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  1. The explanation contained in this article is a detailed analysis of VANTA blockchain project. This post shows the grading of all the various aspects of the project and features which is strongest and can push the project to success What is VANTA blockchain? Basically, VANTA is a blockchain project that aims to create a smart and intelligent network for real-time connectivity and networking. The VANTA network will allow individuals and companies to easily create services that will help transmit data in the most efficient way. VANTA blockchain is cored on providing the right infrastructure for enterprises to commercialise services at a very low cost. The project uses the VNT token as the default platform means of transaction. IDEA/CONCEPT Grade (8/10) VANTA understands that the current framework and infrastructure does not posses the capability to sustain the increasing real-time data networking requirements. Scalability and throughput problems hinders companies from creating the best services due to increasing cost of servers and network maintenance. VANTA aims to provide solutions the above problems through its decentralized intelligent network based on blockchain technology. TOKEN METRICS AND UTILITY (Grade: 9/10) VNT is currently an ERC20 token which provides access to the VANTA platform and is the main factor that drives the VANTA ecosystem.  VANTA team has created a total of 56.2 billion VNT tokens to power it's ecosystem. The hard cap set by VANTA team is decent enough for current market conditions — 35% of the total tokens is allocated to be sold during the token sale. The development team will get to keep 10% of the tokens, which is not so greedy. 16% of the tokens is set aside for the development of the project. The amazing thing about VANTA is that the team did not lock any token as oppose to the practice of most blockchain projects. ROADMAP (Grade: 7/10)  The roadmap put out by VANTA team is full of releases: both short term and also long term. This is particularly good to enhance further development of the project and to increases the confidence of the investors on long term. The project also details in the roadmap what the team has been working on before launching the ICO, so that investors know the current status of the development. VANTA plans to launch it's mainnet and swap to native VNT token in last quarter of 2019 (2019 Q3). TEAM AND ADVISERS (Grade: 10/10)  VANTA team is quite big with the right experience in all the areas that required for success of the project. Their advisers are also very experienced in software and IT industries — with most of them coming from major companies such as Microsoft and Oracle. I am confident that the team of VANTA posses the experience to help the project run smoothly from the beginning. PROTOTYPE (Grade: 8/10) The VANTA testnet will be released in Q2 of 2019, with the mainnet planned for Q3. Token swap will happen alongside the mainnet laugh. COMPETITION (Grade: 9/10) The major competition in the blockchain market is mostly from projects such as Quarkchain, credit and Zilliqa. However VANTA is targeting a different niche within the blockchain market — the project is aiming to provide enterprise-grade solutions in the areas of connectivity and real-time data networking. So I believe there is still a lot of room for improvement in this space, and VANTA will be a great product if the team can deliver on their promises and also engage in proper marketing. HYPE (Grade: 6/10) The Telegram channel of the project currently has around 2919 members and their Twitter has almost 1020 followers, which is very small and indicates a little interest from the community on this project. Although the presence on other social media channels is pretty good. And since the team did massive partnerships with major companies, ICO sell out pretty quickly. Wrap up (Grade: 8/10) VANTA is a good project with a well thought out roadmap and huge partnerships — this has helped the project to sell out pretty quickly during ICO. If the proposed roadmap is implemented properly, VANTA could become one of the market leaders in blockchain spare, considering that we are just at the start of the blockchain revolution. Essential VANTA Community Links Web: https://vanta.network/ Whitepaper: https://vanta.network/doc/VANTA_White_Paper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/vantanetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/vantanetwork My Detail TonDC: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2493221 Eth: 0xb3731D9c9e9Af796B845Ba6e3125B9FE1F6fB6ea
  2. VANTA is a new blockchain project created for scalability, low transaction fee, super fast speed transaction and real-time data processing between different enterprise solutions. The project does not only allows for the transactional facility within the blockchain, but also offer the required infrastructure to very easily build solutions for businesses and enterprises, and increase number of data transactions per second. Read on to learn about the value-added features VANTA project is offering. VANTA VRIO Analysis Value analysis gives a crisp and detail explanation of the value additives of a project and its ability to implement and sustain those value to provide the best experience to the users. Vanta value offering is focused around what the first generation blockchains have provided, only this time there is more benefits for the users as VANTA is improving on the existing framework. As a first generation blockchain, Bitcoin offered a network for transactional throughput in a decentralised environment. While Ethereum set the ground for the smart contracts and the creation of decentralized applications (dApps). The two developments have had an amazing impact on the society but most importantly, these blockchains are designed to improve human interactions. In blockchain business, worldscale utility is equally important, and VANTA recognizes this. Thus, it integrate the most prominent benefits of the technology to develop a third generation blockchain. VANTA's main value offering is to increase blockchain adoption through the most simplified systematic framework blockchain technology has to offer. VANTA will provide fast block transaction speed and allow for very low fee for processing of transactions. It will allow the developers to utilize smart contracts and the transactional ability of devices to develop solutions that focus on reducing network collisions and develop for enterprises and businesses. There is none of existing blockchains platforms with the array of the many integrated packages that VANTA is offering. This is because of the fact that majority of existing blockchains focus on different aspect of the technology or target different set of users. Some projects focus on improving speed, some focus on security while some focus on providing multiple usability for its platform. Different projects have specific target markets – Tron blockchain for instance target the entertainment and social market, while Ripple has financial institutions as its major users. Ethereum on the other is mostly used by token builders. We are entering a digital era where the blockchain market is witnessing rapid growth in adoption. Thus, there’s insufficient projects in general that focus on increasing the data transactions throughput and offer real-time blockchain utility for users. VANTA is creating a third blockchain platform that target every user. The blockchain technology is plagued by imitators but fortunately these fake tensions are usually not capable of imitating much beyond the basic functionalities of a blockchain: transactional throughput. VANTA's competitive edge comes from its unique framework and protocols underlying the technology. The team is leveraging cutting edge technologies and algorithms that create the environment for easy usage of its technology. A blockchain project isn’t much if it cannot attract rapid interest of people who want to utilize the underlying technology. Therefore, it is good to note that VANTA is not only a network for transactional throughput, rather, it’s a project designed to enable blockchains to attain high usability and efficiency. This huge differentiation from a basic functionality blockchain makes VANTA very difficult to copy. . Different from the structure of a typical blockchain project, VANTA is way past its ICO — and listed on Allbit exchange, with more exchanges to come soon. The proposed technology is being delivered. This is an evidence of the good design and organizational ability; the dev team stands prepared to take on future challenges and to beat the road map deadlines. Wrap: VANTA is providing the leading blockchains best facilities—security, speed, scalability, free transactions, real-time data processing . And given the adoption level and potential value of blockchain market in the years to comes, there’s a big shortage of blockchains that offer real value. VANTA is one of the pioneering players that aims to disrupt the blockchain technology. Official VANTA Community Links Web: https://vanta.network/ Whitepaper: https://vanta.network/doc/VANTA_White_Paper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/vantanetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/vantanetwork BTT: Rookus Eth: 0x439c13c47f086EDeFC4a8Ed89191d9Cbdcc0447B
