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  1. Inna

    ICO Campaigns [ICO Marketing]

    ICODA is the ICO Digital Agency. We are a team of professionals who provide services at all stages of the ICO – from elaborating the concept to marketing activities and putting projects on the market.We are providing the following services: Smart Contract Creation ICO Website Creation White Paper Development PR in blockchain media PPC ads under restriction Telegram Promotion Opinion Leaders, Blockchain experts Chinese Marketing YouTube influencers Listing on Exchanges Are you looking for these services? Please contact us via: http://ico-promotion.com/https://t.me/[email protected]ico-promotion.com
  2. Inna

    Top ICO of April 2018

    A lot of information and thank you for the explanation!
  3. Very interested! Thanks for the link!
  4. Ok, what is the main logic of this service? Could you explain?
  5. Thank you, I will look at it closely.
  6. Inna

    Help with a betting website

    This site is much better, and it is safe. I do not anything about your site.
  7. Inna

    Crypto Franchise Investment Opportunities

    But how it works? There are a lot of services now, a lot of competitors...
  8. What is going on? What to do next? Sell it?
  9. How it is now? Everything is better?
  10. Inna

    A Safe Secured Local Ethereum wallet

    Have somebody tried it? Is it worth it?
  11. That is why you need to be careful and learn before use it!
  12. Inna

    World Best Crypto Index Fund

    Did somebody use it? Is it working fine?
  13. Inna

    Discord intergration

    Thank you for the tips!
  14. I guess they already here, haven't you heard? This is the common word for an entity which functions as stores of value
  15. Yes, that is great period for bitcoin, and for other coins too.