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    What is Greentoken Project?

    What is Greentoken Project? Greentoken - is a crypto-currency mining with lifelong free green electricity, based on an innovative waste-processing plant with a 100% recycling capacity, without harm to the environment and preliminary separate collection of garbage. The main aim is to have a clean ecosystem. And mining is the solution which will permit our company to get extra revenue from waste recycling in the preceding cryptocurrency market. The project will be located in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Large companies around the world are contributing to the solution of the problem by investing in waste recycling. The most influential entrepreneurs, actors and models are spreading environmental awareness and raising big money for green projects and activities. The waste will be recycled through a pyrolysis reactor originally used to produce Syngas - a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the industry. Syngas is a source of methanol, hydrogen and other chemical products, and is used to generate heat and electricity through gas turbine generators and piston gas generators. In addition, it is used to produce foam glass, an environmentally friendly material used for the insulation of residential buildings and industrial enterprises. Due to the small number of foam glass manufacturers, there is a high demand for this material. Greentoken Features: Greentoken opens it shares to token holders, enabling them to be proprietors of a huge eco-friendly establishment, thereby getting a continuous dividend for life. Greentoken offers investors a mining farm that is powered by green energy from waste on German technology. This implies that the profitability of the mining is 25–50% more than in other places around the world. The mined token will be fairly distributed through ETH smart contract to investors. Greentoken will be able to mine tokens from our farm, according to the quantity of token purchased by individuals. The personal account of investors will be credited with the mined token on a monthly basis. Greentoken partners with LORDCOM, a multi-million dollar organization with five years of experience in installation and maintenance of industrial mining farms. Team: Roadmap: Q2 2017 - The idea and the beginning of creating a project team Q3 2017 - Development of White Paper concepts and projects Q1 2018 - Launch of stage 1 of the Greentoken "Private Pre-Sale" project Q2 2018 - Develop smart contracts and launch sites Q3 2018 - Launch of the 2-stage project from the Greentoken "Pre-ICO" project Q3 2018 - Construction and preparation of infrastructure for mining farms Q4 2018 - Launch of 3-stage "ICO" Q1 2019 - Running agricultural mining and starting dividend payments Q3 2019 - Connection to the free electricity network from the factory Token Sales Detail: Farms will bring permanent passive income to GTN owners. We provide a transparent system for the distribution of tokens through the ETH smart contract, which directs revenues from the Greentoken mining farms to each client, in proportion to its share. You will be able to profit from the project for as long as the whole mining crypt industry will live. ICO Detail: Token: GTN PreICO Price: 1 GTN = 0.7 USD Price: 1 GTN = 0.15 USD Bounty: Available Platform: Ethereum Country: Kazakhstan Whitelist/KYC: KYC Restricted areas: USA, Canada For more information: Website: https://greentoken.in/ White Paper: https://greentoken.in/doc/Eng-WP.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Greentokenin/ ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4899128 Telegram : https://t.me/Greentoken_official Medium : https://medium.com/@greentokenin Twitter : https://twitter.com/greentokenin Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is Blinked Project?

    What is Blinked Project? Blinked is the world's first blockchain-based social media platform for recommendations that drives up to 90 percent of advertising revenue to users. With more than 13,000 subscribers and growing, it's a new way to do social and earn. Blinked was founded by J. Benlevi-Little, who brings more than 10 years of digital media experience in the recommendation space. The inspiration for Blinked came after a successful exit from JULIB.com, a previous recommendation platform that distributed recommendations in 16 cities worldwide and became the second largest recommendation platform in the U.S. at that time. Benlevi-Little realized that the world was saturated with recommendations, and it was time to create a hub that housed them all. After struggling with reading reviews from unknown users on Yelp, Blinked was created to improve the way users find recommendations by enabling them to choose whom it follow, a functionality similar to other social media networks. Blinked currently has 13,000 active users acquired in stealth mode while in development and with minimal marketing. There are more than a quarter-million recommendations on Blinked today, in categories such as Food & Drink, Fitness, Travel, Entertainment, Sports, Television, Fashion, Beauty and many more. It takes as long to post a recommendation on Blinked as it does to post anything on any widely-used social media platforms. Using proprietary Blinked technology, users simply enter the name of their recommendation and then other data (address, web site, images, etc.) automatically populates. The Blinked team includes both influencers and investors such as Prince Amukamara (Chicago Bears) John Brenkus (ESPN), and Yoenis Cespedes (New York Mets). Blinked has also formed. The Blinked Platform: The Blinked Feed Users may view each Blink in the Blinked Feed made by users they choose to follow including any friends, influencers, experts or publications by swiping left to right in app. Discover Any user may find other new users, Blinks, influencers or publications and opt to follow them in Discover. A toggle is available to view images of them all categorically and a text field is available for a more defined search. Map/Near Me Any user may view recommendations made by friends nearby on a map, and may select either map or list view. Filters are available to view results categorically (i.e. Food & Drink or Shopping). Profile User profiles are available by tapping the upper right corner of the app. Profile images and settings may be adjusted. Users may also view any recommendations made by them to date. Filter categorically to see recommendations by city or category. Other users’ profiles are available by tapping their name or image anywhere viewed in app. Ask Users may “Ask” friends for a recommendation. The Ask becomes visible in the feed only. Anyone following a user may respond. Blinked Arcade Users may exchange Blinked Gold (BGZD). for rewards in the Blinked Arcade. Wallet Users may view totals of their BLKD token and BLKD Gold. Life Cycle Of Tokens: How Earn Users ** Recommendations: ** Blinked users earn Blinked Gold (BGZD) by recommending things on the platform. Users can recommend anything (people, places, products, services, technologies, events, etc.). The more likes and recommendations receive by other users, the more the recommended person earns. View ads: Blinked users earn Blinked Gold (BGZD) by viewing additional announcements / commercials on the platform. Only users who are involved and active on the platform can participate in advertising revenue. The user can not use the platform solely to view advertising and earnings. To get a tip: Blinked users earn Blinked Gold (BGZD) by getting tips from other users who appreciate the recommendation. Winning Challenges : Blinked users earn Blinked Gold (BGZD) by participating in tests created by other users. A call is a contest in which the user seeks to find the best recommendation from other users. Become a local sales administrator: Blinked users earn Blinked Gold (BGZD) by becoming a blink of Administrators (patrol) or Sales Administrators (salespeople). Team: Advisors: Roadmap: Token Sales Detail: Token: BLKD Price: 1 BLKD = 0.08 USD Bounty: Available MVP/Prototype: Available Platform: Ethereum Accepting: BTC, ETH, Fiat Country: USA Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist For more information: Website: http://www.blinked.live/ Whitepaper:https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5aa115bf7e3c3ae292046820/t/5b6ed2ea575d1febd1f16862/1533989631460/BlinkedWhitePaper-FinalAugust2018.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/blinked_app Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlinkedApp/ ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4932897.0 Telegram general chat: https://t.me/Blinked_App Telegram bounty chat: https://t.me/BlinkedBounty Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
  3. tinhkhuat

    What is CryptoLancers Project?

