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  1. Hey people, If you have read any of my previous posts, you'll see I write about crypto projects and new tokens I find interesting. A project I recently discovered, is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency called EMJAC. They essentially recycle waste tires, and converts their value into a cryptocurrency. And that crypto they create, they use to pay the local recyclers in the field. Plus, this process provides real utility value to other token holders, investors and traders. It is thanks to their great efforts at cleaning up a leading share of the over 3 Billion Wasted Tires which pile up each year around the world, that this project is one I Proudly Endorse! Here are some details you should know if you want to research it and signup to it before it enters Pre-ICO mode. EMJAC Platform Details EMJAC is an Energy Asset-Based Blockchain trading platform. EMJAC is focused on being the leader in the industrial Waste-to-Wealth sector, and is working to achieve this with the constant innovation of its technology and products ecosystem. EMJAC was established to promote innovations and pioneering methods in green technology and tokenizing commodities through Blockchain integration. EMJAC's Core mission is to manage the illegally dumped waste tires around the world. EMJAC Token Architecture EMJAC is a pre-mined token which is adopted from ERC20 platform known for its technical standard that dictates a number of rules and actions that an Ethereum token or smart contract must be able to implement. The internal structure of the EMJAC is same as Ethereum cryptocurrency. Ethereum is a crypto currency whose blockchain is generated by Ethereum platform makes EMJAC perfect for smart contract functionality. The EMJAC web site is: https://www.emjac.io/ EMJAC's Telegram community is at: https://t.me/emjac The EMJAC whitepaper is up on Dropbox at https://www.dropbox.com/s/j64t3geas8q193y/EMJAC_WHITEPAPER_v1.1.pdf?dl=0 Here below are some key summary details about EMJAC. EMJAC FACTS AT-A-GLANCE CRYPTO NAME EMJAC CRYPTO TICKER EMJAC ALGORITHM Ethash MAX SUPPLY 250,000,000 CONFIRMATION 3 Confirmations PRE-ICO STARTS September 2018 ICO STARTS October 2018 DEVELOPER SOURCE To be Announced Soon EXCHANGE RATE PRE ICO $0.28, ICO $0.38 ACCEPTED CURRENCIES Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) EMJAC Token Features 1. Instant Confirmation of Payment in 15 seconds 2. Smart contract features 3. Personal spending information and transactions kept private and fungible 4. Future projects can be proposed and for the community to discuss 5. EMJAC blockchain and encrypted user data storage 6. Decentralized API
  2. Chelle Coin Token Pre-Sale, Pre-ICO and ICO Details Are Here. Chelle Coin (CHL) ICO/Token Pre-Sales, Pre-ICO and ICO Chelle Coin (CHL) lets people do cryptocurrency-based real estate deals. I'm in the housing market and so I have a financial interest in it, and I am happy to say here what I've found about their Coin Pre-Sale, Pre-ICO and ICO. The CHL Token Pre-Sales info is on http://chellecoin.com/ If you're into real estate and crypto, this is one worth checking out. Trading property with old ways is obsolete and rather wasteful of money, when you consider the blockchain's advantages, and the old ways raise the risk of you making costly mistakes. Chelle Coin tracks the trades on real estate done with the CHL tokens, which are based on ERC20 and ERC721 standard tokens, and lets each CHL token holder perform land ownership transfers, funds transfers, and all the necessary steps required to transfer a property's title and deed from one party to the other. This means people using CHL can rest assured that their real estate investments, whether through acquisition, sales or trades, are fully protected by the best digital technology available on the market. Here are the dates to keep in mind: August 10 is the date CHL is launching its Pre-ICO stage, which will go on until September 30. Oct. 8 is the date CHL is launching its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) stage which will last until December 3, 2018. In the Pre-Sales stage, the tokens are priced quite affordably. Where is CHL Available? The CHL token pre-sale is accessible on the website. You can read about the cryptocurrency on the page, including the roadmap and the pre-ICO. What is Chelle Coin? The Сhelle Platform lets CHL token holders to trade the tokens and use them to buy and sell property on the blockchain-powered real estate ecosystem with ERC20 and ERC721 standard tokens. CHL is built on the ERC20 and ERC721 standards tokens to transfer funds, land ownership, and transactions within the Chelle Coin blockchain, which is all easily accessible within the DAPP. Whitepaper http://www.chellecoin.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Chelle-Coin_-WhitePaper.pdf youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dINFXLJudo linkedin page https://www.linkedin.com/company/chelle-coin/ twitter profile https://twitter.com/chelle_coin?lang=en instagram https://www.instagram.com/chelle_coin/ facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ChelleCoin/ blog (on Medium) https://medium.com/ @ chellesci
  3. Among my favorite new crypto tokens is the crypto gambling platform at https://www.tombola.io . There is an Airdrop going on now and a token pre-sale happening through July 31. Details about those are on the site. Tombola (TBL) has real games already available anywhere, anytime, on any device, at http://tombola.games All the requisite info and links are also on the main site including the official social channels, videos, white paper, roadmap, and more (of course!). see the following infographic about how tombola games work, as built on the EOS blockchain (a world's first, as far as i can tell, and as they state on their site).