  3. The rate of mass adoption of blockchain in the market is remarkable. Much of the growth of the technology can be credited to the huge media headlines it made in 2017 — with a huge number of the early adopters now part of the crypto-community. Despite the noticeable pace in the development of the blockchain, the existing level of advancement is insufficient to sustain the demand requirements of data processing and transactional throughput. Thus a new generation of blockchains — a third generation blockchains are trying to provide solutions to the pains felt in the usage of blockchain for both community and enterprise-based utilities. In 2009, Bitcoin started the dawn of blockchain but it was Ethereum that made the mass-grade utility of the technology possible by allowing users to perform cross-product integration. Ethereum has proven to be successful because of the advancements happening in its blockchain and also because it's network is in high demand, it is regarded as a legacy second generation blockchain. The challenge though is that major enterprises that hope to utilize the Ethereum network for their connectivity and data processing must share it with many other projects. Consequently, the network is overloaded making it unable to satisfy the demands of businesses and the general community. While the obvious benefits of blockchain can not be denied, the technology faces scalability challenges — and third generation blockchains are emerging to proffer solutions. This is what has inspired to the creation of VANTA. A Scalability Solution Massive attention was brought to blockchain technology in 2017 and while 2018 mostly saw the fulfilling of the huge, sudden rise in demand for the technology, 2019 is focused on successful adoption into more use cases. Through the utility of parallel execution of transaction, VANTA is designed to be a high performance blockchain developed for the era of scalability anf real-time networking needs — this makes it an ideal solution for enterprise challenges. VANTA team guarantees that their blockchain network poses the ability to achieve a very high scalability by being able to process high transactions per second (tps) at a very low cost. The basics of blockchain is that the technology is able to provide a scale of value to interactions, this way, the network necessitates some degree of transaction fulfillment. It is rather strange that despite the fundamental functionality that blockchains are supposed to serve, they are still insufficient to fulfil scalability and real-time networking needs. Hence third generation blockchains such as VANTA stand to become the future of this technology. Innovative advancement is an important requirement for the success of an industry, and those products that can capture the advancements the market needs will be able to topple even the established industry leaders. An Enterprise Solution With every new innovation, and advancement in technology, businesses and technology are becoming increasingly entwined. Many companies and enterprises are adopting advanced technologies and the current attention is on blockchain. Although blockchain products have seen popularity, they still face the challenge of mass-utility. Blockchain needs to be able to support and satisfy enterprise-grade needs before it attract public usage on a world scale. VANTA's team has set out a clear mission in mind for fulfilling enterprise-level solutions. VANTA will operate as a permissioned blockchain — this clearly defines the facial of the team to serve this development as a well prepared enterprise solution. This blockchain is developed to be able to process and transmit real-time data between humans and devices efficiently and at a very low cost, thereby making it feasible for the project to compete with existing real-time networks providers. VANTA is utilizing a tested intelligent network mechanism which comprises of the ARKAS protocol and the consensus algorithm. The team guarantees that these protocols will be able to process all transactions in the fastest possible time. Highlight VANTA is a third generation blockchain cored on providing an enterprise solution. It leverage various innovative features to bring about effective real-time networking and scalability though the fulfillment of extremely high transactions per second. Essential VANTA Community Links Web: https://vanta.network/ Whitepaper: https://vanta.network/doc/VANTA_White_Paper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/vantanetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/vantanetwork My Connect BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2136963 Eth: 0x126C278E6e446aaB2c85F0ce0702E315Fc03eA2A
  4. Athero guarantees that it's blockchain ecosystem is the revolutionary experience layer of the decentralized world. The project provides an intuitive solution to blockchain and Internet Of Things — for the convenient utilization of blockchain technology and can pioneer the mass adoption of IoT that have missed the spotlight despite their potential. In addition, Athero is building an ecosystem which guarantees innovative integration of blockchain technology together with internet of things to create a revolutionary model that will propel the Cryptofinance industry through internet 3. SWOT analysis shows clear highlights of the potentials of the project. Below is the analysis of Athero platform and it's ideas that holds numerous potential and also the possible barriers Strength Athero is taking the first step to combine the utilities of blockchain technology with IoT and distributed encryption storage and computing in a harmonious manner. While it’s the first blockchain platform that will provide such a widespread utilization of picking and choosing the right benefits of different technologies to combine together on a single unit; this is a particularly true for platforms that allow users to control all actionable interfaces on of IoT network devices. Of course there are existing ventures that claim to offer solutions to certain problems faced by IoT devices. Athero is a much more superior product to those services and can learn from the failure and successes of existing blockchain platforms. Furthermore, Athero's core offerings are privacy, security, speed of data flow and free transactions. We live in an era where privacy and security is important and many existing enterprises have already engrained it in society that they should desire security above all. The stage is already set for Athero's bold offering to be in high demand. Athero will make it easily to its target market Athero project is unique in the sense that it does not intend to compete or battle against the existing distributed ledger blockchain platform; instead, the project will work harmoniously with the existing market projects. However, the strategic deployment of Athero is quite different from even major IoT and blockchain platforms. Another strength of Athero ecosystem is that the project prides itself of a competent team — group of individuals with many years of experience who have worked on many successful innovative projects. The project is particularly championed by Thomas Plattsmier, a man who has a broad knowledge about blockchain technology, Internet Of Things (IoT) and cryptofinance market. Weakness Typically, the dev team of blockchain projects usually concentrate on the main technology — and then depend on others to adopt the project and utilize it through the deployment of utilities. However, it can take quite some time before