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  1. Bitdeal - A cryptocurrency exchange script and website development company offers a quality cryptocurrency exchange script & services at an affordable pricing. We have an enough technology stack pack up and expertise development resource to provide our clients a satisfactory cryptocurrency exchange development services. We have explored our portfolio with successful 50+ cryptocurrency exchange projects across the globe especially in India, US, UK, Brazil, and Australia. The factor behind bitdeal success is "cryptocurrency exchange script". The script is a website source code which is wrapped up with enough trending trading features and functionalities. KYC/AML integrated Multi currency trading enabled Ready made 100% bug free features enabled Free Customization To check Demo Bitdeal - Cryptocurrency Exchange Script
  2. Start a cryptocurrency exchange website to support trading with bitcoin, ethereum, and other altcoins. Bitdeal provides you the best cryptocurrency exchange script which consists of all the necessary features to build a secured bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchange website. HOW TO START A CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE WEBSITE? You can start your own cryptocurrency exchange website with the help of a cryptocurrency exchange script or software. You may ask us “why I should choose a cryptocurrency exchange script, is there are any other options ??!!!. “ Of course, there are a lot of other options to start your own cryptocurrency exchange I. By getting connected with a cryptocurrency exchange development company II. Hiring freelancers III. Buy Purchasing and Implement the best cryptocurrency exchange script Option 3: Buy Purchasing The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Script This would be the best choice than others, because If you hire a cryptocurrency exchange development company, you can’t directly get involved in your cryptocurrency exchange development process to escalate your ideas; you just have to journey through a lot of processes in order to talk with a respective person, who develop your cryptocurrency exchange website. This would result in miss-communication and loss of better results. You can start your cryptocurrency exchange website, by hiring freelancers, but the drawback here is you may not get quality output Instead of getting involved in this kind of risk you can buy a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange script and start customizing it with the help of cryptocurrency exchange website development company. WHY SHOULD YOU START A CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE WEBSITE? Cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe were witnessed a huge exponential growth in recent days, especially in the last two years of the period. The one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange balance has revealed that they have added 2,50,000 users on a single day. And also the CEO of binance stated that the daily trading volume has been reached $9.5 billion. Another proof is that decentralized exchange websites are also witnessing a huge profit, the worth of the cryptocurrency economy is $280 billion, this growth was fueled by the concept of decentralization. Check out the below graph. Source: 12 Graphs That Show Just How Early The Cryptocurrency Market Is Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Features: Security 1. AES Encryption Prevention 2. Anti CSRF Token 3. XSS Clean: To avoid SQL injection 4. Missing Secure HTTP Headers • X-Frame-Options • HTTP Only • Secure Flag 5. Mail ID encryption 6. Device-based or IP based admin login 7. Device-based tracking CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE SCRIPT FEATURES: PLUG-IN AND APIS 1. KYC/AML integration 2. Bitcoin Wallet API 3. Efficient matching algorithm 4. Automated Trading Bot 5. Margin Trading & Lending 6. Decentralized Features Etc… Know more security features here Reference : Cryptocurrency Exchange Script To Start Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Website
  3. Bitcoin and its siblings have started to rule the entire cryptocurrency and Blockchain network. This bring more potentiality and constant growth for cryptocurrency related startup especially bitcoin exchange startups. Business people are started to hunt for best solutions and service provide to start bitcoin exchange. Many started to analyze which frame work or technology would be the best choice to start bitcoin exchange, and are predicting which region will be the more productive area to grow their bitcoin exchange. Bitdeal - a Bitcoin & cryptocurrency exchange development company in india, with 120+ Blockchain developers have lift up many startups with proper consulation and development support. The top most product which has gained a huge demand across the overseas is “ bitcoin exchange script”. In just 4 years of period bitdeal has gained a punch of successful clients from several countries. What makes bitdeal bitcoin exchange script special then others? “The Features” Yes bitdeal integrates trending features with the script and releases the new version often. This helps the clients to easily upgrade their running bitcoin exchange or fresh bitcoin exchange to adopt new trading mechanisms and so that they can proceed long lasting business. What kind of features bitdeal often focus? “Security features “ “User Friendliness:” The above two features are always contradiction with each other, because when you increase the security features you would not bring User friendliness & when you increase user-friendliness you may not bring better security tie-ups. But with the cutting edge technology bitdeal bi-coordinates each other and brings up a high quality bitcoin exchange script. What’s new in bitdeal bitcoin exchange script? 