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  1. INTRODUCTION TO THE BRAVO BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. The business world, has grown in diverse instances where all forms of its endeavour and process is functionally designed to make payments and also receive payments.The truth is this, when businesses can make payments in all forms, such as from fait to digital and further digital as crypto-currencies, then it is obvious that the world and business in general is made more flexible and adaptive. Furthermore, businesses that adopt this process are uniquely innovative, creative, problem-solving and interestingly made for driven focus and growth. The basic instance is awesome and overwhelming in nature.Thus, with the functionality of businesses done on the blockchain crypto-currency node, is the constructive development phase and advancement. In general, this process of digital payment as a node, has created and erupted the presence of the Bravo blockchain cryptocurrency platform for its users. The Bravo is essentially a blockchain platform for growth and development implementation in areas of business payment via the blockchain digital node. ABOUT THE BRAVO BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. The Bravo blockchain platform is uniquely a crypto currency paradigm or node, which is designed to help crypto investors and other crypto-business persons in flexible payment of tokens and coins easily. The platform, represents a unique paradigm niche for users to enjoy when payments are made and also received on the crypto node. Thus, Bravo stands unique and awesome with its decentralized applications frameworks. In general, it represents all forms and elements of business changes and growth on the blockchain crypto-currency ecosystem. Furthermore, with the Bravo business development and payment is speedy, flexible and reliable. THE BRAVO BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM FEATURES. The Bravo platform on the crypto-currency ecosystem is designed in a such a manner that captures functional set of features. These set of features make it unique and reliable for users in a great way and scale. Thus, it also enables platform operations limitlessly. These features include; ▪ Decentralized and Accessible: The platform is decentralized and accessible for Bravo users all over the world, without any form of limits,hindrance and conflict in terms of payment processing. Thus, using the Bravo platform enables wide reach blockchain audience and accessibility. ▪Transparent and independent; The Bravo platform is independent in its design. Basically, the Bravo makes it functionally easy for all dealings and operations ledgers to be made easily accessible by users for verification on all dealings via their account. ▪Scalable: The Bravo has unique set of Scalability on the blockchain. This makes it easy for handling of limitless amount of transactions on a nano-seconds basis. In general, the scalable platform functionality enhances trust, integrity and reliance of honesty for the users. ▪Blockchain and systematic framework The Bravo has a unique set of systems developed frameworks which are built on the blockchain software node. In general, adoption of the Blockchain makes it safe and secure for users to enjoy in a great way and manner. This also creates and establishes advanced technological innovation of the platform. THE BRAVO ROADMAP. The Bravo roadmap details all project milestones and deliverables from the Bravo project founder and team.Below is a chart depiction or representation of the Bravo blockchain paradigm. Bravo Roadmap. sources; Whitepaper: https://bvo.trybravo.com/BRAVO_Whitepaper_V1.pdf Website: http://bvo.trybravo.com Telegram: https://t.me/BRAVOPay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bravopay/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bravo_Pay Author: jerrison Your BitcoinTalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Eth wallet add: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407
  2. INTRODUCTION TO THE BITETHER BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. Receiving rewards general creates nifty interest and makes everything around it attractive. This is also evident on the blockchain crypto-currency ecosystem. Thus, the blockchain has created a lot of project in diverse forms, making it awesome in amazing ways. The blockchain has made its own entry into the technological feat for users all over the world. This is the leading line content for different projects in general. Hence, with this comes the Bitether cryptocurrency platform which in essence is a unique gateway for users to enjoy the benefits of trading on the blockchain, creating businesses and empowering numerous individuals to enjoy the paradigm placement on all levels. The very vein line of this is the representation of the very need and drive which Bitether brings to the CRYPTO-CURRENCY Marketplace. Tokens, coin and the whole crypto community development is directed towards the focal point of reward and payment. Thus, the Bitether is that unique payment gateway for cryptocurrency users on all levels. ABOUT THE BITETHER BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. Bitether blockchain framework is essentially and basically a blockchain paradigm, that represents the functional fundamental context and content of businesses all over the crypto-world. The Platform is decentralized and transparent in nature as it represents and creates the right profit gain on all levels for users to enjoy payment processes. This is the main focus of the Bitether. BitEther, also represents the very niche for crypto payment processes in a great way global. The project is fundamentally driven upon the need to support and make it possible on a great scale for crypto users such as; miners, investors, freelancers and many others, also including the crypto enthusiasts. THE BITETHER BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM FEATURES. The BitEther platform is creatively designed greatly, as a payment gateway with unique set of features for users. The Users are to enjoy this number of platform features as follows; ▪The Decentralized Framework: The BitEther is a decentralised paradigm. it captures and captivates the functional framework for users all over the globe. Thus, on the Bitether platform stands the very essence and element of the platform. Users, all over the world, can access the platform without any limits, constraints of third parties and also conflicts of accessibility. This is what the decentralized Blockchain structure represents. ▪Blockchain Frame: The BitEther is designed on the foundation of the blockchain. This makes it safe and secure on the technical front. Furthermore, The Blockchain node makes it unique on a great scale for technological improvement and advancement for users to enjoy. This captures all elements of the Blockchian functionality. ▪Secure; The BitEther is designed in a unique fashion, upon a multi level algorithm. This makes it safe and secure for transactions. Thus, in essence, This makes it reliable and extremely trustworthy by users. ▪Scalable: The BitEther is awesomely scalable in nature. This makes it reliable for users and can process millions of dealings and operations done on the node. Thus, with this feature represents no element of transactions constraints and also limits to payment or receiving of tokens in a form. BITETHER TOKEN SHARE INDEX. Below is the token share allocation for users on the BitEther platform. The diagram representation depicts it in full details. TOKEN share ALLOCATION. THE BITETHER ROADMAP. Below is the Diagrammatic Representation of the Bitether platform. it represents all elements on the timeline for project task implementation. Bitether ROADMAP sources: Website: http://bitether.org/ Whitepaper: http://www.bitether.org/white-paper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/bitether Twitter: https://twitter.com/Socialbitether Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/socialbitether Author: jerrison Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Eth wallet address: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407
