highly specialized applications with partial centralization created for certain types of data (user files, user identification data, legal information, etc.). In addition, the mechanics of these applications is not always focused on the additional motivation of hosters, users, miners, third-party developers and investors. As a result, such products do not get wide popularity, despite the availability of many potential features of blockchain technology for safe data storage. In order to end most of the problems at once, Memority is here as a blockchain-based platform for encrypted decentralized cloud storage of valuable data which ensures the continued availability of several encrypted copies of data on unrelated storage locations around the world. Files are encrypted with a private key that only their owner has. Memority uses the same data protection technology as crypto wallets. Wait, so basically it's just another sibling of Icloud, Google Drive,... and as same as Storj, Filecoin,.....? Well, for most users, Memority will resemble a familiar cloud storage service, but the platform offers unique differences: Its use of a blockchain guarantees that all data is permanently stored, since it could not be lost with the failure of any central server, and its use of strong encryption ensures that even the platform's developers can never access what users save .Memority is basically a way better version as it has all the good features of all other storage and somewhat bring to the table new features. The table below is a comparison between Memority and its rivals The Technical Aspect of Memority When a user uploads a file for storage the system will allocate a 'hoster' to store the file for them, this selection process chooses a suitable candidate that has a fast connection, aswell as giving preference to those who host their own files on the network. The file is then encrypted and sent to the host for storage, the hoster is then compencated with MMR tokens. The Advantages of Memority The new platform offers many advantages to those wishing to store data, a full list can be found in the Memority whitepaper, with just a few of the main ones being: Decentralization of storage: One of the main problems with the current cloud storage market is that the storage is completely centralized, this obviously creates potential security issues, the Memority platform will help to decentralized this process and store files all across the globe. Multiple copies: The new platform will store multiple copies of files to further increase security, they aim to store 10 copies of all files that are uploaded to the network. Memority's users will need to pay for the service with the platform's internal cryptocurrency, the MMR token. However, users who host an entire copy of the blockchain on their computer (a “full node”) will be able to use the service for free. Furthermore, they'll receive credits if they're helping to store others files. Hosters on the network will receive 90% of the payment for helping to store data, this should obviously attract a lot of people to the network. Data is protected against accidental deletion (there are always several copies of data on the system (by default, 10), the monitoring system periodically checks their availability and creates new copies in other stores in case of a lack of duplicates). Data is protected against forgery (unique data identifiers are stored in the database, the system regularly searches for fakes and restores the correct number of copies of original data if the files have been tampered with). The Memority system is completely self-contained and independent (data storage, the process of monitoring and recovering copies of files, encryption and validation of data for authenticity are completely decentralized, there is no dependence on any centralized systems) Memority ICO The MMR token is being offered for sale between May 16th and October 1st, 2018. The official ICO begins on May 31st, with a pre-sale running through May, though it appears that the pre-sale is entirely open to the public. A total of 1,500,000,000 MMR tokens have been created prior to the ICO, though only 57% of these are available to the public. During the ICO, the base cost of tokens is $0.10 USD each, though it appears that a discount is available throughout the entire public sale; during the pre-ICO, buyers receive a 20% discount, and then the ICO is divided into three phases with 15%, 10%, and 5% reductions which last until its final day. Tokens can be bought using Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and several fiat currencies. The team Memority's development team is based in Estonia. The team behind the platform seems to be experienced, which of course is always one of the most important things when looking at a new ICO to invest in.Also the team is relatively large for such a young company, with 19 employees working in software development, marketing, and accounting. However, everyone's details are available about the team's background though linkedin profile so check them out Roadmap Public opinion The project has already gained over 45,400 followers on Facebook, 12,000 on Telegram and 2270 followers on Twitter and the number is constantly growing.. They've also so far received good reviews from most of the popular ICO rating websites. ICObench ICOMARKs ICOHOLDER Overall Conclusion This isn't the first project to aim to bring cloud storage to the blockchain as there are well established competitors, however the market is certainly big enough to facilitate more than one so that shouldn't be a problem. Memority seem to have a solid plan which if they can implement should see the token price rise accordingly So far the token sale has already raised nearly $5 million with months of the token sale still remaining so they should have a large marketing budget to advertise the new platform. Thank you for reading this review, i hope it is informative and useful for your investments and be sure to try this project out via their MVP. The link is down below with other sites MVP: https://memority.io/alpha Website: https://memority.io/ Whitepaper: https://memority.io/docs/whitepaper_memority.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/frvrty Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mmority/ Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/CSoHpA-mgTHkEDDZ92Lk-g Author: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  6. Mortgage Advisers, most house hunters, newlyweds experience problems when buying a property and it’s rarely smooth sailing. On average two in three (66 per cent) home buyers were met with problems. Here are the top obstacles reported : Delays caused by others in the chain Difficulty in finding a suitable property Property bought was left in poor condition or with unexpected furniture Encountering problems on completion day Problems getting a mortgage Issues with removals company Problems with the conveyancer Difficulties with the surveyor As the real-estate purchasing process has a well known reputation of being a headache for all parties involved, and the steps involved show no signs of being revised in the near future, cryptocurrency has officially entered the space to make some changes that we may not have seen coming. Using codified techniques that are rooted in the complex techniques of cryptography, the time and costs involved between interest and that last signature on the dotted line can be condensed to a more convenient version. That's what IAT is aiming to achieve. WHAT IS IAT? IAT stands for Instant Access Token, IAT will become a platform features a wide range of utilities for the real estate market IAT hopes to maximize the benefits while minimizing the losses in real estate industry by use of the blockchain technology. By introduction of the Instant Assets tokens (IAT), the platform aims to make property investment easily available to the masses through the digitalization of the assets. Another area that the platform hopes to target is the transparency of the resale and leasing processes. Other utilities for the token will also be integrated which include paying for furnishings, legal fees, and fees for engaging tax auditors. SO HOW IAT WILL HELP? 1.All Round Transactional Costs Cutting out inflated costs by parties such as developers, taxes, brokers, and agents. For example, the total cost of buying and selling a property in the Philippines is at times inflated to as high as 24% of the property value, think about what that 24% can buy. That's why IAT are looking to cut that total costs down and expected it to be by at least half. 2.Integrity and Security The decentralized nature of the Blockchain technology ensures that records stored on it cannot be changed or controlled by a single source, thus providing security against malicious attacks such as hacking. 3.Transparency of Transfer Information stored on the blockchain is accessible by all which makes the data transparent and immutable. 4.Time and Cost Saving Blockchain technology simplifies and accelerates the ownership transfer process. 