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  1. Bitcoin is now traded above $3400 but when compared to the previous month, this value seems to be very low of the year. Almost the year is gonna end very soon. Everyone is uncertain about whether the bitcoin price will grow above $10000 or not. But industry leaders are so optimistic about bitcoin price graph and are predicting that bitcoin will cross $15000 surely. Check out this article to know more bitcoin trends and price predictions of 2019. Bitcoin Price Prediction 2019
  2. From the invention of cryptocurrency industry, there was an uncertainty about why bitcoin price fluctuates, who is actually deciding the price of bitcoin and what are the factors behind the scene. Check out this article where you may get idea for all the above questions. Who decides bitcoin price
  3. BITDEAL – THE GURU OF BITCOIN EXCHANGE WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICES We bitdeal started in the earlier stage of 2015 with a potential & long lasting cryptocurrency service idea, and we executed in 2016 January. Our fist and ever popular product is “ Bitcoin Exchange Script” . We have explained the whole things about the product here Bitdeal-Bitcoin Exchange Script The script is most supportive for the business people( independent of the people technical skill) who are in the eager to start their own bitcoin exchange. By developing and deploying the bitcoin exchange script, bitdeal have gained around 100+happy customers around the world. And still the product is on high demand on overseas customers. BITDEAL’S IMPACT ON OTHER CRYPTOCURRENCY BUSINESS SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS “We encourage ourselves through our own success” The success of bitcoin exchange script have encouraged us to enlarge our business services int to various branches, thus we introduced a punch of cryptocurrency and Blockchain business services to the world. 1. ICO development through ICO script. 2. Mutli cryptocurrency exchange development through Cryptocurrency exchange script 3. Digital or crypto token creation services. 4. Blockchain application development services. 5. Decentralized Exchange Development through decentralized exchange Script. 6. Dapp Development. 7. ICO Marketing Services. 8. Offering Blockchain Developers for Blockchain Development ( Hire Blockchainic Developers). 9. ICO Airdrops 10. Altcoin exchange development services 11. Ethereum exchange development services 12. E-currency Exchange Development through Ethereum Exchange Script 13. Bitcoin Wallet Development 14. Bitcoin trading bot application development. 15. Crypto coin creation services And the tail tends to extend further more. The Success of Bitdeal We used to invent innovations by utilizing uptrend technology. Quality is our main focus, and helping the startups is our goal. Work consistency and deliberative is the reason behind the success of bitdeal Wrapping up… We consider all our clients as same, and we give first importance to people who have a great cryptocurrency business idea which will change the world. With support of 100+ experienced developers bitdeal team is ready to head into any kind of complexity, and can bring best possible solution for your cryptocurrency business startup. Originally published on : BITCOIN EXCHANGE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY
  4. What are Dapps? If you search for what are dapps on internet you could get a raw definition, which defines “Dapps are applications which runs on P2P Decentralized network” this is how every website defines about Dapps. We are not neglecting that statement, but we want to convey the juice of the concept in simple manner. (i.e) Any applications that don’t have any central authority are called Dapps, but the authorization has been distributed in to several nodes (users). In technical words, The Backend code of dapp will be run on Decentralized P2P network, where as the front end code will be build in any programming language which will make call to the back end. Technology used in Dapp is : Ethereum Blockchain How Dapp Works? As we said above dapps will be anything that of Web pages, web or mobile applications. Explaining the way how dapp works will be too technical, because we have to completely understand the concept of Blockchain works. But we try to expose who dapps works in simple manner. Data’s of the applications will not be located in centralized server, but the ledger record will be distributed network, with identical copies of the ledger. So when there is a change in one ledger, that record will not be validated, and then it is incredibly difficult to hack or manipulate the entire system. How to build Dapp? Obviously only expertise dapp development service provider can build dapp. Ethereum Blockchain will be the most preferable technology to build dapp . BITDEAL – DAPP DEVELOPMENT SERVICES We bitdeal – a popular hub of Blockchain solutions, provides high end services for Dapp development. We have separate team of expertise Blockchain developers who have exposure in developing and deploying, custom, offshore, private, public Blockchain and Ethereum dapp development. Originally published on : Ethereum Blockchain & Dapp Development Company
