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  1. The investments and trading system plays a major role in the economic system serving as a means of yielding profits for investors or other bodies. The key to success of making an investment revolves rounds fundamental key based on past and present histories of different investments and trades linked together which account for trading decisions to be made at a click which could yield great return or total loss in the process of making right decision for trading activities. Nowadays the world relies on algorithms and programs that don’t suit what traders’ answers and the process of getting result via consulting other resources is stressful and not reliable. Traders are left to rely on their basic instinct which can result to a total loss of investment trading decisions. The has led to the innovation of TRADERISER, a decentralised ecosystem assistant that answers trading questions. The aim of the TRADERISER platform will be achieved by the creation of a machine learning assistant which will be trained by financial analysis to answer trading questions surrounding the economic calendar events, technical analysis, FDA drug approval calendar, earnings calendar, News Events data, press release data, relevant social media data, price action data, analyst commentary, correlation and performance and more which can also be found on the TRADERISER ALPHA/BETA version. In the process of coming up with data required to answer these questions before its sent to the machine language assistant finally, the questions and answer data gotten form different sources are vetted via the members within the TRADERISER ecosystem and are compensated using smart contract XTI token blockchain system. This enables giving reliable answers to questions traders desires to know before going into a trade. Analysist will be compensated via numbers of views, reader voting, page count, historical views, total reports/commentary reviews which determine key answers to answering trading questions and the compensation will be verifiable on the blockchain ledger for work done by the financial analyst and content producers who handle vetting of the data before its finally sent to the machine language assistant on the TRADERISER platform. This will be a great breakthrough in the trading economy for investors and other individuals who want to start trading by the assistant machine answering questions in full details that has been proven and vetted in stages based on reliable resources. The process also eliminates the traditional means of going trading research of finding answers via algorithms and programming languages which are not form reliable source of data. XTI tokens will be used for compensations of financial analyst and content producers coupled with other individuals involved in the reviewing process because TRADERISE targets a large audience there by equipping the machine learning assistant with lots of data needed to answer trading questions. The process of using XTI token by charges on the and gaining access to the platform bring about increase in value of the XTI token for research consumers and stakeholders. XTI will have a supply with nominal value USD 23,000,000 and unsold tokens will be burnt. ● Target on crowd sale: $23,000,000 ● Total in existence: 500,000,000 XTI ● XTI Token type: ERC20 ● Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH ● Based on Ethereum blockchain and the Ethereum smart contract Initial coin offering will be in in two stages which are the pre-initial coin offering value and the initial coin offering round value. Dear readers, lets be part of the TRADERISER innovation to give answerable questions to trading activities. GET YOU XTI TOKENS NOW. For more information about TRADERISER, kindly click on any of the links below.Website: https://www.traderiser.com/White paper: https://www.traderiser.com/#block-block-14Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TradeRiser-157017521786333/Twitter: https://twitter.com/traderiser/Telegram: https://t.me/traderiserYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCzmJKMP8n4lotbSst52xzwAnn thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3835944.0Medium: https://medium.com/traderiserMy Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725MY ETH ADDRESS: 0x110Ae93934bf9C0BA3e3CCE99c8861dd4130954e
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    The marketing sectors which comprises of serval bodies have been so charged up with the survival of the fittest instinct all with the aim of gaining all profits for themselves. Bodies in the process of marketing chain such as companies, retailers, merchants and service providers now go extra length to gain more customers all at rates of different expenses such as advertisement and loyalty rewards limiting the functions of the loyalty rewards or discounts to the specific service provider that gives the reward. This coupled with rate of expense charged for advertisements to reach out by companies and merchants who wants to survive in the market chain giving more ground for competition uprise in the global commerce system between the big and small-scale commerce bodies, creating a bridge boundary for bodies involved in the marketing chain process because the loyalty rewards can’t be used on another service provider platform by customers. Loyalty rewards which serves as a means of showing appreciation to loyal customers serves as a key vital between who neds the service and who offers the service and has been proved that over 70% of individuals don’t use the loyalty reward because is restricted to only the providers of the service on their various digital platforms. This means the loyalty rewards can only be used on the loyalty service provided that gives the loyalty reward. This has led to the innovation of the SUBAJ global network, a unique blockchain ecosystem for online/offline payments, promotions and reward sharing programs using mobile based methods fuelled on social gamification, augmented reality and geo drop technology. The SUBAJ network will bring about a large market place where different types of businesses, retailers, merchants and service providers can work hand in hand on a single global network SUBAJ and get loyalty reward via the SUBAJ global network platform. Businesses, retailers, merchants and service providers can also innovate their own token as compensations for loyalty rewards for loyal customers on the SUBALJ global platform, which gives a two-way chance of using the SUBAJ token or service providers tokens on the SUBAJ global network market place for easy conversion and spending of various tokens which is accepted by the different businesses, retailers, merchants and service providers on the SUBAJ global network stores. With the Goe drop technology installed on the platform adverting expense is eliminated with prompt alerts of loyalty rewards offered by service providers to loyal customers on the platforms and gives wide range for customers patronisation increasing the engagement and communication level with customers regarding good and services offered. The involvement of different individuals of the SUBAJ enables analysing of the numerous data via business algorithms using the smart contract artificial intelligence which is being sold to merchants and business individuals on the platform giving them more insight to channeling to the right path of customers. With the loyalty rewards being tokenized, loyalty rewards can be easily traded for other public cryptocurrencies for 100% utilization in any store in the SUBAJ global network and also offering transparent system for interaction to customers. Added benefits includes merchants being able to lunch their own tokens into the crypto world, thanks to blockchain technology and eliminating advertisement expenses, maximizing their profits couple with getting more customer wit the geo drop technology. The SUBAJ tokens will be lunched on ethereum main network and will be used for compensation for loyalty reward for customers which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies via the SUBAJ exchange platform. The SUBAJ wallet will aid the receiving and sending of SUBAJ tokens which can also be bought and sold on the SUBAJ exchange platform all provided on the friendly mobile user interface and web portal. Other features offered by the platform includes bonanza, hot offers, gaming offers, lottery all fueled by four ultramodern technology. The SUBAJ global network will generate its revenue by providing merchant packages which varies form basic, gold and premium packages. Business token establishment which serves as rewards to loyal customers will attract charges for deliver on the platform generated by the five different kinds of tokens on the platform and also attracts transaction fees which more can be read up about on the white paper. In helping for the world greater good, SUBAJ will establish a charity foundation for deprived and underprivilege kids around the world providing them with better infrastructure, reducing level of poverty, eliminating racism, sexism and inequality. A percentage of every loyalty reward token will be will given to the charity foundation to establish the objectives of the charity foundation. A total of 5billion SUBAJ tokens will be created and token allocation will be listed below. Initial coin offering will be in stages staring with the presale from 18th of June to 1st of august with investors whole purchase more than one million SUBAJ tokens getting 30% bonus on the investment. The first week token sale will commence form 2nd of august until the 31st of august and second week token sale will commence form the 1st off September to the 30th September. The soft cap is set to $5million and hardcap is set to $70million. Dear readers, lets be part of the SUBAJ global network for interconnected global market connectivity for merchants, retailers and business owners to create and offer unique crypto token loyalty rewards to customers. GET YOU SUBAJ tokens now. For more information on the SUBAJ global network, kindly click on the links below.Website: https://subaj.com/#/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SUBAJ-117627125761371/Twitter: https://twitter.com/subajtokenTelegram: https://t.me/subajofficialAnn thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4524084YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtd7rp1hJ5v0AU1-vIZ4aRQLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/subaj/White paper: https://subaj.com/assets/pdf/Whitepaper_v_2.pdfMy Bitcointalk account: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725