5.Restrictions to Foreign Investors Countries have been known to implement regulations to curb a growing real estate market by imposing restrictions on foreign purchases in an attempt to slow or stop the market from ballooning or forming a bubble. THE IA TOKENS ECOSYSTEM IAT want to create an ecosystem where token holders freely trade and interact with other token holders and as well as investors who are looking to acquire IA Tokens for their portfolio. As such, the company commits to acquire listing with various exchanges so as to facilitate the trading and liquidity of the tokens. According to IAT Tokens Ecosystem, token holders will be freely trade and interact with other token holders and as well as investors who are looking to acquire IA Tokens for their portfolio. As such, the company commits to acquire listing with various exchanges so as to facilitate the trading and liquidity of the tokens. IA Tokens were gonna look towards maintaining the high liquidity of the IA tokens by creating various channels of token utility to reduce the supply of the tokens and acquiring quality properties to be digitized into the ecosystem of IAT. IAT TOKEN INFO IAT will be issued via a Token sale with a total supply of 4,500,000,000 IA Tokens. The price of the IA Tokens will be pegged to US$0.01 per token, ETH and BTC will be accepted. Value of tokens for sale will be US$20 million (inclusive of Early Investors, Pre-sale and Crowd-sale) with distribution according to the table below. Unsold IA Tokens (cap at 40,000,000 IA Tokens) will be given to charity organizations and remaining IA Tokens will be burned. Pre-Sale have started in early April with the crowd sale. The payment methods accepted will be ETH and BTC. The presale will start early April while the crowd sale will start on 15th April. THE NIAT TOKENS The Native Instant Assets tokens (NIAT) Is the local equivalent of the IA tokens. It will reside within each individual real estate market and is pegged against the country’s native currency. Each country will have its own NIAT. The token can only be purchased using IA tokens. The NIAT will be used for the benefits below: Receive commission from agents and brokers. Payment for brokers and agents commissions. Listing of assets for rent and sale. Receiving rental sale proceeds. Rental payment. Payment for asset management services Payment for tax advisory and other services Purchase of assets Payment for furnishing Payment for legal services As right now, you probably wonder why we need 2kind of token: IAT and NIAT? This is to ensure that users are not being exposed to the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. UTILITIES AND BENEFITS The IAT ecosystem encourages the use of NIAT for various benefits and this section shall explain some in detail : 1.Rental Payment Tenants are encouraged to use NIAT for paying rent and rate reduction will be provided. 2.Partner Merchants The company will be looking to bring in various merchant partners into the IAT ecosystem to increase the avenues of usage. One such merchant is “Beacon Cloth Care” who is providing laundry services, there are currently 2 outlets in Makati and the merchant has plans to expand the operation to a total of 100 outlets by the end of 2018. NIAT will be used to prevent volatility in the cost of the merchant’s goods and services. 3.Purchase of Assets NIAT can be used to purchase assets and resides within the IAT ecosystem. 4.Payment for Agents/Brokers Commission In the event where commission is required to be paid to the agent/broker, tokens holders can opt to pay the commission of their agent/broker with NIAT. 5.Listing of Assets for Sale or Rent Tokens holders can opt to use NIAT for paying listing fees when they list the assets on the web portal. The company will provide discounts on the fees if NIAT are being used. Listing may be initiated by either agents, brokers or individual owners. 6.Receiving Rental/Sale Proceeds Asset owners can opt to receive rental or sale proceeds in the form of NIAT. The IAT ecosystem will also allow the asset owner to provide a slight discount to the tenant or buyer as an incentive for utilizing NIAT for the transaction. 7.Receiving Commission for Agents/Brokers Agents/Brokers can opt to receive their commission in the form of NIAT. The IAT ecosystem will also allow the agent/broker to provide a slight discount to their clients as an incentive for utilizing NIAT for the transaction. THE CREW From all perspective, the team and the advisors all have what it takes to make sure IAT will become wide spread and ensure a bright future for the real estate market, you can look for their linkedin acount to see why as they are all have one ROADMAP CONCLUSION While it remains to essential to the real-estate investment process that buyers and sellers are both legitimate, IAT allows for a breaking down of barriers for non-traditional buyers to legitimately participate in the real-estate industry. With anonymity being intrinsically valued within the cryptocurrency space, it is important that both buyers and sellers do their due diligence when verifying all parties and assets involved. With blockchain technology’s ability to act as a trustworthy means of recordkeeping, the potential for securely controlling and verifying sensitive identity information is tremendous. The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency as a means for conducting real estate transactions has created an even greater need for digital identity verification to be streamlined in a secure and simple manner. With more solutions being made available for encrypted identity management, individuals have great control over the sensitive information that they are willing and able to share, while giving others on the other end of a transaction some relief that the information is accurate and secure. While there should always be homework done before jumping into the largely-unfamiliar pool of real-estate and cryptocurrency,IAT is here to identify the issues that currently exist, and build upon blockchain technology to deliver effective solutions to the problem. IAT will develop its own web portal to cater individual owners, agents/brokers, clients and all the IA Token holders. The portal will feature various functionalities and wide range of services that called IAT Beta so be sure to check it out Thank you for reading, i hope this will be more than enough for you to began your new journey in real estate with IAT. As alway, you can look for more here: Website : https://www.iatokens.com/ Whitepaper: https://iatokens.com/docs/IAT%20WHITEPAPER.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/IA_Tokens Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IATOfficial/ Telegram: https://t.me/iatokens AUTHOR: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  7. Hello everyone!! Today I will introduce you to a project on transportation. At the present time, you can see a lot of traffic on the streets as the demand for human mobility is increasing. This is also the reason why traffic is blocked. In big cities, traffic congestion is considered a very normal thing. All of these factors motivate the SKYFchain project. The SKYFchain project was created for the purpose of researching and developing unmanned aerial vehicles. This is a great solution to traffic congestion. For example: Your family member is in a hospital emergency, only you can help them at that time, but traffic is congested, only unmanned aerial vehicles can take you quickly. Project summary for SKYFchain Unmanned aviation robots in the air, on the ground and at sea can significantly reduce logistics costs worldwide and increase efficiency for businesses and customers. Wilshim estimates the size of the market. For the drones of $ 127 billion, the current industry constraints include credit stability, costly insurance and near-prohibitive regulations in some countries that do not allow it to perform full. Potential. Today, the industry exists in the form of feasibility studies conducted by large corporations or startups. Common platform for commodity robots does not exist. SKYFchainOperatingPlatform (hereinafter referred to as SKYFchain OP) is the first blockbusiness-based B2R (business robot) platform based application in the global field of developing commodity robots. Initially it will be developed and tested using the first industrial avionics SKYFdrone - it will also allow SKYFchain instant access to its customer base to develop business processes. Do all other unmanned cargo systems: in the air, on the ground and first feedback from our customers in the oil and gas industry confirm that if they transfer from the machine Helicopters to dronesthey merchandise can provide their onshore drilling rig at a cost less than 5 to 10 times. SKYFChainas ablockchainwith a built-in intelligent contract that will reveal the source of the data and control the rationale. Unmanned assets for customers, logistics operators, insurance companies and leases, banks and monopolies around the world. It will reveal new business opportunities for people in the industry, traffic systems with lower risk to the society and increased affordability of goods and services due to significant cost reductions in the supply chain. global response. Because of ICO we will issue 1.2 billion SKYFT code, which will be used in SKYFchain to facilitate all internal transactions. We hope that the value of SKYFT can increase over time because of two major drivers: more and more companies, customers, financial institutions will be connected to SKYFchain which will promote the development of SKYFchain transactions and onSKYFT needs. For all SKYFchain transactions whether it is getting a loan to buy an unmanned vehicle, paying customer or something else SKYFchain will charge a commission. 