  3. INTRODUCTION TO THE CRYPTO CIRCLE EXCHANGE PLATFORM. The trading of currency or currencies has come a long way on the online trade frameworks or paradigms. This has a unique set of features in greater dimensions for growth in business and enterprises. The blockchain is a unique software paradigm for such algorithmic application development leading to the adoption of crypto currencies and it's evolution. The Blockchain has erupted the presence of the Crypto-Circle Exchange platform. This in general, is a platform to focuses on improving the trading process for users on the cryptocurrency platform. it enables and establishes how trading can be done better in a unique way,using trading algorithms on a great note. This makes it functionally easy for all users to enjoy the profit of gaining in a monetary fashion. ABOUT THE CRYPTO CIRCLE EXCHANGE BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. The Crypto exchange platform is a platform that is unique in its approach to meeting the daily algorithmic needs; of users on trading currencies. The platform maintains a focal interface sequence of how cryptocurrencies can be invested basically. It guides investment time, how to invest, when to invest, why to invest and what to invest and where to invest on the crypto market. This is basically the strong point of the Crypto-Circle Exchange platform; Users limitlessly access enough guide materials for users to benefit on a great scale when trading currencies are carried out. This multi facet dimension niche is the structure for which the platform operates and revolves around on investment prospects. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT The idea of the crypto circle in general makes the platform different and unique in a great way. Firstly, is the vision of the platform. Secondly, is the mission and aim of the platform for its users; Below in the pictorial depiction of what makes us different. Pictorial Chart:What Makes Us different THE CRYPTO CIRCLE EXCHANGE BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM FEATURES. The platform is set up with awesome amount of features. These features include as follows. They include below; ▪HIGH SPEED MATCHING ENGINE Written in GoLang, which is capable of 10 million plus transactions per second with a 40 nanosecond latency (cryptocircle.exchange, 2018) ▪DECENTRALIZED: The platform is decentralized to aid wider reach out possibilities for users in general. Through it adoption of the decentralized framework, users can be accessed in a great way from all over the world. ▪ANTI-MARKET MANIPULATION The exchange platform’s real-time market surveillance, supervision, and compliance system monitors for suspicious trading activity (cryptocircle.exchange, 2018) ▪PROTECTION FROM HACKING Continual third party security testing on our systems, periodically to check for any vulnerabilities (cryptocircle.exchange, 2018) ▪LOW COST Using the CCX token in conjunction with trading will significantly decrease transactional fees (cryptocircle.exchange, 2018) ▪COPY TRADING Crypto Circle eXchange offers members to learn from and mimic the signals of carefully selected professional trade managers (cryptocircle.exchange, 2018) ▪BOT TRADING Our algorithmically-based smarter trading bot allows trades to be executed faster and more efficiently than the trader would be able to do manually (cryptocircle.exchange, 2018) ▪SCALABILITY The platform is so scalable to handle more than a million operations and transactions at a time. This is one of the outstanding features of the platform. ▪MULTI-PLATFORM TRADING APPS Crypto Circle eXchange will have Windows, iOS, API, and Android based applications usable for trading on our exchange (cryptocircle.exchange, 2018) ▪REAL TIME CUSTOMER SUPPORT 24 hour Live Customer Chat Support is available for traders with any issue big or small that may need immediate attention any time of day ( cryptocircle.exchange, 2018). THE CRYPTO CIRCLE EXCHANGE ROADMAP. Below is the platforms roadmap, which iterates the milestone and wider timeline fellowships by users on the project in general. ROADMAP chart; Sources: Website: https://cryptocirclex.com/ Whitepaper: https://cryptocirclex.com/whitepaper.pdf ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4906962 Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4937028.0 Telegram: https://t.me/CryptoCircleX_Official Telegram ANN: https://t.me/CryptoCircleX_OfficialANN Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoCircleX Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CryptoCircleX Author: jerrison Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Eth wallet Address: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407
  4. 28 minutes ago INTRODUCTION TO THE NEOGAME BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. The gaming industry is set to witness a change and growth in a unique through the blockchain structure. This is a new wave of change through the blockchain mall. It is the NeoGame platform on the crypto-currency ecosystem or paradigm. It is essentially needed to maintain and create a functional way through which gamers can benefit more and gain more in a great way. The NeoGame blockchain has one focus in mind. This is very simple, it has a paradigm for making sure no limits are set on how gamers can play games and reduce the power of middlemen or intermixed intermediaries in the industry. This is the focus line concept of the NeoGame platform and is uniquely a constructive paradigm in making gamers love to game and benefit tremendously. ABOUT THE NEOGAME BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. The NeoGame blockchain platform is constructed or designed in a unique way to eliminate the place of barriers and middlemen in the gaming Market. This is uniquely why the whole idea of the platform was created and established in nature. It is also the why for so creative intuition from the team. NeoGame is a platform developed in a such a way through which gamers can place bets in a decentralized manner or fashion and operate in a way that it requires no middle-man or men for placing of bets as the case maybe. Most instances, gamers globally face challenges with payment involving middlemen and commissions. But, with the arrival of the NeoGame concept and idea is the presence of the a decentralized system were gamers can play from any were in the globe. Furthermore,the degree of commissions and excessive fees are removed totally from the gaming houses through the blockchain. This is a convenient way of solving problems and varying degrees of the present day centralized gaming system. THE NEOGAME BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM FEATURES. The NeoGame blockchain is interestingly made up of creative features on it. This makes the platform awesome to be part of and uniquely great to explore. This makes it flexible and outstandingly user friendly in nature. The following features, make the platform great. ▪ Decentralized Node- The NeoGame platform is decentralized in nature and, makes it easy to access globally. it eliminates the place of gaming centrality and erases the presence of middlemen or charges that involve booking of games,placing of bets and many other conditions on games been played. In general, a decentralized node makes gaming life sweeter and profitable in terms of monetary gains. ▪Blockchain