    What is CryptoLancers Project? CryptoLancers ICO platform is a distributed peer-to-peer free-running platform, a CryptoLancers token for online payment services, which enables people to realize innovative projects and hire freelancers to provide related work and services, You can connect a leader to a service provider. The CryptoLancers ecosystem uses distributed computing to solve transactions problems of online payment services, inherent in existingsystems, in a single distributed peer-to-peer platform. Decentralized blockchain technology and smart contracts facilitate customerspayment of project on a trust-agnostic platform, offering a greatlyreduced risk of fraud and no counterparty risk. By investing, CryptoLancers allows platform publishers to assign tasks to the afected character. CryptoLancers provides several services in one platform using a fully distributed network and a very secure payment method. CryptoLancers Mission: Our users are our top priority. Cryptolancers mission is to contribute to the development of secure payment for freelancing projects and ensure the perfection of value-added services. We are developing a fair and transparent Cryptolancers service which allows the exchange of cryptocurrency for fiduciary chips without intermediaries. This will help users protect their money against fraud through the use of smart contracts and by which encouraging a lifelong learning process for all users. CryptoLancers Solution: Freelance workers present a special challenge in terms of the collective labor organization. As an independent and highly dispersed workforce, they face several obstacles that prevent them from carrying out their duties to the fullest. Almost 50% of freelancers and self-employed individuals report that they have systematic problems in obtaining their payments within a scheduled time frame. Freelancers want a quick pay with maximum security against fraud or unexpected request of refund. They want to have the exact sum of money agreed upon in the contract without any additional post-charge after receiving their payment. Due to the diversity of the request for offer process, clients want the best offer that meets their expectations in terms of quality, price and timing. They want help in realizing their expectations to fit their projects. They also want to see a total outflow in the opposite case. The surety of their projects is an essential necessity. For this, the follow up of work carried out is a primordial task. Clients want quality servers to enable cheap and easy exchanges throughout the market without getting ripped off, but most of all, they just want everything in one platform. Traders and their companies want, above all, to benefit from their investment. They want to promote loyalty to their tokens by acquiring and retaining them for the long run. They want to limit their exposure to risk as much as possible, by attracting the greatest titles, subscriptions and freelance content. Traders also want to know that their money and efforts are not going to waste, and if there was a better way to get paid for it. We are that way. Satisfying the needs of freelancers in terms of deposit promptness, the client’s entail regarding quality of services obtained as well as traders demands corresponding to a desired profit. How Does CryptoLancers Work? Method uses our coins. Plus all the types of currencies and methods desired by the user. If a client wants to pay with another currency, they must convert their currency to our CLCC coin chips. When a freelancer completes their work, CLCC coin chips are kept by an abiding contract until the client confirms receiving their work, in comply with all of their requirements. At this point, CLCC is released to the freelancer and the transaction will be finalized. After each completed Cryptolancers project, the client is obliged to leave comment/s for the freelancer about their work. If the work is complete and the owner of the project is satisfied with the result obtained, our platform will give a point for the freelancer. This point serves to validate their work. Moreover, in an opposite situation where the owner of the project is not satisfied with the results presented and it is displayed by their comment/s, no points will be given to the freelancer. Points are awarded to well received work as opposed to less, this is to maintain credibility and avoid false or personal reviews. However, if a client is displeased with the work presented by a freelancer, our platform, with the help of our support team, will aid resolve their dispute in a decentralized manner, by reviewing evidences before deciding on whether or not a refund is necessary. However, if the client is dissatisfied with the work done by the freelancer, our platform will help them resolve the dispute in a decentralized manner by asking a member of the support team (as a third party) to review the evidence and decide whether a refund is necessary. Future Features and Projects: We have a lot more in store for the freelance market than our newborn freelancing system. But as it is with all good things, time, energy but most importantly money, are always an asset. It is worth building a good foundation to support. Our main goal is to become an international platform where our coins will be on the top 10 ICOs in the market. We want to get our name out there, so that we can reach not only the technicality versed but also casual people as potential clients. Thereafter, we plan to connect our Cryptolancers platform to existing functional services enabling usability to all. We have many other projects varying between different fields and numerous countries. Some of these features may change as we learn more about how we can use the platform in the real world. Many freelancers never make it off the drawing board, but as a creative group of motivated personnel, we have an innovative approach to tackle continuously emerging problems and di culties. Our experienced members are well immersed in various sectors, giving us the knowledge and vision to be tomorrow leaders in cryptocurrency. Team: Advisors: Roadmap: Token Sales Detail: he CLT amount expected to circulate at the end of the year is 60,000,000, offered for sale in two rounds based on the percentage well studied for each round. From this, we can estimate the estimated CLT price for 2018. Based on the estimated value per our panelist token by Q1, the predicted market for CLT is set to 0.7 $. CLT prices will continue to increase and in various proportions, from 1.1 $ in Q2, to 1.7 $ in Q3. In Q4, the CLT price is predicted to increase to $ 2.8. We calculate CLT price predictions using the number of tokens that are expected to circulate at the end of the year and our panelist estimates of token’s and coin’s value at the end of the year. ICO Detail: Token name: Cryptolancers->CLT Coin name Cryptolancers->CLC Coin Ships name Cryptolancers coin ship->CLCC Total tokens->100,000,000 TOKEN Accepted currencies->ETH ERC20 Token = Yes 1 CLT tokens = 0.00167 ETH (Pre-ICO Price) Token Allocation Community distributed->55% Reserve->15% Founders and team->15% Reserve for platform manipulation->15% Community Tokens Distribution ICO ->48.5% Pre-ICO Round 1->9% Pre-ICO Round 2->28% Bonus and bounty costs->14.5% PRE-SALE 8am August 15th For more information: Website: https://cryptolancers.network/ Whitepaper: https://cryptolancers.network/whitepaper.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptolancersnetwork/?_rdc=1&_rdr Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptolancersN1 Telegram: https://t.me/cryptolancers_official Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is Alfa-Enzo Project?

    What is Alfa-Enzo Project? Alfa-Enzo foundation is the world’s first Smart Market offering hyper local social networking based on high-speed proof-of-activity blockchain. The platform combines a patented social network with a high-speed proof-of-activity blockchain that enables users to earn money from the time they spend on the network. With a fully built, complete ecosystem, Alfa-Enzo is able to meet the needs of every user worldwide. Alfa-Enzo is patented social mining platform that lets the community solves the most critical problems of the blockchain—scaling and mass adoption. It uses a patent-pending side-chain process to let you mine tokens by discovering and interacting with social contents on the network. The patented design was developed from scratch to ensure that you earn for your time and anything you create from posts to transactions. The more you give to the network, the faster you earn. Powering Alfa-Enzo's ecosystem is Enzo (NZO). Enzo is a time-token that converts the user's time into a stored value. It is mined using a special Proof-of-Activity (PoS + PoW) protocol that's designed to properly compensate users for the time they spent from social activities to marketplace activities. Miners can transact with the tokens, or sell the tokens on exchanges to Advertisers and Publishers who need the tokens to serve advertisements. Tokens are burned when Advertisements are injected into the system, which continually create a fair increase in value and demand for tokens . Alfa-Enzo holds a number of patents and will provide its source code for open-review in April 2019. It is a presently in MVP status with a baseline release of its social mining app ALFA for iOS, and on track to deliver the first Android version in November 2018. Users will be retroactively reimbursed for their time spent on the network after the launch of its main-net in 2019. Alfa-Enzo Vision: It is impossible to take cryptocurrency mainstream using existing blockchain platforms. Similarly, it would take to long for a widespread utility to manifest through the dizzying array of unproven offerings. Only a solution with viral potential and designed specifically to meet the speed and scalability required for mainstream utilization can be successful. To that end, we propose to deliver a solution with the following properties: Quick – Exchanging value should be as easy and frictionless as exchanging information. It should also be guaranteed and secure. Beyond this, users want to be able to access content quickly and painlessly. Useful – A utility is the single biggest factor in the success of blockchain enabled offerings. Every offering to date attempts to solve for systematic scale before achieving product-level traction. Viral – Cryptocurrency is not well defined at ground-level and it is therefore not top-of-mind. Its utility, value, and promise need to be delivered via network effect as a tangible and transparent zeitgeist. The Problem Alfa Enzo Seeks To Solve: Cryptocurrency has the potential to change the world, but faces serious challenges when it comes to worldwide adoption. Here are some of the reasons that have hindered the process: Utility: Currently, there’s no easy way to use crypto Intrinsic value: Most coins are not backed by a universally acceptable basis Exchange: There is difficult movement between analog fiat and cryptocurrency EON ecosystem: To attract a global audience we need to develop utility that will bring interaction between partners to a new level. EON(ENZO OPEN NETWORK) is an innovative ecosystem that allows people and data to function as a single market in time, while data can be managed by private blockchain. EON should provide transparent and fast data transfer system, as well as reduce the network-wide load. To achieve this goal it need the following: 1. Ecosystem participants completely control their data, because each user receives a private blockchain tied by a master chain. 2. EON combines proof of work and share to create an activity cost function that gives each member of the network chance to get Enzos tokens. 3. EON miners earn Enzos by helping CAPTCHA, which enables the processor to conduct transactions and add them to a public order. 4. To guarantee lightning-fast transactions between two members of the network, EON uses offline channels associated with the smart-contract. 5. For transaction verification, you can call the Samaritans. Samaritans are equivalents of knots. The Samaritan Protocol requires adoption of a node and is organized by a smart-contract. 6. This protocol is called "handshake" and serves to exchange real goods, as well as to ensure security when meeting face to face. Team: Advisors: Network Influencers Roadmap: Token Sales Detail: The accepted cryptocurrency on the EON network is ENZO (NZO). It is the network’s native cryptocurrency, which has an intrinsic value derived from activity and time. For that reason, it is impossible to inflate Enzo’s basic value. 1 NZO = 356 Zs = 365 days ICO Detail: Token: NZO PreICO Price: 1 NZO = 0.005 ETH Price: 1 NZO = 0.01 USD Token Sale Date: Present – July 4, 2019 Bonus: Available Bounty: Available MVP/Prototype: Available Platform: Ethereum Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, Fiat Minimum investment: 0.01 ETH Soft cap: 25,000,000 USD Hard cap: 100,000,000 USD Country: Cayman Islands Whitelist/KYC: None For more information: Website: https://www.alfaenzo.io/ Litepaper: https://www.alfaenzo.io/libs/pdf/litepaper.pdf Whitepaper: https://www.alfaenzo.io/libs/pdf/whitepaper.pdf#zoom=30 Blackpaper: https://www.alfaenzo.io/libs/pdf/blackpaper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/enzonetwork Facebook: https://facebook.com/AlfaEnzoOfficial/ Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4732951.0 Medium: https://medium.com/alfaenzo Telegram: https://t.me/alfaenzoio Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsfKqraAZ5rQDVqX9i1XaUQ Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is Leaxcoin Project?