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    The globe account for climatic changes via human activities in the means of powers generation where by fossils fuel are processed to generate power. In the process of generation, our climate is affected by the emission of waste materials produced emitted into the atmosphere. Theses brings about disasters into our environment and nature ecology chain. These has led to global warming and depletion of the ozone layers. Over the years innovation has been made to tackle this problem via the innovation of renewable energy sources to eliminate traditional process of power generation. There came up with ideas of solar panels, winds turbines and lots of other which accounted for a little reduction in the emission of waste generated for power generation by burning of fossils in the atmosphere which is mostly carbon. The reduction was not about individuals or companies not wanting the change of era for a better natural ecology to thrive in, but with the high charges coupled with the renewable energy innovation. So due to this, individuals and joint bodies held still to the use of the traditional mans of generation because it was affordable for them but still causes great disasters to the ecology of nature and also making transition a slow process. All these problems stated above lead to the innovation of the ZERO CARBON PROJECT, a project that is tackling climate change using blockchain and international credit. The project will offer a market place platform where zero carbon energy suppliers smart contract via blockchain technology will be listed will be listed for energy consumers to make their pick that suits in terms of what they have to offer and charges attached to the service in the process. The market will also include switching site for house hold consumers and online reverse auction for business auction in the process of switching power suppliers with the aid of carbon credit. The ZERO CARBON CHAIN using blockchain technology reward consumers of ZERO CARBON project token, a means to show appreciation to loyal consumers giving the platform more boost and a means of fund generation with the charges applied in the transaction process on the ZERO CARBON PROJECT market place. Consumers get to pay a little charge for services offered on the platform via these tokens and gets rewarded back via this token because 70% of the revenue generated on the platform goes back as reward to loyal consumers/ with the market place on the platform, this bring about competition between the CARBON PROJECT ENERGY suppliers smart contracts, giving a chance for renewable energy to compete with fossils fuels power generation and all other traditional means of power generation. These brings about great drop in the charges of renewable energy via the ZERO CARBON PROJECT. With these, individuals and joint companies easily adapt to the change because the market is competitive, neglecting charges cost because it’s now minimal giving them lost of options to choose form for the smart contract zero carbon renewable energy suppliers on the market place platform. With these, quick transition from traditional power generation to the new ZERO CARBON EMMISION PROJECT can be achieved. The ENERGIS token will be used as a utility token on the market place platform for making payments of charges. The token will be made available for sale in the initial coin offering which will be in different stages. The ZERO CARBON PROJECT will involve hybrid centralised system for the Zero Carbon Market and a distributed ENERGIS token economy using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The ZERO CARBON PROJECT is targeting the crypto-community market leveraging the community developed through the token sale process. ZERO CARBON PROJECT has a generous referral reward programme for nominations, for the first four years of the Project. The total supply of ENERGIS tokens is set at 240 million as would be allocated as follow below. • 15% or 36 million will be retained by Beond • 2% or 4.84 million for team members and partner advisors • 5% or 12.16 million for bounties and bonuses • 48% or 115 million to the token sale • 30% or 72 million will be retained in the reward pool for zero carbon energy consumers. After the initial coin offering coins can be bought back form consumer via third parties exchangers platforms there giving more value to the tokens. ROADMAP ROADMAP TO 2020 Dears readers lets be part of the ZERO CARBON PROJECT for a better natural ecosystem with renewable energy at cheap affordable charges and help boost its transition to renewable energy era. GET YOUR ENERGIS TOKENS NOW. For more information about the ZERO CARBON PROJECT kindly click on the links below Website: http://www.zerocarbonproject.com/ White paper: https://www.zerocarbonproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Zero_Carbon_Project_White_Paper_v2_2018_06_11-1.pdf Telegram channel: https://t.me/ZeroCarbonAnnouncements Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeroCarbonPrjct Medium: https://medium.com/zero-carbon-project Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zero-Carbon-Project-1994928630745331/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zerocarbonproject/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCILwm1XKqdCe507-x3cUArA Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ZeroCarbonProject/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zerocarbonproject/ Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3396140.0 My Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725 MY ETH ADDRESS: 0x110Ae93934bf9C0BA3e3CCE99c8861dd4130954e
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    1tUS: stable coin with transparency

    The innovation of bitcoin has lead to the great acceptability of cryptocurrency all thanks to blockchain technology. The whole global community now carry out their transaction process via blockchain, a speedy reliable and secure way of transacting. The innovation of cryptocurreny has not only brought about that but has also emerged different investment opportunities via cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. Nowadays we will fid all kinds of investment opportunities platform offering benefits of project they aim to accomplish and giving benefits to attract investors to invest by buying their investment token during the initial coin offering. This has lead to the generation of different kinds of crypto currency called tokens bought during the initial coin offering or via exchangers. Exchangers also serves as a means of converting the token cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies at a high rate of exchange charged by the platform and doesn’t serve as a fast means of conversion process. With this, investors are challenged about the process of using the cryptocurrency which as volatile because the value of the cryptocurrency keeps fluctuating every nano second, looking for a cheap and fast way to go about converting their cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies and vice versal and finally a means of sending the crpto coin to whatever destination desired. All these make up the challenges faced by crypto currencies holder and investors in the cryptoworld and all these account for lack of transaction transparency. This has lead to the innovation of the 1tUS, a stable coin that has a value equal to $1. With this innovation there would be no great volatility sin the value of the 1tUS coin and also enable a value for buying and selling value neglecting variation properties exhibited by other cryptocurrencies in the process of using exchangers at high charges. With 1tUS coin, the value of the coin gets fixed over different platform and exchangers, also means no value depreciation or variation like other crypto currency coins and aid in the conversion of 1tUS coin to fiat currencies.The token sale will be in three phases attracting different profit sharing, enabling different variation to profit sharing which is determined by when the token is bought among the three stages of token sale. The platform will assign 5% of 1tUS profits to social project and initiatives I believe with the innovation of 1tUS coin that values to $1, this will bring about more acceptance of cryptocurrencies globally and a better means to make use for other things such as buying and selling and domestic activities couple with a non-volatility giving it a standard value in every exchanger.GET YOU 1Tus coins now. TeamGabriele Mueller: CEOSilvio Steffens: Live moderatorOliver Senf: Video cuttingJulia Knospe: TranslationsPatrick Frick: DesignAdvisorJanos NemethAndre LindigCaterina Ferrara For more information about 1tUS coin, kindly click on any of the links belowTelegram: https://t.me/Coin1tUSFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/1tUSCoin/Twitter: https://twitter.com/1tUSCoinWhite paper: https://www.1tus.io/cms/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/1tUS-COIN_Praesentation1-1.8_EN.pdfWebsite: https://1tus.io/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1tuscoins/Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4316944/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIJMXVm3bqn5SK9PvGXxqkQMedium: https://medium.com/@1tuscoin/Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/1apayment/email: [email protected] Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725