people gain interest. Meanwhile, the platform will run empty, carrying only speculative interest. However, it is important to note that Athero will differentiate itself in its approach as it is different from previous blockchain platforms; the project is creating awareness and expanding it's market through community based ambassador programs. Once the initial phase of promotions are done, Athero will achieve wider reach merely by organic interest growth and people’s desire to talk about developments that are peculiar to IoT industry, cryptofinance and Athero platform. Opportunity Athero is taking advantage of multiple opportunities in the IoT market. Athero project identified that the trend/market for decentralized ledger technology and internet of things (IoT) is growing remarkably. Hence, Athero is making the market more lucrative for investors who will invest in Cryptofinance and secured, convenient and fast for regular users of IoT devices and gadgets . This way, the project will attract more users and increase the worldscale adoption of the technology. Athero is also targeting a major flaw in the technology as shown by existing ventures. There have been a serious deficiency in the provision of solutions to the problems of network connections of IoT devices — problems such as Trust, Security, Data transfer speeds and Total cost of ownership of network gadgets. This is because the existing blockchains projects that claimed to offer a these solutions have failed in this area. There isn’t any existing means to effectively integrate the best features blockchain technology and IoT to improve the rate of data flow among network devices and increase the security and privacy of the devices. Athero is offering investors and early adopters of its ecosystem with these features. Threat Even the established enterprises of any industry face threats; the situation is particularly worse for start-ups with genuine ideas. The major threat in the blockchain and IoT market is the threat of imitation. Athero project has an edge over this problem, however it isn’t because it is a blockchain-based project. The edge comes from the products it's offering — the blockchain is only a bonus. Interestingly, the value-additive products Athero is offering is way too complex and sophisticated to be targeted by imitators in IoT and blockchain market who can very easily replicate offers of transparency with fancy and deceitful Whitepapers, but posses neither the knowledge nor the resources to build such a differentiated product as Athero. Given the complexity of the protocols and algorithms of this project, Athero is completely safe from the threat of imitators Athero Community Links Website : https://athero.io// Whitepaper : https://athero.io/whitepaper.pdf Twitter : https://twitter.com/ATHEROtoken Telegram : https://t.me/atheroTHO Article Written By TonDC: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2493221 Eth: 0xb3731D9c9e9Af796B845Ba6e3125B9FE1F6fB6ea
  5. Content creation and consumption together with media industry is as old as human existence. Transfer of knowledge and communication of relevant information have been made possible through the content and media industry. People can easily create materials about what they feel and share it with the world. Before now, content creation paid little or nothing to the providers and consumers, they only garnered knowledge from consuming vast contents. Things changed a little since the invention of the internet and people could get a little reward for their contents. Also consumers could very easily use the search engines to find what content they want to enjoy. Blockchain technology has transformed this industry and has brought about creation of different platforms where content creators and consumers can utilize to earn money while posting or enjoying contents. Example of such platforms include: The platforms listed above have few deficiencies or limitations which have made them insufficient or unfit to satisfy the desires of the people. Below is a crisp and comprehensive analysis of the above content platforms and how they lack the right tools to represent the content industry. Steemit Steemit blockchain is a very popular content platform built on the blockchain technology to accommodate both content creators and readers. Content creators utilize this platform to reach out to their readers. Also the readers use steemit to keep tabs on their favorite content providers. Steemit was created with the aim of making both creators and readers earn money while they either write or read contents posted on the platform Major limitations: Content creators on Steemit only get rewarded when a reader feels it is OK to upvote their content. Most times, the STEEM Power (SP) of the readers will be so low that even if they upvote a content, it will worth nothing. Sadly, the readers here don’t get rewarded for reading, the only benefit is the knowledge they acquire. Again, there is no real value of upvotes in Steemit as everyone is using upvote bid bots to ensure their content gets rewarded. The bots they use, are being paid for with steemit token (SBD) and in return, the bots increase their bid amount. A framework like this does not indicate the true value of a content when it comes to the monetary value. Users care less to upvote contents especially those whose voting power is significant and have some value. Minds Minds.com is another content creation platform that allow content providers to earn money while they produce contents. Sadly, the flaw in this platform that I have discovered is that for you to earn 1 minds token, your content must have been viewed by a thousand persons and endorsed as well. This makes new content creators and even the old ones who doesn't have much audience to live at the expense of others and keep enriching them while they themselves go home with absolutely nothing. Newbium This content platform is operated on airdrops. And it is only through the airdropd that content providers can be incentivized and readers are not taken into consideration as well. The three platforms above have the same thing in common: The readers or consumers go home with nothing beside the knowledge which they acquire. If you’re not a content creator in these platforms, you go home empty-handed. A true reward system by Contents Protocol Contents Protocol is not only a media and content platform, it is a protocol which other content creation platform can emulate with features that incentivize even the littlest actions of users such as comments and reviews. This feature is not seen in any of the content platforms I have highlighted above. Also, the Contents Protocol makes reward both ways for all platform participants including the content providers and the consumers. A participant on Contents Protocol ecosystem gets incentivized with CPT tokens just for creating contents or consuming them, they also get rewarded for responding to posts and giving review data. This is possible because Contents Protocol is creating a direct two-way flow of payment where both the content provider and consumer get incentivized. A participant that provide a content is rewarded and at the same time other participant that consume and respond to the content get paid too. The Contents Protocol platform is smooth, clean and transparent owing to blockchain technology. Thus there won’t be anything like cheating on the rewards for your work, or waiting for a long time before a participants gets any pay for their work. Incentives happen instantly on Contents Protocol platform. Wrap Up: Contents Protocol platform is setting the pace and improving on what is currently obtainable in the media and Content industry by implementing brand new innovative ideas backed by the best team. Useful Links Website: https://contentsprotocol.io/ Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OJizH-oS8yxJgO-RPnUKJQiU45bW4I_5/view?usp=sharing Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ContentsProtocol/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/contents_prtcl Telegram: https://t.me/contents_protocol_en Crypticyasu Eth: 0x126C278E6e446aaB2c85F0ce0702E315Fc03eA2A