  4. There's a new cryptocurrency coming up, called LightningPay. It appears to be a faster smart new secure payment solution. The Lightning Pay site at http://lightningpay.world explains: Lightning Pay is a blockchain tech cryptocurrency solution created for safer, speedier, stable trading. Lightning Pay's token is built on Ethereum. Lightning Pay will be able to handle up to 50,000 transactions per second. LP releases Official announcements via telegram: Lightning Pay https://t.me/LightningPayAnnouncements Lightning Pay's twitter page is Lightning_Pay (@Lightning_Pay) | Twitter https://twitter.com/Lightning_Pay Version 1 of the payment solution is due to be released in Q1 2019.
  5. One of my favorite new crypto services is the crypto news alert service at https://www.CoinMarketAlert.com . There is a token sale happening. Details about that are on https://www.CoinMarketAlert.com/token It's obviously important to have the best alert system when you trade cryptocurrency, and that is precisely what CMA does. CMA's token lets subscribers maintain their subscription to the notification services. This is quite handy for anyone who wants to use cryptocurrency with smart contracts to manage the content they need. CoinMarketAlert (CMA) also has a free slots game (just for fun and free tokens. it's not a real gambling game.) that lets anyone freely spin to win tokens. The tokens are available to anyone who registers (it's free to register). It's pretty fun. And it's free tokens. Who doesn't want that? The CMA free slots game is at https://slots.coinmarketalert.com/
  6. Funny, i was just thinking about something like this a few days and weeks ago. good on ya! of course keeping the project carbon neutral or even making it carbon negative somehow, seems like it would be an important part of the plan.
  7. The ETH World Cup website is Live Now! Soccer / Football fans can now place bets / wagers in ETH directly on FIFA World Cup games. The ETH World Cup site is: https://www.etherworldcup.com This is not an ICO, TAO, Airdrop or any other way to raise funds for a crypto project. ETH World Cup is a real-world use case of adoption. Ether World Cup is a simple and effective cryptocurrency application enabling people to gamble directly on the site, using blockchain technology with smart contracts, and the match results are verified by two independent, verifiable sources. ETH World Cup's platform was built to give players the fun and excitement of betting on the world's most popular game, all the way from the qualifier matches through to the championship tournament and the FIFA World Cup Championship Match. ETH World Cup was founded on the vision that sports betting can be better, without having to submit to the brokers' high fees and unverifiable factors of way too many legacy sports betting sites.
  8. As the subject line indicates, Pre-ICO Coins are LIVE and Available on Faythe.io The White Paper, Roadmap and more info are at https://www.faythe.io Faythe's mission statement is clear: "We are an anonymous decentralized movement created to defend the cryptocurrency community. Our goal is to fight cryptocurrency censorship, public manipulation and corporations forcing governments to protect them against decentralization. Faythe is funded by the people and represents the people. Our work will ensure that our rights and freedoms are enhanced and protected by law." The Telegram group is at https://t.me/faythetalk Anonymity (aka: Privacy and Freedom) is important, and that is what having a little Faythe does for the people who have some.
  9. Cyber Smart , the progenitor of the Cyber Smart Coin available on https://cybersmartcoin.com is giving away 150 CBST coins to new registered users, for the next few days. Cyber Smart Coin uses a system of smart trading bots, which is built, running and scheduled to deliver handsome realistic periodic dividends. You can learn more about the coin in the white paper, available on the site. It already has a great use case with the Cyber Smart Defence site at https://cybersmartdefence.com which is a crypto-powered cyber security system, and which uses the power of dapps to strengthen its own security systems.
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