Construct: The NeoGame platform uses the blockchain technology framework. This adoption makes the project and all its dealing in-hackable or accessible from intruders. This in general makes it uniquely safe and secure. Thus, with gaming as the focus, the blockchain is the best construct for safe keeping of all winnings and many more account transactions been done online. ▪Transparency; The NeoGame platform is transparent in nature through its blockchain and decentralized tools on the platform. The transparency nature creates reliability and profitable way to trade and place gaming bets. All games booked and won can be viewed and checked by all for honesty. ▪User friendly interface: The platform can be accessed freely and navigated upon by users. This makes it easy for access and operations. The basic construct makes it functional and accessible for all level of users. Thus, users are not limited by platform use and simplicity. ▪Scalability: The platform is scalable in nature, due to the much handling of limitless amount of transactions at a fast response time. This is what the NeoGame platform represents and brings for games with the elimination of middlemen. THE NEOGAME TOKEN DETAILS. All NeoGame token details can be accessed via the NeoGame token web homepage at www.neogame.io. THE NEOGAME BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM ROADMAP The NeoGame roadmap iterates all frames and scales of milestones, task and objectives of the platform project timeline. The diagram representation below depicts all roadmap details. for further information, please visit: Website: https://neogame.io/ Whitepaper: https://neogame.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Neogame_WhitePaper-Aug18.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/neogame_bounty Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NeoGame11 Twitter: https://twitter.com/neogame11?lang=ru/ Author: jerrison Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Eth wallet : 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407
  5. The process by which nature creates the right amount of balance, has been thought of by many and a way of making this balance effective is interestingly unique.The Blockchain cryptocurrency operations makes this process really functional and achievable in all context. Thus, this has erupted the arrival of the Zero Carbon Project on the crypto mall. The Project is to create a synergy construct of how blockchain can work with the green concept in the world at large in making, the environment more secure and conserved. In reference, this is basically built primarily on the scalability, flexibility and decentralized conceptualization of the project. The Zero Carbon Project enables crypto coin ownership variability for users which makes, people from anywhere in the world access tokens from the project that can aid the place of managing and creating a green world for all. The project is creative, unique and built upon the relevant constant construct of restoring the environment to it's original form.This, in essence defines the paradigm of how well zero carbon presence can make the world more healthy, safe, adaptable, liveable and lovable.Thus, the Zero Carbon Project does this without any form of hindrances and limits. it makes the whole process decentralized for wider reach and accessible growth. Hence, for more details, users can visit the Zero Carbon Project at www.zerocarbonproject.com, for token offers, value margins on allocations and project roadmap (milestones, achievements and wider reach). Furthermore, this approach navigates to provide,all requirement for green environment creation. The very essence of following the web homepage is to actually follow through on the how the project milestones,interfaces and delivery frameworks can be better harnessed in general. It is said, that proper understanding creates right value management of anything in general. This is what Zero Carbon Project offers for a vast-achievable green environment. it enacts the real element of precision for users to follow and also a creative index of a goal written to be achieved and understood.The basic construct of the Zero Carbon Project ideologically drives this for the future. For more information and details. Website: https://www.zerocarbonproject.com/ Whitepaper: https://www.zerocarbonproject.com/white-paper/ ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3396140.0 Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3406822.0 Telegram: https://t.me/ZeroCarbonProject Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zero-Carbon-Project-1994928630745331/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeroCarbonPrjct Author: jerrison Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Eth wallet address: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407
  6. INTRODUCTION TO THE TREXTOKEN BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. Music is basically a life-long love for people all over the world. it's like a life stream entertainment content which changes how people live on a daily basis. it functions as a tool for change and transformation in a great way. The blockchain is a renaissance of music and a platform for creativity in general. Hence,leading to this is the blockchain paradigm or structure which makes it possible and unique on all sides by society and people at large. Thus,the use of the blockchain has erupted the presence of the Trextoken on the cryptocurrency blockchain coinage and leads a driving force for music lovers to enjoy on a great way. Trextoken is the next stream and point of change for users. The TrexToken is created on the blockchain to meet the musically needs of the users through its decentralized platform in a unique way through cryptocurrency tokenization and paradigms. ABOUT THE TREXTOKEN BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTO-CURRENCY PLATFORM. The TrexToken blockchain platform is basically a platform which creates valuable token for music lovers in a unique way and manner for them to trade and exchange values in a great way. The platform is centred and designed for music lovers to enjoy and download music content,and also furthermore; trade music content exchanges through tokens. The platform offers limitless amount of features for music users and publishers to trade and share values of music on all levels. The music Trextoken platform users all blockchain payments processes and dealings for creative trading in a unique manner and way. Trextoken represents crypto coinage for all music lovers,investors and producers on a general context as they will trade and exchange tokens on value shares via the different crypto currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin to fait and vice versa easily. THE TREXTOKEN BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTOCURRENCY PLATFORM FEATURES. The Trextoken has been designed with a unique set of features which are special.They include as follows; ▪Purchase for download: The Trextoken offers its token value as valid currency for exchange and trading of all music contents. it establishes how music can be traded valuable at affordable rates. ▪100% transparent: The Trextoken is 100 % transparent for transactions and dealings, which makes all operations seen and can be vetted by all users on the platform. This cuts across every aspect of operations and dealings on the platform. it makes it easy for the users to enjoy and creatively manage all dealings without strain and hindrances. ▪Royalty Payouts; Thus,every user that invests on the platform or carry's out any form of transaction or dealings. The user is rewarded for with royalty bounties. ▪Decentralized: The Trextoken is decentralized and transparency in nature. it operates without any form of locational restraints or limitations to accessing the platform. The platform enables all users to reach out without any form of conflicts in accessibility. ▪Scalability: The platform is designed to be scalable, and handle limitless amount of transactions without any constraints. Trextoken is the next stream music scalable platform on the crypto-currency ecosystem. THE TREXTOKEN BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTO-CURRENCY PLATFORM ROADMAP. The Trextoken platform roadmap defines all timeline and project achievement functionality. Below is a diagrammatic depiction or representation of the Trextoken platform. for further information please visit: Website: https://www.trextokens.com/ Whitepaper: https://www.trextokens.com/assets/Whitepaper.pdf Author: jerrison Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Eth wallet: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407