  6. The first known cryptocurrency that was the talk of the whole world in 2009 was Bitcoin. This has offered others fantastic cryptocurrencies project the opportunity to come with a token that can solve one or two problems in different sectors of the world. This tokens or coin are usually called Altcoins and include Etherium, Dash, Ripple and others tokens in the crypto market. The growth of cryptocurrency projects calls for a marketplace where they can be bought or traded called exchanges. The Digital currency exchanges are online platform investors, or traders can exchange or convert one digital currency to another and fiat in some advanced platforms. The exchanges can be classified into centralized and decentralized types. Centralized exchanges are the cryptocurrency platform that uses intermediaries to execute transactions, which leads to few challenges like the cyber threat and high cost of transaction fees. This has inhibit the massive adoption and development of different cryptocurrency project in the digital currency market. To solve these problems, Atomic wallet is a blockchain based decentralized exchanges that are bent on addressing the various issues faced currently in the centralized exchanges globally. An Industry Disrupter The Atomic wallet is a blockchain based decentralized exchange. This platform is integrated with unusual features that makes it great for traders and investors. The few of the attributes of the Atomic wallet include integrated exchanges and Atomic swap that makes the platform transaction fast. The team of the platform is working hard to provide extra security for the crypto assets of the users of the platform and others a feature that makes trading and transaction swift. The wallets is available for the Mac and window users. The mobile features will be released very soon with amazing features that makes trading easy. The users of the platform will be able to manage all ERC20 based tokens and several others cryptocurrency in the market. The other amazing features of the Atomic wallets are listed below: Atomic Wallet uses various trading methods. In some cases, customers may want to use features other than the wallet. Atomic Wallet realizes only instant trading options. ShapeShift: is the fastest, most private and most convenient way to exchange digital currencies, while the exchange rate always remains competitive. This method is selected as the default option for instant exchanges. Changelly: Popular cryptocurrency exchange, providing the ability to instantly and smoothly exchange more than 90 altcoins at the best market price or buy them with a bank card. Since 2015, Changelly has attracted more than 1.5 million registered users from around the world. Currently, the service processes more than 15 thousand transactions daily with a monthly turnover of about 60 thousand bitcoins. Fiat money integration will be carried out smoothly. Atomic will not handle fiat operations on its own. Acceptance of payment cards, acceptance of bank transfers, withdrawals of bank transfers. The wallet is available for download on all major operating systems. You can download it on the official website of the project. https://atomicwallet.io/ Also available for iOS, Android and for Chrome and FireFox browser extensions. AtomicWallet was created to make cryptocurrency trading more secure while using the best user interface for its clients. Refer to the links below for more information Official website: https://atomicwallet.io/ Whitepaper:https://download.atomicwallet.io/atomicwallet-whitepaper.pdf Telegram channel: https://t.me/atomicwalletchat CRYPTODAMMA: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2142818
  7. Centralised cryptocurrency exchanges are the most popular and widely used platforms for trading cryptocurrencies These exchanges have gained very big influence over the years. The centralised exchanges posses the ability to make or break blockchain projects, and usually, they are the only businesses that remain lucrative regardless of the level of volatility and instability that the cryptocurrency markets experiences. The massive level of influence that centralised exchanges posses has led to serious unethical acts such as market manipulation and exploitations that emphasize exactly the reasons why decentralized exchanges are needed now more than ever. A very concerning information was revealed by a cryptocurrency Trader named Silvain Ribes, who believes that in excess of $3 billion of all cryptocurrency assets’ volume are fabricated and unreal, and that OKex, which is which is one of the largest exchange rated by volume is the main offender with up to 93% of its volume being fake. Additionally, another crypto trader indicated that the NASDAQ stock exchange only request below $200,000 for listing mega projects, while a lot of centralised crypto exchanges are trying to charge more than $500,000 in listing fees - more so now that the crypto market is in depressing dip. Cryptocurrency experts and many other people all over the internet are starting to share different bad stories about how centralised exchanges operates in the same corrupt manner as any regular centralized organizations that posses too much power and influence if they are left unchecked. Thus, the need for decentralized exchanges like CRYPTONITY are greater than ever, and these organization must quickly replace and take the place of their centralized competitors in order to solve the industry problems that have become obvious to everybody. How To Integrate The Community CRYPTONITY blockchain project is a decentralized exchange platform of the future for trading cryptocurrency assets. The project is created to operate well with the community of users thereby establishing a phenomenon of family Talking about a total decentralization of the market, the CRYPTONITY business model integrates several amazing features that support its philosophical beliefs. some of these features include the ability of users to trade with very low fees attached to their trading activities if they are holding the XNY token. The CRYPTONITY exchange has developed a reward system that reward its users with XNY token which is the original token of the CRYPTONITY platform. The platform allow registered users of the community to participate in decision making during the ICOS listing or voting process and decisions concerning the management of exchange. A system of automatic reward is created which will be very transparent and since it's will make use of smart contracts. The CRYPTONITY project takes Security of the exchange and the funds and assets of its users very important. The platform is built by experienced financial experts who have genuine knowledge of cryptocurrency and the market generally. Additionally, cryptonity has insured the exchange in order to guarantee the refund of traders' fund in case of hacks. CRYPTONITY exchange is also designed with very unique and attractive interface that makes it to be user friendly. This experience is taken to a whole new level since the users can use fiat and cryptocurrencies to trade conveniently. CRYPTONITY And Partners The cryptonity project is clearly a revolution in the cryptocurrency exchange industry, and this is obviously proven by the kind of partners and investments it has gathered so far early on in the project. Many of such partners include MasterDax, Quick X, CTB cointobe, Malta Blockchain Summit, Latoken etc. Essential CRYPTONITY Community Links Web: https://tokensale.cryptonity.io/en Telegram: https://t.me/CryptonityExchange Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptonityEx Whitepaper: https://tokensale.cryptonity.io/storage/Whitepaper_EN.pdf My Contact BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2136998 Eth: 0x0Df415736Be40485c5016F21eEb373fB326A7847