25% of the commission will be transferred to the owner of SKYFT. We understand that your support of SKYFchainmay is related to risk and we have attractive measures to minimize such risks: ➢SkyFchain entity entities -Skyfdrones The OU-registered service in Estonia has one of the most favorable regulations in the world for blockchainrelated companies. ➢SKYFTtokens is compliant with the US SEC and is available to US investors. ➢ Hundreds of SKYF drones will use SKYFchain as the operating platform. SKYFchain developers will have direct access to all SKYF drone customers to test and polish the SKYFchain system before inviting other manufacturers to use the system. ➢SKYFchain is a project of SKYFdronedevelopment, in addition to providing SKYFchain access to customers, will use 20% of SKYF's sales of SKYF drivetrain to purchase SKYFT cards from the market. We estimate that this could amount to up to $ 50 million over the next three to five years after the ICO. And SKYF's unmanned aerial vehicle is designed with full IP protection including patents and know-how. This feature is unique to SKYFchain's original development. ➢SKYFchain has a team of experienced and reliable engineers and business leaders with proven results - they have attracted $ 5 million in VC funding for the SKYF drone project. SKYFchain OP business model Today's logistics business process is designed with a human in mind, acaser acontroller users etc. Autopilots for cargo robots, AI's and IOT's development field suggest that someday, robots can Operates without being personally controlled. This will bring huge savings from the current time, about 50% of logistics costs are labor. The commodity roboticswill field requires investment, and investment insurance, risk management and control. As a result, unmanned robot goods become the property of requiring new types of regulations and business processes. We are planning to develop them in the SKYFchain Operations Platform. The main purpose of SKYFchain OPIS is to integrate information for all market participants and to implement intelligent contracts for transactions. Transactions can vary in value and frequency. The platform will collect commissions from each transaction. All transactions will be settled in USD in other currencies made in the system using the SKYFT token. The SKYFT token is the local currency of the platform. Only 1.2 bntokens will be released at the ICO in the form of Ethereum ERC20 token. This is the fixed amount for all systems. We will test the platform using the SKYF unmanned aircraft, then they I will train unmanned aircraft and integrate unmanned aerial vehicles into the system. When robots carry cargoes on the sea and ground to market, we will integrate as well as organize seminars with corresponding manufacturing associations How it works? SKYFchain creates unmanned aerial vehicles using bockchain technology. When you need it, the nearest operating equipment will come to your aid. You will be charged a fee for such activities but are less expensive than many ground facilities. Not only that, SKYFchain is also geared towards users and global reach. When the system is strong enough, SKYFchain can also replace large ships that transport cargo across the ocean at fast speeds. Development direction SKYFchain will quickly overtake current courier services. SKYFchain will then aim to replace the existing passenger-carrying aircraft. Because of the convenience, users can skip the hassle-free check-in procedure and eliminate a lot of waiting time. So you can see SKYFchain is a great solution for traffic problems. This is a real project with great potential, I think the investment in the project also brings a lot of benefits for you in the future. Project roadmap 2014 – 2017: • Securing $5 mln of VC funding; • Design and manufacturing of SKYF cargo drones; • Successful aerodynamic tests; • Fully autonomous flights Q4 2017 2018 • SKYFchain project spin off from the SKYF project; • Research into the most suitable technology and development of a private blockchain network; • Development of logic and data of the SKYFchain OP in tight cooperation with all cargo robotics market stakeholders (hardware producers, operators/clients, authorities, banks/leasing companies); • Creation of the international legal structure; • Sale of the first assembled SKYF drones and expansion of the partner network in the regions without strict regulations on drone flights (CIS, Asia, and Africa). 2019 • Dissemination of the private blockchain network nodes among market participants; • Launch of the with a franchise of a drone logistics operator and a license for third-party drone producers. 2020 • Rapid growth in SKYF drone sales, as a consequence of expansion of the franchise of a drone logistics operator and growth of number of licensed drone producers around the world; • Start of educational campaign and workshops for producers of other types of drones. 2021 – 2022 • Inclusion of third-party airborne drones into the SKYFchain; • Lobbying for new regulations in developed markets through industry associations and round-tables. 2023 – 2025 • inclusion of ground and sea-borne cargo robots into the system. SKYF launch geography • Russia • Kazakhstan • Canada • South America • Northern Europe SKYF expansion geography • Australia • New Zealand • USA Pre-ICO and Terms crowdsale Pre-ICO will be launched on 1st of March 2018 ICO is planned to be launched in May 2018 Team and advisors THE MAIN TEAM ADVISORS Finally, I thank you for taking the time to read my review of the project. Have a nice day, all good things will come to you. Thanks very much!! More Information: Website : https://www.skyfchain.io/ Whitepaper : https://fpivc.app.box.com/v/SKYFchainWhitePaper Bitcointalk ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2799527 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SKYFchain-2030350540582744/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/SKYFchain Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYOWJse0YFzxNfTEUL7qLpg Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/skyfchain.io/ Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/SKYFchain Github : https://github.com/SKYFchain/skyfchain Medium : https://medium.com/@SKYFchain Telegram : https://t.me/SKYFchain_chat AUTHOR: Khuongcute2503 My Bitcointlak profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  8. Bitcoin has been around since 2009, and its recent sky-rocketing valuations and the speculative market around it have motivated many to try and mimic its success by creating and offering alternative cryptocurrencies As we all know, the time when cryptocurrencies become first-class citizens of the digital economy is fast approaching — the question is not “if” but “when” this will happen. When that time arrives, the need to provide financial services for this emerging economy will be critical to fuel its growth. Cryptocurrencies are moving into everyday commerce . However, crypto exchanges offer only the ability to exchange one’s holdings between currencies (fiat/crypto and crypto/crypto) which serve only a small part of the financial needs of a growing crypto-economy. Therefore, the appearance of the Bitex crypto-banking platform will offer the most accessible crypto-banking solution on the market for our society. 1.THE ROLE OF BITEX AND WHAT CAN IT DO? Bitex can make the greatest impact on society by working at the local level, and ensuring that the benefits of this new cryptocurrency-based digital economy can also be felt by those under-served or left out of the current banking system. It aims to provide financial services to the cryptocurrency based digital economy that is relevant and useful to the local customer base in each region where it operates, while being available globally. Bitex will provide cryptocurrency-based banking services for digital customers through a licensed technology platform available to local partners. Bitex is conducting an Initial Coin Offering of its utility token, the Bitex Coin with symbol XBX, to promote the use of the Bitex crypto-banking platform. XBX will be used for access to the services offered by the Bitex platform. After the ICO, the token will be available for purchase from other XBX token holders at Bitex’s exchange as well as other well-known crypto exchanges. 