  5. Trillions of dollars are lost to counterfeit buying of fake goods and products annually, this is coupled with the unavailability process of knowing how to determine authenticity of what is been purchases. With the innovation of the internet technology, buying and selling of good has been made more faster and efficiency where people get connected via buying and selling platforms for buying and selling activities. With no means of determining authenticity, origin, ownership and reliability of the products, buyers are vulnerable to the purchase of fake products. This accounts for the damage for bodies involved in the manufacturing, buying and selling chain process which all still affects the economy globally. These has let to the innovation of the GOODs DIGITAL PASSPORT, a platform that uses blockchain technology to give instant product information that includes origin, authenticity and ownership. With this innovation buyers will be sure of products they purchase via different process. GOODS DIGITAL PASSPORT will achieve their aim by the registration of goods on their platform which can be in bulk or individual registration by smart contract. The smart contract will save details of the goods on the platform giving full details about it and generates a QR codes which can be scanned for details and tracking of the good. The goods being registered by smart contracts on blockchain technology enables reliability of transaction and enables seeing change of ownership, value of the goods, selling of product directly to market place, verification of value for insurance needs and proving ownership using an online wallet. The goods information are uploaded using a API or web portal to the GOODS DIGITAL PASSPORT platform by the admin, manufacturer and agents which are also granted access for goods updates, send invites to individuals in process of change of ownership. With all these process origin, authenticity and ownership of the product can be easily seen via the smart contract generated OQ code for the products that shows all its details once it has been scanned. With the GOODS DIGITAL PLATFROM innovation based on blockchain technology, buying with confidence, selling with integrity and getting product insured is achieved easily by simply registering of goods on the platform all at a little charge using the GPD utility token. GDP TOKEN GDP token will be required by manufacturer, agent, insurer, certifier & owner in order to update the product entity in the blockchain. Once they transfer GDP token as the transaction fee, the transaction will get reflected on blockchain. The GDP will be distributed to investors during the initial token offering and can also be acquired from exchangers. There will be the PRE-SALE stage and three other stages • Total Token Supply 100,000,000 • Total Token Supply for Sale at ICO 85% • Team, Community and Growth 15% • Unsold Tokens Burned • Soft Cap 1000 ETH • Hard Cap 35,000 ETH GDP Tokens will sell 85% of tokens during the ICO period. Unsold tokens from that period will be burned. 15% of tokens issued to the team will be locked in for a period of 24 months. ROADMAP Dear readers lets be part of the GOODS DIGITAL PASSPORT platform for the elimination of counterfeit good in the buying and selling economic system globally. Be a part of this change and get GDP TOKENS now. JOIN THE BETA NOW For more information about GOODS DIGITAL PASSPORT, kindly click on the links below. Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4438081 Website: https://gdpassport.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gdpassport/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GDPassport Medium: https://medium.com/@gdpassport Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HKtFbw2unojEQO-htYLQ9Q White paper: https://gdpassport.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/GDPassport-whitepaper-0706181.pdf My Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725
  6. The game ecology system plays an important role in the life of we beings in terms of intellectual boosting coupled with the other anxiety features bringing about passion that keeps us glued to the games. Technological innovation of smart phone and other electronic gadgets has added a boost in the gaming system making games readily available via the smart phones for players around the world. This has made gaming acceptable globally making it a means to have fun globally and easily. Gaming chain process involves three phases which involves connection of the of the publishers who develops the games to the players who play the game over a platform where the players access the games making all the profit yielded go to the publishers. This coupled with most games being single user gaming platform, lack of platform for game update, requirement to further gaming levels which require buying of certain germs for continuation which players find technical or don’t want to be part of making payments, lack of revenue generation form traditional platforms constitute to problems encountered, high cost of marketing for merchants, influencers not being able to keep up with fan base platforms, intrusive advertising platforms and finally getting the right and effective audience. All this constitute list up couple of the things that hinder the game world and as we all know once the games are out there its very hard coming back to makes changes after it has been launched for gamers couple with other factors needed for the game to get out there. With mobile game being the being the highest source of revenue for gaming business models has led to the innovations of the SGAME PRO platform, a game aggregator and community where players are rewarded by SGM tokens. The platform will solve lots of problems encountered in the gaming world starting with transformation of single players games to multiplayer games where players con now play together for SGM token reward. Players on the platform will get to receive part of the revenues generated by playing. SGAME PRO will allow players make use of the SGM tokens for the purchase of digitals goods for game continuation rather than other games that require the use of fiat currency which discourages players in the process. With this process I believe players will be motivates since it’s a win win chance for them involving the use of tokens they are awarded with to purchase of gaming goods making the SGM token useful all around the platform and SGAME market place. The SGAME proof of play protocol will enable the rewarding of players time spend on the gaming platform with SGAME tokens. The platform will not only give a platform to players but also enable publishers to have an innovative way to promote their games on the SGAME platform facilitating them with key influencers in the gaming world to give them players and increasing visibility. Via the proof of paly for SGM tokens on the platform, players will get to use the tokens for gaming germs eliminating the use of fiat currency with captivates the users more to the games by the publishers and also them have access to a share of revenue generated by the gaming challenges from the multiple players playing. The SGAME platform will also get to reward influencers form every referral they attract via their influencing channel gaming platforms and also giving them the opportunity to monopolise without affecting their image. Finally, SGAME PRO platform will enable merchants reach out to multiple publishers at once also generating quality data by gaming challenged engaged on the SGAME PRO platform. Other features on the platform will include lead board showing global ranking of which shows players their level and activity via their profiles on the SGAME platform. The market place on the SGAME platform will enable purchase using the SGM tokens, coupled with the referral system which gives bonus for new users via the SGM tokens. The live stream features on the platform will enable will enable players to stream live creating a fan base and generate a means of revenue by fans showing support via SGM tokens. The developer area on the platform will enable individual developers to test and promote their new games, which will require them paying via the SGM token for subscription to the channel. The platform will also have the messaging section for players to interact on the platform and a sophisticated anti-fraud system to detect fake users and bots on the platform. SGAME PRO will maintain an SGM liquidity reserve to manage outflows/inflows to/from SGAME PRO participants, which are expected to grow in line with the number of Players. THE SGM TOKEN The SGM token will be used for all transaction and reward for gamers that will be detected by the proof of play block protocol on the SGAME PRO platform. The token is a utility token based on the ERC-20 standard, enabling SGAME PRO to fully leverage the Ethereum ecosystem. Dear readers lsets be part of the SGAME PRO platform for betterment of the gaming world for players, publishers, influences and merchants. GET YOU SGM TOKEN NOW. INITIAL COIN OFFERING TOKEN SALE & DISTRIBUTION For more information about SGAME PRO kindly click on the following links belowFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/sgamepro.io/https://www.facebook.com/sgamepro.io/Twitter: https://twitter.com/sgame_officialInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/sgame_official/White paper: https://sgamepro.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Sgame_Pro-White_Paper-v1.74.pdfTelegram: https://t.me/sgameproLinkedIn: https://it.linkedin.com/company/sgame-ltdWebsite: https://sgamepro.io/Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4452342Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/sgamepro/My Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725