    What is Leaxcoin Project? Leaxcoin is a decentralized global currency that adopts the Ethereum blockchain technology, the leader in the smart contract evolution. The Leaxcoin platform comes up with the solution to all the problems with real estate transactions, either in the purchase, rent, lease and real estate launch or in the property registry. The success of the Leaxcoin platform will be totally achieved with a global community of real estate specialists and experienced developers, who will create the necessary tools to connect all the real estate processes and the regulatory agencies of property registration for a blockchain, everything in compliance with the countless jurisdictions of every country, state and city. Property Registry: The Leaxcoin platform is protected by blockchain, ensuring an unchangeable database.The entire platform environment is intended for local and global communities, with tools, applications and solutions to a full integration with registry, notary and government institutions, following the local jurisdiction for the transfer of title deeds. After all, the whole environment of the Leaxcoin platform is intended for communities, having tools, applications and solutions to a seamless integration with real estate registry offices, notaries and governmental institutions, complying with the jurisdiction of each place.The whole process will be carried out in conjunction with our global community, as it is through the work and support of everyone that we will make it possible. Contracts, Listing and Real Estate Crowdsale: As this protocol is the only transaction arbiter, it can be carried out in a transparent way, free from conflicts, without high costs and time consuming intermediaries or other verification processes.Any information entered into these contracts is automatically treated according to a previously agreed protocol.The Leaxcoin platform is an important application of the blockchain technology in the form of Smart Contracts. Leaxcoin Wallet: The Leax wallet will be fully developed on the Ethereum blockchain network, which is encrypted to avoid fraud and theft, having Send, Receive and Token Purchase functions. -SECURITY The assets are locked in the local storage of the wallets, away from any server. -PRIVACY No personal data or private information is stored on any server. Community and Global Support: The Leaxcoin is exceptionally pleased with being a genuine network with land authorities from everywhere throughout the world. Together, we unite to construct a worldwide network of the blockchain upset lovers, giving new assets to incite the land world transformation. The people group is effectively supported and compensated for getting associated with the improvement, advertising and land arrangements. On the off chance that you need to join our locale, turn into a minister in your city, state or nation! DECENTRALIZED ORGANIZATION AMBASSADORS ALL OVER THE WORLD INCENTIVE AND REWARD PROGRAMS VOTING ORGANIZATION SYSTEM ABOUT The Platform: Our Ecosystem a Global Community Financial specialists Traditional Real Estate Negotiators Owners Brokers Real Estate Agents Organizations Registry Offices Real Estate Agencies Real Estate Specialists Developers Everyone together, making a coordinated incorporating biological community to encourage the land procedure consideration in the blockchain. Together, we join forces to build a global community of the blockchain revolution enthusiasts, providing new resources to foment the real estate world revolution, the community is actively encouraged and rewarded for getting involved in the development, marketing and real estate solutions. Growth Target: Cryptocurrencies challenge current economic structures and allow instant transactions with no interference of third parts, such as banks and governments. Once these cryptocoins enter the market, they turn into negotiable and exchangeable assets, very similar to the traditional stock markets for fiduciary money and other assets. The demand for this market is high, some cryptocurrency exchanges have reached more than one billion dollar in daily turnover. This proves how a new market is climbing the financial ladder much faster than any of its predecessors. Taking the volume of transactions into account (presented data in the current scenario), the growth of cryptocurrencies and the universalization of the real estate sector, we can predict very positive indicators of global negotiations, and this requires a platform prepared to guarantee the best experience for the users involved. Team: Leaxcoin is an open source project designed by a global community of totally self-funded and high qualified developers, engineers, designers, academics, economists and Blockchain cryptography enthusiasts, who have committed to taking the Leaxcoin to the main cryptocurrencies and making the decentralized technologies fully accessible to everybody. Token Sales Detail: Leaxcoin is a decentralized global currency that uses the blockchain Ethereum technology, in which it was developed in the ERC20 standard, following the strictest security standards. With the aim of financing researches and platform development, the Leaxcoin will hold a coin distribution event, offering a limited issue of 1 billion tokens totaling 2 billion. All revenues referring to the initial contribution period will be used to finance the development, information security and expansion of the platform. ICO Detail: Name: Leaxcoin Symbol: LEAX Decimal: 18 Type: ERC20 Total: LEAX Leaxcoin distribution Development -> 33% Marketing -> 25% Operational -> 27% Funds -> 10% Legal> 5% For more information: WebSite: http://leax.io/ Whitepaper: http://leax.io/whitepaper-leaxcoin.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoundationLeax Github: https://github.com/Leax-Foundation Telegram: https://t.me/foundationleax Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is Stem Cell Innovations Project?

    What is Stem Cell Innovations Project? Stem Cell Innovations is changing the face of health care by expanding access to stem cell research, development, and treatments around the world using blockchain technology. At SCI, we are devoted to the international research, development, and implementation of stem cell therapy. We are also expanding our network with professionals, labs, clinics, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations. Our ultimate goal at SCI is to connect people who need treatment with the right dedicated solutions and professionals for their unique needs. At SCI, we believe such connections should be convenient and at your fingertips, just as so many other services are in modern society. We imagine a world where each and every person, no matter where they come from, will be able to connect with a Stem Cel Specialist instantly through our Stem Cell Innovations application (SCI Application), and in the same connection be able to decide when and how much confidential information to share with professionals. Stem Cell Innovations Technology: Protecting confidential user information is vital to the success of a system like the one we are proposing. to ensure security and privacy, Stem Cell Innovations will require users signing into the SCIApplication to provide information and generate a unique identifier within the SCI ecosystem. A unique identifier is an alphanumeric string of information that is assigned to a specific piece of data in an electronic database; in this case, the SCI platform and application. users will be given a unique identifier that will be generated using a proprietary algorithm, which will be used and stored using blockchain technology. the SCI unique identifier will act as users’ keys within the SCI network. through cryptographic methods, the data used to generate the key will be kept secret and secure, able to be parsed only by the SCI decoder. unique identifiers enable access to customized stem cell services and therapies offered throughout the expansive SCI network to our users. SCI will provide personalized stem cell solutions to patients using our platform, and as the SCI network and suite of services grow, users who opt into these services will be apprised of advancements and new treatment options as they become available. SCI plans to run on dual blockchain platforms. the first platform will be built on an ethereum base for token use only, and it will be powered by the eRC20 platform. the second blockchain will be a custom application designed and built by SCI engineers tailored to fit the healthcare environment. SCI has decided to build its own blockchain for storing and processing patient stem cell records. this customized blockchain is known as SCIChain. SCIChain will use the Hyperledger fabric network, which will be designed to use smart contracts to protect data and ensure only authorized individuals have access to user data. SCI engineers realize that the Hyperledger fabric blockchain has unique functionalities that differ from other blockchain types that fit with the needs of SCI’s vision and product. Smart contracts are the gatekeepers of the SCIApplication. users will be free to change their settings at will should their treatments change or preferences change. using mathematical equations equal to the eRC20 platform, SCI ensures user privacy. the straightforward validation associated with a blockchain environment is a secure process that ensures data integrity. furthermore, a cryptography public key will be added to the SCIChain and application to promote a higher standard of security. the symmetric-encrypted key used by SCIChain is 2048-bit, which is a supremely secure method of data transformation in today’s technology-based world. Stem Cell Innovations Features: Currently, hospitals and organizations in the united States and around the world are conducting stem cell research to further the field. to date, the majority of case studies reveal positive findings. During clinical research outside of the united States, stem cells have been used as a form of treatment successfully. Stem cell treatment and technology continues to be on the cutting edge of medical research and discovery, and we predict that stem cells will become an even more important part of the medical community. In addition to furthering research, SCI plans to offer stem cell banking through its stem cell application ecosystem. Parents will be able to order a collection kit, schedule courier pickup, and sign up for stem cell storage, all through one secure application. because SCI will offer a worldwide network of stem cell storage and therapy options to its users, it is uniquely positioned to streamline the process of stem cell banking for parents and lower the costs for collection and storage. SCI has developed a unique formula that will allow our users to purchase a unique, custom-made, synthetic stem cell treatment for their medical needs. With the patient’s consent and minimal information such as date of birth, blood type, allergies, diagnostics, and several health-related questions, SCI will run internal, secure lab sequences that are plugged into a proprietary algorithm we have developed. the algorithm results in the ability to structure a custom-designed, synthetic stem cell for an individual in need of specific treatment. SCI is proud of this groundbreaking technology, and even more excited to share it with the world. Advancements in stem cell research and accessibility from SCI will lead the world to outstanding innovations for life. Token Sales Detail: The Stem Cell Innovations token will be implemented as an ERC-20 token over the Ethereum public blockchain. The token will primarily be used within the SCI ecosystem as a method for users to access the full range of SCI products and services. Given the self-contained nature of the ecosystem, a token-based model for product usage will support security and exclusivity of access for SCIApplication token holders, which will, in turn, drive the fundamental value of the token. ICO Detail: Token Sale Hard Cap: $ 36,000,000 Token Sale Soft Cap: $ 3,000,000 Presale Start Date: September 17th, 2018 Presale End Date: October 29th, 2018 Token Symbol: SCIA Token Type: ERC20 Initial Token Price: $0.15 KYC: Yes Accepts: BTC, ETH, LTC, FIAT For more information: Website: https://scia.io/ Whitepaper: https://scia.io/white_paper_v1.1.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/stemcellinnovations Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Stemcellapp/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/stemcellapp Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is Navibration Project?