  7. INTRODUCTION TO THE CUSTOM COIN BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. The building and construction industry has evolved over time uniquely. it is the definition of growth in urbanization and community development. The basis of creating the right kind of features for the construction industry defines and directs the building of roads,houses and bridges,coupled with other kind of infrastructural development in terms of it's business development and establishment. The blockchain is multi-functional,multi-dimensional and multi-dynamic in nature as it transcends the best part of managing and creating the best form of construction industry paradigm evolution and growth it needs. This has led to the arrival of the CustomCoin or CCnowpro blockchain cryptocurrency platform. The CustomCoin offers the best crypto-technology infrastructure in Switzerland's construction industry. The platform is designed to create the right paradigm for construction industry evolution and growth. ABOUT THE CUSTOM COIN BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. The CustomCoin cryptocurrency platform is all about a platform designed and created for making sure the right paradigms in the construction industry in Switzerland and other parts of the world adopt the best practices such as investment prospects and more are well nifted and grown using the best blockchain cryptocurrency understanding and management. This is defining point of creation and construct in the building and construction industry. Basically,the CCnowpro is uniquely one of the best blockchain platform on the construction industry node. it's arrival creates the right functional features and best management practises which will be beneficial to all workers,investors and construction industry practitioners. The platform explores in great detail all elements of blockchain involvement and growth for simple benefits to all in the construction business. This,simply the reason for CustomCoin or CCnowpro presence on the blockchain scale. THE CUSTOM COIN BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM FEATURES. ▪Decentralized: The CustomCoin cryptocurrency token is basically issued globally without any form of limitation to purchases. It creates the right world reach for all constructions global approach to investment and value creation. Basically,everyone in the world can trade and purchase the CCnowpro token in the cryptocurrency marketplace.This maintains and creates the best point of industry reach globally. ▪Transparent: The platform transactions and dealings are reliable and transparent in nature.This means all users on the system will get to enjoy the benefit of clear deals benefits without any form or restrictions in any form. Thus, all users and investors can enjoy benefits of investing on the platform. ▪Value Oriented Returns: The CustomCoin is value rated in terms of growth and development on the construction business market. Thus,all investment on the CustomCoin token is a value driven construct of profit for all investors and other users. ▪Scalability: The CustomCoin cryptocurrency platform is scalable in nature; as it aids multiple transactions and operations on a great way within a development scale preference and enhancement. This implies that on the CustomCoin platform,construction workers and users can best investment and interestingly reap from speedy operations. THE CUSTOM COIN BLOCKCHAIN ROADMAP. The CustomCoin cryptocurrency platform is navigated and sequenced on a roadmap construct which allows for team planing and advancement. This basically creates the best part of milestone deliveries and objectives. Below, is the CustomCoin roadmap chart for all users on the platform. -CustomCoin ROADAMP Chart; for further information please visit: website: https://ccnowpro.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/ICO_CustomCoin_Platform Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4972001.msg44840108#msg44840108 Github: https://github.com/CustomCoinToken/Custom-Coin-Token Author: jerrison Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Eth wallet address: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407
  8. -INTRODUCTION TO THE ORGANICCO BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTOCURRENCY PLATFORM. The power of the natural is very important to understand. it defines the place of balance, stability and precision. It captures the very essence and element of focus. Thus, staying and always been green is the very solution the world needs on every side. This establishes the very fundamental foundation of change and balance in a unique way. Thus, with this in mind has revealed the birthplace of Organicco blockchain platform for which its key elements are a reflection of been green and going green in all dimensions or things. This is in essence the defining line and functional approach to dealing and handling all variables of the environment. It replaces the definitive construct of change in general. Hence, the Organicco is set to revolutionize and cause a place of been green in all things via the blockchain technology. Furthermore, the Organicco is also the defining solution of the world, when green energy and paradigms would be discussed and applauded. This construct is the balance of change through the blockchain technology. -ABOUT THE ORGANICCO BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. The Organicco blockchain framework is all about a platform which basic construct defines the place of using and applying green energy to any tin involved in the place of human existence and living. This very well defines the paradigm of change and great living applications. Thus, in essence Organicco represents the best element of change. The Organicco represents a world of only green and less of pollution, Excessive Carbon in the environment. Organicco is basically elemental in nature as it presents the place of been organic and also a nifty variance of green living globally. It introduces this through the use of blockchain technology framework and also the right form of human living for users, miners and also investors. -THE ORGANICCO BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM FEATURES. The Organicco platform is designed with unique functional features and tremendous functional sequence of great importance to accessibility and reach in a more decentralized manner. Below are elements of the Organicco blockchain features. ▪ Decentralized Framework: The Organicco represents a well defined and patterned decentralized framework for users and also a place of change in essence. The decentralized framework makes it accessible and also very reachable for users in general is basically about connecting, reaching out and accessing everyone in the world.it is basically true, that the globe as a whole needs the place of green living for everything life