  7. The great increase in technology innovation has made the world easier where things can easily be done and carried out. The innovation of smart phones and gadgets has aided so much in the work ecosystem where individuals and job opportunities offers can now connect and determine how task can be carried out speedily and securely achieving the aim of the mission. Nowadays a high percentage of the world population now go about fending for themselves via freelance online. Individuals now work form their comfort zone form different part of the world and it have been proved because it eliminates the traditional process where contractors are employed to carry out the job bring about more hand and capital to get the task done and doesn’t really mean that will give solution to the task at hand. The process of freelancers linking up with clients needing for a job to be done via different platform is coupled with several limiting features mostly transparency and trust between both parties involved in the process. This is also coupled with other limiting factors mentioned in the white paper. This coupled with high charged rates by other freelance platforms connecting freelancers and clients also causes great problemThis has led to the innovation of the GIGTRICKS, a platform based on blockchain technology to increase transparency, trust and reliability among between clients and freelancers. The GIGTRICKS platform will bring about an upgraded platform where freelancer and clients can interact implementing the features mention above on blockchain technology. The platform will go about executing its aim by utilizing blockchain technology which is the best was to carry out transaction process which is a form of payment, with this both parties are secured at a very low transaction fees enabling freelancers not to worry about fiat currency in the process. The enablement of smart contract on the platform removes disputes between the two parties and aid transparency in the process of transaction eliminating fraud or third parties’ involvement between the client and the freelancer. This will also eliminate limited futures by other platforms who connects freelancers and clients establishing the fundamentals for a ecosystem that will be accessible with highest degree of opportunities and functionalities for freelancers and clients. The GIGTRICKS platform will bring about interconnectivity where all entrepreneurs will have access to any product via a single interface. The blockchain will add more features to the platform that will aid functionality of the platform. The platform will reward users of the GIGTRICKS platform with its token (GBTC TOKEN). This will serve as a means to encourage the community of freelancers and clients to be more engaged among themselves. Other reward will be via their tokens for compensating users who have remain dedicated aiming the goal of the project. The GIGTRICKS platform also implements carrier growth for global adoption and effortless process. These includes GIGTRICK learning a global online centre for acquiring best skill to enhance their business and professional expertise for greater success. GIGTRICKS PRO a global platform for professionals to showcase their professional profile verified under GIGTRICKS blockchain. GIGTRICKS PIONT OF SALE a service that can be used to receive payments from. GIGTRICKS SOCIAL a platform used to increase level of engagement among the ecosystem individuals. GIGTRICKS market place is a platform that connects entrepreneurs and freelancers around the globe The platform will include authenticated reviews system and review filtration process. The GIBIT TOKEN The GIGBIT token will be used for all transactions on the GIGTRICKS platform as means of payments via transaction fee charge and rewards for compensation of individuals on the platform. The GIGBIT is based on ERC20 format and works on etherum network. More on its uses can be found in the white paper. GIGTRICKS token will be sold in three stages ROADMAP Dear readers, lets be part of the GIGTRICKS innovation to bring about a better transparent and trustworthy platform between freelancers and clients. GET YOUR GIGTRICKS TOKENS NOW. For more information about GIGTRICKS platform kindly click on the following links belowWebsite: https://www.gigtricks.io/White paper: http://regerie-waskitty.com/4d017c36-d716-48f8-b731-f2b2b41a3c7aTelegram: https://t.me/gigtricksTwitter: https://twitter.com/gigtricksglobalYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMug9pI22zN0qn9BE4I7N6ABitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3281088.0Linkendin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gigtricks/Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GigTricks/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gigtricks/Medium: https://medium.com/gigtricksMy bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725
  8. The e- commerce globally has been limited to various factors over the years with technological advancement. The technological advancement limiting marketing activities to various rules and regulation coupled with charges to access marketing means of expanding where the commodities for sale reaches to create awareness about sale of the products and availability of where it can be purchased. Lately the use of internet technology has aided this expansion of market to a wider ranger where people can access whatever there need are and get them via internet supported platform such smartphones leading to the innovation of more online stores where manufacturers and suppliers can showcase their materials for sale via the online stores platform eliminating traditional process of buying and selling. Nowadays manufactures and suppliers are now challenged with these different platforms coming up with their own user interface and user account setting. This lead to creation of multiple account with the aim of putting manufacturer and supplier’s commodities out there for sale all at different charges, charged by the different platforms. This coupled with the fact that these platforms gives restriction access to merchant to keep updates on their commodities via the platform after registering at a charged price on online marketing platforms. This has led to the innovation of the TRIMPO, a one-click merchantand suppliers interface for orders, sales and inventory management across a plethora of marketplaces. The TRIMPO platform will enabling suppliers and merchants or manufacturers to sell directly to customers and to proactively work with merchants on their preferred terms via a supplier sales channel and enable a dropshipping service for cross-platform sales and marketing. All these will be accomplished will be established via e-commerce which TRIMPO has established with big giant’s e-commerce platforms and cryptocurrency synergies which is the fastest means for speed and secure transaction via blockchain technology creating a world marketplace where crypto and fiat worlds will coexist, and where ecosystem inhabitants will benefit from easier, faster and well-targeted access to customers, and enjoy an unrivalled cost efficiency. The platform will give full synchronization and automatic updated to the big giant’s e-commerce platform TRIMPO has established connection with enabling prompt actions at one click. Coupled with these, the TRIMPO system is on microservices. Each of these microservice on the platform is assigned to executed task to enable efficiency which are the core features of the platform. Below is a diagrammatical representation of the TRIMPO platform. These explains how the platforms works from the buyers below and suppliers and manufacturers who showcase their commodities on the platform. TRIMPO will then showcase these commodities on platforms like amazon, eBay, AliExpress for buyers to purchase with transaction initiated on blockchain technology. The platform is also linked to social medias which can also be used as online stores coupled with ways to keep the platform updated and synchronised all at one click. Merchants will pay a 2% commission for orders placed on the TRIMPO Marketplace in TRIMPO tokens and product listings on the TRIMPO Marketplace for new merchants will be $10 per month in TRIMPO tokens also. TRIMPO TOKENS The token will be used for external and internal transactions made by users of the TRIMPO ecosystem and only payment method for TRIMPO commissions. The token will be sold for investors during the initial coin offering token sale. The token will be used in the ecosystem of the platform by merchants, suppliers and TRIMPO market place. There will be two initial coin offering which comprises of the PRE-SALE and MAIN-SALE with Soft Cap of 5 000 ETH and Hard Cap of 30 000 ETH. Supply of 500 000 000 tokens Starting price of 1 TRIMPO token = 1/400 ETH Minimum purchase amount 1 token or 0,0025 ETH Token Type: ERC-20 THE TOKEN DISTRIBUTION 60% — Token Sale, sold to investors during Pre-Sale and Main Sale. 10% — Team, will be unlocking gradually, starting one year after the Main Sale, and upon reaching goals stated in the Roadmap. 