  5. Blockchain a well known public ledger technology, have started to explore its use cases in more than 10+ notable corporate industries, which includes banking, SCM, etc. So the need for blockchain developers is on high demand all over the world. We at bitdeal let you to hire our dedicated blockchain developers, partly, monthly and hourly for custom and off shore blockchain application development services. We have separate Offshore Development Centre ( ODC), so you can save your time and cost of development down to the earth. Hire Blockchain Developers from bitdeal
  6. Launching an ICO is not gonna be harder anymore. You can overcome the security hurdles, and other common flaws in ICO with bitdeal ICO script. It is a website script which has inbuilt with all the necessary add-ons and plugins to launch your ico. Claim a free demo of bitdeal ico script
  7. Decentralized exchanges are gonna be the rulers of cryptocurrency industry in upcoming days. This undeniable truth caused many exchanges to convert their trading method as decentralized. We at bitdeal help cryptocurrency exchange startups and enterprises to build their own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform with elite and premium decentralized exchange script. You can check the demo of decentralized exchange script at bitdeal anytime.
  8. As like 2018, the following business models grabs the first five position in the list of 2019 . Bitcoin Exchange / Bitcoin Trading Startups Cryptocurrency Exchange / Cryptocurrency Trading ( Crypto to Crypto) Startups Bitcoin Wallet Service Startups Bitcoin Mining Startups Ethereum/ Digital Asset exchange Startups Apart from the above cryptocurrency business ideas, there are some new arrivals to the cryptocurrency industry, and we are expecting that these business ideas will be the trend of 2019 and beyond too. Surprised??.. Industry leaders predict that, after the arrival of these business models, Cryptocurrency industry will grow like a boom, and the industry will change into a new dimension upwards. So, let’s see what are they… Cryptocurrency Business Ideas: New Arrivals Decentralized Exchange with Atomic Swaps STO Blockchain Technology Token Exchange ( Ethereum) DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE – AN EXCLUSIVE CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE BUSINESS MODEL THAT FAVORS THE TRADERS For your knowledge, Most of the cryptocurrency exchange websites all around the world are “Centralized Exchanges”. (i.e) there will be a central authority for that exchange who will control trades, and mediate the fund transfer. In technical words, centralized exchanges will collect the trader’s private key and will store it in a hub of cloud storage. As because of storing the private keys in central cloud storage, it becomes a honey pot for brutal hackers to quickly inject harmful data’s and retrieves all the details. To overcome this, developers and experts have found a new trading model that is called “decentralized exchange”. This decentralized exchange will not store private keys in cloud storage. You may ask me then how the trade made?? Read more at : Top 10 Cryptocurrency Business Ideas For 2019
  9. Cryptocurrency industry is a very wide industry, and it has several branches. Every year a new cryptocurrency business model is introduced, just like that, the upcoming 2019 is also expected to come up with very interesting cryptocurrency business models. Check this article for more reference- Top 10 Cryptocurrency Business Ideas for 2019
  10. Many thought that ICO's and STO's are widely different from each other, but the fact is STO's are just an upgraded version of ICO and are slightly similar to each other . In ICO we sell digital token, but in STO we sell Security tokens under the regulation of Federal Laws. At bitdeal we provide proper Security Token Offering Services, in which we will play the lead role to successfully launch your crowdfunding and to proceed it in a legal manner. For more details Contact Bitdeal