2.WHAT IS THE MOTIVATION OF BITEX? a. Restoring faith in banking When creating a crypto-banking solution, Bitex has been motivated by the need to go back to the original purpose for a bank, namely an institution that helps the economy function and grow by providing a way to manage savings, provide means for payments and money transfer, and facilitate loans. By sticking to these basic functions, Bitex believes that crypto-banks can restore the public’s faith in banking for this new cryptocurrency-based digital economy, and remove the image of greed and profitseeking that current commercial banking has unfortunately propagated by moving into speculative assets and markets. b. Serving local needs Bitex believes that it can make the greatest impact on society by working at the local level, and ensuring that the benefits of this new cryptocurrency-based digital economy can also be felt by those under-served or left out of the current banking system. Thus, instead of starting out immediately as a global bank, Bitex wants to ensure that its solution has a local impact. Bitex has structured itself so that its core banking platform is operated by local franchise holders in various countries/regions that comply with local laws and regulations, and understand the local context best so as to tailor localized financial services that positively impact the local economy. c. Go to Market in Asia and the Middle East Bitex believes that the best way to deliver significant local impact quickly is to focus on regions where mobile connectivity dominates, and where traditional banking/financial services do not adequately serve the majority of the population. All pointers therefore indicate that Asia and the Middle East are the regions most likely to need and welcome a robust crypto-based financial system, and where Bitex’s local impact will best be demonstrated. Bitex will demonstrate the local impact it will have in each country where it is licensed, by offering a relevant localized financial service bundle, and redefining how financial services for this new cryptocurrency-based digital economy can be delivered. 3.WHAT BITEX PROVIDES THEIR CUSTOMERS? Bitex customers will be able to avail of bank-like services (payments, currency exchange and transfers, debit card, and personal loans) that will be offered in 8 countries initially: Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. Specifically, consumers will be able to take advantage of the following services: a. Payments to Merchants using BitexPay BitexPay represents the service offered by Bitex to consumers and merchants for payment of goods and services using cryptocurrencies. Merchants will be able to accept payments in cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies of their choice. Consumers who sign onto the BitexPay solution will be provided with ERC-20 compatible wallets that contains their cryptocurrency holdings. A consumer’s wallet, maintained on her ubiquitous mobile device, is called the Holding Wallet and will be under her complete control. b. Trading: Consumers that wish to trade in cryptocurrencies using the crypto-exchange services of the EZBitex platform will populate a Trading Wallet associated with their account. c. Currency Exchange: Consumers can populate their Trading Wallet for purposes of cryptocurrency buying/selling by: Transferring fiat currency from their bank accounts to their account on the EZBitex platform, which can then be converted into cryptocurrencies of their choice and used for further buying/selling; Using a credit or debit card to purchase cryptocurrencies offered on the EZBitex platform. Furthermore, to encourage use of the Bitex banking platform, consumers will be rewarded for holding XBX tokens. The amount of XBX tokens maintained by the consumer on the EZBitex platform will be held in a Staking Wallet. Besides, Consumers that wish to obtain loans from Bitex by offering a cryptocurrency as collateral will be provided with a Loan Wallet. 4.ROADMAP To illustrate more about Bitex's plan for the future, I'll show you their technical roadmap: 5.THEIR TEAM To sum up, I believe this project may become a revolution, which can change the face of nowaday banking and give more opportunities for cryptocurrency users. Thanks for reading my review. Have a nice day! For more detailed information about Bitex, please click here: Website: https://ico.bitex.global Whitepaper: https://ico.bitex.global/docs/XBX-Token-WhitePaper.pdf ANN Thread: httрѕ://bіtсоіntаlk.оrg/іndеx.рhр?tоріс=3651047 Twіttеr: httрѕ://twіttеr.соm/bіtеx_glоbаl Tеlеgrаm: httрѕ://t.mе/jоіnсhаt/IV2і4Q6llH7ttm5n9hԛT5g Fасеbооk : httрѕ://www.fасеbооk.соm/bіtеx.glоbаl/ Inѕtаgrаm: httрѕ://www.іnѕtаgrаm.соm/bіtеx.glоbаl Author: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  9. The number of cryptocurrency holders is projected to increase nearly 10-fold, from the current 22 million to 200 million worldwide by 2020. The simplest way to become an owner of cryptocurrency is by selling goods for crypto. This approach will drive mass adoption in the coming years. Nearly half of all online buying and selling activity now occurs in marketplaces, while mobile commerce will soon surpass web commerce as global smartphone penetration reaches 37% of world’s population by 2020. In order to forestall that, Ubank has developed Ubcoin marketplace for buying and selling goods for cryptocurrency 1.WHAT IS UBCOIN? More and more people are getting interested in these new digital coins, however there still not enough places to spend your crypto in and people prefer to acquire more and hold them, which is not what they were created for. With a convenient place for trading and buying items, cryptocurrencies could finally become more commonly used and maybe get into the mainstream. Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is around $400 billion. There is a great demand to spend that wealth by buying real world goods for crypto. Ubcoin is a mobile application with the help of which users can both sell and buy various goods using the crypto currency, namely using the internal tokens of this application - UBC. In fact, it will be a trading platform, which provides for the creation of comfortable conditions for both buyers and sellers. For each of them, every compulsory and convenient functions and tools will be available, such as tools for promoting advertising and targeting, advertising statistics (Views, clicks, conversions, reviews, etc...) and purchase statistics; sales and payment management screens. Also as mentioned above, The Ubcoin Marketplace is not a greenfield project, but an extension of the Ubank mobile app: A matured company, existing since 2009 Their current product, Ubank, has over 16 million installations worldwide The team consist of 50+ developers, top management and advisor talent Ubcoin will enhance and reinvent existing product value proposition Samsung and Fly pre-install our current product on all smartphones, sold in 10 countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, including flagship Galaxy 9 2.WHY ON MOBILE AND ESPECIALLY WHY USE CRYPTOCURRENCY? It is not a surprise that most of the customers nowadays use online web shops and marketplaces more often than regular ones. You can order almost anything from all around the world and get it shipped to you without moving from your house. The next step to make online shopping even more convenient are mobile marketplaces. The mobile commerce has a chance of surpassing web commerce pretty soon, people are now able to get access to all of the information and apps they want from a device in their pocket. Currently, cryptocurrencies have become more of investors thing. They are being mined by powerful equipments, speculated, traded on exchanges, however there are still an enormous group of ordinary people who would like to get involved in this revolutionary technology in a more regular way. Bitcoin for instance was intended to make online money transactions much more efficient, faster and secure, however there are still not enough places where you could spend it, buy services or goods. Fortunately, this is starting to change thanks to Ubcoin. 3.HOW UBCOIN WORK It's as simple as above, think of Ubcoin more like Ebay for crypto. It is a mobile app, which brings together sellers and buyers in one convenient marketplace and facilitates payment in UBC cryptocurrency. The Ubcoin app provides convenient search tools, facilitates payments and regulates business relations between buyer and seller using a set of smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. The platform will utilize the development of numerous tools for supplying rich information necessary for making decisions in regard to buying or selling products. Specifically, extensive and content-rich product descriptions, seller and buyer ratings, reviews, terms of sale and execution of smart contracts. 4.WHY UBCOIN? Many people want a simple and safe way to obtain a stake in cryptocurrency, but do not know how. They are not miners, not speculators, just individuals who see added value in investing in cryptocurrency. The number of cryptocurrency owners is projected to increase from a current 22 million to over 200 million by 2020. The app also features: Storefront Section: Product categories screens; Product description screens; Smart-search engine with relevance algorithms based on search string, geography, product descriptions, user reviews and ratings, and prices; AI-based engine for pre-screening user posts, product descriptions, visual and video content. Seller Account Management Section: Easy-to-use tools for creating and managing sale posts; Tools for promoting and targeting posted ads; Ad stats (views, clicks, conversions, reviews etc.); Terms of sale and payment management screens; Seller’s cryptowallet; Review management screens; CRM. Buyer Account Management Section: Saved favorites and previous searches; Buyer’s cryptowallet; Purchasing history; Smart recommendations engine based on previous searches and purchase history; Purchase review management tools. 