20% — TRIMPO Fund, necessary for the functioning of the TRIMPO ecosystem. The Fund will only be unlocked before the launch of the TRIMPO Marketplace. TRIMPO is the Fund holder; Fund’s tokens will be used for customer cashbacks when they make purchases on the TRIMPO Marketplace. The Fund will be replenished with Tokens received from which merchants will pay commissions on products sold on the TRIMPO Marketplace. 5% — Advisors and bounty program. 5% — Early investors. ROADMAP Q1-Q2 2017 (completed) • Decision to create project TRIMPO • Launch of TRIMPO’S basic platform • Launch of Importer subsystem • Marketplaces: eBay — integration of ebay.com with TRIMPO website • First investments received O3-Q4 2017 (completed) • Marketplaces: eBay — integration with all eBay websites • Marketplaces: Amazon — integration with amazon.com • Marketplaces: Yandex — integration with market.yandex.ru • Social networking websites — integration with VK • Exporter system — export of product’s listings into platforms formats (google merchant, XML for Yandex, Excel) • Integration with CMS • Ecwid: https://www.ecwid.com/apps/storemanagement/trimpo • In sales: https://www.insales.ru/collection/torgovye-ploschadki/product/ trimpo PLANS FOR 2018-2019 Q1-Q2 2018 • TRIMPO Token Pre-Sale • Integration with Etsy Marketplace • Integration with Country Marketplaces on Amazon • CRM system for TRIMPO users Q3-Q4 2018 • Registering as legal entity in the USA • TRIMPO Token Sale • TRIMPO Blockchain Billing • Integration with AliExpress Marketplace • Integration with social networking website — Facebook • Integration with messengers — shops in Telegram channels Q1-Q2 2019 • TRIMPO Marketplace beta • Platform for Suppliers beta Dear readers lets be part of TRIMPO platform to kick start sales on global marketplaces, GET YOUR TRIMPO TOKEN NOW. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT TRIMPO, KINDLY CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINKS BELOW WEBSITE: https://trimpo.io/TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/DB7JKA9GxeU8KwErA8XZ5wTWITTER: https://twitter.com/TrimpoPageFACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TrimpoPageWHITE PAPER: https://trimpo.io/documents/Trimpo_whitepaper.pdfGITHUB: https://github.com/media20/trimpo.io/tree/master/contractsMY BITCOINTALK PROFILE: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725
  9. The wide acceptability of cryptocurrency in some parts of the world has been mainly known because of its great increase in value over short intervals and it has been proved with other investment like gold. Bitcoin the first ever know crypto currency has been able to keep up with this rank with the aid of the blockchain technology which makes the transaction fast speedy and secure which most individuals want when it comes to business transaction. This breakthrough of the currency has led to the innovation of all other coins giving a variety of investment opportunities and benefits investment bodies coming up with solutions to traditional process of transaction using cryptocurrency as a solution and seeking of investors to invest via initial coin offerings. The value of bitcoin has kept up sky rocketing via this but it is limited to use because it’s not accepted generally leading it to just the use of investment, keeping it as an asset or for trading purposes all with the aim of making profit. Unavailability to easily convert to fiat currency and otherwise has also become a problem couple with the fact that cryptotcurrency cant be use for domestic activities also. The need for the easy conversion of cryptocurrency and use for other activities such as loans has led to the innovation of the MONETO, a platform that specialized to provide loans in a fiat money on a security of bitcoin. This process diversifies bitcoin cryptocurency usage making it more than just a crypto currency limited to certain things. MONETO platform will offer getting of loans conveniently via bitcoin. This doesn’t mean the bitcoin will be traded for the loan, but will be used as collateral till the time required for payback of the loan which means a win win way where you get to keep your crypto assets and get access to a loan. Most investors are challenged with the conversion and using crypto currency for domestic purposes like paying bill and so on which involves them going to third parties in the process thereby having to sell their bitcoins to get the fiat current to Pay bills in the process. MONETO will give access to loans using the bitcoin as leverage rather than selling it at a little charge and also giving you the desired loan by means desired which is fiat currency which required lots of paper work by traditional bank method and high conventional exchange rate for cryptocurrency exchanger platforms. I know readers will be worried about variation in prices because bitcoin is volatile. The platform will charge little commission if price of deposited bitcoin should increase than the value when the loan deal was sealed which means more money making in the loan process for the lender and for the reverse if the value of bitcoins drop, the value can be bought back from MONETO platform getting back the exact amount of bitcoins that was leveraged for the deal. All this will be carried out instantly on the platform in couple of seconds. The platform has different levels of loans which attract 70% of the total worth of bitcoin deposited and 30% of the remaining bitcoin value will be used incased of any depreciation value of bitcoin. There will be penalties if the deal dead line is breached will be indicated to the loan applicant via the MONETO platform which includes selling on the collateral bitcoin if the lender can’t meet up and if the value of the bitcoin falls below 30%. Loan applicant can also avoid these by extending the deal which means additional deposit of bitcoin to elongate the time deal or their bitcoin will be sold via the exchanger platform and whatever remains will be credited back to the loaner. There is a demo application that can be easily accessed via the MONETO website or via smart phone providing a interface that can be easily accessed loan application and conversion to fiat currency. The blockchain technology added feature to this platform makes it best in terms of transparency, anonymity and security so investors can come invest in this platform rather that trading daily on exchangers which attract very high rate cost of transaction where MONETO can easily give investors more profits on loans. MTO TOKEN The MTO token will grant investors access to offer and benefits of this platform and will enable to get loan on more favorable terms in comparison with ordinary borrowers. Clients will be able to buy tokens within the PRE-ICO and ICO and the initial release of the tokens will be launched by the technical standard ERC20 on the ethereum blockchain using a smart contract. INITIAL COIN OFFERING There will be two initial coins offering which are the PRE-ICO and ICO. Start PRE-ICO — 17 April 2018, 08:00:00 GMT; • The duration of PRE-ICO — 30 days • Minimum contribution — 0.008 ETH or its equivalent • Cryptocurrencies accepted — ETH • The preliminary price of the token for PRE-ICO — 1 МТО token = 0.0008 ETH • Hard cap for PRE-ICO — 1500 ETH Start ICO — 10 June 2018, 08:00:00 GMT • Duration of ICO — 30 days • Minimum contribution — 0.001 ETH • Cryptocurrencies accepted — ETH • The preliminary price of the token for ICO — 1 МТО token = 0.001 ETH • Soft cap for ICO — 2500 ETH • Hard cap for ICO — 25 000 ETH • After the ICO, new tokens will not be issued Dear readers, let’s be part of the MONETO platform aiding financial break through with a win win chance in terms of getting access to loans and keeping our bitcoin cryptocurrency assets and giving easy means of conversion to fiat currency all at a goal via block chain technology. GET YOUR MTO TOKENS NOW. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT MONETO KINDLY CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW WEBSITE: https://goo.gl/mqsKmU TELEGRAM: http://t.me/Mone_to TWITTER: https://twitter.com/monetoteam FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Moneto-ICO-210668832840975/ WHITE PAPER: https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/moneto-whitepaper/moneto_whitepaper.pdf MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@monetoico/ MY BITCOINTALK PROFILE: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725