supports. ▪Transparent and Fair: The Organicco coin token is fair and transparent for which all users can purchase and trade in a unique way. Furthermore, Organicco token is reaching all, basically without any form of biases and also without any form of limits. This is the transcendence of light dealing with human interactions in business and enterprise. ▪Green Construct: The Organicco is essentially green in all variance.its construct is reliable in nature and fundamental focuses on all green energy for its operations, dealings and also changes which the world needs. ▪Platform Scalability: The Organicco is scalable in nature, as it can handle limitless amount of transactions without and constraints and hindrances. The Scalability of the platform is fundamentally the driving line through which transactions can be done and carried out in a very decentralized order. -THE ORGANICCO BLOCKCHAIN ROADMAP. The Organicco roadmap is accessible and can be followed via www.organicco.uk, all interested users can view all timelines, milestones and also task-objective for it's activity sequence. Sources: Website: https://organicco.uk/ Whitepaper: https://organicco.uk/content/site/Organicco_whitepaper_R8sm.pdf ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3379079 Twitter: https://twitter.com/organiccouk Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IcJVAAuEHotRC2YmSi0vTg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/organiccouk Authored by: jerrison Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 ETH address: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407
  9. Educational citadels for studies and publications have over the years become developed in an exceedingly great form and manner.This is the definite growth path way of academic development everywhere in the planet. Thus, this major frontier trend has provoked the birthplace of the Orvium blockchain framework on technological interface of the blockchain. what is more, the Orvium is important for its growth and further development in making the simplest type of framework for all sectors of academic publications and management of intellectual properties for home owners reward. Orvium is essentially, the publisher's original blockchain framework for rewards and profit maximization. this can be essentially, the method forward as all parts of the Orvium Crypto token navigates in this sequence.it is the edge of artistic enterprise and content worth managed on the blockchain as a good node of operations. the following links can be consulted for further information: Website: https://orvium.io/ Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3535259.0 Whitepaper: https://orvium.docsend.com/view/nvr6ywj Twitter: https://twitter.com/orvium Telegram: https://t.me/orvium Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Orvium/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orvium.io Author: jerrison Bitcointalk link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Eth Wallet address: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407
  10. INTRODUCTION TO THE ORVIUM BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTO CURRENCY PLATFORM. The place of scholarly publications has evolved over time in a great way.This is the definite growth and place sequence of educational development all over the world. Thus, this leading trend has erupted the birthplace of the Orvium blockchain framework on the blockchain. Furthermore, the Orvium is significant for it its growth and advancement in creating the best form of framework for all sectors of educational publications and management of intellectual properties for owners reward. Orvium is basically, the publisher's original blockchain framework for rewards and profit maximization. This is basically, the way forward as all elements of the Orvium Crypto token navigates in that sequence.it is the threshold of creative enterprise and content value managed on the blockchain as a great node of operations. ABOUT THE ORVIUM BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTO-CURRENCY PLATFORM. ▪The Orvium blockchain platform is basically all about connecting the right dots for making value returned on the content publishers place.This is in essence the place of creativity,change and flexibility. The Orvium is significant for it approach to making the educational content publisher enjoy the wealth and reward financially for his or her work.This present the place of freedom and clarity,because with the Orvium blockchain. The Sequence of transparency is guaranteed and reward is basically assured. The definite anagram of the Orvium captures the value instance of all publications in science and other fields of study. This also creates the element of value reward in diligence and hardwork. It expands on the paradigm of re-invention,work and published functionality. THE ORVIUM BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTOCURRENCY PLATFORM FEATURES. The Orvium blockchain platform is captured and designed with enormous features. This features are as follows; ▪Decentralized Model:"Orvium unlocks the full potential of a decentralized, fair, transparent and competitive market, free of biases, oligopolies and private interests"(orvium.io,2018). ▪Zero-delay Publication:"Scientific work is available from the moment it is submitted. Orvium establishes an independent, decentralized and immutable time-stamped proof of existence, authorship and ownership"(Orvium. io,2018). ▪Full lifecycle traceability;The Orvium provides the place of all article or publications traceability immediately it is published and it remains that way. Furthermore, "A public trace of all the activity is kept in the blockchain: submission, revisions, accepted and rejected peer reviews, copyright and user license changes, etc"(orvium.io,2018). ▪Authors select license and own the copyright:The Orvium publishers have the exclusive right to all publications and published works."Orvium produces bespoke licensing models by design. The model is always the author's own decision"(orvium.io,2018). ▪Research Data and Process:"Orvium empowers scientists to share their complete studies by making available research data, code, etc. This increases scientific validity"(orvium.io,2018). ▪Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning: "Orvium integrates Big Data Analytics with the blockchain. This unlocks valuable insights to improve scientific production"(orvium.io,2018) ▪Decentralized Journals: Decentralized journals offer a low maintenance, highly flexible, cost effective and completely autonomous way of handling and categorizing scientific literature, while offering an additional line of business for authors and editors. ▪Collaborative Environment:"Orvium provides a collaborative framework for any single process related to the manuscript life cycle"(orvium.io,2018). ▪Involve Society in Scientific Evolution: Orvium invites the general public to redefine journals, to create challenges that increase scientific validity and to promote patronage campaigns in both the public and private sectors. ▪The Orvium Uniqueness: Transparent, Universal, Unbiased and Accessible Science: ▪ Blockchain ▪ Decentralized Storage ▪ Big Data & Artificial Intelligence ▪Open Source Framework. ROADMAP. The Orvium blockchain platform is designed with all milestone and planned task, which cumulates into the roadmap. Thus, all interested user should visit the Orvium blockchain platform web homepage at www.orvium.io. For more details and informations. Website: https://orvium.io/ Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3535259.0 Whitepaper: https://orvium.docsend.com/view/nvr6ywj Twitter: https://twitter.com/orvium Telegram: https://t.me/orvium Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Orvium/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orvium.io Author: jerrison Bitcointalk link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Eth Wallet address: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407