  11. BLOCKCHAIN OPPORTUNITIES AND ITS USE CASES IN TELECOM INDUSTRY 1 . Fraud Management The estimated fraud loss of telecom industry in 2017 is about $40 billion Blockchain have potential to reduce two main types of frauds, the first is roaming fraud and the second one is identity. Blockchain links both the device and the user identity so that it will impact every services associated with that subscriber’s identity. Roaming fraud will occur whenever a subscriber access any of the resource in HPMN(Host Public Mobile Network), through VPNM(Visited Public Mobile Network ) ,but the HPMN can’t able to charge the subscriber for provided services. The roaming fraud comes in two characteristics: • By Longer detection time • By Longer response time By implementing permissioned Blockchain between network operators we can eliminate the frauds. Whenever a subscriber tries to trigger an event by entering into a network, there will be a execution of smart contract and other agreement terms will be executed between the roaming partners. 2. Identity management With the help of Blockchain telecom industry can create new sources of revenue through data management and identity authentication solutions. Services operators can provide identity management tools that can be only accessible through organizations, specific devices and other apps. 3. Can be used in 5G enablement Blockchain supports the implementation of 5G network and provides a common platform with seamless connectivity. 4. Can be used in IOT connectivity The Centralization concept can be replaced by DDL (Distributed Digital Ledger) for all the transactions, which will make an extremely secure peer-to-peer decentralized network …. Which will overcome the major IOT challenges? 5. Can be used in Blockchain in Revenue insurance Blockchain plays a role in the revenue insurance. It can be used to help design more leakage proof Storage Management, Real-time revenue observations , Fraud elimination, and etc 6. Can be used In Blockchain In Number Portability if receiving service operator shares Blockchain with porting customer’s operator, Then the customer who wishes to migrate to another network can be quickly on-boarded to the desired network after receiving a porting request. 7. Can be used In Blockchain In roaming management The restricted or permission blockchain implementation can replace the conventional ways of sending C/EDRs. All the communication service providers who have undergone roaming agreement, can broadcast C/EDRs on permissioned blockchain system. 8. Can be used In money transfer an micro payment systems 9. Can be used Smart transactions and revenue streamlining 10. Can be used in Billing NETWORK PROVIDERS WHO ADOPTS BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY In India, three major telecom leaders found to be adopting Blockchain technology very soon. Airtel, Vodafone India, and Reliance JIO have initiated this process, where as Vodafone is in the POC (proof of concept) stage. Whereas Airtel is in initial stage and are doing R&D process. And Reliance jio have setup a separate team to work and integrate Blockchain technology with the help Originally published on : HOW BLOCKCHAIN CAN TRANSFORM TELECOM INDUSTRY?
  12. In very near feature web development technology will rolled with a new framework MEAN Stack. We at bitdeal started to provide bitcoin exchange website script which can be come with PHP, Laravel and MEAN Stack Frame work. Based on the clients needs we make the bitcoin exchange platform more powerful and can make it user friendly too. We have updated our bitdeal bitcoin exchange script with classic trading features so that it can co-operative to adopt upcoming bitcoin/cryptocurrency trading features. You can check live demo of the script at bitdeal any time. Check DEMO Website: Bitdeal Bitcoin Exchange Script MEAN Stack Mail : [email protected]
  13. Bitdeal - A cryptocurrency exchange script and website development company offers a quality cryptocurrency exchange script & services at an affordable pricing. We have an enough technology stack pack up and expertise development resource to provide our clients a satisfactory cryptocurrency exchange development services. We have explored our portfolio with successful 50+ cryptocurrency exchange projects across the globe especially in India, US, UK, Brazil, and Australia. The factor behind bitdeal success is "cryptocurrency exchange script". The script is a website source code which is wrapped up with enough trending trading features and functionalities. KYC/AML integrated Multi currency trading enabled Ready made 100% bug free features enabled Free Customization To check Demo Bitdeal - Cryptocurrency Exchange Script