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    Music plays an important role in life of us humans, serving as a channel expressing so many things. The makeup process of music via digital means has caused several disruptions in the process of music creation. Way back digitally was innovated for easy distribution of music but that changed over time bring about free download of music via websites and piracy of these free downloaded music. This couple with them with the innovation of mp4 and CD which serves as a means of storage which can be easily gotten there by making process of dispersion of music made getting access to music more complicated. The music chain make up which consist of the artist, record label individuals and every individuals that is involved in making music a master piece are challenged with not getting profits from the created music. Mostly, the artist are the ones who suffer all of the loss because at the end of the day all they get is very low income after the money gotten has been distributed by individuals involved in making music. The artist at the bottom of the chain gets nothing or very little. Several models have been made up to tackle the problem of even distribution eliminating third parties’ involvement in music creation but haven’t been a successful. This process has led to the ranking of artist on charts which involves the audience or fans’ loving what the artist is doing. Fans loves what artist is doing but the music gotten on a free channel serves as loss to the artist, record label and individuals involved in the music chain make up. There is great need of a model that can address funds distribution and creating a balance between artist and fan audience in the process coupled with the aim of boosting their reputation in the music process. Digitality in the music industry can’t be eliminated in the music industry because of the World Wide Web also called the internet which is the fastest means to get any information at just one click and where most bodies trying to stop piracy are also innovating their platforms on. Companies such as apple created Icloud and ITunes creating storage plus market channel for artist to get a percentage of their music at a charge to the public and fans. The channel still get more percentage coupled with other associated intermediaries involved in the process leaving the artist to little or nothing.This hasn’t really tackled the problems because of what still happens to the music after the individuals gets it at a charge?The music copy get to thousands of music sites and gets downloaded for free creating huge loss of capital and loss of jobs for individuals involved in law bodies and music channel bodies. These process has led to lots of artist doing handling of all the process involved in music production lately because of all the process involved in the music chain of production which also doesn’t solve the problem because the process still involves digital means of work.This has led to the innovation of the FLUXORIN, a platform that utilizes blockchain technology and smart contracts bring about transparency in the music industry chain of revenue generated from music. The FLUXORIN platform also coupled with distributed autonomous label which are numbers of small contracts enables all individuals involved in the music chain distribution know what to do and what is expected of them. This would enable individuals involved in the chain process to have a certain percentage all at little operational cost via the smart contract involved aiding transparency. This based on blockchain technology ensure speedy and secure means of transaction process involved in the chain laid down by smart contracts. The process the FLUXORIN platform is based on that of the SHARISM model which is based on sharing and rewarding, making sure every individual involved gets rewarded. Every time the music gets played over and over attracts a charge between the music and the individuals who listen to it. With blockchain technology backing up this model with the provision of a decentralized digital ledger called FLUXORIN that channels all the money made to their respective individuals involved in the makeup process by the smart contract will enable transparency and easy understanding on what is made from every play back by the public or fans or the artist. This bring about trust in chain or individuals involved and also giving the artist a upper hand with percentage acertation based on blockchain technology which is best for speedy and secure transaction.With this kind of platform where percentages can be ascertained via smart contracts, third parties and royalty individuals can be involved in the process of transaction which means still imbibing the traditional process of making the music go around which was the main aim of the third party’s individuals mainly back then. The process of FLUXORIN ledger eliminates the use of traditional process of paper documentation with the innovation based on blockchain technology. The platform also gives a chance for music hardware manufacture getting a deal with artist or record label on this platform, all for a percentage that can be worked out by smart contract and FLUXORIN decentralized ledger on blockchain technology coupled with the help of an artificial intelligence that can help in decision making and recommendation via previously played tracks. INITIAL COIN OFFERING FLUXORIN will be raising funds for development of this platform via initial coin offering for interested individuals to be part of this innovation via their tokens called FLUX token. Details of the token are stated below and initial coin offering will take place in two stages. Token Name: The Flux Token Token Sym: Flux Total Supply: 702,000,000 Total Available for Sale: 372,000,000 Platform: ERC-20 The token will be issued on ethereum platform in accordance with the ERC20 model. Fans and listeners will be able to have access to the platform with the FLUX token and the token can be exchanged for other alt tokens via exchangers, buy tickets to musical concerts or tours. All unused tokens will be burnt and tokens will be distributed 48 hours after main sale. ROADMAP Dear readers lets be part of the FLUXORIN platform giving balance needed in the music industry between artist and other bodies involved in making the music audible to fans out there. And also giving artist giving upper hand to access funds made from their song market via transformation using blockchain technology. GET YOU FULX TOKEN NOW For more information about the FLUXORIN project, kindly click on the following links below WEBSITE: https://www.fluxorin.io/ FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/FLUXORINio-197670007676510 TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/fluxorin_io WHITE PAPER: https://www.fluxorin.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/FLUXORIN.pdf INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/fluxorin GITHUB: http://www.github.com/FLUXORIN2018 YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXfc9HobLDm9Tra6RTNc7Lw TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/HHS610-abZBgJq6h43DF2w DISCORDAPP: https://discordapp.com/channels/@me%20fluxorin BITCOINTALK THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4361686.0 MY BITCOINTALK PROFILE: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725
  11. The innovation of crypto currency has turned out great with the introduction of bitcoin, thanks to blockchain technology. Crypto currency has now been accepted as a means of transaction coupled with the blockchain it work on that brings about a secure and speedy means of carrying out transactions. The success of bitcoins has brought about other crypto currency platforms offering different investment opportunities for investors to invest and mining activates. The power consumption rate of cryptocurrency activates has sprung up over couple of years after its invention because of its sophisticated components that consumes lots of energy. The power consumption which is based on generation from fossils fuel which attracts a high charge rate and brings about pollution in the natural ecosystem form the emission of waste product generated form the power generation possess a threat to humans survival. There is need to find a solution of cheap energy for crypto miners than can handle the contents required in mining cryptocurrencies. This has led to the innovation of cryptosolartech project, a project that uses solar renewable energy to generate power needed by crypto miners and mining services for individuals in the crypto world. These will give power at cheaper rate and no pollution to the environment. The platform will also offers services such as maintenance, hosting services, repairs and so on. All these will aid in more efficiency of the cryptocurrency mining activities via blockchain technology. The photovoltaic plant will be in the province of Seville (Spain), and the mining farm will be in Malaga (Spain) locations with good climatic factors that supports good hosting serves.To gain access to the CRYPTOSOLARTECH platform miner machines, a Token Generating Event (TGE) will be launched, which will sell the tokens with the access right to rent of these Asics or similar and efficient miner machines. CrytoSolarToken (CST) will be used in making rent payments to ganging access to the CRYPTOSOLARTECH platform and can be gotten at various stages of the initial coin offering. CST is an ethereum token and it complies with and expands ERC-20 and will be enlisted on Exchange making it possible for being sold and bought.The collaboration of CRYPTOSOLARTECH platform and blockchain technology will bring about secure, speedy transactions, reduction in transaction cost, transaction verification via the chain of interconnected users, empower CRYPTOSOLARTECH platform users and boost acceptability of cryptocurrencies for domestic use for day to day activities bring about durability and reliability. These features coupled with smart contract features brings more guarantees about the platforms innovation for cryptocurrency mining efficiency.The initial coin offering will be in two stages represented below diagramatically ROADMAP Dear readers lets be part of CRYPTOSOLARTECH platform for cryptocurrency mining via provision of renewable power at lowest cost there by eliminating large consumption of energy via traditional means which enabling miners to mine cryptocurrencies easily without cost in perspective coupled with elimination of pollution caused by traditional power generation. GET YOUR CRYPTOSOLARTECH TOKEN NOW. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CRYPTOSOLARTECH KINDLY CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINKS BELOW:Website: https://cryptosolartech.org/en/ Telegram: https://t.me/cryptosolartechENTwitter: https://twitter.com/cryptosolartechFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptosolartech/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFnVdziC9bpU6z7UBhUyug?view_as=subscriberMedium: https://medium.com/@cryptosolartechReddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/cryptosolartechGitHub: https://github.com/cryptosolartech/smartcontractInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/cryptosolartech/White Paper: https://cryptosolartech.org/doc/cryptosolartech-whitepaper-en.pdfWebsite: https://cryptosolartech.org/en/My Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725EHT address: 0x110Ae93934bf9C0BA3e3CCE99c8861dd4130954e