5.THE PROJECT ICO? The token's name is UBC, UBC is an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token, which means it can be stored in most of the popular Ethereum wallets. The project aims to develop in the markets of Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America. The token will be used as the primary payment option within the platform to create smart-contracts for transactions and pay for the fees. During the registration on the marketplace, the user will get his own ethereum wallet to manage the coins directly from the app. It will then be possible to exchange them to other currencies or withdraw to your own wallet. No new coins will be created after the token sale and the hard cap is set at 650,000,000 tokens. The distribution of the Token The token sale seeks to raise financing to expedite development of Ethereum blockchain-based smart contracts, of AI-based screening and KYC technology, and to fund global expansion. Ubank app’s unique distribution model through pre-installation by manufacturers will be scaled to new geographies. The exchange between Etherium and Ubcoin token is 1 ETH = 8640 UBC .One final thing to know is the UBC is in stage 7 so you will get a 7% discount until 19 august. 6.THE TEAM The team behind Ubcoin has been working together since 2009 on multiple successful and big projects. They created Navifon, which was one of the best navigation software at its time, using 3D technology in navigation before Google. While uTalk was the first aggregator of social network sites and managing Google Talk, Facebook Chat, ICQ or Skype. It has been pre-installed on more than 22 million smartphones by Samsung, LG and Fly Mobile. Founders and each of developers, programmers and teammates could easily showcase their skills and many years of experience, successful projects and enormous and extensive knowledge. It's definitely a huge advantage and strong side of the project. Our Board of Advisors includes pedigreed global business professionals and influencers, it is not stacked with pre-ICO hype-makers, all are our long-term trusted business partners. You can see more about most of the team background via linkedin 7.ROADMAP 8.PARTNERS 9.PUBLIC OPINION AND PRESS 10.CONCLUSION To sum up, Ubcoin wants to help in mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, create a convenient peer-to-peer exchange of goods in a legal marketplace, while everything is happening in a decentralized and blockchain-based environment. The Ubcoin app provides convenient search tools, facilitates payments and regulates business relations between buyer and seller using a set of smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. There is a constantly growing need for online marketplaces, as people simply prefer it to regular shopping for it's convenience. Therefore, Ubcoin will most likely gather a potential users, sellers and buyers without many problems. The project seems to be prepared very well with a lot of transparent and detailed information provided in the documentation. The design of the site and future platform also looks very good and easy to use More info about them: Website: https://ubcoin.io/en Whitepaper: https://ubcoin.io/en/whitepaper Telegram: https://t.me/ubcoinmarket Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubcoin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ubcoinmarket/ ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3109856.0 Author: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  10. Hi guys! As we all know, streaming videos has become one of the most popular things in our daily lives. However, the current way of streaming videos was outdated with a lot of problems; therefore, a project was started to solve these all. That is Monvid. 1.FIRST AND FOREMOST, WHAT IS MONVID? The monvid platform is a decentralized community network which uses the blockchain technology to cut-pass restrictions, filters, and censorship to deliver a video streaming service platform that is easy to use and advert free. The founders wanted to give people the experience of watching their favorite videos without any restrictions irrespective of where they are. Their vision was to use the blockchain technology. 2.HOW DOES IT WORK? Monvid platform is going to be developed to function in 2 different ways: Peer-to-Peer Video Sharing: This allow content owners and video creator to share their videos for everyone to see for free without any fees and this video can then be rewarded by the community members. Whenever a user watches a creator video and would like to support their work, they can reward the creator with some MVID (Monvid Token). These rewards may depend on the quality of the creator’s videos and the streaming quality that the community members got. This type of streaming is transparent, flexible and private. Proxy Video Streaming: Monvid platform allows users to be able to bypass any restrictions that would have hindered it from streaming videos on the normal centralized platform. Due to its decentralized nature, the user can create a bridge between the platform and themselves using their computer from wherever they are. 3.WHAT PROBLEMS OF THE CURRENT MARKET AND WHAT MONVID DO TO DEAL WITH THEM? The demographics of the world is changing: Film producers and film sales agents sell films to local distributors for distribution in their country or territory. For most films, there is little or no incentive to sell a film in underdeveloped countries. This is because of the high risk – low reward which these countries offer. The need for better hardware and faster internet is growing: the hardware and internet connection speed necessary to access the films now and in the future makes it increasingly inaccessible for non-developed country users. Users do not want to pay the same to watch a popular movie as a not-so-popular one. Many possible users do not have banking access or credit cards: Traditional video on demand players will only accept payments via credit card, PayPal or gift cards. However, an estimated 2 billion working-age adults globally do not use formal banking services nor have access to a credit card. There are a lot of such strong competitors in the same market monvid is going to join. How can Monvid deal with these problems? We all know very well about Netflix, Youtube, or Amazon Prime, how can Monvid survive in the same market with these big company? Monvid team believe the freedom of video and movie streaming is the key of success, which other competitors are not providing this. Privacy — the blockchain technology which Monvid is based on will ensure that every content creator and user’s personal information is safe and secured. Its decentralized nature ensures that there are no any central servers or companies that control anything on the platform, which means information is stored only on the blockchain and are usually encrypted. Cost efficiency — Monvid distributed and decentralized network allows content creators to share their resources with the community members free and the users stream these content for a lot less than what is been charged. Unlike the centralized platform that is around now where users have to pay a subscription fee and usually don’t have any say in how much they pay. With Monvid, content creators control the costs of their videos themselves and the community members’ reward and rate them based on the quality No Advertisements — Monvid aim to give its viewers the abilities to stream videos online on the platform without any advertisements cutting in or disrupting the whole experience. Blockchain technology: The developers and the team of Monvid is focusing on the new technologies, which makes the platform possible to deliver the contents easily in underdeveloped countries and other countries. With this technology, the platform intends to store packets of the contents of the blockchain which is highly encrypted and can’t be controlled by any agency or government. The application will be decentralized and the contents will be stored on more than one server, so instead of being served by one central server, the user gets served by the nearest server close to them, thereby enabling them to bypass all restrictions and censorships with ease. 4.ROADMAP: To indicate more about Monvid's plan for the future, I'll show you guys their clear roadmap: 5.THEIR TEAM: And other talented members: Monvid team believe that the cryptocurrency in the video streaming market will be the next big thing, and this is why this idea and this project is one of the most interesting projects in the current and the future period of cryptocurrency world. We can rely on the most experienced members who have a lot of knowledge in developing application of Monvid. Thanks for reading my review. Have a nice day! For more detailed information about this project, please click here: Website: https://monvid.io/ Whitepaper: https://monvid.io/docs/white-paper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/monvid_io Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/monvid.net Medium: https://medium.com/@monvid.net Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/monvid/ Telegram: https://t.me/monvid_io ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4390570.msg39103135#msg39103135 Author: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  11. Hi guys! How are you doing? As we all know, the increasing smartphone adoption, improving mobile internet connectivity and the ever growing number of high quality mobile games has played an important role in the development of gaming economy. Mobile as the largest source of gaming revenue has paved the way for a new array of business models. The mobile gaming market offers a wide variety of genres, but overwhelming majority of these games (78%) are only playable in single player mode. In reality, single player games help publisher earn about $15,8 billion while that number of multiplayer games is nearly $30,3 billion. Publishers are well aware of this and would be eager to convert all single player games into multiplayer, however significant technical challenges arise. Then, Sgame Pro was organized to solve problems about network latency issues and movement prediction of multiplayer games that current workflow of gaming economy cannot. 