    What is Navibration Project? Navibration Experiences is the world’s first social network of audio guided tours built on blockchain technology, where content will be created by the users. Each new tour will be available for sale on the platform and will be controlled by smart contracts to ensure transparency, proper incentives and user engagement. The way of knowing the world, reinvented. Navibration, a Spain-based technology company that has been backed by the Government of Spain and developed a patented technology, is creating the next-generation navigation system which will redefine not only the way we move in unknown places, but also the way of discovering all of the details and secrets of them. All this will be achieved through Navibration Experiences, the world’s first social network of audio guided tours built on blockchain technology, where content is created by the users. Each new tour will be available for sale on the platform and will be controlled by smart contracts to ensure transparency, proper incentives and user engagement. The navigation of the future: No Maps Forget about maps during your trip since you will just need them for creating the places to visit before you go. Once you have done this, let Navibration guide you to them and just enjoy every part of your trip. No Intenet Prepare your itinerary with Navibration and travel to any corner of the planet without having to worry about an Internet connection. Never get lost even in the largest city in the world or on the highest mountain. No Tripping Up The need to read a map or look at your mobile phone on the way to your destination is finished forever. With Navibration the only thing you need to look at is where you are going. No Limits For everyone. Because moving around the world just by feeling had to be possible. Navibration is now here to change the way we move forever. Navibration Experiences: The way of knowing the world, reinvented. Geolocated audioguides from all corners of the planet, in which historical characters will be your guides. Of course, you will make the tour with our vibration navigation system. Multi language and at your own pace. Navibration Experiences will be the world's first DECENTRALIZED routes social network, in which the whole ecosystem will be built on BLOCKCHAIN technology. The routes will be geolocated (from corners of the entire planet) and audioguided (narrated by the main historical characters of each place). Navibration Introduces a Privatized Token Sale: Navibration, formerly known as Navibration S.L is a technological company based in Spain. The company is officially backed by the Spanish government through the use of a patented piece of tech. The firm recently announced its plans to introduce a three stage process token sale (private sale, public pre-sale, and public main sale). The private sale has already begun and is one that will see the company accept funding from private investors, at what is by no doubt, one of the most attractive terms of token sale. The company seeks to introduce what is termed as the next-gen navigation system aimed at changing the way global citizens move when visiting unknown destinations. As it goes about achieving this fete, it will also be seeking to change how people get information about all the places that they visit. One of the most noteworthy parts of the announcement was the fact that the ecosystem, as well as the application that was announced, will be leveraging on the power of blockchain technology. The firm hopes to achieve this through what it calls the Navibration Experiences. The experiences will comprise of audioguided tours in what is being billed as a first for the social networking platforms in the world. All the content being uploaded to the network will have been created by individual users. Token Sales Detail: A date for the public main sale and pre-sale is yet to be determined. However, the private sale has already started. Venture Capitals and Accredited Investors are being asked to take part in the sale and be a part of something that is bound to change the way people travel. All participants should expect to go through the KYC process. Token: NAVI Price: 1 NAVI = 0.05 USD Bonus: Available MVP/Prototype: Available Platform: Ethereum Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat Soft cap: 500,000 USD Hard cap: 6,000,000 USD Country: Estonia Whitelist/KYC: KYC Restricted areas: USA, China For more information: Website: https://www.navibration.com/ Medium: https://medium.com/@Navibration Telegram: https://t.me/NAVIBRATION_INFO Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Navibration-1526002337730386/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Navibration Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Navibration Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is Buying.com Project?

    What is Buying.com Project? Buying.com is the first e-commerce platform that allows online stores and consumers to buy direct from manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors. It’s the next generation Decentralized E-Commerce Platform that harnesses the power of distributed ledger technology along with innovations in Bulk Pricing, Real-time Logistics, E-Commerce and Cryptocurrency. End to end E-Commerce protocol for group buying, hyper local microdistribution , guaranteed 2 hour delivery with geofenced demand matching and secure last mile delivery. Along with other innovations such as bulk pricing, e-commerce solutions, cryptocurrency and real-time logistics, Buying.com sets to enable consumers directly buy from their manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors through what is called the Minimum Order Quantities. Together with Buying.com's original protocol (WeBuy), the MOQ combines to allow users to leverage a higher purchasing power within the millions of consumers and small businesses. Buying.com Problem: E-Commerce Landscape The current ecosystem for e-commerce has evolved from the mid-90s during the first wave of Internet technologies, with most major brands and retailers maintaining a web and mobile e-commerce presence. In addition, several dominant players such as Amazon.com, Walmart.com and others have emerged for mass market retailing of a wide variety of products. If one were to deconstruct the e-commerce ecosystem, it would involve several moving parts and dominant players in the segment: Storefronts— Shopify.com. Payment Processing— Paypal, Stripe. Shipping and Fulfillment— Fedex, UPS. Backoffice processing— Salesforce.com. As more consumers go online to buy products each day, the demand for e-commerce continues to grow. However, inefficiencies persist in this segment, which include: Last Mile Distribution: This is a problem not only for small retailers but big retailers as well. Amazon has recently purchased Toys R’ Us and Whole Foods to some extent to expand their distribution channels. Even then last mile peer to peer microdistribution is not yet a reality. Purchasing Power: While more consumers go online to purchase goods and services, there is no efficient mechanism to consolidate their purchases to derive wholesale pricing. Fragmentation: Smaller retailers do not have the access to a vertically integrated service platform to pose a serious threat to larger retailers such as Amazon. This results in them having to use a fragmented set of services as shown above. Buying.com Solution: Buying.com is poised to be a major player in the e-commerce space by disrupting the status quo, bringing about efficiencies in the ecosystem benefiting both the supply and demand sides of the equation. By utilizing state of the art distributed ledger technology (blockchain) provides Buying.com new asymmetric advantages that enables it to bring about market efficiencies which were not available in earlier generation platforms. Groundbreaking Innovations We plan to do this through the following groundbreaking innovations: Microdistribution: We offer decentralization of e-commerce by turning every garage into a distribution center. In addition to distribution centers run by Buying.com, now anyone can become a node on the Buying.com network by staking tokens (buyin) and leveraging existing storage in their garage to become a microdistribution center. This solves the last mile logistics issue that has plagued e-commerce for the longest time. It is similar to how Airbnb turns every spare room in a home to a hotel room, or how Uber leverages excess driving capacity to turn every automobile into a taxi. Bulk Pricing: Enables online stores & consumers to receive direct from manufacturer pricing through bulk order quotes unlocked by achieving the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Real Time Logistics: Leverages blockchain solutions to deliver realtime logistics data, provide trans-parent smart contract enforced audit trails, integrate PROXEUS, & protect users with data encryption such as the SHA-protocol that will keep information secured. Manufacturers, Businesses and Consumers will have seamless access to real time shipping data to optimize dropshipping costs provided by a permissionless, public blockchain. Cryptocurrency: Utilizes its own cryptocurrency as a token which is used for transactions on our system. Transparent and Auditable: We combine the best of blockchains to offer customers a digital ledger that offers fraud-proof solution and auto-verifies transactions leaving behind a transparent, immutable audit trail. Transparent and Auditable: We combine the best of blockchains to offer customers a digital ledger that offers fraud-proof solution and auto-verifies transactions leaving behind a transparent, immutable audit trail. How Does Buying.com Work? In reality, Buying.com will allow customers to post product relates to manufacturers through the DPA App directly. Once on the platform, businesses or individuals will get access to the bulk pricing deals. If the product's MOQ quantity is not met, the consumers can opt for the promotion option. All these will operate under smart contracts alongside the platform's Tipping Point Technology. If the sales deal is successful and the product's MOQ is available, then the smart contract automatically triggers the purchase order to the necessary warehouses. The products are then drop-shipped to the customers similarly to the case of having to order from an online store. Buying.com Features: E-commerce platform: Buying.com already runs an e-commerce platform on Dropshipper.com as they look to build their blockchain model plus where first to implement it. DPA App: The Direct Product Access app is the decentralized application for the community to offer commentary and feedback on their buying and product experience. The app will also give a direct link to social media profiles to build on social interaction between manufacturers and customers. Buying.com Benefit E-commerce Trust and transparency: Using blockchain allows the consumers to identify the life-cycle of the products, potentially preventing product manipulation along the way. Reduce counterfeits: The direct linking of consumers and manufacturers eliminates fraudulent distributors who could pass off fake goods as the real products. Transparent supply chain: Blockchain ultimately enables the storing of information to know the product's lifecycle from the beginning of the supply chain. Buying.com enables a direct factory-to-home or fork-to-table kind of circumstances transparently. Team: Executives Strategic Advisors Technical Legal & Accounting Roadmap: Buying.com's goal is to create the first e-commerce platform that allows online stores and consumers to buy direct from manufacturers.It’s the next generation Decentralized E-Commerce Platform that harnesses the power of distributed ledger technology along with innovations in Bulk Pricing, Real-time Logistics, E-Commerce on Demand 2 Hour Guaranteed Delivery and Cryptocurrency. Token Sales Detail: Token name: Buying.com Ticker: BUY Price: 1 BUY = 0.12$ Start Date: 01 Nov 2018 Finish Date: 31 Jan 2019 Platform: Ethereum Total Supply: 1000000000 Hard cap: 50500000 Country: United States Accepting: ETH,BTC Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist For more information: Website: https://www.buying.com/ Telegram: https://t.me/buyingcom Twitter: https://twitter.com/buying_com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buyingcom Github: https://github.com/Buyingcom Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4925094 Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is realDEX Project?