  12. The innovation of blockchain technology has led to establishment of crypto currency investment platform bring about drastic increase in consumption rate of energy in mining process of cryptocurrencies. The blockchain technology which is the back bone of crypto currency mining is made up sophisticated features that required large amount for the components to work depend on energy sources powered by fossils fuel energy which causes problem to our natural habitat with the emission of waste into the atmosphere. These coupled with charges involved for energy transmission in the globe where mining of crypto currencies is involved is another added factor in the chain of energy supply and distribution especially in underdeveloped economy where power or energy supply is scares. These problems has led to the innovation of HELIOS, a platform that brings about a renewable source of energy cryptocurencies mining at affordable energy charge coupled with a power means that doesn’t harm the environment with pollution of emitted waste involved in the process of generating the power. This will bring about maximum cpryptocurrency mining with a renewable source of renewable power supply at minimum charge for features required in cryptocurrency mining for every individuals in the crypto world. HOW HELIOS WILL SOLVE THSES PROBLEMS The HELIOS platform will execute its plan of solving power consumption of blockchain sophisticated component by solar mining cluster that can consume energy from renewable resources made up of autonomous solar generators. The HELIOS will operate on two business models which are: personal operation that involves the platform investment, operation and ownership of the autonomous cluster mining. The third parties operation will involves third parties bodies acquires clusters that are managed by HELIOS at 20%. The HELIOS platform brings about lowest electricity price with its renewable energy via solar coupled with the advanced technology that enables mining via blockchain efficiency and consuming 2% of the power involved in the process of crypto mining activities. Autonomous Mining Clusters reduce the concentration of computing power and reduce dependence on one because of the wide range on cryptocurrencies being mined which severs as more exposure for cryptocurrencies around the globe. The platform will ensure maintenance of components involved for efficiency via the cool system that is readily mobile for mobility and Cluster Control Unit and MCU that monitor important key performance indicators (KPIs) making adjustments, in certain cases. Automated internet connection and security module enables strong connectivity via a secured means. The process of intelligent mining enables mining of valuable cryptocurrencies and makes decisions on what cryptocurrencies to mine to yield best investments coupled with the double mining option, all at same minimum power charge via the solar renewable Crypto storage on the HELIOS will store the private keys that are required for secure communication on the network and it will be on a specially protected site. The platform gives for individuals opportunities to participate in the future of blockchain technology and lays the Foundation for the future of crypto-Mining by developing highly mobile mining modules with low maintenance requirements and offering our community a voice in the selection of locations and coins for mining. The solar power will be photovoltaic panels that have a highly efficient, trouble-free immersion cooling system. These have been used in some part of the world at low power charging rates with other countries diversifying a percentage of power charges in the development for countries that want to make use of this innovation in the future which has proved the technology effective means of renewable power generation. Dear readers, let’s be part of HELIOS Mining Ltd innovation for efficiency blockchain transaction via production of renewable energy for blockchain components and eradicating pollution to our natural habitat via use of fossil fuel for power generation. GET YOUR HELIOS COIN NOW. HELIOS TOEKN The token holders are the beneficiaries of 100% of the proceeds generated by the clusters. The distribution of dividends will take place on a weekly basis. 75% of the profits will be paid and 25% will be used to reinvest directly into the clusters in order to guarantee exponential growth of profits for the Helios Mining Ltd community ROADMAP I believe HELIOS COIN will be the best solution for tackling power consumption via cryptocurrency and at the same time will bring power consumption charges to the least rate and also eliminating pollution of our environment via non-renewable source of energy we beings have always depended on. Let be part of the HELIOS INNOVATION to a better world of cryptocurrencies mining, GET YOU HELIOS TOKEN NOW and be part of the moving train to a new era. THE TEAM ARTEM NEGROENKO: CEO, Co-founder STANISLAV KHARIANOV: CFO, CO-founder, mining enthusiast LARRY CAMERON: Security & Mining Advisor ELVIRA NAZIPOVA: Marketing and PR SAM BZEZZ: Tech guy, miner enthusiast ALEX DORMAN: Software Dev, Smart-contract Development FOR MORE INFORMATION KINDLY CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW WEBSITE: https://www.helioss.io/ BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3351066 TELEGRAM: http://www.t.me/helioscoin FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/helioscoin/ GITHUB: https://github.com/ICO-Helios/crowdsale/tree/master/HeliosTruffle/contracts TWITER: http://www.twitter.com/@CoinHelios REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/HeliosCoin/ MEDIUM: https://www.medium.com/@HeliosCoin WHITE PAPER: https://helioss.io/legal/whitepaper.pdf MY BITCOINTALK PROFILE: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725
  13. There has been a great in demands for handmade market which involved crafters going about making diverse products naturally. This products are channelled via all perspective of life. For example history, cultural values and religious all in form of sculptures and lots of other materials. The global technological era has bought about great change handling process of purchase where every information can be accessed via the internet and online platforms aiding the process of buying and selling. This process leaves crafters out of the chain link with the buyers but also bring about confusion to them due to the technicality with technology advancement which leaves them vulnerable such as fear of dishonest buyers (scammers) which tend to total loss of product and money, lack of buyer confidence because both individuals involved in the means of transaction got no means of knowing who is who?(communication), lack of international knowledge which I mentioned earlier as technicality due to technology advancement, unable to showcase their products in competitions and exhibitions, proper means of showcasing their products and difficulty in direction traffic to products they produced. Buyers who purchase products from crafters are also challenged in the process of finding what they need making sure it original, being not able to determine he or she is getting the desired product form and reviews of passed transactions carried out with the crafter. All this process leads to no transparency in the trade which is not a good factors to consider when buying and selling is involved. This has led to the innovation of the TANZO platform. TANZO is a blockchain based social market place for handmade goods that allows crafters to easily develop their storefront profile for sale of handmade products allowing transparency and secure means in transaction between buyer and crafter. The platform working on blockchain technology eliminates third parties in the process of transaction, low fees enabling craters to be paid in any cryptocurrency desired. The platform also rewards its users with tokens in compensation of good deeds and transaction carried out on the platform and intends to grow organically through customer satisfaction and engagement.TANZO platform will enable verification of both individuals involved in the transaction process via blockchain technology and giving of specified barcode for keeping track of product and giving full details of materials used in the makeup. The business plan is based on a maximum fee of 1.5%, it can go down to as low as 0.3% and as much as 35% of all fees will be returned to the platform users to reward the community.TANZO platform with build up an artificial intelligence machine learning system coupled with smart contract system to verify all data registered on the Blockchain and will optimize the decision-making process to execute the purchase. The AI technology will be used will be used to determine counterfeit products before they are uploaded to the blockchain database adding as another level of security prevent fake data in the platform. ANZO TOKEN500,000,000 TZO tokens will be issued, TZO tokens will be used to facilitate product exchange, which in turn will enable TANZO's global expansion and it’s an ERC20 token. Dear readers lets be part of TANZO innovation, GET YOUR TENZO TOKEN NOW.FOR ME INFORMATION ABOUT TENZO KINDLY CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOWTWITTER: https://twitter.com/tanzoICOMEDIUM: https://medium.com/@TanzoOfficialLINKDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tanz?/FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tanzo.io/TELEGRAM: https://t.me/tanzoofficialINSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/tanzo.io/BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4341591.0REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/TanzoICO/GITHUB: https://github.com/TanzoICOWHITE PAPER: https://www.tanzo.io/assets/pdfs/Tanzo_Whitepaper.pdfMY BITCOINTALK PROFILE: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725