  11. INTRODUCTION TO DBC BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. The DBC Platform This can be defined as a global level. The DBC is the most important thing to do. This is a form of globalization. The DBA represents a framework for artificial intelligence. Thus, this maintains the main light or flashpoint. It has been shown that there has been a lot of data on it. -ABOUT THE DBC PLATFORM. It has been decided that it’s not a problem. This is what the technology industry has been. This is what you can think of. it design is attributed to the Information Technology paradigm globally. it also makes the value of -THE DBC PLATFORM FEATURES. It is a function of a DBC. It also makes it possible to create a measure. Thus, DBC is a feature of this feature. They include; ▪Decentralized node; The DBC operates a unique combination of the system of nodes for the system. It is a rule of thumb for all users to globally. ▪Blockchain Architecture: The DBC uses a sequence of diagram for users. This is a real time security chain. It makes it possible to create a well-secured platform for users. ▪Scalability: The DBC represents a scalability platform that limits the number of transactions in general. It makes it possible to It is easy and flexible. In addition, Scalability provides technical innovation and advancement. ▪Transparency: This platform is safe and transparent for users. It can be used to make it easier for you. THE DBC ROADMAP. Milestones and value achievements. It represents what it all needs. Thus, we’re interested in our online homepage at www.dbc.io, for informations and details. For more information visit; Official website: https://www.datablockchain.io/ Whitepaper: https://www.datablockchain.io/#documents LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/datablockchain/ Medium: https: // medium .com / dbc-io MVP: https://www.dbc.io/ Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3361166.0 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dlocklockchain/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DBC_IO Telegram: https://t.me/dbcio Author: jpnl0005 Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1842222 Eth adress: 0x3c331A715E6092D797308ED6bA74E877767643c7
  12. The Active Unit (TAU) as it is named by the team is a symbol for the Proof-of-Transaction protocol that provides stealth speed, secure and fair cryptocurrency without causing any form of inflation. The process of growing the network for mining is made a common behaviour by the team through the help of the technology deployed in form of "Proof-of-Transaction", the mining clubs with exchange history are incentivized by creating squares and reward to clients. No favourable position is for concentrating riches and equipment as in POS and POW. Low boundary to coins and club casting a ballot are TAU execution of reasonableness. At the point when the more exchange volume, TAU plans to the higher speed and the lower add up to cost. TAU imagines to unadulterated portable mining system. Automatic Block Interval replacing Time Interval In the NXT, 1MB square and 60 seconds focusing on base for square age, there are two situation: Numerous exchanges inside 60 seconds arrive exchange pool, surpassing 1MB square size limit. Tau enable miners to produce square when they gathered 5000 transactions(a.k.a 1MB). Supplanting tallying clock C, we utilize exchange counters before 60 seconds. At the point when: (Base x exchange number counter x Weight > arbitrariness), that mineworker can create square. Both exchange and time counter reset. NO enough exchange inside 60 seconds. Time counter ends up powerful. At the point when the picked digger not ready to collect 5000 exchanges, it can produce square when 60 seconds passed. The advantages for above plan is the more exchanges the quicker the chain handling exchanges. Notwithstanding, there may be malevolent mineworkers need to wreck the chain by producing boundless exchanges to keep blockchain swelling. The best approach to oppose this assault is to restrict square number every moment, we can begin with 10 squares greatest every moment. At the point when network feels it is too moderate, club pioneers can cast a ballot on fasten utilizing their weight to increment by flag exchange. Under same soul, we can request that club pioneers vote lessen the time interim from 60 seconds downwards on chain. In synopsis, TAU will wander into expel particular time interim on square age. Proof-Of-Transaction TAU utilizes a fresh out of the box new calculation called Proof-of-Transaction (PoT) which from multiple points of view is the inverse of PoS. Rather than empowering few members to develop an extensive equalization of tokens, PoT will remunerate substantial quantities of members for little exchanges made with their assets in the typical course of utilizing the blockchain. PoT evacuates the idea of vesting and changes the time span for exchanges. What number of TAU are held in a wallet is insignificant, just the quantity of exchanges that happen inside the most recent year. This number of exchanges incorporates any tokens sent or got; this aggregate is called Harvesting Power. The more exchanges that are made the additionally Harvesting Power a wallet holds. TAU-X Propelling Oct eighteenth, the TAU Exchange (TAU-X) mechanized framework will empower the trade among TAU and BTC. Clients will have the capacity to wire BTC or TAU into the TAU-X pool and swap in proportion to the aggregate coins in the pool. The coin swap will happen each 360 squares. Alongside all clients, the TAU establishment will assign 60,000 TAU each swap into TAU-X for token dissemination. At the point when no BTC ventures, the rest of the TAU will vestige to the following swap. This framework considers TAU and BTC holders to flawlessly trade an incentive with no mediators. Coins Allocation Joining the TAU project Need to take in more? The TAU whitepaper gets into a more specialized discourse of how agreement is accomplished, how irregularity is resolved, the unique exchange process in remuneration sharing called "Club Wiring", and another idea at scaling called "Programmed Block Size". You can discover the paper here: https://www.taucoin.io/whitePaper/TAU%20White%20Paper%20v0.1.pdf Today, TAU is effectively offering its task to the network. On taucoin.io, there is a Facebook spigot to make your first wallet and connect with the network through exchanges and Harvest Power. For our dispatch, we are including coins in each wallet, and the framework is granting extra coins for referrals. To more readily demonstrate the benefit of Harvesting Power at the network level, each referral is added to your Harvest Power once the Mainnet is live. There is no other venture that is effectively remunerating network fabricating now and later on like this. Since TAU is a network drive venture, we are additionally expanding Whitepaper co-initiation inside the network with an end goal to make sense of a portion of our most concerning difficulties and to concur as a network what the subsequent stages ought to be. On the off chance that you have ever needed to help a task that seems to be as libertarian as could be expected under the circumstances, this is the one. For more information visit; Official website: https://www.taucoin.io/ Bitcointalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4757879.0 Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/taublockchain/?_rdc=1&_rdr Twitter: https://twitter.com/tau_io Telegram: https://t.me/taucoin Whitepaper: https://www.taucoin.io/whitePaper/TAU%20White%20Paper%20v0.1.pdf Author: jerrison Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Eth wallet: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407