1. We have added decentralization concept. 2. Now bitdeal Develop bitcoin exchange script with PHP, Laravel and MEAN Stack frameworks. Bitcoin Exchange Script -2019 2019 will be the more action based cryptocurrency year so, it is clear that bitcoin exchange startups would raise up aggressively. So we have made up our bitcoin exchange script to adopt all the trending trade features . Exclusive Free Demo added with this article! Free Demo Bitcoin Exchange Script For more info : Visit : www.bitdeal.net Mail : [email protected] Phone/whatspp: +91 9677555651 Reference : Bitcoin Exchange Script With Laravel Framework
  4. It is very important important to connect with a right company to develop secured and reliable cryptocurrency exchange website. Many struggles to choose right cryptocurrency exchange development company because there are a lot of companies started to participate in the competition. Following this guide may help us to get connected with a right company! 7 Tips to find right cryptocurrency exchange development company
  5. EOS is an all new emerging cryptocurrency! Industry leaders says that it will let the developers to easily copy and paste the ethereum codes in EOS. it doesn't mean that EOS will replace ethereum, But whatever happens Ethereum will have it own market worth and EOS will also do that so. check out this article it completely describes the trends of cryptocurrency in 2019& especially the arrival of EOS and its potentiality! Cryptocurrency Trends 2019
  6. Decentralized exchange script is a full of source code and content that could help you to develop a Completely decentralized exchange website , like Bisq DEX, Idex, Barter DEX and etc.. An Exchange which made up of this kind of script will be under the control of smart contracts so there is no work for buy order and sell order to execute trades. More over a decentralized exchange will not let any third party to control traders digital assets. Here the authorization has been split up in to multiple, so only the user can control their funds that's why we are calling it as decentralized exchange. By understanding the stability and the demand for DEX platform Bitdeal Provides Decentralized exchange script for startups to raise their market in decentralized network.
  7. Industry leaders predicts that the cryptocurrency network could scale in to large in the upcoming year, and notably the emerging cryptocurrency EOS become a big player of 2019 as it facilitates decentralized applications. Will EOS surely become a big cryptocurrency of 2019? Check out the cryptocurrency trends 2019
  8. Seeking for a better blockchain application development company to develop your Dapp or for private/public blockchain application development?. You can get cost effective blockchain application development services from bitdeal for both custom and offshore blockchain development . We can provide timely delivery of your needed software and applications. For better improvement and further more customization we let you to hire our dedicated blockchain developers. For more info : Mail:[email protected] Whatsapp/Phone: +91 9677555651
  9. A bitcoin mining script can function in two ways. 1. It helps you to create a user interface ( i.e. A website, where the user can monitor their progress) 2. It can be implemented in a hardware or a server to perform mining functionalities. BITDEAL – BITCOIN MINING SCRIPT Bitdeal we cover all the edges of cryptocurrency industry and mining is one of notable cryptocurrency business solutions. We offer the best bitcoin mining script (Cloud mining), which has been powered with advanced admin panel, and to manipulate complex hashing algorithms. Originally published on : Bitcoin Mining Script & Cloud Mining Software
  10. Binance Clone Script To Start Bitcoin Exchange Like Binance Binance Clone Script To Kick Start a Top Notch Cryptocurrency Exchange website BINANCE CLONE SCRIPT To start a bitcoin exchange trading website like binance, bitdeal provides a best binance clone script, which comprises of all the existing features of the major cryptocurrency exchange binance. What Is Binance Exchange? As of now, Binance is the only largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world, which has more than 4 million active users per day. The exchange is popularly known for crypto to crypto exchange. Binance gains more traffic in recent time as it allows the user to pay with very low transaction fees. • Led by Chanpeng Zhao • The company was initially launched in China and then moved to Japan in advance of the china’s cryptocurrency exchanges ban. • The exchange is based in Japan, Tokyo • Binance comes from the word – Binary finance Highlights Of Binance Exchange Website There are some rock solid reasons for why people are looking forward to starting a bitcoin exchange like binance. The website has multiple specialties than any other major cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Let’s look at them one by one. • Supports trading with more than 45 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum, lite coin and most importantly binance coin. • The exchange provides discounts if the user use to pay with