    What is realDEX Project? The realDEX Project is a Real Decentralized P2P Exchange including a person-to-person altcoin/fiat currency trading platform, an auction, social and freelancing websites. The realDEX token is based on Ethereum Technology ERC 20. rDEX is mainly used to pay the trading platform fee, but also runs Masternode on the network and serves as collateral for receiving payment by the network. Furthermore, rDEX tokens will also be a method of payment for Affiliate Program, Advertising, Fees, Rewards and Commissions on the already running platforms real-surf.net, real-local.net, and the upcoming real platformsreal-auction.net, real-freelance.net and real-sociable.net (more to come in the future). The realDEX Technology: The technology behind this exchange platform gives it a unique face amongst other crypto exchange platform. This is because Buyers, Sellers, Devs and Masternode owners will never have access to private keys heavily encrypted and store on the realDEX blockchain database and yes, source code will be available on GitHub at https://github.com/realDEX. Because all trades will be carried out without us manipulating coins, you have to pay regular Bitcoin, the Xcoin blockchain fee and the realDEX network will charge the small token rDEX fees that will enter the Masternode that handles your transactions. Realdex token is based on the Ethereum technology ERC20. rDEX will be primarily used to pay fees for the trading platform as well as serving as collateral for running a Masternote on the network and getting paid by the network. below is the realDEX technological sample; realdex tech.PNG realDEX is a Real Decentralized P2P Exchange Platform project running on Windows, Mac OSX or Linux program not relying on a Domain and/or IP for functionability. realDEX will need an Internet connection and will run on one TCP port number 9338. The realDEX Network only needs one port for full-duplex, bidirectional traffic. This port will be used for trading by all members of the network as well as communication with the Masternodes. Real decentralization means that your Windows, Mac OSX or Linux program will generate a deposit address without any access to a wallet. The coins that you will be sending there will remain in cold storage until withdrawal is done via one of the Masternode on the network. Buyers, Sellers, Devs and Masternode owners will never have access to private keys heavily encrypted and store on the realDEX blockchain database and yes, source code will be available on GitHub at https://github.com/realDEX Masternode servers will be the only gateway for all withdrawals. Furthermore, Masternode wallets will carry a 0 balance and will be encrypted by the masternode program itself. Since all trades will be done without us manipulating any coins, you will have to pay the regular Bitcoin, Xcoin blockchain fees and the realDEX network will charge a small rDEX token fee that will go to the Masternode handling your transaction. What is the meaning of : RealLOCAL-Decentralized individual to-individual altcoin/fiat cash exchanging stage with an escrow benefit. Exchange concretely with someone else and get your coins in a split second. RrealSOCIABLE-Get Back Your Privacy! Interface and offer with your friends and family on this Authentic shot check long range casual correspondence crypto conferred site. RealAUTION-Advanced cash Auction Rialto arrange. Buy and Sell securely online with Bitcoin, Ethereum, rDEX and Sucre. Escrow advantage optional. RealFREELANCE-Cryptographic cash crowdsourcing business focus site, which empowers organizations to post jobs that Freelancers, Digital Nomads would then have the capacity to offer to wrap up. Team: Roadmap: Token Sales Detail: All acquirement of realDEX Tokens shall be publicly accessible via the Ethereum blockchain browser. You can make a contribution to a smart contract system in Ether, Bitcoin and Sucre (acceptable Digital Assets) and receive realDEX Token in exchange. realDEX does not accept contributions in fiat currency and reserves the right to amend acceptable digital asset at any time, based on its sole discretion. For more information: Website: https://real-dex.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realdexnet Twitter: https://twitter.com/realdexnet Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/I_e0YAk8BNg-N1rPfSEt1Q GitHub: https://github.com/realDEX Discord: https://discord.gg/qXZWnpS Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is Arctic Coin ARC Project?

    What is Arctic Coin ARC Project? Arctic Coin (ARC) is a cryptocurrency and exchange which has marketing plan of development and promotion. Under initial plan the original code of the coin will be accessible after one year. Provided that the capitalization of ARC achieves the expected level earlier, this period can be reduced. Cryptocurrency do not have internal means of promotion and popularization. So, if we make the original code inaccessible for one year, we will be able to control the issue of ARC and then develop, promote and capitalize it successfully. Arctic Coin ARC Uses The digital currency also has a client program dubbed Wallet Arctic Core that allows the user to store, send and receive Arctic coins (ARC). The coin also offers an opportunity for the traders to become a Goldmine Node. The user needs 1000 ARCs to set up the master node. The coin master node setup allows one to generate passive income with time since it provides returns as the traditional savings accounts in banks. For every newly mined ARCs, 45% goes to the miners, 45% to the Goldmine Nodes, and 10% is used to develop the coin further. The master node is also the cheapest in the market going at $110, and it is also easily accessible. The cryptocurrency also has a reward system that is on two levels. The first one is the proof of work or PoW which is for classic mines where one can be rewarded for the attachment capacity of one’s computer. The other reward system is called proof of stake or PoS where the user is rewarded for keeping currency units in the wallet. Both the systems are important as they maintain the blockchain integrity and the security of the cryptocurrency. How can I use Arctic Coin to make money? As most of you are probably familiar with, there is Proof of Work mining. This uses extra computer power or a dedicated rig to confirm transactions on the network in exchange for rewards per block. The hashing algorithm is Scrypt and is completely open source. So if you have an extra computer and don't mind raising your power bill, this might be the right option for you. Then, there's Proof of Stake. With this form of contribution to the network, you basically just hold your coins in the ARC core wallet on you're desktop pc and are rewarded per block. With this option, you eliminate the need for extra computer power and simply stake your coins in the wallet to support the Goldmine network. Instead of holding your money in a bank account where it constantly loses value, you could convert it to ARC and store it here to watch your funds grow. Advantages Of Arctic Coin Private Instant Payment Privacy The SpySpend technology used by the platform ensures anonymity of the funds thus tracking the money or financial information of the user becomes very difficult. Instant The instant technology allows for transfers and payments to be done instantly. Minimal Fees The fees needed for the transactions are lower compared to the ones required for credit or bank transactions. This is because there are no taxes or middlemen fees. Decentralized Network The peer to peer network removes the role of intermediaries which means that the payments are made directly to the other party. Global Can be used to receive and send money anywhere in the world. Arctic Coin ARC Current Market : The arctic coin is currently available at the price of $0,012754 and can be purchased at various exchanges including Cryptopia, Yobit, and Livecoin. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, ARC has the 66th largest market capitalization. The units of currency currently in circulation are at 25.065.862, For more information: Website: https://www.advtech.group/ Github: https://github.com/ArcticCore/arcticcoin Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/EM5dFg9gn0PMEoNpHuAa4Q Twitter: https://twitter.com/ARC_Tech_Coin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/advtech.official Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is Curaizon Project?