  14. The innovation of blockchain platform over the years has brought about lots of investment crypto opportunities platform. These has led to different processes of channelling investment via cryptocurrency investment platforms. The vast opportunities added via blockchain technology has made has made crypto currency best means of carrying out transactions. Different blockchain platform now come up with initial coin offering for investors to come invest in their platform coupled with benefits they enjoy after investment. The investments can be later traded or converted to fiat currency or left as crypto currency for domestic reasons. The process of going about achieving the aim which is gain has been a challenge because investment involves making the right decisions at the right time which most investor’s judge on individuals instinct which is very risky and can lead to loss of capital. This coupled with trading process because it involves constant motoring after the investment has been made is also to be considered. Also considering secure exchange platforms and wallets because of the variety available is another factor to consider for cryptocurrency security reasons. And finally, how to go about spending because cryptocurrncy is not globally acceptable making it really difficult converting to fiat currencies for domestic purposes. All these problems mentioned above has led to the innovation of the DARICO platform, a platform designed mainly for individuals to be able to monitor, trade, invest and spend their various types of cryptocurrencies fast, effectively and with ease. HOW DARICO WILL SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS The platforms offer solutions to crypto currencies investors by providing them access to reliable information sources and tools to make informed investment decisions. The platform offers a GNIUS a DIRO wallet with lots of functionality can hold different types of cryptocurrency with great secure means to keep tokens safe via a cold storage. The wallet also comes with where exchange can occur which involves conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat currency and vice versal process and portfolio management system that gives full details of cyptocurrency in GNIUS where information about the cryptocurrencies can be view graphically to determine value of cryptocurency in GNIUS. NYUS termed as the heartbeat of the system installed on the platform will give latest updates on how to go about making investments, analyse tokens via third parties, ICO new will give investors on this platform way edge ahead all access at a cost via the DARICO token. Index fund accessed via the DARCIO terminal will enable investors to determine worth and values of cryptocurrencies in their wallets. The innovation of the DARICO DEBIT CARDS will enable the easy use of using cryptocurrencies for domestic functions and easy conversion for fiat currencies and vice versal. Also, the DARIOC exchange DarEX will enable individuals and investors to trade easily, deposit and withdrawal different types of cryptocurrencies eliminating volatility problems in course of exchange which can lead to drop in value of the cryptocurrenncy. Adding Gibraltar a means of cryptocurrnecy exchange regulation will enable safe means of exchange transaction for investing individuals on the platform. All this will be access via a platform that is user friendly interface that requires no technicality both access on web and mobile. The DARICO platform will generate it revenue form charges gotten form transaction carried out on the platform. Darico aims to use up to 50% of the proceeds obtained from the sale of Darico Ecosystem Coins during the Public Sale Period to purchase Gold, BTC and ETH in the following proportions: 35% gold, 55% BTC and 10% ETH. These assets will be kept in reserve to ensure DARICO token stability (the “Liquidity Pool”). DEC TOKENS DEC is an ERC-20 utility token that holders can use to access the products and services available within the DARICO Ecosystem. Once the DARICO Blockchain is released, DEC will be transformed from ERC-20 to the native coin of the DARICO Blockchain. All DEC (ERC20) holders will receive the new DEC (Native Token) once they register their ETH Address on the website. The total DEC circulation will be limited to 120,000,000 DEC with 60% (72,000,000 DEC), being made available during the Public Sale Period. Dear readers lets be part of the DAIRO platform, get you DIARO TOKEN NOW.FOR MORE INFORMATION KINDLY CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINKS BELOWWEBSITE: https://darico.io/TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/Gvx5mxFWu7_OVJApUXxb5QLINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/25050595/TWITTER: https://twitter.com/daricocoinFACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Darico-1903067243290098/EMAIL: [email protected] PAPER: https://darico.io/en/Darico-Whitepaper.pdfMEDIUM: https://news.darico.io/YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvk9V_zrkBmJ5r3amTRQZ2QMY BITCOINTALK PROFILE: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725
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    The globe now carries out almost everything via the internet. The innovation of internet has been a great technology break for promotion of several activities. The internet serves as the best option for communication, best means of reaching people around the globe at a click. Information can easily broadcasted via advertising and publication platforms termed digital advertising. Nowadays the means of digital advertising doesn’t work out based on the roles played by individuals involved. The chain of digital advertisement which involves the consumers, advertisers and publishers the three key to digitals advertising have been affected by external factors all leading to view from different perspective for each individual that plays a role in the process of digital advertising coupled with the aim to fulfil safety of one another leading to lack of transparency in the chain order. Consumers which I term as readers are now made vulnerable to attacks while getting access to the information provided by the advertisers by publication via add that keep trace of vital information about them without them knowing. Presence of spam bots that act like humans generating views and comments causing disruption in the digital advertising platforms that accounts for loss of capital. This has led to the innovation of the NOIZ platform, an artificial intelligence decentralized cognitive advertising exchange network using blockchain technology. The platform will solve problems involved in digital advertising by following solutions listed below • Fight back against click fraud (for advertisers) • Bring transparency to digital advertising (for advertisers and publishers) • Prevent data leakage (for consumers and publishers) • Empower community and add accountability to advertising model (for consumers) • Bring accountability to Corporate Social Responsibility activities (for advertisers and consumers) NOIZ AD EXCHANGE PLATFORM With the help of NIKOLA, the platform will be able to determine bots activities, give rewards via the NOIZ token channelled to the NOIZ wallet or ERC 20 supported wallets. The NOIZ token will facilitate all the advertising campaigns and smart contract creation on the platform. The rewards will be one of ways bots will be identified because the platforms gives reward when users gives feedbacks on the platform. This process can also be determined by the run time execution monitor and hybrid Proof of engagement which prevents fraudulent activities and stops them. Individuals on the platform can easily got about their businesses which is saved on a ledger individuals involved in the transaction can have access to unlike the block chain technology where everyone can have access too. The wallet ID is how actors within the NOIZ ecosystem will be recognized and tracked. The platform allows advertisers buy inventions form publishers directly eliminating intermediaries links bringing about transparency in transaction. Dear readers lets be part of this great innovation of NOIZ innovation via blockchain technology that gives transparent advertising space, gives control back to consumers and is free from the influence of advertisers, publishers and centralized ad exchange networks that seek to use consumer personal information in a malignant way. GET YOUR NOIZE TOKENS NOW ROADMAP TOKEN ALLOCATION FOR MORE INFORMATION KINDLY CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TELEGRAM: https://t.me/noizchainenglish WEBSITE: https://noizchain.com/ MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@NOIZchain FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/NOIZchain/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/NOIZchain WHITE PAPER: https://noizchain.com/whitepaper LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/noizchain/ REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/NOIZchain/ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8SOjT2H9jCddqs3F9-VQ4g MY BITCOINTALK PROFILE: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1920725