their native coin BNB • In January 2018 the firm raised a capitalization of $1.3 billion • Being a standard cryptocurrency exchange it offers cryptocurrency trading, listing, fundraising, and withdrawal of any cryptocurrency. • The website has high processing throughput and has the capacity to process 1.4 million orders per second. • Binance supports market order, limit order and stop order. • Many New crypto coins and tokens are getting listed on binance more than other cryptocurrency exchanges. • Highly efficient user interface • Supports multiple languages • ICO listing also available on binance exchange • Etc.. Apart from the above, there are a lot more features that build the traders to trade with their platform. Exactly on one year ago(i.e) on 27 August 2017, binance has surpassed 120k users for the first time. Binance were ranked at 12th on coin market cap with 24-hour trading volume, But now the website has ranked at no.1 on coin market cap. Check out the proof below On 27 th August 2017 - Binance Ranked #12 on coinmarketcap On 27 th August 2018 - Binance Tops #1 on coinmarketcap HOW TO START A CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE WEBSITE LIKE BINANCE? You can start your own cryptocurrency exchange like binace, with a globally accepted, and fully tested binance clone script. After purchasing the binance clone script, you can customize it on your own by implementing furthermore special features; it would help you to prevent the resemblance of binance appearance and functionalities. Bitdeal can help you to create your own cryptocurrency exchange website like binace, we provide best bitcoin clone script with high-class security features. Security Features That Help To Make A Bitcoin Exchange Like Binance • Network and hardware security (secure data center, etc.) • KYC (Know Your Customer) + AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solutions • Two-Factor Authentication for users • AES Encryption prevention • And more security features BUILD YOUR BITCOIN EXCHANGE LIKE BINANCE No worries, you can become an owner of a future successful cryptocurrency exchange website, and can raise high market cap with your business. BUY BINANCE CLONE SCRIPT Originally published on: Binance Clone Script
  11. BITCOIN OTC TRADING OTC – Over the counter trade. Before explaining about what is bitcoin OTC Trading, I just want, you people to dknow what is OTC trade. As the world grown up digitally, Business people want to buy, sell and trade their goods via exchange portal. But the problem here is every exchange portal has some rules and norms, which includes not to trade a huge amount of goods in a single order. (i.e) there will be a limit, so you can’t do bulk trade at a time. To overcome this inconvenience, trading industry was introduced a new medium called OTC Trade Market. OTC TRADING: OTC Trade – Also known as off - Exchange Trade, which is done directly between two individuals outside of an exchange. The word over the counter refers the stocks that can be traded via central party or dealer. In general OTC Trading is used to trade financial elements like stocks, commodities, digital bonds, or derivatives. Over the counter trade will be fully carried out through a dealer network, with whom trader can buy or sell their assets directly without the supervision of any centralized Exchanges. Here the buyer or seller will have their brokers with whom they can negotiate prices for a single order and can do bulk trades. The broker may be an individual, or network of brokers, or maybe a Firm. What Is Special In An OTC Market? Products which are traded through a stock exchange or forex exchange must match the quantity, quality, and other measurements defined by the exchange. But OTC marketplace will not have any of these limitations, (i.e) you can trade unusual amount of goods quantity, it will be preceded only after the agreement of two counterparties who involves in the bilateral trade. There are two types of OTC venues. 1. An – Interdealer broker, - A firm that involves as an intermediary to match the buyer and seller of bilateral contracts. 2. Principal – OTC Trading company- A firms that act as a direct counterparty and manages the trading risks According to Wikipedia, So hope you got some interesting brief outline about OTC Trading, Let’s get into the Bitcoin OTC trading, WHAT IS BITCOIN OTC TRADING? Bitcoin OTC Trading – Utilize the complete juice of General OTC Trade made on a stock exchange, (i.e) you can trade a huge number of bitcoin through a central party without the control any centralized bitcoin exchange. Here the counterparties agree on the risk of losing, hacking, and every other risks and start proceed their trading. The OTC Market May Be A Central Counterparty Where It Can Match The Buyer And Seller Through An Approved Broker. It is a highly wanted cryptocurrency trading method without inflating and deflating the price of bitcoins and can maximize the trading power of an individual trader OTC trade can be done through several different ways. 1. Through brokers 2. Through chat rooms 3. Via ATM ( Bitcoin ATM’s) Benefits of Bitcoin OTC Trading 1. Maximize the trading power of a single trader 2. Perfect choice for who wants to trade a huge amount (bulk trade) of dollars through bitcoins. 3. Centralized Exchanges will charge separate fees by splitting up the huge order, but whereas the OTC marketplace will charge one transaction fee and not by splitting up the order. 