    What is Curaizon Project? Curaizon is a platform that wants to help patients improve their overall health, while reducing their cost of healthcare in the long run. The company developed a program called CuraServe, which lets patients access information about their medications, while managing their dose as well. CuraServe is where consumers will be able to use tokens and is essentially the patient database for consumers. It was created by national health services, and allows consumers to setup medication reminders, and may lower their overall cost of being treated for their condition. CuraServe™ is a complete healthcare ecosystem that improves drug adherence and brings game-changing benefits to patients and healthcare providers. We use a series of outreach tools and messages, supported by predictive modeling and behavioral analytics, to increase the rate of drug adherence. As our CuraServe™ solution helps patients, it’s also generating a vast amount of patient data. That data is then anonymized and made available through CuraData™. The only way that pharmaceutical companies, academics and researchers can access this data by purchasing CuraTokens™. Curaizon™ : Curaizon™ is an ecosystem where doctors can monitor patients’ conditions in real-time, researchers can collect data for their studies and patients can make sure they take their medicines as prescribed. The ecosystem integrates the following solutions: a) CuraServe, that reminds patients to take medicines; b) CuraView, providing patient data for doctors; c) CuraData, that collects patient data. The platform offers the following functionality: 1) patient reminders to take medicines. 2) patients can benchmark against peer groups. 3) family and doctors can monitor a patient’s condition in real time. 4) researchers and scientists will be able to access data using tokens. How Does CuraServe Blockchain Work? CuraServe is the system that helps consumers stay on top of their medications. The whole process is an ongoing cycle. CuraServe’s role is to reach out to patients with non-intrusive reminders about any dosage they take. Then, CuraData collects data about the patients to help with healthcare information. That information is transferred to CuraView, which is partnered with healthcare providers for real time information. CuraView completes the cycle by connecting healthcare providers with CuraServe. Curaizon Ecosystem: The Curaizon ecosystem includes CuraServe, CuraData and CuraView. 1) СuraServe: This system communicates with patients and reminds them to take medicines. All patients are interconnected and in the event that a participant does not take their prescribed medication, the system will not interact with their emergency contact. Such a solution stimulates the patients to take their medications on time. 2) CuraView: This system is integrated with legacy healthcare systems. It ensures that all patient data is constantly updated and interacts with electronic health records, enabling doctors and commissioners to determine any weaknesses within the system. 3) CuraData: This system collects data about patients and their conditions and transfers it to CuraView. The data can be used by researchers to determine the impact of certain medicines and deliver optimizations. All family members and doctors can access data about a patient’s condition, their treatment plan and forecasts. Comment: The project employs current technologies that have proven effective. Roadmap For The Future Of Curaizon The roadmap that the company outlines includes some of the ways that the brand has already worked towards their current state. As of now, Curaizon has passed the following milestones: Starting the development of CuraServe Testing CuraServe’s functionality Releasing the alpha version of CuraServe In September, CuraData will issue their beta release, while January 2019 will bring the full release of CuraServe. In May 2019, the company plans to continue the expansion of CuraData’s platform. In 2020, consumers can look forward to the 2.0 release of CuraData. Team: Token Sales Detail: The pre-sale will begin on June 1st, 2018, while the public sale will start on June 8th, 2018, so consumers will need to get in as early as possible to get the best rates. Consumers will be able to purchase coins with either the pre-sale or the public sale. Half of the maximum allotment will be available during the pre-sale for the major purchases, though a certain percentage of the tokens sold will be divided among: Reward Program Bounty Program Advisors Partners Functioning of Curaizon Team Fund ICO details: Token: CTKN Price: 1 CTKN = 0.20 USD Public ICO start date: June 8, 2018 Public ICO end date: July 9, 2018 Bonus: Available Platform: Ethereum Accepting: ETH Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD Country: UK Whitelist/KYC: KYC Restricted areas: USA For more information: Website: https://curatoken.curaizon.com/ Whitepaper: https://curatoken.curaizon.com/wp-content/themes/curatoken/White_paper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/ILiK_Q7VBLOByz_7mMUgsQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/curaizon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/curaizonltd Bitcointalk Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4401662.0 Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is Twogap Project?

    What is Twogap Project? Twogap is the next-generation of crypto - Cryptobond platform. Twogap focuses especially in Cryptobond market, where its market size now is over $100 trillion. In near future, CryptoBonds will be the biggest scale stop-loss products to save Crypto investors. In addition, CryptoBonds market also will be a reliable crypto market where investors who have lost their confidence in the crypto market can put the trust in. TwoGap Crypto Platform was formed to bring for Crypto Investors the opportunity to acquire powerful and biggest-scale stop-loss products. It is called CryptoBond TwoGap platform will help issuer to encrypt traditional Bonds into CryptoBonds, which are circulated legal in the Crypto Market. Besides that, Twogap platform also protects investors, boost the market, extends the scale, and becomes the backbone of the Global Crypto Market’s sustainable growth). The Twogap platform is named after the two-gap model published by Hollis Chenery in 1962. This model posits that if the investment required for growth is a fixed rate, investment deficits would be the main constraint on growth. On the Twogap platform, we also provide TGT Tokens for incentive mechanism on it’s economic. These are not security tokens but utility tokens. They are used to unlock all features and transactions on the Twogap platform. Therefore, they are not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Globe Bond market size is 1.6 times larger than the stock market (more than $100 Trillion). So the naturally potential demand of the TGT Tokens are enormous. Moreover, the platform offers protection to the investors, inflates the market, extends the scale, and creates a pillar of sustainable growth for the Global Crypto Market. Provided on the very platform are TGT utility tokens for motivation mechanism. The tokens are used to access all the features and transactions on the platform. As a result, they do not face any form of regulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Problem TwoGap: Individuals with interest in the blockchain industry and the crypto market at large, who have been following keenly the price volatility of Bitcoin or other Altcoins, and who have gone ahead and invested in these currencies, have been all smiles in response to the unexpected profit margins. However, they equally experience great disappointment when the market drastically drops. The entire crypto market takes advantage of the joy and weakness of the masses of common investors to lay a trap for them and gradually withdraw their money. Whales also take advantage of this loophole of investor massacre and destroy the market. All these point to a collapsed crypto market in the end. Why TwoGap ? Those who are interested in the blockchain industry and the crypto market, who have been watching the price volatility of Bitcoin's or other Altcoins’ and who have invested in those currencies, have beenthrilled and excited about the unexpected profits, or have gone disappointed even panic when the market drops dramatically. They might have heard of FOMO and FUD syndromes that have dominated their investment mindset. These psychologies drive buying and selling from the crowds of investors before they realize they want to do so, which can end up unexpectedly negative outcomes. "These are not just hypotheses or philosophical speculations. Today we can use brain scans to predict people's wants and decisions long before they realize them. In one type of experiment, the person was placed inside a large brain scanner, holding a switch in each hand. They are required to hit one of the two switches whenever they feel like it. Scientists who observe the neural activity in the brain can predict which switch the person will click before he actually does so, and even before he or she becomes aware of his or her intent. Neurological events in the brain indicate that the person's decision starts from a few hundred milliseconds to a few seconds before he or she becomes aware of this choice." excerpted from Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. The whale of the crypto market took advantage of the excitement and vulnerability of the masses of ordinary investors to put them in the big trap of Pum and Dump to gradually withdraw their money. In the massacre of general investors, whales also destroy the market. A series of massive shocks resonate the destructive power of the end that will eventually push the crypto market to collapse. TwoGap Solutions: The truth of the matter is that the market is stuck in a vicious cycle called mid-cap trap, created by itself and it’s eminent the cap is likely to rise. Therefore, if we can retain both old investors and their wallets into the market and attract more new investors in the meantime, then it’s possible to see the growth of the total amount of money flowing. This is, however, only possible if their capital is protected. A product or a stop-loss mechanism is one of the ways to protect the investment capital. This will help investors avoid losing their wallet whenever the market drops. The stop-loss mechanism should have a big cap that can comfortably accommodate the large investment in the market. The mechanism will have to employ USDT and TrueUSD, which will be an alternative currency to use when the market dumps. This is because they are stable. With these currencies, however, they will not get any interest. Alternatively, they can resort to using stable coins in which they can still earn interest and unlimited supply. This is where CryptoBonds come into play. Team: Advisors: Roadmap: Token Sales Detail: The more a token is used on its platform, the more value it earns. The Twogap token, TGT, has various uses on the platform such as paying issue fee, used as underwriting fee, or used as trading fee among others. The tokens unlock services and transactions on the platform. They are however, not subject to the SEC. TGT tokens will be available on August 2018 during the token sale and users will acquire the tokens upon performing their profession on the platform’s website as soon as the sale begins. Token: TGT Price: 1 TGT = 0,001 USD Bounty: Available MVP/Prototype: Available Platform: Ethereum Accepting: ETH Country: Singapore Whitelist/KYC: KYC Restricted areas: None For more information: Website: https://twogap.com/ White Paper: https://twogap.com/whitepaper.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/twogap Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/twogapofficial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/twogap_official Bounty link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4894916.0 Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is Lynked.world Project?