  8. Only few innovations have seen the kind of global adoption like the level witnessed by the cryptocurrency. In order to be able to accommodate the growth in adoption, and to take care of the trade demands of the community, different exchanges have been created all over the world. However, majority of these exchanges are created without the interest of the community. A lot of exchanges are developed with sophisticated protocols and algorithms that users don't enjoy trading at all - and are mostly not design to give users the best experience. A large number of exchanges are created to suit only the experts and not for amateurs or people that are new to cryptocurrency trading. While complex exchange designs are easy for crypto experts, the success of every blockchain project is hugely dependant on the strength of the community. And it is important to build an exchange that will accommodate every user - this will also increase the adoption rate of cryptocurrency. A partnership blockchain projects is launching a new exchange. MT7 Trading Platform aims to disrupt exchange and set a new standard for how trading platforms should be created with the community as the main focus. The 3-Trading Approach MT7 Trading Platform is a product of Masternet blockchain-based community oriented project together with Akasic Trading project. These two projects came together to develop a revolutionary trading platform that will improve on the deficiencies of the existing exchanges and provide a new user experience for all the users. MT7 Platform intends to provide the community with an exchange that has simple and convenient interface with dedicated tools that will make trading very easy - This exchange has created three different tools to help the traders perform transactions What is more, MT7 Trading platform processes super fast transactions at an exceptional speed and also at zero transaction fees. Users of MT7 are guaranteed to make unlimited flow of profit. MT7 choose this policy in order to provide the simplest interface and the best experience to the users and utmostly to encourage more worldscale adoption of cryptocurrency through an amazing trading experience. It is a requirement for exchanges to be simple in order to provide a welcoming and encouraging interface and also to facilitate easy trading. Masternet project has developed the simplest trading platform without sacrificing security as it is even a more important requirement for exchanges to be secured - owing to the recent hackings of top exchanges around the world. MT7 is designed to allow users to start trading in only three simple steps - Create an account; Start trading; and Withdraw your profits* While the volume of bitcoin is obviously the crown of the market, trading of other tokens has seen a substantial growth. Hence, trading platforms that are user-friendly and welcomes new tokens and new users stand a better chance of capturing the market. A Good Fit For Global Competition The MT7 trading platform will stand high above other exchanges - it has a competitive advantage in the global market since it is design for smoothness and efficiency and appeals to the traders. With so many exchanges launched all over the cryptocurrency industry and very few offering real time trading experience, the industry is ripe for a platform that is cored on seeing that millions of its traders win unlimited profits from their daily trading. MT7 is built to demonstrate a new path on which subsequent exchanges or trading platforms should operate. Web | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter Ranie
  9. One of the many important operations of any business is brand marketing. Exceptional promotion and brand marketing has been one of the most outstanding characteristics of big companies and enterprises. Even the best products will make no sale or fail to succeed without proper product promotion. For a long time coming, mega enterprises invest so much resources into marketing their brand and product to the public; but this has always been done using old fashioned techniques. Only until recently with the advancement in technology before businesses and corporate enterprises are able to apply more sophisticated methods such as Artificial Intelligence, applications and other dedicated tools to help to reach the right audience. With advancement in technology, we see businesses adopting the latest techniques to effectively create awareness of their brand and product to the public. Advertising is more direct and specific - brands now have target markets their products. There hasn't been a way to evaluated the effectiveness of a marketing awareness. It was only recently when brands started using digital advertising to engage the market that the Region Of Interest on a marketing became measurable. Since marketing involves massive investments, businesses monitor the ROI on any product marketing campaign. Although the main aim of brand and product marketing in this modern era is to win more customers and to penetrate the market, the morals behind how it's done is rather gray Market awareness and advertising involve massive data about the market. To carve out ROI, companies need the right information about the market and how their product will fit with the people. While it is necessary to use information to engage the market and communicate their product to the public, there is a big question about the ethics and morals behind how companies utilize confidential and private information about their customers to promote their brand and product. Quite a number of big companies like Facebook and Google are guilty of wrongly using people's information for advertising. As a matter of fact, estimate put the level of unethical engagement in modern-day marketing at around 70%. And while marketing and advertising is important to both small and big businesses, such a degree of unethical practice will only harm the business on the long run. Setting The Industry On A New Path Enkronos app is leveraging the utility of blockchain technology to change the status quo of how marketing and brand/product promotions should be done. The idea of Enkronos App is to centralise the concept of marketing and how businesses and enterprises engage with their customers. As advertising involve so many aspects in order to reach the right customers, Enkronos App has developed multiple applications with dedicated functionalities to suit whatever kind of strategy. Rather than just creating a platform that will only allow advertisers to promote their brand and products, Enkronos Apps will also let advertisers create any application that suit whatever specific kind of solution they intend. Enkronos App is cored on bringing ethical solution to advertising by leveraging the blockchain technology and also improve on the methods of engagement by providing the right tools and technology like data and AI. Marketing on Enkronos App will give advertisers the opportunity to publish complex solutions that can solve specific company problems. Enkronos Applications are designed on a highly modular concept and protocol to allow for easy scaling and also to make alterations and improvements easy and neat. Enkronos Apps have built applications that allow content creators to see feedbacks and use the information to further improve on their marketing approach. The applications also have the ability to process and manage all the different sources of data together which can very easily be accessed on the dashboard. Providing A Transparent Solution. Data usage in advertising raises the issue of respect and ethical misconduct on the utilization of information for marketing. This is a challenge that has plagued the advertising industry for a long time. The lack of solution to this problems has created significant uncertainty in the stock market and lead to a sizable collapse in shares of big companies like facebook. The Enkronos Apps platform is built to offer solution utilising Artificial Intelligence and big data for effective advertising and marketing in the most ethical way. The main mission of “Enkronos Apps” is therefore the realization of a completely transparent and trusted ecosystem that can not be manipulated - a system that is publicly accountable and guarantees full ethical conduct in advertising. Enkronos App will utilize the transparent and trustless benefit of blockchain technology to register transactions done with the ENK token. This will assure the public of the transparency of the Enkronos ecosystem. BountyOX: Kryptarion1