  14. Start a cryptocurrency exchange website to support trading with bitcoin, ethereum, and other altcoins. Bitdeal provides you the best cryptocurrency exchange script which consists of all the necessary features to build a secured bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchange website. HOW TO START A CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE WEBSITE? You can start your own cryptocurrency exchange website with the help of a cryptocurrency exchange script or software. You may ask us “why I should choose a cryptocurrency exchange script, is there are any other options ??!!!. “ Of course, there are a lot of other options to start your own cryptocurrency exchange I. By getting connected with a cryptocurrency exchange development company II. Hiring freelancers III. Buy Purchasing and Implement the best cryptocurrency exchange script Option 3: Buy Purchasing The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Script This would be the best choice than others, because If you hire a cryptocurrency exchange development company, you can’t directly get involved in your cryptocurrency exchange development process to escalate your ideas; you just have to journey through a lot of processes in order to talk with a respective person, who develop your cryptocurrency exchange website. This would result in miss-communication and loss of better results. You can start your cryptocurrency exchange website, by hiring freelancers, but the drawback here is you may not get quality output Instead of getting involved in this kind of risk you can buy a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange script and start customizing it with the help of cryptocurrency exchange website development company. WHY SHOULD YOU START A CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE WEBSITE? Cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe were witnessed a huge exponential growth in recent days, especially in the last two years of the period. The one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange balance has revealed that they have added 2,50,000 users on a single day. And also the CEO of binance stated that the daily trading volume has been reached $9.5 billion. Another proof is that decentralized exchange websites are also witnessing a huge profit, the worth of the cryptocurrency economy is $280 billion, this growth was fueled by the concept of decentralization. Check out the below graph. Source: 12 Graphs That Show Just How Early The Cryptocurrency Market Is Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Features: Security 1. AES Encryption Prevention 2. Anti CSRF Token 3. XSS Clean: To avoid SQL injection 4. Missing Secure HTTP Headers • X-Frame-Options • HTTP Only • Secure Flag 5. Mail ID encryption 6. Device-based or IP based admin login 7. Device-based tracking CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE SCRIPT FEATURES: PLUG-IN AND APIS 1. KYC/AML integration 2. Bitcoin Wallet API 3. Efficient matching algorithm 4. Automated Trading Bot 5. Margin Trading & Lending 6. Decentralized Features Etc… Know more security features here Reference : Cryptocurrency Exchange Script To Start Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Website
  15. Bitcoin and its siblings have started to rule the entire cryptocurrency and Blockchain network. This bring more potentiality and constant growth for cryptocurrency related startup especially bitcoin exchange startups. Business people are started to hunt for best solutions and service provide to start bitcoin exchange. Many started to analyze which frame work or technology would be the best choice to start bitcoin exchange, and are predicting which region will be the more productive area to grow their bitcoin exchange. Bitdeal - a Bitcoin & cryptocurrency exchange development company in india, with 120+ Blockchain developers have lift up many startups with proper consulation and development support. The top most product which has gained a huge demand across the overseas is “ bitcoin exchange script”. In just 4 years of period bitdeal has gained a punch of successful clients from several countries. What makes bitdeal bitcoin exchange script special then others? “The Features” Yes bitdeal integrates trending features with the script and releases the new version often. This helps the clients to easily upgrade their running bitcoin exchange or fresh bitcoin exchange to adopt new trading mechanisms and so that they can proceed long lasting business. What kind of features bitdeal often focus? “Security features “ “User Friendliness:” The above two features are always contradiction with each other, because when you increase the security features you would not bring User friendliness & when you increase user-friendliness you may not bring better security tie-ups. But with the cutting edge technology bitdeal bi-coordinates each other and brings up a high quality bitcoin exchange script. What’s new in bitdeal bitcoin exchange script? 1. We have added decentralization concept. 2. Now bitdeal Develop bitcoin exchange script with PHP, Laravel and MEAN Stack frameworks. Bitcoin Exchange Script -2019 2019 will be the more action based cryptocurrency year so, it is clear that bitcoin exchange startups would raise up aggressively. So we have made up our bitcoin exchange script to adopt all the trending trade features . Exclusive Free Demo added with this article! Free Demo Bitcoin Exchange Script For more info : Visit : www.bitdeal.net Mail : [email protected] Phone/whatspp: +91 9677555651 Reference : Bitcoin Exchange Script With Laravel Framework