    What is Lynked.world Project? Lynked.World is a blockchain based secure platform for individuals and institutions to own, control and share digitally trusted identity, data and documents. Lynked.World is a platform built upon Blockchain Technology to verify digital identity, education and professional experience. Blockchain security provides an irrefutable digitally verified block of information that is never compromised. Lynked.World's vision is to ensure that trustworthiness of our digital identities, data and documents is transformed from a question mark to a veritable asset, using blockchain technology. We aim to provide a fully functional ecosystem, with provisions for developing easy to use configurable forms, and entirely new applications deployable by any organization on need basis – providing relevant and tailored services for consumers focusing on a plethora of scenarios from daily life. Consequently, this would reveal many new explorable avenues for services that can be offered using our stage. “Trust” is now a dependable friend on our side, the veracity of our digital persona being inherent and embedded in our offering. Lynked.World problems : Lynked.World solves critical problems faced by individuals and organizations in today’s digital world: An absence of a guaranteed secure and trusted identity of each individual and entity No common premise for Trust and Authenticity of data across various use cases Inefficiency and increased costs due to intermediaries involved in processes Inability to provide access to many kinds of services over digital platforms due to the non-secure nature of digital identity and associated data Lynked.World Ecosystem: The Lynked.World ecosystem is a multi-faceted solution comprising of an entire application platform developed from ground up to be able to harness the features of blockchain technologies. Our platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and comprises of feature rich modules solving real life problems around trust and authenticity of digital identities, documents and data for both consumers and corporates alike. At Lynked.World we are motivated to contribute to the next version of the digital age (Web 3.0) by building an ecosystem to harness the benefits that decentralized applications built on blockchain platforms provide. Our aim is to provide a multi-faceted solution comprising of an entire application platform based on blockchain. This will allow businesses to build customized forms and applications to cater to their own specific needs for providing different services to consumers, without needing to be concerned about the authenticity of the digital identities of the different entities involved and the data and documents shared by these entities. The journey does not end here. We also provide decentralized applications ready to be used by consumers and businesses alike across different domains for addressing issues related to digital data authenticity. Lynked.World Ecosystem comprises of the following components in various stages of development: - Digital Identity and Background Verification Platform - Digital Wallet for sharing identity and documents that are verifiable on the block- chain - Application Development Platform with easy to use configurable forms - Verified and Trusted Professional Network - Job Portal Lynked.World Features: • A secure and trusted digital identity for all situations and purposes • Peer to peer verification of any documents and data harnessing the immutability of blockchain technologies • A single source of truth for verified data ensuring trust and authenticity of verification • Digital Identity based KYC process capabilities • Retaining total control of data in the hands of the ownersand ability to share data with consent • Removing the need of repetitive verifications for the same profile, by maintaining a clear and accessible history of verification in the blockchain • Eliminating the need for intermediaries in the Identity and data verification steps. • Digital Signatures on documents using Lynked.World Digital Identity Lynked.World Mobile App: Download Lynked.World Mobile App and be a part of the Lynked.World ecosystem. Unleash the power of blockchain to Create your own trusted and verifiable digital identity Use your digital wallet for secure storage and authentication of data and documents Share your identity and documents seamlessly with others using QR codes Securely logon to other sites using your digital ID Get Lynked: Share, Connect and take part in our referrals program Team: RoadMap: Token Sales Detail: Lynked.World tokens (LYNK) are ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum platform. Token Symbol: LYNK Initial Token Supply: 200,000,000 Start Date for Public Sale: November 15th, 2018 (9:00AM GMT) End Date: February 10th, 2019 (11:00AM GMT) Number of tokens for Sale: 150,000,000 LYNK Hard Cap: 25,000,000 USD Token Exchange Rate: 1 LYNK = 0.35 USD Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD Acceptable Currencies: ETH, BTC For more information: Website: https://tokensale.lynked.world/ Whitepaper: https://tokensale.lynked.world/images/Lynked.World_Whitepaper_EN.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/lynkedw Twitter: https://twitter.com/LynkedW Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lynkedW/ Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is XERA Project?