  10. A large number if ICO tokens are plagued by extreme volatility. Mostly, a token can half or double in value in a blink of an eye. The major cause of such volatility is that most tokens are driven by speculative interest. ICO tokens are generally issued by projects that still need to advance not only their operations, but also their research and technology. Normally, this opens an investment outlet that offers a high-risk opportunity to potentially get exponential returns. Tokens recently lack an intrinsic value and so they are highly volatile assets, moving drastic amounts on even minor events. Regardless, ICO tokens have quickly become an extremely popular investment channel and many investors within the cryptocurrency space include a variety of tokens in their portfolio. It has become clear that it isnt exactly the smartest idea to invest in ICO tokens since almost every token represents a project that is still in development. Therefore, unlike a typical financial investment, diversifying across many tokens does not necessarily guarantee a diversification in risk. As a matter fact, the current situation of the crypto market does not provide the Cryptocurrency community with any way to diversify their portfolios with low-risk tokens. A New Class Of Tokens It is become clear that for a token to offer a significantly low level of risk, it must have some intrinsic value. A new blockchain project aims to deliver tokens backed by one of the most secure forms enterprise utility in the world. Bitcoin Air is tokenizing a disruptive form of bitcoin through off-chaining. This will create a new model of utility token that will have genuine usability for every day usage. People can very easily perform daily transactions with XAP tokens. Bitcoin Air will eliminate the instability and high volatility of the existing crypto tokens against the USD utilising mostly the existing technologies like segregated witness, lighting network, and atomic swap plus a unique in-house Air Protocol. Blockchain technology has been the go to solution to most of world's problems especially in finance and commerce. This is because if the transparent and trustless design of the technology. Bitcoin Air project will leverage the technology to process fast transactions effectively and in a transparent manner. Bitcoin Air's XAP token is helping to improve the token market. It offers an obvious benefit to token holders as they will now have an easy way to diversify their portfolio's risk level. XAP token can also have a major impact on aggregate token investments. Mass Scale Adoption And Usability An average person can not effectively utilise cryptocurrency to perform transactions. More so, the high level of volatility of the crypto tokens and the crypto market against the Dollar only makes this more difficult. Bitcoin Air is cored on providing a token system that will avail people of this bottleneck and aid more adoption of cryptocurrency on a mass scale. One of the many benefits of the XAP token is for individuals and enterprises. The XAP tokens can be utilised by start-ups and small businesses across the world. Many business enterprises are looking to support good projects and expand their enterprises through good means of financial payment. Thus a good token structured with multiple utilities will thrive well in this market. XAP token model will see it scale the market very easily since its price support is based on transactional circulation of the tokens. Presently, tokens only attract set people with an extremely taste for high-risk. A large number of the world's population are very cautious in the crypto space and risk averse and so most people have never invested in a single token. Bitcoin Air could be on the path to providing a system that could attract new interest to the cryptocurrency space by creating tokens that could appeal to the risk-averse masses.[/size] Essential Links Website: https://www.bitcoinair.org/ Telegram: https://t.me/BitcoinAirENG Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitcoinAirNews My Contact BTT Username: Ranie Eth: 0x0Df415736Be40485c5016F21eEb373fB326A7847
  11. The cryptocurrency market has seen a downturn- a phase experts popularly call 'Bear Market' in 2018. It is what has characterised the crypto market all year long. Prices of crypto tokens sliding downward like an avalanche from the top of Everest. The market has seen big tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum crash down in prices- Bitcoin dropped from its peep price of around $20K to less than a thousand dollars. A price change many investors rue so much. Ethereum on the other hand tasted the dip as far below $200. But clearly, the market only indicates the fragility of the structure of most crypto tokens in circulation. Cryptocurrency is a huge space and many projects are picking different use cases and certain industries to adopt blockchain technology. The problem is usually the token system of these projects. Most crypto tokens are utility tokens that are structured to thrive and increase in value only as the user base increases. This will only hurt the long term plans of such token if the expected utility rate isn't met. Analysis of the market has shown that token value reduces drastically once they are listed on exchanges. A lot of token holders scare easily and head directly to exchanges to dump upon listing. The brutal devaluation of tokens is because no one want to keep a worthless asset in their portfolios. The market is only an aggregate of the transactions of various tokens in the crypto space and the value change of these tokens is to a great extend dependent on the utility structure of each token. Tokens designed to increase in value only by market dictations will surely face the cruel slide of the dip. It is important that projects design multiple utilities for their tokens and different means to ensure good token value. There is a new blockchain project called Bitcoin Air which aims to create more than one utility for its token. A Multi-Utility Token To Scale Bitcoin Air is built to solve many of the challages that are hindering mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency as a daily means of exchange. The existing tokens do not provide a parallel transactional value and are also volatile in relation to the dollar. The Bitcoin Air is designed to scale the market easily and provide a better usability for crytptocurrencies so that they can be adopted more easily for daily transactions. The current cryptocurrency market has shown that for a token to be successful and increase in value for a long term, it must have its own token economy. It's not enough to sit back and wait for users to hold the token and hope that the value increases over time. It is important to create a good token economy and support in order for tokens to have a long term value. Bitcoin Air has created a token with unique economy and support mechanism. As a multi-utility token, the XAP token is created for enterprise use and not only for users to hold in other to increase its value. One of the many utilities of the XAP token is for small businesses. XAP tokens will be used start-ups and small businesses across the world. Many enterprises are looking to support good projects and expand their enterprises through good means of financial paynent.Therefore a good token structured with multiple utilities will thrive well in this market. XAP token model will see it scale the market very easily since its price support is based on transactional circulation of the tokens. As a project that is focused on more adoption of the crytptocurrency for daily utility and correcting the many complications in Bitcoin's structure and design as a payment tool, Bitcoin Air XAP token system will hold value for all forms of utilities.Not only is the XAP token created for enterprise use, it will also be stable and solve the issue of token volatility against the dollar. Bitcoin Air project is coming in as a real disruptive force. The team is cored on utilising the decentralised and trustless benefit of the blockchain technology and off-chain token protocols to create a flexible yet strong token that will scale on many levels. The modelled XAP token is a multi-utility token designed to effectively serve both individual user utilities and enterprise utilities. Highlight The Bitcoin project is demonstrating a clear example of how fork anchored on the blockchain can effectively create a strong token economy that will maintain an impressive long term value. The bear market is a proof of the vulnerability of most utility tokens. And an indication that a multi-utility token system is the new way to go. Get more information about Bitcoin Air or read the official ShortPaper. The Twitter,Telegram and Discord communities also contain more details about the project Connect with me on BITCOINTALK