4. Bitcoin OTC Trading Avoids “Slippage” Slippage: A centralized bitcoin exchange can’t allow purchasing a bitcoin worth of several million dollars in one go. So trader will end up with getting the fraction of bitcoin they aimed to buy, and they will need to spend more money than what they expected. Traders often call this a slippage” 5. Bitcoin OTC Trading Reduced the trading time. Based on the liquidity it will take too much time to complete the order in traditional exchange, but OTC Trading will quickly process the large volume trading When there is pro’s there will be con’s any concept. Bitcoin OTC Trading is not an exception Cons : Even though OTC trading is great, it has some demerits compared to traditional exchange Platform, Some of the demerits are, OTC trading can’t be automated by using an API like exchange platform Might have higher trading fees than a traditional exchange Only for large-scale traders not for a small volume traders Depending on brokers for trading might have a higher level of risk than traditional exchanges Why Bitdeal ? Bitdeal is familiar for providing a best bitcoin exchange script, for business people to start their own bitcoin exchange. Just like Centralized bitcoin exchanges, now OTC marketplaces are also getting a huge demand because it neglects a lot of restrictions filled in traditional exchanges. So based on the needs people who look to start a secured OTC Trading network, or marketplace, bitdeal can benefit you with proper IT support. We can make your own OTC marketplace where you can connect a lot of buyer and seller to proceed with their bilateral contracts. START YOUR OWN BITCOIN OTC TRADING PLATFORM Source : Bitcoin OTC Trading
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    ICO AIRDROPS – AN EFFECTIVE ICO BOUNTY PROGRAM TO BOOST TOKEN SALE ICO – It becomes very popular crowdfunding model as soon as it has been introduced to the cryptocurrency industry, especially last year 2017 was one of the promising years for ICO token crowd sales. As the industry grown up, many started to launch their own ICO, and have witnessed huge profit through initial coin offerings. But the increasing competition made it tough for startups to collect new investors to fund on their ICO project. So to attract more investors towards the token sales, The crown of ICO industry now have been decorated with a one more bounty program called ICO Airdrop. HOW CAN ICO AIRDROPS HELP YOU IN ICO MARKETING? 1. Airdrop benefits people with a certain amount of tokens for free or by performing any tasks. Just like ICO bounty programs. 2. You can collect new investors and can create more exposure for your ICO tokens by distributing among a wide network 3. As Airdrops lets investors purchase tokens at free of cost, it will be a rocket booster, for your ICO Token sales. 4. It is a risk-free and cost-effective way of raising awareness for your token crowd sales 5. No matter investors are your previous token shareholders, current token holder or new investors Airdrops will bring back everyone to your ICO crowd sales. Know more about ICO Airdrop>> NEED CONSULTATION TO LAUNCH YOUR ICO? Contact Bitdeal Originally published on www.bitdeal.net
  13. BITCOIN EXCHANGE SCRIPT PHP Nothing can fulfill your bitcoin exchange business dreams except a fully developed, high secured white label bitcoin exchange script. Bitdeal.net a team of certified cryptocurrency web developers has put their 100% effort to create an easy to install bitcoin exchange website script. It is a dream of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts to start a unique crypto business online, that day is no far away!! If you ever postponed your plan to start a bitcoin exchange site, its time to give life to that idea and to execute the plan. We stand with you in every stage of launching your bitcoin exchange site from the scratch. We are ready to offer our unique and primary product “Bitcoin Exchange Script”. HOW BITDEAL CAN ACCOMPLISH YOU IN DEVELOPING YOUR BITCOIN EXCHANGE? To run a successful bitcoin exchange it should be fully supported for instant request processing, and other server-side operations, So we decided to wrap up our bitcoin exchange script with PHP framework. We never waste your time by preparing your website after receiving requirements, instead, we already have readymade bitcoin exchange script which has been made by analyzing the experienced results and proven strategies. So you can launch your bitcoin exchange website instantly with minor customization process. Our team works together to meet your business goals, we keep analyzing the script performance during the installation process, and will proceed instant bug fixing process. Suit up yourself to begin a big cryptocurrency business online! You can ask for an exclusive free demo of the script here! Get a Free Demo Originally published on : www.bitdeal.net
  14. Start your bitcoin exchange business by using a latest bitcoin exchange script of 2018 edition. Get the full script from this bitcoin exchange website development company to witness a best and successful result with your bitcoin exchange business. Mail : [email protected] Call : +91 9677555651
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    I found this bitcoin exchange software company provides best bitcoin exchange script and bitcoin exchange software to create a professional bitcoin trading platform. The script and software comes up with special features and industry lead add-ons which includes Liquidity API, Price Ticker API, AML/KYC/Wallet Integration and more...