    What is XERA Project? The XERA exchange is going to transform the way cryptocurrencies are traded, offering traders and investors a seamlessly integrated solution for their cryptocurrency investing. The XERA team is comprised of traders who have gained decades of experience in the banking and information technology sectors. As such, we have identified the functions that should be non-negotiable in a quality cryptocurrency exchange. Many traders currently have to use third-party and other paid tools to fulfil their full spectrum of cryptocurrency trading requirements via exchanges. XERA will be a fully integrated cryptocurrency trading exchange that resolves the key issues and challenges that traders are facing with current exchanges. To fund the development of XERA, an ICO will be launched to sell the XERA token and provide traders with access to a platform that incorporates all of the components that investors need at one place. Why XERA? Liquidity: Improving liquidity on crypto trading platforms is one way to encourage mainstream adoption. To make it one of the priority solutions, we will dedicate 10% share from profit generated from trading fee and put that in a reserve liquidity pool. This will ensure that liquidity remains healthy all the time Highly Secure: Our experienced security team is backed by a rigorous set of audits and the latest innovations in cybersecurity. Not only are we committed to handling your crypto and fiat, but also ensure that personally identifiable information (PII) should be completely secure from theft and unapproved accessibility Lightning Fast: Our exchange is going to be on one of the fastest engines with super low latency. Have a look at our POC system in the “ALPHA TESTING” section. We were able to sustain a 2.5 Mtps throughput and super low latency and will keep on working to enhance it and create an HFT (High-performance trading) system with increased scalability Auto-trading: Our exchange allows traders to implement their trading strategies via direct coding methods which will automatically execute their trades based on user implemented logic. Users will have access to all market data and technical indicators via the scripting language, so traders can quickly implement and auto-execute their favourite trading strategies Notification Mechanism: Traders will receive instant SMS and/or email notifications for their defined tasks, orders, and pre-defined indicators. You will not have to stick to your screen and wait for the order fulfilment. Once defined, you will receive notifications when your tasks/orders are complete. Also, your trade will be automatically triggered by the Auto-trading feature Multiple orders: Worried about whether to put stop-loss or target sale sell? Why not both? And why not more than that? XERA supports a plethora of order types including OCO (one cancels other), Limit, Market, Stop, Stop-Limit, Trailing Stop, Fill or Kill, and Scaled. Integrated on-site Tutorials: The only exchange with tutorials that help you learn how to trade in less than 30 minutes. Be it the UI interface, withdrawals or expert level trades, you will have access to understand, learn, implement and improve your trading capabilities with help of visuals, voice and AI. Easily accessible on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices Dual Dashboard: On one side, our simple UI design will provide an intuitive and easy interface to trade and on the other traders will have advanced capabilities such as four-hour time frames, zoom-in/out, global volume presentation, extensive charting features and technical indicators across multiple time-frames and much more Fiat integration: It’s undeniable, fiat currency still reigns supreme for its liquidity and relatively stable valuation. As such, we are securing the required legal agreements for offering fiat as a payment method XERA Solutions: XERA’s exchange will address the issues and challenges traders are facing with cryptocurrency exchange platforms while providing an integrated solution for traders and investors who are interested in the cryptocurrency market. XERA will provide the professional tools and resources that traders require for precise trade execution. XERA is currently establishing partnerships with professionals from various industries to assist in the development of a robust trading platform. The overall objectives of the platform are to: ● Deliver an integrated cryptocurrency trading platform to traders and investors; ● Establish itself as having the most in-demand capabilities within the cryptocurrency exchange market; and ● Attract and retain a team of credible partners and team members with a proven record of success within the realm of cryptocurrency, thereby delivering an exceptional trading experience to XERA customers. More specifically, XERA is positioned to offer traders and investors detailed reporting, advanced charting features, one cancels other (OCO) order features, multiple order types, price alert system, real-time profit and loss updates, and competitive trading fees. Whether a cryptocurrency beginner or advanced trader, everyone is welcome on the XERA platform. XERA Exchagne: The XERA exchange will commence as a cryptocurrency-only exchange. This means that cryptocurrencies may only be purchased using other cryptocurrencies on the platform. We understand the benefits of incorporating fiat onto our exchange since Fiat currency continues to be superior in liquidity when compared to cryptocurrency and adding this to the exchange will increase the number of participants. More participants equals to a higher volume on the exchange thus boosting liquidity. As the exchange grows and develops, fiat currency will be accepted. One of the primary unique value propositions of the XERA exchange centers on the suite of capabilities available to traders on our platform. For our inaugural launch, XERA will support trading in the following coins: ● BTC (All coins can be traded with BTC) ● ETH (will be disclosed later, what coins can be traded with ETH) ● XERA coin (All coins can be traded with XERA) However, we will add other cryptocurrencies based on a careful assessment of their demand, as the trader onboarding progresses. XERA Exchange Features: There are several features on the XERA exchange that will make the trading experience far superior to other cryptocurrency exchanges. An overview of the key components of the XERA platform is outlined below. *TWO INTERFACES: BASIC AND ADVANCED The recently established sector of cryptocurrency trading has attracted a generation of new traders and investors – both experienced and inexperienced. However, many cryptocurrency exchanges can be difficult to navigate for both beginner and professional traders alike. To resolve this challenge, XERA is developing two interfaces: basic and advanced. The basic interface will be intuitive and easy for beginner traders, while the advanced interface will have extensive charting features and technical indicators across multiple timeframes. *MULTI-DEVICE STANDARDIZED FEATURES Whether XERA users are trading from their laptop, or via their mobile device, our platform features will be developed to work seamlessly across all devices and apps. *PRICE ALERTS With the XERA platform, traders will be able to set SMS and email alerts for a variety of indicators including, but not limited to: ● MACD ● RSI ● Bollinger Bands ● Stochastics ● Momentum Oscillators ● Moving Averages Our Price Alert function will signal a trader when the price of a cryptocurrency reaches a level they have been monitoring. Traders currently have to use third-party tools for this purpose, but this will be fully integrated within the XERA platform. *REAL-TIME PROFIT AND LOSS UPDATES ACROSS TIME FRAMES Traders will be able to view their profit and loss in real-time as a percentage and in BTC across time frames of 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. Team: Advisors: RoadMap: Token Sales Detail: The XERA token can be used by traders to reduce their trading fees and through our token buyback monetary policy, continue to generate additional value for their cryptocurrency portfolio. The XERA coin will be a utility token used as an incentivization for XERA platform participants, which includes the following benefits: REDUCED FEES With the XERA coin, traders will be able to exchange them for reduced fees. The exchange fee on the XERA platform is 0.1%. For example, if a trader is trading BTC/ETH, the exchange fee can be reduced by 50% using the XERA coin. Using a smart contract, this amount will be automatically calculated and reduced from the XERA tokens held in the trader’s wallet. Token: XERA Price: 1 XERA = 0.50 USD Bonus: Available Bounty: Available MVP/Prototype: Available Platform: Ethereum Accepting: ETH Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH Soft cap: 5,320,000 USD Hard cap: 29,260,000 USD Country: UK Whitelist/KYC: KYC Restricted areas: USA, China For more information: Official Website: https://xera.tech Telegram: https://t.me/xeraexchange Whitepaper: XERA-White-Paper_v1.1.pdf BTT Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4879196 Twitter: https://twitter.com/xeratech Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xeraexchange/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/xera-blockchain/ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/XeraExchange/ Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373
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    What is Nortonchain Project?

    What is Nortonchain Project? Nortonchain is an open source distributed ledger that is built to solve the problems faced by the existing blockchains. Nortonchain technology is set to rid the confirmation of transactions by miners that lead to the high cost of transaction fees and delays in delivery of funds when transferred from one wallet or account to another. With Nortonchain, users verify each others transactions and this is made very automatic through artificial intelligence embedded into each account once created, the artificial intelligence creates child of itself for each new account or wallet created and this child helps the transactions made on its wallet confirmed instantly as information about previous transactions and every transaction made is already known to the Chain. This is how distribution and validation is made possible between users account. This distributed ledger is the true intention blockchain was originally built; a system where transactions would be instant, secure and free. Nortonchain Benefits: High Security Nortonchain’s AI is focused on building algorithms which are capable of working with (processing, or operating with) data while it is still in an encrypted state. As any part of a data process which involves exposing unencrypted data represents a security risk, reducing these incidents is the goal of Nortonchain. Speed Of Transactions Nortonchain Cryptocurrency is used as revolutionary digital money in the Nortonchain ecosystem. It is represented by the symbol NRT. Nortoncoin is fast and can handle over 2000 transactions per second, making it the fastest and best payment cryptocurrency. Conditional Payments Nortonchain adopts the smart contract concept to give users the key feature of having payments that are considered successful only when some certain conditions are met. Both reach agreement before payment. Nortonchain Technology: THE SOLUTION Nortonchain makes accessible ground-breaking designer's units to have any noetic conception composed into authenticity inside most brief conceivable time with the most reduced information. Nortonchain innovation is a malleable, secure and facile to utilize dais for designers of any caliber of programming to manufacture onto, Platforms that fit into the business wanted. With the accessibility of Nortonchain contrivances and advancement packs, engineers are ascertained ground-breaking, rudimental and opportune amendment of their autonomous stages. Nortonchain's guide stop, guidelines furthermore, rules are given for the fitting utilization of the units and utilize cases so to give clients best client encounter. Norton Products: NortonChain Atomic Swap Norton Coin has a special wallet built with the implementation of BIP65 to enable it conduct atomic swaps. ATOMIC SWAP or ATOMIC CROSS-CHAIN is the exchanging of two cryptocurrencies between two different parties without the need of a trusted third party NORTON EXCHANGE NORTON EXCHANGE combines various major sections that allow users to make a coin conversion request, find a suitable match and complete the trade using an atomic cross-chain protocol. Additionally, there is a privacy layer in the order matching so that two nodes can do a peer-to-peer atomic swap without any direct IP contact between them NortonBot Chat System with AI NortonBot powered by AI is set to relate and communicate with users so to give better usage and deployment on the Nortonchain platform. This bot is completely powered by AI, this makes it very smart and fast in other to relate with users most efficiently. Norton Exchange Background The Norton Exchange is an actual Distributed Ledger Technology built to be open source and uses the Nortonchain technology as the core of its operations. The Nortonchain is a P2P distributed ledger that works to eliminate the existing shortcomings of the Bitcoin blockchain and foster safe, free and fast transactions for the user. The accounting will also allow anyone to build and use decentralized applications that can run on the blockchain technology. Like Bitcoin, Nortonchain is an open-source project and is designed to be adaptable and flexible for the creation of applications for use. Norton Exchange Features The Norton Exchange supports the following set of features Atomic Swap Norton Exchange deploys Atomic Swap technology which enables the interested parties to trade different cryptocurrencies and tokens without the possibility of defaulting on the exchange. With the Atomic Swap exchange, there is no chance that the other party can run off before the trade is complete. Micropayments Users within Norton Exchange can conduct transactions of all kinds with the possibility of minimal payments through tokens. Pegged Assets The Norton Exchange also offers pegged assets which are a new type of digital assets that bear a value meant to track the price of a conventional asset. Swift Order Matching Traders looking for advanced trading strategies can also try out Norton Exchange's Swift Order matching option to execute crypto trades by pairing their purchase orders with the sell orders. Margin Trading Traders with limited cryptocurrency resources can opt for the margin trading option to allow them to leverage the investment without having to hold the assets. Trade analysis Norton Exchange provides crypto traders with a trade analysis tool to assess and give a technical analysis of the cryptocurrency market. Futures Trading Apart from cryptocurrency trading, Norton Exchange allows for the participation of users in the merging cryptocurrency derivatives market. Mobile Trading App The Norton Exchange mobile app facilitates the management and trading of the user's cryptocurrency assets safely and efficiently. Team: Roadmap: Token Sales Detail: Token: NRT Platform: building a new one ICO Token Price: 0.02USD Soft cap: 11111 ETH Hard cap: 33334 ETH Total tokens: 1000000000 For more information: Website: https://nortonchain.io/ Whitepaper: https://nortonchain.io/docs/Nortonchain-ENGLISH.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/nortonchainEN Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nortonchaincenter Twitter: https://twitter.com/nortonchain Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Nortonchain/ Author: tinhkhuat Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373