1.WHAT IS SGAME PRO? Sgame Pro is a game aggregator and community where players are rewarded in Sgame Coin (SGM) by playing iOS and Android mobile games, challenging or streaming their challenges to other players. Under development since 2016, Sgame Pro successfully launched its Alpha version in 2017 achieving over 50,000 downloads with no marketing spending. Sgame Pro is entirely focused on the rapidly growing mobile gaming industry and has developed two major technical innovations: enabling players to be rewarded with newly issued utility crypto-token (SGM) and aggregating the fragmented sector of independent and major game publishers into a one-stop gaming platform. 2.WHAT SGAME PRO BRINGS TO SOCIETY? a.To Player: Sgame Pro’s core mission is to provide Players with an unparalleled user experience where they can play their favourite games while seamlessly ”mining” SGM tokens. In addition, Sgame Pro engages Players in entirely new ways such as by rewarding players for LIVE streaming their gaming. Players will be able to use SGM to redeem a large number of digital and physical goods on the internal Sgame Pro marketplace and on Publishers’ digital stores. Besides, Sgame Pro can solve various problems for single players. We all feel lonely when playing game alone, and Sgame Pro may help us interact more with other players having the same hobbit. Sgame Pro also provides players with the world’s best games from publishers. b.To Publishers: Sgame Pro offers Publishers a simple and innovative way to promote games. Publishers will have the option to reward Players with bonus payments in SGM, provide special rewards in Challenges as well as directly involve Sgame Pro’s Influencers. Publishers don’t have to struggle to reach large numbers of new users and keep them engaged. Sgame Pro aggregates Players, facilitating user acquisition for Publishers, increasing visibility, stickiness, as well as reducing churn. c. To Influencers: Sgame Pro allows influencers to monetize their followers through a referral system which generates an ongoing revenue stream for every lead, regardless of whether the lead remains an Influencer’s follower in the long-term. Sgame Pro offers an attractive referral system providing Influencers the opportunity to monetise their following without compromising their image. 3.MAJOR KEY FEATURES OF SGAME PRO: Challenges: Challenges are one of the core features of Sgame Pro, enabling Players to play in an Asynchronous Multiplayer mode games which were traditionally only single player. Leaderboards: A Leaderboard is a global ranking for a specific game, which allows Players to benchmark their performance versus other Players. Sgame Pro’s innovative approach consists of Leaderboards across iOS and Android and Leaderboards are rewarded. User Profiles: Every Player and every Influencer will have their own dedicated public User Profile area containing an overview of their scores, play times as well as other relevant Player information. And many other features, such as: marketplace, referrals, live, messaging,etc.. 4.THEIR TEAM To indicate more about Sgame Pro, I'll show you some information about their team: 5.ROADMAP: We can all see that Sgame Pro team has a lot of imaginative and creative people; besides, they have a clear plan for the future and the right direction for it. We can believe in a bright future for Sgame Pro and the whole gaming economy. Thanks for reading my review. Have a nice day! For more detailed information of this project, please click here: Website: https://sgamepro.io/ ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4452342 Whitepaper: https://sgamepro.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Sgame_Pro-White_Paper-v1.73.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/sgame_official?lang=en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sgamepro.io/ Telegram: https://t.me/sgamepro Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/sgamepro/ Author: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  12. Hello, today I will introduce you to a good project. I think it will be very useful for you. The project name is CINDX 1.WHAT IS CINDX? CINDX is a platform that was made to allow anybody to invest in the crypto market and also earn without any specialized knowledge or skills. This CINDX platform develops an ecosystem which would allow anybody to choose a trader and/or an asset manager to manage their portfolio and securely trade their cryprofunds for a reasonable success fee. We now see that investors can refer to transparent and verifiable statistics of traders and managers as a way to choose a suitable trading strategy. These statistics include performance history, risk level, type of cryptocurrency that would be traded. Therefore, investors can find the most suitable trader to manage their assets. CINDX develops an ecosystem which allows any investor to choose a manager for their portfolio and securely trade their cryptofunds for a reasonable success fee. Investors can now refer to transparent and verifiable statistics of managers as a way to choose a suitable trading strategy. Statistics include performance history, risk level, type of cryptocurrency traded, etc. So investors can find the most suitable solution to manage their assets. CINDX earns Commission for selling and a subscription to the terminal 2.HOW DO CINDX WORK? First, we have to compared Cindx and traditonal investment As we can see CINDX shifts the paradigm of the current "manager-investor" relationship towards depersonalized fair-play solutions. CINDX provides full, transparent access to success/failure statistics for all the managers registered on the CINDX platform. While the industry suggests selecting a manager based on the average results of its trading. And because everything is recorded on the blockchain - there are never any inaccurate values, nor creative accounting, nor imposed accountancy. When CINDX users choose a Manager, the APIs and smart contracts kick in. CINDX uses APIs as a ‘portal’, allowing the investor’s account to be managed by the account belonging to the Manager of their choosing. Additionally, the smart contract automatically registers every trade made by the Manager. It then copies and executes the very same deals on the investor’s account. The Manager sees the exact volume of entry into the trading order with the funds of investors copying the transaction. CINDX algorithms monitor liquidity on the selected trading pair and warn the Manager about the low volume of Depth of Market. In some instances, the system can block the order of the Manager or offer to reduce its volume to avoid slippage and “pump and dump” strategies. Although many projects are proposing to provide a similar service in the future, CINDX’s method has some features that makes it stand out. The platform avoids any chance of double charging or creative accounting (to pad a Manager’s fees)—Investors only pay a small transparent success fee while having all of the objective trading statistics recorded on the blockchain. 3.CINDX ICO CINDX is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and will hold an STO (security token offering) that is slated to begin soon Platform: Ethereum Standard: ERC20 Quantity: 51.500.000 CINX Price: 1 CINDX = 1USD Payment: ETH Token sale :26.08 - 26.12 Soft cap: 3,800,000 USD Hard cap: 21,000,000 USD 4.THE TEAM CINDX is operated by a team of more than 30 dedicated individuals. Yuriy Avdeev, who has more than 13 years as an entrepreneur, serves as the CEO of CINDX. He is joined by Product Director Val Jerdes, who have decades of experience in entrepreneurship and executive leadership between them. The project has acquired an impressive list of advisors, including Austin Kimm, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Crypterium; Philip Staehelin, who offers 25 years of top consulting, corporate and entrepreneurial experience; Amarpreet Singh, the Senior Adviser of the Global Blockchain Foundation, and Keith Teare, Founder and Executive Chairman of Accelerated Digital Ventures. Everyone have a linkedin account, so be sure to check all of them out if you are interested 5.ROADMAP 6.CONCLUSION There is a upcoming project with a similar concept as Cindx is Gominex, however both have it own unique features. Cindx has released a MVP which give you an overall view of the picture, note that this is still in Beta so many thing will change later, you can access it here: http://mvp.cindx.io/marketplace Many people dream of finding an additional source of income. Not surprisingly, most of the extra income