  13. It has become a daily ritual for me to bring vital and useful information your way, today's information is about "human coin". If its all the same to you sit down and release up your nerves as you read. Moreover, I encourage you not only to scrutinize yet, also, to make a basic walk as a noteworthy part of this exceptional improvement We are taught to be kindhearted to other individuals and this benevolence can similarly be found in the blessings we accommodate those in need, may it be to a man or philanthropies. Nevertheless, individuals and associations that will give generally either to make blessings. One reason is that it is troublesome for them to find a worthwhile endeavour. They question if the affiliation is real and if their responsibility will genuinely accomplish the proposed recipients in full and in case it will be extremely used for a respectable inspiration. Moreover, there is no basic strategy to trade money for them especially if the donors are from different countries. As shown by the World Giving Index 2017, 1/3 of the all inclusive community on Earth accommodate philanthropies no under eleven every year and half of them extend their help to outcasts. As a general rule, their duties speak to up to 80% everything considered, 15% of blessings made through foundations and sweeping associations for only 5% of endowments. Benefactors give money simply more consistently to religious causes 32%, preparing 15%; generous help 12%, magnanimity bolster adventures 11%, restorative administrations, 8%. The additional 22% of endowments are for various purposes, for instance, normal and untamed life security, articulations and culture, and other worldwide endeavors. On the other hand, an investigation driven by Nielsen Group found that half of the customers diagramed around the globe, half of them will pay more for items and adventures from socially careful associations. One way to deal with making an intense enthusiastic resonation with clients is by consolidating customer endurance programs with the charity business. HUMANCOIN is the money of generosity. It is the new web business cryptographic cash controlled by the Proof of Charity ownership tradition Humancoin is a dynamic stage that exudes helpful vitality of the unselfishness business, retail online business, and computerized cash feature, which together have a joined estimation of $ 3.5 trillion. Humancoin tokens can without a doubt be changed whenever, mile, additional, coupons. Token proprietors will be helped to hold them to abuse engaging focal points and it gives a whole deal, solid prerequisite for tokens As the amount of associates and the degree of participation inside the Humancoin Network is creating, and furthermore the reputation of the tokens The check of "mining" of Charity empowers the endeavor to scale a colossal number of times. This is the fundamental blockchain adventure that is perhaps an overall electronic business faithfulness program aggregator Association with magnanimity gives its tokens a fascinating good position in making commitment ventures to assistants who make a convincing enthusiastic Resonance As opposed to fighting with existing tasks, the Humancoin token is effectively fused into existing systems - the principle require is setting a talk cost. To be sure, even a little 1% of the power returns industry speaks to 25 times more than the Tokens Sale tokens issued by Humancoin. In like manner, in demand to give additional prizes to advocates, the association issues additional tokens after the Token Sale, in altogether in association with the veritable proportion of stores raised on the stage. Humancoin is a money of goodness Through current creative degrees of progress, there are such a substantial number of favorable circumstances for the lives of various people, in light of the fact that the development is to a great degree indispensable for various fields. With advances in development there are furthermore various open entryways made and are amazingly useful for the lives of various people in light of the way that on a major level the advancement that has been made is to empower extraordinarily complex human activities joining into this program, development allows to an organic network to deal with issues. That is a nonattendance of trust in what happened. Through the Humancoin organize, or, in other words of goodness, we can deal with issues using blockchain advancement, since development is acknowledged to give a trust game plan by giving traceable straightforwardness and besides giving security. Using Humancoin we can screen their spending on the web and get benefits by stage assistants, so the useful communication of electronic business and advanced money will occur and Humancoin supports the extension in the quantity of sponsors. Through the cementing of three dynamic methods, the advanced cash grandstand, blockchain development, and the online business commitment program the Humancoin Platform offers a reasonable and whole deal respond in due order regarding the generosity business. This stage joins all accomplices, including sponsors, recipients and online business customers. In case it is incorporated, it will have a total estimation of around 3.5 trillion dollars inside and out. Of all partners in this endeavor, there are a couple of various associations including tremendous online stores, benefits associations, preoccupation and media outlets, flying machine, crypto exchanges, general associations, paying little regard to whether they work using computerized cash or not using cryptographic cash. Inclinations of the Humancoin arrange We assume that this Humancoin Platform gives enormous preferences to customers of this stage. Since it can enable take to mind of trust issues, give security, traceability, and straightforwardness. In addition, discarding the long chain of philanthropy and center individuals related with trades. This fuses; NGOs, banks, law workplaces and government associations. This will premium in light of the way that the Humancoin organize, will attract various electronic money customers from various dedication programs far and wide to ensure the necessity for tokens that are relentless and extreme. The money delivered from the offer of tokens will choose the financial procedure that will be realized by the association which will be spent on various assignments to be executed in the last quarter 2018-2019. The insightful contract of the stage will give additional token issues on limited tranches (1 billion signs every), dependent upon the quantity of advantages brought and up in perspective of the need to compensate promoters as demonstrated by their blessings. New tokens for various purposes, other than compensating advocates, won't be given. Token holders may pitch their tokens to crypto exchanges or keep for favorable circumstances in the consistently creating associate sort out. All tokens have changed for preferences from web business assistants on the phase to be expelled from the course and expended. The affirmation of the Charity thought empowers the dare to offer hundreds and an immense number of times and, subsequently, has no impediments on the quantity of individuals who may be incorporated: new endeavors, promoters and electronic business Market players can be a bit of the system of Humancoin later on. How might it work The stage moreover enables an opportunity to need to totally screen online blessings, and furthermore to pick and survey undertakings and establishments close by various limits. There is in like manner the opportunity to get a receipt for