  12. Blockchain technology is still trying to make a foot in terms of providing real-world utility. Nearly a year ago, the cryptocurrency market was enjoying a massive bull run: trading platforms and exchanges were signing up record numbers, Bitcoin price was soaring, and innovative ICOs were closing their hard cap one after the other. That bull run is long gone. But the majority of 2018 has been characterized by a bear phase as market prices have plummeted severely. 2017 saw cryptocurrencies first major leg in a large-scale adoption. Now, cryptocurrencies might have already exhausted the ability to penetrate the world's early adopters, a demographic that is the first to pick up new developments. However, when it comes to adopting new technologies, most of the world's population is not only slow, but also reluctant, especially when the technology is so raw. Most blockchain projects to date have had a core focus on advancing the underlying technology and to further the security of the throughput, its scalability, and sustainability. Meanwhile, the utility this technology may provide has had a severe lack of strategic advancement. Recently, a number of projects have taken on the task to introduce the benefits of the blockchain to the masses; these efforts are of paramount in the road to taking blockchain to the masses. One of the projects that is paving a powerful utility of blockchain technology is ProFish.io CreatIng A Community ProFish.io is decentralising the sport fishing industry. It is creating a platform that allow fishermen and sport fishing lovers to come together as a community, while opening up the opportunity to utilize the blockchain technology to organize tournaments and get rewarded. ProFish.io gives sport fishers the opportunity to earn a greater reward while enjoying their hubby by participate in tournaments; this benefit is coupled with the fact that sport fishing on the blockchain is a new phenomenon and ProFish.io is providing the right environment to bring recreational fishers around the world together to leverage the blockchain technology and to dominate a very lucrative market that have been left untapped. The ProFish.io's ecosystem extends far beyond merely providing a platform and community for sport fishers. ProFish.io will also include an online marketplace which will allow the users of the ecosystem such as retailers, fishermen and vendors to easily exchange goods and services among themselves while utilising the FISH token or Eth. ProFish.io has created the FISH token as the original token of ecosystem to be used as means of exchange and to perform transactions on the platform. Additionally, the ProFish.io platform is designed around the FISH token. This token powers all the activities of the project. ProFish provides three main services, upon a decentralized platform that is self sustaining. While the majority of blockchain projects overwrite the possibility of ever achieving the network effect by making the on-boarding of members so challenging, ProFish.io team places a key focus on not only applying the blockchain technology, but also ensuring the applications utilizing the technology are well-adjusted to the accustoms of the everyday person’s interactions with technology. This is the path to developing a proper community effect; a technology facing mass adoption. Essential ProFish.io Community Links Website : https://profish.io Bitcointalk ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4932747.0 Telegram : https://t.me/FishToken Twitter : https://twitter.com/ProFish_io Facebook : https://m.facebook.com/profishio/ My Contact BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2136998 Eth: 0x0Df415736Be40485c5016F21eEb373fB326A7847
  13. Blockchain technology enables value-based interactions; as the internet can enable valuable interactions among devices, the blockchain can provide an easy medium and smooth environment for the transactions that may accompany value-based transaction among different devices. The huge benefits of decentralization are undeniable. And the most desirable aspect of any product to the consumer is security and transparency regardless of whether it cater for other things. But most blockchain platforms have failed to attract consumer interest The Challenges When companies require technological tool tapered to their specific need, they utilize smart contracts which allow trusted transactions to be executed among anonymous parties without the interference for a central authority, a legal system, or external enforcement mechanism Smart contracts are a basic protocol in blockchain technology. However, Security has always been one of the major challenging issues for smart contract platforms. Reports account for as much as $70M being carted away in DAO hack. This has been followed by a string of incidences. It is clear that the blockchain platforms have room for improvement in this particular area. Additionally, because of lack of necessary frameworks, a lot of third-party enterprises have stepped up and provided more centralized solutions for multi-platform availability. At the moment, the Ethereum’s Light Client has only been integrated in an experimental phase, the necessary tools required for secure smart contract development are still in development, and the interaction of mobile applications with blockchain are extremely small in number mobile applications interacting with. This and many more usability issues contribute to the challenges of blockchain. Another challenge facing the technology is the issue of scaling. How can blockchain increase it number of reasonable transactions per second so that the technology can truly be utilized functionally on a global scale. The design of the blockchain is that every transaction on the system requires all the nodes on the network to transmit this information in order to have an accurate record of the blockchain transactions. As the number of nodes on the network increase exponentially, the transaction time takes longer to distribute the information across the network. Currently, the bitcoin blockchain can only process up to 7 transactions per second while Ethereum can handle around 15. The Good NEWS AERGO is a new blockchain project that is creatiled to disrupt the blockchain technology and to prove that further developments can be done to improve the technology for the benefit of the society. The DAO's hack of 2017 has brazen new start ups about the importance of establishing secure blockchain platforms. Of course the hack was not due to any problem on the Ethereum blockchain; it came from a loophole in the smart contract coding which was exploited by an intelligent hacker. Had the code been well written, the hack could have been avoided. The AERGO blockchain will use an in-house coding algorithm called AERGOSQL to create smart contracts. AERGOSQLwill leverage LLVM technologies in order to utilize JIT performance and implementation like WiredTiger to create a secure smart contracts. Blockchain technology is still a novel arena, a new cutting-edge that has the ability to interconnect enterprises and the and the world at large. Thus, in order to enhance the development of applications that will fully utilize this technology, it is necessary to facilitate developers. AERGO has developed an intuitive solution to attract contributors. Naturally, a platform that aims to disrupt the blockchain has an audience of developers. Thus, AERGO has made it possible to develop enterprise-grade applications through a coding language familiar to most developers. The fact that the architecture of AERGO is also open source only further smoothens the on-boarding of developer interest. Another standout aspect is that AERGO evens the playing field and ensure that there’s an equivalent opportunity for everybody. Any business enterprise, innovator or developer can easily be engaged and given the right tools needed to leverage the power of AERGO blockchain. Wrap Up: Of course blockchain has challenges. Same as any emerging technology, there are always kinks to iron out. But if we are to put our full trust and support in the technology we need to know that firstly it works, secondly there are innovative researches to improve it to provide benefit to society. And lastly, there is AERGO!!! Essential AERGO Links Website: https://www.aergo.io Whitepaper:https://paper.aergo.io/AERGO_Chain_Technical_Whitepaper_V1.0.pdf Medium: https://medium.com/aergo Twitter: https://twitter.com/AERGO_IO?lang=en Telegram: https://t.me/aergoofficial My Contact Twitter: https://twitter.com/abdulRa37255144 Telegram: https://t.me/abdulyasu