is related to trade. Modern technologies allow you to trade not only with any goods, but also with a crypto currency. This innovative way of generating income will be very useful, because the trade in crypto assets has only been gaining momentum recently.However, the trouble with cryptocurrency markets is that they are a wild, uncharted territory. Few investorshave the knowledge to successfully and consistently profit in the market compared to the number ofpeople with experience in much less rewarding traditional markets. There is a suitable solution for investors who do not want to manage their savings on their own: CINDX allows anybody to invest in the crypto market, and earn without specialised knowledge or skills. Website: https://cindx.io/ Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QND8G_gccBJrZ1rBfh2Q8FE1iB-hiC-m/view Twitter: https://twitter.com/CINDXPlatform Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cindx.io/ Telegram: https://t.me/cindx_official AnnThread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4421275.0 Reddit.: https://www.reddit.com/r/cindx/ Medium: https://medium.com/@cindx Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWbFPz5vZXm7VN-WMaYWZeQ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cindex_platform/ linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/11536833/ MVP : http://mvp.cindx.io Author: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
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    IS THE UNIQUE CRYPTO PLATFORM FOR MOBILE APPS Involve is the first crypto platform for mobile apps which engages into relationship all parties of the market of mobile apps: users, developers and investors. Involve is the project inspired by the modern trends such as: growth of mobile market, robotization, crypto economy. Market of mobile apps gradually expands and generates a great amount of profits, but users do not have a share in the pie, Monopolization of the market, which leads to inefficiency, high commissions of mobile app platforms, high expenses on advertising, Weak support of developers, necessity to spend a lot on marketing. We propose simple and unsophisticated solution, where everyone can contribute and earn according to their efforts. User can become a part- or full-time player-earner. Involve mobile app platform is to be downloaded for free providing with unlimited access for all kind of applications. However, it is developers’ choice to establish the pricing model. Our idea is to create an eco-system, where mobile developers add their mobile apps and all the users become members of the same universe. Every player, after creating a profile, gains access to all the games (or other type of apps) he/she wants to play (or use) for free. Every hour of playing the game (or using the app) will be rewarded with ICoin, which is to be stored in cryptowallet. THE PURPOSE OF INVOLVE PLATFORM The main task of our project is to use the community’s capabilities to be useful for themselves, providing them with various mobile apps, which will reward users for every second spent on the app. Users are awarded with coins, mined in accordance with the Proof-of-time protocol in our new blockchain. Platform Involve will propose simple and unsophisticated solutions, in which everyone can contribute and be paid according to their efforts. Users can be a full-time or full-time income seeker. Top 20 Mobile stores by market share in China: THE BENEFITS FOR PLAYERS The key task of our project is to give people the ability to employ themselves, providing them with the wide range of mobile apps, which will reward users for every second spent in the app. The user is rewarded with coin, mined according to Proof-of-time protocol in our brand-new blockchain. THE BENEFITS FOR ADVERTISERS When using our platform everyone can advertise what they want without using 3rd parties such as Chartboost, Tapjoy, InMobi or Google AdMob. Those types of mobile advertising companies basically dominate the market. Eliminating the intermediary will continuously, lead to the strengthening and development of mobile advertising. In addition, it will offer new opportunities and push the limits for minor advertisers. THE BENEFITS FOR DEVELOPERS Four key advantages of our platform in the view of developers: Ability for indie developers to survive and thrive. Major publishers overwhelm the mobile app market. We are here to stop it. Developers do not need to spend fortunes on marketing in order to promote their apps or games. Easy to stay independent and public. Low commissions. THE BENEFITS FOR ITOKEN HOLDERS Involve platform will distribute profits for every token holder quarterly and it starts as soon as platform runs. The size of reward will depend on the size of the holder’s stake in ITokens. ICOIN (IQO COIN) ICoin is the cryptocurrency, which is mined by our gamers according to the Proof-of-Time protocol. The total number of ICoins is limited with 500.000.000.000. ITOKEN ( IQO TOKEN) ITokens can be purchased during the Pre-ICO and ICO stages. Then it will be distributed among our investors to support the created platform. The supply of IToken is limited with 3.500.000.000. Distribution Tokens Law: (0.5%) Marketing (15%) Product development (70%) Administrative (4.5%) Overhead (10%) Roadmap Team and Involve Adviser Mark Farkhutdinov Darvin Farkhutdinov Anna Dushkina Michail Gunkin Cassie Xin Margarita Dmitrieva Rasim Muftiev Phd Alexander Tetyushin For more information you can see the links below: Website: http://icoinvolve.io Whitepaper: http://icoinvolve.io/wp-cont…/…/2018/04/white-paper-last.pdf ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3337075.new#new Telegram: https://t.me/involve_info_channel Twitter: https://twitter.com/Involve_f Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/involvefoundation ====================== Author: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  14. As we all know, credit business has played an essential part in our lives for a very long time. However, the credit business in every country is replete with loopholes at every stage of the process, such as unclear rights and interests, high operating costs, inefficient operations, untrustworthy credentials, and privacy leaks. That's why Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) was organized, to solve all problems of traditional credit business. 1.WHAT IS CREDIT BUSINESS? Definition of credit business: a credit activity where in the holder of certain currency positions temporarily lends an agreed-upon amount of money at an agreed-upon interest rate to a borrower, who repays the principal and interest according to the terms and period as agreed. The fundamental function of the credit market is to adjust temporary or long-term funding shortfalls. Within the credit market, assets and capital can be properly allocated, allowing the smooth functioning of our economic system. The history of the credit industry goes back a long way. Without credit, the massive expansion and progress of human civilization would not have been possible. There are some major disadvantages of traditional credit business: Cost: The core model of a credit agency is to share the costs of non interest-earning elements and bad debts by charging the "good guys" who can pay back the money. For borrowers, it brings an additional cost. Efficiency: From the credit agency's perspective, a lot of time and efforts are wasted in verifying the credit of borrowers who do not meet the agencies’ risk criteria, which leads to wasting resources and decreasing efficiency. Borrower’s Interest Joint Debt Profiteering: A centralized credit model entices many financial institutions to deviate from their primary purpose— serving customers. Aiming for profitability, they deduct lenders while squeezing borrowers, and expand their profits by extending their customer base. 2.HOW DOES DCC WORK? Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) is the world’s first distributed banking public blockchain with a goal to establish a decentralized ecosystem for financial service providers around the world. By empowering credit with blockchain technology and returning ownership of data to individuals, DCC’s mission is to transform different financial scenarios and realize true inclusive finance. In DCC, each individual or institution has one DCCID generated through Public-Private Key Pair to form an address. This address acts just like a member ID in a traditional Internet system, identifying and associating various real-world attributes (such as real-name authentication, bank cards held, number of properties owned) and information on the credit chain—a loan request, loan, repayment, etc. DCDMF uses AES symmetric encryption to encrypt data with the private key of DCCID and its input password (salt), and forms a data index with the cloud server through DCCID's wallet address. Users are able to obtain the data index at any moment conveniently through address of the DCCID, or quickly get the plain text data from the cloud using their own passwords. 