each blessing that will be used for evaluation diminish purposes, dependent upon the cost ward of the supplier. Benevolent endeavors both private exercises and foundations enter the purposes of enthusiasm for the Humancoin organize. The promoter will have the ability to pick an assignment on the stage and move trade out their choice of cash. It is the place Humancoin Foundation comes in. Slaughter questions and issues by using a blockchain advancement and the related P2P web organize that engages sponsors to quickly make endowments generally speaking screen their trades online to see that their blessings are being taken of course and get benefits/inspirations like discounts from the stage assistants and endeavor diverse trustworthiness programs the world over. Establishments will in like manner have the ability to display their endeavors' dependability by giving information as for how they use the advantages; smart portions are as of now streamlined and the issue of cash and cryptographic cash change is fathomed. Since foundations and charity affiliations like Red Cross et cetera begin enduring endowments in computerized money, the improvement in the altruism business is predicated in light of the fact that unselfish undertakings will have the ability to recognize resources with immaterial overhead costs and in the most restricted time in any beneficial money. Humancoin is an accomplishment blockchain adventure that joins givers and beneficiaries of benefits in a most favorable and direct way possible, gives straightforwardness, traceability, and security. It moreover joins the magnanimity business, online business, and the computerized cash publicize. So for what reason would it be a smart thought for us to have Humancoin? In the first place, Human money tokens are easily convertible into any centers, thousands, prizes, and coupons. Token proprietors are offered impulses to hold them with the objective that they can misuse appealing focal points. Second, the universality of the token will create as the quantity of accessories and the degree of interest inside the Humancoin sort out creates. Among the endeavor, associates will be immense online stores, specialists of the gaming and media outlets, flying machine and crypto traders. Humancoins procured in the midst of the Token Sale have the estimation of a dedication remunerate token. These can be used to get discounts from Humancoin assistants or sold on crypto exchanges. In any case, once the Token Sale closes, Humancoin tokens can be purchased on exchanges or got in the degree to any blessing. Supporters get back portion of the estimation of their blessing in Humancoin tokens. Toward the day's end, patrons will have the ability to "buy" or "mine" tokens at the rate of twofold the cost recorded on the exchange. Consequently as Aesop expressed, "No exhibition of benevolence, paying little heed to pretty much nothing, is ever misused." Human Fund: Currency arrangements Token: HUMA Portion methodologies: ETH, BTC, LTC Reward: half Stage: Ethereum Standard: ERC20 Number of Tokens: 3,055,000,000 ERC20 Humancoins advantage ROADMAP For more information: Website: https://www.humancoin.net/ Whitepaper: http://docs.humancoin.net/HumanCoin_whitepaper_en.pdf ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4469466 Twitter: https://twitter.com/humancoinnet Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Human-Coin-1049107488575656 Telegram: https://t.me/HumancoinChat Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/humancoinnet Author: jerrison Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Eth wallet: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407
  14. INTRODUCTION TO THE DIETBITCOIN CRYPTO-CURRENCY BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. The best part of crypto-technology frameworks are the decentralized structure and interface. This is basically,the strongest will power of its productivity and flexibility. The blockchain as coinage is remarkable for its structure.This has lead to the eruption and arrival of the Dietbitcoin,via the crypto currency stance and structure. This basically represents the very essence sequence of Peer-to-Peer technology processes with out and place of a centralized banking operations. This makes the Dietbitcoin a worth token of choice and essentially a worth enigma of great things to come,which users can best enjoy and also envisage in a great way.The manner for which The blockchain chain speed and flexibility has evolved is the leading structural instance and structure for all the Dietbitcoin platform productivity and synergy.The blockchain is a defining line foundation for the Dietbitcoin framework. ABOUT THE DIETBITCOIN CRYPTO-CURRENCY BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM. The Dietbitcoin platform is all about a peer-to-peer platform which operates and represents a De centralized sequence or structure for tokenization on the blockchain. The Dietbitcoin is an open source enigma which presents its token for public use and in essence, makes it tremendously free without any form of hindrance for users despite their present locations or locality. The Dietbitcoin is not controlled by an third party or government. It presence provides users with the ability to trade at any time,any where and whenever they choose without any form of obstruction and limitations. THE DIETBITCOIN FEATURES. The Dietbitcoin blockchain platform is operational operated by its unique set of features. it represents a clear cut paradigms that makes it functionality,speed and all activities operational. The platform makes it functional good and easy to trade and share data in a decentralized manner.Some of the features are as follows: Blockchain Node:- The Dietbitcoin is designed on the decentralized node and structure. its operations makes it the bassline for the platform's structure and security. The Dietbitcoin on the blockchain is sequenced to enable flexibility and speed of all operations or processes. Transparency: All operations and processes on the Dietbitcoin are transparent in nature.Thus,the peer-to-peer operations remain clear and precise for all users to see,without and backend operations in general.Thus,makes it the real deal of trading for users. Fast and Reliable: The dietbitcoin is fast and reliable in nature via its design. The design structure create all users to enjoy speedy access to information and also reliable source for all processes done by each users without and form if hindrances. Crytpo-Anagrams: The Dietbitcoin is operated by the crypto currency paradigm for all users in the globe with access to internet. Thus,provided all users have internet,thier cryptographically operations are not limited on the Dietbitcoin. THE DIETBITCOIN COIN DETAIL. The Dietbitcoin coin specifications are detailed below: Coin Specification: -Name: dietbitcoin -Symbol: DDX -Total Coin Supply: approximately 1,800,000 at launch -Total Possible Supply: 21,000,000 -Algo: Sha-256 -Type: PoW -Mining Pool: Coming soon THE DIETBITCOIN ROADMAP. The Dietbitcoin roadmap iterates all task focused with milestone adjustability and achieve-ability.This provides information for timeline,goals and all reach by operations depending on the use case. Below is the Dietbitcoin CHART roadmap. Dietbitcoin ROADAMP Chart: For further information, please visit: Website: https://www.dietbitcoin.org/ ICO Website: https://www.dietbitcoinico.org/ ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5024081 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dietbitcoin/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/diet_bitcoin Telegram: https://t.me/ddxofficial Author: jerrison Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1013741 Eth wallet: 0xc47C291ECE9319CF5acF74704DC816a2cE14A407