  14. One of the major problems that blockchain technology faces is direct utility in the real world Since 2009 when Bitcoin introduced a specific application of blockchain technology i.e a peer to peer (P2P) electronic cash system that allow online payments and transfers of value, the creation of the Ethereum open software platform, only served to realize the huge potential of blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin. Ethereum opened up a world of unimagined decentralized possibilities, where more complex applications of value can be designed, distributed, and managed with much more ease and transparency. In the past few years, we have seen developments beyond these two blockchains, but innovations have been gradual and singular in their approach, and have failed to offer a comprehensive solution to the prevailing problems that blockchains and cryptocurrencies face – especially relating to usability and adoption. A new decentralized world awaits, but only if we can produce a new generation of blockchains that solve some tough challenges. Blockchain is an amazing technology AERGO Network is developing a new blockchain protocol; the aim is to create a blockchain technology that provide decentralized medium for massive real-world adoption. To create a platform that provide developers with the necessary toolkit that allow for easy developments of decentralized applications for every industry. Of course there are many existing attempts to create a platform that scale blockchain technology into actual world aimed at providing new opportunities of blockchain utility; such attempts will take quite a long time to be realized. Instead of aiming for a cowardly route, AERGO is leveraging the open ledger and open source protocols to create a value-additive blockchain. This time the utility will be aimed for a real world usage. The AERGO project is a new blockchain platform that is originally created and supported by Blocko; a South Korean consulting firm who has proudly delivered blockchain services to over 23 client enterprises with way over 25 million people as end users. The concept of this project is not only based on the principles of open-source technologies, but in its self a complete open-source platform and full supporting ecosystem. The project is designed to integrate the key principles of open-source technology such as; decentralized development approach; pragmatic leadership; open-source software licencing. AERGO is a platform that provide huge support for developers, integrates and businesses to achieve distributed trust at scale. In order to ensure of an ecosystem that make available to the people the knowledge to successfully utilize the blockchain technology, AERGO will provide a low-cost commercial space and a management system which give all the support needed to dapp developers that are either launching soon or have already launched and are not happy with the main chain they have selected Wrap-Up: By introducing its successful infrastructure for decentralized blockchain utility, AERGO is giving blockchain technology an actual world utility in businesses and all other industries. The AERGO platform will collaborate with early adopters and clients to identify opportunities that will help in building a comprehensive ecosystem of stakeholders who will take the blockchain experiencs to a whole new level. You can find more information here Important AERGO Community links Website: https://www.aergo.io Whitepaper:https://paper.aergo.io/AERGO_Chain_Technical_Whitepaper_V1.0.pdf Medium: https://medium.com/aergo Twitter: https://twitter.com/AERGO_IO?lang=en Telegram: https://t.me/aergoofficial My Contact Name: Iliyasu Abdullahi Email: [email protected] Twitter: https://twitter.com/abdulyasu Also Read; 1. AERGO Attracts Contributors to Build An Open-source blockchain 2. A Blockchain Fight For The Spot: Ethereum Vs AERGO
  15. Content creation together with media industry is as old as man. Communication and transfer of relevant information have been made possible through the media and content industry. Alot of people can easily write about what they feel and share it with the world. Before now, content writing paid little or nothing to the creators and readers, they only garnered knowledge from reading vastly. Things changed a little since the internet and people could get a little reward for their contents. Also readers could very easily use the search engine to find what content they want to read. Blockchain technology has transformed this industry and has brought about creation of many platforms where content creators and readers can utilize to earn money while posting or reading contents. Example of such platforms include: Newbium.com, Steemit.com Minds.com etc The aforementioned platforms have one or more deficiencies or limitations which have made them insufficient or unfit to satisfy man's desire and need. Below is a crisp and clear analysis of the above content platforms and how they lack the right tools to represent the content industry. Steemit Steemit is a very popular content platform built on the blockchain technology to accommodate both content creators and readers. Content creators utilize this platform to reach out to their readers. Also the readers use steemit to keep in touch with their favorite content creators. Steemit was created with the aim of making both creators and readers earn money while they either write or read contents. Major limitations: Content creators on this platform only get paid when a reader feels it is OK upvote. Most times, the readers steem power will be low that even if they upvotes a content, it will worth is nothing. The readers, don’t get reward while reading, the only benefit is the knowledge. Again, in steemit today, there is no real value of upvotes as everyone is using upvote bid bots to make sure their content gets rewarded. These bots they use, are being paid for with steemit token (SBD) and in return, the bot increases their bid amount. This does not show the true value of a content when it comes to the monetary value. People care less to upvote contents especially those whose voting power is significant and worth some money. Minds Minds is another content platform that enables content creators to earn money while they produce contents. Sadly, the limitation of this platform that I have noticed is that for you to earn 1 minds token, your content must have been viewed by a thousand persons and endorsed as well. This makes new content creators and even the old ones who have no audience to live at the expense of others and keep enriching them while they themselves go home with nothing. Newbium This content platform is runs an airdrop. And it is only through the airdrop that content creators can be rewarded and readers are not taken into consideration as well. These three platforms, all have the same thing in common: The readers go home with nothing aside from the knowledge which they acquire. If you’re not a content creator in these platforms, you go home empty-handed. A true reward system by FORESTING FORESTING is not only a media and content platform, it is a protocol which other content creation platform can emulate with features that incentivize even the littlest actions of users such as likes, comments and replies. This feature is not seen in any of the content platforms I have mentioned above. Also, the FORESTING makes reward both ways for all users including the content creators and the reader. A user on FORESTING platform gets paid with PTON tokens just for posting contents or viewing them, they also get rewarded for responding to posts. This is possible because FORESTING is creating a direct two-way flow of payment where both the content publisher and viewers get rewarded. A user that post a content is rewarded and atvthe same time other users that view and respond to the content get paid too. The FORESTING platform is clean, smooth and transparent owing to blockchain technology. Therefore there won’t be anything like bid bots to get rewards for your work, or waiting for a thousand view before one gets any pay for their work. Incentives happen directly between authors and readers on the media protocol platform. Wrap Up: FORESTING platform is setting the pace and improving what is currently obtainable in the media industry by implementing brand new innovative ideas backed by the best team. Official Links Website: https://foresting.io/ Whitepaper: https://forestingnetwork.com/whitepaper/FORESTING_Whitepaper_Eng_Ver.0.91.pdf?ver0.2 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forestingHQ/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/foresting_io My Contact BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2136998 Eth: 0x0Df415736Be40485c5016F21eEb373fB326A7847