3.HOW CAN DCC SOLVE PROBLEMS OF TRADITIONAL CREDIT BUSINESS? DCC helps to eliminate monoply, profiteering and data monoplies. Besides, it contributes to protect privacy reasonably, improve data validation efficiency and reduce data use cost. Furthermore, it create “data marketplace” and control AI risk thanks to blockchain platform. Borrowers: Individuals with specific borrowing demand establish blockchain account to authorize data service provider and Initiate borrowing request Data Service Provider: Integrate individual data and store them on the chain, clean dirty data, and provide data standards Algorithm & Computation Service Providers: Extract characteristics from data, make judgments based on policies and quantify judgment based on characteristics Credit History Feedback: The approved credit history reports generated on blockchains prevent problems such as long-term borrowing and repeated test borrowing. Funding providers: Not directly involved in lending but provide funding (such as ABS-purchasing institutions). Risk Assuming Institutions: Operate a credit business by earning income from bearing specific risks, manage loans in progress and collect after loan 4.MORE DETAILS ABOUT BLOCKCHAIN-BASED LENDING BUSINESS OF DCC: Data entry: With the help of the open source framework SDV (Submitting Data Validation), the lending institutions can easily input the user's data to their existing risk control system. Lending process: DCC suggests that the lending institutions should use chain data to maintain the lending process. The user's loan application can be submitted to the chain directly by the user via signature, and the lending institution obtains the entry data through the SDV and updates the approval result to the corresponding order. Credit Report: Through contracts on DCR (Distributed Credit Report), there will generate a list of credit history index in the DCC system that records the individual’s whole life cycle status from application for loans, review of loans, repayment, overdue loans, collection, and bad debt. 5.ROADMAP: 6.MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR TEAM: With the right direction, limitless potential as well as clear plans in the future of Distributed Credit Chain, many investors believe this project will make big strides in the credit business. Thanks for reading my review. Have a nice day! For more detailed information about this project, please click here: Website: https://dcc.finance/ Whitepaper: https://dcc.finance/file/DCCwhitepaper.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DccOfficial2018/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DccOfficial2018/ Telegram: https://t.me/DccOfficial Author: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
  15. Are you fond of creating applications but having no idea about technology? Do you want to make things helpful for other people but you don’t even know how to code? There is a platform which help you actuallize your idea but you will not have to do anything: the Sparkster. So what is Sparkster and how was it organized? Ideas are the currency of the future. Sparkster envision a future in which everybody can bring their ideas to reality. In doing so, users create financial independence for themselves, while contributing to their society in the process. The Sparkster Platform is a platform of empowerment. They empower users to bring their ideas to life by building software without learning how to code. All you have to do is focusing on what you want to build, and let their platform transform your ideas into working software in seconds. If young children can build games with simple building blocks, then Sparkster can empower everybody to build enterprise grade applications in a similar manner. One need not look far for a plethora of examples: emerging companies such as Uber, Airbnb, and Instagram are exclusively software companies. The Sparkster Platform aims to democratize access to innovation, and make innovation in the 21st century accessible to everybody. Their aim is for the Sparkster Platform to become to software what Uber was to the taxi industry - a seismic disruption. The Sparkster Platform empowers the people running the business with the tools to build the business process of the future that will ultimately keep them competitive. Sparkster makes software development accessible to the 99% who do not know how to code, and don’t want to learn. Why Sparkster, instead of other blockchain? To describe this clearly, I'll show you some major problems of recent software development. First and foremost, the typical process in which software is currently created is rather convoluted. It takes a lot of time and efforts of the IT team and the users also. Not only is there often a large cost associated with this, there is a significant timelag in requesting changes, , from the initial consultation in requesting a change, to explaining the new requirements, to development, testing and implementation of the changes. Besides, the reality is that almost all businesses today are running software that is absolutely incapable of interfacing with the technologies of the future. No matter who provides your business software, whether it’s SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, or it’s homegrown, integrating Internet of Things (“IOT”) devices, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), or Smart Contracts into existing business processes will not be possible without other technology platforms. All this software will have to be either ripped and replaced or integrated into a new technology platform for businesses to continue to be competitive and take advantage of these revolutionary technologies. Furthermore, recent software development also cause several concerns about the environment. A report of Greepeace suggested that cloud computing consumed 632 billion kilowatt hours of energy in 2007 and this expected to increase to 1,963 billion kilowatt hours by 2020. The associated CO2 emissions that are anticipated to reach 1,034 Mega Tonnes. Such high levels of CO2 emissions are clearly unsustainable. Is there any solution for these problems? What if software could be defined in plain English? What if this software was defined on a platform architected specifically to integrate innovative technologies such as AI, IOT and Smart Contracts? What if taking advantage of these new technologies was as simple as dragging and dropping a block? That is the Sparkster Platform, and it’s ready to use today. Sparkster empowers you to create the future, they empower you to bring your ideas to reality. Building decentralized software is difficult and currently prohibitive because of high gas/transaction prices and long execution times. What if decentralized software could be built without any knowledge of decentralized architecture, and run on cheap devices such as cell phones, and IOT devices, all deployed with just the click of a button? What if “mining” with unused cell phone capacity became as simple as installing an app? What if in the process of making software execution cheaper and more democratic, we could drastically cut CO2 emissions? That’s why we need the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud. Business Overview of Sparkster: Core Value Proposition: Disruptive cost reductions are achieved by drastically reducing the amount of time spent building, and refining software and the cost of running software. Using innovative tools, they have demonstrated that applications can be built in one hundredth of the time relative to traditional application Scale and Revenue Strategy: The Sparkster Technology Stack presents the cheapest, easiest and fastest way of achieving this. Software can be built with the Sparkster Platform at least 100x faster and easier than traditional means according to their research. Hence, the Sparkster Platform will generate demand organically for the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud. Network Effects: While the Sparkster Platform aims to provide the fundamental constructs necessary to build software applications, building applications using fundamentals is not always optimal. They see a significant opportunity for their user community to create higher level constructs that can then be utilized by the other members of the community to build high level applications. Vertical Markets: They are developing targeted solutions for specific vertical markets based on their assessment of the potential for growth and the value that such a vertical market may contribute to our community. Thus far, they have identified two vertical markets, in which they have built deep integration: Internet of Things (IOT) and Cryptocurrency Smart Contracts. To indicate more about this platform, I'll introduce to you about their team. Leadership Team Sparkster Warriors. With smart software, unique idea and an experinced team fulled of excellent people, Sparkster is believed to create a big stride in the software development. Thanks for reading my review. Have a nice day. Contact: Website: https://sparkster.me/ Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10xvXTHbbiyXkIGpAjlzf3m7Uh6dGKQht/view Telegram: https://t.me/SparksterICO Twitter: https://twitter.com/sparkster_me/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sparkster.me/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAkXXoN7cFSEN-4SFtLFmHQ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Sparkster/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sparkster_me/ Author: Khuongcute2503 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2080664
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